Mothers Night








Sitting in her chair, unable to move or speak, Veronica Cabot could only listen to the two masked women who had placed her in this position.  She had done so willingly - or as willingly as you can when two women, wearing skin tight latex catsuits, leather boots and gloves, and with balaclavas over their heads tell you what to do - but she also knew that her guests would be coming soon, and she wondered what their reaction was going to be.


The other thought in her mind was where Maria, her maid was.  The last she had seen of her was when she had spoken to her in the kitchen, and asked her to change into her outfit as well.  After all, they had been friends for years, and Veronica wanted her to feel part of the group that night.


She had gone to answer the doorbell, and - well, here they were.  One of them had gone off for a while, and she only hoped that Maria was safe - wherever she was.




Maria was actually lying on a bed in one of the upstairs rooms; her black hair swept back and held in place by the white silk scarf that was tied over her forehead.  She was wearing a black and white “pop art” mini-dress, with short sleeves, black stocking sand white knee length leather boots in the style that used to be called “Go Go.”


She wasn’t going anywhere, however, as her arms were tied spread eagled above her head with rope to the headboard, and her legs were lashed together at her ankles and knees.  The leather was squeaking as she moved round, but she herself could only make a low muffled noise, because her mouth was filled with a rubber bung shaped like a man’s dick, held in place by a black leather pad that had been strapped around her face.


As it was, however, that was not the main problem she was facing.  That was the white vibrator that her captor had slipped into her panties, which even now was making her shake as the vibrations rubbed against her crotch...




The bright light shone through the closed curtains as the two women looked at each other.


“You get the door, then secure them and bring them in here,” the taller woman said, as her partner nodded and headed towards the doorway...




“Wonder why the lights are out?”


Amy looked at the darkened house as Suzanne stopped the engine, before saying “Come on, It’s Veronica - she probably has a big surprise planned for us.”  She opened the car door and stretched her legs out, saying “My god that’s better.”


“Hold that thought, baby,” Dorothy said as she came round and pout her hands around Amy’s waist, giving her a squeeze as her lisp touched Amy’s shoulder.  Amy smiled as she felt the touch, while Suzanne locked the car.  “Well,” she said looking round, “let’s get in and get this party started.”


The three women walked up to the door, Amy reaching out and opening it as they walked into the house, their heels clicking on the floor.  “Hey, Veronica,” she called out as she closed the door behind her, “Where are you?”




As she turned slowly round, she saw both Dorothy and Suzanne looking at a shadowy figure standing before them, the light from outside highlighting the latex outfit she was wearing, as well as the pistol she was pointing at them.  “Take your coats off,” she said in a voice that sounded strange and tinny, watching as all three of them let their coats fall to the ground.


“Very sexy,” she said before she threw something that landed with a clang at Dorothy’s feet.  “Pick them up,” the woman said, and as Dorothy leaned down she picked up a pair of handcuffs.  “Put the bracelets on your friend,” the voice continued, as she saw the gun point towards Amy.


“Some party,” Dorothy said as she gently moved Amy’s arms behind her back and fastened the steel cuffs over her bare wrists.  “Are you all right,” she said as she ran her hands slowly up and down Amy’s arms.


“I’ll cope,” Amy whispered as she turned and watched Suzanne cuff Dorothy’s arms behind her back, and then the figure doing the same to Dorothy.  “Walk,” was all they heard as the door to the front room opened, and the three were escorted towards it.


As they walked in, they saw that the room was lit by candle light, and they also saw Veronica - at least they presumed it was Veronica - sitting in a chair, lashed tightly to it with rope.  The black balaclava over her head made it difficult to be certain, but what was certain was the other masked woman standing behind her.


“On your knees, all three of you,” she said in the same strange, tinny voice.  “In these jeans,” Suzanne said, but the joke fell on deaf ears as she was pushed down onto her knees, and she felt her ankles been fastened together with some sort of manacle.  Looking to her side, she saw Amy kneel, her skirt riding up to reveal the edge of the black thong she had on underneath.  Amy looked over and blushed as she felt her own ankles been fastened together.


Dorothy started to kneel, only for the masked woman to make her stand again and walk in front of Amy, making her kneel down in front of her before her ankles were manacled.  “Fancy meeting you here,” Amy said to her friend as Suzanne felt her arms been fastened to her side with a wide leather belt.


“Well, I had nothing better to do, so I thought hey - why not go to a party at the house of my girlfriend’s sister, and end up been held hostage - again,” Dorothy said in a mock tone of anger, which made Suzanne laugh as she watched them both having their arms strapped to their sides with thick leather belts.


“I think we’ve heard enough from you,” the second intruder said as she walked round from behind the chair.  Suzanne could see swinging in her hand a leather strap, which had a large white ball suspended in the middle of it.


“Well, it’s been nice talking to your girls,” Suzanne said before she felt the hard rubber ball pressing on her teeth, as her captor pushed in into her mouth and tightly pulled the straps around her chin.  “She does look kinda cute in that,” Dorothy said as the candle light shone off the ball and her t-shirt, which made Suzanne tilt her head and mutter something unintelligible.


“I guess we’re going to be next,” Amy said as Dorothy turned her head back to look at Amy, the red top she was wearing revealing her shoulder.  Amy leaned over and kissed it delicately, making Dorothy shudder as she said “Do you think we have time for one more kiss?”


Amy nodded as their mouths joined, their tongues playing with each other as Amy wriggled her arms, her sheer blouse stretched tightly over her breasts.  As they finally parted, they turned and looked at the gag their captor was holding, and gasped at the sight of it.


“I...  I’ve nevrrrgggg,” Amy mumbled as the red rubber ball was pushed into her mouth, and the straps tied around her head.  On the other side of the ball was a short length of metal, and attached to the other end was an identical red ball gag, which Dorothy was moved as her mouth closed over it, the straps holding her gag in place as well.


“We have more company,” the woman said as a second set of headlights shone into the room.  “Go and invite her to join us.”



Coral Blackwood looked out of the windscreen of her car at the tall house.  “Well, you did well for yourself, Veronica my girl,” she eventually said as she stepped out of the car and locked it, pulling the front of her fur hooded short jacket around herself and regretting the fact she had nothing to cover her bare midriff.  


She had already dropped Andrea off at the party, and was looking forward to a night “Rediscovering our youth” as Veronica had put it when she had proposed the party.  Coral had dressed accordingly and very differently from her usual conservative look.  The olive green jacket covered a silver boob tube, stretched tightly over her breasts, and a grey silk scarf that was tied around her neck.  She was also wearing a matching pair of silver hot pants, with sandals that were laced up her legs and had four inch heels on.


“Long time since I’ve walked in these as well,” Coral said as she almost stumbled up to the door, ringing the doorbell and waiting as it was slowly opened.  She came in, saying “Nice atmosphere,” before a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth and she felt her arms been drawn behind her back...


Suzanne groaned as the door opened and she saw Coral been walked in, her arms held to her side with a wide  leather belt that ran over her bare midriff, and she heard the metallic clang of her shackles as she hobbled over, to be made to kneel next to her friend.


“I see the party’s off to a great start,” she said as she looked round the room, her eyebrows rising slightly at the sight of Amy and Dorothy in front of her.  “Who are these two?”


Dnttkn,” Suzanne mumbled as she looked around the room, wondering what was going to happen next.  She actually had a fairly good idea of who it was, but was saving that thought for later as she watched Coral been ball gagged as well.


“Is she the last one?” she heard one of the masked woman say in that strange voice, and as the second one nodded she sat on the couch.  “I think we deserve a drink, don’t you,” they heard her say, before she pulled off her mask and ran her gloved hand through her black hair.


Ssssssoooo!” Amy screamed as she saw Sue Duncombe looking at her.   “Hello ladies,” she said quietly, “I think the party just started, don’t you?”


Soooo?  Nnn, mgngtklu,” the masked woman in the chair called out.




Fnks,” Suzanne mumbled in answer to Coral’s question. 


“Anne?  You think that Anne helped me with this?”  Sue picked up a glass of wine and took a sip.  “Actually she did, but not in the way you’re thinking.  Why don’t you bring Anne to join us?”


The four women watched as the second masked intruder walked out of the room, only to return a few minutes later with Anne Duncombe, looking at them over a wide leather pad that was covering her mouth.  She was dressed the same way as the other two, but she had been effectively mummified in black tape.


Fttssnnn,” Dorothy said as she watched Anne been laid on the couch, “thnnwhsts?”


“My apologies,” the masked woman said as she pulled the hood off her own hood, and they heard her speak in her natural French accent, “but Sue and Anne asked for my assistance this evening.  I hope you do not mind?”


Cleee,” Anne said as she watched the young French girl run her fingers through her hair, “Imtthfgsdd.”  Sue smiled as she stood up.  “Now, I understand there is one more person who is due to join the party, but she may have been delayed, so I think we should start without her.  Welcome to a very special girl’s night in, courtesy of our host.  Say hello Veronica.”


She pulled the hood off Veronica’s head, and as she looked round the room she actually started to laugh at she looked at Anne, Suzanne and Coral.  When she saw Amy and Dorothy, however, her eyebrow shot up a little and she mumbled “Hllnrs” through the panel that covered her mouth.


Ucntlk,” Amy said as Sue and Chloe went round and rechecked the fastening on all five of them.  “Now then, we have various activities planned for each of you tonight, and I think you will find them - exciting.  My real question, for now is this.”


She watched as Chloe left the room for a few minutes, then returned with a tray, seven champagne flutes and two bottles of champagne balanced on it.


“Who would like a drink to celebrate the start of the evening?”


Btdffcltwhnggd” Anne said as she looked round the room.


“Fair point - we will remove the gags and the arm bindings, but the rest stays for now,” Sue said as she knelt next to Anne, and Chloe started to untie Valerie...






Veronica raised her glass from her seat as the girls toasted each other, and then took a sip from their glasses.  Amy and Dorothy were sat next to each other on one recliner, while Suzanne, Coral and Anne were sat on the other, watching Sue and Chloe as they stood by the fireplace.


“So who is the last person coming tonight,” Coral said as she sat back.


“Katherine Jenkins.”


Amy sat up when she heard this.  “Natalie’s mother?  Does she know what is going to happen here tonight?”


“I think she has a rough idea - I told her to dress as she did in her youth, and then come ready to have fun.  She just had to pick the girls up and drop them off at your place first, Amy.”


“She sounds a most interesting woman,” Sue said with a smile.  “So what are we going to do first?”


“Get out of these ropes,” Anne said as she wriggled round her legs, “or straps or cuffs as the case may be.  I get the feeling we are going to need them later anyway.  Then we can decide on what we want to try first.  I, for one, would like to show you a few toys that I have brought along...”


“That depends on out captors, doesn’t it?” Coral said with a smile, “but I think we should be released anyway, with a promise that we take care of you later?”


“That sounds fair,” Chloe said as she looked at Sue.  “I agree - on one condition,” Sue said quietly, “that you arrange for me and Anne to show you our famous Dual Nude Escape routine.”


“Later,” Anne said as she looked at us.  “For now, untie us, and I have something to show all of you.”




“Now,” Anne said as the others sat in a ring on the floor, and she started to shuffle the deck, “we each draw a card, and lowest card gets to try one of the toys first.  Who wants to go first?”


On the floor beside her was a box, with various interesting items sticking out from the top.   One by one the women drew a card from the back, and kept it face down.


“Ready?  And... Turn your cards!”


The seven turned their cards over, and Chloe groaned as she looked at her two, while Amy looked at her king.


“Amy, pick a toy for Chloe to try.”


Amy stood up, her skirt barely covering her bottom as she walked round and looked in the box, drawing out a black leather sheath with lacing up the side.  “Mon dieu,” Chloe said as she licked her lips, “Is that what I think it is?”


“It is,” Amy said as she moved Chloe’s arms behind her back and pulled the sheath up her arms, pulling the laces so that her arms were held tightly together.  The lace ran from her fingertips to the top, and then Amy fastened two leather straps around her chest so that Chloe had her arms held firmly in place.


“And how, Mademoiselle am I meant to drink with my arms like this?”


“With a straw,” Anne said as she picked up and shuffled the cards, before allowing everyone else to pick one.  “Ready - turn!”


This time it was Coral’s turn to groan as she drew the low card, while Veronica drew the high card.  “Whatever it is you’re thinking of,” Coral said as Veronica stood up with an evil grin, “I’m sure I will be able to cope with it.”


“You sure about that Coral - you are a little out of practice after all,” Veronica said as she knelt down, the leather of her dress creaking as Chloe tried to move her arms again.  Rummaging in the box, she drew out a leather bikini, with two Velcro patches on the breasts.  “You have got to be kidding,” Coral said, but veronica just shook her head and said “Change, Coral, and put this on instead.”


As Coral pulled her boob tube over her head, and put on the bikini top, the other girls drew cards again, this time revealing Sue having to do something to Suzanne.  Reaching into the box, she drew out a ring gag as Maria joined the group in the room, bringing two more bottles of champagne with her.


“Do you want to play, Maria,” Veronica said as Sue fixed the ring gag into Suzanne’s mouth, forcing her mouth open as she fastened the thin leather straps around her head.


“Not yet, thank you, Miss Veronica,” Maria said as she set the bottles down, “I understand someone else is due to arrive, and I would wish to...”


“Maria, tonight it’s Veronica - now sit down and play!”  Anne offered Maria a card, and as she turned over an Ace Veronica showed a four.

“So I do something to you, Mi... to you, Veronica,” Maria said.  Veronica nodded, and Maria started to look through the box, finally selecting a pair of leather elbow cuffs.


“So I get to have a problem with a drink as well,” Veronica said as Maria walked round and fastened Veronica’s arms together above her elbows, forcing her chest out under the soft leather.


“I am not hurting you, am I,” Maria said as Veronica twisted her arms round.  “No - it’s fine,” she eventually said as the front doorbell rang.  “I will get that,” Maria said as she stood up and walked out of the room.


As she opened the door, she saw a small, red haired woman standing with her back to the door, a grey greatcoat wrapped around her body.


“Can I help you,” Maria said as the woman turned and looked at her.


“Oh,” she said quietly, “Is this Veronica Cabot’s house?”


“It is - can I be of assistance?”


The woman looked at the Latino, and then said “It’s Maria, isn’t it?  I’m Katherine Jenkins - Natalie’s mother.”


“Ah - of course,” Maria said as she opened the door.  “Come in - we have been expecting you.”


Katherine nodded as she came in, and walked into the front room with Maria.  As she came in, she saw Veronica laughing, a black band holding her elbows together behind her back, while Dorothy was busy removing Amy’s blouse with a strange rope vest in her hand.


“Sorry I’m late,” Katherine said as Veronica turned, saw her there and kissed her on the cheeks.  “You made it,” she said quietly, “I hope we’re not shocking you?”


“Shocking me,” Katherine said as she unbuttoned her coat and removed it, “Who said it would shock me?”


Sue turned and let out a low whistle as she looked at the new arrival.  “Oh yes - you’ll fit right in,” she said as Katherine stood there, in a very tight brown t-shirt and velvet hot pants, knee length skin tight brown suede boots and a brown choker round her neck.


“Have I walked into a re-enactment of Fifty Shades of Grey or something,” Katherine said as she let her coat drop to the floor.  “Because I have to tell you, right now you’re knocking it out of the ball game.”


“We’re only just getting started,” Anne said as she came over.  “I’m Anne Duncombe - so you’re Natalie’s adoptive mother?  You brought up a fine, adventurous young lady there.”


“Pleasure to meet you Anne - are you the one who arranged for my daughter to sleep the night bound and gagged?”


“Nope,” Anne said as she looked over her shoulder, where Sue was showing Joanne a white shaped object, “that would be my sister Sue.”  As Katherine looked over her shoulder, Chloe came over and said “Good evening, Madame Jenkins - a pleasure to see you again.”


“Chloe?  Chloe Bandelaine?  I did not know you knew these ladies.”


“I have a wide circle of friends,” Chloe said as she hugged Katherine.  “I know Katherine from her job at the local civic office - she is my contact with the authorities for permits and the like.”


“Amy, would you be willing to help me with something?”


“Of course, Katherine, what do you want?”


“Her,” Katherine said as she pointed at Sue.  Anne looked at Amy, and nodded slightly as she handed Amy a length of silk rope.  “I owe you for earlier, but she owes her more,” she whispered as they walked over.


“...and that starts to vibrate if you press it - there,” Sue said as they came closer.  “Oh hi Amy - did you want me for something?”


“Yes, Sue - I was wondering if you had had a chance to draw something from the box yet.”


“No, not yet, why?”


“Then I propose we pick for you,” Amy said as she grabbed Sue’s arms and pulled them behind her back, crossing her wrists as Katherine tightly tied them together with the rope.  “Hey,” Sue called out, but as soon as her wrists were tied she said “nice feint - and nice work.  Where did you learn to tie like that?”


“Annapolis,” Katherine said, “graduated top of my class.  It came in handy.”  As she was speaking, she had Sue on the floor, holding her arms as she wound rope around her elbows and pulled them tightly together.


She seemed to work like a blur, so that within fifteen minutes she had Sue trussed like a turkey around her arms and chest, while Amy was securing her legs, having first lashed her crossed ankles together.  Veronica let out a low whistle, while Amy said “So what rank did you reach?”


“Commander - but I met my husband, and I was discharged with honours.  Then we adopted the kids, and - well, this is the first time I’ve exercised these skills for a little while.  Now that the kids have grown up, I tend not to play with them so much.”


“Hang on,” Veronica said as she looked at Katherine, “You taught Natalie?”


“Yeah - and she was a natural.  I guess there is something in this nature vs. nurture debate after all.  But now - hogtie her and get her shoes off her.”


Whh..” Sue said as Amy pulled her legs, Katherine catching her as she fell forward and lowering her to the floor, before Amy pulled her legs back and tied a length of rope around them, holding them down as she passed the rope to Katherine who tied the ends around her chest ropes.


“Now then,” Katherine said as she looked at the other women, “Do we have something to keep Miss Duncombe amused?  I suspect some of you may want to thank her this way for how she treated you and your daughters during your week away - Natalie told me all about it.”


“Well, in that case,” Suzanne said as she picked a bit gag out of the box, “Someone get a scarf.”  She held it in front of Sue, who nodded as she opened her mouth and pulled the bar in between her lips, fastening the straps around her head as Coral tied a scarf tightly over her eyes, and Amy removed her socks.


“A pleasure to meet you, Sue,” Katherine finally said as she stroked the soles of Sue’s feet, making her squirm madly as the assault on her body  was joined by the others, with the exception of Chloe and Veronica.


“Shall I fetch some more drinks, Veronica,” Maria said as she looked at her employer.


“Yes, thanks Maria - and can you place the orders with Kung Po for the banquet delivery at nine please?  I think we may need to get some relief in a little while...”




“Oh come on Sue - as if you hadn’t thought that one was coming at some point.”


“Oh I thought I had paid my dues spending most of that week trussed up and tightly gagged.”


“For the protection of all of us,” Veronica said as she passed the prawns to Amy, “This was sweet revenge for that week.”  The women were sitting round the room, a stack of takeout boxes in front of them as they ate the Chinese food.  Although they had removed their bonds, Coral still had the special bra top on, and was squirming a little under it.


“Coral, for goodness sake, remove the pads.  Nobody here is going to say anything.”


“Thanks,” Coral said as she peeled the Velcro pads off, revealing her nipples and sighing as she felt the cool air on them.  “I know why they do something like this, but they even think about how uncomfortable they can be?”


“Something tells me they’re not meant to stay on that long,” Maria said as she took a drink of her beer, the lime slice sinking into the amber liquor as she put it down.


“And you would know, Maria,” Veronica said as she sat back and smiled.  “I still have somewhere a copy of the film you were in - Hot Bikini Bonds or something like that.”


“Thank you for reminding me, Miss Veronica,” Maria said with a laugh.  “That was a long time ago, as you know.  I serve you now as your housekeeper and maid.”


“You used to make bondage movies,” Katherine said as she sat forward, “So you know how to tie?”


“And how to escape, Miss Kather...”


“Maria for goodness sake!”


“My apologies - yes, Katherine, I learned how to escape.”


“Want to show us?”


“Only if someone is willing to volunteer to try with me?”


“I’ll do it,” Katherine said as she stood up.  “We’re both dressed as seventies girls anyway, so let’s show them what we can do.”


“Oh a challenge,” Anne said, “I’ll do the binding, and I’ll spare nothing.”  She walked behind Maria, as she smoothed down her skirt, and picked up the handcuffs, fastening them around her wrists.


“Not rope?”


“Oh no, not for two so skilled,” Anne said as she picked up the elbow cuffs and fastened them around Maria’s arms, forcing them together behind her back.  “Ready for a little extra spice?”


“I will take whatever you have, Miss Duncombe.”


“Anne,.” She replied as she took some rope and tied a crotch rope on Maria, forcing her skirt up to reveal the g-string she was wearing.  Sitting her down, she fastened a set of leg cuffs around her ankles, and turned her attention to Katherine.


“For you,” she said as she picked up the arm binder, “A little something they taught us at Langley.”


“Langley, Shmangley,” Katherine said as the leather sheath was laced tightly up her arms, and then strapped onto her chest.  Ankle and leg cuffs followed, before both women were rolled onto their stomachs and chains used to place them both in hogties.


“All right, this is going to be a challenge,” Katherine said as she wriggled her arms round, while Anne tied a crotch rope on her as well.  “Now, a little silence,” she said as she held up to red ball gags.  Both women grunted as the balls were pushed into their mouths and strapped around their heads.


“Hang on,” Coral said with a wicked grin on her face.  “Before they start, I want to add a distraction.”  She picked up two white lozenge shaped objects and slipped them under the crotch ropes, settling them next to their crotches before starting their vibrating.


“All right,” Anne said as the group watched both women writhing round, wide eyed, “Show us what you’ve got...” 


Maria started to wriggle round, the rubbing against her crotch proving a distraction as she tried to find some give in the bracelets around her arms and legs.  The rattle of the chains and the vibrating sound was filling her ears as she tried to reach the buckles with her fingers.


As for Katherine, she was concentrating on her legs, trying to wriggle them enough to loosen the ankle or leg cuffs so that they could be freed.  She knew she had no chance of getting out of the arm binder, and she swore she would have something to say to Anne - or “Langley” as she was beginning to think of her - about that.


“So who are you betting on,” Dorothy said as she sat with her arms around Amy’s neck, her friend kneeling on the floor in front of her.


“No idea - I don’t know how skilled the two of them are.  Mind you, Coral, what you did was cruel and unusual punishment for both of them.”


“I know,” Coral said as she sipped her glass of wine, “but it had to be done.”  A low moan from Maria made her smile, before she said “And at least one of them seems to be enjoying it.”


Maria was panting now, her cheeks flushed, but the group could see that she had somehow managed to loosen the cuff on one of her wrists, and with a shake of her arm she managed to get it free.  Ysssss,” she mumbled as she moved her arm up and started to play with the buckle holding the elbow cuff in place around her other arm,


“Katherine is doing a good job as well,” Sue said as she watched the mother shake her ankles loose of the cuffs, and then wriggle round, as the vibrator was forced out from under the crotch rope and lay on the floor.


Maria was faster however, as she managed to free her arms and sit herself up, the cuffs landing with a soft thud on the floor.  “She is almost as skilled as you, Miss Anne,” Chloe said as she admired the skill with which Veronica’s maid freed herself, and stood up, pulling the vibrator out as she pulled her skirt down over the crotch rope.


“I will keep this on for a while,” she said as she removed the ball gag from her mouth, “Unless you have any particular objections, Veronica?”


“None whatsoever,” Veronica said as Sue helped Katherine to be released.  “Nice work,” she said as the gag was removed from her mouth, “but I think I was at a disadvantage.”


“Possibly,” Anne said, “but I think we all need to be released and take a toilet break - it’s time for poker.”




“Poker -what’s you plan here, Anne?”


The woman were sat around the dining room table in Veronica’s kitchen, several bottles of wine on the table as Anne dealt the cards out.


“Coral... Amy... Veronica.. Suzanne... Sue... Chloe... Maria... Katherine... and Dorothy.” Anne said as she finished dealing the cards round, “The loser of each hand has to take an item of clothing off.”


“And what happens when we have no clothing left to remove,” Coral said as she looked round the table.


“Then you’re out, and have to be prevented from taking part in the rest of the game.  Now, let’s play.”


“Just before we start,” Suzanne said quietly, “Are you as good at poker as you are at chess?”


“No comment,” Anne said as the first hand fell out with Coral losing.  “Fair enough,” she said as she pulled the bra off her chest, letting her bare breasts hang in the cool air as the next hand was dealt.


Several hands later, it was between Chloe and Suzanne, both sitting in their panties only, as to who was going to be first.  As the cards fell out, Suzanne had a pair of eights, while Chloe had...


“Nothing,” she said as Sue won another hand, “so I must be restrained, No?  May I request the black hood, Miss Anne?”


“Of course,” Anne said as she stood up.   “Would you like to try the Chinese Lotus tie?”


“That would be most acceptable,” Chloe said as she stood with her arms by her side, waiting as Anne wrapped a long length of rope around her neck, down her arms and then her upper body.  The others watched as within fifteen minutes Chloe had her upper body encased in a rope harness, the ropes going around and between her breasts as well as between her legs.


“Open wide,” Anne said, and as the young French woman opened her mouth she pushed a folded cloth in, waiting for Chloe to close her lips before covering them with a strip of brown plaster. 


“I remember them,” Coral said as Anne picked up one of the black balaclava and pulled it over Chloe’s head, only her nostrils showing as Anne took her by the arm.  “Deal me out of the next hand,” she said as she led Chloe out, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


“I’ll deal,” Amy said as the group sat down again, only to swear quietly under her breath as she lost the hand.  Over the next few hands, and after Anne joined them, it was noticeable that Sue was winning the majority of games - rather too many as it turned out.


“Four Kings,” she said again as the others laid their hands out, making Maria slip out of her dress to reveal the black lacy bra that matched her g-string, which was still secured under her crotch rope.


“AGAIN!” Veronica said as she looked at Anne’s sister.  “I think we asked the wrong Duncombe girl about their skills.”


“Well what can I say,” Sue said as she picked up the cards, “some you win, some you...”  She stopped talking as a small flurry of cards fell out of her sleeve.


“Some you cheat,” Anne said as she looked at her sister, her eyebrow raised.  “Sue, I thought you’d stopped doing that?”


“Well...  Given we were among company...”


“Allow me,” Katherine said as she took Sue by the arm, “I saw something in there that would be perfect for you.”  The group returned to the front room, where Chloe was lying on the couch, hogtied and moaning under her heavy gag.


“Ah well, you got me bang to rights,” Sue said with a smile, “Now what?”


“Strip her,” Anne said, and Amy and Dorothy started to remove Sue’s clothing, while Katherine found the thing she was looking for.  It looked like two chains crossed and secured together, but on each end was a leather cuff with a heavy buckle.


“Oh - is that for me,” Sue said, and Katherine nodded as the cheater was made to lie on the floor.


“You’ve only got yourself to blame for this Sue,” Anne said with a wry smile, “Beaten by Annapolis again.”


“Win some, lose some,” Sue laughed as her wrists and ankles were pulled behind her and manacled into the cross chains.  They held her arms and legs up behind her, as Coral pushed the plug of a panel gag into her mouth and pulled the leather straps around her face.


“We need to keep her completely distracted,” Suzanne said as she rolled Sue onto her side.  She had in her hands a pair of silver nipple clamps, and Sue’s eyes widened as she fastened them onto her bare breasts,.


“HMMGDDDD” she screamed out as she tried to shake them off, the chain connecting them rattling as Anne smiled.  “Back to the game, girls,” she said, as the two captives were left in the room....




“Damn,” Dorothy said as she lost her hand, “I guess it’s my turn now.”


“It will be my pleasure,” Amy said as she picked up a large blue ball gag from the table and stood behind Dorothy, her lips planting small kisses on Dorothy’s neck as she said “Open wide.”


“As you command,” Dorothy breathed softly as she opened her mouth, her teeth closing around the hard plastic as Amy strapped it tightly around her neck.  Helping her to stand up, her hands stroked Dorothy’s belly before she picked up the arm binder from earlier and put it around her friend’s arms, lacing them tightly together before passing the straps around her chest and stomach to keep her lover’s arms locked in place behind her back.


“Let’s go,” she whispered as she led Dorothy to a different room, and laid her on the floor, using two thick leather belts to fasten her ankles and legs together.


Dntblng,” Dorothy mumbled as Amy knelt down and kissed her naked breasts, making the other woman shiver in anticipation.


“I won’t be,” she whispered as she left Dorothy and returned to the table, one thing on her mind.




“Ready,” Anne said as Amy sat at the table, looking at the rest of the party.


“Let’s play,” she said as the cards were dealt out, looking round the table as she did so.  The game progressed, but to Amy’s dismay it was Veronica who was the next to find herself naked and on the receiving end of the ropes.


Dammit,” she said as Anne stood up, “So what are you going to give me?”


“This,” Anne said as she handed Veronica a large blue ball gag.  “Put that in your mouth, and then you get to sit and watch the fun if you want.”


“Oh yeah,” Veronica said as she held the straps in her hands, “And how am I going to be ablttnjjet?”  As she talked, she pulled the ball into her mouth and fastened the straps round her head.


“You’ll see,” Anne said as she walked behind her friend, and stretched a length of rope in her hands.  Veronica could see the knots tied in it, and said “Wht - nurejkg...”


“No,” Anne said as she pulled the rope around veronica’s waist, and then between her legs, the knot pulled tightly against her crotch.  Veronica groaned as the ropes was tied off, and she was made to sit in the chair, her hands pulled behind the back and cuffed together, before fixing her ankles together with another pair.


A length of chain was used to secure Veronica’s wrists to her ankles, before Anne sat back down and dealt more cards, Veronica closing her eyes and groaning as she felt the knots rubbing between her legs.


Finally, to her immense relief, and only after Katherine had found herself lying on the floor with Chloe, an arm binder round her arms and chest and a dildo strapped into her before her legs were lashed together, Amy lost her final hand.


“I presume you wish to join Dorothy,” Anne said as she stood up, holding a coil of rope in her hands.


“I do,” Amy said quietly as she stood there, “so what are you going to do to me?”


“Chinese style,” Anne said as she used the rope around Amy’s arms, then her upper body, encasing her in a rope harness that forced her own breasts up and out.  “Oh,” Amy said as she closed her eyes and felt the ropes hugging her, “That feels good.  So what are you going to silence me with?”


Anne said nothing, but held up a small metal ring, covered in leather with a strap running from each side.  “Oh,” Amy said again, and then she allowed Anne to strap the ring into her mouth, holding her mouth open as she tightened the straps around her cheek.


“Let’s go,” Anne said as she took Amy by the arm.  “Girls, play a hand without me.”  She led Amy to the front room, where Dorothy was lying on her side, facing away as both women noticed the gleam of sweat on her body.


Rolling over, Dorothy smiled over her ball gag and said “Fnku” as Anne helped Amy to kneel, and then lie on the floor.  Taking some lengths of rope, she tied Amyls leg tightly together at her ankles, knees and thighs, then said “Have fun,” as she left and closed the door.


Fnseemtnguhr,” Dorothy said as she squirmed closer to Amy, resting her head on her chest as she nuzzled her neck.


Isrtnyld,” Amy slurred slightly as she rubbed her cheek on Dorothy’s hair, and then moved down, gag kissing her friend as they looked at each other, the ball resting in the ring.


mmmmmstu,” Dorothy mumbled as Amy move her head and licked her ear with her tongue, making her giggle as Amy then moved down her body, gag kissing her until her lisp rested over Dorothy’s nipples, and she started to work her tongue over the flesh.


Mmgmggmgggg,” Dorothy moaned as she closed her eyes, feeling her breasts and nipples harden at the gentle teasing.  She rubbed her head against Amy as she felt the tongue working on both her breasts, and a warm feeling spreading over her at the teasing.


Sstgdddd,” Amy eventually said as she looked at Dorothy, her brow glistening with sweat, and Dorothy nodded, watching as Amy made her way down her body, her eyes shining with expectation as she watched and felt the tongue going down, down, and then stroking her between her legs.


“HGGDDDDD” she called out as she arched her back, but Amy looked up and said “Ltmmddts” before she restarted her teasing, her licking, her tasting....





“That sounds as if they are having fun.”


“Yeah, it does - open wide now.”


Coral nodded as she allowed Anne to pull the black rubber bit into her mouth, fastening it tightly with the bridle round her head as she lay on the floor, her legs frog tied and her wrists tied to her ankles.  Veronica was shaking in the chair as she wriggled round, while Maria sat watching with her arms in a box tie behind her back.


“Are you sure you want this,” Anne said as she looked at Coral.  The dark haired woman nodded as she watched her binder switch on the vibrator, and then insert it under the rope that was tied tightly against her crotch.


“It seems somewhat unfair, Anne,” Maria said as Coral sighed and wriggled round, “That you have been unable to take part in this part of the evening.”


“Not a problem,” Anne said with a smile, “I have a very special plan for later.  However, I think we should call it an honourable draw at this point.  Would you agree Maria?”


“I would,” the Latino woman said as she squirmed round, “but I really should prepare some drinks before too long.  Unless...”


“Leave it with me,” Anne said as she wrapped the white vinyl tape into and around Maria’s mouth.  “I’ll make sure we have enough drinks for later.”


Maria nodded and closed her eyes; twisting herself round and making her breasts shake in the pale light.  Anne smiled as she started to put the cards away and clear up.



FFffnku,” Amy said as Dorothy moved away from her, her bare thigh glistening and wet as she lay back on her back, panting through the drool covered ball in her mouth.


Nfnku,” Dorothy panted as the door opened and Anne came in.  “I trust you both had fun,” she said quietly as Amy and Dorothy looked at her and nodded quietly.


“Do you want to be released first or last,” Anne asked.  The two women looked at each other and said in unison “Lssst.”


“Very well - I’m going to get myself prepared for the night, so Chloe will come in and release you later, all right?”


They both nodded as Anne walked into the other room, kneeling down next to the young French girl and removing her hood.


Sttmnn,” Chloe mumbled as she looked at the young agent.  “It is Chloe,” Anne said as she started to untie her, “I’ll let you get cleaned up and dressed, and then I want you to meet me in the attic.  When you have finished with me, bring Sue up - I don’t trust her one inch without me.”


Chloe nodded as she stood up, rubbing her wrists as she headed for the bathroom.




“Ah, that’s better,” Amy finally said as she put her glass down.  With the exception of Anne and Sue, the group were gathered round the coffee table, all wearing short nightdresses or pyjamas. 


Fresh bottles of wine had been opened, as Katherine says “Well, I think we should have nights like this more often - do you think the girls get up to something like this.”


“Something like this, yes,” Dorothy said with a laugh, “but without the toys I suspect.  Alexa and Joanne all right to watch them tonight?”


“I think so - so what is the sleeping arrangement Veronica?”


“Chloe,” Veronica said as she looked at the young woman, who was wearing a pair of black silk pyjamas.  “I will take you upstairs,” she said quietly, “and then you will see.  When you are ready, will you follow me please?”


“Well, it is after midnight,” Suzanne said as she stretched and yawned, “So why don’t we go now.  Show us the way, Veronica.”


Veronica and Maria followed Chloe out as they climbed the staircase and made their way to the attic.  As they entered, they saw the camp beds arranged in the centre of the room - and the two that were already occupied.


Sue was lying flat on her back, her wrists and ankles secured to the four corners of the camp bed with cuffs.  One of the black balaclava hoods was covering her head, but it was obvious that there was more between the wool and her face.


Anne was lying on her stomach, her arms tightly bound parallel to each other behind her back and her ankles pulled right back, the heels touching her hands as they were tied down to her elbows.  Bands of rope encircled her legs, while a large strip of white plaster covered her mouth.  A pair of headphones was over her ears and a blindfold over her eyes.


“Now then,” Chloe said with a smile to Amy, Dorothy, Veronica, Suzanne, Coral, Katherine and Maria, “who will be first?”


“We’re going last,” Amy said as she looked at the young French girl, “I have a very specific request for you.  So who of the others...”


“Very impressive work,” Katherine said as she stroked the back of Anne’s legs, making her wriggle.  “Where did you learn such things?”


“I had a good tutor,” Chloe said with a smile.  “So, will you be next Katherine?”


“Safety rules?”


“I will remain awake, and I have listening devices placed in the room with a receiver where I will be.”


“Fair enough,” Katherine said as she stretched her arms up.  “Then you can secure me first.  Are you familiar with the Chinese style?”


“Most certainly, Madame,” Chloe said as she picked up a coil of rope, shook it loose and doubled it over, making a small loop in the centre.  Katherine stood in front of her, her arms by her side as Chloe placed the rope around her neck and over her shoulders, then started to wind it down the older woman’s arms.


The others watched as within ten minutes Katherine had her arms and upper body encased in the rope harness, her forearms box tied behind her back.  “Very good,” she said as she twisted round, “I learned this from some people I met on assignment in Macau, and used to have them practice on me.”  She walked over to one of the beds and lay down, saying “Now the legs, and then you can blindfold and silence me.”


It only took Chloe five minutes to tightly secure Katherine’s ankles and legs, before she asked “and what would Madame care to be silenced with?”


“I think a panel gag,” Katherine replied.  “Talk to you ladies tomorrow.”


“Sleep well,” Veronica said as Chloe fixed a leather panel gag over Katherine’s lower face, the bung nestling between her teeth, and then added a matching leather blindfold.


“Maria,” Veronica said as she looked at her maid, “Will you allow me the honour of securing you?”


“Of course,” Maria said as she lay on another bed, her head resting on the pillow as she put her arms to the side and gripped the edge.  As she did this, Coral nudged Suzanne and pointed to another of the cots.


“Well, if you insist,” Suzanne said as she lay face down and crossed her wrists behind her back.  The others watched as Veronica used lengths of soft cord to bind her maid’s wrists to the side of the bed, and then lash her ankles and legs together.


As for Suzanne, she looked over her shoulder to see Coral pulling the laces on the armbinder tightly around her, forcing her arms together in the thin leather sheath.  On the bed was a pair of leather ankle cuffs, linked by a short chain.  “I’m going nowhere, am I,” she said, and Coral just smiled.


“Are you sure this is all you want,” Veronica said as she held a white silk scarf, rolled into a band and knotted in the middle, in front of Maria’s face.  “It is," the maid said quietly, “I still feel I should watch over you.”  Veronica nodded as she pulled the knot between Maria’s teeth, and patted her on the bottom.


Suzanne, meanwhile, was feeling her legs been pulled together by a leg binder, before Coral pulled a large black ball gag between her teeth and tied a black blindfold other her eyes.


“Now then,” she said as she picked up a roll of black tape and tossed it to Veronica, “Mummify me.”  As she said this, Amy said to Chloe “You can make a start on us now.  We’re going to hug each other, and I want you to bind us tightly together.”


Chloe nodded and watched as Veronica put her arms around Amy, holding her close to her as she nodded to Chloe.  The young girl then took a length of rope and started to bind Veronica’s wrists tightly together behind Amy’s back, as the two started to kiss.


Coral was now lying on a bed, her upper body from her neck to her waist covered in a layer of back tape, as she watched Veronica complete the mummification from her ankles to her waist.  “Once this is done,” she said quietly, “how are you going to be bound?”


“Do you remember Night at the Psychos?”


Coral nodded “Yeah, I remember - you were ball tied and I was - but isn’t that going to be uncomfortable?”


“Not with what I have in mind,” Veronica said as Chloe bound Amy’s wrist together behind Dorothy’s back, and then pulled her elbow together, further forcing the two women into each other.  “Now, open wide and say Ah.”


Ahmmgmggmgmgfnsk,” was Coral’s reply as Veronica pushed a sponge ball into her mouth, then raised her head as she ran the tape around her mouth and head, so that when she had finished the only thing showing of her friend was her eyes and hair.


Nodding, Veronica went to the box of toys, and took out a vibrator and a leather belt.  She watched as Chloe finished roping Amy and Veronica tightly together in their upper bodies, before saying “If you two would allow our young French friend to take care of me?”


“Not a problem,” Amy said to the sister before she started to nuzzle Dorothy’s neck, smiling at the moans it was producing.  Chloe walked over as Veronica fitted the vibrator into place, and used the chastity belt to keep it there.  “Now,” she said quietly, gasping as she sat on a bed and put her hands under her knees, “A...  mmmmm... A ball tie, if you would be so kind.”


“I have an idea,” Dorothy said as the other two watched Chloe work, and she whispered something into Amy’s ear.  Amy nodded and smiled as Veronica gasped again, smiling as a strip of micropore tape was pressed firmly over her mouth and then a thick scarf secured over it, then one over her hair and under her chin.


“And now,” Chloe said as she walked back over, “For you two.”  She pulled the mattresses off the remaining two cot beds, and laid them side by side on the floor.  “If you will kneel down, I will help you to lie and complete the tie you have requested.”


“Before you do that,” Veronica said, “We want you to do two things for us.”  She whispered into Chloe’s ear, a wide grin growing on her face as she said “As you wish, Mrs Elsworth.”  Walking to the box, she produced tow objects and brought them back, saying “Will this do?”


“That will do very well,” Amy breathed as she watched Chloe kneel between the two women, and from below work the double headed dildo into their bodies, the bar resting between both of them.  Both women groaned as they moved against each other, while Chloe took one end of the double ball gag and eased it into Amy’s mouth, strapping it securely in place before helping Dorothy to accept the other end in her mouth.


The two women slowly, carefully got onto their knees, moaning as the rubber in their mouths and their passages worked with them.  Chloe gently helped them to lie on their sides, Amy wrapping her legs around Veronica before she felt the rope around her ankles.


Chloe bound their ankles and then wrapped rope around their calves, knees and thighs, the two women rubbing against each other as the dildos made them both groan and gasp.  Veronica tried to move her head back, but it only brought Amy’s head forward as Chloe said to the room “If you wish any help, simply grunt three times, and I will come.  For you two,” she whispered to Amy and Dorothy, “I suggest three slow grunts, as I may come at a most inopportune moment.”


Veronica gasped out as the vibrator slowly brought her to a climax, smiling under the layered gag as she looked round the room.  Each woman was in their own private world, as she suddenly tensed and shook with pleasure, feeling the dampness between her legs and over her fingers as she relaxed and started the cycle again.


“Good night, ladies - pleasant dreams,” Chloe said as she turned off the light and closed the door, returning to the front room and switching on the baby monitor as she picked a book she had bought.


“And now, Miss James,” she said as she turned to the first page, “to see what all the fuss is about...”







Maria stretched her arms out and shook them as the first shafts of the dawn light came through the shutters.  She had slept well, but old habits die hard, and she had woken early to see the other women still asleep in their various positions.


It had only taken her a few minutes to free her wrists - some old tricks remain even after years not using them - and the free her legs as well.  Removing the scarf from her mouth, and noticing the dark wet stain in the middle, she walked over to where Veronica was lying on her side, her body covered in sweat as she lay there.


“Miss Veronica,” she said as she gently rocked her employer on her shoulder.  Veronica opened her eyes and nodded to her maid, who bent over and removed the scarf and tape from her mouth.


“Thank you, Maria,” Veronica said quietly, “I have no idea when the battery finally ran out, but that was an - intense experience.  Are we the only ones awake?”


“I believe so, at least in here - would you like me to release you?”


“Please” Veronica said quietly, “but leave the others.  We will go and see how Chloe is - once I have changed into something else.”


Fifteen minutes later, Maria and Veronica walked into the front room to find Chloe asleep, her head back against the recliner and the book on the floor.


“Good read,” Veronica said with a smile, and Chloe woke with a start to see her and Maria there, Veronica in a long blue bathrobe.


“I... I am sorry if I fell asleep,” Chloe said as she rubbed her eyes, “this book is - how do you say - a great cure for insomnia?”


“I thought so too,” Veronica said with a smile.  “Come on - I’ll make some coffee...”


Chloe followed the two women into the kitchen, Maria heading for the cooker as Veronica started the coffee machine.


“Maria, you don’t have to prepare breakfast,” Veronica said as she looked at her friend, “I am more than happy to do so.”


“It is all right, Miss... Veronica,” Maria said with a smile, “I am happy to do this, to thank you for last night.  Perhaps, however, I should change into something more suitable - if you will excuse me?”


Veronica nodded as Maria left for a few minutes, and then turned back to Chloe.  “I should thank you as well, for pulling the all night duty.  From what I saw upstairs, there were no problems - particularly with Amy and Dorothy.”


“Mon Dieu,” Chloe said as she raised her head, “I should not have left them for so long, are they...”


“When I looked at them,” Veronica said as she collected some mugs, “they had huge and contented smiles on their faces.”  She turned and looked at Chloe.  “Look, I know at some time they need to talk to the girls, but I presume...”


“I have not told them,” Chloe said as she accepted a steaming mug of coffee.  “You must know, Veronica, by now that I will not betray a confidence unless I am allowed to speak of it.”


“I know,” Veronica said as she took her own cup, “but I...  Maria, what on earth are you been formal for?”


Maria had come back in, wearing a French Maid’s outfit - a tight fitting black satin dress with short puffed sleeves and a flared skirt, a white apron tied around her waist and a white cap on her head.  Her legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, and she was wearing black shoes with four inch stiletto heels.


“I felt it was appropriate, after such an evening, to be formally attired, Madame,” Maria said as she gave a little curtsey.  Chloe and Veronica looked at each other, and then shook their heads as Veronica said “very well, Maria - you may start to prepare breakfast, once you have had some coffee.”


“Thank you, Madame,” Maria said as she took a mug from Veronica.  “Would you like me to release the guests before I start?


“No, Chloe and I will take care of them,” Veronica said with a smile.  “I think you should concentrate on preparing a large breakfast for everyone - I think they will all be hungry.”  Maria nodded and headed back to the refrigerator, while Veronica sat down next to Chloe.


“If that’s fresh coffee, I’ll have a cup.”


The two women turned to see Katherine standing there, wearing one of Veronica’s robes over her nightdress.


“How did you...” Chloe gasped as she poured herself a mug of coffee and sat down.


“We all have our little secrets,” Katherine said with a smile.  “I freed Anne, and she’s taking care of her sister.”  She took a long drink, and then said “What is the deal with those two anyway - You’d think they would not trust each other?”


“Anne and Sue?”  Veronica put her mug down, and said “there is a certain rivalry between the two, as you may have gathered, but they really do love each other.  It’s just that Anne does not trust Sue to keep to the rules 95% of the time.”


“And the other 5%?”


“Then Miss Anne does not keep to the rules,” Chloe said as she stood up.  “If you will excuse me, I will go and release some of the others.”




“I will leave Amy and Dorothy for last,” Chloe said as she turned and left the room.  “Smart kid,” Katherine said as the door closed.  “Natalie speaks very highly of her.”


“She is indeed,” Veronica said before she took a sip from her mug, “She is indeed...”




“Good morning, Amy, Dorothy,” Chloe said as she unbuckled the double ball gag from their mouths and gently eased it out, “I trust you had a comfortable and pleasant night.”


Amy looked at the young woman, her face flushed and glowing as she said “That...  That is one way of describing it, yes.  Are the others awake?”


“They are, and breakfast is been served downstairs,” Chloe said as she started to untie the legs of both women.  Dorothy worked her jaw for a few minutes and then kissed Amy as they felt the object that had linked both of them been eased out of their bodies.


Mmmmm nice way to start the day,” Dorothy said as the two women were helped onto their knees, Amy nodding in agreement as she slowly untied them.  Once they were released, they stretched and looked at each other.


“If I may make a suggestion,” Chloe said, “Perhaps a shower before you come down?”


“Might be a good idea,” Amy said as she smiled - a shy, content smile.  “Have you heard from Joanne?”


“I have received a text message from her,” Chloe said “and the girls are all fine.  She will arrange for them to tidy up, and I have said you will be home by lunchtime.”


Dorothy glanced at the clock.  “It’s ten thirty now, so that’s fine.  Want to join me in the shower?”  Amy nodded as Chloe left the couple and came downstairs.


“And how are they,” Veronica asked as Chloe joined the party round the table.


“They will join us shortly,” she said as Coral and Suzanne chatted to each other at the other end, while Maria laid out plates of bacon and eggs.


“Do you think the girls know,” Coral said as she looked at Veronica.  Their host smiled and shook her head.  “I’m sure they have an idea of what is going on, but they haven’t been told yet.  I think that Amy and Veronica are waiting for the right moment - as well as wondering what others may think.”


Coral raised an eyebrow, then said “Let them think what they want - I’ll stand by them if they decide to come clean.”


“Well said,” Katherine added as she swallowed some egg and muffin.  “It’s nobody’s business but theirs anyway.”


“What is,” Amy and Dorothy said as they came into the kitchen.


“What they think of you two being an item,” Sue said, then looked round the table and said “What?  Come on, we can acknowledge it amongst ourselves when they’re in here, can’t we?”


Amy and Dorothy looked at each other, then Dorothy said “Of course you can - because we’re going to tell Heidi and Cindy when we get back.  We think it’s time they knew what was going on.”


“About flaming time as well,” Veronica said, and the whole room started to laugh.  “We’re glad you two have each other,” Suzanne said as she stood up and hugged the pair of them.  “And if anyone gives you any trouble...”


“I’ll set Sue on them,” Anne said as she swallowed some coffee.  “Sit down and eat, both of you - you need it.”





The meal passed quickly enough, before Veronica said “Look - I know we all have to go soon, but I wanted to thank you all for coming last night.  I think we all had a little fun - and discovered something of each other.  Let’s do this again some time.”


“I’m for that,” Katherine said as she stood up, “but I need to get home and then come to pick Natalie up.  Anyone need a lift?”


“No thanks,” Coral said, “I need to go and change before I pick up Andrea.  Chloe, I’ll give you a lift as well.”


Chloe nodded to show her thanks, as Suzanne stood up.  “Thanks for everything, Veronica - and you Maria.”


Urewlcmmsss” Maria mumbled as she looked up from her position on the floor.  Her wrist and ankles were manacled to the four way bat that had been used the previous evening, and a large panel covered her mouth - the penis shaped bug sitting in her mouth.  She moaned slightly as the vibrator that Sue had inserted in her clit did its work.


“Well, it’s our way of saying thank you to both of you for doing the hard work,” Sue said as she kissed Chloe on the head.  The young girl was lashed to the wooden chair with thick bands of rope, her top pulled up and her nipples clamped with the silver clamps.  A thick roll of ace bandage had been wrapped round her head, and the stuffing was clearly visible in her cheeks.


“We’ll do the washing up,” Veronica said as she looked at Coral.  “Drive safely.”


“We will,  Suzanne said as she opened the door and waited for Amy and Dorothy to walk through, following them as Veronica gathered the dishes.






“Pleasant night?” Alexa said as the three women followed Joanne into the kitchen.  She then caught side of Amy and Dorothy holding hands, as she hugged and kissed Joanne.


“Very much so, thank you,” Amy said quietly.  “Thanks for watching them - when are you going to let them go.”


“I think they have already started to free themselves,” Andrea said as she came in.  Suzanne looked through the doorway to see Natalie working on Jannifer, while Heidi and Cindy were trying to free each other, Alice urging them on.


“So,” Joanne said as she leaned against the work surface, “Does this mean you’re coming out?”


Dorothy blushed as she said “One step at a time, Joanne - but for close friends, the answer is yes.”


“And when are you going to tell them?”


“All in good time,” Amy said, “all in good time - let’s have that coffee first...”







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