Kayla’s Education









“Well, at least we know they are all safely there now.”  As Amy sat back with her coffee, cup, she looked at Dorothy and said “I think they might enjoy this weekend – new experiences and all that?”


“Possibly, but it does mean we have this big old house to ourselves – at least for the next half hour or so.”


Amy smiled at that thought, and curled up her legs under her body.  She was wearing an old grey jogging outfit, while Dorothy had on a pair of denim dungarees over a white t-shirt.  She had been working on some accounts all day, and had just filed the necessary documents for the day.


“So,” she said as she stretched her legs out, “we’re having the girls over tomorrow?”


“That’s the plan – but don’t forget our house guests for the weekend.”


“Yeah – I thought they were joining us for dinner, but I haven’t heard from them yet today.  I hope they haven’t been called away?”


“Why would they?  Sarah and Brian don’t get back till next week, and even then she does counselling these days.”


“True, true,” Amy said as the phone rang.  Dorothy picked it up and said “Hello?


“Oh hey there Kath – you still okay for tomorrow night?


“No that’s good – you’re down to bring as much rope as you can safely carry.  We’ll supply the food and drink.


“All right – talk to you later.  Bye.”


“Good idea of yours – split up the supplies so that it doesn’t look as if someone’s planning a robbery,” Amy said as Dorothy sat back down.


“Yeah, well – given everyone who is coming, it makes…”


The heavy knock on the door made both the women look at each other, as Dorothy stood up and left the room, Amy watching from the doorway as she did so.  Standing outside was a small, dark haired woman, who smiled as she turned round.


“Sue – what brings you here tonight,” Dorothy said as she stepped aside, allowing Sue Duncombe to wheel a large suitcase in and leave it in the hallway.


“Anne asked me to drop this off,” Sue said as she patted the top of the case.  “Apparently Kayla’s coming later, and she wanted this to be here for her.”


“Fair enough,” Amy said as she looked at the case, “but does she need that many clothes for a weekend?”


“Don’t ask me – ask her when you see her,” Sue said with a smile.  “Any chance of a coffee – it’s cold out there, and I’m on duty tonight.”


“Sure – come into the kitchen,” Amy said as the three of them walked through, not noticing the slight movement of the case.


As Kayla drove up to the front door, she was thinking of how much her life had changed over the last few weeks, ever since the incident at the farm and the change in Sarah’s powers.  Not only had the pain she had been carrying inside her for so long been dealt with, she had discovered feelings and desires she had long suppressed.


And then there was Anne – she had worked with Anne for some time, and admired her, feared her – but since the Thanksgiving weekend, those feelings had changed into something far deeper, far more satisfying, as little by little she had got to know the shy, retiring person Anne really was. 


She’d been helped in this by the other women she knew – especially Chloe, but also her sister Sue.  For those who did not know them, it was difficult to see Sue and Anne as sisters – they looked so different, and their temperaments were so different as well.


Still, as she got out of the car and retrieved her weekend bag from the trunk, she had to admit she was looking forward to some time off.  She ran her hand through her brown hair, and walked to the front door, the three inch heels of her grey boots clicking on the flagstones.


It was the first time she had been there, and it seemed such a large place.  She liked Amy and Dorothy, and Amy’s sister, but still….


“There you are,” Dorothy said as she opened the door, “we were about to send out a search party.  Come on in – dinner will be ready soon.”


“Thank you,” she said as she came in, allowing Dorothy to take her coat as she looked round.


“Nice dress.”


“Thanks,” Kyla said as she brushed down the soft grey suede knee length pinafore dress, with a white jumper underneath.  “I had to come straight from work, and didn’t have time to change.  Is Anne here yet?”


“Nope – Sue said she would be here later, so no sign of her yet.”


As they walked into the front room, the case rocked a little from side to side…


“Here you go Kayla,” Amy said as she handed her a glass of white wine, “Sit down and relax.”


“Thanks,” their guest said as she sat opposite Sue.  “Not on duty tonight Sue?”


“I am actually, and I need to be off in a few minutes.”  Putting her mug down, she said “I just need to bring Anne’s bag in.”


“Hang on,” Amy said, “Anne’s bag is in the hallway.”


Sue said nothing, but got up and walked out of the room.  “I’m getting a funny feeling about this,” Amy said as the three women walked back into the hallway, watching as Sue went out, and came back in with a small grey duffle bag, that she set on the ground.


“If that’s Anne’s bag,” Amy said with more than a hint of curiosity, “What’s that?”


“This,” Sue said as she pointed to the small bag, “is Anne’s bag.  That,” she said with a smile as she pointed to the large case, “is Anne’s BAG.  Have fun, and see you tomorrow.”  She left and closed the door behind her, as the three women finally noticed the bag was moving from side to side


“Oh no,” Amy said, “you don’t think…”


“It’s Sue Duncombe, of course I think it,” Dorothy said as she walked over to the case, and gently lowered it to the ground.


“Think what,” Kayla said as she looked at both of them.


“Remind me to tell you later about a week’s holiday we had the summer before last,” Dorothy said as she unzipped the lid of the case, and opened it up.


“Bttfrrknggtm,” Anne Duncombe said as she looked up at all three of them.  She was lying on her side, her legs bent up against her chest and held with belts around her thighs and body, her calves and thigh, and her wrists to her ankles.  A large red ball gag was in her mouth, and she was naked.


“What happened this time,” Amy said as they helped her to sit up, “Sue jump you?”


Anne shook her head as Dorothy removed the ball gag.  “A bet, actually – Sue bet I could not get out of this, I said I could.  I forgot she would do something minor like stuff me in a case and bring me here.  Where are my clothes?”


“Oh I don’t know,” Kayla said as she leaned down and kissed Anne, “you look cute like that.”


“I’m also stiff and hungry – so please, get me out of this?”


“Of course we can,” Dorothy said as she helped Anne to stand up, and started to remove the ropes.  “Go and have a shower, and I’ll get dinner sorted out.  Hope Thai is good for everyone – I don’t think we can start cooking this late.”


“So that’s what happened,” Anne said as she sat back, wiping the remnants of the Pad Thai from her chin.  “A bit of a dramatic entrance, but at least I’m here now, and nothing is going to call me away from this time off.”


“Not even work?”


“Sue can handle it,” Anne said as she looked at Kayla, “this is time for the four of us – and I guess the others?”


Amy nodded as she wriggled her toes – although Anne had put no some pants and a t-shirt, she had left her feet bare, so the others had followed suit.


“Tomorrow is a girl’s night in,” Dorothy said as she poured some more wine out, “but we have decided it will be a formal affair – hence the reason we asked you both to bring your wedding outfits.  I’m sure the others will love to see you in them.”


“Only if the two of you wear yours.”


“That was always the plan, Anne,” Amy said with a smile.  “Maria is going to put on her formal maid’s outfit, and we shall have a wonderful sit down dinner.”


“Followed by an entire night of game playing,” Dorothy said as she sat back down.


“I’m intrigued to find out exactly what you lot get up to on these ladies’ nights,” Kayla said, “So much of this is still new to me, I hope I don’t make an idiot of myself.”


“No chance, Kay,” Anne said as she leaned over and put her hand on Kayla’s leg.  “In fact, we’re going to start teaching you some of our secrets tonight – with a good night’s sleep, our style.”


“What about you?”


“Don’t worry about Anne – she’s be right beside you,” Amy said with a smile.  “Now drink up – we’ll get started with you two getting ready for bed.”


Anne looked at herself in the mirror, adjusting the straps of her nightgown as Kayla came back in.  She was wearing a blue vest top and a pair of shorts, in contrast to Anne’s short black gown with spaghetti straps over the shoulders.


“You two ready,” Amy said as she and Dorothy came in, carrying several coils of rope and other items with them.


“I am if you are,” Kayla said with a smile as she looked at Anne, then kissed her.


“That’s nice,” Dorothy said as she selected two lengths of rope, “because tonight, you’ll need to find some other way to tell each other how you feel rather than kissing.”




“You’ll see – we want both of you to cross your wrists in front of you, and hold your hands up.”


Kayla watched, fascinated as Amy wrapped the doubled over rope around her wrist and secured them together, pulling it tight and wrapping it round several times before passing it between her arms and tying it off out of reach of her fingers.


“You’re getting better at this,” Anne said as Dorothy tied her wrists off.


“Practice,” Dorothy said as she turned Anne to face Kayla.  “Now then, feel free to talk or do something else while we tie your arms to your bodies.”


“Whatever do you think she had in mind,” Kayla said as Amy wrapped some rope around her body, below her chest, and pulled her arms gently into her.


“Probably something like this,” Anne said as she reached down and paced her lips against Kayla’s, stroking the top of her tongue over them as Kayla opened her mouth slightly.  They kissed, passionately, their tongues entwining as their arms were secured above and below their chests.


“Enough of that for now,” Amy said as they finally separated, and she proceeded to make a rope bra for Kayla, while Dorothy wrapped rope under Anne’s arms and around the back of her neck to tighten and force her chest out.


“OH just a little bit longer,” Anne said with a big grin.


“Nope – time for you two to be kept quiet before we really get to work.  I found these at a car boot sale – I thought you might like them.”  Dorothy held up two white balls, with little holes over them, and strings tied to each side.


“Wiffle ball gags?  I’ve never actually seem one of them outside some really bad videos,” Anne said as she stared at them.


“Well, try one now- open wide.”


“You do look kinda cute like that,” Kayla said as she watched Dorothy ease the ball past Anne’s teeth, and then tie the string around her head.


“Jsstwwwturtrnsscomng,” Anne mumbled as she watched Amy apply the same gag to Kayla, before they were turned back to back, Kayla wondering what was happening as she heard Anne say “Hmgdddurdngtht?”


“Why yes, yes we are,” she heard Amy say before there was a soft thud, as something dropped on the floor.  She wondered what it could be, before Amy knelt in front of her and smiled, as she reached between the young woman’s legs.


“WhtssgnnnNNNNN” she said as Amy pulled the rope up, pressing it against her shorts as she tied it tightly to her wrists.  She tried to move them, only to hear Anne moan and say “ntytttlfr.” 


She knew now what had happened, as she stifled a sigh from the way the rope rubbed against her own clit.  She then sighed again as Anne returned the favour, before Dorothy said “All right – over to the bed, both of you, and stand at the bottom.”


Anne started to shuffle sideways, Kayla following suit, as they edged to the foot of the large double bed.  “All right,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy, “over you go.”


She gently pushed them onto their sides, Kayla gasping as she fell over, and then they pushed themselves up the bed.  Once they were comfortable, and had stopped moaning from the rope rubbing against their legs in the process, Amy and Dorothy crossed their ankles and lashed them tightly together, before pulling them to the corners of the bed and tying them to the legs.   They then tied their legs, below their knees, before Dorothy said “Kayla, are you ticklish?”


“Hnnuddnnt,” Anne mumbled, but it was no use, as Amy said “We know Anne is,” and started to tickle her feet.  Anne started laughing and wriggling round, her wrists moving and making the rope rub against both of them.  Kayla gasped and tried to pull the other way, as Dorothy started to tickle the soles of her fate as well.


“I think she is,” Dorothy said as the room filled with a mixture of laughing and moaning, the emphasis moving from the laughs to quite moans as the rope worked its devious ploy on both of them.


“I think they’re getting nice and relaxed now,” Amy said as she let her feet go, “do you think they will be able to manage on their own?”


“I think so,” Dorothy said as they walked to the door.  “Sleep well, both of you, we’ll see you in the morning.”


Kayla nodded as she watched them turn off the light and leave.  With the tickling and the wriggling, she felt  a heat between her legs that needed quenching, a pressure that needed release, and she knew just how to do it.


As the room went dark, she started to slowly, rhythmically, move her hands up and down, moaning at the feeling as the rope rubbed against her damp, moist clit.  The moans coming from behind her told her that Anne was enjoying it as well, as she felt an equal pressure pulling the other way.  The two of them kept this up, their moans becoming higher pitched and more frequent with each passing minute…



“Time for bed,” Amy said as she closed the door.


“I think so – want to have some fun?”


“What sort of fun?”


Amy smiled as Dorothy went to the wardrobe, and took out a red armbinder as well as a strap on.  “My turn,” she said as Amy held her hands behind her back, signing as Dorothy slowly removed her top…




“Good morning!”


Amy looked up at Sue as she walked in, smiling before she sat down at the breakfast bar.  “So where is my sister and her partner?”


“Dorothy is helping them to wake up now,” Amy said as she poured a mug of coffee and passed it over.  “So you’re free for today?”


“One hundred percent off the clock,” Sue said, “can’t you tell from my garb?”


She was wearing a black waistcoat over a grey blouse, denim jeans and trainers, which compared to Amy’s dressing gown and slippers was decidedly showy.  “Yeah, I guess you can say you’ve dressed down for today,” Amy said with a smile, “but for tonight?”


“That’s in my bag,” Sue said as the door opened and Dorothy came in, wearing a pair of white jeans and a sleeveless blouse.  “Hey,” she said as she poured a coffee, “they’ll be down in a minute, something about needing to have a long hot shower first.”


“Oh?  What exactly did you do to both of them last night?”


“Us?  Absolutely nothing,” Amy said with a smile.  “I think it may be more what they did to each other, in some limited way…”


“I don’t want to know – yet,” sue said as Anne walked into the room, wearing a grey tracksuit and with her blonde hair wrapped in a towel.  “Well, you look relaxed,” Sue said with a grin as her sister poured herself some coffee.


“And good morning to you as well, little sis,” Anne said with a smile as she sat down.  “Get everything cleared up?”


“All tidied away,” Sue said as she drained her cup.  “So, any particular thing you need to be doing today?”


“I need Anne to come with me into town for an hour this morning,” Dorothy said as she looked up.  “We need to collect some supplies for tonight, and I could use her company given some of the places I need to go.”


“And I need to do the food shopping, want to give me a hand with that?”


“No thanks,” Sue said, “When are you expecting Veronica and Maria?”


“Good point – they said they may come this morning.  Do you mind house-sitting with Kayla until we get back?”


“Shouldn’t’ be a problem,” Sue said with a smile.  “After all, what could we possibly get up to?”


“Do you really want me to answer that,” Anne said, before the room burst out laughing.



“Where is everyone?”


Sue turned from the sink to see Kayla walk in, wearing a pink dressing gown wrapped around her and what looked like black stockings on her legs.


“They went into town, shouldn’t be too long,” Sue replied.  “Fresh coffee?”


“Thanks,” Kayla sat as she sat down, and yawned.


“Yeah – Anne said you were busy last night,” Sue said as she poured two cups and set one in front of the doctor.  “Chloe says everything went well, by the way – we got the kids back no problem.”


“Did they see her?”


Sue shook her head.  “Their mum did, but I can take her to see Sarah when she gets back from the honeymoon next week.  She’s with James today, but is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”


She took a drink from her mug, and then said “How’s it going with Anne?”


“Slowly,” Kayla said with a  smile.  I guess we’re both finding our feet a little in all this – but thanks for being so understanding about us.”


“She hasn’t told you about what I did to Margaret’s husband, has she?”


Kayla shook her head as Sue said “Get her to tell you tonight – but no, all I ever wanted was for Anne to be happy, and if she has a shot at it with you, all to the good.  Anyway, I think you deserve a shot at it too.”


Kayla smiled in thanks, before she took another drink from her mug.  “Listen, there’s so much I don’t know about these ladies, so much I want to learn – I feel as if I’m the newbie in all this.”


“You are, but so where they once,” Sue said quietly.  “Anne told me about the day she first met Heidi properly – just before they were kidnapped by that creep.  If you look at the kid now, so tall and confident, would you believe she was a scared little girl, tied up with Cindy and not knowing what was going on?


“Or Cindy and Dorothy for that matter – they used to be two very uptight, very right wing thinking people – well, Dorothy did.  But she changed and mellowed – and so have they all in their own way.


“No, you’ll be just fine, Kayla – just don’t try to do everything at once.  Savour, and try new things, and learn from them.”


Nodding, Kayla looked at Sue and said “Listen – would you be up for setting me up with a surprise for Anne this morning?  Something I saw on line a while back, and I’ve wondered what it would feel like?”


“Oh – what?”


Kayla picked up her mobile phone and showed Sue an image.  “Oh I don’t know,” Sue said as she studied it, “that does look a little too restrictive, are you sure you can handle it?”


“With a couple of additional variations, I think so – but are you willing to help me with it?”


Sue thought for a moment, and then said “All right – go and decide what you want to wear, and meet me at the top of the stairs in fifteen minutes.”





When Sue met Kayla, she saw she was still wearing the dressing gown, but now she had her grey suede boots on, and a pair of dark blue gloves was on her hands.  “Come with me,” she said as she took Kayla up to the attic, and then closed the door, watching as she removed her robe.


She was naked above the waist, save for the elbow length blue opera gloves, while apart from her boots and stockings the only other items of clothing on her were a pair of black silk panties and a garter belt holding the stockings up.


“All right then,” Sue said as she opened a box, and took out two lengths of rope, “Kneel down and I’ll start with your ankles.”


Kayla knelt down, looking forward as Sue tied her ankles to her thighs, placing her in a frog tie.  “Comfy so far,” she said as she tied off the rope on her left leg.


“So far, yes – can you add what I asked for?”


Nodding, Sue tied a length of rope around her waist and then pulled it between her legs, fastening it to the rope belt as she wriggled round.  “Hmmm yes – that’s how it felt last night,” she said with her eyes closed, “but no Anne to tease me…”


“So we use artificial means,” Sue said as she tightened the rope, making Kayla squeal a little as she did so.  “Now, hands together in front of you please.”


“As you wish,” Kayla said as she put her hands together in prayer, watching as Sue tied them tightly together, taking the rope several times around and between her wrists, and then raised them up, Kayla making two fists as she fed the rope through a pulley in the ceiling and raised her arms so that she was forced to rest on her knees, her feet in the air.


“Oh – that does feel different,” she said as Sue then picked up a leather pad, with a rubber bung attached to the underside.  “Open wide,” she said, pushing the bung into Kayla’s mouth before fastening the straps around her head.


“Msssfnku,” she moaned as she twisted slightly, before opening her eyes wide as Sue slipped the now active vibrator under her panties and the crotch rope.


“I’ll make sure Anne gets your message,” she said as she patted Kayla’s head and then left the attic room, leaving the young doctor squirming and moaning at the effect the vibrator was having on her…



“Hey,” Anne called out as she came into the kitchen, carrying some paper sacks in her arms, “where’s Kayla?”


“Oh, she’s hanging around somewhere,” Sue said with a smile as Dorothy came in, followed by Anne.


“Hey Sue,” Anne said as she put the grocery bags on the table, “Where’s my sister?”


“They’re in the front room,” Sue said as she picked up the tray of coffee mugs, “grab a mug and come through.”


She carried the tray through to where Veronica and Maria were sitting.  Veronica was wearing a pair of tan trousers and a short sleeved blouse, while Maria had on a brown suede pinafore dress over a white roll neck sweater, and mid-length black boots.


“Gracias, sue,” she said as she accepted a mug, “so how are you?”


“Just about over the flight, thanks,” Sue said as she sat down, the others coming in and sitting with them.  “Did you get everything,” Veronica said to Anne as she sat.


“Oh yes – a few funny looks in the hardware store, and the look on Dorothy’s face in one place.”


“Well, their DVD and Bluray selection was interesting.”


“No chance of Frozen on their shelves, then?”


“Not in that sense, no” Dorothy said with a laugh.  “So where’s Kayla?  Surely she has finished getting dressed by now.”


“I’m not sure,” Anne said as she took a sip from her mug, and then stood up.  “I’ll go and see if she’s all right.”  She walked out of the door, and as it closed the room as one turned and looked at Sue.






Sue just smiled and drank from her mug…






“Kay?  You all right?”


Anne knocked on the door of the room and walked in, but the room was empty.  As she was about to leave, she saw the envelope on the bed, a single rose laid on top of it.


She opened the note, read it and picked up the rose, and then made her way to the attic, opening the door slowly and looking in.  


“Oh my,” Anne said quietly as she closed the door, and walked over to Kayla, “Sue really did a number on you, didn’t she?”


“Hlllneee,” Kayla moaned, “Srrpss.”


“Oh yes, a very big surprise,” Anne said as she stroked her hands down Kayla’s sides.  “You’re insatiable, you know that don’t you?”


Kayla nodded and sighed through the leather panel as she twitched.  “Something bothering you,” Anne said as she looked down, and then saw the crotch rope and the device sitting under it.


“Oh my poor baby,” she crooned, “is that nasty thing bothering you?”


Kayla nodded slowly as she watched Anne unzip the jacket of her tracksuit, revealing the crop top underneath, before she said “Well, we can’t have that can we?”


“Nnnnwcnt,” Kayla said as she felt Anne’s hands on her side, and her lips on her neck, stretching her head back to allow her to kiss her and then move down her body.  She felt the moist skin no her breasts, and shivered at the sensations her already sensitive body generated as it responded to Anne’s caress.


“Better,” Anne said as she looked up, Kayla nodding and looking at her through half closed eyes as Anne moved her lips down her body.  She gasped, her eyes opening wide at the touch of Anne’s lips on her crotch, then looked down as her partner untied the crotch rope and removed the vibrator, stroking her fingers up between her legs to her delight.


Anne put the damp fingers to her lips and sucked on them, before saying “Let me finish the job.”  Kneeling down, she placed her head at Kayla’s crotch, and started to kiss her clit, her tongue easing inside her with ease as Kayla started to call out.


“HMGDDYSSHTSTTTT” was her cry as she twisted and bucked, Anne holding her bottom and gently squeezing as her tongue touched the areas Kayla felt the most.  She arched her back as the waves of pleasure swept over her, and then pressed her pelvis against Anne, seeking her every tease with more and more vigour…




“There you both are,” Sue said as Anne and Kayla came into the room, “I was about to send out a search party.”


“Yeah, sorry about that,” Anne said as she sat down, smiling, “Kayla needed my help with getting something sorted out.”


Kayla smiled shyly as she sat down, wearing a grey jersey dress with her boots as she winked at Sue.


“Well, we’ve ordered out for some pizza,” Amy said as she looked at them.  “Hawaiian all right – we’ve got cheese and pepperoni coming as well.”


“Sounds good,” Anne said as she picked a bottle of beer from the icebox and took the cap off.  “So what are we going to do this afternoon?”


“Well, Miss Anne,” Maria said as she put her cup down, “I will be in the kitchen, preparing the meal for all of us later.  I understand from Miss Veronica…”




“Yes Miss Anne?”


“You’re doing it again – not calling us by our first names when nobody else is around.  You remember the punishment we agreed if you were to do that again, right?”


“Oh,” Maria said quietly, but Kayla could see she was smiling, “you are right Mi… Anne.  I will accept my punishment with good grace.  Will you do the honours, Veronica?”


“If you insist,” Veronica said as Maria stood up and lifted the skirt of her dress up, revealing the tops of her black stockings and her thong.  Veronica took a length of rope from Dorothy, doubled it over and tied it round Maria’s waist, and then between her legs, pulling it up as Maria bit her lip.  Once she had secured it in place, she went to a drawer, took out a vibrator and fixed it in place, under the rope and against Maria’s clit.


“Nnnn thank you, Veronica,” Maria said as she lowered her dress.  “But I fear I will need further punishment without your help.”


“Of course,” Veronica said as she picked up a blue silk scarf, and folded it into a small pad.  Maria opened her mouth and allowed Veronica to place it inside, before closing her lips while a length of clear tape was smoothed over her lips.




“Yssffnkksvrnka,” Maria said as she walked slowly to the kitchen, the door swinging closed behind her.


“Interesting punishment,” Kayla said with a smile, “is that likely to happen to the rest of us tonight?”


“Only if you misbehave,” Amy said with a smile.


“Then I guess I’ll have to be a good little girl,” Kayla said with an evil smile, dodging the cushions that were thrown at her…


“Don’t worry – I’ll save some for her and take it in later,” Veronica said as the women helped themselves to the pizza from the boxes.  “Besides, she wanted some time to prepare the canapés on her own.”


“She’s an interesting woman,” Kayla said as she swallowed some cheese pizza, “has she worked for you long?”


“Not as long as I’ve known her,” Veronica said as she took a drink from her bottle.  “Maria and I go back quite a bit – from when I was acting rather than selling houses.  But yeah, she is an interesting woman.  How interesting you may find out later.”


“Have you heard from the girls,” Anne said as she looked at Dorothy.


“Not since last night – from what Roberta said, they were going to be busy all day today and tomorrow anyway.    So we have the house to ourselves until the others start arriving – which, if I know our lot, could be any time now.”


“Hi Aunt Dorothy – hope you don’t mind, but Mum asked if we could bring her contribution to tonight round early.”


Kayla looked round to see Joanne and Alexa standing behind her.  Alexa was in her usual t-shirt, waistcoat and black jeans, while Joanne was wearing a brown roll necked sweater under a pair of denim bib shorts, black leggings and lace up ankle boots.


“No problem, Joanne,” Dorothy said as she stood up, “let me give you a hand with them.”  She walked out of the room as Kayla said “Let me see if I’ve got this right – her mother is Dorothy’s sister?”


“That’s right,” Amy said, “so she’s Cindy’s older cousin.  She is friends with Kayla and Andrea, whose mother Coral is an old friend of mine and Veronica’s.”


“All right,” Kayla said as she looked at Veronica.  “So you’re Amy’s sister, so aunt to Heidi, and also you’re Natalie’s natural mother?”


“Yup – and Katherine is her adopted mother, but it’s easier just to call her Nat’s mum,” Veronica said.  “You can figure out the rest later when they come.  So have you all picked out your outfits for tonight?  Remember, it is formal dress.”


“Oh I’m sure you’re going to have your socks knocked off,” Dorothy said as she walked back in.


“You mean you don’t know yet?”


“Nope – we agreed to surprise each other,” Amy said with a smile…



“Well, are you ready to show me?”


“Yeah – but…”


“But nothing, Kayla – come on, you’re among friends now.  Let me see what you have on.”


Anne looked towards the bedroom door, and then let out a small gasp as Kayla came out.  Her hair was piled up on her head, held in place with a clip, but that wasn’t what she was looking at.


Kayla was wearing a strapless brown velvet dress, the bustier holding her chest up and the skirt flowing out from the gathered wait to just above her knees.  She also wore a pair of sheer stockings, with her feet in a pair of high heeled brown sandals.  Finally, she had put on a pair of elbow length gloves.


“Oh my,” Anne said quietly, “where have you been hiding, Kayla?”


“Thanks,” her partner said with a blush, “you look gorgeous yourself.”  Anne was wearing a long sleeveless dress in a Chinese style, made from red silk.  Her collar was high, while her blonde hair fell loose down the back.  The dress had a slit on each side from the hip to the ankle, where Anne had on a pair of high heeled red slippers.


“Shall we,” Anne said as she opened the door, and they stepped out together, walking along the hallway and down the staircase.


“Well, you two do scrub up well,” Sue said as she met them at the bottom of the staircase.  She had dressed in a black leather dress, open at the collar and with short sleeves, and a pair of black fishnet stockings with her feet in short heeled black shoes.  “I think Veronica is already in the front room, and Amy and Dorothy will come down later.”


She led the way to the room, where Veronica was waiting, in a knee length blue silk long sleeved dress.


Maria was also there, wearing a red cocktail dress with a white apron still tied over it.  “Still undergoing your punishment, Maria,” Anne said as she handed a glass of wine to Kayla.


“From choice for now, Anne,” Maria said with a smile as she took a sip from her glass, and the front door bell rang.  “Don’t move,” Veronica said as she looked at Maria, “or we’ll add to the punishment.”  She made her way to the front door, and the group heard her say “Hey – come on through,” the door opening to reveal Katherine and Heather.


“I should have guessed, Annapolis,” Anne said as she looked at Heather.  She was in the full dress uniform of her rank, the shoes so shiny you could really see your reflection in them.


“You said it was a formal occasion – besides, I let my sister do the other side of the coin,” Katherine said as she accepted a glass of wine from Veronica.  Heather was very formally dressed for her, in a high collared white blouse and a long floral patterned skirt, which went from knee height at the front to floor length at the back.  She also wore a pair of dark hose and black shoes.


“No high heels?”


“This is as formal as I get, Anne,” Heather said as she took a drink, “as well you know.”  Before Anne could reply, the door bell rang again, and Veronica left the room, returning with Coral Blackwood and Bobbi Hopwood.


“Good to see you again, Bobbi – especially under better circumstances,” Anne said as she embraced the smaller of the two women.  Bobbi was wearing a dress made of grey silk, with elbow length sleeves and a skirt that came to just below her knees.  Coral wore a black evening dress, with capped sleeves and a thin leather belt around her waist,


“Good to see you too Anne,” Bobbi said as she returned the embrace, and then looked at the agent.  “Something’s made you happy.”


“Not something – someone.  This is Kayla,” she said as she introduced her partner to Bobbi.  “Kayla, Bobbi Hopwood.”


“A pleasure.” Kayla said as Veronica slipped out again, returning with Margaret Wickham and Suzanne, Joanne’s mother.  Suzanne was wearing a white sleeveless dress with a short skirt, while Margaret was wearing a grey suede skirt with a matching silk blouse, and grey suede heels.


“Well looks like everyone except out hosts are here,” Sue said as she looked round the room.  “Where are the girls tonight?”


“On a girl’s night out with Chloe,” Coral said.  “I think James is going round to your place for a poker night, Margaret.”


“Good luck to him then – Jack is a mean player,” Margaret said as the door opened and Amy walked in.  The room turned round and let a collective gasp as she stood there.


Amy was wearing a see-through black dress over a black bustier and a shorter black skirt, and a pair of four inch heeled black shoes, with a black choker around her neck visible under her open collar.


“So, do you think Dorothy will like this,” Amy said as she walked in.


“Oh believe me, Dorothy likes it – the question is, what do you think of her outfit?”


Amy turned round to see Dorothy standing in the doorway, smiling as she walked in.  Her dress was made of a gold fabric, which shimmered in the light as she walked in.  It had been cut to fit her body like a glove, with a plunging front that revealed the tops of her breasts, and a knee length skirt that moved with her like a second skin.  A pair of gold open toed sandals completed the outfit.


“Oh my goodness,” Kayla said as she stood up, “you look…”


“You look bloody fantastic,” Amy said as she walked over and kissed Dorothy, the others looked on as Maria said “Well, if we are all here, let’s sit down to eat dinner – and then the all-nighter can begin…”



“Maria, you outdid yourself – that was a bloody fantastic meal,” Margaret said as she pushed the plate away, and wiped her mouth with her napkin.


“It is very kind of you to say so, Margaret,” Maria said with a smile.  “I always try to do my best.”


“Well, I think we’re all agreed you outdid yourself today,” Amy said as she looked at Veronica, her sister nodding in agreement.  “So, put the dishes in the kitchen, and we’ll make sure they get washed up after we have played our first game.”


“So what do you have in mind,” Katherine said as she looked at their host.


“We thought we might take a leaf out of the girls’ book first,” Dorothy said with a smile, “with a game of Gag Karaoke – only with the music of our generation.”


“That could cover a multitude of sins,” Heather said with a smile, “so I hope you have a good selection available.”


“We have the Eighties and Nineties classic collections set up,” Amy said, “but our rules will differ slightly.  You still have to be gagged, but we have a selection of more – interesting choices for gags available.”


“In addition,” Dorothy said, “we are allowing duets for this session – just to help the shyer ones of us along.”


“So how do we decide who’s going first?”


“By the time honoured method – Suzanne, if you would go into the other room and bring the box marked Karaoke in, we’ll go into the main room and get the game connected through the Wii.”


“I didn’t know you could sing,” Kayla said as she stood up with Anne.


“Never said I could – so be careful.  This could take some unexpected turns,” Anne whispered as they made their way into the front room, watching Amy as she switched the machine and the television on.


“Right then,” she said as she stood up, and Suzanne put the box on the coffee table, “Dorothy?”


“Draw a straw,” she said as she held a bunch out in her hand, “whoever gets the short straw goes first, but as a reward they get to pick the next contestant.”


There was a silence as one by one the girls drew a straw, and then held them up.


“Aw damn,” Coral said as she held up the short straw.  “Well, if I’m going to be first I may as well be comfortable.  What have you got?”


She opened the box and looked inside, considering for a moment before saying “If I’ve got to spend the next hour or two silent, I’m going to be comfortable.”  She removed a pair of silk panties, folding them before she stuffed them into her own mouth, and then tore a strip from a wide roll of microfoam tape, smoothing it down onto her mouth and jaw as the shape of her lips appeared.


“All yours,” Amy said as she handed Coral the Wii microphone, Coral looping through the choices and the drum beat began.  The others sat and watched as she nodded along, and then began to sing.





“Who is this,” Kayla said to Anne as Coral continued to sing along.


“Tracy Chapman – Coral has some taste,” Anne whispered back as the song finished, and Coral took a bow to the applause of the others.


“Good one, Coral – who’s next,” Dorothy said as she looked at her friend.  They watched as she looked round the room, and then handed the microphone to Veronica.


“All rightie,” she said as she accepted the gift, “Maria, I need your help with this.”  At the same time, Kayla watched as Dorothy moved Coral’s hands behind her back and tied them together with some rope.


“What are you suggesting, Veronica?”


“Some RICKIEEEEEE,” Veronica called out as Maria joined her, and they both selected two white balls, with holes drilled in them and leather straps at each side.  Putting them in their mouths, they tied the thin leather around their head, and then selected their song, Veronica wriggling her hips as she began.




She then tossed the microphone to Maria, who had been shaking her booty during the song, and began to mumble in a deep voice.




Everyone then joined in the chorus as Veronica and Maria danced back to back, the tall dark haired woman and the smaller Hispanic shaking for all they were worth as they sang to the chorus.  Eventually, however, the music stopped, and Veronica passed the microphone to Suzanne before she and Maria had their wrists secured.


“Here we go,” Suzanne said as she pulled out a leather panel gag, with a rubber bung attached to one side, before she put the bung in her mouth and fastened the straps round her head.  Dorothy watched as she selected her song, and then said “Want some help to hit those high notes?”


Suzanne nodded as Dorothy stood up, and left the room for a minute, returning with a small egg shaped vibrator.


Taking it from Dorothy, Suzanne switched it on, and lifted her skirt up to slip the device into her panties.  Kayla watched her as she shivered for a few minutes, groaning a little before she nodded to Amy.




“Watch,” Anne whispered as Suzanne began to sing along, and then she got to the chorus.  The first line was fine, but then she put her hand to her crotch and her voice raised, and then she pressed harder as she hit the highest note, holding it as she shook and then let go to start the next verse again.


“Oh, NOW I get it,” Kayla said as Suzanne kept going eventually collapsing into a chair and shaking as the song ended.  She pointed to Anne as Amy took the microphone, and Dorothy secured her wrists.


“Want to join me,” Anne said as she held a hand out to Kayla, the others watching as she walked over to the box.


“Yeah, this will do – if you’re willing to try it,” she said as she drew out two red balls, held together by a small chain, and straps on either side of each ball.  “Put this in your mouth,” Anne said as she handed one of the balls to Kayla, “and I’ll fasten the straps round your head, and then you do the same to me.”


“What song,” Amy said, and Anne turned to whisper to her as Kayla out one of the rubber balls into her mouth, sitting it behind her teeth.


“That’s good,” Anne said as she fastened the leather straps around her head, and then placed the second ball in her own mouth, standing still as Kayla fastened the straps over her long blonde hair.


“Jstfllmld,” Anne said as the music started to play, a slow, rhythmic tune that Kayla recognised.  She looked into Anne’s eyes, seeing her nod as they began to sing together.





Those who could applauded when Anne and Kayla had finished, before Dorothy removed the chain linking the two ball gags and  tied their wrists behind their backs.  They sat down, Kayla resting her head on Anne’s shoulder as Sue took the microphone. 


“Wsshths,” Anne said as Sue selected a cloth and put it in her mouth, then took a roll of bandage and wrapped it tightly round her head, securing it with a strip of tape before she nodded to Amy.  The intro was immediately recognisable, as Sue launched into a gagged rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, complete with dance.


Katherine and Heather went next, doing a rendition of I Think We’re Alone Now while wearing two penis gags, and so the game went on, until only Amy and Dorothy were left.


“What shall we sing, partner,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy.


“How about this,” Dorothy said as she selected a track, and looked at Amy.


“Oh well, if we’re going to do that one, we need these,” Amy said as she held up two ring gags.  Dorothy nodded as she put the ring behind her teeth, Amy doing likewise, before the sound of the triangle told them all that this was Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

“Wllltmmffrdrnks,” Amy said as they finished, and she began to untie the ladies, Dorothy heading to the kitchen to get some more bottles of wine and beers.  One by one they removed their gags, putting any cloths into one bag, tape into another and the other gags back into the box.


“Hey,” Coral said as she looked at Suzanne, who had her eyes closed and was groaning, “you can take it out now.”


“Not…  Not yet,” Suzanne said as she looked at the others, blushing as they burst out laughing.


“That was different,” Kayla said as she accepted a new glass of wine, “so what are we going to do next?”


“Wet our whistles and have a snack,” Anne said with a smile, “and then – well, I think it’s Spin the Bottle, right Veronica?”


“Correct,” Veronica said as she sat down, “but our way, all right?”


“Is that anything like the Karaoke competition?”


“Wait and see,” Amy said, “although the last time we played this with anyone, Veronica got the shock of her life, right?”


“Yeah – but I’m glad it happened,” Veronica said as Dorothy brought in some plates of chips and dips.



“So who wants to go first,” Sue said as she shuffled the deck of cards.


“So you don’t actually spin a bottle?”


“Too many of us,” Sue said as she riffed and cut the deck of cards.  “Lowest card goes first to pick a person, suit order hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades.   The person picked then picks the next person to ask out of the hat which I have, and remember – this is truth or dare, so absolute truth or total acceptance, all right?”


The women all nodded as they each drew a card from the deck, Sue going last.  “Okay, on three turn them over – one, two…  THREE!”


They all turned their cards over, Blossom cheering as she saw she had the lowest one.  “Makes up for the cleave gag,” she said as she looked round the room.  “So I pick Maria?”


“Very well Blossom,” the Hispanic woman said as she sat back, looking at her as she adjusted the skirt of her dress, “I select truth - what is it you wish to know?”


“I know you used to model and take part in bondage films,” Blossom said as she blushed, “but I wanted to ask two related things, if I may?”


“Of course,” Maria said with a smile, “what is it you wish to know?”


“Well…  Did the other guy ever go all the way when you were tied up, and if he did, was it more exciting?”


“Nothing like a nice gentle Truth question to start things off,” Margaret said, breaking the tension as everyone else laughed.


“Very well, Blossom,” Maria said as she sat forward.  “The answer to the first question is yes, although I promise you we took all necessary precautions, and it was a very rare occurrence.  As to the second part – for me, it was, because I had to trust completely in the other partner not to take advantage of the situation to do something more than what was scripted.  To do that requires you to be totally confident in him and in yourself – and that I found most stimulating.”


“Nicely put Maria,” Sue said as she took a slip of paper from a folded set, and then put them all into a hat, and handed the hat over.  Maria dove into the bag, and drew out a slip of paper, looking at the name underneath.


“Margaret,” she said as she looked over at Alice’s mother, “truth or dare?”


“I choose Dare.”


“Very well then – I want you to put a ring gag in, and then drink a bottle of beer without spilling any onto yourself.”


Margaret looked round the room, before saying “Challenge – accepted.”


“Hang on,” Dorothy said as she left the room for a moment, returning with a bib she had taken from Ribs and Wings.  “Let’s keep that blouse clean,” she said as she tied the bib around Margaret, and then eased the ring gag behind her teeth, her mouth forced open as she fastened it around her friend’s head.


“Ready,” Sue said as she opened a bottle of Budweiser, and handed it to Margaret. 


“Redeessillfrb,” Margaret said as she raised the bottle to the room, and then put the neck to her mouth, tipping her head back slightly as she took a drink and swallowed it.


“Come on, keep going,” the room called out as Margaret took a breath, then another swallow of beer, making her way slowly down the bottle until she slammed it down on the coffee table, a small trickle of amber liquid running down the side of her mouth and onto the bib, as the room cheered and applauded again.


“Wnttknnwsmfngfnnee,” she said as Dorothy untied the bib, and then removed the gag, “I don’t really like beer – that’s Jack’s choice of drink.”


“Well, you managed it anyway,” Sue said as Margaret took a tissue and wiped her cheek, before she took the bib off.  “so who’s next?”


“Pick a name,” Amy said as Margaret nodded and rummaged in the hat.


“Suzanne,” she said as she looked over the room, “Truth or Dare?”


“Truth – I don’t trust my sister,” she said as she smiled at Dorothy.


“Very well then,” Margaret said “Honestly, what was your first thought when you found out about Joanne and Alexa?”


Suzanne sat back, nursing her drink in her hand as she considered her answer.


“If I’m being a hundred per cent honest – I was surprised, and a little bit shocked.  But then I realised the important thing wasn’t that it was another girl – it was that Joanne had very real and deep feelings for her, and I had to accept that as her mother.


“Besides – if we’re being honest with ourselves, how did it feel when you realised you had found the right man – or woman – for you?”


“Speaking for myself,” Katherine said, “I knew the moment I saw him, and I’ve never felt I was wrong since.  Even when we found out we could not have kids, and adopted our kids, I never once felt bad about the fact we could not have children naturally.”


“I’ll let you know if I ever find out,” Heather said as she hugged her sister.


“Well, it’s not as if wither of us made a good choice the first time round,” Amy said as she held Dorothy’s hand, “but look what came from even that – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Margaret nodded, before saying “I took a hell of a long time before I trusted Jack enough to get anywhere, but despite some – more recent issues - I get what you’re saying.”


“Well, when I saw the way Joanne and Alexa looked at each other, I knew it was that way for them, so I’m not gonna stand in their way.”  Suzanne stuck her hand into the hat, and drew out another name.


“Kayla – truth or dare?”


Kayla looked round the room for a moment, and then said “Dare.”


“Very well then,” Suzanne said with a smile.  “I dare you to kiss one other woman in this room, apart from Anne.”


Kayla looked round the room, then stood up and walked straight over to Suzanne, planting her lips on the surprised woman’s mouth.


“Well, you did say anyone,” Kayla said with a smile as she went back and sat next to Anne, as she felt her hand being squeezed.


“Yeah, I asked for that one,” Suzanne said as Kayla drew a name.


“Katherine – Truth or dare.”

As the names went round, Anne whispered into Kayla’s ear “When my name comes up, will you do whatever I ask you to do?”


Kayla nodded, as Heather said “Anne – truth or dare?”


“Dare – but I need Kayla to do it.”


“Of course.  Kayla, if Dorothy brings a chair from the dining room, will you tie Anne to it?  In her underwear?”


“OF course,” Kayla said as Dorothy walked out of the room. 


“Good, because I dare you, Anne, to let Kayla try to arouse you and NOT respond.”


“Oh brother,” Anne said as she slowly unfastened her dress, and slipped it off, to reveal the black bra and thong she was wearing.  Sitting in the chair, she nodded as Kayla pulled her arms behind the back of the chair and started to tie them together.


“Good, make sure it’s nice and tight,” Heather said as Kayla secured Anne’s wrists to the chair back, and then wound some rope around her stomach and the wood, pulling her back and lashing her in place.


More rope went around her arms where they were next to the chair, and then she pulled her legs apart, tying her ankles and knees to the chair legs.


“Now then,” Kayla said as she stroked her hands up the inside of Anne’s leg, “do you wish to be kept quiet, or is that going to be too much help for you?”


“I can manage, thank you,” Anne said with a smile.


“Really,” Kayla said as she gently started to kiss the inside of Anne’s thighs, the others watching as the agent closed her mouth to stop herself smiling.


“Not enough eh?”


“You’ll need to do more than that, Kayla – she is a tough one,” Sue called out, making the others laugh before Kayla say across Anne’s lap, and started to kiss her neck, her hands stroking down her sides as she gently nibbled on Anne.


“Hmmmm” Anne whispered as Kayla then looked into her eyes, smiling as her hands started to gently caress Anne’s chest and she kissed her mouth.  The others cheered them on as Anne started to mumble in response, the two kissing each other.


“You sure about that gag,” Kayla finally said as she looked at Anne.  Anne shook her head and said “No – I’m not sure.  What are you suggesting?”


Picking up a black scarf, Kayla rolled it quickly into a band and tied a knot in the middle, before pushing the cotton into Anne’s mouth and tying it around her head.  She then started to kiss her again, slipping the cups of her bra down as she started to kiss her chest.


“Hmggdddd,” Anne said as she arched her back, responding to her partner’s touch while the others stood up and watched.


“I think I’ll go and get a drink,” Katherine said, most of the others following until only Amy and Dorothy were left, watching as Anne began to nuzzle against Kayla’s head then look down as her mouth moved to the sweet spot between her legs.


“HMMGDDDD!” she called out as the two walked into the kitchen to join the others.


“I think Anne failed the dare,” Amy said with a smile, “and I think that’s where we’re going to have to end spinning the bottle.”


“Fine by me,” Sue said with a smile, “where do you keep the cards?”


“Oh no,” Veronica said as she shook her head, “I’ve played poker with you before Sue – no way I am getting involved in a game like that.”


“Oh now this I have got to see,” Heather said as she sat down.  “Anyone else want to take part?”


“Mind if I watch,” Katherine said as she sat down, Maria, Bobbi and Coral joining them.  Veronica picked up two bottles of wine and indicated with her head, Margaret, Suzanne, Blossom, Amy and Dorothy following her out of the other door and into the garden.


“Let me get the heater started,” Dorothy said as she fiddled with the oil burners, and they sat round the table.


“The girls called today,” Blossom said, “they won two medals and were joint winners of the gala.”


“Alice told me as well,” Margaret said as she sat back, “she also said they were having fun time, and that young Fi is proving to be a big hit.”


“I’m glad – she looked so lost when they set off,” Amy said as she sipped her wine.  “So, who do you think is going to win?”


“I think this will end up a score draw,” Dorothy said as she sat back.


“No, no – the poker match.  Remember when Sue surprised us in the house, and we played that game.”


“How could I forget – and then there was bondage chess.”


“Bondage what?”


“OH yeah – the look on your face when you were discovered in the kitchen,” Amy said as she looked at Suzanne.


“True – never play chess with a Duncombe,” Suzanne said with a smile.


“Or poker – Sue is a demon player, and if she’s playing the bondage variety…”


“Well, that’ll be the last we see of the others for a while,” Dorothy said with a laugh. 


The women sat round talking, looking up at the February sky as they talked, until the door from the kitchen opened and Heather walked out.


“Game over already,” Amy said, an eyebrow raised as Katherine came out with her.


“Oh yes,” Katherine said as they each helped themselves to some wine.


“Where are the others?”


“hmmm – oh Coral and Bobbi are talking to Anne and Kayla.”


“And Sue?”


“Maria is keeping an eye on her while she makes some coffee,” Heather said with a smile. 


“Hang on – Sue lost?”


“OH she put up a fight – but I played cards with the crews on film sets, and they taught me everything I know.”


“She’s known as Heather the Hustler in some parts,” Katherine said with a smile.  “So poor Sue got Duncombed.  Go in and have a look if you don’t believe me.”


The women walked in to see Maria working at the coffee machine, and Sue sitting in a chair, staring back at them over the leather panel that covered her mouth.  She was completely naked, save for the white ropes that held her tightly to the chair, and the pair of metal clamps linked by a chain that were attached to her nipples.  The quiet buzzing sound suggested something was sitting under the rope that went between her legs, as she stared at Heather with a mixture of plotting and respect.


“WllpdddMMMMMMMMM” she said as she suddenly arched her back, making the others smiles before they went into the front room.


“I hear my sister is having fun,” Anne said with a smile.  She had put on a short silk robe, while Kayla was wearing a pair of silk short pyjamas.


“That would indeed be the case,” Heather said with a smile.  “So are you both more relaxed now, even though you failed?”


“Oh yes – most definitely so,” Kayla said with a smile.  “My eyes are definitely being opened this weekend – Veronica, is it really true you were a child star, and then did some – more adult work.”


“True as true can be – although I like to keep the adult stuff quiet,” Veronica said with a smile.  “At any rate, that was a long, long time ago.  Now I’m content with my business, and my family and friends.”


“Amen to that,” Amy said as she looked over the room.  “So what would you two like to do next?”


“Actually, we were going to ask Sue to do something for us – no disrespect to any of you, but we wanted some time together.  But if she is indisposed…”


“Then there are others who can help you Anne,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “What did you have in mind?”


“Can you come up to my room with us?”  As they walked out, Amy said “Right – who wants to watch an old film?”


As they entered the bedroom, Dorothy said “Don’t tell me you two insatiable lovers want some time together again like last night.”


“Yes – and no,” Anne said, “Tape, not rope – and with something else added.”  She picked up a rope and quickly tied it around Kayla’s waist and between her legs, the young doctor moaning before she returned the favour to Anne.


“No securing to each other's ropes tonight?”


“No – but allow us to take care of something,” Anne said as she handed a small, cigar shaped vibrator to Kayla, opening her own robe slightly to slip a second on under her crotch rope.  She moaned out loud again as Kayla slipped hers into her shorts, and then said “Aahhhh – so what now?”


“Hold me,” Anne said, and the two women embraced each other, clasping their hands together behind each other’s back and pressing their bodies together.


“Tape,” Anne panted, “Starting with our hands and waists.”




Anne nodded, the light in Kayla’s eyes sparkling as Dorothy tore the end of a roll of silver tape loose, and secure them both together, covering their hands as a grey girdle went around their waists.


“all the way,” Anne said as she started to kiss Kayla, her partner closing her eyes as the lips went round her neck and then on her own mouth.  Dorothy pulled the tape free again, and then wrapped it around them, moving up their bodies until a grey sheath enveloped them from their shoulders to their waists.


“Hmmm that feels so good,” Anne breathed as she looked into Kayla’s eyes, and then pressed her lisp against hers.


“I’m going to lose some weight this way,” Kayla said quietly before returning the kiss, while Dorothy picked up a second roll of tape.


“While you still can, walk over and stand at the foot of the bed please,” she said, watching as they shuffled over and stood by the wooden base.  She then started to wrap the tape around them, working down until the sheath extended from their ankles to their shoulders, their feet intertwined.


“”Fancy going for a little trip?”


“I thought you would never ask,” Anne said as Dorothy pushed them onto the bed, the two of them wriggling up to rest their heads on the pillows.  That was enough to get them both moaning loudly once more, as Dorothy folded two pairs of panties and said “ready?”


“One minute,” Anne said as they kissed once more, then allowed Dorothy to stuff a pair of panties into each of their mouths, before she covered their lips with several strips of tape.


“See you both in the morning,” Dorothy said as she closed the door, Anne and Kayla gag kissing as they moved their bodies against each other, feeling the vibrators as well as their own reactions…





“I don’t think we’re going to see them until the morning,” Dorothy said as she walked into the room.  “What are you lot doing?”


“What we said, watching an old film – although we had to silence a couple of protests first.”


Dorothy looked over to where Maria and Veronica were lying on the floor, their mouths covered with large leather pads as their muffled complaints indicated their mouths were full as well.  They were both on their stomachs, their wrists and ankles secured with four leather  cuffs that were linked by two chains welded together in the middle.


“Now why would – oh,” Dorothy said as she looked at them, “don’t tell me you managed to track them down?”


“Oh yes I did,” Amy said with the sweetest of smiles, looking as Heather and Katherine carried Sue in from the kitchen.  She looked round the room, as if defying them to say anything, and then watched wide eyed as the screen showed a grainy image from an old film.


“Lggtusfrths,” Veronica moaned as the film began, Coral and Bobbi gasping as they saw a younger Veronica being led into a room by a slimmer version of Maria, her wrists bound behind her back and a collar around her neck.  Maria was holding a leather leash attached to the collar.


“Oh dear God,” Suzanne said as the film continued, the women watching as Sue started laughing and groaning at the same time from her position.


“Hey,” Amy said suddenly, “anyone want some popcorn?”






Sue slowly opened her eyes and looked round the room.  Veronica and Maria were asleep on the floor, their heads rested on pillows, while the others were passed out in the various chairs.


Smiling under her gag, she started to wriggle her arms round, eventually freeing them from the restraints as she brought her arms round, and started to untie the rest of her body.  She moved quickly, quietly, making as little sound as possible so as to not to disturb the others before she stood up and removed her gag, the penis shaped bung dripping with saliva as she placed it on the table.


She looked round the room, and then went into the kitchen, returning with her clothes back on and several rolls of multicoloured tape.  Kneeling next to Coral, she allowed herself a little smile before peeling the end of the roll free, and getting to work…





“Good morning, oh sister of mine.”


Anne opened her eyes to see Sue standing over her and Kayla, already dressed.


“I looked in earlier, but you were still asleep, so I fixed you both some breakfast first,” she said as she put a tray down on the dressing table, the steam rising from the coffee pot, and then used a pair of scissors to cut through the tape holding the pair together.


“Rullrht, udnntt normally bring me breakfast in bed,” Anne said as she removed the tape and cloth from her mouth, then sat up as Kayla ungagged herself.


“Never better – you missed one hell of a film show last night.  I never knew Veronica had it in her.”


“It’s quiet,” Kayla said as she sat up, groaning as she removed the vibe from her soaking wet shorts, “Nobody else up yet?”


“Not sure – I really should go and check.  Shower, change, eat, then come down – they’ll be waiting,” Sue said with an evil grin…


As Anne carried the tray into the kitchen, she was surprised to see Veronica and Maria sitting at the table, holding large mugs of coffee in their hands as they talked to each other.


“Good morning,” Veronica said as Anne put the tray to the side of the sink, Kayla walking in behind her.  The young doctor was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a white polo top, while Anne was in grey slacks and a purple top.


“Where did Sue go,” Alexa said as she sat down at the table.


“To get some pastries and things,” Maria said with a smile.  “I suspect the other ladies will be ready for them – if they have decided not to kill Sue first.”


“Kill her?  Why would they kill her?”


“Because Sue is a devious, scheming, and utterly ruthless opponent,” Anne said with a sigh as she glanced in the living room, “and because she is a terrible loser.  Have a look.”


Kayla walked to the swinging doors and looked in, at the circle of woman on the floor and in the chairs.  From the ones she could see the faces of, she realised that all of them had their eyes and mouths covered with tape, and their arms were taped to their sides, bands of tape around their legs as well.


“Well, you finally got up,” Sue said as a sound of moaning came from the front room.  “If we can get some more coffee brewed then I think we can let them free – they must be awake and hungry by now.”


“Hungry for something, I’d imagine,” Anne said as she closed the door, and made her way over to the coffee machine.


“They sound angry,” Kayla said as she watched Maria start the oven up.


“Nah – just upset I got them again,” Sue said, the sweetest of smiles on her lips as she looked at Kayla.


“Come on,” Veronica said, “Give me a hand to cut them loose, and then I’ll phone a local restaurant, get us all booked in for a late lunch.  I don’t think any of us are in the mood to cook today.”






“I know I keep saying it to you girls, but never, never trust Sue, even if she looks like she can’t do anything!”


“Hey – we managed to survive most of the night this time, and that’s a new record,” Katherine said with a smile as she drained her mug. 


“You have a point there, Katherine, you have a point,” Amy said, the rest of the room laughing as they ate the last of the pastries.


“Right – I got a long table booked at Bogie’s for Sunday lunch – we can drive down there later,” Veronica said as she came in.   “That gives us enough time to wash and change – those of us that need to.”


“Suits me,” Heather said as she stretched out, “I need to dress down anyway.”


“And so say all of us,” Coral replied, as they stood up and made their way to the bathrooms.




“Well,” Anne said as she sat back in the seat, “that was one hell of a party.”


“Yes – and thank you for having us over,” Kayla said as she smiled at Amy and Dorothy.  “I learned a lot.”


“Good – well…”


Anne’s mobile phone went off at this point, and as she took it out her smile lessened a little.


“Problem,” Kayla said as she looked at her.


“I’m sorry,” Anne said as she stood up, “I just need to take this call.”  She walked out of the room, Kayla watching as she heard her say “Go ahead, James.”


“James?  Chloe’s boyfriend?”


“Indeed,” Kayla said quietly.  “I regret to say we may have to leave early.”


“The life of the government agent,” Dorothy said with a smile.  “Well, if you do have to go, it’s been a pleasure to…”


“Forgive us,” Anne said as she came in, “We have to slip out for a couple of hours.  We should be back later tonight – there’s something I want to say before we head off.  Kayla?”


“See you later,” the young woman said as she and Anne went out of the house.


“Alone again,” Amy said as she looked at Dorothy.  “What are we going to do?”


“Oh, I’m sure we can think of something,” Dorothy said with a smile.  Picking up the paper, she said “Have you read this?”  She pointed to an article, which Amy read, the smile growing broader as she said “Oh now we could try that…”






“That was- intense,” Kayla said as she and Anne drew up outside the house.


“True – but I think the Red Widow managed to contain the situation.  Of course, the fact the older daughter had managed to work herself loose while the gang were distracted made things a little more difficult.”


“Very true, very true,” Anne said with a smile, “We’ll ask Sarah to drop in on them next week – I got a text while you were with Chloe to say they were in LA, and should be back tomorrow.”


Getting out of the car, they walked up to the front door and let themselves in.


“Amy?  Dorothy?”


There was no reply, but they could both hear noises from the upper floor.  Walking up the staircase, Anne looked in their bedroom, but there was nobody inside.


“I think it’s coming from over here,” Kayla said, but as Anne went to follow her she was grabbed from behind, a gloved hand over her mouth as she was pulled back into the room…


“Amy?  Are you in here?”  Kayla opened the door and looked in the main bedroom – to find Amy lying on the bed, dressed in a baby doll nightie.  Her arms and legs were pulled out and tied in a spread eagle pose to the four corners of the bed, and a strip of white tape covered her eyes, a second strip over her mouth.  The low humming sound indicated that something was keeping her very occupied as she twisted on the bed.


“All right,” Kayla said to herself as she watched, “Is this a game or is this real?  What do you think Anne?”




She suddenly realised that Anne was not with her, and as she looked back down the hallway there was no sign of her.


“Anne?  Seriously, this is feeling like a bad slasher Movfffmmmm”


She reached up as the rubber bung was pulled into her mouth, but whoever was behind her was too strong, as she fastened the leather straps around the young girl’s head.  She then felt rope being draped over her shoulders and wound down her arms, pulling them back as within five minutes she had her arms secured behind her back in a box tie.


“Whtthhlslsgngnn,” she mumbled as the ropes snaked round her arms, holding them tight to her sides as her chest was forced out, and then she was pushed down the corridor, and into the bedroom.


Anne was lying on the bed, also bound with rope around her arms and legs, one in particular pulling her pants up into her crotch.  Kayla gasped as she felt the same thing, before she was pushed onto the bed and her legs secured.


Anne’s lips were pursed round a white waffle ball, which was secured with thin leather straps round her head, but she was nodding and seemed to be smiling as the last rope was tied round Kayla’s thighs.  As she rolled over, she saw a dark haired woman standing there, in a  black latex catsuit with a domino mask covering her eyes.




“Now that you two are out of the way,” Dorothy said with a smile, “I can go back to dealing with the cute little home owner.  Don’t go anywhere.”  She walked off, the stiletto heels of her boots clicking on the wooden floor, as Anne and Kayla looked at each other.




“Hmmm – whtdwd?”


“Ecncffnkfsmfng,” Anne said as she wriggled over, nuzzling against Kayla as the rope rubbed against her, and Kayla returning the favour.  It had been a good weekend, and a little longer staying would be fun as well.







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