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The housewife looked up at the masked intruder, unable to understand how this has happened so swiftly.  The day had gone like any other in the Tokyo suburb – she had seen her husband off to work, her children off to school, and had done the tidying before she had sat down for some tea – and then the doorbell had rung.


She was not even dressed for visitors – a light purple knitted lace like top over a grey capped sleeved dress, dark hose, and knee length black rubber boots. 


But she had gone and opened the door – only to be pushed back in by a young woman, wearing a dark trouser suit and white blouse, and a surgical mask over her nose and mouth – as well as a loaded pistol in her gloved hand.


She had been forced back into the room, and made to kneel in front of the low seat, as the woman took some cord from her jacket pocket, left the gun where they could both see it, and taken her hands behind her back before she secured her wrists together.  She had then tied her ankles, and linked the two bindings with a third length of cord, before folding a cloth and pushing it into her mouth, the edges of the white fabric sticking out from between her lips.


Now she could only watch as the woman searched through the drawers, taking money and jewels and putting them into a sack as she wriggled round.    Eventually, she checked the binding, and then left the flat, the housewife struggling as she tried to get free…



“Excellent – a nice, simple in and out, minimum fuss, minimum bother.  Next?”


She squealed as the pink tape was smoothed down over her mouth, stopping her from calling for help as she sat on the low bed.  She had come home from work, to find the masked intruders inside, and she had not even time to scream before she had been hand gagged, and she saw the gun.


They had allowed her to remove her black coat, revealing her peach jersey dress, red tights and black suede boots, before her wrists had been taped together in front of her, her boots pulled off and her ankles taped together, and her mouth covered.  The intruders wore loose fitting black clothing, and a baseball cap with a scarf tied round the lower half of their head to cover their nose and mouth, as well as dark glasses.


Now she had to watch as they emptied the contents of the drawers onto the floor, taking things and putting them into bags – and then the door opened.


Her sister had lighter brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and wore a grey cardigan over a short dress with a grey skirt and a striped top, brown tights and knee length dark brown leather boots.  She stared at her taped bound and gagged sister, before one of the intruders grabbed her from behind and hand gagged her, while the other took the pink tape and taped her wrists tightly together in front of her before she was sat on the floor next to the other captive.  Her boots were pulled off, and her ankles secured, before her mouth was covered in tape and she too had to watch.


It seemed to be over in seconds, before the intruders made them sit back to back, and taped them together around their arms and upper bodies, and then made their getaway…



“Okay then – straightforward.  You – what happened?”


“Ah, well – mine was a bit more involved…”


It was a late afternoon as she walked slowly up the hill to her home.  It had been a very bad day at the office, and all she wanted to do was unwind and relax, let the world forget about her for a while.  She wore a dark blue soft jacket with a hood over her peach top and shorts, dark tights and knee length brown leather boots.


Sighing, she fished her door keys out of the black leather handbag she had flung over her shoulder, and opened the door to her bungalow, walking in and putting her keys back into the bag before she closed the door.  It was quiet, peaceful, and the breeze cooled her as she turned to go to the kitchen.


The breeze cooled her…  She barely had time to register that fact and the implications before a leather gloved hand was placed over her mouth, and she heard a female voice say “remain calm and quiet, do as I say, no harm will come to you.  Do you understand?”


She slowly nodded as the voice continued “good – slowly, slowly, unfasten and remove your coat, let it drop to the floor behind you.”


She nodded as she slowly unfastened the zip and let the coat slip down her arms, wondering what was going to happen next.


“Good – I need to secure you so that I can go about my business.  Are you going to resist me?”




“If I remove my hand, will you scream?”


She slowly nodded, and as the gloved hand was taken away, she said “Will you bind me in a particular way?  I need to vent some frustration, some anger…”


“What would you have me do?”


Slowly, she put her hands behind her back, as she said “secure my wrists and my arms to my body – I do not mind if they are tight and force me chest out.”


“Of course,” the female voice replied as she felt her wrists been gently forced together, soft rope going around and between them as she looked forward.  She then saw the rope a sit was passed over her head, pulled tight under her chest to force her arms into her sides, and then wrapped several times round above and below her chest.


“this is good – but make it tighter,” she whispered as lengths of rope were passed around the two bands, between her arms and body, so that the bands tightened and constricted her chest, rubbing on her.


She also got her first look at the intruder – a tall, thin woman, dressed in black leather and wearing dark glasses.  She smiled as she said “thank you – now, will you do something for me?  Tie the end of a long length of rope between my breasts.”


The intruder smiled, and said “I understand” as she did what she was asked, her breasts now encircled with the ropes as the leather clad woman let the ropes drop to the floor, then walked behind her before she pulled her captive’s shorts down, and then reached between her legs, pulling the rope up and between them as it was forced to rub on her panties, and then secured the ends to her wrists as well.


She sighed as she was made to walk into the front room, and lie face down on a long futon, looking over her shoulders as her ankles were crossed and secured together, and then her legs secured below her knees with rope.  Her legs were then pulled back, the backs of her boots within reach of her fingers as they were secured to her chest ropes.


“Open your mouth.”


As she did so, a folded silk pad was placed inside, and as she closed her lips the taste of her musk on her tongue told her what was there.  There was a sound like wallpaper peeling, and then a soft tension on the skin round her mouth as a strip of medical tape was pressed firmly over her mouth.


“Enjoy your down time,” the intruder said quietly as she left the room, and she started to try and move her arms and legs, feeling the heat and the pleasure growing as she did so…


“I see – a very interesting solution, and I credit you for that.


“Which leaves you – how did you do?”


“Depends – how do you like the idea of making the residents secure themselves?”


The door opened silently, as she slipped into the apartment.  Wearing a brown zipped jacket, tan leggings and short brown boots, she stopped to pull the rim of her wool hat down, covering her head so that only her eyes and red lips were visible, she closed the door just as quietly, and walked slowly down the corridor, taking a small gun from her jacket pocket as she did so.  She could hear the sound of the television, and the talking…


Opening a door a little, she looked in and saw the two women talking.  One had light brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and was wearing a white cricket sweater over a checked blouse, and blue jeans, the legs tucked into knee length red suede boots.  A red and white wool scarf was tied loosely round her neck.


The other woman had darker brown hair, and was wearing a brown checked tweed jacket and skirt, white tights and knee length black suede boots.  She also had a woollen scarf round her neck, this one a lighter brown tartan.


Taking a deep breath, she walked in and aimed the gun at both women, smiling at their screams as she said “keep quiet, stay in your seats, and put your hands in the air.”


“Who are you,” the one wearing red boots said.


“Not important – I’m going to call you Red and you Black.  Make it simple – I’m here to rob you, and I need to stop you both raising the alarm, so do exactly what I say, understand?”


As both women nodded and raised their hands in the air, she slipped off her rucksack and opened it with one hand, taking out some plastic zip ties.  “Right – I can’t tie you up and keep an eye on you, so take one of these each,” she said as she threw one of the ties at each of them, “and secure your ankles together.  And do it tight and proper – or I may be too tight if I have to do it.”


“We’ll do as you ask,” Red said quietly as she bent her legs, and passed the plastic strip round her ankles, the suede compressing and lightening as she secured her own ankles together.  Black looked at the binding for a moment, and then did the same, the rasping sound making the intruder smile as she did so.


“That’s good,” she said as she handed each woman a second zip tie, “now, your legs below your knees – and just as tight.”  She watched as the women secured their legs, and then looked at Red.


“Take your scarf off.”




“Take your scarf off.”  Black watched as Red unwound the scarf from round her neck, and looked at the masked intruder.


“Gag your friend with it.”


“No – no I…”


“I won’t ask twice,” the intruder said in a quiet, menacing voice, Red gulping as she looked at Black, and said “open your mouth…”  As her friend did so, she used the woollen scarf as a cleave gag, Black pressing her lips and teeth down over it as Red secured the ends together at the back of her neck.


“Whhnnwww,” Black said as she fingered her own scarf.




She nodded as she unwound her own scarf, and then gagged Red with that, the two women looking at each other as I said “good, now both of you, lean forward and put your hands behind your backs.”


She walked quickly behind them, using two more zip ties to secure the wrists of each woman behind their backs, and then used a final one to secure their upper arms together as they sat next to each other.   She then left them in the room, the two women struggling as she searched the rest of the house, and then slipped out again.


“Excellent – you have all done well.  You may return to your duties.”


“Thank you,” the women said as they left the conference room, Nikki Abata smiling as they did so.  Her staff were getting much more proficient and active…







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