Morning Delivery








Monday morning


The walk back from the grocery store was giving Penny a chance to think about what had happened the previous night.  It had been a very nice night out with Bobby, and the kiss at the end as he had dropped her off outside her house had made her feel very special indeed – VERY special indeed.


It was a cool spring morning, and she was wearing a brown cardigan over a patterned grey-green short dress, the bottom of which went further down at the back.  Her chestnut red hair flowed over her shoulders as she walked along, the soles of her mid-length black boots cushioning her feet as she walked along.  The socks she had underneath were made from the same shade of wool as her cardigan, and her outfit was completed by black leggings.


Everything just seemed so much brighter as she walked along, and up the path to her front door, letting herself in before she went into the kitchen and put her purchases away.  Putting the kettle on to heat some water, she went into the front room and sat down, taking her boots off and planning to relax until there was a knock on the front door.


Walking over, she could see a figure through the glass.




“Parcel delivery Miss – I need you to open the door and sign for me.”


“Hang on,” she said as she opened the door – and then screamed as the man standing there pushed his way in, pressing her against the wall as he put a gloved hand over her mouth, and held a gun to her head.


“Not a word, lady – understand?”


Penny nodded as she looked at him, and at the gun.


“Good, I’m going to take my hand away, you’re going to turn round and put your hands behind your back, and you’re going to keep quiet, understand?”


Penny nodded again as he removed his hand and spun her round, pulling her hands behind her back as she felt a thin plastic strip been tightened around her wrists, forcing them together.  She was then spun round again, as the man took a strip of white tape from his shoulder and pressed it firmly over her mouth.


“In there,” he said as he pushed her into the front room, and then face down on the couch, as he crossed her ankles and zip tied them together as well, before he said “Don’t move an inch” and left her lying there.  Penny could hear him heading up the stairs, as she rolled herself onto her side and looked round.


The plastic ties were over the cuffs of her cardigan and her socks, but they were still firm, and she was unable to find any way to use her fingers.  Looking round the room itself, there was no sign of any scissors – but then there would not be.  They were in the kitchen or upstairs...


Penny lay still for a few moments, listening to the sound of the drawers been opened upstairs, and then started to shift herself round, eventually getting into a seated position.  She sat for a few minutes, getting her strength back, before she pushed herself up onto her feet, and turned slowly to the door...


“And just where the hell do you think you are going?”


“Hnnn,” she mumbled under the tape, her nasal breaths quickening as she saw the intruder standing there – and saw the pillowcase in one hand, as well as a small holdall in his other hand.  Putting both down, he walked over to her and grabbed her by the shoulders, looking straight into her eyes.


“Kneel down and don’t move.”


Penny nodded slowly as she fell to her knees, the man picking up the holdall and then moving behind her.  She saw out of the corner of the eye the bag being placed on the couch, and then opened, before she felt him pulling her cardigan down, and then his hands on her shoulders.


“I’m going to take this top over your head,” he said quietly, “if you struggle or try to stop me, the next thing I will do is to cut your bra away.  Do you understand?”


Penny nodded slowly as she watched his hands reach round, and then pull her top over her head, revealing the teal coloured bra she was wearing as she shivered.  She then saw him take some white rope from the holdall, and shivered as he passed it around her body. Her cardigan and top were hanging over her wrists as he pulled the rope, forcing her arms into her sides as he proceeded to wrap the rope above and below her chest, forcing it out more with each pass.


“Whtrrudngg,” she mumbled as he pulled the rope even tighter, and then took the ends over one shoulder, under the lower band of rope between her breasts, and then back up again.


“Making sure you not only cannot raise the alarm,” he said as he cut the plastic strip from her wrists, and pulled her top and cardigan off before using more rope to tie her wrists securely, “but also that you are properly distracted.”


“Plssjstlfmlnnee,” Penny said as she wriggled round, the ropes rubbing on her chest.


“Nice movement – want to know how that’s going to keep you distracted?”


“NNnn,” Penny said, already regretting the way the bands of rope around her chest were making her feel – but then she felt him tying some rope around her waist, pinning her wrists to her back, and as he reached between her legs she suddenly knew what it was he was planning to do.


“HMGGDNNNNN” she screamed out as he pulled the rope up and back, the cords pressing on her sex as he tied the ends to her wrists.  She desperately tried to wriggle out of his clutches – and then stopped as the ropes rubbed against her, and made her feel even more distracted.


“Something wrong,” he said as he reached round and peeled the tape away.  “Talk quietly.”


“Wha...  what do you think you’re doing,” Penny whispered as he made her fall forward, catching her as he lowered her to the ground.


“Distracting you,” he said quietly as he wrapped more rope around her legs below her knees, and tied them tightly together, the rope going around and between her limbs, “is there a problem with that?”


“But whyYYYYY this way,” she said as the ropes rubbed again.


“You talk too much,” he said as he cut her ankles free, and then pulled her socks off, holding one in both his hands as he moved up towards her head, “open wide.”


“Open wide?  Why, what are you plangngngmgmgdddd” Penny said as he pulled one of her socks between her lips, tying it round her chestnut hair and forcing it against her head as he secured the ends behind her neck.


“Mgddsssrnssddd,” Penny mumbled, but her words were further muffled as the man took a roll of the white tape from the bag, and wound it round her head, covering both her hair and the sock before he tied her ankles tightly together, and pulled them back, securing them to her chest ropes with a final length.


“Oh – before I forget,” he said as he stood up, Penny lying there in her bra and leggings, “I found something in your bedroom that will just make this – perfect.”


Penny lay still, wondering what he meant, and then she struggled like mad as she realised what he had found.  All that did was make the ropes between her legs and around her chest rub even more – and then she heard the buzzing, as he rolled her onto her side, slipped the device into her leggings under the rope, and rolled her back again.


“Hplssnsndntlfmmlkthhsss” she mumbled as she heard him pick up the pillow case and put it in the holdall – and then all other sound and worries disappeared, as the new sensations and sounds started to overwhelm her...





Tuesday morning


“Here we are love,” the cabbie said as he dropped Mel off at her flat, “hopefully the airline will get your luggage back to you before the end of the day.”


“I hope so – always seems to happen when I go through Dallas/Fort Worth,” Mel said as she looked round.  The young traveller had a pale blue fedora on her blonde hair, with a dark blue band round the hat, and was wearing a loose fitting blue woollen cardigan over a purple sleeveless mini dress, the ruffs on the skirt and at the front button strip making it look more boho.  A wide brown leather belt was around her waist to keep the cardigan closed, and she also wore a pair of light purple tights with loose burgundy leather boots.


Paying the cab driver, she stepped out and walked up the path to the communal door, smiling at her neighbour as she went past and took the stairs to the second floor.  Unlocking her door, she picked up her mail and walked into her front room, sitting down and looking at her clock. 


“8.30 – I hate these flights,” she said to herself as she looked round, and took her hat off, leaving it on the coffee table as she threw her head back.


The intercom button ringing made her look up, and walk over to where the unit was attached to the wall.




“Miss Hope?  We have your luggage – it came on a different airline.”


“Typical,” she said to herself as she buzzed the door open.  “Bring it up please – flat 8, 2nd floor.”


She went to the door, pleased that at least she could unpack her clothes and get some washing done, and waited until there was a knock on the door.


“That was quick,” she said as she opened the door, and then backed up as the young man walked in, smiling as he pointed a very real pistol at her.


“Thank you for letting me in,” he said quietly as he closed the door behind himself, “now, is there anyone else home?”


Mel slowly shook her head as he said “good – let’s go into your room shall we?”


She looked at the small leather bag in his hand, and nodded slowly as she walked backwards into the front room, the man following her.


“You look hot in that cardigan,” he said as he looked at her, “take it off – slowly – and put it and the belt on the chair there.”


Mel reached to her waist and unbuckled the belt, taking it off and throwing it on the chair as she stared at the gun, unable to take her eyes off it.


“The cardigan as well please.”


She slipped the heavy woollen cardigan off and threw it on top of the belt, her eyes never leaving him.


“Very good,” the man said as he looked at Mel, in her sleeveless top.  “Turn round and put your arms by your side.”


“What are you going to do,” she said as she turned round, and felt his gloved hands on her arms, pulling the behind her before she felt some sort of rope pulling them together below her elbows.  She gasped as he made her elbows touched, the rope holding them firmly together as she felt the intruder pass it between her arms to tighten them still more.


She then felt the rope around her wrists, clenching her hands into fists as they were forced together.


“Very nice,” the man said as his hands stroked down his arms.  He then passed more rope around her arms, pulling them against her back as the band encircled her below her chest, and then a second band was started above her chest.  Below, above, below, above – each band pressing into her chest and breasts as her top stretched over them.


“Fuck, do you have to make this so tight,” she gasped, trying to hide what the bands were doing to her as he tied the rope off behind her, and then took it under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


As she wriggled round, unable to move her arms, she felt the ropes rubbing on her chest, and let out an involuntary gasp, as the man walked her to her bedroom, and made her sit down on the bed.


Kneeling down, he removed her boots and placed them next to the bed, then crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together, cinching the binding by taking the rope between her legs.  Mel watched as he then tied her legs together, below and above her knees, and then her thighs, each band cinched by taking the rope between her legs and pulling tight.


“Why the hell do you have to do this to me,” Mel said as she wriggled round.


“To stop you from stopping me,” the man said as he looked in his valise, and took out a red rubber ball – one which had a strap attached to each side.


“Oh god – you are NOT putting that in my mouth,” Mel said, before she clamped her mouth shut.


“Oh I don’t know,” the man said as he knelt behind her, and gripped her nose tight with his hand, “want to take a bet on how long it will take before you have to open your mouth?”


Mel tried to fight, twisting her head from side to side, but his grip was firm and sure, and eventually she had to open her mouth – and then tasted the rubber as the ball was pushed between her teeth, and the straps fastened tightly around her head, trapping her hair against her head.


The man then reached round and squeezed her chest, Mel moaning and squeaking through the red ball gag as he massaged and groped her.


“Good – that should keep you nice and quiet,” he said, before she saw him take a black sleep mask from the bag – and then there was blackness, as the blindfold covered her eyes.


She knew what was happening through, as his hands continued their assault on her chest, and she started to moan, unable to stop herself form pressing her chest forward as his hands slowly turned her on, made her squirm, the ropes pressing on her chest as well as she felt the dampness and warmth between her legs.


She then felt one of his hands moving between her legs, pressing down on the tights and panties and gently stroking as he continued to massage her chest, her moans increasing, her passion rising as she succumbed to his approach...


Wednesday Morning


January looked out of her store window, feeling the warmth of the sun on her face as she did so.  She loved this time of the day, when things had not become as hectic as they usually did, and she could be herself, and gather her thoughts.


She owned one of the leading retro fashion boutiques, and dressed in the style she loved of the sixties.  This morning, she was wearing a green dress with a cowl style neck, the elbow length sleeves trimmed with black fur, dark tights and a pair of old black leather boots, with styling like a pair of gentlemen’s brogues and little straps at the top.


 She also had on a brass bracelet and gold rings, as well as star earrings and a brooch.  Her purple glasses were also in a sixties style, as she looked in the mirror, her red hair showing a streak of grey that reminded her she had to re-apply the hair dye soon.


“What I need,” she said to herself, “is some coffee.”  She made her way into the staff room at the back of the building, and opened the fridge door, frowning slightly as she looked inside.


“Need milk,” she said as she heard the bell for the delivery bay door, “but maybe Twiggy will bring some with her.”


Closing the fridge, she made her way to the back of the building, and looked at the monitor screen.


“Damn thing must be broken again,” she said as she looked at the black display, and then unlocked the large doors, opening it wide as she said “What have you...”


“Inside,” the man said as he walked into the stockroom, holding the sawn off shotgun up to January as the middle aged woman walked back.  He wore a smart suit over a roll necked sweater, with Chelsea boots, so that January could not fault his sense of style – but the shotgun, and the stocking pulled over her head, meant something very different.


“Oh my lord,” January said as she looked at him, “what...  Who...”


“Time for questions later,” he said as he took from his jacket pocket a roll of twine.  “Turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


She nodded and turned round, trying not to show her fear as he used the twine to secure her wrists together.  “We don’t have much money here,” she said quietly, “so I don’t know what you think you can...”


A ripping sound was what she heard next, as she was spun round and a length of brown fabric plaster pressed down firmly over her red lips.  “There,” the man said as he put both the twine and the roll of Elastoplast back in his pocket, “that should keep you quiet for the moment.  Sit down, and don’t move a muscle or try to say a word.”


He picked up the gun and indicated a row of wooden boxes with the lids still attached.  January nodded and walked over, sitting down as the man took out a mobile phone and dialled a number.


“I’m in – bring the car round.  I’m going to need the supplies.”


She tried to feel the twine, but it was thin, and her fingers kept slipping over it, so all January could do was sit there and watch as he kept an eye on the doors.


Eventually, a second man, equally well dressed and masked, came in and handed her binder a large holdall.


“Good – start loading up,” he said as he made January stand up, and started to walk her to the shop – only to stop as they heard the door open and close, and a young woman call out “where are you Boss?”


“RNNTWGEEE,” January called out, but instead a tall blonde in her mid-twenties walked straight into their path, screaming as she saw both her boss and a masked intruder standing there.  She was wearing a black and white hound’s tooth design minidress, the opening at the front held by a metal ring at her neck, and a wide white belt round her waist.  She wasn’t wearing any tights or stockings, but was wearing a pair of knee length white PVC boots.


“Not a word,” the man said as he indicated the rest room, “turn round, lock the front door and put the sign to closed, and then walk in there.  One wrong move, and your boss will be fired.”


“Jstddtttwgee,” January said quietly, watching as her young assistant locked the door and then walked over, her eyes fixed on the older woman’s brown covered mouth.


“Sit down,” the armed man said as he pushed January to an armchair, and then put the bag down, opening it and taking out several lengths of rope.  He handed one to the young girl, and said “what’s your name?”


“Tamara – but the boss calls me Twiggy.”


“All right Twiggy – do exactly what I tell you.  Double the rope, then kneel down and wrap it round your boss’s ankles, then feed the ends through the middle and pull it back.”


January had to watch as the man told her assistant how to tie her ankles firmly together, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on the black leather, and Twiggy passed it round and between her ankles, before tying it off with a triple knot behind her feet.


She tried to move them, but the squeak was the only effect as he handed her another length of rope.  “Now tie her legs together, below her knees, and make sure it’s just as tight.”


“Why are you making me do this,” Twiggy asked, sobbing as January felt her legs being pulled together.


“I can’t do it and keep an eye on you – but you’re doing a good job,” he said as Twiggy tied that rope off.  “Now, your boss is going to turn round slightly, and you are going to tie her arms together at her elbows.”


“Btthhwntssh,” January complained, but it was no use – she felt her arms being pulled together with the rope, forcing her shoulders back and her chest out.


“Hmmm” she moaned as the rope was tied off, and then she felt the twine being cut away, only to be replaced by thicker rope around her waist.


She then head Twiggy say “please, dontdtththtttmmm,” as there was the ripping sound again.


“Do what I told you to do,” the man said, and as January looked down she saw Twiggy’s arms reach round, and then start to grope her chest.  She tried to move out of the way, but instead only managed to press her chest even more into her assistant’s hands, as her grip tightened.


She could feel the flesh firming as this happened, but all she wanted to do was to get away, to spare them both the embarrassment of this situation.  So the ropes that went around her body, and Twiggy’s as she felt the young woman’s chest against her back, just increased her anxiety, the rope going above and below her chest, trapping the arms of both women in place as their bodies were held together.


“Get on the floor, both of you,” the man said, and January slowly moved to the side, Twiggy going with her before she fell to the floor, and she heard her assistant give a muffled grunt as she dropped to her knees.


“Keep going,” the man said, January  feeling the caress on her chest continue as Twiggy grunted behind her.  From the sound of rope rubbing on leather, she presumed that the younger woman’s legs were also being tied together.


“Plsdntmkkmdthshss,” she heard Twiggy say, but something was whispered in her ear, and the caress, the groping, the hands continued as January started to let out a low moan.  She could feel the younger woman’s chest as it moved against her back, and wondered if she was having the same feelings, the same sensations as she tried to move her legs.


There was something else – a dampness between her legs as they rubbed, and a warmth, a feeling she had never felt before.  It was new, different, exciting – terrifying as well, as she closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the younger woman’s.


And then it began – the shaking, the tremors in her body, which only seemed to increase as Twiggy started to make short gasps as well.  When it ended, it came without warning as the shock ran through both women, and then she felt her co-worker’s head fall onto her shoulder.


She was dimly aware of the man tying Twiggy’s wrists together, and then down to the rope between her legs, before she heard the younger woman say “msreeemsreeemsreee” over and over again, and heard a van drive off...



Thursday morning


“There you are,” Trish said as she opened the door, and saw the supermarket delivery van parked outside, “can you bring the bags into the kitchen for me please?”


The blonde stood to one side as the man carried the first tray inside, taking it through to the large kitchen and placing it on the table.  Trish watched as he walked to and fro, smiling as her order was brought in.  Her cream and brown striped blouse had the top few buttons undone, allowing those who wished to look a glimpse of her chest, while her brown suede skirt came to just above her knees.  A pair of flat soled suede boots, in a darker shade of brown, covered her lower legs, completing her outfit.


“Is there much more to come,” she said as a fourth tray was brought in, and the bags emptied out.


“Just one more,” the man said, “you might want to start putting what needs to be put away into the fridge and freezer.”


“Sure,” Trish said as she took the bags and started to put the frozen and chilled items away, smiling at the delivery man as he put the last bags down, and then went out, the front door closing as he did so.


As she closed the freezer door, Trish said “Well, at least that means they all stay fresh and cool now.”


“Very good advice – I need you to stay fresh and cool as well.”


Trish turned to see a young man, wearing a blue shirt and knee lengths shorts, standing with what looked like a postman’s sack over his shoulder – and a very real pistol in his hand.


“Oh shit,” Trish said as she slowly raised her hands, but the man shook his head.  “Nope – very slowly, unbutton your blouse and take it off, and then remove your skirt and boots.”




“Because you want to live,” the man said, smiling as he watched Trish strip down to her bra and panties, and then hold herself, her arms crossing her chest.


“Good – now stand by the table, and bend over,” the man said as he reached into his sack, and took out some coils of white rope.  Trish nodded as she walked over, her feet on the cold floor as she bent over, and crossed her wrists behind her back.


“Hold that pose,” the man said, as he knelt behind her and started by placing her ankles together, and then securing them with several passes of rope, before he cinched it between her legs.  She then felt his gloved hands as he passed more rope around her legs, securing them below her knees, and then round her thighs, each time passing the rope between as well as around her legs.


As his hands stroked down her legs, Trish looked down and said “what are you doing?”


“Making sure you can’t run away,” the man said as he pulled her wrists behind her back, and lashed them together, the rope biting into her flesh as it went around and between her arms.  He then made her stand, and started to wrap a longer length of rope around her body, trapping her arms into her sides as it went above and below her chest, forcing her breasts out as her bra stretched across them.


“Oh god,” she whimpered as the rope bands pressed down on her, “does it have to be so tight?”


“Oh, I think it can be tighter,” the man said as he turned her round, and tied one end of a length of rope between her breasts, pulling the bands tightly around them as she gasped.


“There,” he said as he dropped the rope to the ground, and started to massage Trish’s chest, “doesn’t that feel good?”


“Please don’t do this,” she whimpered, as he looked into her eyes.


“Oh, but I’m only just starting,” the man said as he walked round to her side, kneeling as he took the rope and fed it between her legs above the band holding her thighs together.


“Oh no,” Trish said quietly, “you wouldn’t – no you wouldn’t...”


He smiled as he pulled the rope through and up, pressing it against her panties as he tied it round the chest ropes behind her back, pulling them together as well as Trish wriggled and squirmed.


“Right,” the man said quietly, “Move.”


“Whhhh what?”


“Move – start jumping, we’re going to search the house.”


Trish stared at him, and then started to take little jumps, the ropes rubbing on her chest and crotch and making her feel giddy as they made their way into the front room, the intruder pulling the curtains closed before he made her jump round the room, and stand with him as he looked through every drawer and cupboard.


He then made her jump to the stairs, and said “go on – up you go.” 


Trish was being driven mad already by the way the ropes were rubbing on her, but now she just stared at him, the smile as he said “move” not friendly, but menacing.  She sat herself down and pushed herself up the stairs, feeling the dampness between her legs and under the ropes as she did so, and then as he helped her to stand at the top of the stairs she jumped again, searching every room until she got to the bedroom.


“Well done,” he said as he reached round, and started to grope her chest, moving the bra cups down as he played with her firm nipples, “and now you can have your reward.”


“No – please, don’t so this,” Trish moaned, her body starting to respond to the stimulation as her brain screamed for him to stop.  It was a losing battle however, as she started to writhe and moan.


“Time for you to be quiet,” the man said as he lifted Trish and carried her to the bed, before taking a pair of panties from her drawer, “open wide.”


“Will you stop then?”


“I’ll stop when you are ready,” he said before he wadded the panties and pushed them into her mouth, and then fetched a long blue scarf from the drawer, pulling it between her teeth and wrapping it twice round her head before he secured the ends at the back of her head.


“Hmsswtggdd,” she moaned as he made her kneel, and reached round, grasping as his lips travelled down her back, and then laying her down, Trish’s eyes closing as he pulled on the rope between her legs, and started to kiss her chest, his lips and tongue playing with her nipples as she started to scream with pleasure despite the ropes, despite the fear, despite...




When she slowly calmed, she found herself alone in the room, her ankles pulled back and secured to the crotch rope so that every time she moved, it rubbed again and the shocks continued.  Of the intruder, no sign – and of her valuables, no sign.


And no way of raising the alarm, as she wondered how long before someone notices an open door...









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