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Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasized of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you! 

You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


She stared at the half page advert in the local paper, the cooling half-drunk mug of coffee by her side on the table.  Even the sound of the traffic outside seemed to have faded into the background – did such a company truly exist locally?


She had seen news reports of firms that staged kidnappings for clients, but this seemed to promise so much more – was it legal?  Truly legal?


She seemed to stare at the advert for an eternity, before she picked up the telephone and dialled the number given.  As she heard the ring tone, she wondered what she was doing…


“Good afternoon, Fantasy Fulfilment.   How can I help you today?”


It was a young female voice, polite, well mannered, with a very slight accent.  Taking a deep breath, she said “I…  I saw your advertisement in a local paper.  Do you truly do what you say?”


“We at Fantasy Fulfilment are dedicated to meeting your particular requests.  May I first confirm I am talking to Iris Hepworth, from Reading?”


“You are – but how did you…  Oh, of course, telephone number recognition.”


“That is correct, Iris.  So tell me, what is your fantasy?”


“Well, it may sound strange?”


“I can assure you, Iris, we have heard almost every possible fantasy.  Please, take a deep breath, and begin.”


“Well – I’m in my late fifties now, but when I was a younger woman I used to read those true crime magazines.  I don’t know if you are aware of them?”


“We are indeed, Iris – please, continue.”


“Well, I always used to wonder what it would be like to be the subject of one of those stories – not one that dies, but one who is robbed, and…”


“I think I understand what you mean, Iris.  So how can Fantasy Fulfilment help you?”


“Well, I was recently divorced, and I need some excitement back into my life.  Can you…  Can you make this come true for me?”


“We can do that for you Iris.  Are there any limits you wish to set on the fantasy?”


Iris sat and thought for a moment.  “I guess,” she eventually said, “if someone had tied me up, I cannot stop them, can I?   But will that get you in trouble with the law?”


“This is your fantasy we seek to fulfil Iris, you set the terms and the boundaries.  Once you confirm you wish us to act on your behalf, it becomes a binding contract, payment taken on completion of the work.”


“And how do you take payment?”


“We ask for sufficient funds to be made available on an account of your choosing.  So allow me to summarise – a fantasy based on old school true crime stories, and your limits?”


Taking a deep breath, Iris said “none.”


“As you desire – we have your home information and other details on my screen now.  I ask you now, Iris, do you wish us to continue?”


“Yes,” she said quietly.


“Good – we will not inform you in advance of when the experience will take place, but you will be left in such a way that you will be free eventually.  Thank you for contacting Fantasy Fulfilment Iris – you will hear from us.”


As the line went dead, Iris looked out of the window, wondering what would happen…




“Thanks for calling round Karen – I wanted to be sure we had everything bottomed out before the meeting tomorrow.”


It was a Sunday afternoon, and Iris stood to the side to allow her fellow worker to come into her front room.  Karen was the same age as Iris, and was wearing a black blazer over her light blue dress, dark hose and black shoes.  Iris had a purple cardigan on over a matching top, a grey pleated skirt, hose and knee length black leather boots.


“Now then,” Karen said as she sat down, “what is still outstanding?”


“Well, we do have the Crawford contract to sign off,” Iris said as she looked at a file on the coffee table, “Have the final terms been agreed?”


“I think so – if…”  Karen stopped as they heard the front door bell ring.  “Are you expecting anyone else?”


“No – let me get rid of them,” Iris said quietly as she stood up.  She could see two figures behind the frosted glass of the door, and thought to herself “Jehovah’s Witnesses again?”  Taking hold of the handle, she opened the door and said “can I…”


“Back inside,” one of the two men standing there said as he pushed Iris back, the other smiling as he followed them in and closed the door.  Both were casually dressed – open necked shirts, trousers, and shoes – but one of them was carrying a large holdall, and the other a very real knife.


“What the helllhmmghdd,” Iris mumbled as a cloth was stuffed into her mouth, the edges sticking out from the edge as the first man took some cord from his pocket, doubled it over and then tied it round her head, forcing the cloth further in as it pressed on her cheeks. 


“Iris, are you all right out…”  Karen came out and stared at the two men, as the one who had gagged Iris said “oh good – two MILFs.  You – unless you want your friend here to get hurt, get in there and close the curtains.”


“All…  All right, don’t hurt her,” Karen said quietly as she went back into the room, drawing the curtains and casting the room in a faint gloom as Iris was pushed back in.


“Well, it looks as if we are going to have some fun, Chas,” the second man said as he looked at Karen.


“I think so as well, Dave – but I think this lady here needs to do something.  Get that coat off, lady, and drop it on the chair over there.”


Karen could see the knife against Iris’ throat, so she nodded as she slowly unfastened her blazer, and placed it on the chair.  As she did this, Iris was starting to shake, wondering what was going on.  The two men looked just like…


Looked just like…


“Oh my god,” she thought to herself as Chas said “you going to do what we say lady?”


“Just don’t hurt her,” Karen said as she nodded.


“Good,” he said as he pushed Iris over.  “I want you to strip your friend here?”


“I beg your pardon.”


“Take her clothes off, unless you want me to cut them off,” Dave said as Iris shook her head.  Karen slowly walked over and pulled her cardigan down, her hands stroking Iris’ bare arms as he did so, and feeling Iris shiver.


“Oh, I think she felt that,” Dave laughed as Chas said “now her top.”


“Are you all right,” Karen whispered as she pulled Iris’ top up over her head, revealing the black bra underneath.  Her friend nodded – wondering what was going to happen, and how she was going to explain this?  The ropes round her head was tight, and she could feel the cloth in her mouth getting damp and heavy.


Karen looked at Iris, and smiled as Chas said “now her skirt.”


“I am so sorry,” Karen said quietly as she reached round and slowly pulled the zip fastener down, the skirt dropping to the floor as she looked at the panties under the top of the hose.


“Do you like what you see?”


She looked at Chas and said “what do you mean?”


“She’s attractive, isn’t she?”


“Yes, she is,” Karen said quietly as Iris blushed. 


“Then she should return the favour – strip your friend here.”


Iris nodded as she walked behind Karen, and slowly pulled the zip down her back, looking at her bare back as the dress slipped to the ground, realising that unlike her, Karen was – well, she thought the phrase was going commando, as she saw her in her tights and shoes.


“Oh now that’s just not fair,” Dave said as he looked at Karen, “take your friend’s bra and panties off as well.”


“But – she had tights on over…”


“Take the bra off and pull her tights down,” Chas whispered, Karen nodding as she reached round and unfastened the bra, letting it fall to the ground before she eased the tights down.  Chas then stepped forward, and cut Iris’ panties away, before Karen pulled the tights back up again.  They looked at each other, as Chas said “I told you Dave – we got us some prime rib here.”


Iris looked at Karen, and said “Hmsshrreeehsmefhnthsseee.”


“Look, that must be hurting her, can you OWWW!”


“Shut up,” Dave said form behind her as he reached round and squeezed her chest hard, and then pulled her hands behind her back.  Iris watched as she saw the young man take some rope from the bag he had put down, and then how her chest was forced out as he secured her arms behind her.  Karen was also taken by surprise, the rope was going round her arms at her elbows, forcing them together and pulling her shoulders back as he did so, taking the rope around and between her arms before it was tied off, and then her wrists were secured together.


It took a while for Iris to realise Chas was also binding her arms together behind her back, at the elbows and wrists, the rough brown rope biting into her bare arms as well.


Chas looked over at Karen, then whispered into Iris’ ear “that is a fine looking woman.  Do you want to kiss her?”  She shook her head, and the felt the tip of the knife on her back as Chas said “kiss her.”


“No – you can’t force her to…”  Karen’s eyes opened wide as Iris stepped forward and pressed her red lips against hers, the rope and cloth rubbing slightly on them as she did so.  It was something that had not happened to her since her school days…


“That was nice, wasn’t it,” Dave said behind Karen, “kiss her back.”


Karen looked at Iris, and then gently placed her lips on her gagged friend’s, surprised to feel the kiss been returned before she stepped back.  That was when she felt the rope around her body and arms, pulled tight under her chest as she saw the same thing been done to Iris.


As the rope was wrapped round her own chest and arms, framing her bare breasts above and below, Iris was captivated by the way Karen was looking.  The bands forced her breasts out even more, and when Dave took the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts and pulled it back up, she heard Karen’s soft moan as they became even more prominent.  For her part, Karen looked at Iris, and wondered how she managed to still look so beautiful in the ropes…


“Both of you, kneel down.”


Iris slowly got to the floor, her eyes fixed on Karen as they knelt facing each other.  She could feel her ankles been forced together, but one thought was on her mind – a thought she realised Karen was sharing as her friend slowly leaned over, and started to kiss her neck.




“I know,” Karen whispered quietly as she felt her own ankles been secured together, “does it bother you?”


Iris blushed, and then slowly shook her head before she felt Chas’ hands on her chest, kneading and groping her as she felt his lips on her neck.  She groaned into the damp cloth, as Karen felt the hands and lips of Dave on her body, and she slowly started to groan.  She could feel her body responding, as could Iris, but there was nothing either of them could do about it…


Karne pushed her chest into Dave’s hands, whispering “oh my god – this feels so nice” as she closed her eyes.  He could feel her nipples harden, fele her flesh firming under the assautl of his fingers, and despite the way her brainw as screamign at her, she wanted it to continue – and the feelign inside her that were startign to appear…


Iris was losign herself in her own world – just like in the magazines, they had grabbed her, stripped her – even gagged her with cloth and rope as in some of the pictures – and now they were gropign her, makign her feel so unbelivably hot….


“You watch,” Chas said as he stood up, walking round as Karen watched him, and then saw him slowly pull down his trouser zip.  She knew what was coming, but she nodded as he placed the tip of his engorged cock on her lips, Dave kneading her chest more firmly now as she opened her mouth and took him in…


Iris could not believe what she was seeing, but as Karen started to slowly suck and play with the other captor, she felt a burning inside her as well.  This was her fantasy, but somehow with Karen there as well, having to go through it with her, it was so much more real…


Looking round, Dave smiled as he said “she’s enjoying this – think she’ll like taking care of me?”


“We’ll see,” Chas said quietly as Karen teased and played with him in her mouth, wondering what else he was going to do as the throbbing organ pressed her tongue down, made it impossible for her to do more than let low guttural moans as it increased in size and the sensations inside her…


As Iris watched, Karen’s eyes suddenly shot open and she nodded, taking everything in despite the small white trickle that appeared in the corner of her mouth.  She did this for a few minutes, before Chas pulled out, Karen swallowing before a cloth was pushed into her mouth, and then a strip of brown sticking plaster stuck over her lips.


“OF course they would use that,” Iris though to herself as Chas walked behind her, groping and kneading her breasts, her boots squeaking as she rubbed her legs together, while Dave walked round, Karen watching as he pulled the rope and cloth from her friend’s mouth, and then made her take his own large cock in, Iris sucking as she felt the sensations on her mouth as well.


Karen squirmed round, wondering what else was going to happen as she watched Iris slowly bring Dave to the edge, and then over.  The sight as she watched just seemed to make her even hornier, as she wondered how Iris was feeling.


Her friend closed her eyes as the hot salty flow filled her mouth and she greedily swallowed.  She wanted them both to continue – she had set no limits, and given what happened in so many of those stories, she knew what was likely to happen to her.


To both of them – and she hoped Karen would be understanding as Dave pulled out, and looked at Chas, before stuffing the cloth back into Iris’ mouth and then covering her lips with brown sticking plaster as well.




Iris and Karen watched as their hose was pulled down their legs, seeing the damp flesh between their legs.  The men then took the two women and made them lie on their backs, kneeling over them, both women seeing their cocks start to engorge again as they reached over and started to kiss their chests, their lips enclosing and sucking on their firm nipples as they both groaned.  The fire seemed to be even stronger inside them, as they twisted round, feeling the dampness between their legs, wondering what the men would do next as their tongues ran over the firm nipples.


Iris slowly opened her eyes and looked at Karen, her friend looking over and nodding in answer to the unasked question, before they both felt the men enter them, and they gripped tight with their muscles.  The throbbing they could feel was intense, but not as intense as the growing excess of pleasure as both Chas and Dave moved in and out, taking the two helpless women with them as they did so.  Both started to push up their hips to meet them, wondering what they had done to deserve this – for Iris, the fulfilment of a dream, and for Karen realising a long unacknowledged desire…


They could feel the waves starting to wash over them as they both closed their eyes, holding on for as long as they could as the two men pushed in harder – and then they both opened their eyes and screamed at the same time as the long forgotten pleasures for both women engulfed them.  They could feel both men as they came inside them as well, but the emotions and pleasure engulfed them both as they pushed up, and then fell back, exhausted, covered in sweat, but satisfied…


Dave and Chas withdrew and pulled their pants back up, before they used more rope to secure the legs of both women together below their knees.  Another length was tied round their waists, before they were rolled onto their stomachs, slowly turning their heads to look at each other as the rope was pulled up between their legs, sinking between their sensitive and damp lips, making them both squirm ad it was tied to the ropes round their chest.  Karen then felt her ankles been pulled back, and tied to something, but she wasn’t sure to what – until she felt the tug on the crotch rope, and realised they were tying Iris’ ankles to that.  She moved her feet slightly, and then heard Iris groan as she felt the rope between her legs move in response.


Chas stood and watched as Dave left the room, and then returned, placing a black box where both women could see them, and pressing a button on the top.  A red clock display showed two hours, and then started to count down slowly as the two men left.  Iris turned her head to Karen, and then moved her feet, Karen nodding as she returned the movement, and both women started to groan again. 


Karen had one other thought – what would happen when the countdown stopped…




Iris slowly opened her eyes as the latest orgasm faded, and watched the counter a sit slowly went to zero.  As it did so, a small nozzle appeared and sprayed something over both women – Karen suddenly feeling the restrictions disappear as she realised the ropes had all somehow become loose and fell apart.


She turned onto her back and sat up, looking at Iris as she slowly did the same, and then peeled the sticking plaster away from her mouth, spitting the soaking wet cloth out as she looked at Karen.


“Karen, I…”


She was stopped as Karen pressed her covered lips onto hers, returning the kiss before she removed the gag from her friend.  “Hey,” Karen said as she licked her lips, “I think we both need a drink, a shower – and can I borrow some clothes while you explain what the hell just happened?”




Karen looked at the advert, and said “you really called them and asked them to do that?”


“I did – but I thought it would be just me,” Iris said as she held a whisky glass.  “Look, I didn’t know about me, never mind…”


“Hush – we can talk later,” Karen said with a smile.  “I wonder if they would do something for me – for both of us.”


“I don’t know – I tried to call when you were in the shower,” Iris said as she sat in her robe, “but the number is disconnected.  But, perhaps – we can have our own fantasies now?”







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