Ladies Night

“Hello, and welcome to the Desert Spa Ladies Night special.”


The blonde haired receptionist was speaking to the three well dressed women who had arrived not one moment before.  The Desert Spa was a new and exclusive health club that had opened in the area, and as a special promotion they had invited local businesses to book the entire facility out for a couple of hours for their staff.  The legal firm of Cratchett and Dombey had felt this would be a suitable treat for their executive secretaries.


“Thank you,” Melissa replied on behalf of the three.  “Where do we go from here?”


“Please take one of these keys each,” the receptionist replied handing each of the three a room key, “and wait inside.  I will be along shortly to make sure you have what you need.”


“All right girls – Jocelyn you take room 2 and Celine room 3.  I’ll take room 1.  Let’s go and have some fun.”


The three women went off into the rear of the building, and the receptionist went back to reading her magazine.  The sound of the door opening and closing again took her by surprise, but she figured it was just a late arrival.


“Hello and…..” she started to say, before she saw the gun pointing at her and the gang of women standing in front of her.


“Not one word of warning to anyone, you bitch,” the dark skinned woman holding the gun said.  “All right, girls – take a room each.  This one’s coming with me….”



In room 1, Melissa had stripped down in anticipation of a warm, relaxing body rub.  She was admiring herself in the mirror when there was a knock on the door.  Grabbing a large towel, she wrapped it around herself.


“Come in,” she said without turning round, so it was a complete surprise to her when she was spun round, forced down onto the brown recliner and a strip of white tape plastered over her mouth.


A young Asian woman was standing over her, wearing a grey crop top with white trim and a short blue skirt.  “We’re going to have some fun,” she said as with a surprising show of strength she rolled Melissa over, grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back so that her arms were parallel to each other.  Pulling lengths of rope from a handbag, she tied Melissa’s wrists together and cinched the rope so that she couldn’t move her arms back, and then wound another length of rope around her ankles, again ensuring the ropes were cinched before she tied them off.  As an extra bind, she then took a length of thin cord and tied Melissa’s big toes together to stop her working her feet free.


“Sit up for a minute,” the young lady said, and she pulled Melissa into a seated position before slapping more white tape over her mouth.  The frightened secretary could only watch silently as she took more rope, wrapped it around her chest below her breasts and secured her wrists into her back.  Another length of rope was then wrapped around her arms and upper chest, and wrapped around her shoulders and between her breasts so that Melissa was completely helpless.


“Whts gng n” Melissa tried to say through her tightly taped mouth.


“Now now – you’ll find out soon enough.  In the meantime,” the Asian girl said as she lifted her own top over her bare breasts, “let’s have a little fun shall we?”  Pushing Melissa onto her side, the bound secretary could only scream silently as the young girl started to smack her on her bare behind….


In room 2, the dark haired Courtney had got as far as stripping to her black bra and panties when there was a knock on her door.  She had gone to answer it to be confronted by an Amazonian looking woman - her brown hair pulled back in a pigtail, she was wearing a lilac short top that was strapped over one shoulder and matching tied briefs.


“Inside, and not a word out of you,” the stranger had said, and she pushed Courtney into the room and onto the cushioned area of the floor.


“Wha…. What’s going on?”  She stammered as her hands were pulled behind her back and tied together with thick rope.


“Never you mind for now – right now, you just do as you’re told,” the intruder said as she began to wrap a long length of rope around Courtney’s chest, above and below her breasts, so that’s eh was firmly secured.


“But what about my friends – what’s happening to them?”


“Now are you going to be quiet or do I have to make you quiet.”


“No, no – PLEASE SOMEBODY Hmmmmmph”  Courtney’s cries for help were muffled as the stranger pulled a thick white scarf into her mouth and tied it at the base of her neck.


“Your friends are being kept nice and cosy as well – now shut up!”


Kneeling at Courtney’s feet, the tall woman looped rope around her ankles and tied it off behind her legs.  She then did the same to her legs above her knees, making sure the rope passed between her legs so that it was tightened,


“Now then,” she said as she stood up, “why don’t you relax and enjoy what’s coming?”  With that, she pulled Courtney’s bra down so that her ample breasts hung between the ropes, and moving behind her she caressed her chin.  Courtney looked up fearfully into her eyes, dreading what was coming…



While this was going on, the receptionist had been taken into an exercise room by the dark skinned beauty that seemed to be leading this gang.  Her blue skirt had been removed, and she was knelling on a white cushion.  Her ankle and legs had been bound together with blue rope, and the leader was tying her wrists in front of her with more of the same.


“Why are you doing this to us?” she cried out as the rope was cinched between her wrists.


“Two reasons,” the leader replied, “but the one you need to worry about is that our boss didn’t like the fact that you opened this salon in her territory without paying her any respect.  So we’re here to teach you some.”


Taking the rope, the woman pulled the receptionist’s wrists up so that they were over her head, and tied the loose ends to an overhanging bar from one of the exercise machines.


“What’s your name?”




“Well, Jasmine, you just be a good and quiet girl now, and we’ll see how you feel later.”  With that, the woman took a strip of blue tape and placed it firmly over Jasmine’s mouth.  She then undid her blouse, pulled her white bra down and did the same with her panties.


Jasmine watched helplessly as the captor stripped herself to the waist, and placed a stethoscope around her neck.


“Time for your physical examination, Jasmine” she said, and the poor girl began to struggle as the naked woman approached her…..



In room 3, Celine was oblivious to what was happening elsewhere – she had her own problems to deal with, mainly the blonde haired woman who had entered her room without knocking and brandished a gun in her face.  Wearing a black short top and leopard point mini skirt, she had watched as Celine stripped completely, and then laid face down on the bed.


As with her workmates, Celine had her wrists tied behind her back with white rope, and rope wrapped around her chest above and below her breasts.  This both held her arms tightly in place, and forced her breasts to be more prominent than usual.  She had struggled a lot while the blonde was doing this, but she had proved too strong for Celine.


More rope had been used to tie her ankles and legs, and Celine was now sitting on the bed as the captor wrapped a long white cloth in and around her mouth.  She then squealed as strips of white tape were forced over her gagged mouth,


“Let’s just see how quiet you are now,” the blonde woman had said, and she pinched Celine’s left breast at the nipple.  All that escaped was a muffled squeal of pain.


“That’s better.  Now, you just sit tight while I make a phone call.” Training the gun on the helpless woman, she picked up the phone and dialled a number.


“Hi there – we’ve got everyone nice and secure now.  Bring the cameras and tools over, and we can really get started.”


Celine stared wide eyed at the woman.  Just what was going on here?


“Now,” the blonde haired woman said as she replaced the receiver, “How shall we pass the time, hmmm?”





The door to the salon opened, and an auburn haired woman entered.  “Jasmine?  Where are you?”


She walked around the reception desk, but there was no sign of the receptionist.  “Where is that girl?” he thought as she headed to her office.  Cara had opened the salon in the teeth of opposition from the local residents, but she was determined that she was going to make a success of it despite the objections.


Wearing a pale blue jacket and skirt, she was about to open the door of her office when she heard squeals from the exercise room next door.  Opening the other door, she stared in astonishment at the sight of Jasmine bound and gagged, and being attended to by a half-naked woman while another girl was filming.


The gang leader looked round and saw Cara standing there.  “Ah – we were wondering when the owner would arrive,” she said stopping her actions and pointing her gin at Cara, “you go and take care of her while I finish up here.”


The other girl in the room put down the camera, and grabbing a bag she took the shocked Cara by the arm and led her into her office.


“What the hell are you doing?”  She finally blurted out.


“Teaching you and your clients separate lessons,” the girl said.  She was wearing a black waistcoat and grey slacks.


“But who are you – and why are you doing this?”


“We’re the Parker Girls – you know our boss I think?”


Cara stared wide-eyed at the girl.  Jess Parker was a rival salon owner, and had strongly objected to Cara setting up shop, but would he go as far as what she had seen.


“Hands behind your back,” the intruder demanded as she pulled rope from her bag, and Cara numbly did as she was asked.  Crossing Cara’s wrists, the woman tied them tightly together.


“Lie down no that couch,” she demanded, and she pushed Cara over so that she lay on her side on the couch in her office.  Within minutes, her ankles were tied together as well.


The gang leader came into the office, now fully dressed again.


“Cara, our boss told you not to open here, but you had to go ahead, and your lawyer at Cratchett and Dombey was very insistent on that.  Now he wants you all taught a lesson, so we’re glad you invited their secretaries here for a nice ladies night of pampering.”


“What have you done to them?” Cara demanded.


“Well, let’s just say they’ll have a night they will never forget – and nor will their bosses when they see the copies of the film we shot.  Now, however, we need to teach you a lesson.  Gag her.”


The leader threw the other gang member a roll of wide pink tape, and Cara lay helplessly as she tore strips off and placed them over her mouth.


“Relax – you might even enjoy this,” the girl said as she opened Cara’s jacket to reveal her naked chest, and Cara began to struggle with eyes wide open…..




The Desert Sands Health Spa closed a week later, and the law firm of Cratchett and Dombey find themselves with new clients not at all to their liking.  As the three executive secretaries said, however, sometimes it is necessary to do things you don’t like to protect others.