One Night in Osaka






7 pm


Keiko smiled as she left the store, and walked slowly down the streets towards her apartment block.  It was a warm evening, and she smiled at some of the other shoppers as she walked along.  The grey pullover she was wearing helped to keep the slight chill off her, covering her cream blouse, and a black and white checked scarf was tied round her neck as a cravat, the ends tucked in at the front.  The soft pleats of her long white skirt moved with as her as she walked, the heels of her long black leather boots clicking on the pavement.


There was very little traffic on the street, so she wasn’t paying too much attention to it, or even noticing the parked vans as goods were taken in and out of the shops.  With her Gucci handbag over one arm, and holding other bags in her free hand, she did not have a care in the world.


So it was a total surprise to her when she was grabbed, a latex gloved hand clamped over her mouth as she was pulled into one grey van, and the doors slammed shut in front of her.  She then saw someone – there was little light in the interior, and she could not tell if it was a man or a woman – wearing a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, dark glasses over their eyes and a gun in their hand.


“Do not speak, do not move,” they said in a distorted, electronic voice, “do as we say, and all will be well.”  Keiko looked at the, then at the gun, and nodded as they said “kneel down, and put your hands behind your back.  I promise, you will not be harmed if you do as we say.”


Keiko slowly nodded as she felt someone pull her hands together behind her back, and then soft rope as it was tied tightly around and between her wrists.  She tried to move them, but they were too strong, as she then saw rope passed over her head and used to force her arms to her sides, the rope forming two bands as her jumper as stretched over her chest.


“What do you want,” she whispered as she looked at the figure in front of her.


“One little thing, and then you may rest,” the figure said as from somewhere it produced more rope, and started to secure Keiko’s ankles tightly together.


“And that is,” the young Japanese woman said, fascinated at the way the rope looked on her black boots.


“The code.”


“The code?”


“The code,” the second figure said behind her as the ropes were pulled tighter, and then tied off.  As she did this, the person in front folded the hem of her skirt back, and secured her legs below her knees, before cinching the binding, tying it off, and standing up.


“Indeed – the access code for the inner office.  Give it to us.”


“As you wish,” she whispered as she gave a sequence of numbers.


“In reverse, quickly.”


As she did this, Keiko twisted round, hearing the squeal of her boots and unaware of the second person loosening her scarf.


“Good – sleep now.”


Her eyes shot open as the sweet smelling damp cloth as pressed firmly over her nose and mouth, and she opened her mouth to scream the fumes entered her. Making her head swirl instantly as she struggled, and then fell asleep.  She was unaware of her own scarf been used as a cleave gag to silence her before she was placed on the floor.


“Now what do we do?”


“Take her with us to our next visit.”




8.30 pm


Akari closed the door to her house and put her bag on the floor, then removed her coat and put it on the hook as she said “sorry I’m late Hana, the train was late.  Is supper ready?”




Akari was looking at herself in the mirror, her dark hair falling down her white arran jumper, before she looked to the door to the dining room, and said “Hana?”


“Okasan, please come in – I need to talk to you.”


“Hana, what is the…”  As Akari walked in, she stopped sort as she saw her daughter sat in a chair.  Hana was in her early twenties, wearing a purple sweatshirt with the winged collar of a white blouse sticking out, a knee length black skirt and a pair of long brown leather boots.  Only her legs were tied together at the ankles and knees, her ankles pulled under the seat of her chair and secured to the bottom of the chair back.


Lengths of rope were also tied round her upper body, holding her firmly against the chair back, while her arms were taken around the back itself.  Akari assumed her wrists were tied as well, as Hana said “I am so sorry Okasan – they forced their way in a few minutes before you arrived.”




“Good evening, Akari,” an electronically disguised voice said behind her, and as Akari turned round she saw the figures wearing dark suits, white shirts and dark ties, as well as dark glasses and shoes – and one of them pointing a gun at her as the other said “Please, take a seat – we have a question to ask of you.”


“Have they hurt you,” Akari asked as she watched the second intruder pull a chair from the table, Hana shaking her head as she watched her mother sit down, and then the intruder taking her arms behind the chair back.


“So what exactly do you want,” she said as she felt the rope around her wrists, securing them together and leaving her unable to move them as they were secured to the chair back.  She glanced down at her own orange skirt and darker brown leather boots, wondering how they would look in a few minutes as the rope was wrapped around her upper body and the chair back.  She could see the tension as she tried to move, then said “all right – if I answer your questions, will you leave us unharmed?”


“You have our word,” the first intruder said as their partner knelt down beside the older woman, and crossed her ankles before he started to bind them together, the squeak mirroring that of Hana as she tried to move her legs.


“So what is your question?”


“We require the access code to the external doors of your office – nothing more, nothing less.”


“And for this you have to tie us up?”


“Well, we have other things in mind – and you will be silenced, but we will turn the radio on.”


“Silenced?  How,” Hana said, and then she watched as the intruder put the gun down, and reached into the bag, taking out a roll of brown sticking plaster.


“Like this,” they said as they tore a long strip from the roll, and held it in their gloved hands, “put your lips together.”


“Okasannnmmmm,” Hana said as he lips were covered in the brown fabric, the material pulling slightly on her skin as the gag was pressed into place.  Akari watched as her legs were secured below her knees, and then her ankles pulled under the chair, before she said “I will give you the code.”


As the numbers were given, the intruder nodded and said “thank you – now, lips together please.”  She nodded, offering no resistance as her mouth was covered, and then the two intruders left – only to return with a bound and cleave gagged woman between them, who they laid on the floor.




“Good evening,” the intruder said as they turned the radio on, and then left turning the lights off as the chairs creaked form both women struggling…



10 pm


“That was an amazing show, Yiu,” Ichika said as they walked into the lobby of their apartment building.  The younger of the two sisters was wearing a yellow cowl necked wool dress, and a pair of knee length chestnut brown leather boots.


“Agreed – but I am ready for a nightcap and a good night’s sleep,” Ichika said as she fished her own keys out of her handbag and opened the apartment door.  By contrast she was wearing an orange roll necked wool dress, but she also was wearing knee length boots in the same style as her sister.


“Then we will do that,” Yiu said as she closed the door behind her, turned round – and saw Ichika slowly raising her hands at the ‘request’ of the person standing in the hallway, smiling as the pistol was pointed at both of them.


“Inside,” they said, their voice distorted as they waved the gun towards the door to the bedroom, both women nodding as they walked forward with their hands in the air.  As they walked in, they saw a second person, dressed like the first in a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie, shoes and glasses, smiling as they indicated the coiled ropes by the bed side.


“Welcome home – we need something from you, and in return we will make you comfortable.  Both of you, stand facing me, wrists crossed in front of yourselves.”


“Are you robbing us,” Yui said s she looked at her sister, and then stood still, trying not to shiver s the second intruder picked up some rope, and tied it round her, stretching her dress and framing her chest as the two bands held her arms firmly to her sides.


“Do not hurt her” Ichika said quietly as her own arms were bound in the same way the ropes tighter and then even tighter still as smaller lengths were tied between her arms and body.


“We will not hurt either of you if you do as we say.”  The metallic distortion was slightly disturbing, but they both nodded as they were made to lie side by side on the large low bed.


“We have no real valuables,” Yui said as her wrists were crossed in front of her stomach, and then tied tightly together, the rope going around and between her wrists as her arm slay on her dress.


“We are not after your valuables, but you sister’s knowledge,” her binder said quietly as he took the rope between her arms and tied it off, then took another length and started to tie her ankles tightly together.


“My knowledge?  What of,” Ichika said as her own ankles were forced together, the white rope contrasting with the leather as it was taken around and between her legs, forcing them together as the leather was compressed and squeaked under the pressure.


“Your office,” her own binder replied as they tied the rope off, and then took more rope securing her ankles to the foot of the bed as Yui watched the sae thing been done to her.


“What do you want,” she whispered quietly as the hem of her dress was folded back, and her legs secured together below her knees, trying no tot enjoy the touch of the gloved hands on the back of her legs.


“Does this excite you?”


She looked at the person tying her legs together, and nodded as she said “a little – is that wrong?”


“I hope it is not” Yui said quietly, “because it is making me excited as well.”


The two intruders looked at each other, before they tied the knees ropes off, and each took a final length of rope, tying it between their wrists and then down to the last rope tied as they looked at each other.


“This can eb a pleasurable experience,” one of them said as they looked in the bag, and took out two white lozenges, both of their captives wondering what they were going to do as they handed one to their companion.  The two dark suited people then smiled as they lifted the skirts of the dresses up, and slipped the lozenges into their panties, both women gasping as thy felt the vibrations.


“Now,” Ichika was asked quietly, “the password to your computer please.”


As she gave it she looked at the second person pushing a folded cloth into her sister’s mouth, making her moans muffled before white tape was pressed firmly over her mouth.


“Thank you – now it is your turn.  Open your mouth.”


Ichika felt the soft tape as it covered her mouth, forming to the shape of her chin as Yui started to groan more, and then she joined in, feeling great pleasure as the two intruders turned the lights off and left them…




The door to the office opened noiselessly as the two new arrivals walked in, closing the door as they shone a penlight round the room.


“There’s the computer,” one of them said as they walked over to the desk, their companion turning on the desk light as the computer was switched on, and they typed in the password.


“We’re in,” they said quietly as they searched the files, the second person nodding as she watched the screen, and then plugged in the USB stick.


“How long?”


“Ten minutes to do the transfer, fifteen to download the files,” her companion said, and then they both heard the click.  Standing up, they each drew a pistol form their jacket pockets and stood on the other side of the door.


As the door opened, they saw a middle aged woman walk in, wearing a blue pinafore dress over a white blouse, and with an expensive Hermes scarf in blue, cream and gold tied loosely round her neck and over her shoulders, the point over her left arm as her black hair fell over it.


She looked round, and said “who’s there” as she turned the light on.  That was when she saw the two intruders, and slowly lifted her arms as she heard “good evening, Madame Kanna – our apologies, but it would appear we need to prevent you raising the alarm.”


“Who are you?”


“We represent a great lady, who has some concerns of some of the recent trading of your firm,” the second intruder said as the first one pulled an office chair out, “you may not be aware of them, but that is not our concern now.”


“And what is your concern?”


“To make you comfortable,” the first intruder said, “please, sit down.”


“Do I have a choice?”




Kanna nodded as she sat down, looking at the dark glassed person as they looked at the computer screen.  She barely noticed as her arms were taken behind her back, or the rope as they were secured together and then tied to the chair support. 


“What sort of trading?”


“Hmmm?  Oh, let us say some of the lower groups were using you as a conduit for fund raising.  The Lady we represent does not like such trade.”


“So this is a robbery?”


“If you wish,” the intruder said in that strange tinny voice as they guided Kanna’s ankles under the chair, round the seat support before her ankles were tied together with more rope, and then secured to the chair support as well, her skirt covering her legs as this happened.


“Then I will treat it as one,” she said as she tried to move, her brown boots squeaking as they rubbed together.  She sat still as more rope was used to secure her body to the chair back, stretching her top as they were pulled tighter and tighter.


“How did you gain access?”


“Your staff were most useful – I compliment your security, but we have been watching, and we plan well,” the intruder said as Kanna watched the person tying her remove her scarf, and roll it into a thick band.  “Now open your mouth.”


“Very well,” she said quietly as the band was pulled between her lips, forcing the corners of her mouth back as the band was tied tightly round her head, and the band forcing her tongue down as it filled the open space behind her teeth.  It tasted of her perfume, but she knew she had no choice, as the two suited intruders worked on the screen, and then removed the USB stick.


“Thank you for your contribution,” the one who stood up said before they walked out, closing the door as Kanna struggled in the chair.


As they sat in the front of the car, they removed their dark glasses and tis, opening their shirt before they removed the small metallic disks from their throats.


“Well, that was an interesting day,” Niki Abata said as she removed her dark wig, and let her blonde hair fall to their shoulders.


“Indeed – but profitable, and we have the files Madame wanted,” Jill Hudspeth said as she started the car.


“It’s a pity you’re been transferred to Quebec – we make quite a team.”


“I go where Her Majesty’s Government – and Madame – send me,” Jill said with a smile as she drove off…






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