The Five Marys






Last night there were four Marys;
Tonight there'll be but three:
There was Mary Beaton and Mary Seton
And Mary Carmichael and Me.

It’s a song I learned in my childhood, but as I sit here looking across this plain white room it has never been so apt, especially given what has happened over the last few hours.  To be honest, I still can’t believe it’s happened, or why it has, but it has.


I can see the others sitting there, unable to move, but at least now we can talk to each other while the group of men carry out their plan.  It gives us a chance to share what has happened to each of us – and what may happen to each if us next.


Mary Beaton was the first to disappear, and the first to tell her tale...


12 pm


“Mary, have you sent the contract to Barnards yet?”


Mary Beaton looked up from her desk to see her supervisor standing in front of her, a large lever file in her arms.


“I sent it fifteen minutes ago, Karen,” she said with a smile, “why?”


“I just had their head administrator on the phone asking for it – I guess the problem must be at their end then.  When do you go for lunch?”


Mary glanced at the slim gold watch that she wore on her right wrist.  “About ten minutes – so you want something brought back for you?”


“If you could, yes – and I’m sorry I had a go at you.  I should have known you would have done the job already.”


“no problem Karen,” Mary said as he watched the blonde haired woman walk off.  Pushing her chair back and standing up, she collected her purse and headed for the ladies room.


As she stood looking at herself in the mirror, Mary was madly amused at her boss’s reaction.  “She’s just jealous I look so good at thirty,” she said as she brushed her long chestnut brown hair away from her face.  She was wearing a low cut black velvet dress that emphasised her large breasts, as well as the fact the skirt barely covered the top of her silk stockings and the ends of the suspenders that held them in place.  Her feet were in a pair of black strapped sandals with three inch stiletto heels – agony to talk in, but she knew the looks they drew from the male members of staff.


One in particular – the one she was hoping to meet this lunchtime for a little “afternoon delight” as the song put it.  Taking her lipstick, she applied it to her lips, the deep red contrasting to her skin as it went on.


Walking out of the restroom, she made her way down the office corridor, drawing glances from all side as she headed for her desk.  Grabbing her bolero jacket, she pulled it over her shoulders and headed for the exit door, smiling as she did so.


As she left the office building and walked down the street, she paid little attention to the passing traffic, so the light grey van transit van that was drawing closer to her as she turned into the street that led to the discrete hotel drew little attention from her – until it screeched to a halt just in front of her and the side door opened. She only had time to note the two masked men who jumped out before she was grabbed, forced into the back of the van and pushed face down on the floor, the van door sliding shut as it sped off.


“What the Fgggmgm” she tried to say as thick white cloth was pulled into her mouth, forcing the corners of her mouth back as it was pulled tightly into place and secured at the back of her neck.  As one of her attackers held her down by the shoulders, the other grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, holding her wrists together as she shook a length of white rope loose with their other hand.


“Whtsgngn,” Mary screamed through her gag as she felt her wrists been pulled tightly together, the rope digging into her crossed wrists as they were secured together.  As she felt the rope digging in, the attacker quickly pulled the ropes between her wrists, tightening the coils still further as he tied the ends off.


She then tried kicking out with her legs, only for the man to grab both of them and start to tie more rope around her ankles.  As this happened the one holding her by the shoulders leaned over and said in a voice with strange metallic tone “Lie still and don’t try to struggle – you might make yourself sick, and you don’t want to do that.”


As she felt her ankles been pulled tightly together, Mary finally tried to calm herself down.  She knew she was been kidnapped for some reason, but what?  Force the office to do something?  Hand over her bank cards?  As she was made to sit up and watch while her legs were tied tightly together below her knees, she kept thinking of reasons why this might be happening, not even noticing the fact her own arms were been forced even further into her sides by the rope that was been passed around her waist, the dark velvet lightening around the coils as they were tightened.


The even bigger shock to her was when she realised just how much her breasts were been forced out as her arms were pulled into her side around her chest, the ropes forcing them up and out as they formed a band above and below them.  As the rope went round her neck and under her arms, forcing the lower bands up, she was worried that her dress may not be able to contain them for much longer, but somehow the plush material kept them in place as she grunted through her gag.


Whoever was driving banged on the rear of the van as it came to a halt.  Quickly opening the door, the two assailants carried Mary out, across a concrete yard and into an old warehouse, depositing her on a mattress that lay on the floor.


“Stay there,” the one who had spoken earlier said to her as they walked out, closing and locking the door and leaving Mary to wonder what was going on....


“I’ve been here ever since then,” Mary said as she sat on the mattress, “alone – at least for the first day, and then you came in.”


I looked over to where Mary Seaton was sitting against the wall, her blouse hanging down the side of her body.  “Don’t look at me,” she said to all of us as she looked round, “I have no idea why we’re here either.”


“So how did you get here?”


“It started when I went shopping....”


2 pm


As Mary Seton walked back to her car, she juggled a number of bags in one hand while fumbling for her car keys in her handbag with the other.  The wind was cutting across the lot, blowing open her black jacket as she finally fished them out of the recesses of the leather.


“Thank god,” she said to herself as she unlocked the trunk of her car, “I thought I was in trouble there.”  The white blouse she was wearing came down from under her jacket to almost cover the short skirt she was wearing, and barely covered her chest.  As she lifted the trunk door upwards, she smiled – the outfit she had bought was going to make her rendezvous later special – very special indeed.


She bent down to pick up the bags she had allowed to fall on the ground, not noticing the shadow that had started to appear from behind her.  As she lifted the bags in, however, the shadow grew longer, so that even she noticed it as she reached for the door.


“Can I...” she started to say, before a cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth, the sweet sticky aroma filling her nostrils and throat.  She reached up instinctively, trying to pull it away, but whoever was holding it had a grip of iron, and as her eyelids started to flutter Mary’s last thought was “What....”


As she slumped back, the man released the pad from over her mouth and picked her up, laying her on her seat in the rear of her car.  Taking a rucksack off his back, he opened it with one hand and drew out a length of white rope, rolling Mary onto her stomach as he did so, and pulling her arms behind her back with the other.


He worked slowly, meticulously, wrapping the rope around her wrists in an almost loving fashion as she lay with her eyes closed.  Eventually, satisfied with the way they were held together, he took a second length and started to bind her ankles together, securing them and then her legs above and below her knees. 


As he rolled Mary onto her back, he saw the way the buttons bulged over her chest, and slowly released the top three.  As the blouse fell to the side, he saw the black bra she was wearing underneath and smiled.  On any other day – but not today, he had his orders.


Taking a cloth out of a plastic bag, he gently pushed it into her mouth, before removing the backing from a wide strip of micropore tape and pressing it gently over her lips.  One more thing to do, and then.....





As the car came to a hold, Mary slowly opened her eyes.  “Whrme,” she heard herself mumble, before realising she was in the rear of her own car – and she wasn’t able to do a thing about it.  As she twisted round and kicked her legs, however, she became aware of a pressure between her legs, pressing down on her crotch.


Looking down, she saw a length of rope had been passed around her waist, pulling her wrists against her back in the process, and then between her legs – and it was the rope rubbing against her crotch through her pantyhose that she was feeling.  There were conflicting thoughts in her head – Who had done this to her?  Why had they done this?  Where was she going?  And why the hell did it feel so good down there?


The trunk door opened, and Mary looked up into the masked face of her captor.  “Out you come,” they said in a tinny voice, and Mary was powerless to stop them picking her up and carrying her on their shoulder into the cold, grey warehouse.  She twisted round as she was carried up some stairs, and into a room.


When she saw the other woman there, sitting on the mattress, she stopped struggling and started screaming, as she was placed against the wall opposite and heard the door been locked as the captor left...




“Do any of you have any idea what we are doing here?”


I shook my head – I was as much in the dark as the rest of us. 


Sitting on a seat in the middle of the room was Mary Carmichael.  She was shivering – not surprising given what she was wearing.  “I thought....  Oh God, I thought it was just a robbery at my house...”



4 pm


“I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything is going my way...”

Mary stepped out from the shower and headed for her bedroom, excited at the prospect of the night ahead.  Her paramour was expecting great things, and Mary was going to oblige.


She looked at the bra and panties she had selected – the leopard pattern seemed to be one he enjoyed seeing.  Slipping on the panties, she then fastened the bra in front of her and turned it round, pulling the straps over her arms and looking at herself in the full view mirror.


“Not bad for 35,” she said to herself as she sat down and carefully pulled on the dark silk stockings, fastening them to the suspender belt she was wearing around her waist.  As she pulled a pair of three inch heeled black shoes onto her feet, she heard the doorbell ringing.


“Who the hell could that be,” she said to herself as she pulled a black silk dressing gown on and walked to the intercom.  “Yes,” she asked as she pressed the button.


“Flowers for a Mrs Mary Carmichael,” a young voice replied.  “All right, bring them up,” Mary said as she pressed the door release button.  A nice touch – to send her some flowers before the date began.


Walking to the door, she grabbed the handle and opened it, expecting to see a large bouquet.  What she saw instead was a large handgun as two masked men pushed her back into her flat and against her wall.


“Don’t move a muscle,” a voice she recognised as the one who had spoken earlier said as the other man walked into the main room.  “Bring her in,” he called out a moment later, and as her arm was twisted behind her back Mary was frogmarched into her main room.  The other man had taken a chair from the breakfast bar and placed it in the centre of the room.  It was made from tubular steel, with bars between each pair of legs as well as a leather seat and back.




“I beg your pardon?”


“Take that gown off – we want to see what you have on under it.”


Slowly, Mary unfastened the strap around her waist and allowed her robe to fall to the floor.  She could see the man in front of her nodding, a smile on his stocking covered face, even as she felt her wrists been pulled behind her back.


“Look, I have money, just take it and go,” she said to them as she felt something rubbing against the skin of her wrists, pulling them together behind her back.


“You don’t say a fucking word,” the other man said as he walked forward, Mary noticing for the first time the rolled up cloth that he had in his gloved hand.  “No, please, I’ll be quiet,” she said as she felt her arms been pulled tightly together behind her back.


“Yes, I know you will,” the man said as Mary felt a tug on her short blonde hair,  she opened her mouth to scream, but the sound was muffled by the cotton wad a sit was pushed roughly into her mouth, filling the space behind her teeth.  As she was frogmarched over to the chair, and forced to sit on the seat, she watched the other man take along white scarf out of his pocket.


She was powerless to stop him as he pulled the cloth tightly around her mouth, forcing the cloth in as the scarf spread over her mouth so tightly you could see her lips under the cloth.  As this was going on, the other man was binding her ankles together, the rope going around and between her ankles before he pulled them to the side and attached them to the front leg of her chair.


“Search the place,” she heard the man behind her say, and as his partner walked off she watched him walk round and stand in front of her.


“Nice Chest,” he said as he took another length of rope out of a bag, “let’s make it more noticeable.”  Mary squirmed in the chair as he walked back behind her and passed the rope around her body, pulling it tightly and forcing her arms into her side as it went under her chest.  He repeated this twice, before taking the rope over her breasts and pulling again.  As her shoulders were pulled back, Mary could not help noticing the way her breasts were forced out, the material straining to hold her nipples in.


“Very nice,” the man eventually said as he stepped back.  “Our boss is going to love this.”


“Bss,” Mary mumbled as she watched him returning to the bag.  Her eyes widened when she saw him taking out a hypodermic syringe, removing the cover and tapping it to release any air.


“Time for you to have a little nap.”


Mary pulled herself back as far as she could as he walked forward, the needle raised as the smile grew on his face....




When I came to, I was here with these two ladies, and then – you came in.”


I looked over to the last woman who had not spoken yet – a dark haired older woman, wearing nothing but a black bra and panties, stockings and red heels.  She was lying on the floor, looking over her shoulder as she tried to free her wrists.


“Sorry – were you talking to me?”


“Yeah – how did you end up here?”


“No idea – I was waiting in  a bar for my date to come when...”


6 pm


“Telephone – telephone for Mary Scott.”


Mary looked up and waved at the barman.  “Hello?” she said as she talked into the handset.


“Oh hello darling p- where are you?


“No, no – I understand.  I’ll wait for you.

“Love you – bye.”  She handed the phone back to the barman and picked up her drink, taking a slow sip.  Her black cocktail dress hugged her figure, especially with the wide red leather belt around her waist drawing it in to accentuate her body.  She knew she was getting some admiring glances, and liked it.


“Excuse me – it is Mary Scott isn’t it?”


She turned to look at the woman who sat next to her – a tall redhead in a pale blue trouser suit.


“Yes, I’m Mary Scott,” she said as she turned to look at the stranger.  “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure...”


“Sorry,” the woman said as she extended her hand, “I’m Gail – we work at the same office.”  Mary took the proffered hand and shook it, saying “What can I do for you, Gail” as she did so.


“Well, I was wondering if you knew anything about an opening at your floor – I know Keith has moved on, and I’m looking for a career change.”


“I’m sorry, Gail, but I don’t discussss wrk....”  Mary put her hand to her head, as a strange woozy feeling came over her.


“Are you all right, Mary,” Gail said as she stood up and walked behind her.  “I dntknw, sddenyl iflll,” Mary said as she fell back into Gail’s arms.  “It’s all right,” Gail said as she helped Mary to stand up and put her arm over her shoulder, “She just needs a little air.  I’ll take care of her.”  Picking up her purse, Gail started to walk Mary towards the bar entrance, people passing to let them go as she walked forward.


“Whtsgngn,” Mary said as Gail walked her to a black van that was parked outside the entrance.  “It’s all right, Mary, you just relax,” Gail said as she side door of the van opened.  As they got closer, a man came out and helped Gail to bundle Mary into the back of the car, the door closing behind them.


“Pllsstp,” she mumbled as Gail unbuckled her belt and drew it out from around her waist, then turned her over and slowly pulled the zip down in her dress.  “Shhh, Mary, just let yourself sleep,” she said as she gently removed the dress, leaving Mary on the floor of the van as her eyes finally closed.


“Gag her,” Gail said to the man, who took a roll of tape and tore off a long, wide strip, sticking it over Mary’s mouth as the tape formed itself to the contours of her lips.  Gail smiled as she gently moved Mary’s legs together and wrapped a doubled over length of cord around them, pulling them together as she bound her ankles tightly.  Several more passes went round before she cinched the cord between her legs and tied the ends off.


Moving up, she repeated the process around her legs just below her knees, and then with a still longer length around her upper legs just below her stocking tops.  Mary snored, the sound making the two captors laugh as they sat Mary up and placed her hands together behind her back.

“She has a lovely body,” Gail said as she gently stroked Mary’s legs, watching as the young man passed more cord around her wrists and tied them together.  Another length was passed up her arms and used to secure them together just below her elbows, forcing her chest even further out. 


“Lovely,” was all Gail said as she cupped the breasts in her hands while her accomplice tied more rope around Mary’s upper arms and chest, pulling her arms into her side as she did so.  “A pity they want her delivered in her under wear.”


“Any idea why,” the man said as they laid Mary onto her side.


“None whatsoever – we’re not paid to think about things like that,” Gail said as she sat back.




“When I woke up, I was here with you three  -and then you came in.”


She looked at me and said “What’s your name anyway?”


“Mary – Mary Hamilton.”


A look passed between the others.  “Your name is Mary as well?  What the hell is going on here?”


“I don’t know – I presume we’ve all been kidnapped for some purpose, but I don’t know why.”


I heard my boots squeaking again as I tried to move my legs around.  “What were you doing anyway?”


“Getting ready to go on stage,” I said with a shrug.  “I work at a – gentlemen’s club.”


“You’re a pole dancer?”


I nodded – no use denying it, or the way the ‘gentlemen’ treated me.  For some reason, we were all in the same boat, so I told them what had happened to me...


8 pm



“Give it up for Miranda!!”


Mary walked into the backstage area, mopping her brow with a small hand towel.  “Tough crowd?” Belinda asked as she passed her in the corridor.


“No worse than usual,” Mary said as she ran her hand through her dark hair, which was held back in a ponytail.  Her wader boots squeaked as she walked towards the dressing room, the small dark grey bra and briefs the only other clothes she was wearing.


As she approached the door, she heard a scuffing noise from behind her.  “Rats again,” she thought to herself as she reached for the handle.


It was rats, but of the human variety as Mary discovered as she was suddenly pulled back into another room, a large rough hand clamped over her mouth to silence her.  She caught a glimpse of steel as a knife was held in front of her, before a soft voice said “Not a sound, chickadee, we want to stay nice and quiet.”


“Whtduwnt,” Mary mumbled under the hand.  The smell of after shave was overpowering, cutting out any other smells in the area.


“We just want some fun, chickadee,” the voice said again as she was turned round and pushed against a wall.  She felt one – no two people grab her arms and hold them behind her back, her elbows resting in the palms of her hands, as rope was passed around her forearms and pulled tightly.


“Oh Christ,” she said quietly to herself as her arms were lashed together, before she felt more rope been passed around her arm above her right elbow.  It was pulled tightly, the rope digging into her skin, before it went between her arms and her back and around her left elbow.  Mary was powerless to stop them as the rope went back round, and then around her lower chest, forcing her arms against her back as the bands encircled her bare skin.


“Nice tats by the way, chickadee,” the voice said again as the process was repeated just below her shoulder, the rope making her yelp as it was pulled tightly around her arms and then her chest.


“Please, don’t do this,” she started to sob as she was turned back round again.  “You need to be quiet, chickadee,” the voice taunted as she saw what looked like a small black rubber ball hovering in the air in front of her.


She knew it was rubber a moment later as it was forced into her mouth, the taste making her wretch slightly as it was fastened tightly around her head.  Before she had a chance to complain, Mary was forced to sit down and watch as her legs were stretched out in front of her, the brilliant white of the rope now visible as it was wrapped around her ankles.  The sound of her leather boots squeaking as the rope was pulled tightly around her crossed ankles was one she was not likely to forget for some time.


A final length was passed around her legs, just below her knees and over the tops of her boots, so that she was unable to move them apart.  “Whtduwntfrm,” she mumbled as she desperately tried to see who had attacked her.


“Night night, chickadee,” the voice said as her world was plunged into darkness, Mary calling out for help as hard as she could as she was picked up and carried off...



“When the hood was removed, I was here looking at you four.  Then the gags were taken off us, and here we are.”


“Yes,” Mary said as she squirmed on her mattress, “but where – and why?  We can here our captors outside, but what are they planning?”


Mary Carmichael looked over her shoulder before saying “Apart from the fact we’re called Mary, nothing – so what is happening?”


“I can answer that question.”


We all turned to look at the woman standing at the top of the stairs.  She was wearing a red coat dress, with black leather pumps, and her dark hair was cut in a bob around her face.


“Forgive the manner of your arrival, ladies,” she said as she walked into the room, “but I would not think you would have come if I had invited you in a more conventional matter.  After all, two of you have something to hide – for the other three, I apologise for the inconvenience.”


“Who are you,” I said as I sat myself up.


“I am the Baroness.”


I knew the name, but the other four evidently did not.  “One of you,” she said as she looked round the room, “is a police undercover officer.  Another – well, my husband is a wonderful man, but he does like to play around.”


I watched her as she picked up a leather whip from a table.  “I offer the opportunity for the two I seek to identify themselves – I know you are here.  If you do not, I will be forced to persuade you.”


The sound the whip made as it was brought down on the table made us all jump.  “I will count to five,” the Baroness said with a smile.  “One...  Two...”




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