Double Trouble




Val was fuming.  It had already been a lousy week, but this was just the proverbial icing on the cake.


In the last two days, her boyfriend had dumped her, she had blown up at the boss on the rebound from said dumping and had a dressing down in front of everyone, and now on the sunniest day of the year so far she was stuck indoors.  No fault of her own either – well, apart from opening the front door at the wrong time.


Now she was lying on her side on her bed, wondering how that woman had managed to overpower her so quickly.  Dressed in a grey sports bra and blue denim shorts, the intruder had forced her to lie face down no the bed while she tied her wrists together behind her back.  A knotted length of cloth had been forced into her mouth and tied tightly into place, then Val had to lie still while the woman methodically tied her ankles and legs, then wrapped a rope around her chest, above and below her breasts, before pulling it tightly at the front.  Finally, a rope had been tied around her waist and between her legs, with her wrists held by this final rope in place in the small of her back.


She was lying there, listening to the woman searching her front room, and wondering just how long this was going to last, when she heard a knock on the front door.


The sounds of searching stopped, and Val wondered who could be calling round at that time on a Saturday morning.  That question was quickly answered when she heard her friend Siobhan calling “Val?  You there girl?  I thought we could go and grab a coffee…… Who are you?”


Val rolled onto her back and swung her legs round so that she was in a sitting position, and tried to call out to Siobhan to get out, but the intruder had obviously got to her first.  Listening, she could hear some whispers and muffled responses, and then the sound of Siobhan dropping her bag and walking across the floor.


Val sat there, her blonde hair falling around her face as she tried to figure out what was going on in the front room.  There were some grunts, and she clearly heard Siobhan saying “Please, don’t do that,” but otherwise no indications as to what was going on.


The door to her room opened, and Val watched the woman walk in.  She was wearing a white mini dress with a loose wrap around her neck, which Val thought actually looked good on her, if it was a little incongruous in terms of clothes a robber would wear.  She watched the woman as she walked over and looked her bound and gagged captive up and down.


“You weren’t expecting nay visitors today, were you?”  She said, and Val shook her head and tried to call out.


“Now, now, stop struggling,” the woman said as she cupped Val’s chin in her hand.  “Your friend is quite all right – I’ll attend further to her in a few minutes.  Before I do that, however, I need to make sure that you will stay in one place until I have finished.


“Nnnn.  Pls lv m ln!”


“I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say,” the woman said with a laugh.  “Now, I want you to lie back down before I push you down.  Understand?”


Val looked at her captor, and then fell over onto her side so that she was lying on the bed.  The woman took hold of her shoulders and rolled her over onto her side before moving Val so that she was lying on the bed on her stomach.  Leaving the room for a second, she returned with a long length of white rope.  Through the doorway, Val could see Siobhan lying on the couch in her front room, but was unable to tell what had happened to her.


“I hope this isn’t too painful,” the woman said as she took hold of Val’s ankles and pulled them so that they were lying behind her knees. Val grunted, and the woman allowed herself to smile as she wrapped one end of the rope between Val’s ankles and pulled it through like a lasso.  She then ran the rope up to her wrists, wrapped it between them and pulled back so that Val was hog tied.  Back and forth the rope went again, and then it was wrapped around and secured so that Val was unable to move her arms and legs without the other moving as well.


She glared at the woman as she stood over and admired her rope work.


“Well, I have to go and make sure your friend is secured as well.  Thanks for everything,” she said with a laugh as she left Val struggling no the bed, and closed the door behind her.



“And now, just what am I going to do with you, hmmm?”


Siobhan looked over her shoulder at the woman in white, with fear in her eyes.  She was lying on her stomach on Val’s red couch, with her wrists securely bound behind her back and her ankles tied together over her white socks.  Her ankles had also been pulled right up to her wrists and bound to them.


She was wearing a dark grey blouse and khaki shorts, which she thought would be appropriate for a coffee at the local Starbucks, but not for a morning spent tied up by some crazed robber.


“What the hell is going on here?”  She said to the intruder.  “Where’s Val?”



“Val is having a rest at the moment, and so should you be.  It won’t do you any good to struggle – those ropes are quite secure, I can assure you.”


The woman sat down at the head of the couch, and lifted Siobhan’s head up with her hand.


“Poor Val, she really should not have said what she did to her ex-boyfriend.  That made me very upset, especially what she said about me.”


Siobhan looked at the raven haired woman as she smiled down at her.


“You’re the one that stole Tom from her?”


“Stole is such an emotive word.  I prefer to think that he changed his mind, but I couldn’t let the lies she told about me pass, could I”


As she said this, she picked up a white handkerchief that was on the seat, and rolled it into a little ball.


“What are you intending to do with that?”  Siobhan asked as she watched the woman playing with it in her hand, holding Siobhan’s chin all the while with the other.


“This?  Oh, this is going to go into your mouth, young girl.  I can’t have anyone discovering what I’ve done to Val for a little while, so I’m afraid you need to be silenced as well.”


“No bloody way,” Siobhan said, and she clamped her mouth shut.


“Now, you see, that’s not going to help you at all.  Here – let me show you why.”


The woman let go of Siobhan’s chin and grabbed hold of her nose, pinching it shut.  Siobhan tried valiantly to keep her mouth closed, but the need to breathe was just too great, and she opened her mouth to get air into her lungs.  As she did so, the woman forced the cloth into her mouth, making an effective gag.


“There now,” she said as she forced the last of the cloth into Siobhan’s mouth, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”


Siobhan tried to spit the cloth out, but the woman clamped her hand over her mouth.  “Keep that in there, or I swear you will regret it.  Now, close your mouth and lie quite still while I finish this off.”


Realising she was beaten, Siobhan did as she was asked while the woman picked up a roll of white tape, and tore a strip off.


“Head up,” she said to her captive, and as Siobhan raised her head she smoothed the tape over her mouth.  Two more strips followed, as Siobhan felt the tape pulling at her skin.


“wr’s Vl” Siobhan grunted as the last piece of tape was smoothed over her lips.


“Like I said, your friend is having a little rest in there,” the intruder said indicating the bedroom door with her head.


“You, however, need to realise that the best thing you can do now is lie quite still.  If you start struggling, then you may start coughing, and believe me you do not want that to happen.


So,” she said as she stood up, “Just what am I going to do now, hmm?”


Walking round to where Siobhan’s feet were pulled up, the woman reached over and pulled back on her wrists.  This caused Siobhan to yelp, and from behind the closed door she heard Val calling out as well.


“Oh dear, I guess she’s wondering what happened to you.  Whatever should I do about that, hmmm?”


Walking over to the door, the intruder swung it open, and Siobhan looked at Val lying on the bed.  She had rolled over onto her side, and the two women could now see just how much of a predicament the other one was in.


“Ironic, isn’t it,” the intruder said as she walked around behind Siobhan.  “Tom felt he was being held back by her, and now here she and you are being held back by me.  Don’t worry about Tom – I’ll be taking good care of him from now on.”


She looked down on Siobhan, who had her eyes half closed in exasperation.


“Well, I guess I’ll leave you two alone now.  Please, do try to free each other.  The thought of the two of you struggling to get to each other is quite…. Exhilarating.”


She looked at the two women, then turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.