Fair Cop


“Well, it is a bit of an unusual request – are you sure you don’t want to tell me why you need this done?”


As she sat there, absent mindedly twirling a roll of silver duct tape in her hand, The Baroness wasn’t sure she was hearing her friend correctly.  Madame X always played her cards close to her chest, but this was strange even for her.


“You are asking me to basically stage a major set of attacks, and keep everything we find, in return for which you get a clear line to your target?  Well, of course I welcome the challenge, but this must be a very special plan you have in mind.”


The Baroness pursed her lips as she listened to the deep female voice on the other end of the conversation.  Eventually, she stood up and smoothed down her black skirt, before adjusting her scarf as it lay down her red blouse.


“Well, of course I am willing to do this for you.  With my husband away, it will provide some – amusement for me and my girls.  We will move tomorrow as you requested.  Good morning, Madame.”


Pressing down on the hand set to disconnect her line, she dialled another number.


“Diane?  Get the girls together – tomorrow is going to be a busy day…..”




“Sit here, Officer.”


For Pamela, this was not starting out as a good day.  She was duty dispatch officer, but she hadn’t even made it out to her car before the woman had grabbed her and forced her into the boot of her car.  Even thought she was dressed in her regulation uniform, nobody had come to her aid, and now she was being dragged into a warehouse by her captor.


She didn’t look the strong either, and dressed as she was in a tight black leather mini dress, stockings and heels Pamela should have been able to overpower her.  She was strong, however, and her Ju Jitsu moves had proven decisive.  Now Pamela was sat on a stool, as her wrists were pulled behind her back and lashed together with rope.


“What’s this all about – why are you kidnapping me?”  She cried as rope was passed around her upper chest and arms securing her tightly.  Pamela tried to kick out at her assailant as she walked in front of her, but failed to connect with her shoes.  Instead, the small woman held her legs tightly together in one arm while she expertly bound her ankles with her free hand.


Eventually, Pamela was bound so tightly that all she could do was wriggle around on the stool.


“You need to stay quiet now,” she said as she rolled up a think length of cloth and pulled it into Pamela’s mouth.  She grunted in pain as the cloth was tied over her blonde hair, than watched as the attacker checked over her rope work.


The woman walked over and sat on a desk, as she made a phone call.


“Baroness?  I have the relief dispatcher as you asked – you may proceed with the plan for today.”




“Roger that, 65 – check in thirty minutes.”


Susanna switched off the microphone and stretched her arms.  “Where the hell is Pamela” she muttered to herself as she looked at her watch.  Her shift was over half an hour ago, and there was no sign of her replacement.


The office door opened, and Susanna turned round saying “It’s about time – where the hell hav…..”  The words stuck in her throat as she raised her arms, her legs akimbo, in response to the gun that was pointing at her.


Standing in front of her was a dark haired woman, dressed as she was - a grey regulation blouse and dark shirt – but there was nothing regulation about the way she waved her pistol at Susanna.  “Not a sound – stand up and face the wall,” the new arrival said as she placed a bag on the table next to her.


“What happened to Pamela,” Susanna asked as she slowly got off the chair and walked to the wall.


“A friend is visiting her – and keep those hands raised. I want to see them at all times.”


Looking round, Susanna stood in front of the rear wall of the office.


“Palms against the wall, and don’t look.”


She heard the intruder place the gun no the table, then felt her hands frisking her body, removing her own gun and taser as she did so. 


“Right, I’m going to be doing your job for a little while, so we need to make sure you can’t get in my way.  Slowly, very slowly, bring your right hand round and place it in the small of your back.”


“Whatever you’re going to do, you won’t get away with it,” Susanna said as she moved her hand round.


“Oh, I think we will,” the other woman said as she grabbed Susanna’s wrist and began to wrap a length of white rope around it.  “This is a bigger job than you think, officer.”


A few minutes later, Susanna looked round as rope was passed around her waist to secure her bound wrists against her back, the rope passed between her arms and back to make the binding more secure.  A long length of rope was then passed around her upper body, above and below her breasts, to secure her arms in place.  Each length was cinched behind her back to further restrict her movements, as she was sat back down in her chair.


“That hurts,” she cried as her ankles were crossed and bound together, followed by more rope around her calves, legs above her knees and her thighs.  The buttons on Susanna’s blouse started to pop under the strain the ropes put her chest under, and she started to grow redder.


“Time for you to be quiet,” the intruder said as she tore strip after strip of silver duct tape off a roll.  Despite her best efforts, Susanna was unable to stop the strips being smoothed over her mouth and lower jaw, until the whole gleamed in the room light.


“Now, I want you to sit nice and quiet,” the intruder said as she drew the room blinds, “and I’ll do your job for you.”


As she did so, the radio crackled into life.


“Control, this is 54 – we have a suspicious door opened in the Beat block.  33 and I are moving in.”


“Confirmed, 54 – keep us posted,” the new arrival said, before mumbling “fat chance” as she turned the microphone off again.




“Have you seen anything,” Dee asked Hannah as they walked down the corridor.


“No – but that door has certainly been forced open.  I wonder who did it.”


“Kids probably - let’s check the teacher’s lounge before we go any further.”


Opening the door, Dee slowly put her auburn haired head round the door and took a look round the room.  Everything seemed to be in place, and the coffee machine was bubbling away with a fresh pot of coffee.


“Looks clear, Hannah – come on in,” Dee said as she pushed the door widely open.  Hannah followed her, tossing her strawberry blonde hair as she did so.  Both were dressed in regulation short sleeved blue blouses and dark skirts, one of the uniforms worn by the campus police.


“You’re right, everything looks all right,” Hannah said, “but one thing’s bothering me.”


“What’s that Hannah?”


“Who’s making the coffee?”


The two girls turned and looked at the bubbling pot, wondering who was responsible.  The answer came when a female voice behind them said “We are.”


The two women turned to be confronted by two others, dressed in black jumpsuits with dark glasses and woollen hats on their heads, carrying guns and a bag.  “I suggest you raise your hands,” the taller of the two said, “and turn round.”


“What the hell are you doing here?” Hannah asked as the two officers did as they were asked.


“Keeping you busy – tie them up,” the taller intruder replied.  The other woman opened her bag and drew out a length of rope, which she quickly doubled over.  Walking over to Hannah, she pulled the frightened girl’s hands behind her back and started to tie them together.



“You see, my dear, we have been paid to keep you and your colleagues busy.  While we’re doing that, there’s nothing to stop us having a little – fun.”


Susanna squirmed as the intruder ran her hands up and down her chest, caressing her breasts through the ropes.




“How the hell did we get into this?” Hannah asked Dee as her legs were pulled together by the rope that was being wrapped around her legs.


Both women were sat on a couch in the lounge, their arms held to their sides by lengths of rope that also passed around their shoulders and necks.  Their ankles were bound side by side, and their legs tightly bound together.


“I don’t know, but they are definitely not paying us enough,” Dee said as she squirmed around to try and get some give in the ropes.  She glanced up to see the taller intruder rolling a blue silk scarf into a band.


“That’s enough out of you,” she said as she pulled the cloth into Dee’s mouth, while Hannah had a white scarf pulled into her mouth by the other armed woman.  The two grunted as the scarves were tightly knotted at the base of their necks, and then looked up at their captors.


“Control, 54 and 33 have been neutralised – proceeding to next target….”




“So, the Bursar’s secretary ahs had to come into work today?”


“Afraid so – I’m just taking her a coffee now.  Want to join me.”


Belinda nodded as Katie opened the office door.  She was wearing a black blouse and skirt, while Katie had on a white long sleeved blouse and dark skirt with a side slit that went almost to her waist.  The click clack of both women’s heels on the corridor floor echoed around the empty building.


At the door to the bursar’s office, Belinda opened the door as Katie carried the coffee cups in.


“Jane, I’m back,” she called as Belinda closed the door behind them.


“Good,” a male voice said, and the two women turned to see Jane sat in a chair, her wrist bound behind her back and a white cloth covering her lower jaw.  Behind her was a tall masked man, who had his hand firmly on Jane’s shoulder.


“Let go of that woman,” Belinda said as she reached for her gun, but the click that she heard near her left ear made her glance that way, and she saw the other man holding a pistol near her head.


Jane groaned as she sat in the chair.  She was wearing a white cardigan with a blue and white scarf loosely tied around her neck, a short dark skirt and heels, and the way these tow men had secured her in the last five minutes had told her there was no room for negotiation with them.  Even if she could speak – her mouth was filled with a sponge that the white cloth was holding in place.


“We were just making your friend nice and comfortable when you came in – don’t move and my friend will do the same for you.  First, Officer, slowly remove your weapon and hand it to my friend beside you.”


Belinda slowly undid the catch on her holster and gingerly lifted the weapon out by the handle, before holding it out for the intruder to take.  As eh did so, the two women watched the other man tie a long length of rope around Jane’s arms and chest, passing it around her neck and under her arms as he did so.


“Put your hands on your head,” the man next to Belinda said, and as she did so he took a length of rope and pulled Katie’s wrists behind her back.  Leaving Jane sat in her seat, the first man came over and pulled Belinda’s hands behind her back before starting to tie them together.


Ten minutes later, both Belinda and Katie were looking at each other as the ropes were tied behind their backs.  “Open wide” the man said as they both stood in front of the two women, a sponge in the hand of each man.  Neither girl resisted as their mouths were filled by the soft material, before white cloths were tightly tied over the stuffed orifices.


“Let’s take a walk, ladies,” the man said as he opened the door, and the three women were forced to walk down the corridor by their two captors.  The sound of their heels clicked in the empty corridor, and tow minutes after they passed the nurse’s station the door opened and another guard stuck her head out.


“No-one there,” she said as she closed the door and the party were joined by the two jump suited women.


“You’d better take care of the nurse,” the man said, and as the two women receded into the building the three captives were pushed into a store room, where a low mattress was on the floor covered by a tartan blanket.


“Sit them down,” the man said as his partner marched the three women over to the mattress and helped them to sit down.  Soon all three were looking at their bound ankles and legs as the two men checked a book one of them had produced.


“We need to stop these three from raising the alarm – I can’t trust that one in particular.”  Belinda was both gratified and worried when the younger man looked at her in particular.


Looking round the store room, the other man nodded a she saw an old iron bedstead.  “We need to have a word first with each of them,” he said as he walked over to Jane and removed the scarf, pulling the sponge out of her mouth as he did so.


“Thank you,” Jane gasped as he started to untie her arms.


“Don’t thank me yet – one false move and your friends are in trouble.  You’re going to tell me who else is in the building – and then we’ll make you more comfortable.  First, though,” he said as he untied her wrists and Jane started to rub the skin, “Put your hands in front of you.”




“That’s strange,” Jo said as she replaced the receiver, “I can’t get Pamela in the control room.


“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Anna said as she put the tray of instruments away, “she never answers the phone unless she has to.”


Anna was wearing a white smock with vent in the side, with white stockings and flat shoes, while Jo was in the blue and black uniform other officers wore.  She turned as the station door opened.


“Can I….” Anna started before she saw the guns pointing at her and Jo.


“Good morning ladies,” the jump suited woman said as she and her companion walked in.  “Pleas, no sudden moves.  You,” she said pointing at Jo, “take your weapon out and place it on the table, then put your hands behind your back.”


“Why?” JO asked as she did as she was commanded.


“Your friend here is going to tie you up,” the woman said as she handed Anna a length of rope.  “I hope you have relieved yourselves?”




“That should do the trick,” the man said as he pulled the rope tightly across the bed.  Katie, Belinda and Jane were flat on their backs on the bed, with the rope holding them down across their waists.  Each had their arms pulled above their heads and the ropes around their wrists secured to the iron bedstead, and their gags had been replaced with rubber balls that were held in place by straps through them that buckled behind their heads.


“Now, don’t go anywhere,” the man said as he turned off the light and shut the door on the three struggling woman.  The two looked at each other, then called on a cell phone.


“Where next – ah, gotcha.  Two officers are visiting an air hostess in the next building – they need to be taken care of,” he said as he put the cell phone away.




“There – that should keep you two nice and quiet.”


Anna turned her head and looked at Jo, who was staring at the wall in a mixture of anger and frustration.  Both women were bound tightly with ropes around their chests, arms, wrists, legs and ankles, and tape was tightly smoothed over their mouths.


“J, r u ll rght?”


“N, m nt – ths s rdclus.”


“st clm – hlp l cm.”


“Not today it won’t ladies,” the women said as they left the two on the red-covered bed.  “Today is going to be a different day altogether.”




“So you see, we are capturing the officer son campus – ALL of you – and then we will rob the buildings.  Brilliant, no?”


Susanna stared at the ground, her blouse open and tears running down her face.


“Ah well, it won’t be long now,” her captor said as the radio cackled into life.


“Control, we have two more plus one guest.”




“Wht th fck s gng n hr?”


The hostess was staring at the two men who had surprised her and the two patrol officers.  They had been discussing traffic on the way to the airport when they were forced into the dorm and trussed up tightly, their hands behind their backs and their ankles crossed and bound.  The final touch had been the fact their legs were secured together above their knees, and then scarves tied into their mouths, knots in the fabric pushed into their mouths as gags.


“So, what are we going to with these three,” the other masked man asked as the door opened and the tow jump suited attackers walked in.


“Help us to take them to the basement, will you – I have an idea,” the older man said.


“No problem,” the two women replied as they helped the three captives to struggle to their fete and started to frog march them out of the room.


In the building basement, the three women stood there watching as the men tested a bar in the ceiling.


“We’ll start with you,” he said as he walked over to the stewardess and untied her wrists.  Pulling her arms round, he re-tied them in front of her with a long length, which he then tossed over the ceiling bar and secured so that her wrists were pulled above her head.


“I’ve got an idea – any spare rope,” the younger woman said.


“In the bag,” the man said as he went to the first of the two officers.  The woman took a length of rope, doubled it and passed it around the attendant’s waist, before passing the loose ends between her legs and pulling them up to secure them behind her back.


Within minutes, all three were bound in the same way, as the scarves were removed from their mouths and replaced by balls of rubber before they had a chance to speak.  All three stared at the four captors as they walked out of the basement, closing the door behind them.


“Control, how many are left?”


“You’re done – apparently, the boss says special plans have been laid for the last two officers.  Something to do with who they are guarding today.  Start your raid and get out as quickly as you can.”




“You two ladies comfortable?”


The lead cheerleader screamed at the masked man from her seat, but the officer sat next to her said nothing.  Truth to tell, neither could say anything understandable – red silk scarves were tied tightly into their mouths, the material holding down their tongues and making sounds that meant something difficult.


They had been talking in the house when the gang had struck.  Following the game that day, where the cheerleading squad had urged the team on to victory, they had returned with her sister to the dorm, along with the woman who looked after Carrie and the two officers.  The masked gang had grabbed them, some taking Carrie one way and others the manager and one of the officers.  Now she and the other officer were sat in chairs in the basement, securely tied to them and gagged.


“I see your team won – pity you’re going to miss the party,” the masked man said as he checked the ropes around both women, then picked up a can and started to pour a clear liquid around both women.


“I’m going to take a seat over there – if either of you cause any trouble I light a match and you will be the star turn in the part barbeque.  Understand?”


Both women nodded vigorously.  The cheerleader sat quietly, wondering what had happened to her sister and the other two women.




In the woods behind the campus, two men dropped a packing crate in a clearing.  One of the men, a big burly guy with a beard, wiped his brow and grabbed a spade while the other started to prise the lid off the crate with a crowbar.


As the lid came away, a muffled call came from within, and the man dropped his crowbar and reached in.  A uniformed officer was pulled out by the shoulders and sat on the edge of the crate, followed by another woman with long brown hair and wearing a white dress.


Both women blinked as they looked round, amazed to find themselves in the woods.  Both had ropes around their wrists and arms, and their ankles and legs were secured with a single length of rope.  White cloths prevented them from calling out to attract attention.


“All right, here’s the deal,” the bearded man said as he grabbed the officer and pulled her back as she swung her legs out.  “If either of you make a sound or try anything stupid, then I start digging and then we fill up the hole with both of you in it.  All the other campus officers have been detained today, so no-one’s coming to your aid.  Stay cool and you’ll be fine – understood?”


The officer nodded while the other woman looked round.  She had seen Carrie dragged off by the masked gang – but where had they taken her?





She slowly opened her eyes, and took in her surroundings.  She was sat in a cellar, on a stone floor with great iron pillars.  On one of them next to her, someone had drawn a Star of David and written 666 underneath.  There were large wooden doors in front of her.


Carrie started to take stock of her situation.  She had been dragged out of the house and a sweet smelling cloth placed over her mouth, so she knew she had been kidnapped.  The question was why and who?


As her eyes came into focus, she could see the white rope that was around her crossed ankles.  Carrie was dressed in a stage outfit she used in her shows – a pair of black leggings with knee length leather boots, a blue silk top with black straps around her shoulders, and a wide black belt around her waist.  The top was fastened behind her back with straps that trailed on the floor, and the outfit was completed by black opera gloves.


Carrie sat still for a few minutes – her ankles were tied, but the way she was sitting indicated other ropes were in play.  Looking up her legs, she saw the white cords that were around her legs above her knees, and then understood why she was leaning forward.  More rope went from her legs around her shoulders and neck, pulling her slightly forward and forcing her to adopt the position she was in.


She felt gingerly with her fingers, and realised that her hands were held against her elbows.  Craning her head around, she could see that her arms were folded behind her back and her wrists bound to the opposite elbow.  As she tried to bring them down, she felt her neck being pulled back, and figured they were held up by ropes as well.  She also found it difficult to move them away from her back, which was explained when she saw the rope around her waist.


“Someone’s did a good job,” she tried to say, but then she realised why her jaw had been aching.  Something big and hard was strapped in, but she could not see what….


“The technical term is a ball gag, in blue to match your top – but I trust you will get used to it.”


The voice was smooth and dark, like melted chocolate, and Carrie twisted her head round.  Standing in the room was a tall woman, elegantly dressed in a black jacket and skirt, and with her was a slightly smaller woman in a red dress with a wide black belt around her waist.


“You are our guest for a while, Carrie – I have been very anxious to make your acquaintance.  You are a very difficult woman to track down – a very difficult woman indeed.  If I had not stumbled upon the fact you were visiting your younger sister on campus today…..”


“I’ll fire that agent,” Carrie thought to herself as she struggled.  Suddenly, she realised she was tipping over to her side, and as she landed with a thud she realised that she had been sitting on yet another length of rope, then held her ankles to her back.


“Now that was regrettable.  Penelope, would you please make sure that Carrie has not hurt herself?”


The woman in the red dress walked over and knelt beside the bound woman, quickly examining her and checking the ropes. 


“I regret the fact that the gag is necessary,” the woman continued, “especially as it means we are denied the chance to hear your wonderful singing voice, but we need you to remain silent during your stay here.  By now, the company will have received our demands for the safe return of all three of you today – but I assure you, the other two will be found soon.  It is you, my dear Carrie, that we need to keep for a while.”


Carrie stared at the woman, understandably confused.  What had happened to the campus police?


“In case you were wondering,” the woman said as she walked round Carrie, “A friend of mine has been keeping the entire campus force busy today.  Your sister is in the basement of her sisterhood house, while your manager is enjoying some fresh air.”


The singer groaned, her long black hair lying on the floor.  All of this was a kidnapping – and everyone else had been dragged in?


“Penelope, why don’t you help our guest to sit up?”


“Of course, Madame,” the red woman said, and she quickly took Carrie by the shoulders and helped her into a sitting position.  Carrie started at the dark suited woman as she stood there – Madame?  Surely not….


“I am known as Madame X, and you will be my guest for some time I suspect.  If your company pays our – finder’s fee, you will be returned safe.  If not – well, I am sure there are plenty of people who would like to meet you personally.”


The woman stood up and made her way to the door, the red dressed one following her.


“Enjoy your night, Carrie – we will see each other again soon.”


The door was opened from outside as the two women walked out.  Carrie stared after them, then rolled back onto her side and started to scream through the large blue gag in her mouth.




“A great deal of effort to obtain this prize, Madame?”


“But worth it Penelope, definitely worth it.”


The two women were watching Carrie as she rolled herself back onto her bottom and looked round her surroundings.  Stepping back from the monitor, Penelope said to the women watching “Make sure she is kept in one piece,” as the two walked away.


“There is one thing I do not understand Madame,” she said as the two women walked down the corridor.


“And that is?”


“Why you got The Baroness involved.  I know that the two of you do not see eye to eye, but we could have done this ourselves.  Why did you invite her to spread such confusion?”


“That was the thing The Baroness does best, Penelope – she likes to create confusion and capture as many as possible.  For our purposes, it made the perfect cover as we slipped in and conducted our own business.”


“And if she got caught….”


“She would have taken the blame.  I am sure some day she will wish to return the favour – and I will be ready for her.”