Not A Robbery – The WI









Susan, 24


“I have got to admit, it is a fantastic day for this,” Susan said as she walked down the road, wearing a blue wraparound dress, the ties acting as a belt and the heels of her three inch sandals clicking on the pavement.  It was a warm Sunday afternoon, and when Sheryl had called to suggest that this month’s meeting of the local Woman’s Institute could take the form of a pool style party at her house, Susan had been one of the most enthusiastic supporters.


As her long strawberry blonde hair moved in the slight breeze, she looked to the end of the road, and the detached house with the high wooden fence running around the sides.  Sheryl enjoyed privacy when she was at home, and over the last few months as she had got to know the Chairwoman Susan had understood that did not mean she wished to be a recluse – merely she wanted her own space.


It also meant they could be a little more daring in what they wore – a fact Susan mused on when she considered the white string bikini she was wearing under the robe.  On a day like this, with a back garden fenced so that nobody could see her, she knew it was going to be a very relaxing afternoon.


When the women met, they always walked through the gate and made their way round the back, entering Sheryl’s house by the back garden.  So as she walked through the gate, and closed it behind her, she expected to hear Sheryl’s voice greeting her and some refreshments laid out.


So when she walked into the back garden, which stretched some distance from the house, she was surprised to see nobody there – no sign of Sheryl, and the patio doors were closed.  All she could hear were the birds in the trees that were a feature oh Sheryl’s place.


“Sheryl,” she called out, “where are you?”


There was no answer, and she walked to the patio doors, putting her hand on the handle – and then froze as a large hand was placed over her mouth, and she felt someone standing behind her.


“Do not scream,” a male voice said quietly, “that is a gun you feel pressing on your back, and I would hate to have to use it.”


She looked at the smoked glass, and saw the man behind her, six inches taller, casually dressed in an open necked shirt, and pants – but she could also feel the pressure on her back, and when he said “If I take my hand away, are you going to scream?” she simply shook her head from side to side.


“Who are you?”


“Just a man who wants you to feel special,” the stranger said, “now, very slowly, very carefully, unfasten that delightful robe and take it off, leaving it on the ground.”


“What do you want?  Where is Sheryl?”


“Hush – remove your robe, and all your questions will be answered.”


Slowly, Susan reached round and untied the belt, letting the robe slip down her arms as she stood in the string bikini.  “Very nice,” the man said as he took her arms behind her back, and she felt the soft rope as it was sued to secure her wrists together.


“Oh god oh god oh god,” she whispered as he felt the rope tightening, and then his hand on her arm as he said “come with me please, Susan.”


“How do you know my name?  What’s going on?  What are...


Her voice trailed off as she saw the four wooden stakes hammered into the ground, and her thoughts went back to a couple of months ago...




“It’s not that bad a book, honestly!”


The seven women were sitting in Cheryl’s front room, having come out of the monthly meeting and enjoying a drink before they went their separate ways.  Susan was wearing a black and white checked sleeveless blouse, the front panels tied loosely in front of her, and a long white skirt with Good Girl Art on the material, with black pumps.


Sitting next to her was Bonnie, her blonde hair falling over the shoulders of her fawn coloured jumper and her legs crossed, the cuffs of her jeans rising to reveal her black ankle boots.  She was in her early thirties, while Joyce was in her early forties, her dark hair over her white jacket.  She also had on a black top and dark jeans.


Donna was Jamaican, and was wearing a yellow dress with black dots and shoulder straps, while twenty year old Mai, their newest member, was wearing a brown fur jerkin over a black lace top, a short black skirt and long black leather boots with gold zips on each side.


Then there were the two oldest members.  Mabel was a bubbly older woman, who today was wearing a yellow knitted top and a knee length blue skirt, while Sheryl was wearing a white short sleeved jumper and skirt, a blue scarf round her neck and held with a brooch at her throat.


“Still – it is a different form of reading,” Mabel said, “I mean, living out your fantasies...”


“Oh come on,” Donna said, “what fantasies?”


“I’m sure we all have them,” Sheryl said as she looked at them, her white hair properly styled, “in fact, let’s make that a challenge.  Let’s write down our fantasies, and put them in sealed envelopes.  Then, in a few weeks, we can share them.”


The women looked at each other, and then nodded as they took a pad of paper and pen, started writing.  Susan closed her eyes, and thought of the old black and white film she had seen recently.  It was a version of Sinbad, and at one point the evil Caliph had taken the princess out into the desert, leaving her staked to the ground as he rode off, unable to call out for help because of the cloth tied over her mouth.  She had been left out in the sun to die, but the hero had come flying in on his flying carpet, and rescued her in time, taking her to safety before the final battle.


Ever since she had seen that film, the scene had stuck in her mind, and it had grown in her mind, to the point where not only had the hero rescued her, but he had made passionate love to her, and now it was at the stage where the villain stripped her and left her in the sand – but not before he had violated her as well.


As she wrote this down, she glanced over at Mai, who was looking at her as well.  She was the only other person who knew the full extent of this fantasy, over a rather drunken conversation when they had gone out for dinner and then back to her house the previous week.  Mai looked over and smiled, but said nothing as Susan folded the sheet of paper, put it in the envelope, wrote her name on the front and then handed it to Sheryl...



“Sit down.”


She was snapped back to reality by the pressure on her shoulder, and she turned round, looking at the man as he helped her to sit on the grass, and then saw the gun as he laid it within reach, and took two lengths of cord out of his pocket.


She was too terrified to move, allowing him to tie the rope around her ankles, and then spread them apart, securing them to two of the stakes as she suddenly said “Please, don’t do this to me.  Don’t...”


“Hush,” he said as he walked behind her, and knelt behind Susan, her gasp as she felt his lips on her neck as he reached round and gently groped her chest, his fingers pressing between the strings as his lips travelled around her neck and back.


“Oh dear god,” she whispered as she felt her breasts firming, her nipples hardening, “What...  What are you doing to me?”


“Making you special, your highness,” he whispered as he ran his fingers over her nipples, and then unfastened the cords holding it up, removing her top as he pressed firmly into her chest, and she let out a loud “AHHHHH”


“I said to be quiet,” he whispered into her ear as he groped her chest, “open your mouth, Susan.”


“What are you hhsshttnnn,” she said as she felt him push her bikini top into her mouth, filling it and pressing her tongue down as he said “close your lips.”


She did so, moaning as he traced round her firm nipples, and then he took a white cloth from a pocket, folding it into a wide band and then tying it round her head, covering her mouth before he untied her wrists, and then laid her down securing her wrists to the other two stakes so that she was on her back, arms and legs stretched.


She looked up as he knelt across her, and then started to rhythmically massage her chest, Susan closing her eyes and moaning as she felt his fingers digging into her breasts – and then her moans increased as she felt his lips on her nipples, sucking gently as his tongue traced over the little mound.


Hdrgddwhsthpnngntmmm,” she called out as she squirmed round, arching her back as he continued to suck and kiss her chest, feeling the dampness between her legs as she realised this was living out her fantasy.  She opened her eyes, expecting to see him remove his trousers as he continued to kiss and arouse her there.


So when he moved down between her legs, and removed her bikini bottom, she braced herself for what was to come.  But there was no sound of a zip opening, or of trousers dropping – so as she looked up, wondering what was happening, she was shocked to see him smile at her, and then lower his head as she felt his lips on her mound.




Her screams went unanswered as she felt him use his lips and tongue to open her flower, the petals parting before she felt his tongue gently work its way into her, and his lips kissing her mound, the combination making her get closer and closer to the edge as she closed her eyes, allowing herself to sink into the wave of emotions and power that she was feeling, his caress on her bringing her to a point where all she could do was allow herself to give all, shaking as she had the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.


Eventually, she collapsed to the ground, panting into the gag as she looked up into his eyes.  Hmmsswtlrdd,” she said as she watched him take a length of rope under her, and then tie a knot at her waist, before he twisted it round and then pulled the rope up between her legs, the cords pressing against her damp slit.


Hruussmmgfddmdmsssnssss,” she then mumbled as he slipped a vibrator under the crotch rope and into her, the sensations making her smile under the gag and groan as she watched him through misty eyes, walking to the side of the house and waiting as she vaguely heard more footsteps, and a familiar voice...


Bonnie, 33


As she drew up outside Sheryl’s house, Bonnie removed her sunglasses and looked to the front windows.  “Well, she’s certainly got a good day for it,” she said to herself as she got out of the SUV, and locked the main doors.  She was wearing a halter neck dress, made from light green cotton with a small floral print on it, the hem sitting just above her knees.


As it was a pool style party, under the dress was a light green halter neck bikini top and briefs – well, a thong more than briefs.  After all, it was going to be a very private party, and why shouldn’t she have a little fun as well?


Opening the side gate, Bonnie walked round, but was surprised to find the rear garden apparently deserted – although she thought she could a cricket or some sort of insect chirping towards the rear.


“Sheryl?  I’m not the first here am I?”


“No – no you’re not.”


Bonnie stiffened at the sound of the male voice, and at the pressure she was feeling against her back.  “Very slowly, very quietly,” the man said, “let your handbag drop to the floor and raise your hands.  I promise you, I mean you no harm, only to show you something wonderful.”


“What...  What is it you want to do?”


“You’ll see,” the man said quietly.  “Look to your left – do you see that fine tree there?”


Bonnie nodded as the man said “Good – walk to it, hands in the air.”


As she walked over, she could hear that buzzing get a little louder, but still had no idea what was making the sound.


“Stop,” the man said as they got to the tree, “and turn round, then walk slowly backwards.”


Bonnie turned slowly, and then walked back, until she felt her back against the trunk of the tree. 


“Let your arms falls lowly to your sides.”


As her hands fell down, Bonnie felt two hands take hold of her wrists and guide them around the tree.  “Oh my god,” she whispered as she felt whoever this was the rope around her wrists, and her mind flashed back to the last few months, to what she had written on her sheet...


Last week had marked two years since she had divorced Grant, two years since he had walked out on her, Sue and Grant Jr, and gone to live with Karl.  Two years in which she had been forced to rebuild her life and bring up two young children on her own, as well as keep a home going.


So when the kids had started to play a game of Cowboys and Indians, she had eagerly taken part, even though she always seemed to end up been the helpless cowgirl, and therefore had got captured.  When they had started, they had used skip ropes and tied her loosely, but she had played along and struggled, even keeping quiet when they had tied a folded bandana over her mouth.


But as time had passed, and they had got better, so the ropes had got tighter, and the gags more silencing.  Their usual routine now was to take her to a tree in their back garden, put her arms around it and tie her wrists together, tie another band around her waist, and then finally tie her ankles so that they stood about a foot apart, the rope also going round the tree.  The gag now tended to be a knotted scarf, the knot pressing her tongue down as the scarf was tied tightly round her head.  She could not reach the knots, never mind undo them, and the scarf stopped her making any intelligible sound, as well as drying her mouth out.


Once she was safe, the kids usually went back indoors, leaving Bonnie there – and this had been the time when she had started fantasising about her situation.  At first it had just been the man who had captured her kissing her, then he had started to cuddle her, and – well, now it had got to the stage when he had stripped her and ravished her, with her unable to do anything except enjoy it.


Naturally, it had been a fantasy, but more and more lately it had been so strong that, once Grant or Sue had released her, she had need a little “me time” as she had put it to them, so desperate had she been to get some sort of relief.  But then there had been last week...


Bonnie had been to the local shops, and was still wearing her outfit of a white blouse, jeans and knee length black suede boots when Grant had captured her.  He and Sue had marched her out the back garden, tied her to the tree, and used a rolled up red bandana with the knot to gag her before they had gone in.  They had just walked into the house when the side gate to the garden opened, and Donna had walked in, wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.


“Bonnie?  Sorry to call in unannounced, but I wondered if...”


Hmggddd,” Bonnie had said, blushing in embarrassment as Donna stared at her – and then she had walked towards her,  Bonnie seeing a funny look on her face before she had stood in front of her – and then gently pressed her red lips against Bonnie’s own.


This took her completely by surprise, but when Donna looked at her she realised she had started smiling.  Hmggddwhtrudnn,” she mumbled, only for Donna to put her hands round Bonnie’s head and kiss her again, this time Bonnie responding and kissing her back, moaning at the unexpected and gentle feeling.


Donna then stepped back, smiled and placed her hands on Bonnie’s side, slowly stroking them up and down as she started to kiss the mother’s neck.  Hseettlrldwhtrudnn,” Bonnie moaned, but she couldn’t deny it.  Donna was turning her on, arousing her as she gently moved her hands over her chest, and then smiled as she undid the top button of her blouse...


“Oh hi Aunt Donna – what do you think of our captive.”


Bonnie’s eyes widened as Donna put a finger to her lips, smiled and turned round.  “Hi kids – I need to talk to your mother if that’s all right.”


They hadn’t talked about what had just happened then – and Bonnie had wanted to talk to Donna about it today.  Instead, she was wondering what was going on as she felt the rope hold her wrists together behind her back, as the man tied the knot, and then walked in front of her.  She saw he was about her height – maybe a little taller – and casually dressed, as he looked at her, and said “You are a very beautiful young woman, Bonnie.”


“How did youummmmm,” Bonnie said as he gently kissed her, reaching round her neck and releasing the tie for the top of her dress, and then gently pulled it down, letting it hang at her waist before he walked behind her again.  Bonnie wondered what was happening – until she saw the ropes pass around her body and pull her even more firmly against the tree, framing her chest as her bikini top strained to remain in place.


She then felt him pull her dress down, looking at the material as it gathered around her feet, before another length of rope went around her waist, pinning her even more firmly into place as she said “Please, tell me what it is you want...”


“For you to know true pleasure, true release Bonnie,” the man said as she felt his hands on her arms, and then saw the rolled and knotted headscarf as it was held in front of her mouth.


“Now, be a good and sensible mother, and open your mouth.”


For a moment, she contemplated screaming, but there was something in his gentle tone, his confidence, that told her it was the wrong thing to do, so she opened her mouth, feeling the silk on her tongue as it was secured tightly round her head.


Hmggddd,” she mumbled as he knelt down and lifted her feet, removing her dress before he tied one end of a length of rope to her right ankle.  Spreading her feet apart by about two feet, she watched as he passed the rope round the tree, and then tied the other end to her left ankle.


“There – the captive cowgirl is secured,” he said as he stood in front of her, “and what is it she wants to happen now?”


Whtruggnnnn,” she moaned as his hands stroked her sides again, and then he gently kissed her lips, before he started to kiss her neck, his hands stroking gently down her back as she tried to move.


She knew this was wrong, that she was been held captive, but as he gently kissed her neck and the top of her chest, she started to moan again, her body overruling her mind as she started to twist and offered the side of her neck to him.


He then looked at her, smiling as his hands gently pressed down on her chest, and slowly, rhythmically started to move round them, his lips on hers and her neck as he did so.  She felt his fingers gently pressing in, as her chest firmed up, and she glanced down to see her nipples under the  tightly stretched top.


“Such a shame that they are covered like that – allow me to deal with that.”


Bonnie’s eyes widened as he unfastened the halter strings, and reached round her back, before the top floated to the floor, and she looked at him, smiling as he said “such things of beauty need to be appreciated and treated with great love.”


Whtdummnmnmmmmmm  she said as he held her breasts in his hands, and then gently squeezed them, before he placed his lips on them and started to kiss, moving over them as he caressed, and then sucked on her nipples, making her sigh and relax as she felt him sucking on her, bringing them out.


It was wrong, it was so....  Oh god, it was right, as she felt his tongue run over her sensitive mounds, and she called out “hswtgdgdtsbtrrthnemjned.”


“I am not finished yet,” he said as he continued to kiss her chest, but his hand slipped between her legs, and she realised how wet her thong was.  As he stroked his hand there, she said “Hgddddplssdttt” and as he removed the garment she steeled herself for what was to come.


It was the touch of his lips that she felt first, caressing and teasing on her as she moved to be sure he could take her – but she didn’t hear a zip. Instead, she felt the tip of his tongue as it traced across her slit, over her mound, and then as she opened herself for him as it entered her passage, and she literally shook as if an electric shock went through her.


Nobody – not even Grant – had done that before, and it felt as if it was the most natural thing in the world, stoking the fire she felt inside herself as he used his tongue and lips there.  Bonnie squirmed round as he teased her, licked her, brought her closer and closer to the precipice – and then she dived over, screaming out into her filled mouth as she came on him, shaking as she had the greatest orgasm she had ever experienced...


She was barely aware of him as he tied another rope round her waist, and brought it between her legs, the pressure on her damp – no her soaking wet clit making her moan even more as he tied it off.


And then she heard that sound of the insects again, and felt the buzzing inside her as he slipped the vibrator under the crotch rope and into her.  She smiled as she felt the pleasure beginning – and then she heard the moans behind her.






She recognised Susan’s muffled voice, but was powerless to do anything, except moan as she felt herself aroused again – and the garden gate open once more...


Joyce, 42


“What on earth am I going to do about her,” Joyce said as she walked down the pavement, the warm sun on her neck as her denim jacket opened to show the blue bikini top she was wearing.  A pair of denim shorts and trainers completed her summer look.


The ‘her’ in question was her daughter Teresa.  She was eighteen, but since leaving school her manner seemed to have changed completely.  From wearing conservative clothing, she had been wearing shorter and shorter skirts, and her tops now left virtually nothing to the imagination. 


The soft breeze blew her chestnut red hair back as she considered their recent discussions on the subject.  It had been two days ago, when she had looked up from her chair to see Teresa heading for the front door – wearing a pair of over the knee tight black leather boots with five inch heels, a leather microskirt and a see-through blouse with not a lot underneath.


She had remonstrated with her daughter, whose response had been to look straight at her, and say “if you try and stop me, I’ll tie you up and gag you, leave you alone.”  That had taken her back a little, more for the direct way she said it than anything else.


And then there was the way she behaved around the house.  It had been two years since her husband had passed away, but she had never misbehaved to this extent at that time.  Leaving things on, her dirty washing piling up, little things maybe but taken as an accumulating issue...


Again, she had confronted Teresa on it, and her reaction?  It had been to sneer and say “if I’m such a bad girl, maybe you should tie me up and spank me!  Go on, punish me!”


Joyce wasn’t sure what was more upsetting – the attitude from her own daughter, or the way what she was saying made her feel.  Not that talk of being tied up, gagged and punished upset her.  In fact, that could not be further from the truth.


After all, before the death, she and Teresa’s father has been very much into the bondage lifestyle.  She smiled to herself as she remembered one of her favourite positions.


She would be wearing nothing except a short lace nightie, as her husband secured her wrists and elbows together behind her back, and then created a rope harness around her chest, sitting snugly as it stretched the lace over her breasts and made her nipples even more prominent.  From there, he would secure her ankles, and her legs below her knees and round her thighs, before placing her in a tight hogtie.


To silence her, he would push a large rubber ball into her mouth, and then wrap micropore tape round her head to keep it in place.  Finally, most wonderfully, was the crotch rope, taking between her legs, under the waist rope, then round her wrists before he tied it to her ankles.  That was – stimulating enough, but then to slip the vibrator underneath, and watch as she was taken repeatedly over the edge...


A smile played on her face as she thought about last night, watching that scene on a DVD.  Her husband had made recordings of all their experiences, which had been placed on discs just before he died.  She still had them all, safely hidden away, and loved to watch them again, wishing she could feel that way again.


So, when Sheryl had asked them to write down their fantasies, it had been the easiest thing in the world for her to do.  She’s even managed to get Teresa to come to this meeting, and she had arrived before her daughter to see if Sheryl could help her.  But now – a thought began to cross Joyce’s mind, as she opened the side gate and walked into Sheryl’s back garden.


“Sheryl, are you...” she said as she closed the gate, and then she saw the naked body of Bonnie, tied to the tree as she wriggled and moaned.


“What the hell...”


“Hello Joyce,” a man’s voice said behind her as she stared at her friend, “very slowly, take your jacket off and place it on the patio chair you see in front of you.”


“What’s going on,” she whispered quietly as she folded her jacket and laid it down.


“Nothing for you to be afraid of or worry over,” the male voice said, “do exactly what I tell you to, and I promise you it will be an educational experience.”


“Is this a robbery?  Where’s Sheryl?”


“Hush,” the man said as he took hold of her arms and brought them behind her back, Joyce gasping as she felt him wrap some rope round her arms, just below her elbows, and then pull them together, the rope going around and between her arms as she flexed her fingers, and tried to suppress a gasp of pleasure.


“It has been some time, has it not Joyce,” she heard him say as she felt the rope around her wrists as well, holding them securely together as she wondered how he knew his name – never mind...


“Where... Where is Sheryl,” she gasped as she felt the rope tighten between her arms, and then felt as well as saw his gloved hands as he reached round and started to stroke his fingers over her chest.


“I am sure she is contented,” he said quietly, “as are the two who arrived before you.  And now, it is your turn.”


“What do you mean, my...  Oh my god,” she whispered as the first band went around her body, lulling her arms against her back as it was pulled tighter, and then she saw her breasts forced out even more by the bands above and below, rubbing on her as they were tightened.


She closed her eyes, the old familiar feelings rushing back as he created the harness, taking one length of rope under her arms and around the back of her neck, and then a second length between her breasts in front of her, before he started to massage her chest from behind.


“Oh Christ,” Joyce moaned, “do you know what this is doing to me?”


“I have a fair idea,” the man said as he held in front of her mouth a red rubber ball, about the size of a snooker ball.  Joyce simply nodded and opened her mouth, biting down on the rubber before she heard that strange sound, like paint peeling, and then the gentle pressure on her face as he wound the white tape tightly round her head.


Hmgdgdfnkuuu,” she mumbled as he continued his assault on her chest, closing her eyes as she felt him untie and remove her bikini top, the ropes rubbing on her bare flesh as his fingers gently caressed and teased on her breasts.  She also felt his lips on her neck and back, as she wondered how far he was going to go.


Her thoughts only seemed to be confirmed as she felt him unfasten and drop her shorts to the ground, and then the rope around her thighs, her legs below her knees, her ankles – in each place, the ropes pulling her legs firmly together, his hands gentle as he took the rope between her legs, and then the touch of his hands on her bottom as he kissed her on the back of her legs, making his way up to the bikini bottoms – which soon disappeared...


She was powerless to stop him as he lifted her in his arms, and then laid her on her back on the grass, her eyes closed firmly as she felt his lips on her chest, his tongue on her nipples.  Hgsssplslsssddmmm,” she said, as she heard Bonnie scream again, the soft buzzing sound giving her a clue as to what was happening.


He must have somehow read what her fantasy was, but...  She then gasped as she felt his lips on her sex, and then the gentle caress, the way he was kissing her, his lips stroked over her, his tongue working gently into her...


Even with her late husband, this was a new experience for her, as she felt him lick her in all those most private, most intimate places.  She was already feeling incredibly horny, re-living those memories physically as well as emotionally, but as he used his tongue on her, she felt the feelings build stronger than ever before, before she opened her eyes wide, screamed and arched her back, her captor using his tongue to lick and absorb the gush of cum as she had her first real orgasm in two years.


When she eventually collapsed onto the ground, she sighed as she felt him tie another length of rope around her waist, and then roll her over, feeling the rope as it was fed between her legs and pulled up, sinking between the lips of her sex as he took it round her wrists, and then pulled her ankles back, using the rope as it rubbed against her to complete the hogtie.


“Thank you,” he whispered into her ear as she heard the buzzing, and then felt it inside her, the crotch rope keeping it firmly in place as she tried to think about what had happened.  He hadn’t...  Well, not in that way, but he had done something to her, and to Bonnie, and possible Sheryl.


Was anyone else there?  And, more to the point, what would...


Hmmsstwwttllrdd,” she suddenly said to herself as she felt another orgasm coming, arching her back as it flowed over her again, and she was dimly aware of a young voice saying “Mum?”


Teresa, 19


“So this is the house of secrets,” Teresa said as she walked towards the end of the road, “I wonder if Mum’s going to be a little more open and honest here than at home.”


Joyce’s daughter thought back over the last few weeks as she walked along, the heels of her sandals clicking on the pavement.  She was wearing a white t-shirt, pulled down over one shoulder, very tight blue shorts, and underneath the smallest bikini she could find, her long chestnut brown hair pulled back and platted in a pony tail. 


She didn’t set out to upset Joyce, but it had been so frustrating trying to get the message through to her about what she really wanted – ever since she’d found the hidden compartment in her mother’s room, and looked at the DVDs in there.


As she was growing up, she knew never to go into her mother and father’s room when they were in there, and had wondered what the noises she had heard were.  Now, as she watched the films, and saw her mother, naked, bound, gagged, and her father playing with her, she understood what it was she had heard – and she understood something else as well.


She realised she was aroused by watching this, and wondered what it would be like to be in that position – but the only person she could trust to do it was her mother.  But how to get her to do it, without giving away she had seen the films?


And that was when she had started to change the way she dressed, the way she moved, the way she acted – all in the hope that her mother would get the hint, and so to her what she had done in the past – but her mum had not taken the hint.  Instead, she had become the dominant mum, trying to lay down the law, but not carrying it through in the way she wanted...


So when she had asked Teresa to come to the meeting this afternoon, she thought that maybe this would be the chance to talk, to come out and say what was really on her mind.


“Just maybe,” she said to herself as she walked to the gate in the fence and opened it, “just maybe we can talk things out and...”


She stopped as she walked in, her eyes wide behind her glasses as she saw her mother on the grass, naked and tightly hogtied, a band of white tape round her head as she arched her back and called out ““Hmmsstwwttllrdd.”




“Hello Teresa,” she heard a man say behind her, as a gloved hand covered her mouth and she heard the gate shut behind them, “welcome.  I’ve been expecting you.”


Omgdnss,” she said as she saw the other two women further down the garden, “uvbnxpctnm?”


“That’s right,” the male voice said, “so I want you to do exactly what I say, all right?”


Teresa looked at her mother, and under the gloved hand she started to grin.  “You had noticed – and you set this up for me?”  She thought that to herself, and then nodded as she said “llrlrttt.”


“Good,” the man said quietly, “take off your glasses, and put them on the table, and then take off your t-shirt.


Teresa looked at her mother, who was panting on the ground, a strange sound like insects in the air, as she placed her glasses down, and then pulled her t-shirt off, revealing the two tiny triangles of red and the thin straps.


“Put your hands behind your back.”


Slowing her breathing, trying not to show her excitement, Teresa mover her hands behind her back, feeling the man as he held her wrists together, the soft cord as he wrapped it round them, and the pressure as he used the cords to bind her wrists tightly.  It felt as good as she had imagined it, but it was also a lot more comfortable then she had thought it was going to be...


She then felt another length of the soft cord around her arms, and looked at her mother, her arms secured at the elbows and wrists.  The shock as her elbows were drawn together made her shiver, as she saw the way her chest was pushed out, and her bikini strained.


“That’s right – you do as I tell you,” she heard the man say as she looked at her mother, and whispered “thank you for doing this – you got the hint after all.”


Joyce moaned and shook her head, as Teresa sighed at the sight of a coil of rope passed around her body, drawing her arms firmly against her back as it was wound above and below her chest.  It felt so right, so secure, as it was then passed under one arm, pulled up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm – before it came back over, under the lower band between her breasts, and back again.


The ropes were rubbing against her breasts, forcing them out, giving the young woman shocks as she wriggled, and felt them rub on her bare flesh.  She glanced down and saw her nipples under the tight fabric – and then the gloved hands as they reached round, and started to massage her breasts.


“Oh god that feels so good,” Teresa sighed as she felt the fingers on her chest, the tracing over her nipples – and then the release as her bikini top was removed, taken away and dropped on her t-shirt.


Teresa was amazed at how firm and pert they looked, but as the gloved hands caressed her again, and she felt the kiss on her neck, she closed her eyes and shivered.  Nothing had prepared her for the sensations that were coursing through her body now, as her captor gently pressed and pinched her.


“I’m going to scream,” she said quietly, wondering how he would react, but as she opened her eyes and saw the red ball in his hand, her heart almost exploded out.  Opening her mouth, she tasted the rubber on his tongue as he pushed it in, and then heard the sound of the tape removed from the roll, and the pressure as he wrapped it round her head, sealing her lips, covering her mouth, muffling her speech as he did so.


She was unable to do more than groan as he made his way down her back, his hands stroking her, his lips kissing her, and then she felt him unfasten her shorts, pulling them gently down before his hands stroked down his legs, and she looked down, watching as he started to bind her legs together below her knees, the rope going between her legs as Joyce tried to move – only to groan and start shaking again.


Whtshhnngttmmm,” Teresa said as the man tied her ankles tightly together, and then walked in front of her, Teresa looking at him before he started to kiss the side of her neck, his hands caressing her buttocks as the tiny patch of material over her sex grew damper. 


She had never, ever felt like this, as he moved his lips down, touching her throat, her shoulders, her chest, her...


She almost collapsed, weakening literally at the knees as she felt his lips on her nipples, the gentle sucking as his tongue travelled over them, and the squeeze of her hands on her bottom as he held her up.  Lifting her in his arms, he continued to kiss her neck as he laid her next to Joyce, and then knelt down, his lips and tongue caressing her chest, her stomach, her navel...


Teresa lifted her head as she felt his finger on her crotch, and sighed as he pulled away the thong, and started to stroke over her sex.   Nobody had done this to her before, and she was enjoying every dammed second as he worked over her, and then moved his head down, using his lips and tongue on her...


She screamed as the fire lit and burned bright, his tongue easily entering her passage and finding those spots she knew were there, but never knew the full power of.  She was still a virgin, but as she felt the power and passion building inside her she didn’t know what was going to happen to her – even as he pressed on, and finally tipped her over the edge.


It was as if a wall of fire swept over her, so good did it feel as she arched her back and screamed.  She felt the flood between her legs as she shook, and he continued to use his mouth and lips on her, drinking from her, bringing her gently back down as Joyce said “hmmswtlrdd...”


Teresa was barely aware of him rolling her onto her side, and securing her ankles to her chest, but when he moved her in front of Joyce, the two of them looking at each other, she smiled and said “Fnksssfrndrstnnnmm.”


Rullrrhhtt,” Joyce said as he passed a length of rope under Teresa’s waist, and she screamed out at the feel of the cords on her damp and sensitive clit.  Joyce felt him removing the vibrator from her, as he used more rope to pull their upper bodies together, their chests pressed against each other as they felt their waists brought together.


Stthssswhtfllsslk,” Teresa said, her mother nodding as they both watched him take a battery operated wand out, and then move it so it lay on their crotch ropes, tying it to them so that it stayed in position.  Teresa opened her eyes wide and gasped as she looked at Joyce, her mother nodding to show she finally understood.  They would talk – later...



Donna, 34


“Well, I just hope she’s in a good mood,” the Jamaican woman said to herself as she got out of her car, and saw Bonnie’s car outside Sheryl’s house.   Her strapless blue dress hugged her chest as the skirt flowed down to her knees, her swimsuit snug underneath.


Her mind went back to when she had called on Bonnie, and found her tied to the tree, unable to move, unable to speak thanks to the scarf in her mouth.  She had the feelings for Bonnie for some time, but the opportunity had never really arisen to try and talk about them.


Somehow, however, that had seemed the perfect moment, and when Bonnie had returned her first, tentative, gentle kiss she had known there was something shared, and so she had continued, Bonnie agreeing as they had shared a tender, special moment – but then the kids had come out of the house.


For the whole day after that, she had only one thought on her mind – Bonnie her captive, only able to do whatever she demanded...


The following night, however, she was watching a film where the heroine, under cover, had been captured and was sold to the villain in a slave auction.  As she saw the woman, her legs held apart and tied to a long bamboo stick, her arms bent over another length of bamboo that was positioned behind her back and her wrists tied together in front of her, a bit gag made of bamboo as she was forced to stand for the bidding, and then led off as a slave for whatever vile purpose...


As she watched, Donna imagined herself as the captive, and Bonnie as the villainess, standing over her in a pair of tight jodhpurs and riding boots, her blouse open as she swung the riding crop down into her gloved hand...


So when Sheryl had asked them to write down their fantasies, that had been what she had written - herself sold to Bonnie as a slave, for her to do with what she would.  Every night she had gone to sleep with that thought, every night since she had experienced the same dream...


Walking up the side towards the gate, Donna took a deep breath.  “All right girl,” she said to herself, “honesty, total...  What the hell...”


She went through the gate and stared at both Joyce and Teresa, naked, hogtied, gagged, and shaking as they had an orgasm.  Donna turned to look to the patio doors, and then heard a muted scream coming from the far side of the garden.


Walking slowly in that direction, she said “Bonnie?” staring at the naked woman tied to the tree, the knot in her mouth dark with saliva as she opened her eyes and looked at Donna.  She could see another woman staked to the ground a further distance away, but before she could do anything she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she heard a male voice say “Excellent – I was wondering when you were going to arrive.”


“Who...  How... Did you do this to my friends?”


“You are not in a position to ask questions,” the man said quietly, “your role here is that of a slave, ready to be sold into servitude.  Do you understand?”


The word had two effects on Donna – firstly, anger that he would say such a thing to someone like her.  But as she looked at Bonnie, sweating, dripping, her eyes full of lust, a different thought entered her mind.


“What would you have me do, Master?”


Bonnie opened her eyes as she heard that, looking at the man as he smiled and said “remove your dress.”


Donna looked at Bonnie, smiling as she reached behind her and unfastened the dress, the garment falling to the ground as she stood in her swimsuit.


“Open your mouth.”


Donna slowly opened her mouth, wondering if he would use a scarf as well, but instead she felt wood on her teeth, and realised as she glanced down he had placed a bundle of bamboo twigs, tied together with leather thongs and then secured round her head with two more thongs.


Whssurdsrrr,” she mumbled as he walked in front of her, and held up a length of rope.  Placing her hands together in front of her, she watched as he wound the rope around and between her arms, securing her wrists tightly together.


He looked at her and smiled, before he picked up from the ground a length of bamboo, and fed it through her arms, pulling her wrists against her body before he used ropes to lash the pole to her arms round her elbows.


“Now, that’s better,” the man said as she looked at him, and stroked his arms down her before he knelt down.  Donna looked down as he spread her legs apart, and then secured her ankles to another length of bamboo, her legs held a few feet apart.


All this time, Bonnie was looking at her, the sweat and juices flowing down her as she watched the man make Donna shuffle in front of her, and then watch as he stood behind her.


Whtrruggngntdd,” Donna asked as she felt a line of saliva run down her face – and then she moaned as she felt his lips on her neck and his hands on her chest.


“Do not move,” she heard him say as he tied some rope to the bar her elbows were secured to, and then secured that to a branch above Bobbi’s head so that she was bent slightly over.  She moaned again as she felt his hands on her bottom, and then travel round her as he pulled her swimsuit down, exposing her flesh to the summer air and her nipples to the feel of his fingers.


Hswtlrrdd,” she moaned as she felt his fingers gently squeeze her nipples, and then massage her chest as she felt his lips travel up and down her back.  She tried to move, but that only increased her excitement – and so did Bonnie with her groans as she had yet another orgasm.


Donna barely registered as he moved in front of her, but then she felt his breath on her breasts, his lips on her nipples, his tongue on her mound, and as she started to kiss and suck she felt herself go both limp and hot.


As he moved his mouth over her body, kissing, sucking, licking, Donna started to groan more and more, raising her head to see Bonnie looking at her, her eyes full of intent, her gaze intense.


Donna nodded as she felt herself getting more and more turned on, and then gasped into the bamboo as she felt him kiss her sex.


Whtshhngngtmmm,” she moaned as the fire flared up between her legs, his lips not dousing but increasing the intensity, and then she felt his tongue trace over her mound, her flower opening as he entered her, and she screamed into the bamboo.


The assault was so gentle, but no less amazing as she felt the fire building, getting stronger and stronger, until it threatened to consume her as she stood there.


And then he found the spot, the one sweet spot, and she screamed as she shook, the juices flowing with ease as he drank, and she felt so totally complete...


Eventually, he stood up as she raised her head, panting and smiling, and looked at Bonnie, the smile returned.  She watched as he tied a new length of rope between her wrists, and then passed it between her legs, the cords sinking into her damp crotch as he pulled it up and secured it to the bamboo her arms were hooked around.


Loosening the rope attached to the branch, he moved Donna close to Bonnie, before he secured the rope in a way that they could look into each other’s eyes.


She gasped as she felt the vibrator pushed under the crotch rope and into her own passage.  She looked at Bonnie; Bonnie looked at her, before they pressed their lips against each other, listening to the other sounds and moans.


As Donna looked at Bonnie, she hoped she could be both a good mistress and a good slave, and then they kissed again, not hearing the gate as it opened...


Mai, 20


Ever since that dinner with Susan, Mai has wondered about how it made her feel, and how she felt about her friend.  Now, as she stepped off the bus and started to walk up the road, her wrap round floral skirt hiding the matching bottoms and the sun shining on her top, she hoped today they may have a chance to talk about it.


It had stirred something inside Mai that she had not felt since she was sixteen, and started to date “serious boys” as her mother had put it.  That feeling of wanting to be helpless, and having someone else control what she did and how she did it...  She had never given it voice, for fear of what her parents might think, but when they had discussed it at the last meeting, the picture that had been growing in her mind had taken full form.


She had looked on the internet, amazed at what was available with a few simple search terms, and discovered sites with other Japanese women in strict bondage.  One in particular had caught her eye – the woman was wearing lingerie, her arms folded behind her back so that her hands were between her shoulder blades, back to back.  Her legs were bent, with bands of rope holding the lower limbs to her thighs, and a large ball with holes in it had been secured in her mouth.


She was a fairly flexible woman, and had managed to get her hands into that position – but she had dreamt of been secured like this, and Susan standing in front of her, looking down...


So, when the time had come to write something down, she had written of been forced into this position as Susan was staked out in front of her.  How it made her want to shuffle over, and kiss the other captive, in the hope she would return the favour...


“Maybe she will be open to at least trying some ideas,” Mai said to herself as she walked up the side of the house.  Opening the gate, she let herself fin, and was struck by two noises.  The first was like a group of crickets were in Sheryl’s back garden.  The second sounded as if someone was groaning.  No – not someone, several people.


She looked to the patio doors, and saw the reflections, before slowly turning round and saying “oh my...”


“Hush,” a man said behind her, as she felt a gloved hand over her mouth.  “I want you to do exactly what I say, and I promise you, you will experience complete satisfaction.  Nod if you understand.”


Mai slowly nodded, unable to believe what she was seeing as the man said “I am going to take my hand away, and I want you to let your hands drop slowly to your side.”


As she did this, Mai felt the man take her wrists, and guide them behind her back, gently turning and moving them until she felt them pressing between her shoulder blades.  She then felt the pressure of the rope as he started to bind her wrists together, realising he had put them in the same position as her fantasies.


“Who are you,” she said as he bound them, “and what have you done to the others?”


“Given them pleasure,” he said as she felt her elbows been drawn together, Joyce and Teresa both looking up and slowly nodding before they began to shake.  She twisted round as he then started to wrap rope around her upper body, pushing her forearms against her back as her upper arms were pinned to her sides, the rope framing and forcing out her chest even more.


“And the others?”


“We shall go and see them,” the man whispered into her ear as he tied the rope off, “but first, you need to be quiet.”


“What do you...  Mai’s eyes widened as she saw the white plastic ball, holes drilled all round it, and the thin leather straps that were secured to either side.




“No,” she whispered as she closed her mouth shut – and then felt his free hand on her chest as he started to gently massage her, her muffled gasps only seeming to encourage him as she moaned more and more before she had to let that noise out.


Hmmgdd,” she then mumbled as the ball was gently eased into her mouth, the straps secured round her head and over her long black hair before she felt him untie and remove her bikini top.


She was powerless to stop him as he teased and massaged her chest, feeling the flesh firming as he did so, closing her eyes as she tried to move her arms with no effect whatsoever.


Whtruddngtmmm,” she moaned as she then felt him kissing her neck and shoulders.  Whrrsss ssn?”


“Would you like to see the others?”


Mai slowly nodded as she was made to walk down the garden, and then stopped to see Bonnie and Donna as they stood facing each other, their lips meeting and their eyes closed.


“And then, there was the first guest to arrive,” he said as he walked her a little further – and she saw Susan, naked, arms and legs spread out and secured to stakes, a white cloth tied round her head and a rope tied between her legs.


She raised her head, and moaned “Hmggddmeee?”


Hllsssn,” Mai said as her skirt was taken off, revealing her bikini briefs as she was forced to kneel, and then to lie on her back.  She looked at Susan, her body gleaming with sweat, and then gasped as her left leg was bent over, and she felt rope securing her ankle to her thigh.


She looked over as the tall man wound the rope around and between her limbs, and then tied a second length below her knees, repeating the process on her right leg.  She realised, somehow, her fantasy was coming true – and the mere thought of that made her feel damp between her legs, as she was made to lie on her back.


She looked up as the man spread her legs apart, and started to massage her chest as he kissed her neck, the sensations running through her as she moaned inexplicable, amazing in their strength.  It was as if she had a current of electricity running through her – and as he began to kiss her chest, his tongue gently stoking over her nipples before he started to suck, she arched her back and moaned.


Hmmmlrd,” Susan moaned in reply as the vibrator in her drove her over the edge again.


Mai glanced over and then moaned even more as she felt him sucking on her, and his hands as they stroked over her soaking bikini briefs – briefs which were then removed, as she felt him touch her there.


Hmmmsettllrd,” she moaned as she wriggled round, and then felt his lips move away from her chest, her breasts throbbing now with the ropes and his attention.  She was wondering what was happening, as she felt his finger slowly, slowly move up her slit, and then...


The first touch of his lips there made her groan, the second made her gasp, and then each subsequent kiss made her move around.  The fire that had started seemed to flare up, as she looked at him and said “rugggnntrpmmm?”




Mai looked over at Susan, who nodded and smiled as she felt his lips again and again, and then felt his tongue as he moved it up her sex, stroking her mound, tasting her petals and then gently entering her...


It was like fire and ice at the same time, as Mai screamed into her gag, so strong were the feelings as she groaned.  His tongue seemed to know exactly where to go, as she arched her back, unable to stop herself as she experienced her first real, true orgasm at the hands of someone else.


It was like nothing she had ever experienced before, so strong, so good, so pure...


She felt herself cum as the man, whoever he was, licked and took care of it, which only seemed to increase her excitement.  Eventually, however, she slumped onto the ground, panting as she watched through misty eyes while he tied a crotch rope onto her.


Now she knew what had happened to the others, as she felt the pressure on her damp and warm flesh, heard the buzzing sound and felt the effect as it was slipped into her, the crotch rope keeping it in place.


She was so relaxed, so sated, she offered no resistance as he moved her so that she was straddling Susan’s body, and then made to lie on her, their chests rubbing as he used more rope to secure their bodies to each other, as well as their legs.


Whhthppnndd,” Mai said as she looked at Susan, and then she started to move in response to the vibrator, Susan mimicking her moves as they started to gag kiss.


They barely noticed the man as he walked off, and looked in the patio doors, before an older woman said “oh my god...”


Mabel, 54


Sitting in her car, Mabel looked at herself in the rear view mirror, and then down at the white tube dress she was wearing, the Lycra hugging her figure and covering her white strapless swimsuit underneath.  She wondered if it was too daring for today, even with her stylishly cut brown hair that was flecked with grey, but – well, given what Sheryl had said when they talked last night, she felt a bit bolder.


And she also had her own little secret as well – although in the case of Mabel, that stretched back to the previous winter, and the day she met Charles.  He was doing a placement visit to the local art school, and she had answered an advertisement for a mature nude model.  As a young student in the eighties, she had done her fair share of nude still life modelling, and had enjoyed it, so when they met he had instantly offered to let her pose.


Well, it had started conventionally enough, Mabel sitting on a stool and posing as he went to work.  After a little while, however, she had began to shuffle around a little, making him stop and look at her.  She’d apologised, and said perhaps he needed to make sure she really could not move.


There was, on a table to the side, a pile of cords, and she glanced over at them as she said this.  She’d meant it as a little joke, but then her eyes had opened wide as saucers as he walked over, picked up a length of rope and guided her arms behind her, securing her wrists to each other behind her back.


She had been taken by surprise, and was wondering what was happening, but it hadn’t felt so bad – in fact, when he had bound her ankles side by side, it had felt rather good. She sat still as he went to work, and then waited as he brought the painting over and showed it to her.


It was a good painting, and it had captured something in her that was surprising, and yet very nice.


More than nice, actually – she felt a strange feeling as she looked at it, a feeling that had been growing in her as she had been forced to sit there.  As she looked at herself, Charles has smiled as he said “I think I have captured the inner you, Mabel – would you like to hear an idea I am having?”


And so had begun the most intense month of Mabel’s life.  She wasn’t a thin, well built model – she had lumps in all the wrong places, and was a little dumpy and overweight, but each night she had gone to the studio, and Charles had bound her – progressively more strictly, as well as gagging her.  By the end of the fourth session, she had rope framing her chest, her legs tied above and below her knees, and a knotted cleave gag in her mouth.


By the end of the second week, she was hogtied, her mouth stuffed with silk and a wide band of tape covering her mouth.  And with each new position, she had felt herself more and more aroused, and Charles seemed to be getting more and more inspired.


He had only a month there, but their mutual trust and respect had grown so great that, but the time of the final sitting, Mabel had told him her fantasy, and he had agreed to act it out.  He had bound her arms behind her, with rope holding her elbows and her wrists, and placed her in a strict strappado, her arms raised behind her and secured to a hook in the wall.  She had her ankles secured tightly together, and ropes below her knees and around her thighs, each band tightly cinched between her limbs.


From there, he had – well, spanked her, for want of a better word, and spanked her hard.  Any calls were muffled by the large red ball gag in her mouth, and with each smack and gentle caress she had got more and more aroused.  This was what e had captured in that painting – the look of pure lust, pure desire, in her eyes as she had looked at him, wanting him to take her and remind her that she was a woman first and foremost.


Which, thankfully, was what he did, gently and tenderly, but for the first time in decades she had experienced a real orgasm.  Afterwards, he had painted another picture of her, sated, fulfilled, and then released her.


He had returned home soon after that, and Mabel had read of his award winning show, where the pictures had been displayed.  Charles had never revealed who the model was, and although people tried (or claimed to try) to find out, nobody had come to her door.


If they had, they may have seen Charles’ gift to her – copies the two paintings from the last session, as well as one of her bound to a wooden chair, her legs spread apart, and one of her hogtied, which hung on her bedroom wall, where nobody ever went.  They were valuable, but she would never part with them, or the feelings the memories gave her.


There was one thing – she longed to have that release again, and it was that last pose, that last sitting, which she had written down on the paper before giving it to Sheryl.


And now, as she sat outside Sheryl’s house, she took a deep breath and got out of her car.  She walked purposefully up the side of the house, and opened the garden gate, stopping at the sight before her as she said “oh my god...”


The other members of the WI were all there – as well as a younger girl – but they all were naked, all were trussed up, all were gagged, and all were...”


“Hello,” a male voice said as a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, “you are the last to arrive, and you are the one I have looked forward to the most.”


Wtthhlslsggnnn,” Mabel said, the sound of the other six women and that buzzing sound...


Her eyes then opened wide as she saw the large red ball held in front of her, the leather straps on either side, as the man said “I wish to show you something truly special – but first, you must be silent in order to appreciate it.  Open your mouth, nice and wide, if you would be so kind...”


Looking round one more time, Mabel slowly nodded, and as the gloved hand was taken away she opened her mouth up, allowing whoever this was to push the ball in and then fasten the straps round her head.  He then stroked his hands down her arms, making her shiver as he guided them behind her, and then wrapped what felt like soft rope around her limbs, pulling her elbows together as much as he could before he secured them.




“Hush,” he said as he placed her wrists together, Mabel making fists with her hands as he bound them tightly, the rope going around and between her arms, holding them firmly as he then pulled her dress down her body, revealing her swimsuit.


“Beauty such as yours,” he whispered behind her, “should not be hidden from view, nor should age be a barrier to pleasure.”


Whtrdudmmnbyytthhmmgddd,” Mabel moaned as she felt his hands on her chest, caressing, squeezing, and she started to go a little weak at the knees.


“No – walk with me,” he said as he pressed against her, making her walk past the two women on the ground, and other to another of the trees in Sheryl’s back garden.  Stopping, she felt him tie some more rope between her arms, and then they were lifted behind her, making her bend over as he passed the rope over a branch and secured it to her elbows.


“There – isn’t that nice,” he said as his hands moved over her chest again, Mabel starting to drool as she found herself unable to stop the response her body was making.  She could feel her breasts firming, her nipples hardening, and then there was that fire that was starting to burn between her legs again...


So as he slipped her strapless swimsuit down her body, and then began to bind her thighs together, the rope going around and between her legs, his gloved hands stroking them with each pass, she moaned and started to wriggle round.


“Hold still,” he said quietly as she felt his hands move down her legs, “or I will have to punish you.”


Hmmmssnsss,” Mabel whispered as he bound her legs below her knees, and then her ankles, each bind cinched tightly between her legs, before he stood up and said “I believe I told you to be quiet?”


NudddnnMMMMMMMM” she called out as she felt his hand come down hard on her bottom.  She grimaced for a minute, but then felt it again, the smack sounding around the gardens as some of the other women looked over.


He then caressed her bottom, his lips on her back as she relaxed – and then another hard smack, as the fire started to burn brighter.  This went on for what seemed to Mabel to be an eternity – the smacking and caressing, the kissing of her back, as she became more and more aroused at her situation.


And as she did so, she felt the dampness between her legs, as with each new smack, each gentle caress, she wanted to feel that sweet release more and more.  She started to sway from side to side, the branch creaking as the rope rubbed against it, before she threw her head back after another smack and said “Frrthlfflfgddgddffkkkmmmm!”


“Hush,” the man said as he walked round, and knelt in front of her, massaging her bottom again as he began to kiss her chest, sucking gently on her nipples.  This drove Mabel even more crazy, as she felt her body groaning for someone to take her, but all he did was continue to kiss her chest as he caressed her bottom, and then he started to move his head down.


With Charles, he had taken her totally, and it had felt so good – but this man wasn’t doing that.  Mabel groaned as she felt his lips on her, kissing her, his tongue licking her and crossing her mound as she started to shake.  The fire was almost inexorable now, as she looked down at him a thin line of drool dropping off the ball gag as she said “pllsssss.”


“Of course.”


And with that she felt his tongue entering her, touching her, licking her juices and stirring a fire to an even greater point.  She didn’t know how to cope with this, until with no warning she stiffened, and then screamed, throwing her head back as the most powerful orgasm of her life shot through her, making her shake uncontrollably as he kept kissing and licking her...


Eventually, she slumped, her head down as he stood up and looked at her.


“There – isn’t that so much better now?”


Mabel nodded slowly as she felt him tie a rope around her waist, and then pull it between her legs, the cords sinking into her as he secured them, and then pushed a small cylinder into her, held in place by the ropes.


Whhhtsshppnnnww,” she said as she expected him to leave, but instead she felt him untie her legs, and then release her arms from the tree as she slowly stood up.  He then used the rope to secure her arms against her back, framing her breasts as they were forced even more up and out.


Looking across, she realised that Mai was tied on top of Susan, while Donna and Bonnie were facing each other at another tree.


“Come with me,” the man said as he tied the ropes off, and then made her walk forward, the ropes rubbing against her and making her almost drop to her knees.  As they approached the house, she realised it was Joyce and her daughter, Teresa, she had seen when they had first arrived.


Stopping outside the tinted patio doors, Mabel lifted her head as the man opened them up fully – and she saw the woman, sitting in the chair, looking at all of them.




Sheryl, 57


When Sheryl had brought this house, some ten years ago, she had chosen it with great care and for a very good reason.  It wasn’t just because, as a writer, she needed somewhere that would allow her to have a large home office.  Nor was it just the fact that the house came with such a large rear garden, with a high fence.


The real reason was more to do with her own tastes – and the clincher of the deal had been the tinted windows front and back, which allowed her to look out and nobody to look in.  That privacy was exactly what she needed to indulge one of her own personal fantasies.


Ever since she had been a teenager, Sheryl had been into self bondage, starting at first with belts and scarves, then moving on to ropes, but at this stage in her life she preferred the feel of chains.  But this house, with the front looking onto the main street and the bus stop...


Every morning and evening, she would take from the freezer a frozen ice cube, within which was a set of keys.  By the front patio windows of the main room, she would put a kitchen chair, and attach the keys to the side of the chair with a small chain.  She would then tie a crotch rope rightly round her naked body, and once it was in place put in a vibrator set to the maximum setting.


She had just enough time usually to sit down and chain herself to the chair, having first taped her mouth over, and cuff her hands behind her back, before she started to feel that arousal.  Out in the street, people were going to and from work, waiting for buses, getting into cars, talking – and just a few feet away, Sheryl was screaming in ecstasy, unable to stop what was happening and loving every delicious second...



She hadn’t done that today of course – not when the other ladies were coming round for the pool party.  She had spent part of the morning getting the food and drinks ready in the kitchen, before she had taken out their fantasies and looked over them.


Looking round, she left the papers on a table, and removed her rope, deciding she had time for a little self-indulgence before she got ready.  Picking up the chain, she fastened it round her waist, and then felt the metal on her sex as she pulled the chain between her legs, and padlocked it into place.


Sitting down, she took a set of ankle cuffs and secured them around her own slim legs, before setting a timer.


“I can indulge myself for an hour,” she said to herself before she picked up the folded scarf – the blue and white one she loved so much – and pushed it into her mouth, before taking the wide strip of white tape and pressing it firmly down over her lips and jaw.


Taking the cuffs, she left the keys on the table, next to the timer, and secured her wrists behind her back, and then settled on her side, her head on the armrest as she smiled under the tape.  A little rest, and she would be ready for the party...




It was the slight cough that woke her, Sheryl blinking as she looked at the timer.  There were still five minutes to go, so what had...


She looked up, her eyes going wide as she saw the tall man standing there with the keys in his gloved hand.  “Hello Sheryl,” he said quietly as he looked at her, “I see you’ve had a good rest.  Thank you for allowing me to call on you – I was especially intrigued by the stories I read on the table.”


Hmggddhrruu,” Sheryl said, the chains rattling as she felt them rub on her sex.


“A lovely house as well – so discrete,” he said as he looked round, and then helped her to stand up.  “Let us repair to your kitchen – I think you will like what I have planned.”


Cheryl wondered what was going to happen as she walked, the chains rubbing on her clit as she felt the sweat under her white hair.  She could see a kitchen chair set in front of the patio doors that led out to the garden – a chair he made her sit down on, before he uncuffed her hands and took her arms around the chair back, re-securing them with the chain of the cuffs taken around the chair back.


Whtrrugnndtddtm,” she mumbled as she felt the damp silk on her tongue.


“Ah – I am going to show you something wonderful,” the man said as he showed her a large bag.  Opening it, he took out four chains, before unlocking her ankle cuffs and spreading her legs apart.  Using the small chains to secure her ankles and legs to the front legs of the chair, she looked down at her clit, the chain rubbing on it.


He then walked behind her, and she felt his gloved hands on her chest – and so had begun his arousal of her, his hands making her chest firm as her nipples hardened, and then his lips and tongue continuing that job.  She’d tried to twist out of the way, but then the chain had rubbed on her, and the effect that had on her was just as effective, as she started to moan, feeling the dampness on the cold metal.


She had soon begun to sink into her arousal, when she felt his lips and tongue on her chest, sucking and licking gently, and then he had knelt between her legs, his lips travelling down...


As he moved the chin to one side, and she felt his lips and tongue, she moaned and allowed him to enter her – and the new feelings, the intensity she had never felt before, the burning fire that engulfed her, as she shook in the chair, unable to contain herself before she screamed at the peak of the greatest orgasm of her life.


And all through it he kept kissing, licking, probing, until she slumped in her seat, panting though her nose as he looked at her.


“Thank you,” he said as she heard her own vibrator on full power, and then felt it inside her, the chain keeping it in as he slipped out of the door, and closed it behind himself.


She had sat there, unable to do more than moan as Susan had arrived, and been taken by him, watching as he took her to the far end of the garden and did to her what he had done to her.  One by one they had arrived, and she had watched him with each one of them, having her own orgasms as he left them to their own pleasures.


And with each new arrival, the buzzing had grown louder, and her own orgasms had come again and again and again, as she ached more and more...


She could see him walking Mabel over, and then the doors had opened, Mabel staring at her and saying ““Hmggdddshrrrl?” as the others tried to look.


“Well, this has been a most fulfilling afternoon,” he said as he made Mabel sit on Sheryl’s lap, the two older women looking at each other as he walked round, and pulled Mabel’s legs to the rear of the chair, securing her ankles to the rear legs.




Sheryl nodded as she felt rope pulling Mabel closer to her around their bodies, their chests pressed against each other as the man secured them together.  He then reached between both of them, Mabel groaning as she felt the vibrator under her own crotch rope start full force.


Sheryl slowly turned her head and looked as the man went to her freezer, and took out a large ice cube, her eyes widening as she saw the keys frozen inside. 


“There,” he said as he attached the chain from the cube to the back of the chair, “that will melt eventually, and your time like this will be at an end.  Until then, I am sure you will all find something to distract each other.”




“Because you all deserve it,” he said with a smile, “but I strongly suggest you all show some discretion when discussing today.”


Mabel and Sheryl looked at each other and nodded, Sheryl moaning and closing her eyes as she felt another orgasm coming, and then the pressure on her lips.  She opened her eyes to see Mabel kissing her, the drool running down her own taped mouth as she returned the kiss.


One thought was clear to Sheryl in all this, however – their meetings were going to be very different from now on...







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