Forced Together








Although, over the course of my career, I have visited a large number of homes of differing sizes and locations, somehow – and I am sure a psychologist could explain why given enough time – it is those where I have had to ensure more than one person is unable to raise the alarm that give the greatest satisfaction. 


Maybe it’s because I show my dominance, or it’s not quite so bad when there’s more than one person struggling, I’m not sure, but – look, let me give you an example.  Couple of months ago, I decided to visit an apartment downtown.  Not important where, you may have seen the reports – anyway, I managed to get in using the fire exit and looked round.


It was a nice place – well furnished, tasteful pictures, and a nice big safe in the bedroom which I was looking at, and preparing to open, when the apartment door opened and closed.


Peeking out, I saw a woman in her late fifties, with hair obviously dyed red, and her slightly taller friend.  The first woman was taking off a denim jacket, under which she had a black top and a brown – well, like a crochet top they used to wear in the seventies, tied with ribbons under her chest.  She also had on a silver grey skirt and black felt boots.


Her friend was slightly more conservatively dressed in a striped top, obviously sleeveless and with spaghetti straps on the shoulders, over which was a brown cardigan.  She also had a skirt on, dark brown and boho style, with leggings that stopped above her brown cowboy boots.


Well, I could see they were heading for the front room, so I knew they would find the open window, which gave me no choice.  I took my gun out of my jacket pocket, smiled and made me way into the room, where I could see them both staring at the open window.


A slight cough on my part, and they turned round, staring at me as they raised their hands.  Amazing how persuasive a gun can be at times like this...


I asked them both to kneel in front of the long leather seat in the centre of the room, and took some lengths of cord from my pocket.  I had already taken all I wanted to take, so all I needed was to buy me sufficient time to get the hell out of there, so I satisfied myself in this case with securing their wrists together and then making them sit down on the seat, before I tied redhead’s ankles together with another length of cord.


As for her friend – tip to the wise.  All those cowboy films where the heroine has her ankles so tightly secured over her elegantly patterned boots she could not get free?


Bovine Excrement – the leather on those things is so stiff that could ever happen, so I took her boots off, and then tied her ankles tightly together.  I then took a roll of sticking plaster from my pocket, and covered their lips with a long, wide strip, before I left them alone and got out of there.




That was a quick, and yeah slightly dirty way of dealing with the situation.  I always enjoy it more if I have time to prepare, make it a more comfortable experience.


This one time I decided to visit the home of two sisters, who between themselves ran a nice little jewellery store, that made bespoke jewellery and people paid handsomely for it – which meant more for me to purloin.


They lived in a house on the outskirts of town which I walked up to, dressed as a DHL Courier and carrying a brown parcel in my arms.  Knocking on the door, I smiled as one of the sisters opened the door, wearing a blue dress with a square yoke neckline and a lace belt, and gold sandals.  She and her sister both had long chestnut hair, which had obviously been crimped.


I smiled and said I had this parcel which needed to be signed for, and thankfully she asked me to bring it in before she signed the pad.  So when I put the box down, and laid the pad on it for her to sign, I had plenty of time to cover her hand with my mouth, press my gun against her back, and make it very clear that she had to do exactly what I told her to do.


The nod she gave me told me she understood – which was nice.  I made her walk into the front room, giving her older sister the surprise of her life.  She was wearing a long purple cardigan over a short black dress, tights and flat black shoes.


I indicated two old armchairs, with wooden armrests, and told big sister to sit in it, her arms on the armrests, while I told little sister that she was to do exactly what I told her.  As she nodded again, I took from my pocket a roll of duct tape, held it in front of her, and told her to tape her sister’s arms down to the armrests of the chair.  The sound of the tape as she tore the end free, and wrapped it round her sister’s left wrist – a beauty to hear.


She taped her other wrist to the opposite arm rest, and then sat herself in the second chair as I took the tape and secured her arms snugly.  They both then watched as I taped their ankles together, side by side, and then their legs below their knees, before adding a silver belt to their outfits as I taped their waists to the chair back.


That meant I could have a little chat with big sister, about safes and combinations and locations of other valuables, as little sister watched from the other chair.  Once I had what I needed, I used the duct tape to cover their mouths, wrapping it round their head and trying not to catch their hair underneath.  I suspect they needed to visit a stylist afterwards anyway.


Once I had their valuables, I came back to find they were still in their seats, despite their obvious attempts to break free.  Well, I felt that deserved a reward, as I added a band over their upper arms and chest, and then left them to enjoy the afternoon as I put my gains in the parcel, and carried it back out again.



Sometimes, it can be necessary if you know there will be two women in residence, to take a more staged approach.  Actually, even if you did not know, but there are, a staged approach will work.


I’d been contracted to steal some documents from the home of a lawyer, who ran her practice from there.  She lived near the coast, so a nice weekend away if nothing else, but business is business.


Getting in through the rear door wasn’t a problem, and I had to admit, the fact that when I went in the house was empty was to my advantage, as I found the office and forced open the filing cabinets.


Yes, a filing cabinet – that’s the thing about lawyers.  They like things on paper, printed in ink.  Old fashioned, but fun.  I soon found the file I was looking for, and was putting it into my bag when the door opened, and the daughter of the family came in.


She was an eighteen year old student, with long brown hair, and was wearing a grey vest over a white top, pink skirt which came to just above her knees, and black shoes.  Her moment’s confusion was enough for me to walk over, hold her from behind and put my hand over her mouth, and tell her not to scream as I closed the door to.


I then heard her mother calling out, and I knew I was going to have to keep them quiet.  Dragging her back to the desk, I made her bend over it while I pulled some rope from the bag and tied her wrists together behind her back, keeping the knot out of reach of her fingers.


I just had time to tie the knot, and make her stand facing the door as it opened and her mother came in.  She was wearing a black fleece and grey joggers with red trainers, her hair cut short in a bob, and the look on her face was priceless as she saw me with her daughter.


Fear is a great motivator at times like these, so I told her to shut up and put her hands in the air, while I had a hand over her daughter’s mouth.  She complied nicely, raising her hands as I picked up the bag, and then made them both walk up the stairs and into a bedroom.


I then made the daughter sit on the floor, and told her mother to kneel behind her, before putting her arms under her daughter’s and around her chest.  Well, I knew nobody else was coming home for a while, and I was feeling creative.


I had plenty of rope with me this time, so I knelt behind them and tied them together around their waists, and then tied mummy’s wrists together under her daughter’s chest, the two women looking at me as I did so. 


More rope, this time to cross and bind the daughter’s ankles together and then secure her legs below her knees, before I tied mummy’s wrists to her legs.  Moving behind her, I then crossed and tied the older woman’s ankles together, and then her legs below her knees.


One more long length of rope, and they were tied together by their upper arms, Mummy’s chin resting on her daughter’s shoulder as I took out two large headscarves that I had picked up at a market stall.  A quick roll, some deft Boy Scout work, and they were both mumbling through knotted cleave gags as I patted them on the head, and went on my way – helping myself to mummy’s car keys to ensure a quick getaway.





How tightly I bind them, how I leave them, is entirely dependent on the situation and the time I have.  At one end, you have the quick’n’dirty I mentioned earlier.  At the other...

This was another commission job, in a little hacienda a ways out of town, but I knew there were only two residents in the house – mother and daughter.  SO I decided to give them a really comfortable evening, bringing a variety of supplies with me as I walked up to the front door, knocked and waited.


It was the mother who answered the door – in her late fifties, with bleached blonde hair, and wearing a black vest top, crimson tight pants with a black stripe down the side, and black suede ankle boots.  The gun I pointed towards her made sure she didn’t say anything, as I walked in, closed the door behind myself, and smiled ever so sweetly.


That was when her daughter came out – long brown hair, wearing a long sleeved black lace top over a dark vest, old jeans with bleached parts and turned up cuffs, and bare feet.  She took one look at me, and raised her hands as I told them both to keep nice and quiet, and to walk back into the front room with their hands raised.


Once inside, I got the mother to close the drapes over the windows, and then told them to both sit down on the floor, legs crossed and hands on their heads.  They watched me as I pulled the phone out of the wall, and then put my bag down, telling them they would be all right if they did what I said.


The daughter was first, as I took some white rope from the bag and pulled her hands behind her back, securing her wrists with her hands palm to palm, and then pulling her elbows together behind her back with a second length, cinched between her limbs.  She flinched a little as I did this – but her mother did nothing as I bound her arms in the same way, and then started to wrap the rope around her upper body, taking it above and below her chest before I tied it off behind, and then made a rope bra with the ends.


Her daughter also had the rope harness tied on, but in her case I tied the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  As I was doing all this, her mother was talking to her, keeping her calm, saying all the right things – until I removed her glasses, folded them neatly and put them to the side, and held a folded cloth in front of her mouth.


Her daughter watched, eyes wide in shock as I pushed the cloth into her open mouth, and then tore from a roll a long, wide strip of white tape, which I smoothed down over her mouth and jaw.  The shape of her lips was clear to see underneath, especially to her daughter, who soon had a nice big white strip covering the lower half of her face as well.


They watched as I searched the front room, and then escorted – well, walked in front foe m round the rest of the house, watching as I carefully searched everywhere and retrieved their valuables.  In fact, they were so good and quiet I decided to give them a special treat in the master bedroom, as I made them both lie face down on the king sized bed, before securing their ankles together, their legs below their knees, and around their thighs, each band secured and cinched between their legs.


I have to admit, I was very tempted to give them a little extra rope between the legs as well, but instead I pulled their ankles back and tied them to each other’s chest ropes, at their backs.  The way they giggled, particularly when I took a moment to tickle the daughter’s bare feet and her mother squealed in enjoyment as well as they both wriggled round – sheer pleasure.



Sometimes, of course, you keep them together because one of them needs the support and help of the other.  I’d been asked to raid the safe of a commercial union one night, and the only way of doing it was to – well, take over the apartment above the shop, literally, and then let myself in.


Said apartment was occupied by a woman in her late thirties, and by sheer bad luck (on her part) she had a nineteen year old cousin staying when I disturbed their evening meal.  Both of them had dark brown hair, the younger girl wearing a grey short sleeved top, a printed mini skirt in black and white with a purple fringe and a purple leather belt around her waist, black leggings and slippers.


As for the older cousin, she was wearing black leggings and slippers as well, but over her top was a print sleeveless smock dress – the top half was grey with a Frieda Pinto type cartoon woman on the front, and a floral print skirt.


I knew I needed to wait until the early hours to make my move, so I allowed them to finish their meal – like I said, I’m no monster – and then used a roll of black electrical tape to secure their wrists together behind their back, as well as their ankles side by side.  They them sat in the main room of the apartment, watching television for a while as I made my own preparations.


When it was getting late, I knew I had to make sure they really could not get in the way, so I started by gagging them – I compressed a sponge and made them allow me to put it in their mouths, and then wrapped white micorpore tape round their heads to keep the sponge in place, and make sure they weren’t able to give more than a low mumble.


I then cut their wrists free, and made them stand back to back, putting their arms around each other before I used some rope around their crossed wrists, meaning they were holding each other in place.  Another nice long length of rope went round their individual chests, above and below their breasts, keeping their upper arms firmly to their sides, before I added a little something special.


I tied a length of rope between the younger girl’s wrists, smiled sweetly, and then passed it between both of their legs before I tied the other end to her older cousin’s wrists.


Their squeal as they sat down were divine, both of them watching as I tied their legs together below their knees, and then cut the tape from their ankles before securing them with rope as well.  I left them to struggle – and amuse themselves – as I let myself into their back yard, and hence into the credit union.




Sometimes, through contacts, I am even asked to stage a fake home invasion for a special occasion.  This one involved someone letting me into a house out in the ‘burbs, and waiting for two very special women to come in.


They were both in their early sixties, about the same height and build.  One had short red hair, and was wearing a short black dress with a square yoke, mid-length sleeves and a pink sash over one shoulder, as well as patent leather red mock croc boots.  The other had long blonde hair, and also had a black low cut top on, this one with a pink floral print on the front, a floral print mini skirt and black mid-calf boots, tight with a fabric leg and patent sole.


I waited until they came in before I surprised them, showing them the gun I had and making them stand with their backs to me, while I crossed the wrists of each woman behind her back and tied them tightly together, before tying some rope around their waists, bringing it between their legs and then securing the end to their wrists as well.  They seemed to like that – well, they didn’t have a chance to say anything if truth be told.


You see, before doing that, I pushed a folded silk scarf into each of their mouths and then covered their lips with black tape, several strips to ensure maximum sealing.  Anyway, their moans continued as I made sure each of them also had a nice secure rope harness supporting their chests, and then made them kneel facing each other.


I continue to make sure they would spend quality time together, crossing and binding the ankles of each of them, tying their legs together below their knees, and then their thighs to each other with the rope going between them.  Finally, I tied a little rope between their chest ropes to hold them together, and then left them to get on with things, as they started to kiss each other with their taped mouths, pulling on the ropes between their legs as they did so.


Well, they were just back from their pre-wedding party, after all...










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