Hostage Sisters

The unmarked van drove down the quiet country lane, as it approached a small farmhouse in the distance.  As it drew closer, the garage door was opened electronically, allowing the van to enter a spacious alcove before the door closed silently behind them.  Two men stepped out – one went to unlock a door that connected to the house, while the other opened the side of the van and stepped in.


“On your feet,” he said as the other man came back and took the arm of a young woman as she stepped gingerly out of the van.  The reason for the caution was fairly clear, - but not to her, as a black sleep mask had been placed over her eyes.  There was no way for her to remove it, even though she desperately wanted to, as her bare wrists were pulled behind her back and lashed together with rope.  A further rope was tied around her arms and chest below her breasts, and then passed between her arms and body, with the effect that she was unable to move them at all.


She was followed out of the van by another young woman.  Both were blonds haired, and even with the sleep masks on it was still possible to tell that they were sisters.  They stayed silent as they were taken by the arm, and led through the farmhouse before starting to climb a staircase.


The toe captors turned on the light in the master bedroom, and left the two women standing there while they closed the curtains.  The taller of the two whispered “Where do you think we are, Chrissie?”


“No idea, Megs, but try to stay calm,” her sister replied as they were taken again by the arm, led to the large bed and made to sit down.  Megs blinked as the sleep mask was removed from her eyes, and looked over to her sister who was sitting on her left hand side.


Chrissie was wearing a lilac coloured long short sleeved blouse, black leather trousers and open toed high heeled shoes.  Megs could now see the way her wrists and arms were bound, and realised that there was no way she was going to be able to free her sister.


Megs herself looked over at Chrissie as her mask was removed.  Her sister was wearing a striped sleeveless vest top, black leather skirt, dark tights and heeled shoes.  The two of them had been heading back to their car at the mall when the van had pulled up alongside, and they had been grabbed and pulled in.  Made to lie face down, the masks had been pulled over their eyes before their wrists and arms were bound.  By Megs’ reckoning, that had been an hour or so ago, and they had been driving since then.


The two women looked up at their captors, who stood there looking at them.  Both men were casually dressed, but before removing their blindfolds they had taken the precaution of putting on masks.  These were the type used for fancy dress parties, so that one looked like a caricature of Mick Jagger and the other Paul McCartney.


“Great,” Chrissie said, “We’ve been kidnapped by rock and roll artists.”


“Chatty.  We like that in our captives,” Mick said with a sneer.


“So, what is this – a ransom deal or something else?”  Meg called out.


“A ransom deal – you’ll be fine once your daddy pays up, but we need to make sure he knows we mean business.  First of all, we need to teach you the sound of silence…”


Both girls watched Paul as he walked over to the table and picked up two objects that were sitting there.  The worried look on their faces increased as they realised he was holding two rubber balls, each of which had a leather strap threaded through the middle.


“What are you going to do with those,” Chrissie asked as Paul stroked her blonde hair out of her eyes.


“You need your roots redone – now open wide,” he said as he put one ball on the bed and held the other in front of Chrissie.  “No way,” she cried as she tried to twist her head out of the way, only for Mick to come up behind her on the bed and pinch her nose.  As she opened her mouth to get some air, the ball was pushed into the open space and quickly fastened with the strap against her right cheek, the strap holding her hair against the back of her neck.


She watched as Megs allowed Mick to push the other gag into her own mouth, and buckle the strap against her own cheek.  The two girls looked at each other as their captors started to unravel several lengths of rope.


“Cnu brth?” Megs mumbled, and Chrissie nodded her head to show that, although it was uncomfortable, she was able to breathe normally.  She looked up as Mick came over and stood in front of her.


“Have a rest, love,” he said as he pushed Chrissie over onto her side on the mattress.  She pulled her legs up and looked back over as Mick took Megs by the shoulder, and held up a length of rope in front of her.


“You sit still now,” he said as Paul knelt in front of her and placed her ankles together.  Taking the rope, he doubled it over and passed it around Megs’ ankles.  She watched as he pulled the ends through the centre loop and pulled, bringing her ankles together and causing the cuffs of her trouser legs to flare out slightly as the rope passed over the leather.


As the rope was passed between her legs, Megs winced in pain as the tightening rope started to press through the leather onto her skin.  Satisfied with his work, Paul stood up and nodded to Mick, saying “Get her over onto her stomach and we’ll finish the job.”


Chrissie looked over her shoulder as Megs was pushed back onto the bed, and then turned over by the two masked men.  Her legs were then pulled up so that her ankles were above her knees, and Mick started to tie a length of rope around the ankle bindings by passing the doubled length around her ankles and feeding the loose ends through the loop.  Pulling on the rope, he then passed it around her wrists, making sure it was looped back through the strands, before taking the loose ends and securing them to the rope around her arms and chest.  Megs grunted as the last knot was tied, leaving her in a reasonably tight hog tie.


“Your turn now, dear,” Paul said as he picked up another length of rope and doubled it over, before crossing Chrissie’s ankles and passing the rope around them.  Within a few minutes, she was on her side staring at her bound and gagged sister as her ankles were secured to her wrists as well.  The ball in her mouth was making her jaws ache, and her teeth were unable to bite down over the hard rubber, but seeing her sister lying there gave her new strength to live through this ordeal.


“mgs?  Cn u hr m?”




“Oh. Aren’t they cute lying there?” Mick said as the two kidnappers looked down on their victims.  Both Megs and Chrissie looked up at them and started to try and cry out for help.


“Oh, you can call out all you want, but those gags are going to stop anyone hearing,” Paul said with a laugh in his voice.  “Now, we need to start to make preparations for the ransom demand.  You two girls just stay there, and we’ll be right back.”


Chrissie rolled over onto the other side as the two masked men walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.  The only other sound she could hear was the squeak from her sister’s leather trousers as she moved around, trying to free herself from the ropes.


The girls lay there for some time, each of them trying to twist their way free from the ropes or bending and extending their legs to see if there was nay give in the ropes holding them that way, but in the end they both gave it up as useless.  They watched the door, wondering how long it would be before the two men returned.


Eventually, the door opened and both Mick and Paul returned, carrying a small video camera with them.  Megs and Chrissie looked up as they stood at the foot of the bed.


“Well now, girls, we need to get a message through to your father so that eh can arrange for your freedom.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


“YSSS!” Chrissie screamed as she rolled onto her front and looked up at them.  Megs stayed still, looking at her captors and wondering exactly what was going to happen next.  The leather of Chrissie’s skirt began to squeak on the covers as she moved around.


“That is a lovely sound, isn’t it Mick”


“It certainly is, Paul – and a profitable one for us as well, with any luck.”


Megs rolled over onto her front and started to try and talk to her sister.


“Chrs – ts rnsm not?”


“hhm – hw mch?”


“ho crs – I wtn t g hm!!”


“s do i, ss.”


“I do love it when they try to talk to each other,” Paul said, and the two girls looked over their shoulders to see that they had started to film them as they lay there.  Mick pointed the camera at Paul.


“Good morning, Mister Hailsham.  As you can see, we are the reason your daughters have not made it home for the last day or so.  We’re going to take good care of them, although they cannot tell you that right now.  Before we let them talk to you, here’s the deal.


“We want you to withdraw one million dollars, in a variety of small sued bills, from your account and have it ready fro collection.  You have twenty four hours before we contact you again, and we want the money to be ready.


“We are watching you, Mister Hailsham, so if you contact the police or any other authorities we will know – and when we know, your lovely daughters will know about it as well.”


Both Megs and Chrissie screamed when they heard this, fearful fo what might happen.


“Ah, but I see your lovely daughters want to have a word with you.  Let’s see what they have to say.”


Mick took the video camera around to the side of the bed, and leaned over to point the camera at Megs.  The young woman rolled back over onto her side when she sensed his presence, and stared into the camera lens.


“What would you like to see to your father?” Paul asked with the sneer in his voice again.


“DDY!!” Megs called out.  “Pls, d s thy sk – wr fn fr nw”


“Very good, young lady – now what about your sister, does she have anything to say to Daddy Dearest?”


Chrissie rolled over so that she was facing Megs, and then looked up into the camera lens.


“m scrd, ddy, nd I wnt t cm hm.  Pls d wht th sy….”


“Very good, girls – you can turn back over now,” Paul said as Mick directed the camera back to his partner.”


“We’ll be in touch, Mister Hailsham – do nothing except make the money arrangements, and make those discreetly.  Remember – your daughters continued well being rests in your hands.”


Mick switched the camera off and patted Chrissie on her leather clad bottom.


“You two girls have a nice night now,” he said as they turned and walked out of the room.  “We’ll see you in the morning.”


The light went off, and Megs and Chrissie listened to the sound of a key turning in the door lock.  The room was completely darkened, so that it was difficult to see each other, so Chrissie rolled over and laid on her other side, tears starting to run down her cheeks.  She was comforted by the feel of a hand against hers as Megs manoeuvred herself to lie behind her, back to back, as the two girls drifted into a fitful sleep.