It was the knocking that Alicia first noticed when she walked into the flat.  It sounded as if the guy in the flat next door was trying to put up shelves, and had once again forgotten to tell them that he would be working so loudly.  She made a mental note to say something to him when she popped down to the corner shop later, and satisfied herself for the moment with thinking what choice words she would share with him.


It had been a long day at the travel agency, not helped by the warm weather and the ridiculous outfit that the manager insisted his staff wore.  At least the blokes got to take their jackets off – all the women had to keep on the heavy blue blazer that formed part of their uniform, alongside the matching knee length skirt and white blouse.  A blue silk square was around her neck like a cravat, which showed clearly through he undone top buttons as she looked at herself in the mirror.  The one saving grace was that she had chosen to wear a pair of black leather shoes with kitten heels that day, instead of pumps or higher heels.


Alicia walked slowly to the main room of the flat, looking through the letters she had picked up from the mailbox on the way in.  “Bills... Bills... Mail shots... Bank Statement...” she said to herself as she walked in, opening the door without looking up.  So when she was grabbed from behind and a gloved hand clamped over her mouth, she threw the packets up in complete surprise, wondering what the hell was going on as the knocking continued.


She watched, wide eyed, as a man walked in front of her, his chin covered with stubble and his breath smelling of cheap whisky.  “You,” he said in a gravelly voice, “just bought yourself a heap load of trouble.  Do you live here?”


“Yss,” Alicia mumbled through the coarse hand over her mouth.  As she looked round the room, she could see that the cupboards had been opened out, and some of the contents scattered over the floor.  Her gaze went back to the man standing in front of her.


“Right then,” he said as he stared straight into Alicia’s eyes, “you’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you?”  Alicia nodded as she watched him pick up a roll of duct tape.  “Good girl,” he snarled as he tore a long strip off, “now, when my friend here takes her hand away, I want you to keep that mouth shut.”


“Her?” Alicia thought, but she had not time to speak as the hand was taken away and a surprising speed the man smoothed the length of tape over her mouth.  Strip after strip followed, until her mouth and lower jaw was a silver patch.


“Tie her up,” he snarled, and Alicia felt her hands been pulled behind her back as she watched him returning to his search of the room.  The knocking was continuing as she felt the rope been passed around her wrists, and she wondered how the hell the idiot in the next flat had not heard anything.


As she felt the rope tightening, she looked carefully at the man.  He must have been in his fifties, with short brown hair peppered with grey, and was powerfully built.  His clothes were normal, everyday, mundane – nothing special, but he obviously meant business as he kept opening doors and pulling items out.


A muffled gasp escaped her lisp as she felt her elbows been drawn together.  She tried looking over her shoulder, only for her head to be twisted back round by the intruder behind her, so she tried instead to stay calm as she felt her chest been pushed out as her arms were bound together.  She then watched as a rope went over her head and around her chest, pinning her arms still further into her sides as it went round above and below her breasts, before been crossed over in front of her before she felt the bands been secured behind her back.


The knocking was really beginning to annoy her now, but that was soon not Alicia’s major concern.  Her priorities changed when she heard a young voice saying “Anyone home,” and realised that her flatmate Carol was back.  She felt herself been pulled backwards and made to sit on the couch as footsteps echoed down the hall, and the door to the front room opened.


“What the hell is that guy going next door,” Carol said as she walked into the room, before stopping in her tracks at the sight before her.  She was a younger woman; dark skinned with short brown hair, and was wearing a denim mini-dress with capped sleeves.  The front of the dress was fastened with brass buttons, while her lower legs were encased in a pair of black leather boots.  She stared, open-mouthed before she noticed Alicia sitting on the couch looking at her, and the man staring at the new arrival.  “Oh sh...” was all she got out before she was grabbed from behind and hand gagged by the second intruder.


This was the first time Alicia had seen the other robber, and she was certainly not a woman to be messed with.  Her hair was cropped short and bleached blonde, and she looked as if she was a weightlifter from the way the muscles in her arm bulged under her leather jacket.  She picked Carol up as if she was a ragdoll, and as the young woman kicked her legs out in fear and frustration the woman carried her effortlessly into the centre of the room.


The knocking sound had stopped for a few minutes, so that all that could be hard were Carol’s whimpers and Alicia’s failed attempts to say something to her flatmate.  Eventually, the man walked over and stood right in front of Carol, jabbing his finger into her chest.


“I want you,” he snarled, “to shut up, or else your friend here and you will regret what happens.  Am I perfectly, absolutely, crystal clear on this?”  Carol nodded, which seemed to placate him a little.  “Right then – stand still and stop struggling while my girl her takes care of you, and makes you – comfortable.”


“Are you all right, Al,” Carol said as she looked over at her flatmate.  Alicia nodded, watching as the woman started to bind Carol’s wrists together behind her back.  As her arms were bare, she could see Carol flinching as the rough brown rope the intruder was using bit into her skin around her wrists.  “Do you have to be so rough?” she said as she looked over her shoulder, but that only made the woman pull the rope all the more tightly.


Alicia watched as, unlike what happened to her, Carol did not have her elbows tied together.  Instead, the woman shook out the longest length of rope she had ever seen, doubling it over as she passed it round Carol’s arms and body below her breasts.  Within a few minutes, her upper body was encased in two bands of rope, as the intruder passed the length over one shoulder, walked round to feed tit through the lower band under Carol’s breasts, and then passed it back round.  The net effect was to force the front of Carol’s dress to gape slightly as her chest was forced out by what was effectively a bra of rope.


“What the hell’s going on here, Al,” Carol said as she was pushed towards the couch.  “Dmdnfikn” Alicia mumbled through her gag as Carol was made to kneel in front of the couch. 


“Sorry – should have realised it would be a little difficult for you to talk right now.”


“VREEEFFNEEE”, Alicia mumbled as she watched the woman crossing Carol’s ankles and passing more rope round them.  The funny squeaking sound that it made as it was pulled tightly against the leather of Carol’s boots was soon drowned out as the knocking started again against the wall.


“You know, we could do with his help in here right now,” Carol said as she looked over her shoulder at the female intruder, the rope digging into the soft leather as it went round and between her ankles.  As the rope was passed around Carol’s feet and tied off under the sole of one boot, she looked up at Alicia and whispered “How long before Jessie gets back?”


Alicia glanced at the clock, which showed it was 6:15.  Normally, Jessie would be home at 7 in the evening, from her shift at the local police station.  By then, with any luck, these two would have gone, and their ordeal would be over quickly.


“Ltr,” she mumbled as the woman forced Carol to sit up and sit on the couch next to Alicia.  The two women looked at each other as she started to bind Alicia’s ankles together, side by side, the rope digging through her dark stockings as it was wound round and between.


“Just what the hell are you looking for anyway,” Carol shouted out as the knocking against the wall continued.  The man turned from the cabinet he was looking through and smiled.


“Anything we dam end well want,” he snarled as he walked towards the girls, as his companion started to tie their legs together by passing the  rope around Carol’s legs above her knees, pulling them tightly together before cinching the ropes, and then taking the rope over to Alicia and repeating the process.  This meant the two girls were tied together by the knees, and restricted their movement still further.  “Why, do you have any objections?”


“Plenty – but you’ve made sure that doesn’t matter, haven’t you?”


“Yeah – we’ve made sure of that,” the man said, and then he started laughing.  For some reason, the woman started laughing as well as she walked round behind the couch.  Alicia felt her hands at the back of her neck, loosening the scarf that was around her neck as she brushed her long dark hair to the side.  She watched as the scarf was taken off and over her head, dreading what it was now going to be used for.


Carol had obviously had the same thought as she watched, as she started saying “no, please I promise I won’t’ say or do anythngngrnfdg”  Her last words were cut off as the wadded up silk square was pushed into her mouth, before a strip of white cloth was pulled between her lips.  Alicia recognised it as the belt from her bath rope, as did Carol as she looked over, her lips and teeth closed over the cotton band as it was passed round again before being tied off at the side of her head.


“Swhthonsnw,” Carol mumbled as she looked over at Alicia.


“Nwwwatfrjsy,” Alicia mumbled in return as she looked at the tow intruders stuffing items into a large bag.  The thumping was increasing, growing louder and louder, and Alicia was getting more and more angry at the fact their neighbour seemed to be in no hurry to find out why they were not complaining.


Carol was also getting agitated at the thumping, but for a different reason.  As the clock edged closer to seven, she nudged Alicia in the arm.




“Hhh?  Nxtdrwy?”




Alicia listened more closely, and slowly realised that Carol was right.  Wherever the thumping was coming from, it was not the adjoining wall.  So where...


"Waiting for your friend are you?" the two girls heard the man say, and both of them looked up to see the two of them standing in front of them, evil looking smiles on their faces.  "Hoping we'll go and she can rescue you?"  


He smiled as he motioned to his female companion.  "Help me to carry her in," he said, and as they walked out of the room both Alicia and Carol looked at each other, wondering how they had failed to register what had been happening.


As they looked towards the doorway, they watched the woman walking in, her arms around a pair of legs in brown leather boots.  As she walked in, the legs were revealed to be also in a pair of tight black denim jeans, which extended to the hem of a brown and blue striped jumper.  This then showed itself to be over someone with her arms pinned behind her back, rope around her waist and arms as they went behind her back.  They also saw that the rope around her waist went between her legs, pulled tightly against her crotch and bottom as it was secured behind her.


Finally they saw the flushed face of their flatmate Jessie, her blonde hair falling around her face as she stared at the other two sitting there.  Her mouth was filled with a knotted blue bandana – one Alicia recognised as being the one that was holding her hair back that morning.  The white checked pattern was across the knot that Jessie’s lips could barely close over, and it was obvious that something else was behind the saliva stained material.


“She was here when we came in,” the man said as Jessie was somewhat unceremoniously dropped on the floor by the two intruders.  “Guess she had some time off – and she has been exercising a bit.  You should see the marks on her wall where she has been kicking against it.”  The blonde haired woman looked up at the other two, her eyes saying what her mouth could not communicate.  She had tried to warn them as they both walked in, but to little or no avail.


“Much as we’d like to stick around,” the man said as he picked up the bag, “we’re going now.  Have fun.”  He laughed again as the tow left the room, closing the door behind them and leaving the three flatmates looking at each other, wondering how they were going to get out of their predicament.






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