Marie’s Surprise







He watched Marie as she wheeled her laden shopping trolley across the car park, and opened the back of her SUV.  Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a pale blue fleece over something else, blue jeans, brown leather boots – but the way her bottom moved in those jeans, and how it swayed from side to side as she put the bags into the back of the car made him almost go wild.


He had first seen her on the high street, and she had captivated him immediately.  For three months now, he had been watching her, taking photos, working out her routine.  He knew she was married, but that idiot of a man she called her husband was away for weekends on a regular basis.  He knew she had friends, not quite as lovely looking as her, but also very tempting.


He had also been into her house – when she wasn’t there, of course – and been through her wardrobe, seen her personals, smelt them.  The intoxication had been amazing, and he knew the only thing that would smell sweeter would be her.


And the time was near, very near, when he would go to her, and reveal all to her…




Marie stood for a moment, looking at herself in the mirror, and nodded at the way she looked.  Her taupe coloured coat dress was open at the top three or four buttons, revealing a little of her chest and her black bra – just enough to titillate, if she was going out, which she was not planning to.  Instead, Eleanor and Maisie were calling round later that afternoon, and they planned to go for a drink later.


Nothing fancy, just a girls’ night out.


She moved from side to side, her dress moving with her, a little extra height given by her brown sandals on her feet.  She had been to the hairdresser, had her hair bleached so it was a lighter shade of blonde, as it hung down her shoulders.


It was the sound of the doorbell ringing that caught her attention, as she left her bedroom and walked down the stairs.  Opening the front door, she was surprised to see a small parcel left on the doorstep, but as she looked up and down the street there was no sign of who may have delivered it.  Shrugging her shoulders, she picked up the parcel and carried it into the front room, the sunlight streaming through the windows as she placed in on the coffee table and sat with her back to the door.


“Wonder what is in this,” she said quietly to herself as she opened the top, and looked inside.  The box was empty – but as she looked in, she failed to hear the soft footfall behind her, or register she was not alone.  It was when the damp sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose she became aware of the situation, but even as she reached up and tried to pull it down her eyes started to mist over.


She put up a struggle, but it was no use, as her eyes slowly closed – but she thought she heard a soft male voice say “relax” as she slipped into unconsciousness…




“Hello Marie…”


As she slowly opened her eyes, the first thing Marie noticed was that the room was dimmer, with the curtains drawn over the main windows.  The dust seemed to be hanging in the air, as did the sweet scent – but as she tried to move her arms, she realised something was holding her wrists behind her, her upper body to the chair she was sitting in.


Eventually, she managed to raise her head and saw the young man sitting there, short light brown hair, wearing a grey polo shirt and jeans.  There was a large duffel bag on the floor in front of him, as he sat forward and smiled, saying “I am very pleased to finally meet you – I have so looked forward to this moment…”


“Who…  Who are you,” Marie whispered as her vision returned to normal, and she saw the ropes holding her ankles together and to the chair leg.


“I am an admirer – someone who has been watching you for a very long time, slowly falling more and more in love with you,” the man said quietly as Marie twisted round.  “And now I have come to make sure we can be together.




Marie stared at him, before she whispered “I want to know who you are.”


“The man who wishes to care for you,” he said quietly as he stood up and walked over, placing the palm of his hand on her cheek.  “The man who wants to ensure you are happy and satisfied, in every way.”


“What do you mean,” Marie whispered – and then her eyes opened wide in shock as he took her head in his hands, and kissed her – not a gentle kiss, but a passionate one, one which took her by surprise as he held her.


“I don’t know you,” she gasped as he let her go, “and a man who thinks he has to tie me up to be my lover is the wrong mahnnnwhthhruhdhnnn!”


She was taken by surprise as he stuffed a cloth into her mouth, and then she heard the sound of the front door opening and closing.  He whispered into her ear “don’t say a word” and then walked to the door.


“Marie, you ready to par-TAY,” a female voice said, and Marie struggled, trying to warn her friend to run, to get away, but her heart sank as the door opened and she watched Eleanor walk in.  Her long dark hair flowed down over the shoulders of her sleeveless dress, the grey and black patterned fabric flowing to her knees with a wide black belt fixed round her waist.  She was wearing a pair of gold heels, the front of her dress showing her ample chest.


“Seriously girl,” she said as she looked in, “are you not… shit.”  Eleanor looked at Marie, and then looked as if she was about to turn – only the hand over her mouth, and the sight of the gun the man was pressing into her friend’s side, told Marie she was not going to escape from the nightmare.


“Welcome – you must be a friend of Marie.  So you’re not going to do anything stupid, because if you did both of you would get hurt.  Nod if you understand.”  Eleanor’s eyes opened wide, and then she slowly nodded as Marie shook her head.


“Good – slowly, hold your purse out in your left hand, and let it drop to the floor.”  Eleanor nodded again as she took a hold of the thin shoulder strap and held her purse out to the side, and let it drop down, before the man said “very good – I am going to take my hands away, and I want you to stand still, with your arms by your side.”


As she nodded, he removed his hand, and she whispered “who is he?”


“Uhduhntknhhh,” Marie mumbled as she felt the cloth in her mouth soaking up the saliva in her mouth, but she was too scared to spit the cloth out, as the man went to the side of the room, and retrieved a long length of rope form a large bag.  He then walked back, doubling the rope over before he passed it round her waist and pulled it tight, forcing her arms against her sides just above her elbows as her chest hung over the band.


“My name is Matthew,” he said as he wound the rope round Eleanor’s chest above her breasts, again forcing her upper arms against her sides as they framed her chest, and repeating the process several times so that the bands of white became more prominent.  Marie had to watch, fascinated at the way Eleanor was looking – and the way her chest was now more prominent, the way the material was stretching over her chest, the straps threatening to give way.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as he pulled the bands tighter, and felt the knot as he secured the bands together, and then guided her arms behind her back.  The tension on her upper arms increased, as she felt the rope around her bare wrists, and they were forced together.


“Phlssdhnthhrrthrrr,” Marie mumbled as she watched the expression on her friend’s face.


“I’m not going to hurt her,” Matthew said quietly as he walked back to the bag, taking another length of rope out and standing in front of her as he passed the rope under the two bands, and then pulled it tight so that the bands formed round her breasts, then measured it out and tied a triple knot in the length, “I am going to give her a reason to distract herself while we continue our chat.”


“Distract me?  What on earth do you mean distrahhhcCCTTOHMYGOD!”


As Eleanor spoke, he walked behind her and knelt down, Marie gasping as he pulled the rope between her legs, her skirt hiking up as it was pulled tighter, and she could only guess where that knot had ended up as he secured it to her chest ropes behind her back.  It was stirring something in her, and she wasn’t sure exactly what that was…


All she knew was she was starting to feel flushed, and a little damper between her legs, as Matthew forced Eleanor to kneel down, and then knelt behind her, using more ropes to secure her ankles and legs.  Eleanor closed her eyes and said “oh my god, please, don’t” as he finished binding her, and then pushed a red ball into her mouth, taking the straps that were fixed on either side and securing them with a buckle at the back of her head.  He then pushed her onto her stomach, Marie watching as he pulled her ankles back and used a shorter length of rope to secure them to the rope running between her legs, the heels of her shoes resting on her bottom.


“Don’t move,” he whispered as he pulled on that rope, Eleanor groaning as she closed her eyes and then rolled onto her side, watching as Matthew walked over and looked at Marie.  “I think she’s going to stay there now,” he said quietly as he stroked Marie’s cheek, and then started to slowly unfasten the front of her dress, pulling it to the sides as she struggled in the chair.




“I told you, I have admired you from afar,” Matthew said quietly as he finished the unbuttoning, revealing her white bra and panties as she squirmed in the chair.  Eleanor tried to call out, the thin line of drool running down her chin as she tried to move – and then stopped as the rope rubbed on her, and she shivered in a way she hadn’t before.


Marie wasn’t watching – her concern was in the way Matthew was looking at her, his head to one side as he glanced up and down her.  There was a strange look in his eyes, one she was not sure of – and then he reached down and pulled her bra up, revealing her milk white breasts.  She glanced down, seeing the way her nipples were responding to the cold night air – and then she screamed into the soaking cloth in her mouth as Matthew leaned down and started to roughly grope her chest, his fingers sinking into the flesh even as she could feel them firming up.  She tried to twist herself out of the way – and then realised all that was doing was making him grip even tighter, his fingers kneading her breasts as he looked at her.


What was worse, she was now not sure if she wanted him to stop.  This was an assault, he had her tied up, unable to stop him – but somehow, her body was telling her it was all right, she should relax, let him do it.




Matthew heard none of the conversation in her head, as he continued to massage her chest, seeing the way her nipples were firming up.  He then leaned over and placed his lips over her left nipple, Marie throwing her head back and screaming as he sucked hard, his tongue stroking over the mound as he did so.


He then repeated the process at the other side, and switched from left to right, Marie wondering what was coming next – and she got her answer when he produced a pair of silver clamps and fastened them onto her nipples.  It was like a fire going through her as she threw her head back and screamed, in agony.


And in pleasure.


She could feel another fire as she squirmed round – one between her legs, and as she opened her eyes and looked at Matthew, she was aware it was having an effect on him as well.


“You like this, don’t you?”


Marie nodded slowly as Eleanor threw her head back, her body shaking as an orgasm washed over her, and then Marie started to shake as well, wondering what he was going to do next as Matthew stroked his hands up her legs.


“I am going to make you feel like a queen,” he whispered, and then his head turned as he heard the door open again.  “Should have locked that – stay there,” he said quietly as he walked over to the door, standing and watching both of them.


“Hey – you two planning to surprise me,” a younger female voice said as the two bound and gagged women looked at each other, and then to the door as a young blonde walked in, wearing a grey cardigan over a black V-necked top, a denim skirt, black hose and flat black shoes.  She took in the sight, her friends in the chair and on the floor, and then felt the pressure, a small disc at the back of her neck.


“What’s your name?”


“Maisie,” she whispered as she slowly raised her hands, “what’s going on here?”


“I’ll show you – slowly, drop your purse on the floor, then take off your jacket.”


“Marie…  Eleanor…”  Maisie looked at the tow of them as they slowly shook their heads, Eleanor mumbling “jhssdhhhtt” as she looked up.  Nodding she let her black purse drop down, and then slipped the grey cardigan down her bare arms, holding herself as she stood there.


“Now the skirt – take it off.”




“I said take it off,” Matthew whispered into Maisie’s ear, and she looked at her friends before she reached behind her back, pulling the zip down and letting the skirt fall to the floor.


“Now the jumper.”


Marie was wondering what she could do – what Matthew had done to her was aching, but that wasn’t the only thing.  Somehow, what was happening was turning her even more on…


As Maisie pulled the top over her head, Matthew smiled before he said “very good – now, put your hands behind your back.”


“Are you going to tie me up as well?”


“What do you think,” he said quietly as he walked to the bag and took out another length of rope, then went behind her.  As Marie watched, she saw the way her young friend’s chest had been forced out, and instinctively knew he was securing her arms together at the elbows, and then her wrists.  How she knew, she had no idea – she just knew.


Eleanor slowly opened her eyes, watching as well as Matthew then wrapped the rope round Maisie’s chest, forcing her arms against her back as he took it above and below, then under one arm, round the beck of her neck and under the other.  They both knew what was coming, as he reached round and started to grope her chest, his hands over her black bra.


“Please,” Maisie whispered, “don’t do that?”


“If you don’t want me to do this,” he whispered into her ear, “you need to do something for me.”


“What?  I’ll do anything…”


“Kneel down.”


“Oh my god, he wouldn’t” Marie thought to herself as she felt the fire on her nipples, the fire between her legs – but as Maisie knelt down, she knew exactly what was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.  Looking to her side, she caught Eleanor slowly moving her legs to and fro, as little as they could, and groaning.  She knew what was happening to her as well – was she beginning to feel the same way as her?


“What…  What do you want me to do,” Maisie whispered, and then her eyes opened wide as Matthew opened his trousers, and his large, long member came out.  He looked at Marie, and said “your turn is coming.”  And inside, Marie was beginning to want that, as he stood in front of Maisie and said “Take this in your mouth.”


Maisie slowly nodded as she leaned forward and kissed the tip, and then out her mouth over it, then moved back as her lips softly popped.  Marie and Eleanor both started to look at them as he nodded, and said “carry on.”


“DO I have to?”   Maisie already knew the answer as Matthew looked at her, and shuffled forward, this time putting her lips over it and starting to use her tongue on him as he held her head in his hands.  IT was not the first time she had done this to a man, and she knew what she had to do – but as she wriggled round and started to play with him, the ropes rubbed on her bare flesh round her chest, and she could feel the effect that was having on her as well.


Matthew could feel himself getting larger in there as well, as she rolled her tongue over his cock, the throbbing getting stronger as it grew and filled her mouth.  She looked up at him and continued, too frightened of what he might to do to her or the others if she didn’t do what he said.  She could feel the throbbing no her tongue, the pulsing as he filled her mouth with his cock, and she could not deny what that was doing to her in her helplessness.


She moaned softly as her animal brain started to take over, Marie and Eleanor wriggling as much as they could as well as Matthew’s hands pressed on their friend’s head, as he closed his eyes as well.


“That’s good, keep going,” he whispered as the throbbing changed, becoming more of a pulsing, and he could feel a pressure starting to build – a pleasurable one, as he waited for Maisie.


When it came, the spurt took her by surprise, but her mouth was filled, and Mathew was stopping her from moving her head, so she had to swallow as much, as quickly as she could – and as she did so, she tried not to choke, to panic, to take as much as she could…


Marie watched her, her eyes closed, and then heard Eleanor moan again as she started to shake.  Something was happening to all three of them, and she could not deny it any more than they could – even if they were free to do so…


As she was finally allowed to pull her head back, Masie looked at Matthew, a thin white line escaping from the side of her mouth – and then a red sponge ball was pushed into her mouth, before Matthew took a roll of black fabric from the bag and wrapped it tightly round her head.  He then made her lie on the floor, and bound her ankles and legs quickly, before he pulled her ankles back and tied them to her elbows.


Walking over to Marie, he pulled the cloth from her mouth, her friends rolling onto their sides and watching as he kissed her, his hand going between her legs as she moaned.


“You are hot,” he whispered as he looked at her, “are you ready?”


“What…  What are you going to do to me,” Marie whispered, even as she knew the answer.  Matthew smiled, and then put more ropes and a roll of silver tape in a small bag.  He then untied her from the chair back, before he lifted her up and carried her out of the room, up the stairs, saying “it’s time I showed you how much I love you” as he carried her into her bedroom and laid her gently down.


“Please, don’t do this,” she whispered as he untied her ankles, and then bent her left leg, tying her ankle to her thigh with the rope.


“I love you Marie – I want you to know that and experience that, and believe me, I can tell you want it to.”


“But this is wrong – you’ve got to see…”


Matthew looked at her as he tied her right ankle to her thigh, and then pushed her legs apart, before he put his head between them and kissed her on her clit.  “OH SWEET JESUS” she called out as he did this, realising just how sensitive, how aroused she was as he pushed his tongue past her petals and licked her, touched her, hit her spots…


Looking up, he said “I need to keep you quiet” and stood up, going to a drawer and taking out a pair of panties, before he said “do you want to be blindfolded as well?”


Marie looked at him, and then nodded as he pushed the panties into her mouth, and then covered it with strips of the tape, before he said “close your eyes.”  As she did so, she felt him press more of the tape over her eyelids, and then felt him moving her legs again, and kissing her there.


The fire was growing hotter, and she could almost feel the flames over her as he continued to kiss her there, and use his tongue to bring her along – and then he stopped.  She paused for a moment, feeling the tension, the heat, and wondered what was happening – and then she felt him enter her, and her body reacted, gripping him as he moved to and fro, her hips moving in time to him as she felt him growing larger inside her, hitting those spots she needed to feel him hit…


She groaned as she moved round, unable to see anything, unable to stop him – and she was no longer sure she wanted to.  This was new, it was wrong in her mind, but in her body, her soul, her base self, she wanted it, and she wanted him to enjoy it as well, as wrong as that sounded.


And then it came – the rush, the shocks running through her, the plain, and the pleasure as he gave of himself inside her, and she arched her back, screaming in pleasure and fear as well.


Eventually, he slipped out, and she felt him kissing her, making his way up her stomach, and then her chest, and then her taped lips.  She mumbled “Swhhtnhhh?”


“Now, I ask a question – what do you want me to do, Marie?”





Four weeks later


Eleanor pulled up outside Marie’s house, and looked at the front door, unsure of why she was there – and then she saw Maisie walking up the pavement as well, a long black coat over her.  Sighing, she got out, her tan raincoat fastened over her body, and joined her friend.


“You got the call as well?”


Eleanor nodded as she said “I did – I’m glad she’s back, but is this what she really wants?”


“The question is, is this what we really want?”


Eleanor looked at Maisie, and then slowly nodded as she said “we’ll never know unless we do.  Come on – let’s see how she is.”


They walked up the pathway, Maisie watching as Eleanor rang the doorbell, and then both of them going in as the door opened and closed behind them.


“Marie – how are you,” Eleanor said as she looked at her friend.


“Hmfhnn,” Marie said as she looked at them, the leather panel over her mouth.  Marie was wearing a red leather basque, stockings and a pair of red high heels, and she watched as her friends removed their coats, revealing their panties and bra, their stockings, their heels.




All thee turned to see Matthew, standing there and smiling as he said “Come – we can begin in here…”











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