Hello Nurse...









When I approached the back of the house, I knew what it was I was intending to do – break in, take what I could find, get out.  As a professional, however, I always come prepared just in case the place I visit is not as empty as I thought it was going to be – as I say, just in case.


Now, this particular domicile was a house share – four nurses, at least two of which I knew would be on duty.  The other two?  Well, that would depend on what happened after I had got in, so I took out a screwdriver and a lighter, heating the metal blade and using it to force the locks on the kitchen door.


Slipping inside, I closed the door and took a moment to let my eyes adjust to the gloom.  I was dressed in black – naturally – and had on leather gloves as well as a balaclava mask, so I was secure in the fact my identity was covered.  So when I was able to see clearly, I opened the kitchen door that led to the house – and then heard the music and talking from another room.


That’s the danger of approaching a house from the back – it may look empty when you walk past the front, but things change.  Fortunately, I was prepared, as I drew the gun from my jacket pocket and walked slowly along the corridor.


“We need to get some sleep,” I heard a woman say, “We have a 6 am shift tomorrow.” 


So when I opened the door, pointed the gun at the two women inside and said “Sorry, you may not make it,” I was amused by their silent, stunned reaction.  They were of similar height, the one on the left as I looked with light brown hair that was lightly braided, the other a platinum blonde.

The brown haired girl was wearing a silver backless top, a short black skirt and knee length black fabric boots, while her friend wore a white bolero jacket and mini skirt with a low cut blue top, and knee length white leather boots which had a silver ring buckle on the side.


“Oh my god,” Blondie said as she looked at the gun.


“Don’t shout or scream, don’t raise the alarm,” I said quietly as I put my bag on the floor, “keep your hands where I can see them, and do exactly what I say, understand?”


They both nodded as I opened the bag, and took out a long length of cord.  If I had to make sure they could not stop me, I was going to have some fun.


“Take this,” I said as I handed the rope to Blondie, “double it over, and then tie it round your friend’s waist.”


“Are you going to...”


“Just do as I say,” I smiled as I handed her the rope, and watched as she passed it round Brownie’s waist and tie it round, making a belt.  She looked at the ends in her hands, and then shivered as I said “walk behind her, and pull the ropes up between her legs.”




“Would you rather I did it?”


“Do it,” Brownie said quietly, as her fried walked behind her, and pulled the rope up, making her skirt rise a little as she tied it round the waist band.  She then watched as I made Brownie do the same to her, so that they both had a nice crotch rope.


And they had no idea what I was going to do next...


“Both of you, sit down, in front of the couch.”


As they did what I had demanded, I took two more lengths of rope out, and handed them to the girls.  “Now, double this over, and use it to bind your legs together below your knees.  Make sure you take the rope between your legs, so that it is nice and tight.”


Blondie and Brownie looked at each other, and then bent their knees, me watching as they tied their legs together.  I then handed them another length of rope, and made them bind their ankles together in the same way.  I could see Brownie was crying as she did this, but I stayed firm.  After all, she would soon have a reason to be distracted...


“Very good job,” I said as I looked at them, “now, kneel facing each other, and give each other a nice, friendly hug.”




“Oh you’ll see,” I said as I looked at Blondie.


“Come on,” she said quietly as they both knelt and looked at each other, wrapping their arms around their bodies as I took my own lengths of rope out.  Kneeling behind Brownie, I crossed Blondie’s wrists and then tied them tightly together, making sure the rope went around and between her limbs.  Walking round, I bound Brownie’s wrists in the same way, and then I took more rope, securing their wrists to the ankles of the other girl.


In doing so, I wrapped the rope round the crotch ropes, with the result that if Blondie tried to move her wrists, Brownie moaned, and the other way round.  I made sure that was the way they could enjoy themselves if they chose by binding their upper bodies tightly together, around their waists and their chests, the two of them moaning even more as their breasts were pressed against each other.


“Now then,” I said with a smile as I looked at them both, “comfy?”


“Why....  Oh god...  Why are you doing this?!”


“Because I need to keep you out of the way – and because it’s fun,” I said with a smile.  Blondie looked at her friend, and smiled as she said “actually, he’s right – it is.”


“Are you...”


Brownie was silenced as her friend pressed her lisp against her mouth and kissed her.  Moving back, she said “I never had the courage to do that before.  What do you think?”


Brownie stared at her friend for a few minutes, before saying “what does this tell you,” and pulled her wrists up, Blondie wriggling and moaning.


“All right, ladies,” I said quietly, “I need you both to be quiet.  Open your mouths please.”


They both nodded as I pushed a sponge ball into each of their mouths, and then covered their lisp with white medical tape.  As I stood back, they started to kiss each other and move their wrists up and down.


Well, I decided to leave them to their own enjoyment, and made my way into the hallway again.  I needed to find what I could take, so I made my way slowly up the stairs, carrying my bag with me.  It was only when I reached the top of the stairs I saw the light under two of the room doors – both rooms facing the front of the house.


My luck was either not in, or most definitely in, depending on how you looked at it, as I slowly opened the first door.  A third woman was sitting on her bed, pulling up a pair of dark grey suede boots over her hose covered legs.  She was wearing a peach coloured dress, sleeveless but with a neckline around the rope of her arms, the skirt coming half way down her thighs, and a black band holding back her long chestnut brown hair.


“Oh my god,” she said as I walked in, and then raised her hands as I showed her the gun.


“My apologies,” I said quietly, “but I need you to stand up, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Are you a robber?”


“I am,” I said quietly, as she turned round and crossed her wrists.  I rearranged her arms so her hands were palm to palm, and then started by binding her elbows together, the gasp audible as I made them touch.


“Oh that’s different," she whispered as I passed the rope between her arms to tighten the band, and then repeated the process on her wrists, making sure that was tightly cinched as well.


“You know what you’re doing,” she said quietly as I took a longer length of rope, and then wrapped it round her arms and upper body, locking them against her back as the bands framed her chest.


“I take it this is not the first time you’ve been tied up?”


“No, it’s not,” she said as I passed the rope over her left shoulder, under the lower band between her breasts, and then up and over her other shoulder, effecting a rope bra which she seemed to enjoy as I tied the ropes off.


“Sit down.”


As she did so, I took more rope and tied her ankles together, the white rope forcing the soft grey suede around her ankles as it secured them.  I then tied her legs together, below and above her knees, before I stood up and looked at her as she wriggled round.


“Not bad, not bad at all,” she said as she looked at me, “now I suppose you’re going to gag me?”


“That’s right.”


“Well, before you do so,” she said quietly, “can you take me next door afterwards?  You’ll see why when you get there.”


“Anything else?”


“Use my panties – there’s a clean pair in the drawer there.”


I nodded as I took a clean pair of silk panties out, folded them and put them in her mouth, and then taped over her lips.  “Fnkuuu,” she whispered as she stood up, and I helped her to jump into the next room.


And what a sight there was to greet me in the next room!  There was a fourth woman there, wearing a grey dress in the same design as my captive, hose and knee length black leather boots – and she was as tightly bound as my own victim, save for the fact she had her ankles pulled back and tied to her chest ropes.




“Yststss – swllbtgfr?”

The dark haired woman nodded as I made my own captive lie facing her on the bed, and then hogtied her as well.  They both looked at me and smiled with their eyes, before they started to kiss each other, and I started to help myself to their valuables.


I could see the nurse’s uniform in the wardrobe of each of them as I took their things – and I had to wonder what they would say when they got to work.  I could hear moans of pleasure and muffled screams of delight from both floors, so as I left I felt I had done a good thing.


And earned some money into the bargain...








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