Not A Robbery – Home Working







“Great – I’ll see you in an hour,” Norma said as she looked out onto the street outside her house.  “We can go over the plans for next week then.”


Putting the handset back into the holder, she smiled as she walked back into her front room.  Norma was in her early fifties, her greying hair cut in a bob, and brown framed glasses with tinted lenses over her blue eyes.  The black round necked sweater hugged her upper body, while the patterned skirt fell down over her knees, the hem sitting at the top of her black leather boots.


Picking the coffee mug up, she made her way through to the kitchen.  Norma lived alone, since her husband had passed away a few months ago, but she had a job in an estate agent, and her young assistant Jacqui was coming round to discuss the promotions material they intended to post through doors in the area.


Putting the mug down, she looked out over her garden, and then turned round – only to gaps when she saw the man standing there.  He was tall, thin, with short greying hair, and he was dressed casually – but he had a gun in his hand, as he said “hello Norma – do not scream or try to raise the alarm.  I have no desire to harm you.”


“Who are you,” Norma said in a worried voice, “and what are you doing in my house?”


“I want you to be happy,” he said as he smiled, “but you must do what I say.  Please, raise your hands in the air, and then walk into the front room, where I wish you to draw the curtains over the windows.”


Norma looked at him, and at the gun, before she said “all right – I’ll so what you say” and walked past him, her hands in the air before she walked across the front room and closed the curtains.  There was something in the way he spoke that told her there was nothing she could do to stop him – whatever it was he was planning to do…


“That’s good,” he said, his voice, quiet, calm.  “Now, take your glasses off and hand them to me.”  Norma nodded as she removed her glasses, folding the legs and holding them to the side as he took them in his latex gloved hand.  He then put his hands on his arms, a shiver running down her as he slowly stroked them down, and guided her hands behind her back.


She knew she was in trouble when she felt the soft rope on her wrists, as it was pulled tight to hold them together, wrapped around and between her limbs until it was impossible to separate them.  He tied the ends out of reach of her long fingers, but his hand still held her arms, as she whispered “please – I’m not going to stop you taking my valuables, you don’t have to do this…”


“Say nothing, Norma,” he whispered into her ear before he let go of her, and then she saw the white rope as he passed it round her, the doubled over cords sitting under her chest as he gently pulled it tighter and tighter.  She could feel the rope pressing her arms against her as he did this, and then he took it round her again, this time above her chest, pulling it just as tight.


As the man repeated the process, Norma glanced down and saw the way the bands were now pressing down on her, forcing her chest out, stretching her jumper over it as she regretted the fact she had not put a bra on that day.  She could almost make out the shape of her nipples under the tight black cloth, as he tied the bands together behind her back, and then took the rope under one arm, pulling it up and back to take it around the back of her neck.


“Please – what are you doing,” she whispered as the ropes got tighter and tighter with his binding.  She was shaking inside, not just out of fear, but because the way the ropes were now rubbing on her body.  It was a strange feeling, and she could not understand it…


The man tugged the ropes tighter, and then she felt his gloved hands on her chest as his fingers began to slowly knead the flesh under the jumper.  She shook her head and started to say loudly “please, please dhndhtthhssshnnnn…”


Her voice was muffled as one gloved hand was pressed over her mouth, the second hand gently squeezing her chest as she tried to wriggle out of his grip.  That very action, however, was also causing his hand to move over her, and his gript to tighten, as she tried to process what he was doing to her.


“What…  What are you doing,” she whispered before a shiver ran through her whole body, both his hands now massaging her chest as his lips kissed her neck.


“Appreciating you, showing you you are a beautiful woman,” he whispered into her ear, another shiver running down her as he slid his arms down her sides and waist, and then unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the ground as she felt the cool air on her body there.


That wasn’t the greatest shock, however, as he knelt down behind her, his gloved hands now stroking her legs as she whispered “no – oh god no…”




The word was a command, even as it was softly spoken, as he pulled her panties down and made her step out of them, then h stood up, holding the folded silk pad in his gloved hand in front of her.


“No.  No, I won’t” Norma whispered as she closed her mouth – and then opened it again to yelp as he pinched her nipples.  She then tasted the silk on her tongue, noting the dampness as he pushed the wad into her mouth, and she heard a ripping sound.


The tape stuck to her cheek as he wrapped it round her head, covering her mouth and lips, sealing the gag into place.  Norma had never felt so helpless, so alone, but as he started to massage her chest again she realised something else.


Her body was responding to the attention, almost as if it desired what he was doing while he gently squeezed her breasts.  She was aware of how much firmer they were as she closed her eyes, and groaned, before one hand slipped down between her legs.


She almost collapsed onto the floor then, but somehow managed to remain standing as one gloved finger stroked slowly up between her legs, touching her where she had not been touched in such a long time.  The groan escaped through the taped lips again as she closed her eyes, kneeling as he made her do so and his finger continued to stroke her down there.


She was helpless, but somehow in that situation she knew she was not going to be able to stop him, as he kissed her neck and ear, slowly pushing her jumper up under the bands of rope as the cool air hit her nipples, making them harder still.


His gloved fingers then gently pinched them before he forced her to lie back, her arms and wrists pressed against the rug as he spread her legs and looked at her.  Norma shook her head - she didn’t want him to do this, not like this.


But her body – her body was saying something else as he leaned over and gently placed his lips over one nipple, sucking gently as his tongue traced over it – and Norma arched her back, the shock that was running through her making her feel giddy as he did this.


Then he did it again, on the other side, on both sides, and she closed her eyes, moaning softly through the silk and tape as he did this.  She could sense her logical mind been replaced by something else, something primal, something – Animal.


Opening her eyes, she saw his head slowly moving down her body, his lips on her belly, on her waist, on her.





Norma arched her back even more, twisting as she felt his lips kiss her clit, his tongue stroking gently over it as he continued to kiss her there, and she moved her legs further apart, wondering what he was going to do, how far he was going to go…


Then she felt his tongue move past her petals, work inside her, and she closed her eyes and screamed at the sensations flowing through her like hot lava…


Her whole body was starting to shake as she felt the flow between her legs – but that didn’t stop him, it only seemed to encourage him as she felt his tongue lap it up, and then return to teasing, her arousing her, making her feel like a woman, feel amazing, feel as if….




She opened her eyes and screamed out as her whole body started to shake, and then she convulsed as the orgasm washed over her, taking her by surprise, the sweat on her body feeling like hot pinpoints as she shook.  How long had it been, how long without knowing this feeling…?


How long it lasted, Norma was not sure, but eventually she slumped to the floor, dimly aware of the fact her ankles were being secured together, and then her legs below her knees, and then another rope was passed under her waist and tied off.


She heard a soft buzzing sound, and then opened her eyes a something was pushed past her petals and into her – the buzzing inside her now as she was rolled over, and the rope pulled up between her legs.  It sank between her lips there, making her groan as the vibrations continued, and then her ankles were pulled back and tied to the new rope.


Norma was shaking again, wondering what he had done, what was in there, and barely aware of the front door opening…


“Norma?  Are you in the front room?”


Jacqui slipped off her red leather jacket and hung it on a hook.  She could hear a soft buzzing sound, but there was no reply – and the curtains were drawn…


The young Jamaican woman looked at herself in the mirror, her long black hair framing her face.  She was wearing a light pink blouse with a brown and white fern pattern on it, and burgundy coloured bell bottomed pants, a pair of beige brogues on her feet.




She walked into the front room, and stopped, her eyes wide open as she saw her supervisor on the floor, her jumper pulled up and her skirt removed, bound tightly with bands of rope and a band of white tape round her head as she shook.


“Oh shit – I need to…”


“Do nothing unless I tell you to.”


Jacqui froze as she heard the voice by her side, and slowly turned her head to see the grey haired man standing there.


“Put your handbag on the floor,” he said with a smile, “and then put your hands behind your back.”


“Please, don’t hurt me,” she whispered as she did what she had been asked to do, and then she let out a gaps as she felt the rope round her arms, forcing her elbows together as the man took the cords around and between her limbs.  Her shoulder blades were pulled back, her chest forced up and out…


A second band forced her wrists together, before she was aware of him reaching round, the off white latex gloves on his hands as he started to slowly unbutton her blouse.


“Please…  No…”


“Hush,” he whispered into her ear as he pulled her blouse back, exposing her white bra as it was taken a ways down her arms, the cool air hitting her limbs as she heard Norma moan, and then looked at her as her body shook.


The man then reached round and gently started to massage her chest with his hands, kissing her neck and shoulders as Jacqui tried to get out of the way – to no avail, as she felt him move her bra up, the cool air on her nipples as he started to play with and tease them.


“Don’t move…”


“Please…”  Jacqui was too scared to talk now as she saw the white rope going around her body, the two bands forcing her secured arms against her back as they pressed down on her breasts, making her shiver even more.  Memories were coming back to mind – a home invasion, her bound with her mother and sister…


She grunted as he pulled the ropes tight behind her, and then walked round, smiling as he unfastened her trousers and let them fall to the floor.  He noticed the dampness in her white panties, and smiled as he pulled them down as well, making Jacqui step out of them before he put them to one side, and picked up another length of rope.


She was starting to cry now as he tied the end of the rope around both bands, between her breasts, and pulled them together so that she had to say “do you…  What are you going to do to me?”


“Show you how beautiful, how sensual you are,” he whispered as he looked at her, and let the rope drop to the floor, before he caressed her breasts in his hands.  Jacqui was too terrified to move, as she saw Norma open her eyes and mumble “hmmshshreee” over the soft buzzing sound.


“What… What are you oh sweet Jesus…”


She felt the pressure as he sucked on her breast, her legs getting damp between them as he licked over her nipple, and then moved to the other side.  He continued to do this for a few minutes, before he knelt in front of her, and kissed her clit.


“Oh god…”  Jacqui shook as he did this, and felt a fire starting to rise inside her as well, before he stood up and walked behind her, reaching round and pulling the rope up between her legs.  She felt the cords sinking into her clit, and shook as she realised what he was doing, taking the rope up and securing the other end between her elbows as well, before he started to pull rhythmically on it.


Jacqui sunk to her knees, not sure what was happening at this point, before she felt the ropes around her ankles, around her legs, and then from that extra rope to her ankles as well.  She twisted round, an involuntary movement, her body craving something as the man knelt in front of her, and started to massage and kiss her chest again.


As he did, Jacqui twisted round, the rope rubbing on that most sensitive of places as she groaned.  She knew what was happening, but she truly did not want it to stop now, as she felt the fire growing stronger inside her.


He then stopped and stood up, and she saw the bulge, expecting him to want to service him.  But he didn’t – instead, he pushed the folded panties into her mouth, and she heard the rip of the roll of tape as he wound it tightly round her head to keep her silent.


He then reached down behind her, pulling on the crotch rope again as she started to shake, unable to stop him as the ropes rubbed all over her, the dampness between her legs growing exponentially as she groaned, the fire threatening to consume her.


And when it did, she opened her eyes and screamed out, her whole body shaking as she did so.  It was glorious, it was wrong.


It was so right…


As she fell to her side on the floor, Norma looked at her and nodded, as the man looked at both of them, and then silently walked out…









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