On The Run











As Ethel walked across the farm yard, she looked out on the fields.  Her husband and sons were out on the high fields, working on the lambing, and she knew they would not be back until the morning.  That meant she had the large farmhouse to herself, but for once she was glad of that – with the chickens fed and the other animals safely inside, she had some time to herself.


As she walked into the kitchen, and closed the door, she sighed before taking off her blue raincoat and hung it up.  Underneath she was wearing a black jumper and grey pants, the legs tucked into a pair of long blue wellingtons.  “Okay – take these off,” she said as she sat down, “and then a hot bath...”


The last thing Ethel was expecting was the hand that clamped over her mouth, or the fact someone held the flat of one of her sharp knives against her neck.


“Not a move, not a sound,” a young male voice said, “I don’t want to hurt you, but equally I don’t want the police to know where I am.  Will you do what I say?”  Ethel thought for a moment, and then slowly nodded.  “Good,” the voice continued, “all I need is a place to rest for a few hours, and a change of clothing.  I know you do not live here alone, where are the menfolk?”




“If I take my hand away, will you speak quietly?”


Ethel nodded as the hand was taken away, before she said “in the high fields. It’s Lambing season.”


“I see – and do you expect them back tonight?”


“No,” Ethel whispered again as she felt the blade against her neck.


“Good – very slowly, take your boots off, and then put your hands together in front of yourself.”


As Ethel pulled her boots off, she saw the young man walk round and sit in front of her.  He was barely older than twenty, and was wearing a set of blue overalls with a white t-shirt underneath.


“Who are you,” she said as she sat up, putting her hands together in front of herself as he picked up a ball of twine, and started to bind her wrists together.


“I’m sorry I have to do this,” he said as he pulled her wrists together, and then cut the twine before tying it off, “but like I said, I just need a place to rest and a change of clothes.  Keep quiet, don’t cause any trouble, and you’ll be all right.”


“Won’t you tell me your name?”


“Steve,” the boy said as he looked at Ethel.  “Look, can I make you a hot drink or something?  If I have to stay here, I may as well make you comfortable.”  As she nodded, he stood up and filled the kettle, putting it on to heat as he found the coffee and put some in two mugs.


“Steve – why are you doing this?”


“Well,” he said as he made the coffee, and then brought both mugs over, “I guess because I escaped from a prison work party.”


“What were you in jail for?”


“Robbery – so I apologise for the fact I broke in.  Now, if you will have your coffee, you can tell me what you would like for your dinner – I know a thing or two about cooking.”



As the theme to Poldark ended, Steve looked over and said “Well, I hope you were not too uncomfortable Ethel.”


“I coped,” Ethel said as she wriggled round.  He had tied more twine around her ankles, and then secured her wrists to them, after they had eaten the meal he had prepared, before he had gone upstairs.  Having showered, he had changed into a jumper and jeans, as well as clean underwear and socks, and trainers.  “So what happens now?”


“Now,” Steve said as he picked up the knife, and cut the twine away, “I give you the chance to wash and change.  I’m sorry to say I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm for a while, but you can at least be comfortable.”


Nodding, Ethel rubbed her wrists and then walked up the stairs, Steve following and then waiting as she went into the bathroom.  As he already had her phone, all she could do was wash, and then put on a long nightdress.  They then made their way to her room, where she saw a pair of socks as well as some of her scarves laid out.


“Hold your hands out,” he said quietly, Ethel watching as he pulled the socks over her hands, and then used one of the scarves to bind her wrists together.  He allowed her to lie down, and then used a second scarf, lifting her wrists over her head and securing them to the headboard.  A third one was used to bind her ankles together.


“Again, I am sorry,” Steve said, “and I will not keep you silent.  I am sure you will survive a night like this.”


“I imagine so,” Ethel said as she looked up, and then watched as Steve left the room.  She heard her car drive off, and settled as much as she could...






If there was one thing Barb could not stand, it was getting home late, so when the boss at the store she worked in had announced a mandatory customer awareness course when the store had closed, she already knew she needed some chill out time.


As she got off the Routemaster, her long black hair fell over the shoulders of her tan leather bomber jacket.  Underneath she had on a grey round necked sweater, her skin open to the air at her neck.  The legs of her blue jeans were tucked firmly into her light brown leather pirate boots.


The sun had already set, so it was only the street lights that illuminated her way as she walked towards her flat.  At least there was a bottle of wine cooling in the fridge so that she could unwind and relax.  So unlocking her door, walking into her hallway, and taking her jacket off before she hung it on the back of the door was all routine.


“Don’t say a word – just remain calm, and slowly move your hands behind your back.”


The make voice was unexpected, as was the pressure she could feel against her back from something small and round – but it was cold, it felt metallic, and Barb was too scared to do anything other than what she had been told to do, moving her hands slowly behind her back.


She felt a pair of hands put her wrists together, and then the sound of tape tearing away from a roll before it was used to secure them tightly together.  “Who...  Who are you,” she whispered as she felt her wrists being forced against and secured to each other.


“Sorry – I need a place to put my head down for a few hours, and I picked your open window.  Just stay quiet, remain calm, and you’ll be all right.”  She heard the tape rip and then press down on her wrists, before it was torn from the roll again and she saw whoever it was wrapping the silver tape tightly round her arms and body.


“Okay – let’s go,” the voice said as the tape was torn off again, and pressed down onto her body, before Barb was turned round and pushed into her own front room.  She could see a dirty plate with a knife and fork there, and sighed as she saw the bottle of wine, opened and a glass already poured.


“Ah - well, your plans have been changed for tonight,” the man said as he stood in front of Barb.  Early twenties, nice looking, cute smile, but still...


“Sit down.”  She looked behind herself and sat on her couch, watching as he knelt in front of her and used the duct tape to secure her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.


“So what do you want – apart from my food and drink,” she said as she twisted round.


“Like I said, a place to put my head down for a couple of hours, and some money to get me on my way.  So sorry, but you are the willing giver tonight.”


“Like I have a choice in the matter?”


“Point,” the man said with a smile as he turned the television on.  “I actually feel bad about your wine – one moment.”


Barb watched as he went to the kitchen, returning with a second wine glass that he poured some wine into, and a straw.  Holding the glass, he allowed her to take a drink of the wine, and then a bite of a sandwich.


“Well, at least I’m not going to starve,” she said as she looked at him, “so what now?”


“Now, I turn the television on, you tell me what you want to watch.”




Barb suddenly opened her eyes wide, and realised the room was in darkness.  She was also lying on her side, and something was pulling on the skin round her mouth.


“Rustllhhrrr,” she heard someone say, and then realised with a start she was the one saying it.  She realised now why she could feel something pulling at her mouth – it was covered in the same tape that held her limbs while she lay on her side.  The lights were out, and as Barb lay still she realised she was alone – he had gone.


And she had to try to free herself...




Kitty smiled as the last of the row boats came into the boathouse, catching the rope as it was thrown to her so that she could secure it to the hook in the wall.


“Another day over,” Steve said as he jumped out, “any plans for tonight?”


The teenager smiled as she followed her boyfriend out, and locked the door to the boathouse behind them.  “Nothing special – want to come round later?”


“Got my night class – so long as you don’t mind it being about 10?”


“Sure – my parents are going to be out until later anyway.  I’ll see you then.”  She stood on the toes of her pink wellingtons to kiss him and then walked off, Steve watching as her bottom moved in the tight white shorts.  The grey jacket she was wearing covered her white top and the black sports bra underneath.


Getting into her car, Kitty smiled as she turned the ignition – and then felt the pressure on her back as she heard a voice say “not a word – where are you going?”


“Home,” Kitty whispered.


“Will there be anyone waiting there?”




“Good – drive, make no moves or anything to indicate I am in here.  Do this, and I will be out of your hair very quickly.”  Nodding to show she had heard, Kitty moved off, not daring to look back to see who was there.


As she drove into the garage of her house, Kitty turned the engine off and waited for the door to close, before she heard the rear door of the car open and close.  She looked at the tall, thin young man who opened her car door, and the gun in his hand as he said “out, and open the door – nice and slowly.”  Stepping carefully out of the car, she unlocked and opened the door to the kitchen, walking in as the young man followed her.


“Okay,” he said quietly, “I just need to take a shower, find a change of clothes, and then I’ll be out of your way.  I just need to make sure you can’t raise the alarm first – mobile phone?”


“In my purse,” Kitty whispered as she held it out, the young man taking it and smiling as he removed it and her purse.  “Good – now, let’s make sure you can’t tell anyone I’m here shall we?  Take me to your bedroom.”


As they walked slowly up the stairs, Kitty ran through in her mind various ways she could try and raise the alarm, but with him so close she knew she didn’t have much of a chance.  As they went into her room, she groaned as he looked at her selection of scarves, and then saw the smile on his face.


“Lie down, make yourself comfortable – this won’t take long.”


“What won’t take long?”


“Making you comfortable,” the man said with a smile, “take your wellingtons off and lie on your bed.”




“Kitty?  Where are you?”


Steve closed the front door behind himself and slipped his coat off, wondering where she was.  The house was quiet, although the lights were on, but he could hear some noises from upstairs.  Walking slowly up, he called out again “Kitty?”




The muffled call made him stop for a moment, before Steve ran up the stairs and into the bedroom.  Kitty was lying on her bed, her arms and legs stretched out and her wrists and ankles secured to the corners with long scarves.  A knotted scarf had been pulled between her lips, her teeth resting on the soaked knot as the band was secured round her head.


“Oh my god,” Steve said as he eased the gag out, “are you all right?”


“Yeah – no I’m not!  I was surprised by this guy, who tied me up, gagged me, and then stole some of my dad’s clothes and money.  Get me loose!”




Yasmin looked up and put her pen down, stretching as she looked at the finished essay.  The young girl was wearing a blue denim jacket over a white smock top, white trousers with a light leopard print in grey, the legs of which were tucked into knee length camel coloured leather boots, and a pale blue chiffon scarf wrapped round her neck and head as a Hijab, only allowing her face to be seen.


The essay was needed for her History professor the next day, and she had spent all yesterday and most of today working on it.  Now, as she turned on the radio, she felt she could relax for a while…


“Police are still looking for Steve Harper, who absconded from prison last Sunday.  He is not as described as dangerous, but the public are warned not to approach him.  If they do see him…”


“Well, it’s nice not to be seen as dangerous.”


Yasmin turned suddenly to see the young man in her room, wearing an open necked shirt and jeans, as he smiled and held a knife in his hand.  “My apologies,” he said quietly, “but your back door was unlocked, and I just need some food and a chance to rest for a few minutes.  Do as I say, you’ll be fine, understand?”


Yasmin slowly nodded as he held a cut length from what looked like washing line.  “Good – turn round, and put your hands behind your back please.”


“What are you going to do to me,” she whispered as she felt him cross her wrists, and then the rope as it was passed round and forced them together.


“Nothing, so long as you behave and don’t raise the alarm – beyond making sure you cannot raise the alarm very easily,” he said as the rope tightened still further, and she felt his hands on her shoulders.  As she tried to move her wrists, Yasmin felt how secure they were, and she nodded slowly as he guided her out of her room, and down to the main room of the house.


“Sit down,” he said quietly, Yasmin nodding and sitting on a recliner as he walked over and closed the drapes over the bay windows.  “Now then, I want you to sit round and put your feet up on the recliner.”  As she did so, she watched as he cut another length of rope from a coil, crossed her ankles, and then secured them tightly together, the rope compressing the soft leather as it went around and between her legs.


She knew now why her wrists were so difficult to move, as the rope squeaked when it was tied off, and the man then cut a second length off, using it to secure her legs together below her knees.  As he passed the rope between her legs, she noticed he did not actually touch her, instead taking great care to ensure she was securely bound without that.


“Right then,” Steve said as he turned the radio on, “will you stay there while I sort something out to eat?”


“I have a choice?”


He smiled and went off as she wriggled round, and then lay back, her head resting on the arm rest of the recliner.  There were sounds coming from the kitchen, and then Steve returned, carrying a plate of food and a drink.


“Why are you doing this?”


“Why am I doing this here and now,” Steve said as he sat down, “or why am I doing this generally?”


“Well – yes.”


“As for generally – I need to get somewhere by Saturday, and I need to do this in a way which means I’m ahead of the police.  As to the now – you’re just lucky.  Once I’ve eaten, I’ll borrow your car for a while – you’ll get it back – and some money – which you won’t get back.”


“And me?”


Steve just smiled as he said “I need to keep you quiet, otherwise I won’t do anything else.  On that, you have my word.”


“I suppose I must accept that,” Yasmin said as she wriggled round.


“Indeed – who cooked this chicken?”


“I did?”


“It’s good – thank you,” Steve said as he continued to eat and drink.  Eventually, he stood up and returned to the kitchen, Yasmin listening to the sound of running water and then things been stacked.  When he came back, he had a strip of sticking plaster in his hand.


“Close your mouth for me please,” he said, Yasmin nodding as he removed the backing paper and then smoothed the brown fabric firmly over her mouth, the fabric adhering to her jaw and cheeks before he smiled, and left the room.  She heard him driving off in the car, and then started to try and free herself as she wriggled round.






Olivia smiled as she fixed the earrings into place, and looked at herself in the mirror.  She was not expecting her date to arrive for a couple of hours, but she liked to be ready early.  Although she was in her late forties, she looked younger in the blue dress with a red rose print.  A wide black belt went round her waist, while the skirt came halfway down her thighs.  Her legs were enclosed in a pair of black tights, as well as thigh high black leather boots with a four inch heel.


Her reddish brown hair was cut in a feathered style, her lipstick red and subtle, and she was ready for an exciting night.  So when the doorbell rang, she walked quickly through the hallway and opened it.


“Can I help you,” she said as she saw the young man standing there.


“Sorry to disturb you – I’m afraid my car has broken down,” he said as Olivia looked at the car parked outside, “and my mobile phone is dead.  Could I possibly use your phone for a moment?”


“Of course,” Olivia said as she opened the door, and he walked in.  “It’s over there.”


“Thank you,” he said as Olivia closed the door and turned round – in time to see him pull the telephone from the wall socket, and then produce a large knife as he looked at her. 


“Sorry lady,” he said quietly as he walked over and took her arm, “I need to take your car and move on.  Do as I say, understood?”


“All right,” Olivia said, “what are you going to do?”


“Tie you up and keep you quiet.”  To his surprise, Olivia smiled and said “that sounds like fun – I have plenty of rope, but make it tight.  In the cupboard – I won’t raise the alarm.”  He looked at her, and then said “go on – show me” as he let go of her arm.


As he watched, Olivia went into the cupboard under the stairs, and brought out a Perspex box.  She walked into the dining room, the young man following as she placed the box on the floor and opened it to reveal ropes, cloths and other materials.


“Go on then,” she said as she turned round, putting her hands together behind her back as she looked over her shoulder.  The young man looked at her, then took some rope from the box and doubled it over, wrapping it round her arms below her elbows before he made them touch.


“Oh yes,” Olivia said as she closed her eyes, feeling the rope as it went round and between her elbows, and then her wrists, “that’s nice.”  She felt him tie the ropes off, and then felt the fabric of her dress stretch as he wrapped a longer length round her arms and body, above and below her chest, forcing her arms even more firmly against her body as they framed her breasts.  The framing continued as he passed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm before the ends were secured.


“Now then,” he said as he looked round, “sit on the table.”  Olivia nodded as she scooted over and pushed herself up, watching as he crossed and started to lash her ankles together.


“So what are you – an escaped prisoner?”


“Actually, yes,” he said as he pulled the rope tight between her legs, making her squeal as the rope squeaked on the leather, “why?”


“Just curious – now what?”


He started to lash her legs together below her knees, and smiled as he said “How do you feel about table decorations?”




It was an hour later when her date found her front door open, and then saw Olivia on her stomach on the dressing table, her fingers stroking the heels of her boots as the backs rested on her bottom.  The rope held her ankles tightly to her chest, while her cheeks were puffed out, a band of white tape round her head and covering her lips.



“What happened?”


“Smnnstlmcr,” Olivia mumbled.


“I see – and do you need to be punished for allowing that?”


She slowly nodded, as she wondered what he would do…






As Gail sat in the lotus position, she watched the young man as he changed into her husband’s clothes.  She didn’t want to interrupt – even if she could – for some reason, this was the most relaxing yoga session she had undertaken for some considerable time.


She had just come back into her home when he had grabbed her, but when the initial shock was over she found his voice soothing, and his reassurances she would not be harmed truthful.  When he had said he needed to make sure she did not raise the alarm, and he would stay long enough to eat and change, she knew he was telling the truth, and so she agreed – if he could ensure her meditation could continue as planned.


She was still wearing her street clothes – a white vest over a black t-shirt, black checked shorts, dark hose and mid-calf black leather boots – but it didn’t matter.  He had allowed her to sit in the lotus position, and then she had watched as he lashed her crossed ankles together, the rope going around and between her leather clad legs.


She had then put her hands on her knees, fingers together, palms down as he lashed her wrists to her thighs, and then some rope around her upper body and arms to fix them into place as well.  Finally, a strip of medical tape covered her mouth, her lips visible through the white material.


And so she had started her meditation, closing her eyes as he stripped off.  At least the chant was soothing, as she said “mmmmgnnn, mmmgnnnn, mmmggnnnn…”


She didn’t even hear him leave, but she was at peace with the world, and with herself...




“But why Steve?”


“I’m sorry sis,” Steve said as he fed Wilma’s arms through the chair back, and then started to bind her wrists together with the rope, “I just needed to collect a few things, and then disappear for good.  This way, they won’t think you did this voluntarily.”


“I didn’t,” Wilma said, biting her tongue as the ropes rubbed against her skin.  The blonde haired young woman was wearing a fawn ribbed sweater, knee length grey skirt, natural hose and black knee length leather boots, but right now she was worried about the fact her kid brother was tying her wrists to the chair back.


“Just think of it as when we used to play games,” Steve said as he secured her wrists, and then started to wind a length of rope around her body and the chair back, securing her in place as it went above and below her chest.  They had played these games in the past, but while she had grown up and gone on to work at a job, Steve had taken a – different path in life.


As he came round, Steve knelt down and lashed her left ankle to the front chair, before moving round and securing her other ankles into place as well.  Wilma wriggled round as he rolled up a red bandana, and tied a knot in the middle.


“So where will you go?”


“Not sure yet – I’ll send you a postcard when I get there.  Now open wide.”


She felt the cloth on her tongue and bit down as he tied the band round her head, trapping her hair underneath, before she watched him lift the rug and some floorboards, retrieving a small bag before he replaced the wood and the carpet.  “My retirement fund,” he said as he threw it up, a sound like glass clinking as he caught it.  “You should have a visitor soon – I let enough people see I was coming in.  Have fun, sis.”


“Seefrutsaa,” Wilma said as Steve left, and she started to struggle.



A month later


“Who is the card from,” Wilma’s boyfriend said as he caught sight of the Barcelona scene on the front.


“Oh – an old friend,” she said as she read the message.




“Settled here now – enjoying the sun.  Hope you got over the game.










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