Jenny’s Awakening








“Mum?  I’m home – I’m just going to go and get changed, and finish packing my bags.”


“All right Jenny,” I heard mum call through from the kitchen as I walked up to my bedroom, and closed the door.  Cassie had gone over to Lisa’s house to finish off her homework, which gave me the time I needed to get my stuff together.


It was the week after the wedding, and I had been asked by Fiona Kerr’s mother if I could help her out of a bind.  She had to attend a literary event in London, and couldn’t take Fiona with her.  Normally, she would ask her to stay with Louise, but her dad and new mum weren’t due back for another week, so she needed someone to stay and keep an eye on Fiona for her.


Just to add to the excitement, Fiona had invited Patty, Rachel and Louise to have a sleepover weekend, so some form of older supervision was definitely in order.  The one good thing was the lad most likely to cause trouble, Louise’s brother Freddie, was going to spend the weekend with the Cottrell’s at their nearby farm.  I suspected he would be kept nice and busy by Frank and his brothers.


I packed in what I thought I would need, including an outfit for Sunday, and then went to collect my toothbrush and things.  When I got back to my room, my mobile phone was ringing, so I picked it up and said “hello?”


“Hey Jenn – you about ready?”


“Yeah – I’m going up with Dad in a few minutes.  What about you Ally?”


“Be there at six thirty – Dad needs to drop something off for mum first.”


“Gotcha – see you later.”


I’d asked Alicia if she could come and help out as well – Fiona on her wasn’t a problem, Fiona with Louise I could manage, but with the Tornado Twins as well, I knew I would need the extra help.


“Jenny, are you ready?”


“Coming Dad,” I said as I closed my bag up and carried it down, giving it to Dad before I went and kissed the twins and Mum, and then walked out to the car.  There was an unseasonable cold snap that day, and Dad said “looks like it might be snow later,” as we drove off.




As we got to where the Kerrs stayed, I saw Mrs Kerr loading her case into her car.


“I can’t thank you enough for doing this Jenny,” she said as I walked up, “my contact numbers are by the phone, and I’ve left plenty of money for food and taxis on Sunday.  If there’s a problem, the Cottrell’s are five minutes walk away.”


“I’m sure there won’t be a problem,” I said as Alicia arrived, her dad driving the family car.  She jumped out and got her bag from the boot, and waved as he and my dad drove off.


“Well, I need to go.  Fiona, Patty and Rachel are inside, and Mr Boyle rang to say Louise is on her way was well.  Have fun.”


We waved her off and then went in, looking in the front room where Fiona, Patty and Rachel were sitting playing a game of Ludo.  Fiona was still wearing her school uniform, while Patty and Rachel were wearing jumpers and jeans.


“I’ll get that,” Alicia said as she went to the front door, returning with Louise as she said “hi” to the other girls.


“Hi Louise,” Fiona said, “I’ll show you to the room later.”


“Come on,” I said to Alicia, “let’s see what we can rustle up for their dinner.”


Mum had been giving me a few cooking lessons, so when I looked in the refrigerator, and found some minced lamb and mushrooms, I said to Alicia “Can you see if they have any pasta and tomatoes in the cupboard.”


“They do,” Alicia said as she looked in a door, “and I see some onion there.  A pasta Bolognese?”


“I think so,” I said, before we both looked to the door.  Some sort of argument was going on in the front room, so we walked through to have a look.


“You do have to move back,” Louise was saying to Patty.


“NO I DON’T,” Patty said loudly, her hands on her hips and staring at Louise.


“Ahem,” I said as all four looked at us, “play nice or don’t plat at all.”


“Oh – and how do you plan to manage that?”


Alicia and I looked at each other, and then smiled as I said “all four of you, hands behind your backs, and I’ll show you how.”





“KEEEHTSRKS,” Patty said through her gag as she flexed her fingers, her wrists tied to her elbows as her arms were folded into a box behind her back.  A length of rope was also tied round her upper arms and chest, as was the case for the other three, and they were all sat cross legged on the floor, their ankles tied together with rope as well.  Long, wide strips of white tape covered their mouths, as well as the hankies that sat in their mouths.


“Now,” I said as I started the Frozen DVD, “sit quietly while Alicia and I prepare dinner, then after you’ve eaten it you get your homework done, and ready for bed.  Understood?”


All four nodded as we went back into the kitchen, Alicia putting some water into a pan while I started to chop the onion and mushrooms.


“Do you think the whole weekend will be as quiet?”


“One can only hope,” I said as I looked over.  “Can you put the water on, and then find a frying pan please.”


The rest of that Friday passed easily enough – we untied all four of them, ate dinner together, and then Alicia and I washed the dinner dishes while they sat at the table and did their homework.  After that, they went to Fiona’s room, washed and changed, came down for supper, and then went to bed, leaving Alicia and me to talk about our Christmas plans until we went to bed as well.


Nice, simple, peaceful.  Nothing at all to worry us, which made a nice change.





“Morning,” Alicia said as she came down on the Saturday morning, “What’s for breakfast?”


“Fruit juice in the fridge, and cereal there,” I said as I went to put the kettle on.  I was wearing a pair of track suit bottoms, the legs zipped at the cuffs, and a white roll necked jumper, while Alicia had on a pair of grey leggings and a matching polo shirt.


“Looks like the snow has held off,” she said as she looked out of the window, and then poured herself a glass of orange juice.


“Yeah – good thing too,” I said as the girls came down, still dressed in their pyjamas.  I poured them some orange juice and allowed them to help themselves to cereal, while I made some coffee for Alicia and me.


“Jenny,” Fiona said as she ate her cereal, “we were wondering if you and Alicia would play a game with us this morning.”


“Oh – what sort of game?”


“Hostages,” she said with a broad grin.


“I don’t know,” Alicia said quietly, “we have to tidy a few things away...”


“Oh we can do that for you,” Louise said, “please play with us?”


We both looked at the four of them, their eyes open, and then at each other before I said “What do you think?”


“So long as they tidy things up, and free us in time to prepare lunch for them, all right,” Alicia said, “all right.  But finish your breakfast, wash the dishes, and wash and change yourselves first.”


“Thanks Jenny,” Patty said as she grinned at me.


Had I known what was going to happen, would I have refused?  Honestly, I have no idea...


Anyway - the girls all finished their breakfast and went to wash the dishes, while Alicia and I went into the front room.


“Are you sure this is a good idea – we’re putting an awful lot of trust in them,” she said as we sat down.


“I know – but we did promise they could in return for them clearing up and letting us go in time to prepare lunch – what harm could it do?”


“We are talking about these four, right?”


I heard them running up the stairs, and turned on the television.  “Relax, Alicia – we’ll be fine,” I said as James Martin came on, and we both watched him as he introduced his guests for the day.  It was starting earlier than usual, because of an event they were showing later that day.


“Hands up ladies – this is a robbery!”


We both looked over to see Louise in front of the other three, all of them wearing sweatshirts and jeans, and with long woollen scarves tied over the lower half of their faces.  Louise had a toy pistol in her hand, and I could see Patty and Rachel were both carrying bags with lengths of rope sticking out.


“OH my god,” Alicia said as she raised her hands, “please, don’t hurt us.  We’ll do whatever you say.”


“Yes, whatever you say,” I said as I raised my hands as well.


“Good,” Louise said as Fiona handed us each a black scarf.  “I want you to start by blindfolding yourselves with these scarves, and then putting your hands on your lap.  Do as I say, and you won’t get hurt.”


“Why do that,” I said as I looked at them, but Louise just waved the toy gun around, so we looked at each other, folded the scarf we were holding into a band, and then tied it over our eyes.  Once I had it in place, I laid my hand son my lap, wondering what they were going to do next.


“Hold these,” I heard Rachel say as something soft was pressed into my hands, and I felt the sponges as I made two fists, then heard the ripping of tape as my hands were covered.


“What are you doing,” Alicia said in a mock scared voice, Patty replying “Making sure you can’t use your hands,” as I felt something been pulled up over mine, and then tape wound round my arm.


I didn’t know what type of tape it was, but by the sound from Alicia I guessed it was duct tape, so I just hoped when the time came they remembered what to do.


“Look, just leave us alone,” I said quietly, “we can’t stop you robbing us.”


“Sorry lady – we need to make sure you can’t,” I heard Fiona say as I was gently pushed forward, and my arms taken behind my back.  I relaxed a little as I felt my wrist been crossed, and then the rope going around and between them as I put up a little struggle.


“Please, I’m scared,” Alicia said in a playful voice as I felt whoever was tying me wrap the rope around my waist, and then between my arms and my back, cinching it tightly.


“She’s right – if you must tie us up, just tie our ankles and take whatever you want,” I said as well, only to feel my arms been pulled into my sides as my binder wrapped the rope around me below my chest.  I struggled again, but then I felt the rope above my hest as well, with several more passes below and above.


“Wha...  What are you doing,” I said as I struggled, trying not to giggle as the ropes rubbed above and below my chest.


“Making sure your really can’t move,” the voice said again, this time Patty at my guess, as the ropes were pulled tighter.  I heard Alicia gasp as well, so I presumed the ropes were also been tied around her.


“OH god, please, don’t do this to me,” she said quietly, confirming what I thought, as the ropes were tightened one last time, and I wriggled round, secretly enjoying hoe they felt.


“They talk too much,” Louise said, “silence them.”


“No, please, don’t dthsmmmggg” I mumbled as I felt a cloth been pushed into my mouth, and then what felt like cotton tied round my face, a knot that definitely tasted of it between my teeth.  I shook my head and moaned, but then I felt something pressing down on my hair, and I gave a silent word of thanks as someone’s hands did something at my neck, and then I heard the ripping sound, the tape sticking to my skin and pressing what I guessed was a headscarf to the back of my neck.


“Plsssltssggg,” I heard Alicia half cry, half moan as I tested my body round, making the ropes rub against me in a way that – oh I’ll just come out and say it.  I loved the way it felt, and I just hoped they didn’t notice how much.


“Make them both stand up,” I heard Louise say, “while we decide what we’re going to do next.”


I was helped to stand, Alicia nudging against me as she whispered “Whttnxxt?”


“Rllgssemjn,” I mumbled back as we heard Patty say “I want to try something – something new.”


“Oh – what’s that?”


“I saw Eddie do this with Angela once, and she seemed to like it.  I bet our two captives would like it as well.”


“Whtsshtlkgbtt,” I mumbled, but there was no answer from her, so I struggled and called out “SMBDDEHHLPPSSS”


“Keep quiet, lady,” Louise said loudly, “or we keep you even quieter.”  She then said, more softly, “all right Patty – show us what you want to do.”


“Don’t move lady,” Patty said directly in front of me, and I felt her fiddling with the rope around my waist, making me grunt a little as it pulled my wrists against my back, but then she let go.  I then felt her taking a rope around my wrists, and I figured “Great – she’s going to pull my wrists up more against the chest ropes.”  It would not be the first time it had happened it me – Colin had done it a couple of times – so I braced myself for my arms going up my back.


Well, that wasn’t quite what happened.  What happened instead was a loud and muffled gasp from me as I felt something pressing firmly between my legs as the rope was pulled around my wrists. 


“This stops them even trying to pull their wrists up more,” Patty said as I felt her tie the trope between my arms.  I had no idea what she had done, but I’m telling you, it was something I had never, ever felt before.  I didn’t know what to do as I twisted round, and suddenly felt the rope rubbing on my track suit bottoms – and the shock made me feel very peculiar indeed.


“Nnnplssrmfftt,” I moaned as I struggled more, and then heard Alicia gasp out loud and say “Whttrruddnggg?”


“Relax lady, we’re making you extra secure,” I heard Patty say, as I stopped struggling, not wanting to make things any worse as the rope stayed firmly in place. 


“On the floor ladies,” Louise said, and I tried to kneel, but as I knelt that new rope rubbed again.  I thought about how I had felt when Jay Edward’s men had tied that upper band of rope on our chests over that weekend, and how that had felt, but this?  This was in a totally different league.


I felt two sets of hands lowering me to the floor, and a cushion under my head, before my ankles were crossed and tied tightly together, the rope going between my legs, and then my legs were ted together below my knees.  As they were forced together, it seemed to press the rope a little more.


“Plssttppnwww,” I heard Alicia moan, but they just laughed as Louise said “no chance lady – we need to make sure you two stay exactly where you are.”


I then felt my ankles been pulled back, and prayed they were going to tie them to my chest ropes.  Well, I felt them tying them to a rope – it was only when they let go, and I tried to move my legs, that I felt that new rope press even more, and I almost screamed in panic.  They must have tied my ankles to that instead – and it just made the pressure even greater to me.


“All right – take their blindfolds off.  They may as well be able to see each other.”


I blinked as someone pulled the blindfold down my head, and then slowly turned my head to the side.  Alicia was looking at me, eyes wide open over the silver band that encircled her head, the black scarf hanging loosely below it.  She had a floral patterned headscarf tied over her hair, but that wasn’t my eyes slowly travelled to.  I looked at her ankles, which were connected to a rope just below her wrists, and then looked back at her.  She had been looking at me as well, as she said “whtthfff...”


“Come on – let’s rob the place,” Louise said as the four of them left, and we looked at each other. 


“Whthhlllddtheedd,” Alicia said as she tried to move her ankles, and then closed her eyes as she groaned.  I could understand that – I was trying to move as little as possible, by tit was still pressing on my bottoms, and even the slightest shuffle sent something like an electric shock through me.


“Eddntkknww,” I moaned softly as I looked at her.  The ropes rubbing on my chest as I wriggled round were one thing, but this – this was something else.


It’s not as if it was unpleasant – it was just that (a) I had no idea what she had done, (b) it was infuriating the hell out of me, and (c) if I moved an inch, or even less, it just seemed to make it rub or increase the pressure between my legs even more.


Alicia was moaning as well, as she rocked from side to side.  “Hmggddjneee,” she said as she looked at me, “whthssshnngnggg?”


“Fnnddeee, bttthhmmsetlrddd,” I said as the rope rubbed again, and I closed my eyes, wondering what this new feeling I was experiencing was.


“Right,” I then heard Louise say as the girls came back in, “get these two on their feet, and untie their legs.”


I let out a small sigh of relief as the pressure eased a little, my legs lowering to the floor before the ropes around them were removed, and I heard Alicia sigh as well before we were both helped to stand.


“All right you two,” Louise said, “you’re coming with us.  Your very rich husband will pay handsomely to get you back – you and your sister.  Get some shoes on their feet and coats on them.”


“Nnnudnthffddd,” I said as Rachel put my Ugg boots in front of me, and then helped me to put them on, the rope rubbing as I raised and lowered my leg.  Looking over to Alicia as she was helped into her boots, I could now see the rope at the front foe hr waist, pulled up between her legs and pressing on her leggings.


A large duffle coat was then fastened over me, and the hood pulled up, before Rachel took my arm and Fiona’s Alicia’s, and we were made to walk towards the front door.  I don’t know how to describe how it felt, each step making that rope rub, and another shock and then another running through me as we were taken outside and made to walk round the house and the garden, the hoods covering our heads.  I could hear Alicia protesting like mad now, but I had to keep control, or we were both going to be in real trouble.


As we were taken back into the house, our coats were removed, and then we were made to lie down again, our ankles crossed and tied over out boots, our legs tied together, and then our ankles tied to that damned rope again before we were left alone.


I rolled slowly onto my side, groaning loudly as yet another shock ran through me, and I looked at Alicia as she did the same, the rope between our legs as well as over our upper bodies.  We looked at each other, staying as still as possible, and wondering how much longer we could stay like this.


There is a problem with being hogtied, however – you have to try and move from time to time, or you get cramps.  So I found myself counting to ten slowly, and then gently trying to stretch my legs.


“Dnttt,” Alicia said as she saw me close my eyes and try not to make any noise, but it was so, so difficult...  What was even worse was, after a while, I was beginning to enjoy the sensation, but I was scared of what else it might be doing.


Opening my eyes, I could see Alicia was having the same struggle as she tried rolling over, and then stopped, panting slowly.  It was the worst possible feeling – and the best as well, which was making me as confused as heck.


“There they are – we need to release them.”


I said a silent prayer of thanks as the four girls untied the ropes, and breathed an even bigger sigh of relief as the rope was removed from between my legs.  Alicia and I sat up and waited until the gags were removed, before we looked at each other, and then at them.


Every fibre of my brain was screaming at me to tell them never to do that again, but when I looked at Alicia I could see the same confusion in her mind as I was feeling.  They can’t have known what they were doing, or what it would do to us, but all I could say was “Where did you learn that, Patty?”


“I saw Angela being tied up by Eddie once, through the door, and he used the extra rope on her – I could see she really could not move with that, and I wondered if I could try it on of us.  I guess the opportunity just didn’t come up until today, and it worked didn’t it?”


“Oh it worked all right – you two could not move at all,” Fiona said as she looked at us.  Alicia was sitting with her knees drawn up, her chin resting on them, before she said “Still...”


“You must not use that rope on any of you,” I said quietly, “ever.  I know we allow the second chest ropes if our parents agree, but not that one.  Same goes for Cassie and her friends.”


“I agree,” Alicia said after me, “never ever do that to your friends or Suzie’s friends.”


“What about you two and your friends?”


We looked at each other, realising that despite what had happened, we really didn’t have a good answer.  If we couldn’t understand what that rope was doing, how could we explain it to them – or should we even try?


“Keep it as our special secret,” I eventually said.


“So we can play another game with you this afternoon, and ass the new rope as well?”


I looked at Fiona, then at the other three, and then at Alicia, hoping she would say something – only to be interrupted by the front door bell.


“That’ll be the pizzas I ordered for lunch,” Fiona said as she went to the front door, and the other three went to the dining room.




“Plates,” I said as Alicia and I went into the kitchen, walking very slowly, and fetched some plates and glasses for us all to use.


Lunch was – different.  The girls were chatting away about their plans for Christmas, and what they were going to do between now and then, while Alicia and I just sat and ate the food.  I wanted to talk to her about what had happened, but somehow I could not find the words at that point.


Eventually, I said “Right – you girls go into the front room, while Alicia and I clear up and do the washing up.”  The four of them ran off as I collected the plates, and Alicia the cups, and then we took them through to the kitchen.  She then picked up a rubbish bag and went to get the pizza boxes.


When she came back in, she picked up a tea towel and started to dry the glasses as I washed them, putting them away as she did so.  After a few minutes, though, she looked at me and said “Jenny, what...”


“I don’t know,” I said quietly as I looked at her, “as God is my witness, I really don’t know.  I have never, ever felt like that.”


“Me neither,” Alicia said.  “I didn’t know what to do, or even if I wanted to do anything.”


We looked at each other, before I said “Nobody must ever find out about this – I wouldn’t be able to explain what or why.”


“Me neither,” Alicia said, “and they definitely must not tie that rope, ever again.”


I nodded as Louise came back in.  “we’d like to play another game of robbers, if that’s all right.”


“I need to go to the toilet first,” I said as I dried my hands, Alicia nodding to show she did as well.  As we both went upstairs, I headed to the room I was sleeping in as Alicia went to the toilet.  In some privacy, I pulled off my track suit bottoms, and saw the damp patch on the inside, before I felt the dampness on my underwear.


“What the...” I whispered to myself as I heard the shower running, and figured Alicia had discovered the same thing.  So I waited until I heard her walk past, and ran into the bathroom, using the shower to wash myself down before I went back and put on clean underwear, as well as a pair of black leggings.  I pulled my jumper back on, and took out from my bag a knee length denim skirt.


I was about to put it on when the door opened and I saw Patty and Rachel come in, both of them wearing bandanas folded in half along the diagonal and covering their noses and mouths like a cowboy movie.


“We found the other one,” Rachel said as she looked out of the door, “take them both downstairs.”


“Oh no, what do you want,” I said as I was walked out of the room, and saw Alicia, wearing pink leggings with her top and carrying a brown skirt.  All four of the girls were wearing masks, and carried water pistols as we were marched back down and into the living room.


“What are you going to do to us,” Alicia said in a mock tone of fear.


“Tie you up, keep you quiet, make sure we have time to rob you,” Patty said.


“Well, can we at least put out skirts of first,” I said as I looked at the four bandits.


“No – we’ll put them on you later,” Patty said as Louise and Fiona held out four sponge balls.  “now hold them in your hands.”


We both rolled our eyes as our hands were covered in tape, and then the socks pulled up our arms and taped into place, before we both had our wrists crossed behind our back and tied tightly together.  Patty then tied a length of rope around my waist, forcing my wrists against my back as she tied tin front – and I saw a long tail drop to the floor in front of me.  I glanced at Alicia, who had seen a similar length of rope tied around her waist and the tail dropped in front of her, before I said “Girls...”


“You didn’t say we couldn’t tie it on you,” Patty said, “and it makes it more difficult for you to escape.  Rachel, Fiona – gag them.”


I realised my mistake just in time for Rachel to push a sponge into my mouth, and then use a rolled up bandana as a cleave gag, before the  white tape was wrapped around my head.  Alicia was gagged in the same way, as we looked at each other.


I heard someone kneel down behind me, and then saw Patty’s arm as she reached between my legs and pulled the rope up, at least this time keeping it loose between my legs as she fed it round my wrists.  Even though I felt this would press again, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been in the morning, as Patty held my denim skirt up and said “step in and I’ll fasten it round you.”


Nodding, I stepped into the skirt as Fiona and Louise did the same thing to Alicia.  I smiled under the tape as Rachel fastened the skirt behind me – this might not be so bad after alllllllIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Why did I scream?  Because the next thing I felt was Patty pulling that damned rope tight against my leggings, under the skirt, and then tying it off to my wrists!  They’d done it to me again – and I heard Alicia groan as the same thing was done to her by Louise!


“Hey, we forgot to do something.”


“What’s that,” Patty said to Rachel.


“We forgot to cinch the rope around their waist and wrists – but I can do that,” she said as she pulled on the remaining end of rope, and wrapped that around the waist and extra rope between my wrists and my back.  Yeah, it made the rope around my waist tighter – but that was nothing compared to how it felt between my legs now!


“Hmswttllrdd,” Alicia moaned as the same thing was done to her, and then we watched each other as they tied bands of rope around our stomachs, and below as well as above our chests.  We dared not move at that point – it was bad enough just standing still, never mind twisting and complaining...


I could feel the ropes pressing down on my chest, and that was pleasant enough, but the new feeling I was experiencing was even more intense than that morning, because it felt so much tighter.  We barely managed to stand still as Rachel and Fiona knelt in front of both of us, binding our ankles together as well as our legs below the knees.  Looking at Alicia, I could see the way the rope was cinched between our wrists and backs, and realised this must have tightened the other rope as well.


By now, all I wanted to do was get this over with, knowing they were likely to hogtie us – and I could see the same thought racing through Alicia’s mind.  At least then they couldn’t do any more...


“Move ladies – we need to stash both of you away upstairs.”


We both shook our heads, but the four of them just pointed their toy pistols at us as Louise said “move.”  We both started to hop to the doorway, but each hop made the rope rub, and we both started to moan as we made our way out.


“It’s no use pleading – we’re not going to let you go,” Patty said as we got to the bottom of the stairs, “now sit down and push yourselves up.”


Even now, I find it hard to describe those next few minutes.  WE looked at each other, and pushed ourselves up one stair, the rope rubbing.  Then we had to bed our knees and put our bare feet flat on the step – which seemed to make the rope tighten even more.  And then we pushed again, and moved our legs again...


By the time we got to the top of the stairs, I did not know what day it was, or where I was – whatever that flaming rope was doing was driving me absolutely nuts, and I wanted to scream out as I panted at the top stair.  I barely realised I was being helped to stand up until Louise said “Start hopping” and the two of us jumped along the upper hallway – each jump just making it worse and worse...


Eventually we were taken into Fiona’s mother’s bedroom, and we both collapsed onto the bed.  I could see the sweat on Alicia’s forehead, and felt it on mine, as our ankles were pulled back and tied to our chest ropes – one small mercy I suppose.


“Leave them alone while we search the place,” Louise said as the four of them walked out, and we were left alone.  I looked at Alicia, trying not to move, but every time I moved my wrist that flaming rope rubbed on me, and I found myself groaning again.


Alicia felt the same way, as she closed her eyes and I heard her say “Hmmgddwhtshppnggnttmmmm.”  Closing my eyes, I moved my arms and felt like saying the same thing, as I imagined Colin with me, looking at me, kissing me, and touching me...


I also started to wonder if he would do this to me as well – because somehow, I knew that with him, it would feel different, be different...


The shocks were running up and down my spine now, as I let out a long, loud moan and opened my eyes to see Alicia shaking.  I wondered what was causing her to do that, before I realised I was shaking as well...


What happened after that is a bit of a blur to me, but when I heard Rachel say “Police, is anyone in here” I nodded and called out weakly “hlpssss.”


I watched Alicia as we both lay still, while Patty and Rachel untied us, and pulled the rope out from between our legs and under our skirts.  We both sat up, very slowly, and looked at them as Patty said “Are you ladies all right?  We got a call at the police station saying you were in trouble.”


“We... We’re fine thank you,” I panted as I tried to get my composure back again.


“Good,” Rachel said, “because it’s our turn now.   We want to be tied up by the burglars.”


“Give us a few minutes please,” Alicia said, “and we’ll be right with you.”


The girls nodded and left us alone, sitting on the bed, not quite sure what we were going to do next.  We looked at each other for a moment, and then turned our heads away.


“Let’s take care of the four of them,” Alicia said, “and then we can talk while we prepare their dinner.”


“Good idea,” I said as I stood up, waiting for Alicia before we walked down the stairs.  We could hear the four of them talking excitedly in the front room, as I took two woollen scarves off the rack and handed one to Alicia.  We wrapped them round our heads, walked in and said “all of you, on the floor, hands behind your heads – this is a robbery.”


All four of them screamed – quietly – and lay down with their hands on their heads, which allowed me and Alicia to take our own sweet time to cover their hands with socks and tape, and then bind their wrists, ankles and legs below their knees.


We then – very carefully, because as we moved it still felt very sensitive – got them to kneel, and tied their wrists to their backs with rope around their waists – and only rope around their waists  Neither of us, it seemed, wanted them to feel what we had felt.  We did, however, tie their arms to their sides with rope around their stomachs, elbows and shoulders, before they each got a full layer gag – we didn’t want to hear more than a muffled peep out of them for an hour or two.


Ten minutes later, they were all lying on the floor, happily hogtied with their ankles secured to their chest ropes, and the television on while Alicia and I went into the kitchen.


“So, what shall we cook for them tonight,” I said as I looked in the fridge and freezer.  “We’ve got fish fingers and chips, or...”




I turned and looked at Alicia, before I sat down and said “yeah – yeah, I know, we need to...”


So naturally just when I was getting up the courage to ask her how it felt to her, the front door bell rang.  I knew the four kids would keep quiet, so the two of us stood up and walked to the front door, hoping they could be got rid of as soon as possible.


“There you are,” Angela said as we opened the door, and we saw their parent’s car outside, “can I come in?”


“Shhh Sure Angie,” Alicia said as she held the door open, her big sister coming in and removing her coat to reveal an Oxford Brookes sweatshirt, jeans and black boots.  “We were just going to have a coffee – do you want one?”


“I won’t say no – where are they?”


“One guess,” I said as I motioned to the door to the front room.  Angela looked in, and then said “well, they’re going nowhere” before she followed us into the kitchen.


As I put the kettle on, Angela and Alicia sat down, Angela saying “I surprised the folks by coming home for the weekend, and wanted to have a word with you about Christmas, but Dad said you were sharing babysitting duties with Jenny, so I borrowed the car and came out.  So how are they behaving?”


“Well...  We’ve played a few games, and it’s their turn at the moment,” Alicia said as I made three coffees and brought them over, sitting at the other side of Angela.


“So I see,” Angela said with a smile, and they started talking about their plans for the holidays.  As they did so, and I sipped my coffee, the thought of that morning and what Patty had said kept running round in my mind.




I looked up at both of them, a warning look in Alicia’s eyes, but I shook my head and said “Angela, can I ask what may seem a personal question?”


“A personal question?  What has Colin asked you to do?”


“Colin – oh god, no it’s nothing Colin’s done,” I said with a laugh, “no, it’s about you and Eddie.”


“Me and Eddie?  Go on,” Angela said as she looked at both of us.


“Well,” I said, and then fell silent for a moment as I looked at Alicia.  Angela looked at both of us, before she said “Me and Eddie?”


“When Eddie ties you up,” I finally said, “does he sometimes add a rope somewhere we may not usually put one?”


Angela sat back and looked at both of us, before she said very carefully “why are you asking me?”


“Well, Patty today mentioned that she may have seen Eddie tie you up, and in the process – use an extra length of rope.”  I must have blushed as Angela looked at me, and then at Alicia, before she put her coffee mug down and said “oh.  Oh, now I see what you’re trying to ask.  Why did Patty mention this – Alicia?”


“Well,” Alicia said as I saw her go as red as I felt, “Patty may have added that extra rope, in that extra place, to me and Jenny today.”


Angela looked at both of us, before she said “I see.  What were you wearing?”


“First time...”


“First time?”


Alicia swallowed as she said “the first time today, Jenny had on some track suit bottoms and I was wearing joggers.  We’re still wearing the clothes from the second time.”


Angela looked at the leggings under our skirts, and then said “I guess we should be grateful for youthful innocence.  How did they tie you?”


“Hogtied both times,” I said quietly, “but the first time they tied our ankles to the extra rope.”


“Oy vey,” Angela said quietly, “and the second time?”


We looked at each other before Alicia said “they used the ends to cinch the rope around our waists, and it was – tighter.  Much tighter.”


“Just tighter?”


We both blushed as we looked at her, before she said “right – you don’t need to say any more.  More coffee?”


We both nodded as Angela stood up and went to put the kettle on, then turned round.  “Describe to me how it felt.”


“I remember when we first had the extra chest ropes, and how that felt,” I said quietly, “but this – this was much more intense.  I could barely move without the rope moving, and when it moved...”


Alicia nodded to show she felt the same way, as Angela refilled out mugs and brought them back over.  “Okay – I’m going to guess it scared the hell out of you, then you weren’t sure if you wanted to move or stay still, but the more you tried not to move, the more it felt when you did move, correct?”


We both nodded at that.  “Let me take another stab, the second time, the time it was much tighter, there came a point when you started shaking, and you had no idea what was happening?”


“How did you...”


“Been there, done that,” Angela said quietly as she looked at us.  “Think back to the weekend after the break-in at the manor house, and how you all wondered what was wrong with our parents and our aunts.”


Alicia and I looked at each other and then Alicia said “oh lord – you mean?”


“In part yes – all of them had a rope tied there as well.  I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here, and say that when you started shaking, you wished Colin and Martin were there, right?”


We both nodded at that as Angela sipped her coffee.  “Right – what you felt when that rope was rubbing was a hundred per cent natural.  You’re both getting to the age now where – well, let’s just say that having a rope tied there can add to the pleasure.  You bottoms and joggers from earlier – where are they?”


“In a dirty laundry bag by my case,” I said quietly, “they got damp.”


“They will do – and again, that’s perfectly natural,” Angela said quietly.  “Before I go, take those leggings off and change your underwear – I’ll take all of them with me and clean them myself.  The last thing you two need at the moment is explaining to your mothers what happened.”


Taking another drink, she said “I’m not going to tell you two never to have a rope tied there again – same goes for Mary and Cathy, but it has to be their choice and your choice.  Just do me a favour, and promise if you do, it’s in private, all right?”


We both nodded before I said “we forbade them from tying the ropes on themselves or the older girls, but...”


“Don’t worry, I can understand why you kept quiet,” Angela said with a smile, “but this is between you and Colin, Jenny, and between you and Martin, Alicia.  Right now, however, I need to have a little word with the four of them.”


“Angela, I honestly don’t think they had any idea what they did...”


“I don’t for a second believe they do, but I do want to talk to them about trying something without checking first,” Angela said as she stood up.  “You two go and get changed, and bring the bag down.  You can start cooking their tea while I’m talking.”


We nodded and followed her out, heading upstairs as Angela went into the front room, saying “hello girls – while I have your attention...” as she closed the door.



As we came back down, we could hear Angela talking to the girls.


“I wonder what she’s saying,” Alicia said as we both put our ear to the door.


“...  I know you all love to play these games – and much as it sounds strange, you always like it when you can’t move very easily, right?


“Well, that’s fine, but remember what I taught you – you have to be careful, and if you want to try something new you need to ask first.  Now, Jenny and Alicia have told me about the new rope you used this morning – is it true you saw Eddie doing it to me Patty?


“All right – there’s a lesson to me and Eddie in that, but you must not try something just because you see someone else try it.  Always remember that when we play these games, we keep to the rules – and one of them is don’t do something unless someone shows you how to do it first.  If you make a mistake, you can hurt someone – and besides, would you like someone to do something to you that you hadn’t been shown before?”


We could both hear some mumbling before Angela said “Good – so I’m reinforcing what Jenny and Alicia have already told you.  Not only are you to use that rope on yourselves, or on the likes of Suzie and Cassie, you are not to use it on anyone else.  Do I have your promise on that?


“Very well then – when you get a chance, you will apologise to both Jenny and Alicia for surprising them like that, and no more will be said about it.”


“I know that wording,” Alicia said as she indicated we should get to the kitchen, so we went in while I put the over on.  Angela came in, smiling as she said “I think they got the message.  Is that the bag?”


“Yup,” Alicia said as she handed it over.


“Good – Alicia can return your things in a day or two Jenny.”




“Hmm,” she said as she looked at her sister.


“That feeling – it is exciting isn’t it?”


“Honestly?  Yeah it is – but don’t ever tell them that, or you may get into even deeper trouble.  Like I said, if you want to, talk to Colin and Martin.”  Looking at her watch, she said “anything else is going to have to wait for another time.  I’ll see you when I get back from the holidays, kiddo.  Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”


Alicia showed her sister out while I put some chips and some fish fingers onto trays, and put them into the oven, before we both went through and untied the four captives.


“Jenny,” Patty said as the four of them stood up, “we’re really, really sorry if we did anything wrong or upset you and Alicia.  We only wanted to try something different and new.”


“Yeah, we’re sorry,” the other three said as they looked at us.


“Look, you’ve nothing to really apologize for,” I said, “you just forgot the golden rule about not doing anything without checking with an adult first.  We won’t say any more about it, but I think we need some time this weekend without tie-up games.  Now go and wash up – I’ve got fish fingers and chips cooking, and we can all play a game afterwards.” 


“Thanks Jenny – you’re the greatest,” Fiona said as she went out with the others.


“I think we need the break as well – agreed?”


“Agreed,” I said to Angela as we headed to the kitchen.





The rest of the weekend passed relatively quietly – we played a game of Monopoly after they had their teas, then they went to their rooms while Alicia ordered some Chinese food for our dinner.


On Sunday morning, I booked a six seater taxi to take us all to the morning service at the church Fiona goes to, Rachel joining in the service, before we came back and I cooked a Sunday roast – with thanks to Mum for showing me how to prepare a joint.  The girls helped prepare the vegetables, before they went outside and played on the snow covered back garden.


When Mrs Kerr got back, she thanked us for looking after the girls, before Mr Boyle came to collect Louise and Alicia, and Dad came for me, Patty and Rachel.


Before they arrived, Alicia took me to one side and said “Are you going to tell your folks about...”


“Nope – I don’t want to get Patty into trouble.”


“Yeah – I won’t either,” she said, as we went to collect our bags.





“Sounds like you had a fun weekend,” Colin said as we got off the bus.  It was Wednesday night, and we’d gone into town for a meal while his folks were at a Christmas party.  It was just before eight by the time we got back to my place, and he opened the door, waiting until we went in before he kissed me.


Mum and Dad had gone round to Granny’s with Cassie and the twins, so I knew we had the house to ourselves until after eleven, as I said “Let me go and change into something else – why don’t you find a film for us to watch when I come back down?”


“Sure,” Colin said as he went into our front room, while I went to my room and took off the blue knee length dress I had been wearing.  I pulled on a pair of black leggings, as well as a black smock top with white trim, and came back down to find Colin putting the DVD of The Great Gatsby into the player.


“So, how would you like to be while we watch this,” he said with a smile.


“I think you know,” I said as he nodded, and went to the store cupboard, returning with the supply box.  He gave me the sponges to hold, and then taped my fists, before he covered them with a pair of mum’s tan stockings she had put in there and used the micropore tape to secure them to my arms.


IT felt different with the nylon on my arms, as he tied my wrists together behind my back and then secured my wrists to my back with the rope around my waist.  I didn’t realise at first he hadn’t cinched that, as I closed my eyes and felt him pass the rope around my arms and stomach.


“I know you folks aren’t in,” he whispered into my ear, “but do you want them?”


I nodded and waited as he tied the rope around me, above and below my chest, feeling the little thrills as his hand stroked my body, the way the ropes held me firm and rubbed on my chest as I squirmed round while he cinched the bands between my arms...




“Very much so,” I whispered as I leaned back and he kissed me again, his arms round my waist.  “I’m ready.”


“Good,” Colin whispered as he held the cloth in his mouth, waiting as I slowly opened my mouth before he gently pushed it in, and then tied a length of towel between my lips, then I felt the pull as the tape was wound tightly round my head, before he sat me down and crossed my ankles.  The rope felt good as it held them together, and then my legs below my knees, his hands stroking the back and inside of my legs as he cinched both bands.


He sat behind me and put his arms round as I rested against him, while he started the movie.  As the opening credits started, however, he said “Listen, Jenny, I want to try something – a surprise if you like.  If you want me to stop, just shake your head, all right?”


I looked up at him and then nodded as he helped me to stand up for a moment, and tied an extra rope around my waist, letting the ends drop to the floor.  I watched, not quite believing he was going to do it – and then he fed the rope between my legs, and gently pulled it up, my eyes closing as I felt the pressure on my leggings.


That pressure only got more and more as he pulled the rope around my waists, and then used the ends to cinch the rope holding my wrist to my back.  I couldn’t help myself moaning at that point, as Colin said “Surprise,” and kissed my neck.


As he did so, I moved my arms and almost squealed at what that extra rope did to me.  Colin sat down, helping me to sit as he cuddled and kissed me, each touch making me squirm more, and that rope...



That rope...



“I was told you might enjoy this,” he whispered in my ear, “do you?”


I nodded as I cuddled against him, completely in his care, and wondering how long I could....


Then he started to gently tickle me, I started squirming, and...


Well, that’s between me and him.









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