Hijab Tales – Pleasure







Stretching Out


Yoga is so good for you – it clears the mind, keeps you healthy and supple, takes away the cares and concerns of my life.  I like to practice every day – and, given my own faith, I find it easier to do it after morning prayer every day.


Being the wife of a diplomat has its advantages – one of which is that I can have my own studio, which is where I headed after prayer.  I was wearing a sandy brown leotard with darker brown leggings, a fawn coloured hijab over my head and hair – after all, I wish to show due modesty even when exercising.


I took a few minutes to stretch my body out, and then started the music, smiling as I began my own workout, oblivious to all that was happening elsewhere in the house.  That might have been a mistake, looking back, but I felt safe, I had nothing to fear.


It was only when I was stretching my upper body up, my legs on the ground, and the damp cloth was pressed firmly over mu nose and mouth that I realised someone else was there – and as I opened my mouth to speak, the fumes entered my body, and O started to swoon, my eyes closing…



When I slowly opened my eyes, I was still on the floor of my studio, but something felt wrong.  My arms and legs were stiff, and I could feel something pulling on the skin around my mouth.


No – not just that, it was pressing down on my cheeks as well, and as I tried to move I found I could not.  When my eyes cleared, I looked in the mirror – and saw the silver band that covered my mouth, that went round my head, pressing in on my cheeks as it went over my hijab.


I tired to move my arm – with no success, and as I slowly turned my head to the side I could see why.  My left arm was pulled back, my left leg bent and my ankle taped tightly to my wrist.  Turning my head, I saw my right wrist and ankle were secured together in the same way – and there was a band f tape round my body, holding my upper arms to my sides.


Someone had knocked me out, tied me so that I could not move, stopped me from talking – I realised the taste of cotton wool in my mouth was because there was something in my mouth, under the tape.


As the studio door opened, I caught a glimpse of a masked face looking in, and then door closed, just me, the music, and unable to move or speak.  I wondered what I could do – and then I realised something profound.  There was nothing I could do, and therefore I closed my eyes, allowed myself to relax.


It was truly the most calming session I had ever experienced, even if I was an unwilling participant…


The First Time


“Are you afraid?”


I looked at Steve and nodded slowly.  It was the first time he had been able to come to my house without my parents’ home, and he had promised to help me experience something I had only read about.


I was wearing a short sleeved white top with a deep square collar, over a long sleeved black sweater, black jeans and white sandals, my hijab as always wrapped over my head and hair.  It was a simple black one, and I blushed as Steve held my hands.


“It’s all right – if you want me to stop at any time, just say or nod, all right?  Now, turn your back to me, and put your hands behind your back.”


I had read stories of women held hostage, or in robberies, for years, and always dreamed of what it would be like to be one of them.  I had met Steve at college, and got to know him, and to trust him enough to ask if he would help.  So I slowly turned my back to him and moved my hands behind my back, breathing slowly as he crossed my wrists, and then I felt the rope on them as he bound them together.  It was tight, but not uncomfortable, so that when he had finished I could only wriggle my fingers.


“Are you all right,” he said as he held my arms.  I nodded, then watched as he knelt in front of me, and used a second length of the white rope to bind my ankles together side by side.  I watched as the rope went round and between my legs, the hems of my jeans flaring out under the band, as he tied the ends off and then stood up.


“Do you want me to carry on?”


I looked at Steve, smiled and nodded as I said “yes I do.”  He smiled in return, and then took another length of rope, wrapping it round my legs below my knees and binding them in the same way he had my ankles.  I was unable to move them apart now, as Steve went to the bag he had brought the ropes in, and took out a longer length.


“Do you wish me to do the next part?”


I nodded as he doubled the rope over, and then walked behind me, taking the rope round my arms and body and then gently pulling it so that my arms were forced into my sides below my chest.  He then wound it round me again and again, above and below my chest, framing it so that my arms were locked into place.  I felt safe, I felt snug, I felt happy as he tied the ropes off, and then he held my arms, whispering into my ear “It’s time for you to be quiet.  If you are ready?”


“I’m ready,” I said as I watched him roll up the white scarf, and then opened my mouth, feeling the band on my tongue as he pulled it between my lips and teeth and tied it tightly round my head.  I bit down,my lips on the cloth as I looked at him, and saw him smile.


“There – my beautiful captive.  What am I going to do to you?”




“Are you sure?”


Steve walked slowly behind me, and then I shivered as I felt him stroke his hand down my cheek, down my arms, and then embraced me as his hands started to play with me…



A Night In


“I see you had planned to go out for the night – sorry, I cannot allow that.”


The man was tall, strong, dressed in black, and he had taken the young woman totally by surprise as she walked into her bedroom to collect her purse.  His gloved hand was now clamped over her mouth as she struggled in his strong grip, trying to call for help.  She was dressed for a night on the town – her black dress hugged her ample body, the skin-tight black leggings glittering in the light.  Gold sandals were on her feet, and a black hijab preserved her modesty.




“Not important – what is important is that you stop struggling, or you will hurt yourself.  Are you going to stop struggling?”


She thought for a moment, and then relaxed as the man said “good – lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


“What are you going to do to me,” she whispered as she complied.


“All I want is to take your valuables, and stop you raising the alarm,” he said quietly as he slipped off the rucksack he was wearing, and opened the top, removing a length of thin white cord as he put her hands together palm to palm, and then wrapped the cord around her wrists to force them together.


She lay still, controlling her breathing, controlling the fear that was welling up inside her as she felt the rope on her wrists – and then on her ankles as he crossed them and bound them together with a second length of the cord.  She could feel his hands on her legs as he took the length between them to tighten the binding, and secured the ends.


The man then fed a second length of rope under her legs, as she felt them being forced together below her knees.  He was making sure she was not going to be able to get off this bed very easily, that much she had realised.


She then felt him removing the rings from her fingers before he made her kneel on the bed.  She tried to move her wrists, but with no success, before she saw the white rope come down over her head, and then felt her arms as they were forced against her sides.


“Why…  Do you have to do this?”


“I cannot take the risk of you raising the alarm somehow,” he said quietly into her ear as he continued to wind the rope around her, binding her arms to her sides as she glanced down.  Her dress was being stretched tightly over her chest, the two bands pressing down on her breasts – and then he made it even tighter by using two shorter lengths of rope between her arms and body to cinch the bands, bring them together, as she gasped.


“Did I say you could speak?”


“But this is tight – do you know how tight it is?”


“It has to be, or you may hurt yourself,” he said from behind her as she heard a soft sound, like something being peeled from a package.  “Close your eyes.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“Close your eyes.”


She swallowed and then did just that, before she felt the soft pressure on her eyelids – and found she could not open them again, something had been stuck over them. 


“Put your lips together.”


When she did so, she felt whatever was over her eyes being pressed over her mouth, sealing her lips together as she moaned softly.  What was he going to do next, she thought as she wriggled around.


Her question was answered as she felt the man tie something round her waist, and then she was gently laid on her stomach again – before she felt his hand go between his legs, and something press on her crotch, rub against it, as she felt him pull her ankles back.  


When he had finished, she tried moving – but she could not move her legs back, and worse every time she tried to move them, that rope rubbed on her – and even with her leggings on, doing that was making her feel strange, giddy, distracting her, and it felt…


It felt so good…





Alanna and Darla were both students on a law course, and were working together in their house on a paper.  Their housemate was out on a visit, so they were alone, able to concentrate on their work as they sat at the table. 


Both women were wearing casual clothes and hijabs – Alanna’s was blue chiffon over a yellow scarf, the same shade of yellow as her long sleeved smock top and the vest she was wearing over it.  She also had on a pair of tight denim jeans, and yellow shoes.


Darla’s hijab was a deep mottled green, several shades darker than her smock top which she was wearing a long sleeved black top over.  Black leggings and dark brown shoes completed her outfit.


They were concentrating so hard on their studies that they barely looked at each other, or heard anything – until a female voice said “well, there is someone home.  Both of you, stand up slowly, and put your hands in the air.”


Alanna turned to see a woman standing there, a stocking pulled down over her head and dressed in denim, but the fact that really got their attention was that she was pointing a very real gun at them.


“Who…  Who are you,” Darla whispered as she slowly stood.


“The woman robbing you – and making sure neither of you can raise the alarm.  Walk in front of me – and keep those hands in the air, both of you.”


“It’s all right, Darla, just do what she says,” Alanna said as she looked at her housemate, and then they walked out of the room, hands raised in the air before the woman forced them to walk upstairs, and into one of the bedrooms.


“Stand at the foot of the bed,” the masked woman said, “and hold one of these in your hand.”  She took from a bag she had over her shoulder two red sponge balls, handing on to each of the girls.


“What do you expect us to do with these,” Alanna said as she looked at the  masked intruder.


“Simple – compress them, then put them in each other’s mouth – all the way in.”


“But we’ll choke…”


“Not if you remain calm and breath through your nose,” the woman said with a smile, “go on, do it…”


“We’ll be all right,” Alanna said quietly as she compressed the ball in her hand, “do it to me first.”


“Are you sure?”


Alanna nodded and then opened her mouth as Darla pushed the sponge carefully in, making sure it sat behind her teeth as she watched her friend close her lips.  She then opened her own mouth, allowing Alanna to push her sponge in and feeling it expand to press her tongue down as she closed her own lips.


“Hug each other.”


The two women complied as the intruder took two thin black zip ties from her bag, and secured their wrists together, both of them hearing the rasping sound as they pressed against each other.






Darla looked at Alanna as the woman produced a large roll of silver tape, and wrapped it round their heads so that the silver band covered their mouths.  She then stuck the free end of the tape to Alanna’s shoulder, and slowly, methodically, she wound it round them both so that their bodies were enclosed in a silver sheath, leaving them unable to do more than wriggle against each other.


A sensation Alanna found strangely pleasing.


Darla was perplexed as the masked woman moved down them – she wasn’t sure why it felt so safe, even as she felt so scared.




She looked into Alanna’s eyes as she said “Hmmhrrfhfruh.”




Alanna looked at her as the woman stood up, and then pushed them over so that they were both lying on the bed, their feet sticking out over the edge of the bed as their binder taped their feet together as well.


Alanna looked into Darla’s eyes, deep into the brown pupils, and then said “Dhrlhhh?”






Darla’s eyes opened wide for a moment as the masked women searched through the room, and then nodded, closing her eyes as she felt Alanna’s taped lips on hers.  It wasn’t unpleasant, as she rubbed her mouth against hers.



The woman looked at them and then smiled as she left them, gently kissing as they wriggled round and rubbed against each other…




“Will you do Teddy before me?”


I smiled at young Mary as she said that, and nodded to show my agreement.  I had let myself into her house a short while ago, after I had made sure her father had left for their business, and explained to her mother what was going to happen before we joined her.  The ten year old was wearing a black cardigan over a black velvet dress, dark tights and knee length black fabric boots.


“OF course the man will do that – then we can all play together,” her mother said from the seat she had taken when we came in to see Mary.  She was wearing a snakeskin patterned scarf over her head and round her neck, the red cardigan over her cream top held together by the thin brown belt round her waist.  The patterned red leggings she had on were tucked into a pair of loose fitting mid-calf taupe leather boots – and at that moment, her arms were behind her back, her wrists tied together with the thin white rope I had in my rucksack.


“This is a very different game,” Mary said as I looked at her teddy bear, and then took some thin rope from my rucksack, wrapping it round the arms of the bear and forcing them against its body, and then a second length around where the wrists would be so that the arms were held tightly against the waist.


“There – now, are you ready for me to do the same to you?”


Mary nodded as she stood up, looking at the bear as I took a length of rope out and tied it round her upper arms, making sure they were held firmly against her sides and cinched the band between her arms and body.  With another length, I tied it round her left wrist, then took it round her waist and around her right wrist before making sure they were firmly secured as well.


“Why does Mummy have her hands behind her back?”


“Well, she’s going to sit in the chair, but you’re going to lie down, so it’s more comfortable for her,” I said as Mary sat down, “but I am going to make sure she cannot move her arms, so she is like you and Teddy.”


“Good,” Mary said as I took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it round her mother’s upper body, securing her arms tightly to her sides.  Coming back, I took two shorter lengths out and tied the teddy’s ankles and legs together.


“My turn?”


“Your turn,” I said to Mary as I knelt down and bound her ankles tightly together, making sure the rope went around and between her legs, and then secured her legs below her knees in the same way.  I then helped her to lie on the long couch, her teddy next to her, before I walked over and said “Mummy’s turn.”


“What happens when you are finished,” Mary said as she settled down, her head on a cushion as I crossed and secured her mother’s ankles together.


Once I had her legs secured in the same way, she smiled and said “the masked man is going to leave us alone for a few minutes, but he needs to make sure we can’t say very much first.  He will put the television on, however.”


“that’s nice – isn’t that nice Teddy?  Teddy says that’s nice – is that tape?”


“It is – a special tape that won’t hurt you, but will make it difficult for you to talk,” I said as I tore a strip from the roll of micropore tape and pressed it over the mouth of the teddy, then put a strip over Mary’s mouth.


“Chuhhhrhmhmhmmee?” she said, and then she giggled.


“I can hear you,” her mother said before I taped over her lips, “chnnhhemh?”


Mary nodded as I turned the television on, and left them to relax while I raided the rest of the house.




As he drove down the highway, the wind blowing over his head, he smiled and watched the road through his Ray Bans.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and his task had begun successfully.


Taking the bends in the road at speed, he was smiling and listening to Bruce Springsteen on the CD player.  Another few minutes, and he would be at the cabin.  Everything was prepared, everything was laid in and waiting – except for the most important thing of all.


Waving to the people he passed, he eventually turned off the road and went along a dirt track, smiling as the car rode over the bumps and ruts before he pulled up outside a log cabin.  Turning off the engine, he went and unlocked the front door, stepping inside for a few minutes before he came back and opened the trunk.


There she was, the black bands that were wrapped round her head to cover her mouth and eyes contrasting with the white and black scarf she wore in the style of a hijab, the bow under her chin.  The bands of rope held her arms firmly to her sides, over the black and white Harley Davidson retro top, her legs together over the faded jeans and mid-calf black leather boots.


“We’re here,” he said, the woman shaking her head as he lifted her out.  “I’m sure your husband will pay for your release soon.”


She understood – after all, she had paid for this break, this ransom game.  She was not to know this was not a game…







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