Five Go From College







It was a snap picture to take – the five female seniors as they posed on the wooden bridge, the breeze blowing up their skirts slightly as they stood there in their coloured tights.  They had no idea of the plans I had for them as I took the picture.


I had been watching them for a while, you see, I knew the house they all lived in, and as they made their way to their separate classes I smiled – I had to get somewhere first and make my preparations…


It was late afternoon when the first of the five returned to their house – a young English brunette called Amelia, who was wearing a blue checked dress with puffed short sleeves and an open neck, as if she was a schoolgirl.  A blue sweater was over her shoulders, and her legs were encased in red tights, black Mary Jane shoes on her feet.  I watched from the window as she turned and walked up the path, ready to begin.


I heard the door open, and then close, and through the crack in the door I saw her walk past the room – so I slipped out and followed her, and then clamped the cloth I was holding in my gloved hand over her mouth, my free arm round her waist.  Oh she struggled and called out for help as she tried to pull my hand down, but as she did so the chloroform that I had soaked the cloth in got to work, the fumes going in as she struggled to breath.  All I needed to do was hold firm and be patient as she struggled against me, her eyes opening wide – and then slowly closing as she slipped into a deep, peaceful sleep.


Once I was satisfied she was out, I let the cloth drop to the floor and picked her up, carrying her up the stairs.  I had already made preparations in each of the bedrooms – all four of them – and knew who belonged in each one.  Of course, the map of Great Britain on the wall was a sure giveaway this was Amelia’s room, as I laid her down on the bed and brushed the hair away from her eyes.


The first job was to make sure she did not raise the alarm when she woke up, so I gently opened her mouth and pushed a folded clean white cloth in, making sure it filled the space before I closed her lips together, then covered them with strips of silver tape.  Not duct tape – I have invested in a special tape that would not hurt her, but would keep her mouth sealed.


I stopped for a moment as I heard her breath change to a nasal sound, and then crossed her wrists in front of her, using more of the tape to secure her wrists together.  But that was only the first step, as I gently sat her up, and then wound the tape round her waist, covering her hands and wrists, and then moving up her body as her bare arms and her chest were covered in a silver sheaf, her jumper left on the bed. 


When her upper body was secured, I gently laid her back on her back and slipped off the bed, before I put her ankles together and took a second roll of silver tape, starting with her ankles and then taking it up her body so that her legs were enclosed in the tape as well.  I took it up until I reached the hem of her dress, and then stopped for a moment – there was something I needed to do first.  Going to the bag I had those supplies in, I took out a small white lozenge, and then raised her skirt and lowered her hose for a moment, slipping the device (once I had switched it on at a low setting) under her panties and into her, then moved the hose back up and wrapped the skirt round her legs, before I continued.


When I had finished, young Amelia was in a silver cocoon, her mouth covered with the tape, her eyes closed as she wriggled slightly.  I knew she would be safe there for a while, until I had made sure her other housemates were secured as well.  And if I had the timings right, the next two were due home – and those tow I needed to take care of together.




Greta was from Scandinavia, a tall girl with light brown hair that she wore in a plat on her head, while Susan was a local girl – graduated from the same high school as me.  I watched from the living room as they walked down the street – Greta wearing a dark green jumper over a white blouse and grey checked skirt, green hose and brown shoes, Susan in a light blue jumper with a brown tartan skirt, a darker blue blouse, mustard coloured tights and black shoes.  The way they felt about each other was clear to me as they held hands and talked – so I hoped they would really enjoy what I had planned for them.


I waited as they walked into the house, into the front room – and then saw me, smiling as I aimed my gun at them, and asked them very politely to put their books down.  They seemed a little taken back to see me there, but that wasn’t really my concern – I just told them to do as I said, so they put their books down as Greta looked at me through their glasses.


From the holdall I had on the couch in front of me, ~I took the first of a number of long lengths of rope, and handed it to Susan.  She asked me what she was meant to do with it, so I told her – double it over, tie it round Greta’s waist, and then let the ends drop to the floor in front of her.  Greta very quietly told her it was all right, to do as she said, as she looked at the redhead, Susan nodding as she did as I had asked.


I then said it is only right to return the favour, and handed a second length of rope to Greta, telling her to tie it round Susan’s waist in the same way.  As she did this, I smiled – my aim was clear, but there was no reason why they should not have some enjoyment as I went around my business.


Once she had done as I asked, I told Susan to walk round and kneel behind Greta.  The Scandinavian beauty looked at me as I said this - she had guessed what was going to happen, as I told Susan to put her hand between Greta’s legs, and pull the rope through and up, then tie the ends to the waistband at her back.


Great let out a soft sigh as she did this, her skirt hiked up as I saw the outline of her panties under her green tights – something I had noticed when I took the photo.  She nodded and said not to worry – and then she did the same to Susan, her checked skirt rising up with the rope.


Only I knew form the photo that Susan was ‘going commando’ as they say, so I imagine the rope had a greater effect on her than on Greta.  As she stood up and walked round, however, she gently took Susan’s head in her hands, kissed her, and told her everything would be all right.


As Susan smiled, I nodded, and then told them they just needed to relax, but that I needed them to be quiet.  Greta looked at me, and asked what I was intending to do, but I just smiled as I took from the bag a large mustard coloured silk square, and handed it to her.  Smiling, I told her to roll it into a band, tie a knot in the middle – and then put that knot into Susan’s mouth before tying the band round her head.


Susan looked as if she was going to panic, but Greta looked at her, told her not to worry, that she suspected she may be asked to do the same thing to her, and that she loved her – and then she gagged her girlfriend, tying the band round her head as Susan’s lips closed over the silk knot.


And you know what?  Greta was right, as I handed Susan a large Green square and told her to silence Greta with it.  They both looked so cute, as I picked up the bag, and motioned with my gun to walk.  Which they did – as well as moan as the ropes rubbed on both of them.  If they only knew what was going to happen to them…


As we got to the top of the stairs, they looked into Amelia’s room, and saw her in her silver cocoon, still unconscious, and heard the low humming sound.  That was not my plan for them, however, as I marched them into the bedroom they shared, and told Greta to take her glasses off before they knelt on the king sized bed, facing each other.


They did that, wondering what I was going to d – and then I told them to hug each other, tightly.  As they did that, I walked behind Susan and crossed Greta’s wrists, securing them together with rope – and then tying them to the crotch rope that was running between Susan’s legs.  I smiled as the American girl’s eyes shot open and then slowly closed as Greta looked at her, nuzzling her neck – so that when I secured Susan’s wrists behind Greta in the same way, they looked at each other, knowing what I had done.


So much so that as I secured their upper bodies together, they started to gag kiss and slowly move their wrists up and down, moaning softly as they did so.  A perfectly good attitude – make the most of a situation you find yourself in, as they were forced closer together by the ropes.


They barely noticed as I pushed them onto their sides, and then wrapped their legs around each other so that when I had secured their ankles, they were even closer in an embrace.  More rope went around their legs above and below their knees, as I heard Susan’s moans increase in intensity – but I felt it would be best to leave them to that.


And besides, I had heard the front door open and close, as I looked out of the door and heard footsteps coming up the stairs.


Karen was a most vivacious girl, with long dark hair, and she liked to dress smartly – today, for example, she was wearing a long sleeved blue silk dress with white trim, tights in the same shade of blue, and brown clogs.  She was a major in American Literature, and I happened to know her favourite period was the 1920s and 1930s – the time of F Scott Fitzgerald and Dashiell Hammett. 


So my plan for her was simple, as I slipped out of the room and followed her into her own, taking her by surprise from behind as my gloved hand covered her mouth, and I told her to be quiet.  She mumbled something, and then I said I was kidnapping the PI’s secretary to force him to retrieve an item for me.  My gamble was this was a fantasy she wanted to experience for herself – and as she relaxed in my grip, I felt it was right.


“Phllssdhnthrttmhh” she mumbled as her lips moved on my gloved hand, so I told her if she did what I said, she would not be hurt – and with that, I took my hand away, and told her I needed to tie her up and gag her, to stop her warning her boss.


I smiled as she nodded, and I told her to go and lie on the bed, her hands palm down on her dress.  As she did that, she got her first look at me, and asked why I was helping her to fulfil this dream.  I just smiled, and opened the bag that was by the side of the bed, taking out a long blue silk rectangle and tied one end to her left wrist – then took her arm up and secured the other end to the top of herbed.


“Please don’t do this,” she whispered, but in a playful way as I took a second identical scarf, and walked round, securing her right wrist to the top of the bed as well so that her arms were stretched out.  I then told her she had to be quiet, as I folded a smaller blue silk square, and told her to open her mouth.


Well, she nodded and did as I asked, her cheeks pushed out as I eased the scarf completely into her mouth, and then took a strip of brown sticking plaster from my bag.  It only took a moment to remove the backing paper and stick it over her chin, covering her lips, and ensuring the scarf was going to stay in place.


She then looked at me as I smiled, and took out two more of the long blue scarves.  Taking her left foot, I slipped the brown clog off and let it fall to the floor, before tying the scarf round her ankles and stretching her leg out.  Her right ankle was next, so that she was spread eagled on the bed, held in place by the scarves, unable to say anything.


Not that it stopped her trying, as she mumbled “whtshhuhwhntmhbhssthdh.”


“Nothing,” I whispered quietly as I sat by her, and stroked her cheek with my gloved hand.  Karen really was a beautiful young woman, and I had a suspicion she really did not know what she looked like.  As she stared at me, she mumbled “whthruhddhnnn?”


“I want you to enjoy this,” I said as I slowly stroked my hand up and down the inside of her leg, Karen looking at me as she said “hmhghdddd…”


“Hush, little lady, are you telling me you do not like what I am doing?”


Karen just looked at me, the confusion in her eyes as I continued “listen carefully.  Your housemates are – distracted.”  We both sat in silence as she heard the moans from the other bedrooms – the moans which were increasing in intensity and volume.


“And now,” I whispered as I looked at her, and patted her cheek, “it’s your turn, beautiful Karen.”


She continued to stare at me, unsure of how to respond as my hands gently stroked over her chest – and that made her moan.  I suspect I was beginning to trigger more than just a fantasy about been the PI’s secretary as I continued to stoke over her body, looking into her eyes.


Eyes which slowly opened and looked at me, as she nodded, and I began to gently squeeze her chest as she wriggled round.  “Do you like this as well,” I whispered, and as she nodded I continued, moving my hands down and then moving her skirt up as I stroked the inside of her thighs.


“I have something for you,” I whispered as I reached into the bag, and took out an electric toothbrush, switching it on and then gently running it over the soles of her covered feet as she squirmed round – and then I ran it up her leg as she looked at me, and nodded.


“Hey – where is everyone?”


“Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” I whispered as I pulled at the front of her hose, and put the toothbrush somewhere where it would give her pleasure, then left the room and walked out to meet the last of the five.




Bobbie was a strawberry blonde preppie, and on this day was wearing a dark blue jumper over a floral print blouse, a pleated blue skirt, red hose and black shoes.  Every inch the perfect student – and a good friend to the other four.  So I had a definite plan in mind for her.


She saw me standing in the door of the kitchen as she turned round, and slowly raised her hands as she said “oh my god.”  The balaclava was covering my head so that only my eyes and lips showed, but my smile was genuine as I said “not a word, little girl – turn round, hands behind your back.”


Well, she did have fear in her eyes, but she slowly turned round and put her hands together, as I looked in the bag I had in my hand, and took out a plastic zip tie.  But I didn’t use it to secure her wrists together – instead, I wrapped it round her arms and brought them together so that her elbows touched, the gasp audible as she said “that…”


“Does it hurt?”


“No – I don’t know what to…”  Bobbie then bit her lower lip as I used a second strip to secure her wrists together behind her back.  I had to stop myself for a moment as I saw the way her chest had been forced out, her shoulders pulled back…


“What are you going to do with me,” she whispered as I took her by the arms, and made her sit down in a chair.  I then took a roll of duct tape – this time the proper stuff – and wound it round her body above and below her chest so that her arms were held against her back, framing her chest even more – and then a ban round her waist to secure her to the chair.


Kneeling down, I took four more zip ties, and used them to secure her ankles and legs to the chair legs, Bobbie watching the whole time.  She was confused, wondering why I was doing this to her – well, I did have a good reason, since you ask.  In fact, if I was being a hundred percent honest, she was the main reason I was there – as I unlocked and opened the door that went to the back yard, before I said to Bobbie “close your eyes.”


As she did so, I pressed silver tape over her eyes, and then strips over her mouth, before the two men came in and lifted her in the chair, carrying her out of the house.  Closing and locking the door, I smiled as I walked back up the stairs, and looked in Amelia’s room.


She was awake now, her eyes open as she squirmed and moaned, and then started shaking as the orgasm began to wash over her.  I nodded and closed the door, before I looked in the next room.


Greta and Susan were kissing, their bodies soaked in sweat as they moved against each other, clearly having fun.  I left them alone, and returned to where Karen was shaking on the bed.


“Having fun,” I whispered as she looked at me, and then slowly nodded as I eased her tights down, removing the toothbrush as I stroked my gloved finger up her slit, and then tasted her juices.




I had wondered what would happen if she asked me that question, so I said “if I do so, are you going to say anything?”  As she shook her head, I pulled the balaclava from my head and let my long black hair fall down to my shoulders.


“Your flatmates are happy, but one has gone for a little trip – when the police come, and they will come, are you going to tell them I did this?”  Karen looked at me, then shook her head as she said “Lhttmhssphk.”


Nodding, I peeled the sticking plaster away from her mouth, and then eased the scarf from her mouth as she looked at me.  “How…  How did you know,” she said as I looked at her.


“I can tell, Karen – are you happy?”  I smiled as she nodded, and then removed the black jumper I was wearing, my breasts revealed as I did so and she looked at them.


“So what are you going to do?”  I looked at her, and then leaned over as she raised her head, and put her lips over my nipples, hearing my moan as she kissed and sucked on them, and then looked at me.  I nodded and leaned over to kiss her lips, my hand between her legs as I started to work her with my fingers…





It has been six months since that day, and all five graduated.  Bobbie was returned to the bosom of her family, Amelia returned to the UK, and the last I heard Greta and Susan were travelling together round Europe.


And Karen?  I look up as I hear the knock on the door, smiling as I see Karen open it, “Prof Roberta Harkness, English Literature” printed in black letters on the door.


“The freshmen are ready to meet you, Professor,” she said with a smile as I stood up, “and I was wondering if we could have a private discussion later, on the subject of True Crime stories?”


“Of course,” I said with a smile as I looked at her, and we made our way to the lecture hall…







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