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“Please, run that past me one more time?”


It was the Tuesday before Easter, and Kerry Rigg was sitting in the front room of the Craig house, along with all the other mums of her daughter Rachel’s circle of friends.  They were having a coffee and cake night, while Lady Holderness, the matriarch of both the Holderness and Bowden families, was explaining her plans for the Friday afternoon tea party they had all been invited to.


“As I said, Kerry, when we gather as families we like to ensure that the younger generation sees not only that we are accepting of the games we play, but that we like to play along as well.  So, I am proposing that on Friday, as the families gather at the Manor House, we play a massed tie-up game.


“The youngest ones – those Suzanne’s age and younger – are kept separated for the first part, while the adults have a pleasant chat.”


“What about Alicia and her friends?”


Kerry looked over at Angela, the oldest of the Bowden family, while she sat with her legs curled up under her.


“It’s a fair question,” Susan Holderness said as she held Lucy in her arms.  “I can speak for Cathy – Abe and Becca are holding Sedah at Wissenden for Becca’s family on Friday, so Cathy is going there to accompany Samuel.”


“Jenny and Alicia will be coming here,” Jennifer Craig said as she sipped her coffee, “which leaves Mary.  Linda, would you happen to know her plans for Friday?”


“I may have an inkling of an idea,” Linda Cottrell said as she sat in her long white skirt and blouse.  “It is entirely possible that Mary may be coming to our place in the morning, and coming to the church service with us.  Something about Mark inviting her to spend the day with him?”


“Very nice – so I guess the three of them will be coming as well.  I think they may wish to join in as well, and can be trusted to keep quiet of the surprise for the younger girls.”


Kerry shifted in her seat, putting her coffee cup down before she said “and what will the context of this game be?”


“Family or related groups, all tied the same way, all gagged the same way, trying to help each other to escape – but it won’t be possible.  Not impossible, just very very unlikely.”


“Well, for that to happen,” Yvonne Williamson said, “we’d have to totally unable to...”  A grin crossed her face as she said “you mean, as Lisa likes to call it, full job?  All of us?”


“Indeed,” Lucinda said with a smile, “I think we can trust to the older boys and men to prepare us, and fix it so the younger girls are kept in the room with the possibility of escape.  When they get free, they can be told to come to the hall, where one of us can tell them to find us.  By then, we’ll all be in the same boat, and the younger boys can secure them as well.”


Jessica Pickering was sitting next to Kerry, and noticed the way her hands were shaking as she looked at the other women.


“Does it still bother you a little,” she whispered into her friend’s ear.


“It does – a little,” Kerry whispered back.  “I mean, I and Clive now accept that Rachel plays these games with her friends.”


“And has Clive ever...”


Kerry blushed as she said “once or twice, but never very tightly.  But what would this involve?”


“Well...  When the girls do it, they grab a sponge in their hands, like this,” Jessica said as she made a fist.  “That’s then covered in tape, a sock pulled up over it, and the top of the sock taped to their arms.”


“Which I guess makes it next to impossible to use their hands?”


“I presume you are explaining the rules of the full tie, Jessica?”


“I was, Jessica said as she looked at Anne Bowden, “and I guess in doing that, we need to make a few decisions.”


“Agreed,” Gail Hobson said.  “So, hands covered, wrists behind back, rope around waist, and around arms and stomach – what about the third band?”


“Third band?”


Gail nodded as she looked at Kerry.  “The one at the top of the chest.  If we’re all going to be secured the same way, those of us with daughters need to agree on what we will allow to happen to them.”


“I’ve seen Rachel and Patty with them, why would...”  Kerry then looked down and said “ah – Ah.  I think I see what you are driving at.  While for the likes of Rachel and her friends, it is extra binding, for the older girls...”


“And for us, possibly,” Jennifer said.  “But, and believe me I speak from experience, there will an all or nothing mentality once they get into this.  So, do we allow it for all of them.”


All eyes turned to Angela as she looked round the room.  “Let me guess – I’m still the bridge across the generations?”


“I am afraid so, dear,” Lucinda said.  “So?”


“Well, I say do it – we’ll be with them after all, and can make sure whoever does the actual binding doesn’t do anything else.”


“How – I presume we’ll be quiet at this point?”


“We will, Kerry – but trust me, the eyes can speak volumes.”


“All right – so the three bands of rope, and cinched because we know they will do that.  Ankles secured, legs secured, and hogtied with ankles secured to chest ropes?”


Kerry watched as the women nodded, and then said, “well, I’ve never done that before, but I don’t want to be the party pooper – all right.”


“Not for me, and not for Susan,” Connie Brown said.  “We’re still...”


“Very true – we can make alternative arrangements for both of you,” Lucinda said.  “Now – if we all are going to be secured in that way, we all need to be silenced in the same way.  May I suggest the cloth, towelling, tape and scarf?”


Kerry had seen the girls wearing that as well, and knew it had not hurt them, so she nodded in agreement with the rest of them.


“Good – now, if we are all like this, none of us are going to get free – Susan and Connie?”


“We can play along – make it next to impossible for us to move, without hurting us,” Susan said quietly.


“We’re going to need a babysitter for while all this happens,” Anne Bowden said as she looked at her mother.


“Miranda – is April around at the moment?”


“I can find out – if so, I’m sure she’ll come and help.”


“Good – so we are all in agreement?”


The women nodded as Lucinda sat down, and then Kerry looked at Claire Kerr.


“All right Claire – why the big smile?”


“I was just wondering...  Look, stop me if you don’t want to discuss this, but I overheard some of you talking about a weekend away, where you...  How shall I put this delicately...”


Kerry looked at Jessica, who shrugged her shoulders, and then realised the other women were looking at each other.


“Well – there was a weekend like the one you’re thinking of,” Anne eventually said, “but none of the younger girls were there, for good reasons.  We’re talking about having all of them there.”


“I know,” Claire said, “but I was wondering how it would feel if...”


“Does someone want to explain to me what Claire is talking about?”


“I think, Mrs Rigg...”


“Please, Angela – I don’t mind being called Kerry.”


“Well, Mrs Rigg,” Angela said as she uncurled her legs and sat forward, “for most of that weekend, the mothers and aunts wore crotch ropes.”


“A crotch rope being...”  Kerry then looked round the room, and whispered “no...”


“Jenn, she’s not telling the truth is she?”


“She is,” Jo Frost said as she put her cup down, “I came into the weekend late, but they all did.  In fact, some of them...”


“A topic for another time,” Jennifer said as she saw the look at Kerry’s face.  “Look, Kerry, are you happy to try the full tie and gag?”


“I guess so, but...”


“Well then,” Lucinda said, “let’s make this pact.  The option is there if we wish to, but it is not compulsory.  After all, none of the other children will...”


“Well, that might not be quite true.”




The teenager looked at both Jennifer and Anne, before she said “is it?”


“No,” Jennifer said quietly, “but for goodness sake don’t let our husbands find out.  Not yet anyway.”


“You’re kidding,” Connie said, “Jenny AND Alicia?  When?”


“Again, a topic for another time, but let’s not tell any of them,” Angela said.  “I may join in, but I’m not going to say one way or another.”


“Then we are in agreement – Why don’t we finish this cake off and have some more coffee, if that is all right Jennifer?”




“So how was your coffee evening,” Clive Rigg said as Kerry came into the front room.


“Interesting – how was your night?”


“Not bad – we talked about the plans for the weekend mostly,” Clive said as he stood up and stretched.  “Want a drink before you go to bed?”


“Some camomile tea please,” Kerry said as she put her handbag down and removed her coat, “I’m going to go and get ready for bed while you do that.”


As she climbed the stairs, Kerry was thinking over everything she had heard that night.  She had played a few games with Rachel, as well as Jessica and some of the other mums, but nothing too tight or restrictive – the plan for Friday was a step forward.


And then there was the other thing they talked about.  As she removed her jumper and slacks, Kerry looked at herself in the mirror, wearing only her knickers.  That they had something tied down there for a weekend...


“I wonder what it felt like,” she said quietly, and then she walked to the wardrobe, and took out from there a length of rope – one Clive had used to secure her to the bed on a couple of occasions.  As she pulled it through her hands, the silk-like touch made her smile, before she doubled it over and tied it round her waist, knotting it at the front before she let the ends drop down in front of her.


“This doesn’t feel so bad,” she said to herself, “but dare I?”


She gently turned the rope around her waist, so that the ends hung down behind her, and then reached between her legs, pulling the rope up and tying it to the front of her rope belt as the cords pressed on her panties.


“Oh my,” she whispered, “that is certainly different.  I wonder what...”


“Kerry, love – the tea’s ready.”


“Coming,” Kerry said as without thinking she walked back to her bed, grabbed her pale blue silk nightdress and put it on, covering the rope as it fell to just below her knees.  As she started to walk, she stopped and gasped for a moment, before walking more slowly downstairs.


“Hey – are you all right,” Clive said as he saw his wife come into the front room.


“I... I think so,” Kerry said as she walked slowly over, and sat down.  “That smells good.”


“Here,” Clive said as he passed his wife the mug.  Something was different – but what?


As she sipped the tea, Kerry could feel the rope rubbing on her, making her blush as she sighed a little.


“Tea too hot?”


“No – no, it’s just right,” Kerry said with a smile.  There was something very nice about this, about how it made her feel, and she didn’t want it to end, but at the same time she didn’t want Clive to see it, in case he felt it was wrong.


“Well, I’m going to bed – coming?”


Kerry nodded as she slowly stood up, and followed Clive up the stairs...





“Order up!”


Clive rang the bell as another dish went out, the waiter nodding as the head chef looked on.


“Good work today Clive – looking forward to your weekend off?”


“You can say that again, Chef,” Clive said as he smiled.  He enjoyed his work, even if he had to work the occasional late night.


“Hey – by the way, couple of late lunch guests coming.  They want you to join them, and I gave it the OK.”


“You sure, Chef – who is it?”


“Alexander Holderness – he’s coming with his financial advisors for a meeting with the boss, but they want to talk to you first for some reason.”


“If you don’t mind me ducking out of the clearing up...”


“Red Ribbon Company is a good customer to the boss – so play nice.”


Lunch service was just finishing when Alexander Holderness and Andrew Cottrell came in, alongside Mark Williamson.


“Mr Holderness – please, your table is waiting.”


The three men sat down and ordered, talking quietly as the food was prepared and brought over.


“You asked to see me Mr Holderness,” Clive said as he came over, wiping his hands on the towel he wore at his waist.


“I did yes – I think you know Mark, but this is Andrew Cottrell, one of his senior assistants.”


“Pleasure,” Andrew said as he and Clive shook hands.  “So you work here?”


“Sous chef – maybe one day I’ll make the big step.  So, what can I do for you?  The boss usually handles money matters.”


“No, this is more of a personal call,” Alex said as he poured some water into a glass.  “You and the family are coming up to my father’s place on Friday, correct?”


“That’s right – and we’re very grateful for the invite.”


“Well, I wanted to have a word with you – and with Andrew, actually.  I don’t know if you’ve heard something of the plans the ladies have set out for that day?”


“Linda mentioned something last night – some sort of grand tie-up game with the mothers and girls, and any aunts and grandmothers included?”


“Kerry mentioned the same thing,” Clive said as he leaned forward, “and I have to admit, she sounded a little unsure of what might be involved.  I was as well.”


“Have you...”


“Once or twice, but never that strictly.  I mean, she’ll do it - she’s the sort of person who does not want to be the odd one out.  But is it going to be safe?”


“We’ll all be there, and I promise you they never come to any harm.  No, it’s the other thing they’re going to do.”


“Oh – you mean being unable to move and speak isn’t enough?”




“Mark, what on earth are you hinting at,” Andrew said with a smile.


“Can I be frank, gentlemen?”


The other three nodded as Alex said “have your wives ever worn a crotch rope?”


Mark, Andrew and Clive looked at each other, before Mark said “yes – on occasion.”


“Not that I know of,” Andrew said, “what about you Clive?”




“Sorry,” Clive said, “I think I just realised why Kerry was so giggly when we went to bed the other night.  I mean, she’s never told me she’s worn one, but the way she moved...”


“Something for you guys to discuss,” Alex said with a raised eyebrow.  “Anyway, it’s my understanding that the women have set a challenge – by the time they get to Holderness Manor, they all will be wearing a crotch rope under their clothes.”


“Dirty women,” Andrew said with a grin, and then said “Sorry Clive – you may not feel the same way.”


“Hey – my religious life is part of me, but I’m not going to condemn.  It actually intrigues me – I wonder how it felt for her?”


“Well, here’s the twist – we know they’re planning on this, but none of us are going to say anything – until the time comes to bind them for the big game.  When that happens, this is what we’re thinking of doing...”


As they listened to Alex, Clive and Andrew looked at each other, before Clive said “oh my – I don’t know if she’s going to agree to that.”


“Then don’t tell her – surprise her, see what happens.”


“If it goes south, do you know a good counsellor?”


“Actually, yes,” Mark said, “but you may be surprised.  See what happens.”


“All right – but where on earth do you get such a thing?”





“Yeah, we talked about it,” Linda said as she sat with Andrew that night, “but it was left as a purely voluntary thing.  Why – who’s been spilling the beans?”


“I had lunch with Xander and Clive as well as Mark today – the subject may have come up in conversation.”


“What sort of lunches do you have with Mark?”


“This was a pre-meeting one, but I guess Xander wanted us to know what might happen – and for us to say...”


“To say what?”


“That if you wanted to take part, I for one had no objections.”


Linda looked over at her husband, and said “That’s big of you – and would you put it on me?”


“If you wanted me to – but only if you wanted me to.”


Shaking her head, Linda said “It’s not that I’m not open to the challenge – it’s just I don’t like the idea of doing it all day.  Especially with the walk to church and what not.  So here’s the deal – I’ll see what Gail and Claire get up to, and take it from there.  All right?”


“Can’t ask for more than that,” Andrew said as Mark, their oldest son come in.


“Right – Trojan’s bedded down for the night.  I’m going to turn in early – Mary’s coming in the morning.”


“Good night,” Linda said as she watched her son leave the room.


“Come on – we could do with an early night ourselves...”





“It’s so quiet with Rachel not around,” Kerry said as she sat in bed, waiting for Clive to finish changing.


“True  - I wonder if Jessica is having as quiet an evening,” Clive said as he got into bed, and Kerry rested with her head on his chest.


“Probably not, knowing those two,” Kerry said with a smile.  “Listen – I’m glad you’re coming tomorrow as well.”


“Boss had no problem with it,” Clive said as he kissed Kerry.  “Listen – I had lunch today with Alexander Holderness and a couple of the other husbands.”


“Oh – what did they want to talk about?”


“Tomorrow afternoon – and the little discussion you all had on Tuesday night.”


Kerry blushed and said “ah – I wasn’t sure how to tell you about that.  Did they tell you everything?”


“Most of it – enough for me to ask if you’ve already tried?”


“Tuesday night – I’m sorry if I didn’t say anything, but I wanted to understand why they may want it.”




“I understand a bit – a bit.  Why?”


“Look – if you want to join in, I’m not going to say no.  Who knows – we may have a bit of fun afterwards as well...”


“That’s what I love about you, Clive Rigg – you’re so open minded.”


“I want to ask one thing though – let me be the one who ties it on you tomorrow.”


“Deal – and we’ll see if Rachel even notices...”





Stepping out of the shower, Kerry looked at herself in the mirror and towelled herself off, wondering just what she had let herself in for this most special day. 


Smiling, she walked to the bedroom and pulled on  the blue silk panties, then fastened the matching bra onto her chest, as Clive fastened the buttons of his shirt before looking at her.




“Yeah – let’s see what happens.”


Standing with her arms by her side, Kerry smiled as Clive passed the doubled off rope around her waist, kissing her gently on her neck as he secured the rope just below her belly button and then reached between her legs from behind.


She allowed a little gasp to escape from her lips as he gently pulled the rope up, pressing gently on her panties as Clive passed the ends around the waist band, and then secured the ends before tucking them into the belt.


“There – how does that feel?”


“If I said it felt nice, would I be a horrible person?”


“No,” Clive said as he pulled on a pair of trousers, while Kerry put on a blue coat dress and fastened it up, and then put a brown leather belt around her waist.  She could feel the knots at her stomach and back, but the belt covered them as she knelt down, gasping again before she slipped her shoes on.


“I’ll fix some breakfast – are you going to be all right?”


“I...  I’ll cope,” Kerry said with a smile as she slowly followed him downstairs.


Sitting on the stool at the breakfast bar, Kerry shifted a little, the ropes making what felt like tiny little electric shocks running through her body as Clive fixed coffee and croissants.


“Do you think Jessica will do it as well?”




“Do you think she’ll wear one as well?”


“Jenny will, so I imagine Jess will as well.  Going to be an interesting day...”




“You about ready Mum?”


“Give me a few minutes, Fiona,” Claire Kerr said as she heard the telephone ring.  She heard Fiona answer it and say “Hi Dad – how’s work in Seattle,” as she looked at herself in the mirror.


“I really can’t believe I am about to do this,” Claire said as she looked at the small white lozenge shaped object in her hand.  She thought back to her holidays with her husband, and the fun they had in those early days, before she said “Oh to hell with it,” and slipped the item into her panties, giggling as she switched it on and then slipped it into her passage, and then pulled down the skirt of her green coat dress.  Picking up the hat from her bed, she put it on and said “”So how’s your father?”


“He’s home – he won’t be back in time for church, but he’ll make his way up to the manor house when – Mum, what’s funny?”


“Nothing Fiona, nothing – I’m just happy to hear he’s come home early.  Ready?”


“Oh yes,” Fiona said as she put the new hat she had bought on her head, “come on, I can’t wait to meet the others.”


“Neither can I,” Fiona said with a giggle.


Claire followed her out of the door, trying not to giggle and hoping Fiona would not hear the low hum...





“There they are,” Clive said as he pointed to the door, and Jessica Pickering came in with Patty and Rachel.  “They look as if they had a fun night.”


Kerry nodded as she glanced round the chapel, smiling at some of the other women as the rope rubbed gently on her panties.


“Hello Jessica.”


“Kerry, Clive,” Jessica said as she hugged them, “thank you for the invitation today.  How was the event last night?”


“Long and boring,” Clive said as he hugged Rachel, “but it was one of those things we have to be seen to attend.  Anyway, this morning should be more relaxing.”


“Relaxing, yes,” Kerry said quietly, “shall we take our seats?”


As they made their way to the outer circle of chairs, Kerry noticed Jessica was walking somewhat more stiffly than usual.  They looked at each other, and exchanged a glance, nodding as they slowly sat down and the service started.


Glancing to her side, Kerry saw Angela Bowden sitting with her boyfriend, Eddie Holmes.  As she watched Angela seemed to shiver a little, before she looked round and they caught each other’s eye.  The silent conversation between them was brief, but they each had a perfect understanding of what the other was saying.





As Jessica walked into the front room of the Rigg house with the girls, Clive stood up and said “Well, I’ll start cooking lunch.  I’m sure the four of you will find a way to amuse yourselves.”


“Your father cooks?”


“My father is a chef,” Rachel said, “of course he cooks.  So what are we going to do, Mum?”




Jessica and Kerry had been whispering to each other, before Kerry said “Sorry, we were just discussing something, and weren’t listening.”


“Honestly, Mum,” Patty said, “when you start talking, a robber could come in and you would not notice until it was too late.”


“Oh I think I’d notice.”


As the girls left the room, Jessica said “You did it, didn’t you?”


“I did – you?”


“Tied it myself – and God it’s been difficult not to do something to alert Patty!”


“Tell me about it!”


“Does Clive know?”


“He knows I have it on – but that other thing we discussed...”


“I don’t know – I mean, I really don’t know.”


“Well,” Jessica whispered, “John has said he’s going to use one on me at the same time as he gives Jennifer one.”


“You’d let him?”


“I trust him not to do anything totally outrageous – why, is Clive?”


“No – no...”


“Well, promise you won’t say anything?”


“Well, all right – but don’t tell Clive.”


As Kerry said that, the room door opened and she saw Patty and Rachel come in, with scarves over their faces like Wild West bandits.


“All right ladies,” Jessica said “this is a robbery.  Both of you, put your hands up.”


“Oh my,” Kerry said as she looked at their water pistols, “we’d better do as they say, Jessica.”


“Please, don’t hurt us,” Jessica said as the two masked intruders made them put their hands together in front of them, and then tied them palm to palm with rope, before using the remaining length to bind their ankles together.


“Please,” Kerry said as she felt the rope rubbing more, “just take what you want and go.”


“We will – once we keep you quiet.”  Both Kerry and Jessica sat still as the folded headscarves were tied over their mouths, before the girls left and closed the door behind them.


“Wllwhtdwdnw,” Kerry said as she looked at Jessica.  The other mother shook her head gently from side to side, Kerry watching as the scarf slipped down before she said “I’ll untie your wrists – consider this a light practice for later.”


Kerry nodded as Jessica slipped off the chair, and started to pick at the knot between Kerry’s wrists, trying not to giggle as she twisted herself round.




“Can’t complain,” Jessica giggled until Kerry was able to get her wrists free, and untied the scarf from round her neck.


“No – I can’t either,” Kerry said, the two women just managing to get themselves free before Clive called out “Lunch is ready.”


“I’ll get the girls,” Kerry said as she walked up the stairs, knocked on the door of Rachel’s room and looked in to say “Lunch is ready, we managed to free ourselves fairly easily in the end.”


“Okay mum – no hard feelings?”


“No – none at all,” Kerry said, sighing quietly as the girls went down first...




“Can you give me a hand with Lunch, Mary?”


Linda smiled as the younger members of the Cottrell, Kerr and Hobson family made their way into the front room, while Mary and the other parents stood in the hallway.


“Sure, what do you want me to do?”


“Help me with a pot of tea first – let’s all go into the kitchen.”


“Mark and I need to see to the animals first – we’ll change and join you later,” Mr Cottrell said as he and the oldest son went upstairs, and the others went into the kitchen.  Linda had been watching Gail in particular as they had walked back from the church, and it was as she giggled while sitting down that she figured out what had been amusing her.


“Are you all right, Gail,” Claire said as she looked at her friend.


“Oh yes,” she replied with a sigh, “sorry, just something rubbing me up the right way.”


“Oh my lord,” Linda said as she poured the tea, “you really did it?”


“I did,” Gail said as she grinned at Jack Hobson, “have done all day.  You?”


“I may in a little while.  What about you, Claire?”


“I’ve something different going on,” Claire said, as she smiled – and in the quiet, the faint humming sound was all that could be heard.   Linda knew they did not have an electric fence on the farm, but it sounded so much like...


She suddenly realised as she looked at Claire what she was doing, and then all three of the older women looked at Mary.  She blushed as she said “Uh-uh – Mum would have a fit.”


“You’ll keep our secret though?”


“With the tornadoes around?  No problem at all!”


“Thanks – we’re not the only ones doing this,” Gail said.  “Linda, want to get ready?”


Linda put down her mug of tea, from which she had been sipping quietly, and then said “Can you three sort out the meats and things then?”


“No problem,” Gail said as they all stood up.  “On you go.”


Linda made her way slowly up the stairs and looked at herself in the wardrobe mirror, wondering what she had let herself in for, before she went and picked a length of rope from the cupboard.  Doubling it over, she tied it round her waist, and then pulled the ends between her legs, sighing as she tied it off just below her navel, and then let her skirt fall down again, covering everything.


“Not bad,” she said quietly as she went back down the stairs, sighing at the feeling as she walked back into the kitchen, saying “right – help me take these through,” to Gail.





“You’re joking Dad!”


“Nope,” Andrew said as he and Mark walked back from the stables.  “Apparently all the mothers and others got together and agreed to do this.”


“So Mum...”


“Not yet, as far as I know – but I can tell Mrs Kerr and Mrs Hobson have something there.”  Stopping for a moment, he looked at Mark and said “Answer me honestly, Mark, have you and Mary...”


“Yeah – once or twice,” Mark said as he blushed, “and I know how she felt with it.  It’s kind of fun to do it.”


“Well,” Andrew said quietly, “by the end of the afternoon, all of the women are going to be as tightly tied and gagged as the girls.  Mary doesn’t know this yet, but this isn’t new to her is it?”


“With friends like Jenny Craig, what do you think Dad?”


Andrew shook his head as he said “Well, perhaps you can give me some pointers – but here’s the thing.  Do you think Mary may want to wear one as well?”


Mark grinned, and said “no comment – depends on what Alicia and Jenny might want to do.  So, you and Mum?”


“Aye well,” Andrew said as they reached the front door, “that might not be the only surprise she gets.”


Mark looked at his dad, but Andrew just smiled as he opened the door.





“April – thank you for agreeing to come and help today.”


“My pleasure,” the young blonde said as Mrs Bridges closed the door. “Anyone else here yet?”


“Mister Alexander and the family are around somewhere, so if you want to come through, you can meet the latest addition to the family.”





“Are you sure Louise and Fiona are going to be all right in there,” Gail said as she, Claire and Linda went into the main hall with their husbands, Mark and Mary coming in with them.


“Don’t worry,” Linda said with a sigh, “I’m sure they’ll be well taken care of.”


“They will indeed,” Lucinda Holderness said as she came over, “and how are all three of you today?”


“A little – nervous,” Linda said quietly, “are you...”


Lucinda merely nodded as she said “have some tea – the festivities will start in a little while, once everyone has arrived.


“Now where are they off to,” Gail said as Eddie and Angela left the room.


“Probably just a walk in the grounds – Jennifer, John, thank you all for coming.”


“Our pleasure, Lucinda,” Miranda Craig said as the room filled more, Mary and Alicia heading out of the room as well while Rachel and Clive entered with Jessica.


“Hey – feeling good,” Jessica giggled as she hugged her sister.


“What do you think – how the hell the kids haven’t noticed, I’ll never know.”


“So who’s on baby watch?”


“April, our old babysitter, along with Mrs Bridges.   She’s getting plenty of danger money from all of us for this.”


“Claire, is that?”


“Hmmm,” Claire hummed as she looked to the door, and saw her husband come in.  “Hey – how was the flight?”


“Tiring – so what’s happening?”


“Let me explain,” Alexander Holderness said as he took him to one side...





“Ladies,” Lucinda said a short while later, “it is time to prepare.  Yvonne, you and Mark may go to the library.  The younger girls are in the drawing room.”


“See you all later,” Yvonne giggled as they went off.


“Jessica and Kerry, you will be in the playroom.”


“Why don’t you both come with us,” John Craig said as he and Clive took the women up the stairs, and into the large playroom.  Kerry was shaking a little as they walked up the stairs.




“In a way – it’s the first time I’ll have been tied like this...”


“Yeah – well, we’ll get through this together,” Jessica said as they entered the play room.


“We start by getting you both to hold these,” John said as he handed the two women some sponge balls to grip in their hands.  Handing Clive a roll of silver duct tape, John showed him how to cover Kerry’s fists in the tape, Jessica smiling as she said “good thing we trust you,” while they both had new white socks pulled over their hands, and taped to their arms.


“Now what on earth do you think we would get up to,” Clive said as he kissed Kerry, and then pulled her wrists gently behind her back, watching and copying John as he secured her wrists together.


“Oh – now that’s tighter than usual,” Kerry whispered as he passed the rope between her arms, and then tied it off.


“Does it feel uncomfortable?”


“Not really no,” Kerry giggled as he started to bind her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest, the bands pressing on her as her breasts were forced out.  Looking over at Jessica, she saw her friend close her eyes as John bound her in the same way.


“Oh my – it has been a long time since I felt anything like that,” Jessica sighed as the ropes were tied off, and then cinched on each side with two smaller lengths.


“Tell...  Tell me about it,” Kerry giggled as John and Clive looked at them.


“It’s time to be quiet,” John said as he handed Clive a folded handkerchief.  “Open wide, and let us place these inside your mouth first.  Don’t worry – they’re clean.”


“I hope so,” Kerry said as she opened her mouth, taking a moment to get used to the feel and taste of the cloth as Clive eased it behind her teeth, and then used a knotted length of towelling as a cleave gag, to keep it in place.  He had gagged her once or twice before when playing some games, but the combination was new to her, and – it felt comfortable, nice almost.


“Gsststpnw,” Jessica mumbled as she watched John pick a roll of white tape, and peel the end free.


“Indeed,” was his reply as he stuck the free end to her cheek, and wound it several times tightly round her head, sealing her lips and the other gag in as Kerry watched.  Tearing the tape free and smoothing it down, he handed the roll to Clive, who proceeded to add the next layer to Kerry’s gag while John folded a silk scarf into a wide band and tied it over Jessica’s tape band.


“There,” Clive said as he added a silk scarf to Kerry’s gag and then hugged her from behind, kissing her neck, “doesn’t that feel nice?”


“Ystddss,” Kerry mumbled as she wriggled round, the rope rubbing gently on her panties, Jessica doing the same.


“Right then – for the next part, you have to trust us,” John said, both women saying “Whttshpngn” as they were both blindfolded.


“Stand still darling – all will become clear in a moment.”


Kerry nodded as she wondered what was happening, and then felt Clive’s hands lifting her skirt up, and untying the rope that had given her so much gentle pleasure that day.


“Maybe he’s decided enough is enough,” she thought to herself as she stood there, wondering what was happening – and then she felt him pull her panties down.


“What the....  HMMMGMMDDD”  she thought as she felt his lips gently kissing her between her legs, and then something smooth slipped into her, before the rope was tied back again.  This time, however, it was against her bare flesh – and what was more, it felt as if something has been added to it, that something pressing directly on her sweet spot as the rope was tied back to her waist.


“Whtrudnnggg,” she mumbled as she felt the something press gently against her and then be rubbed, making her squirm in unexpected delight before her panties were pulled back up over it.  From the sounds next to her, it was clear whatever had happened to her was happening to Jessica as well, but why?  And what the heck was inside her?


“We’re going to sit you both down and tie your legs now,” John said as Clive helped Kerry to the floor, the mass against her rubbing even more as she allowed him to lower her down, and then she felt him crossing her ankles before the rope was tied tightly round them.  His hands stroked the back of her legs while he secured her legs together, before she was helped to lie on her stomach and her legs pulled back, the rope between her legs tightening slightly as she felt Clive secure them to her chest ropes.


“There now,” Clive said as he removed the blindfold, “Comfy?”


“Whtddjudtmm,” Kerry said as she looked at her husband, and then at Jessica, whose eyes were wide open in surprise as well.


“You’ll find out,” Clive said as he patted Kerry’s bottom, and kissed her head, before the door opened and Colin Hampton came in with Tommy.


“We’ll leave you with the boys looking over you,” John said as he turned a transistor radio on, “the girls will be with you shortly.”


“WHHTTDJUDD,” Kerry called out, wriggling and then stopping as warmth washed over her, from whatever was pressing against her clit – and whatever was...


“Hmgddd,” she said suddenly as she looked at Jessica, knowing she was experiencing the same thing – something was vibrating inside her, as the door closed...





“Nwhttrudngg,” Claire said as she, Gail and Linda stood in a line, their eyes covered with scarves, their upper bodies tightly secured, their mouths silenced as much as possible.


“I can’t believe they all agreed to this,” Graham Kerr said as he stood with Andrew and Jack, looking at their wives.  “And Claire...”


“I didn’t know you had it in you,” Andrew whispered.  “So are we going to do this?”


Jack nodded as they knelt in front of their wives, and exposed their panties, Jack and Andrew untying the crotch ropes while Graham doubled over a length of rope, passed it around Claire’s waist and tied it off behind her back, letting the ends fall gently down.


“Hsspltmfr,” Linda said as she put her head to one side.


“Not quite,” Andrew mumbled as Graham gently eased the vibrator out from his wife’s passage – and then all three inserted a fresh white device inside them.


“Whtstththjk,” Gail said as Jack quickly tied a knot in the ropes, and then re-secured the crotch rope, the knot he had made positioned directly on Gail’s clit to keep the device inside.  He smiled as he heard his wife gasp at the new pressure, pulling up her panties before all three were made to lie on the bed, their legs secured and then bent back as their ankles were tied to the crotch ropes where possible, and then the chest ropes.


“Now,” Andrew said as he removed the blindfold from Linda’s eyes, “the trick is, not to let on to the girls how you are feeling.”


“Mgnnggttufrths,” Linda said, but her eyes were laughing as she said it.  Claire was looking at Graham, while Gail was wondering what had happened.


“Oh yeah – have fun.  Mary will be here soon....”


“Hey – you look like you’re having fun,” Frank Cottrell said as he came in with Freddie Hobson.  “We’ll take it from here – we saw Mark coming up to the house as well.”




“Hey,” Mark said as he, Martin and Colin helped Alicia, Jenny and Mary to walk up the stairs, “can we make a quick pit stop before we go to the rooms?”


“Whtsggng,” Mary said as the six of them went into a bathroom.


“Okay girls – promise not to... Well, you can’t say anything, can you?”




“Look – all the mums, aunts, and grandmothers are wearing crotch ropes today.”  Mark looked at Colin and Martin, then at the three girls as he said “Would you like to as well?”


They nodded without a moment’s hesitation as Mark said “wait here,” leaving and returning with three lengths of rope.  Jenny watched as Colin unfastened and pulled her trousers down, while Mark and Martin lifted the skirts of their girlfriends.


Five minutes later, the six walked out of the bathroom, the girls giggling as they walked down to the respective bedrooms.  As Mark took Mary inside, she saw Claire, Linda and Gail on the bed, hogtied and giggling as they looked at each other.


“They seem to be happy.”


“Have been since our dads left,” Frank said as Mark helped Mary to lie on the bed as well, securing her legs before bending them back and binding her ankles to her chest ropes.




“Hysss,” Mary mumbled as she wriggled round, wondering why the ceiling fan was humming as it was turning.




“Well now,” Eddie said as he carried Angela to the top of the stairs, “ready to join your family?”


“Hysss,” Angela said as she gag kissed his cheek.


“Good – just need to do one thing before I take you in,” he said as he helped her to stand and looked round.




“Eddie yes,” he said as he pulled her panties down, tied a knotted crotch rope in place, and then pulled her panties back up.  “Now you’re in the same position as all the other mums.”




“Yup, all of them,” Eddie said as he carried her to the far bedroom, just before the younger girls started to come up the stairs.




“Well, they’ve started to be captured now,” Desmond Holderness said as he handed round the drinks, “are you gentlemen in agreement?”


They all nodded as they took a control panel out of each of their pockets, nodded and pressed the button.


In the playroom, Kerry’s eyes widened in shock as she felt the increased vibrations inside her, making her shake and groan in a way she had never felt before.  Looking to her side, she saw Jessica close her eyes tight, just as the door opened and their daughters came in...




Kerry looked up to see Rachel and Patty looking at both of them, as she started to shake inside under the sensations she was experiencing.


“Hnnn,” she moaned in embarrassment as she tried to ease the stimulation, “nttuswll?”


What the girls had not seen were the two boys by the door, so that when Patty said “Mum?” it was all Jessica could do not to moan when Bobby Holderness’ cousin Tommy said “Hello, consider yourselves our prisoners and hold these for a moment.”


Kerry and Jessica could only watch through tear filled eyes – tears of joy rather than fear, as the device inside them threatened to tip them over the edge – as the girls had their hands covered in tape and socks, and then bound tightly together behind their backs.


“Mum – you really went through with this?  What did Dad say?”


“Gddqshn,” Kerry moaned as she looked at Rachel, and then looked at Jessica as she closed her eyes and tried to keep still – but the knot and the device together, at the rate it was vibrating...


 “May we,” Colin said as he looked at Kerry, who nodded as she felt another soft wave of pleasure running through her.  When she opened her eyes, she saw that the boys had started to bind rope around the two girls in the same way as her and Jessica – but it was too late to say or do anything to object, especially when Patty said “We’re all getting the same then.”


Both Kerry and Jessica looked at each other, but sighed when they saw the girls been gagged, and then laid next to them as they were hogtied.


“Wllwhthppnssnnw,” Patty said as she looked at Colin.


“I believe you heard the rules – try and escape,” he said as he and Tommy left the room.  The girls peered at their mothers, who finally gave in and started to laugh into their gags as a fresh wave of pleasure rolled over them – not enough to tip them over the edge, but enough to have the girls laughing with them...





“Hmmswtlrddd,” Linda Cottrell said as she looked at Claire and Gail, “whthhllhsppnggg?”


“Are they all right Mark?”


“Yeah – just having fun, aren’t you mum,” Mark said as he looked at Linda, who looked back with a stare that spoke volumes – namely “I’ll have words with you later...”


The door to the room opened and Frank came in, holding Louise with his hand over her mouth.


Mary just giggled quietly, enjoying the feeling of the rope on her panties, and wondering why it seemed to be so much more intense for the other mothers.  She was glad the fan was on – she felt hot, but they were almost red in their cheeks.  Perhaps it had to do with the hum she could hear, but the others were ignoring.


As Fiona was pulled in by Freddie, Gail let to a soft moan, echoed by the other three while the two younger girls were bound and secured as they had been.  Mary wriggled round and sighed, the other three unable to do more than follow as they felt the burning inside them, the vibes working their magic as the two girls were hogtied on the floor, giggling as they watched their mothers trying to escape.


Or at least, that was how it looked to them, as the three women at the same time let out a long, low moan and stopped for a few minutes...






“Hey – the classics are always worth listening to,” Colin said as Alicia wriggled round, her soft moans making Angela look at her with a raised eyebrow.  She nodded and blushed as Susan Holderness shook and closed her eyes.


As Suzie walked in, she struggled to control herself, grateful that she was looking at first at the other female members of the family, lying on her mother in law’s bed and wriggling as if they were trying to escape.  She knew, with the hopeful exception of Alicia, there was much more to it than that, but they were doing a wonderful job of hiding how they really were feeling.


As Martin made sure Suzie was as tightly secured as the others, Lucinda was the first to moan and suddenly stop moving, the mini orgasm running through her as she flexed her fingers and arched her back.  Anne followed soon after, and then looked at her daughters while Martin secured Suzie on the floor.


As he left the room, Suzie tried to free herself – or at least pretend to, as Angela and Alicia rolled over and tried to free their hands.




Fiona and Louise looked up at the bed as their mothers, as well as Linda and Mary to a lesser extent, rolled round on the bed, trying to free themselves from their hogtie.





And Kerry and Jessica were lying on their sides, looking at each other, both thinking the same thing as their bodies shook, and they felt the dampness against the knotted rope, hoping to god the girls could not realise what was happening to them as they giggled on the floor.






“You do know they’re likely to kill us when they finally get free,” Andrew said as he, Graham and Clive sat in the main hall, the other fathers talking amongst themselves.


“Well, either that or do whatever they want us to do to them,” Graham said with a smile.  “Mind you, what are we going to do with the girls if our respective partners...”


“I would suggest a good DVD, with the sound turned up, and leave them as they are to watch it.  After that...”


Clive shook his head as he said “I have to admit, it’s an idea – but if I’m not at work in the morning, you can explain why to the boss.”


“All right,” Desmond said as he looked at his watch, “I think it’s time to bring everyone together for the mass challenge.”  Walking to the doors that led to the garden, he looked out and said “Robert?  We need the help of you and the other boys.”



“Fnsmeettnguhr,” Susan said as she squirmed in the seat she had been carried down in, and looked at Jennifer Craig.


“Plsntssntt,” she replied as all the other female members of Cassie and Suzie’s family struggled and tried to free each other, Connie Brown sitting on the floor as the others lay on their stomachs.  They watched as the rest of the families were brought in and left in the groups they had been left in the rooms with.


“Well, this is a wonderful collection of guests, isn’t it?”


The women and children looked up to see all the men and boys looking at them.


“Are you having fun, Kerry,” Clive said as he looked at Kerry.  At that exact moment in time, she was wishing he would make love to her and end her sweet torment, but she merely nodded and then moaned out loud as another mini orgasm swept over her.


“That’s good to know,” Clive said with a smile as some of the other women moaned as well.


Desmond smiled and said “So, none of you have managed to work their way free yet?  Well, we’re going to give you a little more time – another thirty minutes.”


“Hmggddd,” Linda said as she looked at Andrew, pleading as she shook her head.


“I’m sure you’ll be fine, but we’re going to turn the fan up – cool you all down a little more,” he said as Mr Bridges turned up the speed of the ceiling fans, and they left the room. 


“We’ll be upstairs,” Bobby said as he and the other teenage boys walked put the stairs, the other men looking at each other.


“Oh no,” Clive said, “are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


“I think I am,” Andrew said with a smile, “ready?”


“No – but hey, she’s going to kill me anyway,” Clive said as he fished the control device from his pocket, the men looking at each other as they in unison set the rate to maximum.







All the women raised their heads and screamed into their gags, shaking as they all came at the same time, looking at each other in blind panic as the younger girls tried to twist themselves round.


Jenny and Alicia looked at Mary, who moaned and nodded as a smaller orgasm washed over all three of them.


The next thirty minutes were amongst the most extreme and sweet torture Kerry had ever experienced, the building sensations from the entire afternoon finally overwhelming her time after time after time, and she was enjoying each sweet moment.  She had never felt so free and liberated, unable to do anything except sink into the ocean of pleasure she was feeling...





“Right – some nice family portraits now.”


Gail watched through misty eyes as Simon Bowden helped the Holderness women to stand in a group, and after some time waiting for them to calm down took the picture before he did the same for each of the families, standing in their bonds, all the older women glad there was no real sign of dampness – but the vibes were still working on them.


Eventually, Desmond Holderness smiled and said “Well, the time has come for everyone to go home.  On behalf of Lucinda and myself, thank you all for coming today, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”


“Jessica, I’m going to help you to Clive’s car, you and Patty will go back to their house for a while,” Dave Brown said, Jessica nodding with her eyes closed as the groups were slowly escorted to their cars, the upper body binds still in place.


“Thtwwsffnmmm,” Rachel said as she sat between Jessica and Patty, Kerry looking at her husband as he got behind the wheel.


“Whrggngtdd,” she mumbled.


“You’ll see,” Clive said with a grin as they drove off, the other families following suit.  As they went along, Kerry closed her eyes and groaned, the sensations still running through her body driving her close to the point of despair, afraid of what may happen.







“We’re home,” Graham said as he opened the door, and helped Fiona and Claire to walk in.  Opening the door, he helped Fiona to sit down, before he secured her legs again.


“Do you mind if we leave you hear to watch some television while I make sure mummy’s okay,” he said, Fiona shaking her head as she lay down and watched her father turn the television on, the volume up high as he and Claire left her there and walked up the stairs.


“Well now,” he said as he closed the door, and untied the scarf from around his wife’s mouth, revealing the white tape band, “I really have missed you both, but seeing you like this...”


“Hshttpnkssmm,” Claire said as she pressed her taped lips against his, and then smiled as he opened her dress up, and gently kissed her throat.


“Hmggddthstbtrrr,” she said as he laid her down, and removed her panties, his fingers pressing the soaking wet rope knot into her as she bucked and said “HHYSSSSSSS!”


“So, how about I do this,” Graham said as he unfastened his pants, “and then you tell me what you want removed first, hmmm?”




“All right boys – your mum and I are going to go upstairs for a little while, so you stay down here, all right?”


“All right Dad,” Eric said as he and Frank went into the front room, while Andrew walked Linda up the staircase.


“What are they going to do upstairs?”


“Don’t ask...”


“Well now,” Andrew said as he closed the door, “have you enjoyed yourself today?”


Linda nodded slowly and wriggled round as Andrew looked at her, and then started to remove the gag.


“You are an evil man, Andrew Cottrell,” Linda finally said as the cloth as removed, “a really evil man?”


“I know – I give in to peer pressure too...”


His words were cut off by Linda kissing him passionately, before she turned round and wriggled her sock covered hands.  “Get me out of this,” she said as she looked at him, “you have no idea how much I want you to fuck me right now.”


“Oh I have a fairly good idea,” Andrew said as he kissed her neck, and then started to untie the ropes.


As he removed the crotch rope, Linda let out the deepest of sighs and watched as he held up the device.  “Such a small thing, and yet...”


“Shh,” Andrew said as he kissed Linda, and they fell onto the bed...



“Are you sure you want to be left like this?”


Jessica looked up at Clive and nodded as she lay on the bed, her fingers wriggling now that he had cut away the sock and tapes that were covering them. 


“All right – I’ll make sure Patty is in a position to free herself as well, and then leave you be.  If we don’t hear from you by ten, I’ll come back round, agreed?”



Jessica nodded and smiled under the tape as Clive went down to the front room.  Patty was sitting watching television, the socks cut away from her hands as well and a pair of scissors on the table.


“You can free yourself when you want to, right,” Clive said, Patty nodding as he said “all right – have fun.”


“Fnkss,” Patty said as Clive closed the door, and returned to the car.  Kerry moaned as she looked at him, before he made a call.


“John?  Clive – I just left Patty and Jessica at their house.  Can Jenny pop round later, when she gets back?


“Great – thanks.”  Starting the car, he said “let’s get both of you home,” and drove off.






“Well now,” Freddie said as he finished hogtying Louise on the couch, “Dad says I need to keep you amused.”


“Hgddnnn,” Louise said as Freddie removed her shoes, and started to tickle her feet, while in the bedroom Jack lay next to Gail, opening her dress and tracing over her firm nipples with his fingers.


“Hmgddd,” Gail said as she arched her back, and looked into Jack’s eyes while he slowly eased the bra cups off her chest.


“Just how hot are you feeling,” he said as he reached under her skirt, pressing the knot against her as it sank into her damp slit.




“I thought so,” Jack said as he leaned over and started to kiss her breasts, and then removed his own trousers, Gail nodding as she wriggled round...






Rachel nodded as her father turned on the portable DVD player, and checked the knots holding her ankles to the chest ropes.


“Now, you watch this,” he said as he put the headphones on, “and we’ll be down in a little while, all right?”


Rachel nodded as Clive patted her head, and then walked up to the bedroom.


“Hmswwtlrddd,” Kerry moaned as the vibrator drove her to the edge yet again.



“I think we need to take that out now,” Clive said as he opened her dress coat up, moving it to the sides as the ropes pressed down on her body, and then pulled her soaking wet panties down to her knees.  Looking down, she saw the large rope knot pressing on her, and as she twisted it rubbed even more on her sweet spot, making her groan again.


“Allow me,” Clive said quietly as he untied the crotch rope, Kerry sighing deeply as the vibrator was finally removed.  It had been there for hours now, and as she looked at her husband she wondered what he would do next.


So when he slowly untied her legs, his hands running down the inside of her thighs, the small shocks running through her filled her with pleasure – so much she did not realise until he had finished that he had spread her legs and tied them to the foot of the bed.


“Now then,” Clive said as he slowly stripped, before climbing on the bed, kissing Kerry’s legs and moving up to her sex, “I have been a very naughty boy, I know, but have you enjoyed it?”


Kerry nodded as she wondered what he was going to do next.


“And do you like this,” he said as he leaned over and kissed her between her legs, his tongue running up her damp flesh.




“That’s good,” Clive said as he looked up, “because do you know what I’m going to do now?”


Kerry shook her head, and then screamed into her gag as Clive began to use his tongue on her, bringing her closer to the edge before he said “I love you, Kerry.”


She closed her eyes and felt him entering her, filling her, the throbbing sending her towards the edge again as she moaned and arched her back.


“Hgddthsssgddd” she called out, as Clive moved with her, her fingers unable to move under the covering as he brought her to the edge, and then sent her over, filling her with himself as they both called out, and then collapsed on the bed.




Clive removed Kerry’s gag, before kissing her and saying “I should ask your forgiveness for...”


“Oh shut up,” Kerry said quietly as she kissed him passionately, “and just hold me...”






“You’re kidding me?  All three of you – and your mums didn’t raise any objections?”


“Well to be fair,” Alicia said as she sat in the coffee shop with Mary, Cathy and Jenny, “they weren’t exactly in a position to complain, seeing they had been quite effectively bound and gagged before we went into the rooms.


“Never mind us though – how was last night?”


“Different – we sat Sedah, the meal was nice, and then after dinner – it got interesting.”


“Oh – in what way?”


“Well,” Cathy said as she leaned forward, “you know Sam’s sister and her husband have played our sort of games in the past?”




“Turns put Rebecca’s mother taught her, and her mother taught her.  So a little challenge was made – and after dinner, all four of us were sitting on their floor, wrists tied behind out backs, ropes around our arms, ankles and our legs – trapping our skirts – and knotted silk scarves in our mouths, trying to see who could get free first.”


“See – told you she would end up doing something,” Mary said as she looked at the other two.


“Yeah, but – I noticed as Sam’s sister was trying to get free, she was moaning a bit as well.  You don’t suppose...”


The four girls looked at each other and burst out laughing, before Jenny wiped a tear away and said “anyway – I take it Eddie took you home eventually Mary?”


“Well, it was actually Mister Cottrell – Mark and I went for a walk when we got back, talked about a few things, and...”


The other girls looked at her, before Cathy said “and...”





“Hey Cassie,” Suzie said as she answered the call “you recovered from yesterday?”


“Yeah,” Cassie said at the other end of the phone call, “what happened when you got home?”


“Bobby, Lucy and I went into the front room, and Mum and Dad went upstairs.  You?”


“Same thing – Colin and Jenny, and Mum and Dad, went upstairs, and I was left in the front room with a set of headphones on and a DVD on the player.  Wonder what happened with the others.”


“We can ask them on Monday when we go swimming – but they all seemed very happy.”


I heard Mum singing as she walked past, and then said “very happy indeed.”







“That – was some weekend,” Kerry said as she sat at the kitchen table, looking at Gail, Linda and Claire.


“Tell me about it – have you forgiven him yet?”


“Just about – I mean, once I got over the shock of what he did, I could see why you were so happy Claire, but then he did...”


“To all of us,” Linda said quietly, “our husbands did it to all of us.”


The four women nodded as they sipped her coffee, before Linda said “so, when you got home...”


The other three all nodded and smiled, as she then said “Just how amazing was it?”


“Freaking fantastic,” Gail said as she looked round the table.


“So if we wanted them to do it again...”


“We ask them?”


All four nodded again as Kerry and Claire looked at each other.  It had truly been a magical experience – and one they felt they would never, ever forget.


“By the way – what did you do with the devices?”


Each of them picked up their handbags and showed the cleaned vibrators.  Looking at each other, they nodded and stood up, a soft humming filling the room...









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