Get Me To The Church

Menendez Marriage Arrangers operated out of a second floor office in the centre of town, and Helen Menendez was the sole proprietor, arranger and manger of the firm.  She’d wanted to work in this area ever since seeing one at work at her aunt’s wedding as a small girl, and falling in love with the glamour and the sense of helping someone.  On some days, of course, it was hard work, but normally it was worth it.


Today, however, Helen was having second, third and fourth thoughts.  There was a good reason for it of course the fact she was kneeling on the floor, her wrists crossed and bound behind her back, as the masked woman pulled her elbows together and made her chest stick out from her light blue jacket.


She’d only just opened the office when she heard the buzzer, turned round and was greeted by the snub nose in her face, and the woman smiling through the stocking over her head. As her male companion locked the door and pulled down the blind, Helen was forced to kneel on the floor as the woman produced several coils of rope.


“That hurts,” Helen called out as the woman tugged hard and knotted her elbows together, then started to wrap more rope around her arms and chest, both above and below her breasts, pulling tighter with each pass so that her breasts almost burst from her jacket.  The matching skirt was trapped under her knees as the masked female kept wrapping the rope round, followed by smaller ropes passed between her arms and chest to make sure she was totally immobilised.


“Get up on your knees,” the man ordered Helen, and as she did so even more rope was wrapped around her waist and lower arms, pinning them into the small of her back.  Small lengths between her arms and bodies made sure they were firmly fixed.


Why are you doing this?” Helen pleaded as she was pushed onto the floor, and her ankles bound, followed by her legs above and below her knees.  Her black top showed from under her jacket as it rode up, and her skirt also rose to show her stocking tops.


“Shut her up,” the masked man said, and a black scarf was pulled tightly into Helen’s mouth and knotted under her long blonde hair.  She was pulled up and sat against one of her filing cabinets, as the masked intruders started to search through files and scatter them around the floor.


Helen looked over her shoulder at the pair, as she tried desperately to free her legs.  The squeak from the leather of her black heels was the only sound apart from drawers opening and papers fluttering to the ground.


“Have you found it yet,” the woman asked, but the man just shook his head as he opened another drawer.  Helen twisted her body round, trying to find some give in the constricting ropes, but they squeaked against the fabric of her jacket and gave in no way.


She slid onto her back on the floor and screamed in frustration, her head back and her knees rose.  The masked female came over and looked down at Helen, who in turn stared at the nylon covered face to see if there was any remorse, any sign she was in the wrong, but as she watched the woman just shook her head.


“Ah-ha!” the man shouted and Helen watched as the two of them looked at a file marked “Henderson.”


“Marnie Henderson,” she thought to her self as the tow of them put the file into a small case they had brought the rope in.  “But her wedding is tonight – I was going there.  What the hell is happening here?”


“Thanks for the information, Ms Menendez,” the man said, “try not to get too uncomfortable.”  With that, the two left Helen struggling no the floor as they closed the door behind them.


Helen rolled over onto her side, and looked down at her bound legs to see if she could reach any of the knots with her fingers.


“If I can just get hold of my ankles, I may be able to pull on that loose bit of rope,” she thought as she rolled onto her back, and tried to bring her ankles down within reach of her outstretched fingers.  After a few minutes, however, she dropped her legs in frustration as they remained just tantalisingly out of reach.


“What on earth do they want with Marnie Henderson,” Helen thought to herself as she rolled over, exhausted from her exertions.  “It’s not like she has money or anything……”





“Judge Fulton?  Helen Menendez sent me – she’s been held up and asked if I would make sure you got to the church.”


Amanda looked at the man standing in the doorway.


“All right – I need a few minutes to finish getting ready; you can come in and wait down here.”


Closing the door behind him, she made her way back into her bedroom as he stood in the hallway.  Smoothing her crushed black velvet dress down, she looked in the mirror as she applied some additional lipstick.  She was in her early fifties, with long black hair and a body that strained at the thin spaghetti straps of her dress.  A long string of pearls was wrapped around her neck as she looked at her reflection.


“Looking good, Fulton,” she said to herself as she stood there in her dark stockings and high black heels.  “You may be a judge, but you can still knock them dead.”


“You are so right, Your Honour” she heard a male voice say as she was pushed forward in the back, and her hands grabbed behind her.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw the driver pulling a length of yellow rope out of his pocket.


“What is the meaning of this,” Amanda called out as her wrists were crossed behind her back and the rope wrapped round, pulled tight so that they were held firmly together.


“Nothing personal, Judge Fulton, but we need to make sure you don’t get to the wedding office,” the man said as he pulled the rope tight and passed it between her wrists before knotting it off out of reach of Amanda’s fingers.  “My partner is making sure Ms Henderson will be delayed as well, so just relax and enjoy the break.”


“What are you talking about… ouch!”  He had produced a long length of similarly coloured rope, and was wrapping it around her arms and chest so that they were held closely together, while at the same time putting additional strain on her breasts as they struggled to stay in her dress.  Passing the rope under her arms and around her neck, he finally knotted it off and pushed Amanda onto the floor.


“Like I said, Judge, nothing personal but you need to be kept out of the way.”  He wrapped more rope around her legs, above her knees, and cinched it between her legs before moving down to her ankles, tying them side by side and cinching the ropes before, after tying the last knot, passing the loose ends around the soles of her heels and securing them together as well.


“You’ll never get away with this,” Amanda said as she tried to loosen the ropes, but the man laughed as he produced a small valise, and from it pulled out a rubber ball with a thick leather strap passing through the middle.


“You need to keep quiet, Your Honour,” he said as he pushed the ball into Amanda’s mouth, then pulled the straps round and fastened it tightly behind her head.  Se tried to scream, but all that came out was a low mewl as she looked up at her captor, her reflection in the mirror as secured as she was.


Amanda turned and looked at herself, twisting her arms round but finding no give n the ropes.  Her male captor took a mobile phone and dialled a number.


“Hi, babe.


“Yrs, the judge is secured.  How are you getting on?


“All right, you take care of things and I’ll see you at the chapel.  Bye for now,”


The man kneeled down beside the bound woman.  “Sorry, your honour, but I can’t have you raising the alarm too soon,” he said as he pushed Amanda over onto her back, then rolled her over and pulled her ankles behind her knees.  Using another length of yellow rope, he placed Judge Fulton in a hog tie before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.


Amanda struggled and turned herself round on the floor, the sound of her shoes squeaking the only other noise apart from her grunting.  She looked round the room, wondering if there was anything she could use to start to free herself, but it looked hopeless.  Pulling with her wrists, she only succeeded in making her knees hurt more.  She had almost resolved to wait for her house keeper to come in the morning when the door opened, and Amanda looked up to see who had arrived.





“My goodness, Helen came through with the goods,”


Marnie was looking at herself in the mirror of her room, as the long white gown fell around her.  The design was Edwardian, with a high collar and buttons down the lace panelled front.  The white silk shone in a way that allowed her long blonde hair to reflect the light in new ways, and she turned and looked at herself from as many angles as possible.


“I wonder where she’s got to,” Marnie thought as there was a knock on the door.


“Miss Henderson – Helen sent me.  May I come in?”


“Of course,” she called over her shoulder as she continued to admire herself in the mirror.  The door opened, and Marnie saw a woman who looked a lot like her coming into the room.


“How can I hel…” she said as she turned round, only to put her hands up in the air as the new arrival pointed a small snub nosed pistol at her.


“Marnie, I need you to do exactly as I say.  Turn round, put your hands behind your back and stand perfectly still,” she said as she put a small bag on the table.




Helen finally managed to shake her wrists free from the ropes, and slowly brought her hands round to her side as the ropes further up her arms slipped down.  It had taken a couple of hours, but at least now she could take the scarf out of her mouth and call the police.


They arrived quickly – within fifteen minutes – and as they freed her Helen told them about the couple and their interest in the Marnie Henderson wedding.


“We know,” the officer said as she rubbed her wrists, “don’t worry.  Everything is under control.”




Marnie stared up at her captor, standing over her in a black mini dress with a red scarf round her neck.  Her hands were tied, side by side, behind her back and there were ropes around her chest, above and below her breasts, and her waist holding her arms tightly to her side.  A further length of rope went from behind her back, under her left arm, around her neck and back under her right arm, to provide “additional security” as the woman had said.  Her ankles were bound with rope, which also held her feet together with her white heels on, and around her legs above her knees, gathering her skirt so that her ankles and feet showed as she sat there.


A knotted patterned scarf had been pulled into and around her mouth, so that the woman was unable to talk clearly, as the captor paced the floor.

“You’ve caused us a great deal of trouble, Marnie,” the woman said as she waved her gun in the air.  “Your investigations with yoru colleagues have severely hampered our operations in this town,”


The woman pushed Marnie over onto her side, and laughed as she hit her head on the floor.  Marnie looked at her, trying to figure where she had seen her before.


“So, when we heard you were getting married, we decided you needed to be taught a lesson.  Your wedding planner and the judge have both been – detained, and you’re going to be late for your wedding.  In the meantime, we can have a little chat about just how much you know of our operations.”


The woman sat down and looked at Marnie on the floor.  The officer just shook her head and looked straight ahead.


“Not willing to talk?”  The woman said as Marnie continued to stare straight ahead.  “Oh well, we have plenty of time.  MY colleague will be here soon, and then we can begin to have our little chat.”


Marnie twisted her wrists round, and tried to loosen the ropes around her ankles as she had been trained, but there was little give to work with.  She looked up at her captor, who knelt beside her and stroked her hair.


“It will be such a shame when you arrive at the church, withy our beautiful locks shorn off, Marnie,” she said as she laughed.  A knock on the door caught her attention.


“Ah, there he is now – I’m coming, darling,” the woman said as Marnie looked ahead.  Rather than the cheery greeting she had expected to hear however, there was a scuffle as the woman was pulled out of the room.


Twisting round, Marnie looked up to see her boyfriend, dressed in his uniform, standing over her and smiling.


“Do you want to get out of those ropes, officer Henderson,” he said, and Marnie screamed “Ys, u idot, gt n wf t!!”


“How on earth did you find out what was going on?”  Marnie finally asked as she rubbed her wrists.”


“The man was an idiot – he didn’t see the car outside judge Fulton’s home.  When he came back out, we grabbed him, released the judge and realised you were the target.”


“I see – so I only have one question for now.”


“What’s that?”


“Can you get me to the church on time – we only have an hour.”


“Jeb, get Marnie cleaned up and down to the chapel – we’ll sort this all out later,” her fiancé called as he looked around the room.  This was going to be a very good day…