The Case of the Detective Cases






Day 1


As she struggled in the chair, she tried to make sense of what had happened in the last hour.  She had just walked in from the shopping trip, wearing a jumper and jeans with her black Ugg boots, and there he was, dressed in black, holding a gun as he put a large bag down – and ordered her to strip.


She thought something terrible was going to happen, but she did as he had ordered her to do – and then he handed her the garment from the bag.  The dark pink dress and matching cardigan, which he ordered her to put on.  It was stylish, but old fashioned – as were the cream sandals she was also ordered to put on, and then the strawberry blonde wig which came to down to her neck.


She looked like a housewife from the sixties – and then she saw the seat.  An old wooden chair that might have been part of a set round a dinner table – but he ordered her, at gunpoint, to sit down, and when she did he pulled her arms around the chair back, and tied her wrists tightly together with thin rope.


But that was just the beginning – he then tied one end of the rope t the chair back, where the back support met the side – and wound it time and again around her, securing her upper body to the chair back – including taking the rope around her neck – and then her lap to the seat.  Then he tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair, her shoes slipping off as he did so, before he tied the end off again.


She could hardly move – but she could speak, and tried to.  That was when he pushed the folded cloth into her mouth, and tied the white cloth tightly round her head, covering her lips and silencing her even more as he did so.


She was helpless, silenced, and struggling as he took photos, and then took her purse.  The woman was terrified he was going to do something else, she was that helpless – but instead he smiled, and left her there to try and escape.



“It was no use- her husband found her later that evening.”


“He made her dress like that, tied her like that, robbed her – I guess she got off lucky, but it seems very convoluted.”


“It does doesn’t it – but that was just the first one…”


Day 2


Living in a penthouse apartment, she had felt secure, nobody would dare to try and break into her own personal hideaway from the world – but when she had come out of the bathroom after her shower, there he had been.


He was wearing black, had a nice smile – but he also had a gun and a large bag, so she knew if he had been determined enough to get into the apartment, he was going to take what he wanted.


But what he wanted her to do was put on an old fashioned housecoat, like something out of an old adult movie.  It was made of red silk, with a lighter fern print on it, but as she wrapped it round her he just smiled – and then made her go into the basement of her apartment building, by the service elevator so that nobody else could see.


There was a chair there – an old wooden chair. And he proceeded to tie her to that chair, the rope holding her wrists to the side of the chair, her ankles together against one leg, her body tight against the wooden back.


He didn’t gag her, he just took photos as she struggled, genuinely afraid of what was going to happen – and then he left her alone, calling for help.  It took an hour for one of the building maintenance crew to find her – and when she got to her penthouse apartment, he had taken everything…



Day 3


“Who are you?”


“That’s not important,” the masked man said, “what is important is that you comply with my request.  Put it on.”

The blonde slowly nodded as she slipped on the white sundress, too scared to do anything as she saw the gun where she could see it, and he could reach it.  He hadn’t hurt her, but he had made it very, very clear she had to do as he said – he had been very persuasive…


The dress fitted her like a glove, and then he put on her head the long grey wig – before he rolled up the white cloth and pulled it between her teeth, tying it tightly round her head and silencing her as well as pressing he wig down at the back of her head.  He then pulled her arms behind her back and secured her wrists together with thin black rope, before he tied a longer length around her arms and body below her chest, forcing them against her as the rope cut into her bare arms.


She then lay on the bed as he secured her ankles and her legs together, then watched as he searched her bedroom.  She could only then watch as he used his phone to take several photographs of her as she struggled, the rope rubbing on her under her chest.


That was when he smiled and started to massage her chest as she struggled…



“He assaulted her?”


“In that way yes – there’s something about what he is doing that is nagging at me.  It sounds familiar, but I checked the records, and there’s nothing like this in them.”


“What about across the state?”


“I’ve got a request into the State Records Office – I just wish I knew what this reminds me of…”


“More to the point – what will he do next?”


Day 4


She struggled as he pulled the rope around her body, the thick white cords already rubbing on her bare wrists as she stood there.  The man was wearing a black balaclava over his head, only his eyes showing, and wearing a black shirt sleeved shirt and blue jeans, leather gloves on his hands.


To make it worse, he had surprised her as she was trying on her wedding dress for the first time since her honeymoon.  In fact, she thought it was her husband playing a prank – and then he spoke…


He yanked the rope tighter as it went round her arms and waist, and tied it off to her wrists as she flexed her fingers – and then he pushed the white cloth into her mouth, wrapping the rope around her head between her lips and around her neck to keep it in place.  She could not move, the fear was so great as he knelt down and tied her ankles tightly together, then lifted her up in his arms as he carried out of the house.


The white transit van was parked outside, the rear doors open as he lifted her in and placed her on a rug on the metal floor, then closed the doors.  She tried to struggle then, tried to scream as the rope rubbed on her neck and the corners of her mouth, but nobody could hear her as the van was driven away…




Day 5


“Her husband got a call to go to a parking lot, and he found her inside the van – soaked in sweat, terrified, but otherwise unharmed.  Guess she was the lucky one, given the call this afternoon.”




It had been a wonderful evening at the themed party, and she had come home very happy indeed.


She wasn’t that happy any more.  The man had grabbed her when she had walked in, put a leather gloved hand over her mouth and told her to do exactly what he said, and she would not get hurt.  The outfit she was wearing fitted the theme – a tight red blouse and miniskirt, hose and heels.  She could feel the rope rubbing on her ankles as it held them tightly together, rubbing on the nylon as she sat on her legs on the floor- but that wasn’t the worst thing he had done.


Her arms were stretched along a long metal rod that sat on her shoulders, the rope rubbing under on over her armpits as it held the pole to her shoulders, more lengths holding her arms to the metal at her elbows and her wrists.  They ached from been held in that position, but she could not complain – the rolled up thick red cloth that he had forced between her teeth and tied round her head was silencing her, the material hurting where it rubbed on the corners of her mouth.


She was powerless to stop him ripping her blouse open, as he knelt in front of her, his eyes the only thing visible under the black mask that covered his head, but she could hear his breathing, see the look in those blue eyes, as he started to grope her chest, his gloved fingers massaging her chest as she struggled, desperate to get out of the way, while at the same time knowing it was next to impossible.


And as her body responded despite herself, she was afraid of what was to come next…



“He crucified her?”


“Well, tied her in the same way as if she had been – but it was what he did afterwards…”


“Yeah – how is she doing?”


“Recovering – I really wish I knew what was sounding so familiar about all this. It’ll come to me eventually…


“What are you eating anyway?”


“This – just chocolate…”


Day 6


The two women looked at the man as he stood there, wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans with a white t-shirt.  He had forced them to strip down to their white slips, before he used black rope to tie the wrists of the younger woman behind her back, and those of the older woman in front of her with her arms folded.


But that was just the beginning – he made them sit back to back, and took the rest fi the black rope before he used it to bind the two women tightly together as they sat there.  The rope encircled their waists, their arms, their upper bodies – and their necks, but they were too scared to move even if the added fear of the rope rubbing on their necks was not there.


He’d then gagged them – a thick cloth pulled between the lips of the younger woman, then a thin scarf pulling back on the corners of her sister’s mouth as it pressed down her tongue and went round her head. 


What was really terrifying them, however, was their daughter, their niece, who had walked into the robbery.  She was wearing a short black coat dress and knee length blood red boots with a buckle at the side, and was now sitting on an old wooden chair on the other side of the room.  The intruder had already bound her wrists tightly together behind her back, and was now wrapping the rope around her upper body, forming two bands that framed her chest, rubbing on it as he tied the rope off.


The way she was sitting on the chair meant her legs were next to the front leg, so when he knelt down and bound her ankles tightly together, then to the chair leg, every move made either the wood, or the leather, or both squeak.


“Now then,” he said as he pressed brown sticking plaster over her mouth, “you get to watch.”  The red head struggled as she watched him walk over, and slowly pull down the front of his pants, before he pulled the gag from his aunt’s mouth and said “go on – you know what to do…”



Day 7


“Sheesh – all three of them?”


“I’m worried he’s building to something, but what…  Oh for the love of… What the hell are those anyway?”


“Reese Pieces – why?”


He looked across the table as the senior detective sat back and said “Reese…  Reece…  Shit!”




“Reece – you’re too young, but he’s re-enacting old detective magazine covers.”




Before he could say anything, the door opened.


“Lieutenant – somebody snatched the mayor’s wife from her college.”




“We got a licence plate – and we’ve found the car down at the docks.”


“What the hell are we waiting for…”




She was trying to call for help, but he had done something to keep her quiet – and she could feel the fibres of the thick white rope as it rubbed on her tongue and the corners of her mouth. 


He had forced her into the trunk of the car and then driven her to here – and then took rope and pulled her elbows together behind her back.  Her wrists had been next – crossed and bound tightly together, before he wrapped the rope around her arms and below her chest, and she had been powerless to stop him.


But it was the other rope – the one he had tied in front of her, and then pulled between her legs, hiking her white skirt up as he did so, and then tied it to her wrists so that with each movement, it was rubbing on her most private of places – and that was beginning to drive her wild with the feelings it was generating.


Each twist, each turn, was making her feel hotter and more bothered – especially as her captor pulled open the blue short sleeved blouse she was wearing, exposing her white bra.


“Now,” he said as he stood in front of her, “what shall I…”


He suddenly turned as the door was kicked in, and saw the armed officers as they ran in, his captive screaming “HHHLLHHLPPMHHHHH!” as she saw them as well.




He ran to the rear of the building and opened the door – only to drop to the floor as the lieutenant and his junior detective walked in, their guns raised as he said “game’s over, punk – do you feel lucky now?”







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