The Go Go Gone Intruder







“You are a naughty boy aren’t you,” Fenella purred as she looked at the young man.  She had met him in the hotel bar, him in his casual shirt and pants, her in a tiger print top, with elbow length sleeves and the top few buttons undone to reveal her chest, a tight white skirt, and knee length white PVC boots.  She had long dark hair, and she felt the most alluring of smiles – and it has certainly lured him to her room.


“Well, yes I am,” he said quietly, “and this was your suggestion.  Lie face down on the long seat there, and put your hands behind your back.”


Fenella smiled as she did as he had asked – he had not flinched when she had suggested her little game, or at the sight of the ropes and the tape, so she was happy as he crossed her wrists in the small of her back, and smiled as she felt the rope wrapped around them, forcing them together.


“You’ve dodone this before, haven’t you you naughty boy?”


“Maybe,” the man said as he took a second length of cord and doubled it over, Fenella looking over her shoulder as he passed it under her arms, and then pulled them together at the elbows.  She gasped as he wound the cords around and between her arms, linking them together before he tied them off, then knelt at her side before he kissed her.


“Hmmm – so what else are you going to do?”


“Legs next I think…”


“thank you,” she whispered as he stood up, and she felt him cross her ankles before there was the squeak of the cords rubbing on the shiny material.  Like her wrists, he took the ropes around and between her limbs, and tied it off before he started to bind her legs below her knees.


“Hmmmm – a real robber could not have done better,” Fenella sighed as she felt the way her legs were restrained, trying to move them but only hearing the squeak and creaking of her boots.


“Oh I don’t know,” he said with a smile, “a real robber would really make sure you stayed there.”


“Oh – how?”


“Like this,” he said as he bent Fenella’s legs, pulling her ankles back and then securing them to her elbows with another length of cord.  As she turned onto her side, he smiled and brushed her hair to the side, before saying “so, my captive, what am I going to do to you?”


“Anything you want,” she breathed as he kissed her neck, and slowly opened her blouse, his hands gently massaging her chest as he continued his arousal of her.  She even liked the fact he had put on leather gloves for his hands – although he must have brought them himself, as she knew she had not brought them herself…


“Oh yes,” she sighed as she moved against the large hands, feeling her nipples harden, her breasts firm as she struggled to make it more realistic, more exciting…


She felt his lips on hers, and closed her eyes, her tongue stroking his lips as they parted, his tongue with hers, her groans as she started to feel hot, excited…


“I want you to close your eyes Fenella,” he said quietly, “there’s a big surprise I want to give you.”


“All right,” she said quietly as she did so, and she heard him tear some tape from the roll she had left on the bed, before he gently kissed her, and then pressed the tape down on her lips, smoothing it into place so that it held firm.





“Now,” the man said as Fenella opened her eyes, “I steal your money and jewellery.”



“How long was she left like that?”


“The cleaner found her the next morning – and the CCTV footage of the bar was useless.  He made a clean getaway – and then a month later, he moved up a division…”



“What are you doing,” Millie said as she backed up, raising her hands in the air as she looked at the gun in the young man’s gloved hand.


“Robbing you,” he said as he smiled, looking at the woman.  She was wearing a yellow vest top with thin black stripes, black shorts and knee length dirty white leather boots, her hair cut in a bob.  “But first, we need to make sure you stay in one place – and don’t move.”  Looking round, he said “so let’s start - take your shorts off.”




“I said,” he repeated, “take your shorts off.”


Millie swallowed as she did that, the man smiling as he said “good – now, take that chair from the dining table, and put it in the centre of the room.  Then sit down, and put your hands on your head.”



Millie walked slowly to the table and pulled the chair away, before she sat down, and watched as the intruder reached into his jacket pocket, and took out a roll of silver tape.  “Now, don’t move,” he said quietly as he looked at her, her legs apart and her black knickers visible.


“Please, don’t hurt me,” Millie whispered as he wound the tape round her waist, fixing her to the chair back before he moved her left arm to the side, and taped it to the chair at her wrist and elbow.  Repeating the process on her right arm, he walked back round and smiled as he said “I’m not going to hurt you – so long as you do as you are told.”


“I’ll tell you whatever you want to know,” she whispered again as she heard the tape being ripped free from the roll, and then pressing on her body, framing her chest as her back was pressed against the chair back.


“Good, good” was his response as he walked and knelt in front of her, taping her booted ankles to the front legs of the chair so that her legs were spread apart.  She could feel the sweat on her body as he stood up, and lifted her head with his finger under her chin.


“Now – your valuables?”


“Upstairs,” Millie whispered as he looked at her, and then walked behind, his hands coming round as the started to massage her chest.  “What…  What are you doing?”


“Relaxing you,” he said quietly as his fingers kneaded and sunk into the firming flesh of her breasts, Millie gasping slightly as she realised what was happening.  Closing her eyes, she whispered “please…  No…”


“Hush,” he whispered into her ear before he kissed it, and nibbled slightly on her lobes as she twisted round, the wood creaking as she realised she was held firmly in place.  She was sweating now, and more – there was a heat she recognised, and feared in this situation…


“Oh dear – are we feeling something,” he whispered as he reached down and stroked his finger between her legs, Millie gasping even more as she realised how damp she was.  He walked round, smiling as he took a penknife from his pocket and cut away her panties, taking them in his hand and inhaling their scent as he said “intoxicating – smell them…”




“I insist,” he said as he walked behind her and pressed her panties to her nose, Millie inhaling the damp musky aroma and involuntarily opening her mouth – allowing him to pushed her panties in, and then wrap the silver tape round her head to keep them in place.


As she looked down, she saw him stroke his gloved finger up her clit, and groaned as it passed over her mound.  He then knelt in front of her, smiling before he put his head between her legs, his lips touching hers there, his tongue stroking and licking as she started to shiver and shake, groaning as strange new sensations ran through her…






“He orally pleasured her?”


“That’s right – then when she was exhausted, stole several very valuable items of jewellery.”


“So he was both a thief and – what, a rapist?”


“Well, he would argue he did not penetrate them – merely pleasured them.


“At least, at first – then he got them to pleasure him…”



Alice grimaced as the intruder pulled the rope tighter round her arms, forcing them even more into her sides as the bands framed her chest above and below.  The stretched the material of her paisley patterned mini dress over her substantial chest, and there was nothing she could do to stop him – given her wrists and elbows were held together behind her back with bends of rope, tied tightly and cinched, the cords digging into her flesh.


She had been about to go to a works part with a Sixties theme when the intruder had surprised her, and forced her to kneel down as he tied her arms together.  He was quiet, but determined, as he pulled the ropes one last time and tied the bands together behind her back, then said “Good – I think you will enjoy this.”


“Enjoy what,” Alice whispered as he put her ankles together.  Bad enough to be tied up, but the boots – they were fifty years old, belonged to her grandmother, and were in mint condition – the white leather loving cared for and maintained over the years.


He didn’t seem bothered, however, as she heard the squeak and felt her ankles forced against each other, the intruder binding them as he wrapped the rope around and between her legs.  She grimaced at the tightness, adding to the growing fear inside as to what might happen next…


A further band pulled her legs together above her knees as she knelt there, before she felt his hands stroking then as the rope went between.  Finally, he walked round and looked at her, before he said “so – your valuables?”


“Go to hell.”


“No – I think I’ll do something different,” he said as he knelt down and squeezed her breasts in his gloved hands, Alice gasping in surprise at the firmness of his grip – and the feel of the ropes on her chest as she struggled to try and get out of the way.  It was a new feeling, and a strange one at that – as he continued to grope and press, and she started to feel faint.




“To prepare you,” he said quietly as he stood up and opened the bag the ropes had been in, taking out a vibrator and holding it in his hand as he switched it on, and then ran it over Alice’s chest.


“Oh lord….” Alice whispered as she closed her eyes and wiggled round, her boots squeaking -and then she heard the sound of a zip being pulled down.  She opened her eyes to see his cock in front of her, and whispered “you can’t be serious…”


“I can,” he said as he continued to run the vibrator over her chest in one hand, and held his member in the other as he pressed it to her lips.  It was an involuntary impulse, she told herself later, brought on by what that device was doing, as she opened her lips and it slipped into her mouth.


She felt the throbbing, tasted the slight saltiness of his flesh as it was pushed in, and he held the back of her long light brown hair with his free hand on her head.  As she closed her lips round it, the sensations on her chest started to drive her close to an edge, as she could only start to suck and lick, his cock growing larger and stronger as she did what she was been forced to do.


She knew she had no choice, she knew it was wrong – so why was she getting wet between her legs, why was she getting excited, thrilled by the sensation of his organ throbbing on her tongue as it swelled and pushed it to the floor of her mouth? 


What was more, it was filling her mouth as he moved to and fro, her body moving in motion as she felt a warmth inside her own body, felt the dampness flow between her legs, pulling and driving her on as she felt the pressure increase, and heard his own moans…


When it came, it came suddenly, a hot sticky flow that hit the back of her throat and made her want to gag.  His grip tightened on her head, however, as she started to swallow as much as she could, feeling her own excitement rise as she did so, wondering what he was going to do next.


Eventually, he let her head go, her lips popping softly as he withdrew and wiped a cloth round her mouth and chin – then pushed it into her mouth before he covered her lips and jaw with white tape, then pushed the vibrator into her under her pants before she lay on her side and he hogtied her.  She started to shake in response as he left the room, and walked up the stairs…




“so he progressed as he realised his apparent power?”


“Precisely – and then there was the incident at Christmas…”



“Deck the hall with boughs of Holly…”


Holly loved this time of year – and not just because of her name.  For her boyfriend was returning from a six week trip that night, and she wanted everything to be perfect.


Right down to her outfit.  As she looked in the mirror, she adjusted the front of her brown velvet mini dress, trimmed with white fur and lace at the hem of the skirt, and smiled as she contemplated what he would say when she removed it.  She then put one foot on the stair, smoothing the white PVC of the boot up to her knee and adjusting the white fur band that sat on top.


Checking her other leg, she looked again in the mirror, patting her bobbed dark brown hair, and then went to the kitchen.  The wine was chilling in the fridge, the food was prepared, the back door was open, allowing a perfect view of the snow-covered yard…


The back door was open…


Before she could say anything, Holly was grabbed from behind, a leather gloved hand covering her mouth as a young man said “not a word – do as I say, I take your things, you don’t get hurt, understand?”


“Enndsteenndd,” she mumbled as she nodded her head, feeling his other hand as it stroked over her chest.


“Good – we’re going to your bedroom, and we’re going to make sure you stay there.  Walk with me.”


Holly felt the pressure behind her as he forced her to move out of the kitchen, along the corridor and up the stairs, the gloved hand clamped over her mouth the whole time.  She was terrified, wondering what was going to happen…


“nice bedroom,” the intruder said as he walked her in, and looked at the bed with the metal headboard and end, “are you going to do what I tell you to do?”




“Good – now a word, lie down, and put our hands above your head.”


Holly nodded as she obeyed, watching as he took a length of rope from his denim jacket pocket, tied her wrists tightly together, and then secured them to the headboard.  Producing two more lengths of rope, he tied them round each ankle, and then pulled them to the side of the bed before securing them to the foot of the board, her legs spread apart as she started shaking.


“Please, don’t hurt me…”


“Why would I hurt a woman who wears such stunning boots,” he said with a smile as he stroked his leather gloved hands down her lower legs, “I wish to reward you. Do you mind?”


Holly shook her head as he opened her outfit, pulling it to the sides to reveal the skimpy knickers – and nothing else underneath.  “Very nice,” he whispered as he stroked his hands over her body, and then pulled her panties away, wadding and pushing them into her mouth before she had a chance to say anything.


“Plssnnnnn,” she moaned as she watched him start to kiss her chest, his lips enclosing her nipples as he licked and sucked gently, making her twist round even more.  The squeak of rope on leather grew louder as she struggled more, but that did not help, as he moved his lips down and kissed her clit, his tongue working her as she started to feel hot, and bothered, and aroused…


“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you,” he said as he looked up, Holly’s eyes widening as he unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the floor before he knelt between her legs…




“So, a fetish for women wearing go-go style boots, usually white, that over time developed into something more serious?”


“Yeah – should have been easy to catch, but somehow he kept avoiding being captured.”


“So what happened last time?”


She walked into the house, the large floppy beige hat with the black band on her head, her long blonde ringlets falling under it to her shoulders, wearing a light grey short sleeved dress and white knee length leather boots, a lighter grey scarf tied round her neck.


“Olivia, are you ready to go yet,” she called out.


“Samantha – come into the front room please,” she heard a second woman call out, “I need you to see something.”


“I’m sure you look amazing,” Samantha said as she walked in – and Olivia did look amazing, in a dark blue mini dress and matching hat, and white boots, a light blue scarf round her neck and white leather gloves on her hands.  But what caught her attention was that shew as sitting with her hands on her head – and a young man in a black leather jacket and jeans was behind her, holding a gun and looking at Samantha as well.


“So you’re going to have company,” he said as he smiled, “let’s make this really special for both of you.  Samantha, right?  Slowly, reach up and take your scarf off.”


“What are you doing in this house,” Samantha asked as she slowly untied and removed the scarf.


“Robbing it – so you two lovely ladies need to be kept out of the way.  Olivia, go and join your friend – and Samantha…”




“Gag Olivia by pushing the scarf into her mouth.”


Olivia looked at her friend, and said “it’s all right,” opening her mouth so that Samantha could push the scarf all the way in, then closing it as the man said “go – Samantha, take this rope.”


“You expect me to tie Olivia up?”


“No – I expect you to tie it round her waist, and let the ends drop to the floor in front of her.  And do stop arguing.”


Olivia nodded as she raised her arms, Samantha doubling the rope over and then tying it round her waist as the ends dropped down.


“Turn round Olivia – Samantha is going to take the rope up between your legs, and give you a lovely surprise.”


“HMMGMDDDDD,” Olivia called out as Samantha took the rope between her legs, and pulled it up, hiking her skirt as it rubbed on her panties, and then tying it to the waist band of rope.


“One more thing,” the man said as he made Olivia turn to face Samantha, and tore a long strip of white tape from a roll, “cover Olivia’s mouth with this.”


“It will be all right,” Samantha said as she gently pressed the tape over her friend’s mouth, Olivia nodding as she looked back.


“Now, can you guess what Olivia is going to do for you, Samantha?”




“Hnnnsnnsss,” Samantha mumbled as Olivia smoothed the tape over her own mouth, the scarf filling and pressing her tongue down, the rope rubbing on her as her own skirt was pulled up.


“now then,” the man said as he produced more ropes, “give each other a nice big hug with your arms.”


“Tlsssturrtgfrr,” Olivia said as Samantha wrapped her arms round, looking over the girl’s shoulder as the man crossed and bound her wrists together, then secure them to Olivia’s crotch rope.  As he walked round, she gave the rope a tug, Olivia’s eyes closing as her own wrists were secured in the same way.


“Kneel down, both of you.”


The girls nodded as they dropped to their knees, then looked at each other as he crossed and bound Samantha’s ankles, then did the same to Olivia, cinching the binding in both places, before he secured their legs together and to each other above their knees.


“When I’m done,” he said as he looked at them, “perhaps we can have some fun together.”


“Urnntturrtep,” Samantha mumbled as she looked over.


“We’ll see,” he said as he left the room, the two women looking at each other before Olivia pressed her taped lips on Samantha’s, moving her wrists up and down in a slow, rhythmic motion as Samantha did the same.  Their hats fell slowly off their heads, dropping to the ground as they helped each other to move closer to the edge, kissing each other’s necks and then pressing their lips together as they started to moan in unison.


“Hmmsssgddddd,” Olivia said, Samantha nodding in response as she moved her hands more quickly, the heat building inside her as Olivia moaned as well, both women feeling their peak coming, wanting to bring it on and also to enjoy it as much as possible…


When it came, they both screamed into their gags as their bodies shook, their clothes damp with sweat, their panties soaking with their juices, their eyes glistening…




“You sound as if you are having fun,” the man said, as he looked in the doorway, “so…”






“Stupid berk,” Samantha said as she looked through the one way mirror, “he was caught red handed.”


“So were you,” his colleague said.


“I know – but I came out to my family a few years back, and Sammy isn’t a colleague.  Besides – been the daughter of the Chief Constable, security is important, and he didn’t check.”


“So – ready to interview him?”


“Oh yes – time the Go Go Gone Intruder was Gone for good,” the Detective Constable said as they left to enter the interview room…







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