Midwinter Song







Greta carefully placed the tray of glasses on the table and looked round – everything was ready for her dinner party.  Just a few close friends, to celebrate the Winter solstice and the upcoming Festive celebrations.  Friends who she knew shared common interests – common experiences…


Even though she was just the wrong side of fifty now, throughout her adult life Greta had enjoyed an – active imagination.  It had started all those years ago, on that Midsummer’s day, when she and her mother had been held hostage in the basement of their own house in Horsens, bound and gagged while robbers forced her father to hand over their valuables.  It had scared her at the time – bit also excited her, aroused her, made her feel different in a way she really enjoyed.


As she had grown up, her late husband had realised that and indulged her – but it had been three years now since he had died, and as Greta looked at herself in the mirror she missed that excitement, that stimulation…


Her hair was dyed straw blonde, and she was wearing a long sleeved top made from gold silk, with a tiger print in grey on the material.  A black leather knee length skirt, with a wide belt, and tight black patent leather boots completed the outfit.


“This feels so good,” she said to herself, and wondered how it would feel to be bound, unable to talk with a rolled up scarf pulled between her lips, just like when she was a teenager…


“Don’t say a word, bitch!”


Greta had no way of replying to this admonition, given the large and leather gloved hand that had just been clamped tightly over her mouth, but the menace contained in the voice was real, as was the pressure from the small disc she could feel pressed against her back.  She could also see in the mirror the ski-masked man, taller than her, his blue eyes alight as he said “I see you’re expecting company – well, we’ll be ready for them.”


“We?”  Greta could see two other men now, as the man said “when I take my hand away, open your mouth and say nothing, understand?”  She nodded, and as the hand was removed she opened her mouth – trying not to retch as the red rubber ball was pushed between her teeth, and then the wide strip of white tape pressed firmly over her face, forming almost a second skin as it was pressed down and formed to the contours of her lips and jaw.


“Better,” the man said as Greta saw the third man take from a holdall a long length of brown rope, “let’s make sure you don’t spoil the surprise, hmm?”


“Whttdumnnn,” she mumbled as her hands were yanked behind her back…




As she walked down the road, Agnetha pulled her fur coat tighter round herself, looking forward to the evening with Greta.  The heels of her black boots clicked on the pavement as she turned and walked up the path, and then opened the front door.


“I’m here Greta,” she called out as she shut the door, and slipped off her coat before placing it on the stand.  Underneath, she was wearing a black sheer top with a scooped neck, a zip fastener holding it closed, and a knee length black leather skirt, only a small amount of bare leg showing between the hem and the top of her over the knee boots.


“Greta?  Are you hmhggddddd!”


The hand over her mouth took her completely by surprise, as she saw the masked man standing in front of her, wearing a black boiler suit and a balaclava, and saying as he held the gun in his gloved hands “don’t say a word Missy – we’ll take you to your girlfriend once we have you prepared.  Okay?”


Agnetha slowly nodded as the gloved hand was taken away, and her arms were pulled behind her back, the rope biting into her wrists as he felt the man behind her wrap it tightly around and between her limbs.  She was too scared to do anything, as she heard the moaning from the main room.


“Nice body – it deserves to be seen properly.”


“What do you mean – oh god no,” Agnetha said as the man reached round and pulled the zip fastener down, and then pulled her top down her arms and sleeves, her bare chest bursting forth into the cool air, her nipples instantly hardening.  What do you…”


“Speak again,” the man said as he walked forward, and put the barrel of the gun into Agnetha’s mouth, “and see what happens.”  She stood stock still as the other man started to wrap rope around her arms and body, forcing them into the sides as the bands rubbed on her bare chest above and below, as she felt and tasted the cold metal on her tongue.  She dared not even grunt as the ropes was taken under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.


“All right then – get her in here,” the man said as he slowly took the gun out, Agnetha saying “oh God” as she was pushed into the front room.  Greta was sitting on a low leather couch, her upper body trussed as tightly as hers was, her ankles crossed and tied as well as her legs secured below her knees, a third masked man behind her as his hands roughly groped and massaged her chest.  Greta’s eyes were closed, and Agnetha could see exactly how hot this was making her.


“A new arrival, I see – just in time.”


Greta opened her eyes to look, saying “Hmggddd” as her skirt was pulled off, revealing her naked crotch, damp and glistening.  Agnetha was pushed forward, kneeling in front of Greta as the man said “we know how you two enjoy yourself – pleasure her now.”


“Please, don’t make me…”


“Do it,” the armed man said, Agnetha nodding as she shuffled forward and said “I’m sorry lover…”


Greta tried to twist round, the rope and her boots squeaking as Agnetha leaned over, and gently kissed her between her legs, the shocks running through her increasing her pleasure as she realised what she was doing.  She closed her eyes and groaned – the assault on her chest by the intruders had aroused her to a state where she was ready to face anything they did – and although she knew she was being forced to, the feel of her lover’s lips there was at least better than theirs…


Agnetha could taste the salty sweet juices now as she continued to lick and kiss, her tongue working its way into the passage as Greta moaned more and more.  She knew it was wrong to force her to do this, but she wanted to, she wanted to distract Greta, to make her forget for a few minutes the horror of her situation, of what was…





As Greta climaxed, Agnetha greedily licked her juices as fast as she could, feeling the dampness within herself – and not helped by the hands which reached round and roughly massaged her bare chest, making her feel hot as well as she continued to kiss her partner.


The pressure was also building inside her as she sensed Greta slumping in exhaustion.  She was pulled upright, the fluids rolling slowly down from her mouth as one of the men stood in front of her.


“Nice,” he said quietly, “and I think you deserve an even greater reward.”


“What – what do you mean,” Agnetha said as she felt her own ankles been forced together with rope.  “Surely you’re not going to…”


“What do you think,” he said as she felt more rope around her legs, and then a length was tied round her waist, before it was pulled between her legs, rubbing on her own damp crotch as her skirt was hiked up.


“Now then,” he said quietly as he unzipped his trousers, “I think you know what you need to do…”




Sonya was smiling as she approached the house – she knew Greta would have a fine night planned, and she was in the mood for a little fun with the other ladies.  The dress code that had been suggested supported that idea – and she had chosen her outfit with great care and consideration.


Yes, she had on the black leather skirt, but she also was wearing a tight red sweater under her grey fur jacket, and over her legs she had chosen to wear her red stiletto heeled over the knee leather boots, allowing a glimpse of her dark patterned tights as well.  She was, after all, the rebel in the group with her short, and perfectly dyed hair.

“I’m here,” she said as she walked into the house – into the front room – and stopped, staring, at Greta as she lay on the couch, her tears making the mascara run down her face as she tried not to move, the knotted rope rubbing on her bare clit.  She saw Agnetha kneeling on the floor, trussed, her lips clamped over the cock of the masked man as he looked at Sonya through the eyeholes.


“What the fuck…”


“Sounds like a good idea,” a rough voice said behind her as her coat was yanked off, and then her arms were pulled roughly behind her back, her eyes fixed on her friend as she was forced to bring the masked man to a climax, even as he pulled on the rope that was between her legs, hiking her skirt up as she groaned, her eyes closed, her body starting to shake.


“Welcome to the party,” the voice behind her said as she felt the ropes forcing her wrists together, the cords rubbing on her arms as it was pulled tighter and tighter, and then she felt her elbows been drawn together.


“Who…  Who are you,” she finally said, “and what…”


“Sonya,” Agnetha said as she swallowed the last of the cum, and was allowed to move her mouth away, “they have guns, please dontdddnfnngtopsthtmmm.”  She was topped from talking by the sponge ball that was stuffed into her mouth, and then the tape that was wound round her head before she saw forced to lie down, her bound ankles pulled back and tied to her crotch rope.


“Are you going to give us any problems,” the voice said behind her as she felt her arms forced together, her chest forced out as she stared down.


“No – I’ll do whatever you say,” she whispered as the man zipped his trousers up, and then walked over, looking at Sonya as he then roughly kissed her.  “I’ve been sated,” he said quietly, “why don’t you take her somewhere and satisfy yourself.”


“What do you mean,” Sonya cried out – and then she felt the cponge expanding in her own mouth, and the tearing sound as the tape was wrapped tightly round her head to keep it in place.  Agnetha and Greta could only watch as the man who had bound her arms dragged her out of the room, and forced her up the stairs.


She tried to get away from his grip, but his gloved hand was too strong as he pushed her into the bedroom, and onto the bed.  There was a grin – an evil grin on his face, as he walked over and yanked her skirt down, revealing the garter belt holding her stockings up, and the red thong.


Pushing her onto the bed, Sonya could only watch as he yanked her skirt off, throwing it to side of the room before he wrapped one end of a length of cord round her left ankle, making sure it was tightly secured before he pulled it to the side and tied it to one side of the foot of the bed.  Sonya could only watch, unsure why this was exciting her so much.  His intent was clear to her, but was she really saying to herself she wanted this.


The red leather squeaked as she tried to move her ankle, barely aware of the fact her other ankle was been secured in the same way, her legs spread wide before he knelt between her legs.  He leaned over, his lips kissing and sucking on her neck as he started to stroke the sides of her body, and then caressed and pressed firmly on her chest.


Her arms forced against her back as she lay there, Sonya began to moan more and more as she felt his gloved fingers sinking into the firming flesh of her chest, her nipples getting harder and more visible under her tightly stretched jersey, and she felt the dampness in her own crotch.


“You like this, don’t you you little whore,” the masked man whispered, Sonya nodding despite herself as she started to twist round.  She felt him pulling her jumper and bra up, and then his lips as he kissed and sucked on her breasts, and she bucked, the shocks and heat running through her now.


It almost came as a relief as she felt him enter her, filling her passage as he began to thrust to and fro, and she responded, pushing up against him as he expanded inside her, the pressure and the throbbing increasing as she closed her eyes and screamed into her gag…




In the front room, Agnetha and Greta could only look at each other as the masked men went round the room, throwing doors and drawers open and scattering items over the floor as they searched for valuables.  They both felt violated, both felt dirty – and yet as they looked at each other, they knew that somehow they had enjoyed what had happened, and as wrong as that was…


“What the fucking hell…”


All four turned suddenly and looked at the doorway.  The woman standing there was slightly older than both Greta and Agnetha, with short grey-blonde hair, and wore a tight black leather jacket and skirt, with dark tights and over the knee leather boots.




The new arrival looked at both Greta and Agnetha, but before she could make a move one of the men had ran over and grabbed her by the arm, forcing her into the room as the other man walked over.


“How nice of you to join us, Brigitte.”


The new arrival stared at him, and then whispered “no….  OH god No – leave my friends out of this…”


“Too late,” he said as Brigitte felt her arms being pulled behind her, and then the rope as it pulled her arms together at her elbows.  The other two captives could only watch as her arms were secured, before her jacket was opened and pulled down, revealing her only other garment as a black lacy bra.


“Very nice Brigitte,” the masked man said as he looked at her, and then pulled her bra off as the second man secured her wrists.  As he started to bind her arms and upper chest, Greta began to cry at the sight of the woman being assaulted, the gloved hand roughly massaging her breasts as she tried not to react.


Agnetha could see the truth however – as the rope was pulled tight round Brigitte’s arms and chest, forcing her breasts out even more, she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan at the sensations running through her.


“You love this, don’t you,” the masked man said as Brigitte nodded – and then opened her eyes wide as the small gold clamps were fastened onto her nipples.  Before she could say anything, the red rubber ball was pushed into her mouth, and then the tape wound tightly round her head to keep it in place.


“There,” the man said as he looked at her, Greta and Agnetha wondering how he knew who she was, “nice and quiet.”




“Language,” he said as he held Brigitte around her chin, and then slapped her face.  As he did this, the man behind her unzipped and pulled her skirt down, revealing – nothing.  Only her shaved pussy.


Brigitte looked at him as he grinned, and then pulled his pants down – and she heard the man behind her do the same, as Greta and Agnetha both closed their eyes…







When she finally opened them again, Greta saw Brigitte lying on the floor, her legs bound tightly and her ankles secured to a rope that ran between her legs.  The two men were talking to the third one, as their leader said “stupid cow shouldn’t have tried to double cross me.  I hope her friends forgive her for this.”


He knelt down and did something to Brigitte, her moans increasing as the two men walked towards Greta and Agnetha.  Although she tried to move, she was powerless to stop him forcing the vibrator into her under the crotch rope, the sensations making her shake and swoon at the same time, as she closed her eyes and succumbed again, her muffled screams joined by two – no three others, a lone voice coming from up the stairs, as the men seemed to melt into the darkness…


“Hello – nice dreams?”


Greta opened her eyes to see Brigitte looking down at her, smiling as she stroked her cheek.  She then looked down her body, her arms and legs stretched out and secured to the four corners of the bed, the rope between her legs holding the vibrator in place.


“Hwlngngg,” she mumbled as she felt the tape pulling on her lips.


“Three hours – and the other two have enjoyed themselves.”


Greta slowly turned her head to see the naked bodies of both Agnetha and Sonya, lashed tightly together with rope as they knelt on the floor, exchanging taped kisses.


“Was it a good dream?”


Greta looked at her lover, and nodded, even though she had relived that night again.  Somehow, it had become something she wanted to enjoy again, in spite of everything…







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