“Now this – this was a great idea,” Imogen said as she lay back on the recliner, her dark glasses shielding her eyes from the hot sun that was warming her body.  It was early afternoon, and she was enjoying the first full day of the mini break she had booked with her three friends.


She was wearing a string bikini, the red threads barely holding the ruffed purple material in place over her chest and on her crotch.  Her long dark hair was swept back, as she smiled and lay there.


“Oh yeah – coming down to the cape for a long weekend was just what we all needed,” Nikki said as she lay next to her.  The tall blonde was wearing a backless swimsuit, the white upper half held up by a halter neck tie round her neck, barely covering her own chest, and the black briefs covering her own modesty.


Sitting herself up, Nikki pushed her glasses onto her forehead and took a sip from her glass, waving as Ashley and Sami came over.  Ashley had her blonde hair cut short, and was wearing a strapless bikini in a zebra print, while Sami’s dark hair fell over her shoulders, her own blue strapless bikini barely staying in place.


“You two need to try the pool – it’s great,” Sami said as she sat down.


“Maybe later – right now I want some sunshine.  This is our downtime,” Imogen said with a smile.




It was while they were walking back to their rooms that a photographer stepped out and said “Group photo to remember your trip by?”


“Why not,” Imogen said as the four friends stood together, the photographer smiling as he snapped away, and then said “thank you very much ladies.”


He watched them as he walked off, before he took out a cell phone and dialled a number.


“They’re coming – get ready.”



Ashley closed the door to her room and sighed as she walked towards her bed, then looked out on the balcony and down onto the swimming pool.  It had been a good morning, but what she really wanted now was to rest for an hour or two.


Making her way to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror, and then splashed some water over her face, before wiping it with a towel and stepping back into her room.  The first thing she noticed was the fact the door onto her balcony was now open.


The second was the latex gloved hand that was clamped over her mouth, as a deep voice behind her said “not a word little lady – if you scream, I cut you.”


Ashley could see the thin blade out of the corner of her eye, so she nodded slowly as the voice said “Good – face down, on the bed, and hands behind your back.”


Whtruggntdd,” Ashley mumbled as whoever was behind her forced her to walk to the bed, and then lie down, her wrists pulled behind her back as she heard a sound like tape ripping – then realised it was tape as her wrists were forced together, held in place by something that wrapped and compressed around her arms.


As this was taking place, her face was pressed into the duvet, so she could only mumble as someone grabbed her ankles and started to tape them together. 


“Close your eyes.”


She was roughly rolled over, and only had a moment to catch a glimpse of a man in a short sleeved short before she saw the length of tape in his hands.  Ashley barely had time to close her eyes before the tape was pressed over them, and then a second length pressed over her mouth, the material pulling at her skin before she felt herself been lifted off the bed and carried somewhere.


Sami was in a similar position – forced by a man holding a knife to kneel on her floor, while he pulled her wrists behind her back and bound them tightly together, only in her case he was using rope.  She could feel the stands with her fingers as her ankles were bound together – but then there was the sound of wet material ripping, and her mouth and eyes were covered with adhesive tape before she too was lifted and carried somewhere.


As the door to the stairs closed, Imogen went out of her room and knocked on Nikki’s door.


“Hey Nikki – you got a minute?”


Putting her ear to the door, she could hear muffled noises, so she knocked again and said “Nikki?  You all right in there?”


She could hear the door open, and made her way in, saying “Nikki, I was wondering if...”




Imogen stared at her friend, who was thrashing on her side on the bed, her wrists and ankles taped together, and strips of tape covering her eyes and mouth, before a strong arm wrapped itself round her waist and a damp cloth was pressed over her nose and mouth.  She struggled, but as the cloudy tendrils worked their way in her mind, she thought she heard the photographer from earlier saying “sleep now” as her eyelids fluttered and closed...





Imogen?  Imogen, please wake up...”


“Wha...  What happened,” the young woman said as she slowly opened her eyes. “Nikki, is that you?”


“Yeah – open your eyes, girl.  We’re in real trouble.”


Imogen blinked a couple of times and then looked across to see Nikki, Ashley and Sami in front and on either side of her.  All four were still in their bikinis and swimsuit, but their arms and legs were stretched out and to the sides, their bodies forming an X as they were secured with leather cuffs to the frames they were lying against.

“What the...”  Imogen pulled at her wrists and said “Who the heck did this to us?”


“Well, that would be some people who work for me?”


All four of them looked at a door which had opened to one side.  The room they were in appeared to be a cellar, lit from above by a bare lamp, but they could see the woman framed in the light from outside.  As she walked in, they saw that she was blonde, a little older than them, with long blonde hair and wearing a strapless white dress that hugged her from her chest to her knees.


“Who the hell are you?  Why have you done this to us,” Imogen shouted as she tried to move.


“Oh for two reasons,” she said as she stood in front of her captive, and held her chin in a white gloved hand.  “Ransom and pleasure?”


“Whose pleasure?”


“Why, mine of course,” she said as she walked over to Nikki, “who else.  After all, why go to such lengths to satisfy your pleasure – although, for two of you, I am more than happy to oblige.”


“What the hell are you talking about,” Nikki hissed as she looked at Sami and Ashley – only to look again as they turned red and looked at the other two.


“How long?” Imogen said quietly.


“A couple of months – we just could not find a way of telling you...”


“Oh come now, don’t be shy,” the women said as she opened a bag, and took out two pairs of silk panties.  “Often the best way to say something is not to use words, but actions.”


“What do you Meammmmgmgddd,” Sami said as the woman pushed a pair of the panties into her mouth, and then sealed it in place by pressing a wide strip of white tape firmly over her lips, the material stretching over the shape of her chin.  Ashley could only whimper as she was gagged in the same way, and then both women were released, made to stand in front of each other as they were each handed a length of rope.


“Tie these round your waists,” the woman said, “and then hug each other, nice and tightly.”


Imogen and Nikki could only watch as they each tied the length of rope round their waist, half the rope falling from under their belly buttons to the floor, and then hug each other, looking into each other’s eyes as the women knelt behind Ashley.




That was her muffled reaction as the rope was pulled up from between her legs, and then used to secure Sami’s wrists tightly together.  Sami grunted in a similar way as the second rope was pulled up and used to secure her wrists together, the two women groaning as they tried to move their arms, only for the rope to rub on both of them between their legs.


Their captor then took a roll of white tape, and wrapped it round both of them, forcing them together and enclosing them in a white sheath that ran from their shoulders to above their wrists.


“Take them to the next room,” the woman said, both Ashley and Sami moaning as the photographer and another man made them walk out of the room, Sami going backwards as they were escorted away.


“Now then,” the woman said as she looked at both of them, “which of you shall I play with next?”


“Go to hell.”


“Thank you for volunteering,” the woman said as she looked at Nikki.


“No – after all, we’re been held for ransom, aren’t we?”


“Well, technically it’s only you dear,” she said as she looked at Imogen, “your three friends are collateral, and very good looking collateral at that.”


“What t he hell do you mean by thattmmmgddd.”


“Hush,” she said as she pushed the knotted part of a rolled up scarf into Nikki’s mouth, pulling the band tightly round her head and securing the bands together at the base of her neck.  Reaching behind her neck, she released the halter tie and pulled down the front of the swimsuit, smiling as she went to a drawer and took out a mitten made of moleskin.


Nikki’s eyes widened as she stood in front of her, and then began to rub her bare chest with the mitten covered hand, the soft material moving over her breasts as her captive at first tried to twist out of the way, and then stopped, Imogen watching as she started to relax and moan at the touch of the soft fur on her body.


“Oh god,” she whispered as Nikki began to move like a snake, her hips swaying from side to side as she closed her eyes, unable  to stop her body responding to the gentle and soft touch.  As the photographer returned and released her wrists, she sighed and leaned forward, allowing him to fold her arms behind her back and re-secure her wrists to her elbows as the soft assault continued.


Msreemjnn,” she moaned as she was released from the ankle bindings and helped to stand, ropes encircling and forcing her chest out and her upper arms against her body, and then frog marched out of the room, the photographer grinning as his hands squeezed Nikki’s chest while they walked.


“Which leaves you, my dear,” the woman said as she walked over.  “Daddy dearest is going to pay mucho money for you, you know that don’t you?”


“What...  What are you going to do to me?”


“Well, first,” she said as she unfastened and removed her bikini briefs, “keep you quiet.  Open wide and say Ah.”


Nnnnnnnn,” Imogen said as she clamped her mouth shut.


“Oh come now,” the woman said as she started to stroke her hand over Imogen’s chest, “you might even like it.”




The woman smiled as she started to caress Imogen's chest in her hand, gently squeezing as she did so.  Unusual feeling started to go through the young woman’s body as she did this, and she felt not only her chest firming in response, but something else stirring in her.




“Yes, I can,” the woman said as she continued to caress her chest, until finally she opened her mouth and gasped, then felt the material of her bikini bottoms on her tongue, before she pressed a length of the white tape over her mouth as well.


“Now then,” she said as she gently stated to kiss Imogen’s neck, and her hand went between her legs, Imogen screaming as she felt her fingers play with her, “are you ready to play...”










Imogen opened her eyes to see Nikki, Ashley and Sami lying beside her on a carpet.  All four were tightly bound with ropes around their upper bodies and legs, their ankles pulled back and secured to their chest ropes, silver duct tape wrapped round their mouths.


As her eyes came into focus, Imogen groaned as she saw that, with the exception of Nikki, they were naked from the waist down – and she realised a pair of bikini briefs were in her mouth, kept in by the tape.


What was in Nikki’s mouth, she had no idea, but she was as unable to speak as any of them as they wriggled round.  Her one consolation was all that she had seen must have been a dream.


“Hello girls.”


Her heart jumped as she looked to the side of the room, and saw the woman from her dreams.


“My name is Amanda,” she said quietly, “and we’re going to have some fun together, all five of us...”









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