Four in Bavaria







The snow was falling gently outside the apartment block, as cars made their way through the streets of the Munich suburb.  The sun had already started to set, and the festive season seemed to be getting under way.


But in this particular apartment block, or more specifically in the second floor apartment, Greta was not finding any reason to feel happy or festive.  The main reason for that was behind her, wrapping the tight brown ropes around her upper body and forcing her arms into her sides at the same time as her chest was being forced up and out, causing the zip on the front of her tan suede dress to open slightly.


The forty five year old woman had only returned home a few minutes before, but she had been taken completely by surprise, the folded cloth pushed hard into her mouth before she had a chance to scream, and then the stocking pulled between her lips to keep it in there.  Her hands had then been pulled behind her back when she was forced to kneel, and she felt the cords on her wrists.  The sleeves of her purple spotted blouse were still rolled back from her work, so that the ropes rubbed on the bare flesh of her wrists.


“Whhtduuhwhnnttt,” she moaned as the ropes were pulled tighter still, and then she felt the intruder secure the ropes behind her, before the gloved hands came round and gently pulled the zip at the front of the dress down.  Greta twisted round, trying to dislodge whoever it was, discourage them – but it was no good, and her fears only increased when the hands started to open the buttons on her blouse.


Greta was wearing a pair of stiletto heeled cream boots, and as she twisted round she felt the legs of the intruder pressing them together, the leather squeaking slightly as she tried to move.  The fear was getting greater as he opened her blouse up, moving the silk to the sides as she felt the colder air on her belly.  She closed her eyes, offering up a silent prayer as she realised what this intruder was doing.  But was it a man or a woman?


As she looked down, the stocking pulling back at the corners of her mouth, she saw the large gloved hands come round and start to squeeze her breasts as she groaned.  The hands continued their work, squeezing, probing as the gloved fingers kneaded her flesh under her black bra – and she could feel the sweat on her body, but whether it was of fear or something else, she could not be sure.


What she was increasingly sure of, however, was what the intruder’s intentions were, especially when they eased her bra down and started to use their gloved hands to grope her bare breasts.


“You’re a beautiful woman.”


So it was a man, Greta thought to herself, as the fingers kneaded her breasts more firmly, and she wriggled round.  Then she felt the bump against her bottom, and she shook her head.


“Hush – it will all be over soon,” the voice whispered, and then she saw the hands withdrew, felt her skirt being moved up, and then her panties being pulled down, before the hands started to massage her bottom, knead her cheeks, and she felt the fire start to burn inside her.


“Nhhphlssshnhhh,” she moaned, but whoever it was paid no intention to what she said, the hands gripping more firmly before she felt one finger slip between her butt cheeks, the other hand pushing her head down onto the cushion of the seat she was kneeling in front of.  Greta closed her eyes, the tears starting to flow as she felt the man – and then felt him entering her, felt the throbbing through the pain, and gasped at how large it was, what he was doing, the effect it was having on her.


The cloth was soaking wet, and she felt the pain, but he did not stop, as she felt him growing larger, thrusting forward as she shook her head, trying to deny the fact that despite the fact she had not consented, her body was responding…


And then she couldn’t deny it any longer, as she started to shake, throwing her head back as a deep, guttural scream tried to escape through the cloth and gag.  She could feel him cum inside her as well, and then he pulled out, before she felt rope forcing her ankles together, her legs below the knees, and then connecting her ankles to her wrists as she was put onto her side.


And then she heard the front door open, and shook her head as she saw the masked man walk slowly to the side...




“Greta?  I hope you have the food ordered, I’m starving.”


Elsa slipped off her black leather jacket and put it onto the coat rack, and then looked at herself in the mirror.  She had long dark brown hair, the red jumper she was wearing hugging the curves of her body, while the black leather skirt came down to her knees.  She was also wearing a pair of knee length silver boots with a stiletto heel – not the most practical footwear for the weather, but the style was an important part of the evenings she spent with her friends.


“Greta?  Are you…”


As she walked into the front room, Elsa stopped and stared at Greta, lying on her side, bound with tight ropes and a stocking coming from the corners of her mouth around her head.  Her dress and blouse were open, and she was crying as she shook and looked up at her.


“Greta?  My god…”


Her voice was cut off as a large gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, pulling her back against a large body as Greta closed her eyes.  She tried to break free, to struggle, but the grip was too firm as she was forced to walk back, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor as she was dragged into a bedroom.


“Lie on the bed, and don’t move a muscle unless I say so.”


Elsa looked at the man as she was turned and pushed onto the bed – dressed in black, with a black balaclava over his head so that only his eyes and mouth were showing, and a look in his eyes that spoke volumes.  Elsa pushed herself up on the bed, as he opened a bag and took out a length of rope.


“I told you – lie down, and put your hands together in prayer.”


Elsa nodded as she watched him double the rope over, and then wrap it round her wrists as he put her hands together.  He was fast, and strong, as within five minutes her wrists were secured tightly together, the rope going around and between her wrists, before he pulled them above her head and secured them to the iron stand at the head of the bed.


He then grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed so that her head hit the covers, before he wrapped the rope around one of her ankles and pulled it to the side, securing the rope to the foot of the bed as she tried to twist herself free.  Elsa was too scared to say anything, as she realised what might have happened to her friend…


She felt her other leg being pulled to the side, and then watched as the man looked at her through the eyeholes, then reached under her and unzipped her skirt, opening it right up and removing it to show the black thong she had on underneath.  She watched as he smiled, and then he picked up a knife, and cut her thong away, folding it into a pad and looking at her.


“No, No you won’t” she whispered as she clamped her mouth shut, That was when Elsa realised two things and regretted her decision.


The first was that she had not put a bra on today.


The second was he had seen that, as he smiled and then squeezed her breast in a very painful way – so painful she opened her mouth to scream, and instead found herself silenced as he pushed her thong into her mouth, pressing her tongue down as she tasted her own juices on it.




The implication was clear as he took a roll of white tape and tore a length off, pressing it firmly down over her lips and mouth and very effectively silencing her, before he took a pair of scissors – Elsa wondering why he had had time to place these things – and cut her jumper up the front before he took the material to the sides.  Kneeling between her legs, he smiled as he leaned over and started to kiss her chest, his lips encircling her nipples as he moved from side to side and sucked gently on them.


She could feel them hardening as she tried to call for help – the muffled calls echoed by Greta in the front room as she tried to move – but it was useless.  What was worse, she was responding to the way he was kissing her, and she could see he was responding to it as well, given the bulge that was already apparent in his pants.


He continued to kiss her as she tried to move – with little effect, save to rub her chest against his face, but then he started to move down.  His lips pressed on her belly- making her struggle not to giggle – then down her body as he moved down.  She looked down at him, realising where he was going, and started to twist violently…


But then she felt his lips on her clit, felt his tongue stroking up between her legs, and she shivered – from fear, but also from pleasure, something she had not expected.  He continued to kiss and lick her there, the fog starting to form in her mind as she realised what he was doing, and also realised he wasn’t going to stop…


She felt her juices starting to flow, the dampness licked up as he continued to tease her there, and then involuntarily she pushed her hips up to meet him. 


And then she heard the zip, and felt him enter her.  The throbbing inside her was driving her wild, as she groaned and started to move in rhythm to his thrusts, the sweat chilling in the air as he did so....




“Did someone start early?”


Hanna heard the muffled groans as she entered the apartment, seeing the black leather jacket hanging on the hook before she put her own red great coat over it. 


“You could have waited until we had eaten, you know,” she said with a smile as she checked her hair in the mirror.  She also had dark hair, cut short, and was wearing a tight red jersey with matching knee length patent leather boots, as well as a black knee length skirt.


Shaking her head, she walked into the front room – and stopped as she saw Greta struggling on the floor.


“What the…”


“Do not scream, do not say a word.”


Hanna heard the male voice behind her, felt the pressure in the small of her back, and nodded as she said “What…  What do you want?”


“I want you to remove your jumper – slowly – and let it drop to the floor.”




“Be quiet – do as I say.”


Hanna slowly nodded as she took hold of the bottom of her jumper and pulled it up, revealing the red strapless bra as she let the garment drop to the floor.  “now what?”


“Put your hands together behind your back, palm to palm.”


“Please, I don’t want you to hurt me,” she whispered softly as she did this, and then she gasped as she felt the rope forcing her elbows to touch, pulling her shoulder blades back and her chest out as the rope went around and between them.  She then felt her wrists being forced together in the same way, Greta closing her eyes and rolling over.  She did not want to see what was going to happen…


“What are you doing,” Hanna said quietly as she flexed her fingers, realising her arms were secured – and then she saw the rope as it was passed round her under her chest, and pulled tight, forcing her arms against her back as it rubbed on her bare skin, and then a second band above her chest.   She felt the bands tightening with each pass, pressing down and rubbing on her breasts – but the man did not stop, until her pulled the bands together behind her back, making the tension increase.


It increased still more as he took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm as she wriggled round.  She was totally in his power now – and looking at Greta, her bottom in plain sight, she began to shake in fear.


The sound of the zip lowering on her skirt only made her fear increase to a new level, as the garment and her panties dropped to the floor and he made her step forward.  She then had her first look at him as he walked I front of her, his blue eyes shining, his thin mouth, and then she saw the long length of rope in his hand, as he smiled.


“I know what you like,” he said quietly as he fed the rope under the two bands framing her chest, between her breasts, and then used that rope to force the bands together between her breasts.  Hanna gasped in surprise, her bra barely able to stay in place as he measured out a length of the doubled rope, and then made a small loop.


He then drew a small white lozenge from his pocket and put that into the loop, making sure it was centred and secured as Hanna looked down.  “What…  What is that,” she said as she started to sob.




The word sounded sincere, truthful, awful, as he pulled the rope down, making her breasts ache even more as he did so, and then he went behind her.  She watched as his hand came through, and then pulled the rope back – and as he did so, the white object was pressed against the lips of her passage, and then inwards as the tension was increased, the ropes rubbing there as well before she felt him secure the ends behind her back, at her elbows.


As she twisted round, the ropes rubbed on her, making her moan before he made her kneel by pressing down on her shoulders with his gloved hands.  As she did, the ropes sank even further between the soft lips of her clit, the device forced further in, as she wondered what would come next.


She felt the rope as her ankles were forced tightly together, and twisted round – then stopped as she realised what it felt like when she did that, the ropes rubbing on her, teasing her, making her hot and very, very bothered.


And, to her shame, it was not altogether an unpleasant feeling.  She looked at Greta, seeing the thin knot of the stocking at the back of her head, and wondered just what had happened to her.


And what had happened to Elsa – her jacket was under her coat…


Hanna gasped again as she felt the rope forcing her legs together above her knees, the leather rubbing as she tried to move her legs – and then she heard the buzzing sound.


No – felt the vibrations, as she realized what was inside her now. “Oh my god,” she whispered as a length of rope fell on her shoulder, and he walked in front of her, took hold of the rope – and started to pull it up and down.


Making the rope rub her between her legs…


Making that thing that was vibrating in her move…


Making it rub where it felt so wonderful…


“Why?  Why are you doing this,” she whispered as she looked up into his masked face.


“Pleasure,” was his only response as she saw the bulge, and then watched him gently pull down the zip of his pants, his member falling out and then pressed against her lips.


“Take it, cocksucker, and make me happy as well.”


“And if I do?”


“Ask, rather, if you want to know what will happen if you don’t.”


Hanna nodded and then leaned over, placing her lips on the cock as he pulled on the rope on her shoulder, and she shivered as a result of the rope rubbing between her leg, and the vibrations inside her.


“Take it in…”


Opening her lips, Hanna kissed the tip and then opened them more, taking his cock in her mouth as she started to suck and run her tongue over it.  It tasted salty, and there was some residue on it, but as she tried to push it put he pulled on the ropes again and she shivered once more.


“Keep going…”


Hanna felt she had no choice as she started to suck again, feeling the cock as it engorged in response to her actions – and in return, the way he was pulling on the rope made her squirm as a fire started to burn in her, the vibrations doing something inside her as well.


He nodded as she felt the throbbing intensify- and the throbbing inside herself intensify as well, as the vibrator worked the magic, and she ran her tongue along him.  She was moaning now as well, as she continued to arouse him as well.


Each suck made him larger, and the throbbing increase on the surface of her tongue, but she could also feel the dampness between her legs as well, while he pulled more and more on the rope…


Her whole body started to shake now, as she felt him jerk and tasted the pre-cum, but she was losing herself now, as he jerked again – and she shook at the sensations, the shocks that were starting to run up and down her spine as she felt the dampness suddenly increase.




As he came into her mouth, she felt the orgasm wash over her, knowing she had to swallow but in return, she was truly knowing pleasure…




Ilsa heard the groan as she closed the door, and smiled.  She may be late, but it sounded as if her twin sister and her friends were enjoying themselves.  She took her own black jacket off, revealing the top half of the blue sleeveless dress with white flowers, and her own black patent leather boots.


“Sorry I’m late, but…”


One look at the scene made her it her hands to her mouth, Greta hogtied and facing the opposite direction on the floor, Hanna near naked and hogtied with her lips round the masked man’s cock – and the man himself, who smiled as he released the rope he was holding with one hand, and pointed a gun at Ilsa with the other.


“Good – I wondered where you had got to,” he said with a smile.  “Do as I say or they die.”  As Ilsa nodded, he said “take the dress off, and remove your panties.”


Hanna knew her friend had arrived, but dare not take her head back as Ilsa slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress and let it fall to the floor, then stepped out of the blue silk panties she was wearing as she started to shake.


“Good, fold them up and walk over here,” the man said as he stepped back, Hanna coughing as a thin white line slowly trickled down from the corner of her mouth, “and put those in her mouth.”


“It’s all right,” Hanna said as she turned and looked at Ilsa, “you have no choice.”  The dark haired woman nodded as she pushed the folded panties into Hanna’s mouth, and then watched as the masked man tore a strip of white tape from a roll and pressed it firmly over her mouth.  He then took Ilsa by the mouth and took her out of the room as Hanna said “Ghrtthhhlhkkhtmhh.”


Greta rolled over, her eyes red with the tears as Hanna said “Hthsshlrhhht, whllbhfhn….”


“Who are you,” Ilsa said as the masked man led her into the kitchen.


“Not your problem.  Stand in front of the table.”


As she stood in front of one end of the long table, the man made Ilsa put her hands on top of her head, and then she felt him spread her legs apart, before he tied her ankles to the table legs with ropes.  He then used a knife to cut through the blue bra she was wearing, before he folded it into a pad – and then smacked her bottom, making Ilsa scream before he stuffed the material into her mouth, and then pulled a doubled over length of rope between her lips and around her head to keep it in place.


“Keep those hands on your head,” he whispered before he reached round and groped Ilsa’s breasts with his gloved hands, the young woman opening her eyes wide before his fingers sank into her chest, and she felt them firm up in response.


“Whhthssthssss,” she groaned as she closed her eyes, feeling her breasts get firmer, her nipples harden, her body heat up.  How did he know of her fantasy, of her secret desires, of her…




Ilsa opened her eyes wide in shock as the sliver clamps were fastened onto her nipples, and then covered with tape, before the chain between the clamps had a second chain attached to it and pulled along the table, forcing her to lie down on it as the masked man fastened it onto a spar.  He then took her wrists and tied lengths of rope to them, securing them to the table legs on the other side of the table from her legs, before the mand waled round and ran a gloved hand over her bottom.


He then picked up a large wooden spatula as Ilsa struggled…




The first stroke took her by surprise as she opened her eyes, and then felt the gloved hand rub her.




The pain of the wood hitting her, and then the soft massage of the gloved hand.




With each stroke she felt the heat on her bottom, and the pleasure of the massage.  With each stroke she felt the heat between her legs, and the pain on her chest.  And with each stroke she slipped deeper and deeper into a state of pure joy, as she got more and more aroused by the assault on her body.




Ilsa slowly closed her eyes as she started to shake, feeling the pure pleasure as the masked man took her from behind, and his seed exploded into her rear passage…




He adjusted his pants as Ilsa panted on the table, and walked back to the front room.  Hanna had managed to move herself so that she was lying next to Greta, her taped lips pressed on the cleave gagged lips of her friend as they tried to comfort each other.


Walking up the staircase, he looked at Elsa on the bed, and nodded as he placed the small knife in her hand.  He then left, Elsa groaning at the memory of what had happened.


Her fantasy had been fulfilled, as had that of her friends – and she prayed they would understand as she started to saw at the rope holding her wrists to the bed…







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