Jay’s Topsy Turvy Day








“Yeah, I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to give you more notice, Mrs Simmons – but it happened very suddenly to both of them.  I know they were really looking forward to coming to your party.”


Zoe nodded as she held the telephone handset to her head.  The young brunette haired au pair was wearing a short sleeved black dress, black tights and knee length black leather boots.


“Of course I’ll tell them both you hope they feel better soon, and thank you again Mrs Simmons.  ‘Bye for now.”  As she ended the call, she handed the telephone over to the man standing beside her, who smiled as he said “very well done.  Now, please, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“What exactly is it you are going to do,” Zoe said quietly as her arms were taken behind her back, and she felt the rope rubbing on her bare wrists as they were secured together.


“Oh don’t worry,” the man said in his soft Geordie accent, “if you all do exactly as we say, everyone gets along just fine, and the family have a story to tell.”  He was dressed in a dark blue boiler suit, and also wore a pair of black workman’s boots, black leather gloves – and a black balaclava which only allowed his eyes and mouth to be seen.


“There,” he said quietly as he tied the ropes off, and tucked the loose ends into the bands, “now, why don’t we walk back into the front room, and you can keep an eye on your charges while we are about our business?”


They had arrived at nine that morning – an hour ago – just as she was preparing to drive Emily and Robert to the event they had been invited to.  They had, however, been most persuasive in terms of staying at home today to the children, to their mother and to herself – and the man when he had spoken had somehow managed to calm all of them down as well despite their fears.


There were four of them – but as the man guided her into the front room and made her sit in the armchair, only one of the other three was in the room as well.  The only woman, she spoke with a Scottish accent, and smiled as she said “There noo – yer friend’s safe, and yer’ no afreed any more, are ye?”


Emily shook her head as she watched the masked man kneel down, and tie Zoe’s ankles tightly together with the rope.  She and Robert had been scared at first, but the woman – she had said to call her Mrs McPhee – had explained how if they treated what was going to happen as a game, then everything was going to be all right.


She was sat on one side of the longer couch, her legs bent and the long skirt of dress covering them.  It was white, with a black circle pattern, and she also had on a short black cardigan which covered her arms.  She glanced down at the black shoes she was wearing, and the band of rope that went around and between her ankles there, then at the similar band that held her wrists together in front of herself.  A length of rope linked the two together so that she was stuck in that position – well, that and something else that held her there.




“Yssmfn,” she said through the strip of white tape that held her lips closed, as she felt Robert trying to move behind her.  Her older brother was wearing a black shirt, fawn pants and black trainers, but he had his wrists and ankles bound in the same way, a length of rope linking them.  A further length of rope was tied round their waists, and their upper bodies around their arms and chests, keeping them firmly back to back.


“Did you have to tie them up and gag them as well,” Zoe said as the masked man stood up.


“Och they’re fine,” the masked woman said, “aren’t they Jay?”


“They are indeed Mrs McPhee,” the man said as one of the other two men looked in.


“House secured and all mobile phones collected Jay.”


“Excellent – now my dear, lips together please.”


Zoe stared at Jay as he pressed the strip of white tape firmly down over her lips and jaw, the material forming to the contours of her face as she looked at him.


“Good – would you stay here for a moment?  I require a word with Mrs McPhee,” he said as he looked over, the masked man nodding.


“Ah willnae be a minute,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at the children, “and when ah return, we’ll do a singalong, all reet?”


She could see the smile on Emily’s face as she nodded, Robert groaning as he shook his head while the two intruders left the room, and walked into the kitchen, the remnants of the breakfast dishes still there.


“Well, so far so good,” Mrs McPhee said quietly in her normal accent, “but I don’t like the idea of moving about in the middle of the day as we planned.”


“I’m not exactly fond of it either Yvonne,” Mark Williamson said, “but it’s the only way we can meet our objectives, and also do what Brian asked us to do.”


“I know, I know – but we’re taking an awfully big risk, especially with the bust street outside…”


“Yeah – at least we made sure the van was inconspicuous this time…”





Two weeks earlier


“You want Jay Edwards and Mrs McPhee to strike and leave during the day?”


“That’s right,” Brian Holderness-Carter said as he and his wife Sarah sat with Mark and Yvonne Williamson in their front room.  Charlie and Lisa were spending the day with friends at Holderness Manor, allowing the adults to talk about the issue at hand.


“Not exactly what we are known for,” Yvonne said quietly as she sipped her coffee.


“We appreciate that,” Sarah said, “but there are reasons why we need you to do this.”


“Okay – so who’s the target for this daytime visit.”


Brian picked up a folder, and took out a photo of a woman in her early forties, with chestnut coloured hair.  “This is Margaret Blair, self-made business woman.  She runs a financial consultancy service from her home, where she lives with her children, twelve year old Robert and ten year old Emily.  There’s also a live-in au pair, called Zoe.”


Mark looked at the photographs, and then passed them to Yvonne as he said “Husband?”


“Widow – works from home Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we need you to visit on the Friday.  If you time your visit to start between eight and nine, you should be able to secure the house and do what you need to do from her home office.”


“But the house is on a main street – how do we cover what we’re doing,” Yvonne said.


“We have time to figure that out,” Brian said, “but the key thing is you are finished your business by two thirty on that day.”


Mark and Yvonne looked at each other, before Mark said “Why?”






As Mrs McPhee went back into the front room, and Jay heard the DVD for Moana start. He shook his head as he walked up to the first floor, and into an office.  The fourth member of his team was there, along with Margaret Blair.  Wearing a Laura Ashley print dress with short sleeves and a round collar, tights and knee length black boots, she was sat on a black computer chair, her ankles and legs secured with bands of rope, and a band of rope round her waist holding her to the chair back.


“Thank you for your patience, Margaret.”


“I had a choice?  Where are my children and Zoe?”


“Secure downstairs,” Jay said with a smile, “but we have some business to discuss.  Shall we begin?”


“Do I have a choice in the matter,” she said as she looked defiantly at Jay.


“Of course you do – you do so willingly, or unwillingly, and loathe as I am to threaten innocents…”  He looked at Margaret, before she said “very well then – what do you want me to do?”


“We know you have secure access to your company accounts here,” Jay said with a smiles, “what I want you to do is to log in, and then sit back and relax.”


“Relax?  While you empty the accounts?”


“I prefer to look at it as redistributing a portion,” Jay said with a smile, “so if we can begin?”


He watched as Margaret typed on the keyboard, and nodded as the financial system appeared on the screen.  “Now what,” she said as she looked at him.


“Now,” Jay said as he took from his pocket a USB stick, “you plug this in, and we watch.”


He handed her the stick, Margaret swallowing as she plugged it in, and watched a number of programs starting to run.


“Now then,” Jay said as he smiled and looked at Margaret, “once this has run its course, you will join the others for lunch, and then I regret to say we will need to ensure you cannot raise the alarm for a while as we leave.  Be assured – nobody will be hurt, so long as you continue to cooperate…”




“There noo – comfy?”


“Yssemmm,” Robert mumbled as Mrs McPhee tied the rope round his waist, holding him firmly against the back of the chair at the dining table.  His wrists were still secured behind his back, and his ankles and legs tied tightly together, but as he looked over at Emily and watched her swing her legs to and fro, he knew he had to be brave.


“There didn’t I tell you the children were fine?”


“Hllmmm,” Emily said as Margaret was helped to jump to a third chair, and then sat down, raising her arms as Jay tied the rope tightly round her waist.


“Are you all right Zoe,” she asked as the Au Pair, with the help of Mrs McPhee, carried in plates with pizza slices and other snacks on it.


“I am,” Zoe said quietly, “the children have been very brave.”


“They’re been real cuties,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as Zoe sat down, and was secured to the chair, before she walked round and untied the wrists of the two children, and then peeled the tape gently away from their mouths.  “Hae ae drink,” she said, the two of them nodding as they drank from the plastic cups before they started to eat.


“We watched Moana Mum,” Emily said, “and I tried to sing along, but all I could do was make funny noises.”


“They were funny,” Robert said, “but are you going to tie us again after lunch?”


“I’m afraid so,” Jay said with a smile, “but in your own rooms, and we’ll make sure you can watch what you want without being disturbed.  Consider it repayment for having to hear Dwayne Johnson sing again.”


“Yeah – why am I not scared of you?”


“Should you be Robert?”


“I should – you’re masked, you’re making Mum do something illegal, you’re holding us hostage – but we’re not scared, are we Emily?”


The young girl shook her head as Jay smiled.  “It’s a gift – now, all of you eat and drink up.  Once you’re finished, we’re going to take you one at a time to the toilet, and in your case Emily we need you to change into something else.”




“So that you will be comfortable on your bed…”





“Come wi me lassie,” Mrs McPhee said as she untied Emma, and held her hand while they walked up the stairs.


“Allow me to explain what is going to happen,” Jay said to the other three, “we will bind each of you in your bedrooms, ensuring you cannot move off the bed, and make sure you cannot call out and raise the alarm.  I promise you, it will not be too uncomfortable, but it is necessary.”


“But why do you have to,” Margaret asked.


“To ensure we have the maximum chance of a smooth getaway – and it means you know we have not gone back on our word,” Jay said quietly.  “Normally, we leave you over night, but today we are being a little more generous.  I hope you are appreciative of that.”


“Mum, it’s all right,” Robert said quietly, “you have to admit, apart from tying us up and gagging us, they haven’t hurt us.  In fact, they’ve gone out of their way to keep me and Emily amused – even if it was Moana.”


Zoe nodded as she said “I do not believe we have a choice Mrs Blair.”


“No – no we don’t,” Margaret said as Mrs McPhee came back in with Emily.  She had changed into a pink sweatshirt, blue leggings and black knee length felt boots, but it was her hands the family were looking at.  They were covered in white socks, the socks taped to the sleeves of her sweatshirt, as she said “look Mum – Mrs McPhee fixed it so I can’t use my hands.”


“Yer turn yung man,” she said as she released Robert and led him out of the room, as Jay picked up one of the lengths of rope.


“Come over here Emily,” he said quietly, “and let your mother and Zoe watch as I show them how we’ll stop you moving your arms now.”


“Okay,” she said as she came over, Jay crossing her wrists behind her back and securing them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms, then around her waist and between her wrists and her back.


“Wow – I really can’t move them Mum,” Emily said as she turned and showed her mother.


“no, I can see that,” Margaret said, smiling as Emily turned to look at her while Jay took a longer length of rope, and wrapped it around the young girl’s arms, binding them to her sides in two bands, and then taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“It feels nice, Mum,” Emily said as Mrs McPhee escorted Robert back in.  He looked at his younger sister, held up his own covered hands, and said “I guess it is my turn now.”


“It is indeed,” Jay said, “Mrs McPhee, why don’t you untie Zoe and help her tidy the dirty dishes away, and then we can all head up to the bedrooms?”



“I like your room,” Jay said as he led the family into Emily’s room.


“thank you,” the young girl said as Zoe and Margaret struggled in the tight ropes.


“Sit down on yer bed lassie,” Mrs McPhee said as she took a length of rope from a bag one of the other two masked men was holding, “ah’ll tie yer legs, and then we mak sure ye stay quiet.”


Emily nodded as she watched Mrs McPhee kneel down and cross her ankles, then use the rope to secure them together, the rope sinking into the black felt.  She then tied her legs together below her knees, taking the rope around her and between her limbs, before she stood up and said “what do ye want tae watch?”


“Can you play a series of It’s So Raven for me,” Emily said, Jay nodding as he switched on the laptop on her table as Mrs McPhee took a sponge ball from the bag.


“Noo – open yer moof nis nd wide…”


Emily sat still as the ball was pushed into her mouth, the sponge expanding and filling her mouth before the masked woman wrapped white tape tightly round her head.  She then helped Emily to lie on her side, facing the laptop as her ankles were secured to the foot of the bed, before Jay said “Enjoy your afternoon” and started the live stream.


“I’ll see you later,” Margaret said as she leaned over and kissed her daughter’s head, Emily nodding as she watched them leave.


“Can I watch something like JLU,” Robert said as he sat on his bed, watching as his ankles and legs were secured together, and then smiling as Jay found it on his laptop.  He allowed himself to be gagged, and then lay down as Jay tied his ankles to the foot of the bed, and started the program.


“Mrs McPhee, would you ensure the children are all right until we leave,” Jay said, the masked woman nodding as he looked at Zoe and Margaret.  “Time to be quiet ladies – open your mouths please,” he said, the two women nodding at each other before they opened their mouths, and the sponge balls were pushed in, the white tape wound tightly round their heads to keep them in.


“Make sure she is comfortable in her room,” Jay said to one of the associates, watching as he nodded and took Zoe by the arm while he opened the door to the master bedroom, and escorted Margaret in.  He waited as she sat on the bed, and then knelt down, crossing and securing her ankles together as the rope rubbed on her boots, and then securing her legs together below her knees.


“Please – lie down, make yourself comfortable,” he said, waiting until Margaret was lying on her side before he pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes, then ensured her skirt covered her legs before he covered her with her duvet.


“There,” he said as he looked at her, “thank you for your cooperation.”  As she nodded, he left and said to the masked associate “disconnect the internet, then check every ten minutes.”


Walking past the rooms, he looked in to see Zoe lying on her bed, then the children, before he walked down the stairs and looked at his watch.


“One thirty…”


Two weeks earlier


“Two thirty?  Why two thirty,” Yvonne asked.


“Well, that is when they are going to have a visitor – not one Mrs Reid is expecting.  The real business we have is not with her – but with the woman who is calling.  We need you to take her hostage, and then take her to her home so that both of you can get access – and then let me and Sarah in.”


“So this is a distraction?”


“Indeed – because we need to get access to the records of the husband of this woman.”






Jay looked over as the shadow appeared in the doorway, and heard the doorbell, followed by the muffled calls from upstairs.


“Brian, I hope you know what you are doing,” he said quietly as he walked to the door, opened it, and said “hello – come in, quietly, and not a word…”


The dark haired woman who was standing on the other side of the door stared at Jay, before she slowly walked in.  She was wearing a black leather blouson jacket over a red lace dress, the hem barely covering her bottom, sheer tights and taupe shoes.


“Please,” she said in an Eastern European accent, “I do not wish trouble, I am here to meet with Mrs Blair?”


“I am afraid MRs Blair and the others are – a lot tied up,” Jay said with a smile, “but I have been expecting you.  Now, do not be afraid, but do exactly what I say, all right?   You can start by handing me your handbag.”


The woman slowly nodded as she handed over her handbag, Jay smiling as he said “thank you – now, slowly, turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” she asked as she felt Jay begin to secure her wrists together.


“My name is Jay Edwards,” he said with a smile as he pulled the rope between her arms, “and the woman coming down the stairs is my associate, Mrs McPhee.  How are the younger members of the family?”


“Awl settled,” she heard the masked woman say as she was turned round, “so this is the woman who is gonna invite us intae her hoos?”


“It is indeed Mrs McPhee, it is indeed.  If you will stay with her while I inform the others of our plans?”


“Aye,” she said as she smiled, the new arrival wondering what was happening as Jay went up the staircase, and then two more men came down, both masked and also wearing boiler suits.


“Take the van and leave it at the prearranged point,” Jay said, “and your payments will be forwarded within twenty-four hours.”


“What about her,” one of them said as he looked at the dark haired woman.


“Ah yes – your name, my dear?”




“Well, Mrs McPhee and I have some business with Natalya, so good luck and good hunting.”


The two men nodded as they left the house, Mrs McPhee opening the handbag and removing the mobile phone.


“Now then,” Jay said as she also took out the car keys, “shall we?”




“Who are you people,” Natalya said as she sat in the back of her own car with Jay Edwards, Mrs McPhee driving out of the town.


“As I said, I am Jay Edwards and this is Mrs McPhee,” Jay said as he looked at her, “and we have some business to discuss with you, in the comfort of your own home.  Of course, you will be restrained and unable to stop us as we go about our business, but that’s just part of the joy of our work.”


She turned and stared out of the window as Mrs McPhee pulled into a cul de sac.  “Ye sure this’ll work, Jay?”


“It should do,” Jay said as she turned slowly to the left, and then a set of wrought iron gates swung inwards, the car driving through as the garage door swung up.


“Very convenient, those sensors that allow the gate to open and the garage to open as well,” Jay said to Natalya, the woman staying quiet as the car came to a halt, Mrs McPhee turning the engine off as the garage door slowly closed.


“What is your intention,” the woman said as she looked at her masked captors.


“Right now, for you to lead the way into the house,” Jay said with a smile as he opened the door, getting out before he indicated Natalya should follow, while Mrs McPhee got out and took a large holdall from the driver’s seat, “and then we’ll see who is home, shall we?”


He took Natalya by the arm, holding the gun in his other gloved hand as Mrs McPhee opened the door, and they walked into the kitchen.


“So what did she want Natal…”  The red haired woman at the kitchen sink looked at Natalya, Jay and Mrs McPhee, as well as the gun pointed at her, before she slowly raised her hands.


“Hello,” Jay said as the masked woman took a length of cord from the holdall, walked behind the other woman and took her arms behind her back, “and your name is?”


The woman looked at Natalya, before she said “Illyana – I am the housekeeper.”


“Well, Illyana, I am Jay Edwards, this is my associate Mrs McPhee,” Jay said as Illyana felt her wrists been secured together behind her back.  She was wearing a blue dress with an abstract design on the upper body, tights and flat shoes.  “We have some business here with your employer, but so long as you do as we say, everyone gets along fine.”


“Where is Kitka?”


“Playing with her friend in her bedroom,” Illyana said as Mrs McPhee hand some ropes to Jay, then took the bag and left the room.


“Well then,” he said with a smile, “shall we retire to the front room, and I shall explain what’s going to happen?”


As Mrs McPhee walked along the upper hallway of the house, she could hear the voices of two girls coming from one of the rooms.  She smiled as she opened the door, and said “hello dearies.”


Both girls looked up from the bed and stared at her as she came into the room, closing the door behind herself.  “Noo dinnae be afraed,” she said with a smile, “Ah know ah look scary, but ahm noo realle.”


“Who are you,” one of the girls said as she stood up.  She had fair hair, and was wearing a long sleeved white top with a little collar and bows on the sleeve cuffs, under a slip dress which had an orange body and a brown skirt.  The skirt came to her knees, the tops of a pair of patterned black socks visible over her brown felt boots.


“Mah name is Mrs McPhee – wha’s yers?”


“Kitka,” she said quietly.


“And you are…”


“I’m Mitzi,” the other girl said.  She was Chinese, her long black hair in two pigtails, and was wearing a sleeveless red checked blouse, purple tights and silver quilted effect boots.


“Well, Mitzi,” the masked woman said in her Scots accent, “Ah have a friend who’s talkin tae Kitka’s mummy, and we then need tae do a few fings ere.  To do that, we need tae make sure ye four dinane interfere, so ah’m going tae do a few things to make sure ye all stay in one place.”


“Are you…  Are you robbers,” Kitka said quietly.


“In a way, aye – sae, ah need ye both tae sit on the bed, and then put yer hans togefer ahs if ye were praying,” Mrs McPhee said as she opened the bag, and took out two lengths of cord.


“Will it hurt,” Mitzi whispered.


“Only if ye struggle – and ye’re noo gonna struggle, are ye?”


The two girls shook their heads as she smiled and said “good – so dae as ah ask ye boff…”



Illyana grunted as Jay pulled the rope tightly round her ankles, tying it off and then passing a second length around her legs below her knees, before that was cinched and tied off as well.  Natalya was sat on the couch next to her, already bound and staring at the masked man.


“Now,” he said as he took from his pocket a roll of white tape, “we just need to keep you both quiet…”


“What is this all about,” Natalya said as she struggled and then stopped as Mrs McPhee came in, Kitka and Mitzi jumping in behind her.


“Lkktssmmm,” Kitka said through the white tape that covered her mouth, she and her friend jumping over with ropes securing their legs at the ankles and below the knees, before they sat in front of the couch the older women were sat on.


“Ah promised they culd atch ae film,” Mrs McPhee said as Jay tape gagged Natalya and Illyana, “nae objecshons?”


“I don’t hear any,” Jay said as the girls giggled, and Mrs McPhee turned the television on.  As she sat with the four captives, Jay went outside and waited, until his mobile phone rang.


“Letting you in now,” he said quietly as he looked at a monitor, and opened the gates, a black SUV driving in and parking outside.  He walked to the door and opened it as two similarly clad and masked people walked in, the man carrying a second holdall.


“Ophelia,” he said as he looked at the woman, “welcome.  Let’s get to work.”


“Hrrruuu,” Mitzi said as she looked at the two new arrivals.


“My name is Ophelia,” the masked woman said, “Mrs McPhee asked me to come and help you both to have fun this afternoon and evening, while my friends talk to Kitka’s mummy and auntie.”


“Whttbtt,” Natalya said as she looked at the new arrivals.


“Your husband,” the other masked man said with a smile, “but that is for later.  For now, enjoy the film…”





“That’s right – jump into the back room with us,” Ophelia said as Kitka and Mitzi jumped out of the front room, Jay closing the door as the second masked man sat and looked at the two older women.


“Okay,” he said quietly, “my friend Jay is going to remove the tape, and I want you both to remain quiet for a moment, and listen – will you do that?”


Natalya and Illyana looked at each other before Natalya nodded, and Jay gently peeled the tape away from their mouths.  “Who are you,” Natalya whispered.


“Not important – let’s just say I represent certain parties who wish to send a message to your husband.  And if our information is correct, not only do you have a way of communicating with him in emergencies, it would also be personally pleasing to you if he was to have a bit of a setback.”


Natalya looked at Illyana, and said “and if I help you with this?”


“You are aware of Jay’s reputation?”  As Natalya nodded, the second man smiled and said “you have the story of his stay to tell, and the loss of a few replaceable items.  Consider it an adventure for you and the girls.”


“I can vouch for my friend here,” Jay said as he looked at the two women, and spoke in his soft Geordie accent.  “Allow him to do what he needs to do, and after you have all had something to eat and drink, we make sure you stay comfortable until the authorities arrive – and I assure you, they will arrive.”


“Natalya, do you despise what he does that much?”


The other woman nodded as she said “what do you want me to do?”


Jay reached down and released her legs, as the second man helped her to stand.  “Show me your computer, and leave the rest to me,” he said as he took her out of the room.


“And as for me,” Illyana said quietly.


“Well, someone has to prepare supper,” Jay said as he untied her legs, “shall we?”


“Why not – you have been a gentleman,” she said as she stood up, and followed Jay into the kitchen.




“There,” Natalya said as she looked at the masked man, “what are you going to do?”


“I need you to address an email to your husband, and download some new photos of Kitka to him.  I’m sure you have some.”


Nodding, Natalya typed on the screen and added some files, before moving back as the masked man plugged a USB stick into the machine, and added two files before hiding them.  He then pressed send before he said “there.”


“And this will hurt him?”


“Oh yes – the authorities where he is hiding will, within the next 24 hours, detain him and ensure he will never bother you or Kitka again.”


“Good – to do what he did with innocents…  So what happens to us now?”


“Now – I think you come down, and the four of you eat before we make arrangements for our departure with the help of Ophelia and Mrs McPhee…”





Two weeks ago


“Dimitri Kosolov,” Brian said, “fled the country six months ago just as he was about to be arrested.”


“What for,” Yvonne asked as she looked at the picture.


“Child slavery – his wife discovered the truth, but was too afraid of what he might do to her and their daughter Kitka to say anything.  She is the way we can place the tracking and other software at his location – but to do that, we need to get in a way that belays any suspicions she might actually agree to do this.”


“And to do that, Jay and Mrs McPhee have to call?”


“Indeed – some money will be extracted from his accounts, as part of our work, and transferred to yours, but to get access to her secured home, we need her to come to somewhere.”


“The Blair house,” Mark said.  “We take her there, then drive her to her home, using her car to get in.”


“Precisely – then we come in, take care of business, take care of them, and then we all leave in our vehicle.”


“Okay – let’s do this then…”






“Thanks Aunt Illyana,” Kitka said as the family sat round the table, eating the food as the masked men and women watched.


“Are you going to tie us up after we have eaten,” Mitzi said as she looked at Mrs McPhee.


“Aye – but we’ll dae it a different way, and you can try nd escape efter we go.  Sound lik fun?”


The two girls nodded as Jay said “the girls will be downstairs, and we will secure you two in the bedroom.  Part of the game will be to see if you can all come together.”


The older women nodded as Ophelia said “trust us – it’s going to be great fun.”




“All reet gahls – go to the toilet, then cum back doon here wif Ofelia,” Mrs McPhee said as Kitka and Mitzi went out of the room.


“Ladies – kindly put your hands behind your backs,” Jay said, Natalya and Illyana nodding as they felt the rope pulled tightly round their limbs.


“May we make sure the girls are safe before you take us upstairs,” Natalya asked quietly.


“Of course,” Jay said as he pulled the rope between her arms, and then tied it off.  “we’re securing your arms now so that they can see there is nothing to be afraid of when we do the same to them…”


The two women nodded as the second man took from the bag two long coils of rope, and handed one to Jay before they both shook the rope out and doubled it over.  The women stayed in their seats as the two masked men wrapped the rope tightly round their arms and chests, forming two bands above and below their chests as their arms were forced into their sides.


“Wow,” Kitka said as she and Mitzi came back into the kitchen, “are you going to do that to us as well?”


“We are,” Jay said with a smile, “it doesn’t hurt, does it?”


“No it doesn’t” Natalya said with a smile as Mrs McPhee and Ophelia took a length of cord from the bag, “so I want you girls to put your hands behind your backs as well.”


As they watched, Mrs McPhee and Ophelia secure the wrists of both girls tightly behind their backs, and then their arms to their sides in the same way as they were bound – but while the two men had taken rope under their arms and round the back of their necks, the two masked women took shorter lengths of rope to tighten the bands between their arms and bodies.


“Reeht than,” Mrs McPhee said, “intae the frunt room wi ye both, and sit on the flair.”


Jay and the others followed as Kitka and Mitzi sat on the floor in the front room, watching as Mrs McPhee and Ophelia tied their legs together below their knees.  “We need to take your boots off,” Ophelia said, “and then tie your ankles, but it’s all part of what we are going to do.”


“Okay,” Mitzi said as their boots were taken off, and then their ankles secured together side by side.  They then watched as Mrs McPhee took out of the bag two small sponge balls.


“Now then,” Ophelia said as she knelt down, and brushed their hair back from the faces, “we need to make sure you cannot call for help very easily, so I want you both to open your mouths as wide as you can, and we’ll put these balls inside.  Then we’ll sue some of the tape Mrs McPhee used earlier, wrapped round your head – and then you can see if you can talk to each other.”


“Okay then,” Kitka said as the two girls opened their mouths, then closed their lips over the sponge before the white tape was wrapped tightly round their heads.




“Ntfrrwl” Mitzi giggle as the two girls were helped to lie on their stomachs, and then their ankles tied to their chest ropes before the television was turned on.


“We’ll stay wif them,” Mrs McPhee said, “on ye go noo.”


“Ladies,” Jay said as he and the second man escorted Natalya and Illyana to the main bedroom.  Allowing them to sit on the bed, they watched as they took more ropes, and secured their ankles as well as their legs below their knees – and then as they were gagged in the same way as the girls.


As they faced each other, lying on their sides as their ankles were secured to their chests, Jay said “thank you both – you have done a good thing today.”


“Ehpppsss,” Natalya said as the two masked men left the room, and slowly walked down the stairs…





“Hae fun, gahls,” Mrs McPhee said, the two young girls nodding as they wriggled on the floor, before the four masked men and women walked out of the house, removing their balaclavas as they climbed into the car, and Brian drove off.


“Mission accomplished,” Mark asked as he ran his fingers through his hair.


“Oh yes – we should hear soon…”




Three days later


“Well, the paper was interesting today,” Mark said as he looked at Yvonne.


“You mean the family talking about Jay Edwards?”


“That – and the report of a paedophile and child slavery ring broken apart.  I always feel good when we can do something to help that along…”











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