Martina’s Surprise







“I trust the apartment is to your satisfaction, Madame?”


Martina smiled as she looked round, her grey brown fur coat draped elegantly over her shoulders, her long red brown hair falling over her slim shoulders.  The Countess was planning to visit the city for some weeks, and found renting an apartment more economical for such visits than a hotel suite.  More useful for entertaining family and friends as well.


She walked over and looked out of the large bay windows, the agent smiling as he looked at her.  The fur coat sat over a tight lilac coloured strapless silk dress with a beaded bodice, cut to show her ample chest to the fullest extent and hugging her like a second skin, her legs in a pair of thigh high satin boots of the same colour.


“Excellent,” she finally said as she turned round, “and it is available for immediate occupancy?”


“For three months as you requested, dependant on clearance of the rental fee.”


He watched as Martina removed a gold cased cell phone from a handbag and tapped on the screen.  “the money has been transferred,” she said with a smile as she looked up, “if you will have the concierge bring my cases up, I will take the keys now – I have an appointment to attend, but will return later.”


The agent checked his own phone, smiled and then handed over the keys.  “Of course, Madame – enjoy your stay.”  He opened the door and escorted Martina out, turning the lights out before closing and locking the door…





As Martina opened the door to the apartment, she smiled at the memory of the evening so far, and was looking forward to a good night’s sleep before she attended her business meetings in the morning.  Slipping the fur coat off her shoulders, she hung it in the closet and then walked along the corridor, the heels of her boots clicking on the floor as she wondered what coffee would be in the cupboard.


So when she was grabbed from behind, the surprise was total especially when a damp cloth was clamped firmly over her nose and mouth.  She reached up and tried to pull the arm down, opening her mouth to scream – and as soon as she did that, the sweet sickly fumes entered her body, her eyes starting to cloud over as her head became fuzzier.


As she slipped into unconsciousness, Martina thought she heard a man say “I thought this was meant to be empty?  Who the hell is she?”  But before a reply came, her eyes closed and she slipped into darkness…



The first thing Martina heard was a squeaking sound – a strange, high pitched squeaking that seemed to fade and then get louder.  There was a fuzzy feeling in her head, and her mouth felt dry, with something like cotton wool in her mouth, and her limbs felt heavy, so heavy she was unable to move them.


As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw the room was dark, but the squeaking sound was still there, and there seemed to be someone else in there – someone on her side, but it took a few minutes before Martina’s head was clear enough and her eyes adjusted to the gloom to see what was going on.


And when she did,  her eyes opened wide at the sight before her.  There was a woman lying on the floor – a total stranger to her, with long light brown hair, wearing a light coloured dress with a black belt round her waist like a girdle.  Over the dress was a leather jacket in the same colour, but the sleeves looked like they were fur from shoulder to elbow.  The skirt of the dress came to halfway down her upper legs, and Martina could see the dark hose and the over the knee black leather boots.


She could also see the source of the strange squeaking noise – the woman’s legs were secured together at the ankles and below the knees, and every time she twisted her legs the boots were rubbing against each other.  That wasn’t the only part of her body that was bound with ropes – her arms were behind her back, and now Martina could see the darker bands of rope above and below her chest, pulling the jacket back as she squirmed on the ground.


There was a strange muffled sound as well, and as Martina looked over she saw the white tape covering the lower half of the stranger’s face and the way her cheeks bulged – but she was also aware this noise was not coming from the stranger.


It was coming from her – as she felt the tug on the skin around her mouth, and realised she too had tape over her lips, and something stuffed into her mouth.  What was more, she had also been tightly bound in the same way as the stranger, as she finally felt the bands on her bare arms, holding them to her sides, and saw the way the white bands contrasted with the coloured silk of her own boots.


“She’s awake – turn the light on.”


The light was blinding for a moment, but when her eyes cleared Martina realised she was in the front room of her apartment, the blinds closed – and there were three other strangers, all men, two of them looking at her as the other went to the second woman.


“Who the hell is she?”


“no idea – this bloody apartment was meant to be empty.  I’m going to have words with him when I see him…”


“Well, it’s too late now, isn’t it?”  One of the men, with short dark hair, knelt down and looked at Martina, smiling as he said “so what did her handbag have to say?”


“Martina Mueller, German, and by the looks of her luggage and clothing a woman who considers herself one of the upper class.”


“Hhddndhhrhhuh,” Martian mumbled as she felt whatever was in her mouth pressing on her tongue.


“the people in charge,” the dark haired man said, “I am Number One, the blonde Number Two, and the redhead Number Three.  Have you rented this apartment?”


Martina looked at the three men, and then slowly nodded as Number One looked at her.  “Okay – expecting anyone to call and stay?”  As she shook her head, he stood up and said “okay then – Number Three, you’re going to have to split the meal between two of them.  As for you two – don’t move.  We’ll untie you and let you eat in a few minutes before we get you hanged and bedded down for the night.”


Martina stared at him, wondering what he meant by that, as she twisted her les round, the ropes holding firm at her ankles as well as above and below her knees.




She looked over at the other woman, and said “hhrruhhh?”


“Mhndhhh – thshnsshdmhhhrlhrr brrhhttmehhrrr.”


Martina slowly nodded.  “Hffbhnkhdnnhphdbhfr – ehknhhuhrshcrdd.”


She looked at Martina, and then wriggled round as she said “Hmmshhhttt.”  Martina kept her thoughts to herself, as she said “Jhsstrhlhxxx…”



A short while later, two of the men returned, making both Martina and the other woman sit up as they started to remove the ropes round their upper body.  “When we remove the gags, do not speak,” the one with Martina said, “food and water is going to be brought to you, and you will have a chance to relieve yourself before we secure you again.”


As she nodded, she looked at the other woman as she stretched her arms out, and then felt the tape as it was peeled away from her mouth, and then the large yellow sponge eased out of her mouth, dripping with her own saliva.  As she worked her mouth, she croaked “water please” as she was handed a bottle.


“Please – my family must be worried about me…”


She looked over to where the other woman was sitting, the obvious leader of the group smiling as he said “they are worried about you – which is why they are going to pay the ransom we asked for.  Eat, drink – both of you…”


As they left, closing the door, Martina looked over and said “I’m Martina – what’s your name?”


“Mandy – do you have any idea where we are?”


“At a guess, an apartment I actually rented today – what happened to you?”


Mandy took a drink from the bottle, and then said “I…  I was shopping in Chelsea, and came out of a shop when I was grabbed, and a damp cloth put over my face.  I remember trying to pull it away, and then fainting – and the next thing I knew…”


“You were in here,” Martina said as Mandy tried to move her bound legs again, the leather of her boots squeaking.  “Well, you must have been brought here when I was out, and then I obviously walked right into it.”


Mandy nodded, and then she said “did I understand you correctly – you have been kidnapped before?”


“I have – with my mother Veronika, and then on my own, so I do understand exactly what you are thinking, what you are feeling…”  Looking over, Martina then said “does your family have money?”


“Yeah – but…  I thought when I finally came round I had been kidnapped for another reason…”


Martina slowly nodded as she said “I had thought that the first time as well – but when I explained I was a lesbian, that idea was soon dismissed…”  She then saw the way Mandy looked at her, before she said “are you…”


“Yeah – but I’ve never come out to anyone.  So I guess you understand what that feels like as well…”


Martina slowly nodded as she chewed on a sandwich, wondering what was likely to happen next.  “Well, I do understand – seriously, the best way of getting through this is to do as they say, and with any luck they will not…”


“All right,” Number One said as he came in with one of the men, and untied Mandy’s legs, “take her to the bathroom, let her take that off and relieve herself, then bind her arms and bring her back.”


“What – you’re going to…”


“Mandy – just do what they say,” Martina said quietly, the other women looking at her and then nodding as she slowly stood up and walked out.  As she did so, the third man came back in.


“Untie her legs, Number Three.”


Martina watched as he knelt down and untied her legs, before she was helped to stand up.  “we checked the main bedroom – it’s en suite, so you go there, take the dress off, take care of yourself.  Bring her back when you have her upper body tied.”


“Look, I don’t know what your intentions towards us are, but…”


“the money from her family – we know she prefers women,” Number One said, “and you stumbled into this, so you’re safe as well.  Now go and get ready.”  Martina nodded as she walked to the bedroom, and then noted the lengths of rope laid out on the bed before she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.  Sighing, she gently unzipped and removed her boots, and then reached round, pulling the zip down as her dress fell to the ground and she stood in her lilac basque.


“May as well get comfy,” she said quietly as she started to run some water…




When she came out, she saw Number Three standing there with a length of white rope, looking her up and down before he said “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


“As you wish,” Martina said with a sigh as she complied, feeling him cross her wrists and then the rope as it was pulled tightly round them, several passes around and between her thin arms following as the binding was made tighter and tighter.  She stared straight ahead, knowing what was coming – and as the rope went round her body and arms, pulling them into her sides as it sat under her chest, she wondered what Mandy was feeling.


The pressure of the bands above and below her chest forced her breasts up and out, as she felt the cords rubbing on the top, and she tried not to twist round – especially as he used two shorter length sot secure them at each side so the bands at snugly on her.   She noted that at least he tried to keep his hands off them…


“Let’s go,” he said as he walked Martina back into the front room – in time to see Number Two pull a rope up and back between Mandy’s legs as she stood there.  She was wearing a white bra and panties – but the rope pushed her panties up against her clit, as she opened her eyes wide and whispered “oh my god…”


“Do you have to do that?”


“It will distract you during the night,” Number One said as he walked over and tied a longer length of rope round Martina’s waist, and then reached between her legs, pulling it up and back as it rubbed on her as well, and then securing the ends to the binding round her wrists.


“What…  Why…”


“try not to panic,” Martina said quietly as they were both made to lie face down on the floor, the other two captors taking ropes and crossing their ankles before they bound them together while Number One watched, “we will be all right.”


“Easy to say…”


“I believe we will, so relax – and…”


Mandy turned her head and said “what?”


“you do look hot like that.”


Martina smiled as she said that, Mandy blushing before she said “well…  So do you…” and then grunting as her legs, which had also been secured below the knees, were moved, the man pulling her ankles back and then securing them to her chest ropes.


Martina grunted as her ankles were secured in the same way, and then she heard Number One say “open your mouth.”  As she did so, she saw the knotted white scarf before it was pulled between her lips, the knot going behind her teeth and pressing down on her tongue before the scarf was tied tightly round her head.  She watched as Mandy was gagged in the same way, before the men looked at each other, and then left the room, turning the light off and closing the door behind them.


Mandy and Martina looked at each other, too scared to move, before Martina said “shmmhffrrhrrr.”




She indicated with her head as Mandy slowly shuffled over, their eyes locked together before they were face to face, Martina seeing the darkening already on the corners of Mandy’s mouth where the gag pulled her lips back.






Mandy squirmed a little and grunted, as she said “hststhttt?”


“Ysshhthss – bhthhwhrufhllhn?”


As Martina looked over, Mandy mumbled “whddiuhhsssk?”




Mandy looked at her and then she slowly shook her head as Martina came closer and pressed her gagged lips on Mandy’s.  the gesture was returned as they slowly, gently kissed, Martina moving her wrists slightly as she felt the rope rub on her.




“bhccchshwhnthddth – dhduhlhkht?”


“Hdhdd – chnnwhdhhthghn?”


Martina nodded as she kissed Mandy, and then moved her head down, her lips gently touching the tops of Mandy’s breasts as the other women gently moaned.




Mandy nodded before she whispered “Bhtthsshrrdwhnuhdhthtt?”






Martina nodded as she continued to nuzzle and kiss Mandy’s chest, the other woman shaking slightly as she twisted round, and she felt the rope round her own body moving on her.




“Hhhdhh,” Mandy said as she looked at Martina, and then kissed her chest as well, the other woman moaning softly as she moved the rope between her legs.  She then started to twist her head round, Mandy watching s she slowly managed to ease the knotted scarf out of her mouth.




“Making sure I can do something – ready?”  As Mandy nodded, Martina shuffled down slightly and kissed her breasts, and then used her teeth to ease the bra cups off them, Mandy moaning as she felt the movement on her breasts, and then the touch of Martina’s lips as she kissed them, encircled her nipples, and ran her tongue over them as she gently sucked.




Martina said nothing, looking up and saying “use the rope” before she returned to her task, listening to the moans of her fellow captive as the rope was slowly moved to and for between her legs.  She also started to move her own crotch rope, feeling the gentle rhythmic pressure on her as she felt the warmth, the pleasure, the joy..


Mandy was a beautiful woman, and she was certainly taking pleasure from Martina’s attentions on her body.  She could feel the dampness on the cloth in her mouth, and on the cloth between her legs as the rope kept moving over them.  She really wished hey were not there, or that she could feel Martina’s lips on her stomach, on her…  For now, however, she allowed herself to softly moan as she started to shake slightly.


Martina looked into her eyes, and started to shiver as well, as she said “if I ease the cloth out, will you remain quiet?”  Mandy slowly nodded as Martina used her teeth to slowly edge the gag from her mouth, opening it as wide as she could to help her, before the wet knot slipped out and landed on her chest – and then she placed her lips on Martina’s, moving with her as they both used the ropes to take them closer to the edge…


And when it came, they smiled as they both started shaking, keeping their moans and their voices internalised in case their captors should come back…





“wonder how they spent the night,” Number Two said to Number Three as they walked to the room door.


“Well, it doesn’t matter, does it?  After all…”


Martina looked to the door as she heard the voices and footsteps, Mandy asleep with a smile on her face, and wondered what would happen next.  What she was not expecting was the call of “What the…” and the shouts, before the door was opened – by two policemen, Mandy opening her eyes as she said “what the…”


“They’re in here,” one of them called back as they saw Number One been led off in handcuffs, the two women starting to cry as they were rescued….



One week later


Martina stood up and walked to the apartment door, smiling as she looked through the spy hole and saw Mandy standing there.  She was wearing a black leather dress with a lace top and arms, and over the knee black leather boots.


“Hey,” she said as she opened the door and let her come in, “fully recovered?”


“Yes thanks – you,” Mandy asked as she looked at Martina.  The German woman was wearing a tight pink dress with a black leopard spot print, and knee length black suede boots.


“Well, as I said, it’s not my first time – but thank you for coming round,” Martina said as she closed the door.  “I wanted to ask you something.”


“And that is?”


“Would you tie me up, and do to me what I did to you?”


Mandy nodded as she said “it would be my pleasure…”









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