Four In A Bed






“Who the hell are you?”


Maisie was looking at the three men who she had found in the front room of the house she shared, all three wearing balaclava masks and boiler suits, all three smiling as they looked at her.


“Us?  Oh who we are isn’t that important – all that is important at the moment is that you do exactly what we say,” one of them said as he looked at Maisie, “and right now, that’s to shut up before we shut you up.”


“No.”   Maisie was angry, her brown eyes flashing as she stood with her arms folded.  She was wearing a black wool dress, stretched tight over her body so that her white bra could be seen, and knee length black patent leather boots.


“Wrong answer,” the man said as one of the other two walked behind her, a length of brown rope in his hands.  Maisie tried to fight him, but he proved too string as he forced her arms behind her back, and she felt the rope rubbing on her bare wrists as they were lashed tightly together.


“Where are your housemates?”


“None of your fucking business,” Maisie growled as she watched the third man hand the one behind her another, much longer length of rope, and then wrapped it round her arms and body, forcing them into her sides as she stared at the other two men.


“Now,” the one who seemed to be their leader sneered, “your valuables – where are they?”


“Go fuck yourself – hey, does that have to be so fucking tight!”


“Yes it does,” the man behind her whispered into her ear as she felt him tug the ropes even more, and then feed the rope under one arm, pulling it up and round the back of her neck under her long blonde hair, before he fed it under her other arm.  The effect as Maisie looked down was sunning – her dress was not stretched so tightly, it was almost translucent in the way it showed her bra underneath through the material.


“I thought I told you to shut up,” the leader growled as he walked towards Maisie. 


“And I told you to fuck off – no bloody way,” she said, her eyes opening wide as she saw the small red rubber ball in his hand, and then she clamped her mouth shut.


And opened it wide again as the man behind her reached round and pinched her left nipple, the pain taking her by surprise and then the taste of the rubber on her tongue as the leader pushed the ball in, past her teeth, and then used a roll of white tape to keep it in there, he and the man behind her winding it tightly round her head.


She tried to speak, but only a muffled sound came out as she was turned and frog marched up the stairs by her binder – but not before he collected more ropes from his masked colleague and carried them in his spare hand.  Maisie could feel the ropes rubbing on her with every step, making her feel giddy before she was pushed into her bedroom and made to stand at the end of the bed.


Glancing down, she saw the masked man tie one of the lengths of rope round her waist, and then the lengths as they dropped in front of her – before his hand came between her legs, and she grunted as they were pulled back and up, rubbing on her panties as he secured the ends behind her.


She then grunted more as she was pushed face down on to the bed, the leather of her boots squeaking as he passed another length round her ankles and forced them together.  She was too scared to move now as the ropes went around and between her legs, holding her ankles tightly together – and then another length was tied round her legs below her knees, immobilising her still further.


And then he pulled her ankles back, and she felt the tension increase on the rope between her legs as her ankles were lashed to the crotch rope.  The masked man then pulled her over to one side of the king sized bed, as she heard the front door open and close…




“Maisie?  You upstairs?”


Ginger smiled as she hung her leather jacket up.  The oldest of the four housemates, she was wearing a V-necked taupe jumper and blue jeans, the legs tucked into over the knee soft black leather boots that had tassels hanging down the back.


She checked her reflection in the mirror – and then stared at the masked man who was standing behind her, as he said “very slowly, open your mouth and keep it open.”  Ginger nodded, too scared to do anything other than comply as a folded pair of panties was pushed into her mouth, and then she heard the soft peeling sound as she closed her lips, felt the tension on the side of her face as the tape was pressed firmly down there, and then wrapped tightly round her head to cover her mouth and further silence her.


“Thank you,” the man said, “now, put your hands behind your back.  I’m going to bind your arms, and then take you to the other woman.”


Ginger slowly nodded as she moved her hands behind her back, and felt the rope on her wrists as the man started to bind them tightly together.  She had never been in such a situation before, but as she felt the rope tighten she came to a simple conclusion – there was nothing she could do to stop this, so all she could do was make it as easy as possible for both of them.


What she was not expecting was the rope to be taken round her waist, knotted in front and the ends allowed to drop to the floor, before another length was wrapped round her upper body and pulled tight under her chest, forcing her arms against her sides and stretching her jumper over her chest.


“Whhruhshndthrss,” she mumbled as the ropes tightened with each pass, pressing down on her chest as her arms were immobilised.


“Because I can.”


Ginger had no answer to that one, even if she wasn’t being distracted by the sway she looked – the white bands pressing on her, the material of her jumper stretched tightly over her chest, the beads of perspiration she could see on her flesh – and then the shock as the rope that had been dropped to the floor was pulled back between her legs, rubbing on her pants as the man secured it to her chest ropes.




“It feels good, doesn’t it?”


“Whtduhmhhn, htschrssmhhhnnhhhh….”


Ginger was confused now – especially as the door opened and closed, and she heard her housemate Eileen say “oh my goodness – are we been robbed?”


She turned to look at the tall blonde haired woman, wearing a long striped grey cardigan with the black boots visible underneath, and nodded as the leader of the gang came in, pointing a gun at the older woman.


“You – in here,” he said as he waved the gun, before Ginger was forced to walk up the staircase, the rope rubbing no her as she started to feel strangely faint.  She was barely aware of where she was being taken until she heard Maisie say “hshhthttt.”


“Get on the bed,” her binder said as Ginger slowly lay down, Maisie watching as the masked man first crossed and bound her friend’s ankles tightly together, and then secured her legs below her knees, trapping the leather tassels against the back of her calf as he did so.  She then squealed as her ankles were pulled back, her legs bent before more rope was used to secure her ankles to the rope between her legs, and she was moved to lie next to Maisie.




Maisie watched as Ginger tried to move, her eyes closing as she started to moan softly.






“Mhthhh – bhtthtsnhtshbhd, hshhttt?”


Ginger slowly shook her head as they both started to move their legs, the leather squeaking in time with their moans…





“Well, you certainly look the part,” Eileen said as she looked at the masked man.  “Are you going to tie me up and silence me?”


“Do you wish to complain?”


“No,” Eileen said with a smile as she unfastened and removed her cardigan.  She was wearing under it a cream coloured vest and jodhpurs, a wide webbing belt sitting just below her ample chest, her boots going up over her knees as she stood with her hand on her hip.  “I want to be sure you know what you’re doing – if I am going to be trussed, I want to enjoy it?”


He raised an eyebrow as he tossed a rope to Eileen, and said “you will, if you know how to tie that rope first.”


“Silly boy,” she replied as she doubled the rope over, and tied it around her waist – the tied a knot in the ends before she held the rope out, and said “I think I have that in the right place.”


“Let’s find out – lower your pants,” he said as he walked behind Eileen, the blonde lowering her jodhpurs to her knees as he reached between her legs and pulled the rope back.  She sighed as she said “oh yes – just the right place” and pulled her jodhpurs back up while he secured the rope behind her back.


“Not your first time, is it?”


“No,” Eileen said with a smile, “so do your worst – and then blindfold me before you take me wherever you are taking me.”


“Well, if you insist…”  The man smiled as he took more ropes and walked behind Eileen, doubling one length over and then using it to secure her elbows together behind her back, forcing her chest out as she smiled.


“You know what you are doing.”


“Yes, yes I do,” he said as he took the rope between her arms and tied it off, then used a second length to secure her wrists together – then secured them to the rope sticking out from her waistband.  “How tight do you like it?”


“Very tight,” she breathed as she saw the rope wound round her upper body, framing her chest as she noticed her nipples under the tightly stretched fabric.  The ropes felt snug, tight, safe, as she watched him wind it round again and again, then take the rope over one shoulder as he walked round.


“this is good,” she whispered as he fed the rope under the band below her breasts, then pulled it back up so that it formed a type of bra, Eileen gasping and smiling as she wriggled round, the ropes rubbing on her in all the places she wanted.


“Now then,” the man said as he stroked the back of his gloved hand over her chest, seeing her shiver, “time to be quiet and blinded.  Open your mouth, and close your eyes.”


“thank you,” Eileen said as she opened her mouth, and then she felt the sponge expand as he pushed it into her mouth, closing her lips as he tore a strip from the wide roll of white tape, and pressed it firmly down over her lips.  Closing her eyes, she felt the pressure of the tape on her eyelids, and then allowed herself to be walked up the stairs, the knotted rope rubbing on her as she started to shiver…





Maisie and Ginger both started to shake as their bodies jerked, and then they collapsed, the sweat making their clothes to stick to them as they heard the door open.  Turning their heads, they saw Eileen being walked in, the ropes hugging her and her clothes stretched tight as she was sat down, the masked man securing her ankles and then her legs below her knees before she was helped to lie on her stomach next to them.


As her ankles were pulled back and secured to her chest ropes, they watched as Eileen moved her wrists, and then heard her soft groans, unaware of what was causing them…




“What the hell…”


Suzanne stared at the masked man who was in the front room of the house, looking at her through the eyeholes of the balaclava mask.  The forty five year old was wearing a black leather jacket over a white top, a knee length black skirt, and thigh high black leather boots with a three inch stack heel.  She was wearing a silver necklace, her chestnut coloured hair falling onto her shoulders.


“Shut up,” the man said as he looked at her, then over her shoulder.  Suzanne turned to see two more masked men walk in, one of them looking at Suzanne before he said “you two, search the house, I’ll take care of her.”


As she watched the other two walk out, Suzanne looked at their leader, before she said “where are they?”


“Upstairs – sharing a bed.  I didn’t know Eileen was that kinky?”


“She doesn’t like to advertise it,” Suzanne said as she took her coat off, folding it before she put it over the back of the chair.  “Shit, Dave, why did you pick our house?”


“Too tempting a target, sis,” the man said as he removed his mask, looking at his twin sister.  “The other two don’t know about you and me – let’s keep it that way.”


“Suits me – I don’t think Ginger and Maisie would thank me, although Eileen…  What did she get you to do?”


“Bind her tightly – the knotted crotch rope under her pants, that’s all her own choice.”


Suzanne smiled and shook her head, before she said “all right – I guess I get to be the same?”


“You do – and we’ll talk later in the week…”




As the door opened, Suzanne saw her three housemates on the large bed, Ginger and Maisie looking at her as Eileen moved her head and groaned again.  She was bound in exactly the same way as them, the ropes hugging her top over her chest as she was made to lie down next to Eileen, the crotch rope hiking her skirt up.  She grunted and twisted round as her legs were bound, the squeal of leather adding to the sound from the other three women before she was hogtied.  Her necklace was now in the bag of the masked men, as their leader said “okay – let’s go.  Have a nice night ladies.”


As they walked out, Ginger and Maisie started to struggle again, Suzanne listening before she heard their shrieks and saw their bodies shake.  She tried no tot move, even as she noticed the subtle movements of Eileen’s hands.  She knew she was making the most of it – and as she moved her legs to and fro, she felt she could as well…







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