Freedom Game









Sitting in the bleachers, Zita looked over the athletics track, idly playing with a cat’s cradle in her hands as she watched the football players preparing for the 4th July game against the East Side Cougars.  Sport wasn’t her thing - she wasn’t a Goth, although her black collarless shirt and miniskirt, purple tights and black combat boots meant a lot of people thought she was.  She just had a lot of anger, particularly towards the cheerleaders that tormented her in class.


Four of them in particular, as she looked through her glasses as them practising on the side of the track.  There was Carolina, with her shoulder length red hair pulled back into two pigtails that hung either side of her neck.  She was about six foot tall, and well developed - her tracksuit top stretching over her chest as she practised her back flips.  That was the strength that had led to her becoming leader of the Kittens, the squad that supported the West Side Wildcats.


Then there was Amber - short blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and at about five eight was not the smallest of the quartet leading the rehearsal.  She had just moved to the area, and Zita had a grudging liking for her - but she had become a Kitten, and so had to be punished with the others.


As for Ali, with her long black hair held back by the white sweatband, and her blue eyes, she was Carolina’s friend and second in command, and followed her in everything she did.  She was actually quite shy, but the way she cartwheeled and then shaked those ridiculous pom poms...


And finally there was Alby - dear shy little Alby, with her slender frame, her short stature, and her closely cropped black hair.  Zita liked Alby most of the four of them, and worked with her in science class, but she was a Kitten - and all Kittens were her enemies in one way or another.


“Penny for them?”


Zita turned and smiled at the two boys who had sat either side of her.  “I was just thinking of tomorrow,” she said as she looked at her hands, “Are you sure it’s all right to do this to them?”


“Sure - it’s a tradition, and besides you want to get your own back at them, don’t you?”


“I suppose so,” Zita said as she ran her hand through her jet black hair, “I just don’t want to actually hurt them.”


“It’s a prank,” the other boy said, “Nothing more.  We’ll pick you up at eight tomorrow.”


Zita nodded as they stood up and walked off, leaving her to watch the four of them as they walked to the changing rooms...




“I cannot believe they expect you to wear that outfit today, Carol!”


“Well, I am the leader of the Kittens, and it is an Independence Day tradition.”


Carol was standing in the front room of her house, in her outfit for the game that day - a white round t-shirt with a deep neckline that revealed just enough, a wrap-round short blue skirt with a matching vest top, and knee length red leather boots with a small heel.


“And they expect you to do all the acrobatics in that?”


“That’s why I have the shorts on underneath, Ali,” Carolina said with a smile.  “Now get a move in - the van will be here in ten minutes to pick us up and take us to the game.


“All right, all right, I’m moving,” Ali said as she stood up and walked to her room, where her outfit was laid out on the bed.  She stripped out of her pyjamas, put on a bra and a pair of tight shorts, and then slipped the red sleeveless top over her upper body, the blue V on the front forming to the curves.


“I don’t know,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror, “Somehow I’m not sure it suits me.  Still...”  She picked up the blue pleated skirt and slipped it on, before sitting on the bed and slipping her feet into the white leather boots, pulling up the zip until they hugged her lower legs like a second skin.


“I saw pictures of Granny wearing these sort of outfits,” Ali said as she looked at herself in the mirror, her black hair falling to her shoulders, “and I can see why she liked it.”  Walking out of the bedroom, she returned to the front room, saying “Any sign of the van, Ca...”


She was stopped by the blackness that descended over her head without warning, the pulling of her hands behind her back, the rasping sound as they were suddenly pulled together, and then the shove in her back...



“What do you think is keeping them?”


Alby was tapping her foot impatiently as she leaned against the wall, watching Amber as she sat on the kerbside.  A number of cars were driving by, heading to the game as the boys inside let them know what they thought of the outfits the Kittens had to wear that day,


“Calm down,” Amber said as she smiled at her friend, “I’m sure they’ll turn up sooner or later - look, here they come now.”


Alby stood up as a red minivan turned the corner and pulled up by the kerbside, the door opening as Amber jumped inside.  Alby could hear her saying “We were...” and then silence.


“Yeah, what kept you,” Alby said in an angry tone as she stepped into the van, only to stop as she saw the two hooded women in the seats, their hands held behind their back with zip ties.  “What the...” was all she got out before she too was plunged into darkness, and she felt her hands been secured behind her back.


“Sit down and shut up,” a metallic voice said as she was made to take a seat, and the seat belt fastened round her, before the van set off again...



“Where the hell are we?”


“Carolina, is that you?”


“Amber?  Who else is here?”


“Me for a start - but what the hell is going on?”


“I’m not sure, but...”


The darkness that had prevented Ali from seeing was suddenly removed, and as she adjusted her eyes to the sudden burst of bright light she found that she was standing in a cellar somewhere.  Looking to her side, she saw Amber and Alby standing there, in the same outfit as her, and with their wrists secured behind their backs with plastic ties.  Turning to her other side, she saw Carolina looking at her.


“Where are we,” she said before the door opened and a young woman walked in, dressed in a black cheerleader’s jumper, flared skirt and knee length tight black fabric boots.  She also had a leather mask over her head, and as she spoke the voice was electronically distorted.


“Four little Kittens, all scared and alone,” she said, “I just love it.  You’re going to be staying her a while, so you may as well get nice and uncomfortable.”  She walked behind Carolina and Ali, cutting their wrists free as Amber and Alby looked on.  “You can start with these two,” the masked woman said.


“Start what?  Who are you?”


The woman said nothing, but opened a drawer and took out two lengths  of brown rope, throwing them to Carolina and Ali.  As they caught them, she said to Alby and Amber “Sit down, and put your legs out in front of you.  Your friends here are going to tie you up.”


“No we’re not,” Ali said angrily.


“Yes, you are,” the masked woman said as two masked men came in, “or they will strip them and then tie them up.  Which would you prefer?”


Alby let out a little squeak as she and Amber looked at the men.  “All right,” she said as she sat on the floor, “Just don’t hurt us.”


“Then keep quiet - I know you know what to do,” the woman said as she looked at Carolina.  The woman nodded and knelt in front of Alby, doubling the rope over and then pulling it tightly around her ankles, the white leather squeaking as her legs were pulled together.


“Where did you learn to do this,” Amber said as Ali knelt in front of her and bound her ankles in the same way.


“Initiation - we were going to surprise you after the game, but I guess the surprise is on us.”


“You tie up new members?”


“Sill tradition,” Ali said as she pulled the rope tight, making Amber yelp and then bite her lower lip.  Passing the rope between Amber’s legs, Ali tied the ends off and then looked at their captors.


“Legs below the knees now,” the woman said as two more lengths of rope were thrown to the cheerleaders.  “Who are you anyway,” Carolina said as she bound Alby's legs tightly together and secured them.


“Just some fans who want the Cougars to win,” the voice rasped as both Alby and Amber found their legs were tightly secured to each other.


“Oh great,” Ali said as she looked at the two masked men, “Kidnap the cheerleaders.  I hope this is over in time for the fireworks tonight.”


“Shut up,” the masked woman said, “and help these two to sit back to back, then tie their wrists together in front of them.”  Alby and Amber shuffled on their bottoms, the squeak of their boots as they rubbed against each other and the rope the only sound before Carolina and Ali were passed more rope.


“Cross your wrists,” the voice said, and as the two smaller women did so Carolina and Ali bound their wrists tightly together, making sure they passed the rope between their arms to cinch the bands before their captors did so.


“How are you doing,” Alby said over her shoulder to Amber as she tried to move her wrists.


“I’m not sure - I should be scared but...”


“It’s exciting, right?”


“Does this happen often?”


“More often than you might thEEEENNNLK!!!!  What the hell?”


As they had been talking, Carolina had been forced to tie one end of a length of rope to Alby’s wrists, and then feed it under her and Amber.  As Ali was made to grab the rope and pull it under them, it forced itself against Alby’s shorts, and then Amber’s as Ali was forced to tie the other end to the blonde’s wrists.


Nggg,” Amber groaned, biting her lower lip as Carolina was then forced to bind their upper bodies to each other, the band sitting under their chests as they found themselves unable to move without - well, without making themselves feel very strange.


“Gag them.”


“WHAT!!!” All four shouted at the same time as the masked woman handed Carolina and Ali a sponge ball and a roll of white vet wrap.


“You two open your mouths, the sponges go in, the bandage goes round your head - now do it or they do.”


The two men smiled, as Alby and Amber slowly opened their mouths, the sponges expanding inside them as the other two wrapped the bandages tightly around their heads.


“Very good,” the electronic voice said as she handed Carolina another length of rope.  “Now, tie her arms together behind her back at her elbows.”


“I guess you don’t have a choice,” Ali said as she turned her back to Carolina, “Just be gentle, if you can.”


“I’ll try,” Carolina said as she wrapped the rope around Ali’s arms below her elbows and then pulled them together, forcing Ali’s chest out as she secured them together.  A second length of rope went around Ali’s wrists, holding them tightly together as she clenched her fists.


“At least you all look patriotic,” the voice said as Carolina reached round and hugged Ali.  “We’ll get them back for this, I promise,” she whispered as another length of rope was passed to her.


“I suppose you want me to bind her arms to her now?”


“Not yet - give her a nice crotch rope as well.”


“I guess I should have seen this coming,” Ali said as both Amber and Alby started to moan, their struggles forcing the rope against their crotches to rub them.  Carolina nodded as she passed the rope around her friend’s waist, pinning her bound wrists to her back before she passed the rope between her legs.


Ooooo,” Ali moaned as the rope pulled her skirt up, while Carolina tied the rope off to her wrists.   She then wrapped a coil of rope around Ali’s arms and chest, forcing her top to stretch over her chest as she was tightly secured.


Uverllednthsbfr,” Amber said as she looked at Ali gasping at the tightness of her ropes.


“Guilty,” Carolina said as she was handed another sponge ball and roll of bandage.  “Sorry, Ali.”


“Don’t be - you know how I like this,” Ali said with a smile before opening her mouth and allowing Carolina to gag her.


“Face down on the mattress,” the masked woman said as Ali knelt on the floor and then lay down, looking over her shoulder as Carolina crossed and tightly bound her ankles together, then her legs.


“Hogtie her.”


“Must I,” Carolina said as she looked at the three captors.  The woman simply nodded, as she handed Carolina one last length of rope.  Ali closed her eyes and moaned as her ankles were pulled back, the heels of her boots touching her shorts as Carolina secured them to her chest.


“Good thing you’re all so athletic,” the voice said as Carolina stood up.  “Your turn now - back to me please.”


“Well, I see you do like to get your hands dirty,” Carolina said as she saw two lengths of rope drop either side of her neck, “Who are you anyway?  You seem to know the initiation rites of the Kittens.”


“Maybe I failed your little test, and decided to get my revenge,” the voice said as the masked woman reached round and wound the rope around Carolina’s arms, pulling them back behind her back as she did so.

Carolina let out a gasp as she felt her arms being secured together behind her back, and then pulled up as the masked captor fed the ropes through the small loop she had placed at the back of her neck.  She then wound the remaining rope around Carolina’s arms and chest, forcing her upper arms tightly into her side as her chest was forced up and out.


“My god, you’re good at this,” Carolina gasped as she felt a rope passing between her legs as well, “Where did you leEEEAAArn to do this?”


“I’ll tell you later,” the masked woman said as she made Carolina sit down facing the other three, her legs crossed in front of her as her skirt parted over her shorts.  The captive girl watched as her ankles were tied together in front of her, the white rope rubbing against the red leather, and then a length of rope taken around her neck and her legs.


“Can I ask one question before you gag me,” Carolina said as she looked at the masked woman, a sponge in her hand.




“Are you really a Cougars fan?”


“Couldn’t care less who wins - I just hate Kittens,” the woman said before she pushed the sponge into Carolina’s mouth.  She closed her lips, feeling the sponge expand as the bandage was wrapped tightly around her head.


“There now, four little kittens all wrapped up and unable to move - just the way they should be,” the woman said as she reached up and pulled her mask off.




“That’s right,” Zita said as she squatted in front of Carolina and stroked her gloved finger down the head cheerleader’s cheek.  Zita the freak, Zita the idiot, Zita who was not good enough to be a Kitten, but good enough for you to leave bound to a post in my underwear in the middle of the football field.”


Ali looked up and blushed as she looked at Zita.  Twessjstajk,” she mumbled through the bandage and sponge.


“Maybe, but I didn’t find it funny - so when these two here asked for my help to stop you two getting to the game, I jumped at the chance.  Plus, I get to be a cheerleader in my own way.  Do you like my outfit?”


Lksns,” Amber said before she closed her eyes and let out a long, deep moan, a damp spot appearing between her legs.


“We think so too,” one of the two men said, “but I’m afraid we left out one little detail.”


“Oh,” Zita said as she looked round, “What’s that?”


“We don’t go to West Side - we just needed to make sure we could kidnap you to get your dad to do something for us at the box office.”


Zita slowly turned, but before she had a chance the two men grabbed her and pulled her arms behind her back.  As one of them held them, the other tied her wrists to the opposite elbow, and then her forearms together.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” Zita screamed as she felt the ropes around her arms, but before she could say anything else a sponge was shoved into her mouth, and a band of white micropore tape wrapped round her head, trapping her black hair underneath as she was pushed down onto her knees.  She looked over at the other four girls, their eyes closed as they moaned and squirmed round in their ropes and began to glow.


Mssreee,” she moaned as she felt more rope pulling her arms against her back, and saw her jumper stretch over her chest as it was forced up and out by the bands of rope around it.  She then opened her eyes out and squealed as a length of rope was pulled up between her legs - she had not worn shorts, so her skirt was pulled right up as the rope rubbed against her knickers.


Hmmggdddd,” she moaned as she was made to lie down, and she felt the rope against her fabric covered ankles, forcing them tightly together before they were pulled back.  To her surprise, delight, and shock the rope that held them to her chest was passed under her crotch rope, forcing it still harder against her crotch as she squirmed round on the floor.


“MMMFMFFKKKKK” she moaned as her body responded to the rubbing, a small sweat breaking out on her brow as the two men watched and laughed.


“Right - we’d better tell Daddy what we need him to do.  Thanks for your help, Zee - enjoy your day,” the man said as they left the cellar, closing and locking the door behind them as the five women moaned and tried to call out...






The young girl turned and saw Carolina standing there, wearing a plaid shirt over a grey t-shirt, jean shorts over black leggings and desert boots.  She glanced round the clothes shop to see if anyone else was looking, but found they were alone.


“Oh,” Zita said quietly, “Look, I’m sorry about what happened Carol.  I swear I had no idea...”


“I know,” Carolina said, “Listen, I was wondering if you were free tonight?”




“Well,” Carolina said with a blush, “the others are coming round, and we were wondering...”




“Will you tie us up again?”


Zita thought for a moment, before saying “All right - if you will do the same to me afterwards.”


“I’ll look forward to it,” Carolina said with a wink as she walked off, Zita shaking her head as she looked forward to that night...









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