Ladies in Leather




“Please, I don’t know what it is you want – tell me and I’ll give you it, just leave me alone...”

Wilma was sweating, and glad she had put plenty of talcum powder on her body when she put on her white leather dress.  Now she was watching, terrified, as the two female strangers approached her in her own living room, having barged their way in only a few minutes earlier.  Both were wearing tight black leather leggings, and while one was wearing a wide white leather belt similar to her own and a black vest top the other had a white jacket over her clothes.

“That’s all right, darling,” the one in the white jacket said as her friend grabbed Wilma’s arm, “We know what we’re looking for – we just need you out of the way.  Now, MOVE!!”

Wilma was dragged back into the room, her wrists hurting where she had been grabbed, and pushed face down onto a mattress that had been left on the floor by the removal men.  They had just left for a lunch break, leaving the front door open - a fact Wilma was now regretting.  She tried to struggle free, but was unable to stop the two intruders pulling her wrists behind her back and binding them together with thick red rope.  “Open wide,” was the next thing she heard as a thin white scarf was pulled between her lips, holding her tongue down as the ends were bound tightly together at the base of her neck under her long blonde hair.  She could feel her skirt riding up as she tried to stop the jacketless girl grabbing her ankles and tying them together, but the cold metal pressed against her head put a stop to any thoughts of escape.

“Shut up and let us do our job,” the woman said as Wilma felt her ankles been pulled back, the nylon rope digging into her ankles through her black fishnet stockings.  As she felt her legs been pulled further back, the other woman knelt by her and pulled her hair back.  “Where’s your safe?” she asked quietly, and Wilma indicated with her head a shelf on the far wall, grunting as she did so.  “Very good,” was the only response as Wilma realised her ankles were been secured to her wrists, before a ripping sound filled her ears.  She turned her head to see what was causing it, only for the answer to come as the red tape pulled on her skin as it was firmly pressed down over her lips.  She looked up, her hair falling over her silver Alice band, as she watched the two women open and empty her safe, leaving as quickly as they had entered.

What was eluding Wilma was the reason why – why did they think she had something that was so important they could not just ask her to share it, but terrorise her like that?  As she struggled to get free of the ropes, that question continued to nag at her mind...



“So, she only had part of the formula?

“Very well – return to base, we will see how our next group fare.”



Jessica Holmes had only had about a minute after she walked into the office of her house to register something was wrong.  That was how long it took for the woman sitting behind her desk to say “Hello” and point her gun directly at Jessica’s chest.

The stranger had long, curly dark brown hair that fell across her shoulder son top of a black silk blouse, which had a wide red leather belt fixed about the waist.  Her skirt was black leather, which creaked as she stood and walked round the desk, while her legs from the hem of the skirt down were encased in tight black leather.

“I’m sorry,” Jessica said as she slowly raised her hands, “but who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house.”

“Looking for something,” she said in a light accent as she sat on the edge of the desk.  “I was not expecting you to return, but now that you are here perhaps you can tell me where your husband keeps his files.”

“Why should I?”

“Because,” the woman said as she picked up a skein of red rope and held it in her hand, “I will make you comfortable, as opposed to uncomfortable.  Now, where are your husband’s files?”

Jessica looked at the woman, as she shivered slightly.  Her own outfit was ill equipped to keep out the cold at the best of times, and the chill of fear she was feeling only exacerbated that chill.  Nodding, she pointed to a set of filing cupboards to one side of the room.  “Excellent,” the stranger said, “Now, why don’t you take that pretty red scarf off from around your neck and use it to gag yourself?”

Realising she had no choice, Jessica reached up and removed the silk scarf from her neck, rolling it into a band and passing it into her mouth.  As she pulled the ends together at the base of her neck, trying not to catch her own long brown hair, her rouged lips closed around the cloth as it compressed her tongue to the floor of her mouth.

“I’m so glad I brought this rope,” the stranger said as she stood up, “It complements your gag so nicely.  Now, sit down in this chair and place your hands behind the back support.”  As Jessica sat down in the swivel chair, the stranger placed her gun on the table and spun the frightened victim round, catching her wrist in one hand and bringing it against the support as she shook the length of rope out.

It only took a few minutes for her to bind Jessica’s wrists together and secure them to the support, before winding rope around her waist and chest so that she was held firmly in place.  The red stood out clearly against her black and white sleeveless top, while her short skirt rose slightly up as she was pressed against the back.  As the rope passed above and below her breasts, trapping her arms in place, Jessica sat as still as she could, wishing the ordeal to be over.

Turning Jessica round to face her, the stranger then knelt in front of her and passed a further length of rope around her bare legs above her knees.  As the rope bit into her flesh, Jessica noticed that her assailant’s skirt was riding slightly up, exposing the bare flesh above her long boots, and felt a little pang of excitement at the sight.  Her captor seemed to sense this, as she looked up and smiled before pulling Jessica’s ankles together and binding them, securing them to the chair support as she finished.

“Did you like what you saw?” the woman asked as she stood up and smoothed her skirt down.  “Well, you just sit there and watch me some more while I do what I have to do.”

It had completely escaped Jessica’s attention that her jacket was now trapped between her back and the chair, but as she twisted round and watched the intruder search through her husband’s files she realised that it was providing a little extra support and comfort against the bindings.  She watched, transfixed, as the woman took photos of a few of the files, before finding and bringing a large velvet box out of a drawer.

“You don’t mind if I take some souvenirs, do you?” she said with a smile as she opened the box, Jessica watching helplessly as he jewellery collection disappeared into the stranger’s bag...




“Another piece of the puzzle, but not the full answer, hmm?

“Very well then – return to base.”

As she replaced the receiver, and sat lost in thought, she failed to hear at first the knock on the door.


“Forgive me,” the young servant said when she came in, “but while you were on the telephone another message arrived.  It reads ‘Had an unexpected encounter – will explain when I return.  Carmen.’”

“Very well – have Carmen report to me as soon as she returns.”  She returned to her thoughts as the door closed – if Carmen was delayed, then someone must have disturbed her...




“I hope you realise it is never, ever a good idea to try and take time off school without asking permission first?”

The young girl stared silently at Carmen as she forced her into the bedroom.  This was meant to have been a very simple job – get in, get the file, get out – but just as she had been about to leave the front door to the house had opened and she had walked in.  Dropping her schoolbag on the floor, she barely had time to scream before she had been grabbed by Carmen and a leather gloved hand clamped over her mouth.

That had been sufficient to ensure her full co-operation, so she had stood there sobbing as Carmen had taken a length of rope from her coat pocket and tied her wrists together in front of her.  All the poor girl saw was a tall, strong woman in along black leather coat, a blue scarf tucked in at the front and a trilby pulled down to shade her eyes, and that this woman was tying her up.

“Lie down,” Carmen said as she pushed the girl onto the iron bedstead, taking her legs and pulling them round before she wrapped a second length of rope around her sock covered ankles and pulled them together.  There was no resistance from the youngster as she got onto the bed, straddled the girl’s stomach and forced her bound wrists above her head and through a gap in the bedstead, taking a small length of rope and securing them to the iron as she did so.

“Now, you stay nice and quiet,” Carmen said as she took a blue bandana from another pocket, “and then you can tell your friends how a mysterious woman held you hostage.”  Folding it into a thick band, she pulled it between the blonde’s lips and bound the ends together at the side of her head.  The girl’s muffled cries were all that filled her ears as she closed the door on her and went back to her primary target...



“Well,” she thought, “I can afford to wait for Carmen.  She has never let me down.”

She sat back, thinking of how things had changed in the year since she had established her place as her master’s best operative.  That had been that business with Clara and – Samantha, her name was.  They had thought they could extort a large sum of money out of their boss for the safe return of some patents, but instead her master had requested that she obtain both the patents and the girls.  She could still remember the look on Clara’s face as she sat in that chair after she had talked to Samantha.

In fact, she had seen them both recently when she had accompanied her master to an event.  They were there, serving drinks and canapés with the rest of the domestic staff, looking so cute in their French Maid outfits and the leather muzzles buckled securely into their mouths.  The look in their eyes when they recognised her had made the evening a most memorable one.

At any rate, she had been entrusted since then with a team of operatives – almost all of whom she insisted wore leather as she did – and the most sensitive of tasks.  Such as this one – find and locate the various parts of a chemical formula.  She was confident she three parts, which left only three to go by her reckoning.  In fact, the next team should be checking in very soon indeed...


Natalie had been surprised to find the two women waiting for her when she returned from lunch.  Even more surprising was their garb.  Both women were wearing black leggings, with patent leather black shoes, and while one had on a black bustier top the other wore a long sleeved round necked one.  The most remarkable thing about both women, however, were the elbow length leather loves they wore, and the masks on their faces, made up like they were dolls with rouged cheeks and blue eyeliner, but only their eyes showing.

“Can I help you?” Natalie said as she closed the door behind her, only for one of the women – the one with what looked like straggly red hair – to stand up and walk round her.  She closed the door, locking it as she did so, before taking Natalie by the arm and escorting her to where the other woman was standing.  This one, with brown hair, looked at Natalie in her white frilled blouse, dark floral jacket and skirt, and white shoes, before picking up a length of thin white cord and holding it in front of her.

“Turn round,” she said in a strange, highly pitched sing-song voice, “and allow us to secure you, before my friend here decides she wants to like you better.”  Natalie stared at the doll faced woman, before hearing a ‘snikt’ and turning her head to see the red haired one holding a thin switchblade in her hand, turning it and looking at Natalie as she did so.

“Oh god,” Natalie quietly said as she slowly turned round and looked at the red head, barely noticing the other woman pulling her wrists behind her back and binding them together, one on top of the other, with the rope going around and between her wrists to secure them.  As she was pushed into the chair, and she watched a length of rope pass in front of her eyes and across her chest, Natalie said “Please, tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you, just don’t do this to me.”

“Oh, but we must,” she heard the woman say, “and now you must be quiet.  Press your lips together.”  Natalie wondered why she had asked this, but soon realised as a length of tape was pressed over her lips, silencing her as the red head knelt down and bound her ankles together with more rope.  As a final length was used to secure Natalie’s lap to the seat, she heard the voice say “Now, where do you keep the keys to your filing cabinet?”  She motioned with her head towards the desk drawer, which the other woman opened as the redhead sat on the desk and looked at Natalie, her head cocked to one side.

“She doesn’t say much,” the woman said as she pulled back on Natalie’s jacket, “but she likes to look and touch.  Don’t be afraid – you may enjoy this.”  Natalie tried to push back as the redhead stood up, coming towards her as the other woman opened the drawers and started looking...


She smiled as she replaced the receiver – her Dolls had indeed done their job well.  That left the two most difficult parts to retrieve – and she had entrusted them to her most senior team members.  Even now, she knew two of them were dealing with Dr Medici’s daughter, and then Olivia would call in...



As Carina slowly opened her eyes, she found it difficult to focus on where she was.  She knew she had had a good night out, met with friends, had a few drinks – but then she had decide to walk back to her flat, and after that her memories were jumbled, vague, unsettled.  She had faint memories of being grabbed, and something sweet been placed over her nose, but after that...

Carina tried to stretch her arms out, but realised that something was preventing her from bringing them round and lifting them.  Whatever it was was tight, and felt rough against her bare arms, almost as if it was – but no, her bodyguard would have stopped that happening.

Wouldn’t he?

Opening her eyes fully, Carina could see that she was sitting in a white room, and from the way her bottom felt she was sitting on the floor.  Her mouth tasted as if she had been sucking on a baby’s bottle, and there was some sort of band pressing into her cheeks.  Her chief concern, however, was the fact she could see he legs stretched out in front of her, and over the very expensive designer leather boots she had bought only last week were several coils of rope that encased her ankles and held them together.

Ah good – Sleeping beauty is awake,” she heard someone say, and as she brought her knees up she could see the rope around her legs above her knees as well.  Someone had removed her skirt, and with a growing sense of horror she realised that her wrists and elbows had been bound together behind her back.  Looking down, she saw with some sense of relief that her red top was still on her body, but also the coils that held her arms firmly against her side as they went above and below her breasts.

“To answer your questions,” the voice continued, “there is a large red rubber ball in your mouth, you are being held for ransom, and with any luck your stay with us will be a short one.  It was fortunate you walked home last night – my friend and I thought we may have to break in and take you from your bed, but when we saw you staggering along it made out job so much easier.”

Carina realised that she was leaning against some sort of chair, and glancing to her left she saw a tall, thin woman reading a magazine with no great show of interest.  Her hair was pulled back in a tight knot, while the cuffs of her red leather trousers were lifted as her crossed legs revealed tight leather boots. Looking now to her right, she saw a blonde haired woman in a black t-shirt and jacket, tight jeans and knee length black leather boots.

“Actually,” the blonde said as the sound of a door opening was heard, “This may be the end of your ordeal now.  Bring the package over and leave it on the floor.”

Carina looked up to see a tall, dark haired woman walk in, the soles and heels of her suede boots clicking on the wooden floor as she walked over, and the flow of her skirt moving in time with her walking.  “MVR?” she tried to say as the woman came closer.  “Hush, Carina,” the new arrival said as she threw over a package.  “She means more to me than anything, so here it is.”

“Thank you,” the dark haired woman said as she picked up a dart gun that had been concealed by her side, aimed it at the older woman and fired.  She brought her hand up to her neck, before her eyes rolled and she crumpled in a heap on the floor, Carina screaming as she did so.  “She’ll sleep for an hour or so,” the blonde said as the two women stood up, “so be patient – I told you it would soon all be over.”




So only Olivia was left to report, and now...  The telephone rang and she picked up the receiver.


“Olivia is a bit busy at the moment, but I thought that we should talk, you and I.”  The voice was cultured, refined and completely unknown to her.

“Where is Olivia?”

“As I said, she is indisposed...”





She may have been small and somewhat dour, but as Olivia was frogmarched into the warehouse she knew this woman meant business.  She was in her late forties, wearing a white cardigan over her blue blouse with a small skirt, and the stiletto heels of her boots clicked on the stone floor as she pushed Olivia further in.

Everything seemed to have been going to plan – entry into the offices had been problem free, with only one poor little security guard to take care of, which she did with speed and grace.  Leaving the woman struggling in her tape bonds, she had entered the office and started to search through the computer files, only to stop when she had felt the cold metal of the barrel against her neck and the female voice saying “Stand up and stand still.”  She had slowly stood up, but her attempt to turn and take advantage had been met with a blow to the neck that had sent her stunned to the carpeted floor.  The next thing she knew was the weight on her back and her wrists been pulled behind her back.

As her boss required, she had worn leather for this job – in her case a red and black tight halter top, a very short skirt, stockings and thigh length boots.  She was now wishing she had worn something over her arms as thin cords bit into her skin while her wrists, forearms and elbows were pulled together.

As she had been made to stand up, she saw the security guard standing there, smiling and nodding as more rope was passed around her arms and chest by her unseen assailant.  The final insult had been the rope that was passed around her waist, then pulled up between her legs and around both her thighs before it was secured in the small of her back, both hobbling her and pulling her skirt up into her crotch.

“That’ll teach you,” the guard had said as he assailant walked in front of her.  Olivia had been surprised at how small she was, but as the woman looked at her through her glasses she realised with a sinking feeling she was in trouble.

Deep trouble.

Now here she was, after an uncomfortable ride in a van with a white tape gag wrapped around her mouth, looking up as her captor unhooked a length of chain from the wall.  “We’ll just keep you here until Her Ladyship can come and collect you,” the small woman said as she pulled the chain towards Olivia, the smile growing on her face as the chains rattled...




“I see – may I ask who it is I am dealing with?”

“You may, but I must politely decline to answer.  Suffice to say I represent a very powerful lady who wishes you to cease your actions on this particular task.”

“If that is the case, you can tell your Madame that...”

“My apologies for interrupting, but who said my employer was a Madame?  I said she was a Lady.”

She sat for a moment, considering what had just been said and the way in which it was said, before continuing.

“I see.  Well, what would this lady have me do?”

“She would have you collect together whatever information you have managed to ascertain, and bring it here to me to pass on to her.  At that point, we will ensure that you are given sufficient resource to ensure your employer does not think ill of having done what you have done.”

“Oh?  If you know who my employer is, then you will know that that person does no ttake failure lightly.  I would expect some form of – retribution to take place.”

“Indeed – so it will be made clear that some form of coercion has been used upon you.”

“Oh, and how do you intend to do that?”

There was silence for a moment, and then she heard someone saying “Pls, hlp m, shs gt a gn.”

“Your sister is proving to be a most hospitable person – now do you understand?”

She sat for a moment, a dark cloud over her brow, before saying “I understand, but understand this.  If you harm her, I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands.”

“Details, details.  You have one hour and then I will call again.”

The young woman smiled as she looked at the long haired brunette sitting at the opposite end of the couch.  A red bandana filled her mouth, while her bare wrists were held together behind her back with rope, as were her ankles.  A white crop top barely covered her breasts, the ends tied together under her ample chest, while the daisy dukes she wore could almost have passed for a micro skirt.  The captor smiled as she dialled another number.

“Penelope?  Everything is in place – I’ll call when I tell her where to do the drop off.”

Turning off her phone, the dark haired girl smiled as she looked at her captive.  “I used to think blondes had more fun, but I must say I like what I do now even more.  We should get to know each other better – you can call me Lily.”





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