Party Night







“I have to say, you look amazing Barb,” Sheila said as she sat with her old friend on the brown leather couch.  The brunette was wearing a black evening dress with a short skirt, a thin black leather belt hanging loosely round her waist, dark hose and knee length black leather boots with a stiletto heel.


“Well, you’re not too shabby either, “Barb said as she looked at the blonde.  Sheila was also dressed in black, but her dress was leather with fabric arms, a belt round her waist, as well as the dark hose and black boots, Sheila’s with a block heel.  Sheila smiled as she said “well, this is a very special occasion.  The car I’ve booked should be here in a few minutes – enough time for us to finish our wine.”  She picked up the glass from the small table and smiled as she took a sip.


She had known Barb for years as a colleague and a friend, but with both of them recently finding themselves single, she was wondering if a night out would lead to something else…


“There’s the car,” Barb said as she heard a vehicle pull up outside, Sheila nodding as she stood up and made her way to the door, Barb standing a short while later and brushing some lint off her skirt.




“Let me get my coat,” Barb said as she turned round – and then slowly raised her hands in the air as she saw the two men with Sheila, one holding her arm and pointing a gun to her head, while the other walked past them and put a large holdall down.  “Not a word, understood,” he said quietly as he opened a bag, taking out a second gun and pointing it at Barb as the man with Sheila said “keep her here – you come with me for a few minutes.”


“What on earth is going on,” Barb said as she looked at the armed intruder, but he said nothing, just looking intently at her before the other man returned with Sheila.


A very different Sheila, with a wide strip of white tape pressed down firmly over her mouth, and a pair of her soiled panties in her hand.  “do it,” the ,man said as he pushed towards Barb, Sheila mumbling “Hmsreee” as she came over and held the wadded and soiled panties in her hand.


“You…  You expect me to let her put them in my mouth?”


“Assuming you wish to see tomorrow,” the man said, Barb thinking for a moment before she slowly opened her mouth.  The acrid taste on her tongue took her by surprise, but she controlled herself and slowly closed her lips over them, before the man walked over and peeled a length of white tape from the inside of his jacket.  It adhered to the skin on her jaw as he pressed it into place, and then put the gun down as he opened the bag, and took out several lengths of white rope.


“whhrhthghnnthdh,” Sheila mumbled as the men took a length of cord each, and then walked behind the two women, pulling their arms behind their backs and crossing their wrists before they felt the cords rubbing on the bare skin if their wrists, the rope going around and between their arm so that they were held tightly together.


“Hmghdddnhhh,” Barb said out loud as she tried to twist her wrists, only to watch as the two men took longer lengths of rope and then doubled them over, passing them round the two women below their chests before the rope was pulled taut, and their arms were forced into their sides.  They both let out a muffled gasp as the rope went round their bodies, forming two bands that pressed on and forced their chests out between them, Barb seeing a strange look in Sheila’s eyes as this happened.


The rope was then pulled even tighter, and taken over one shoulder, the man walking in front of Barb and pulling it around the lower band between her breasts before he pulled it back up.  That wasn’t the worst thing though – it was the shocks running through her body as his hands stroked over her breasts…


She looked over at Sheila, the rope going under one arm, round the back of her neck and under the other arm so that her chest was framed on all sides, the top stretching as the zip opened slightly to reveal her milk white breasts.  Sheila looked at her, and nodded before more rope was tied round their waists, forcing their bound wrists against their backs as the long ends were dropped to the floor.


“Hmghhhddd…”  Barb had a sinking feeling about what was going to happen – and then she grunted as the rope was pulled sharply up, hiking her skirt as it pressed against the crotch of her hose – and realising that with nothing underneath…


Sheila had the same confused look in her eyes as the skirt was pulled up, revealing the tops of her dark stockings, and then the rope tied around the bands of rope between her breasts, Barb seeing the rope tied round the top band in her case.


“Whthrughhnthdhwffhs,” she mumbled as she watched one of the man close the bag, then pick it and the gun up.


“Move,” the other man said as he motioned with her gun, the two women looking at each other before they walked out of the room.  With each step, the rope rubbed on them between their legs, as well as the bands tightly framing their chests, but they could only moan softly as they were escorted out of the house and into a van, where they were both made to sit down.


They watched as the two men crossed and bound their ankles together, and then secured their legs below their knees, before they were made to lie face down on the floor and their ankles pulled back.  Barb and Sheila looked at each other, as their ankles were secured to the crotch ropes – but to each other’s, before one of the men banged on the side of the van and it moved off.  Each time they tried to move, the ropes rubbed more – and after they looked at each other, they kept going, wondering what else was going to happen…






Chloe smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, twisting from side to side as she did so.  The black evening dress hugged her slim figure, while the new over the new black leather boots simply added to the effect.


“I hope the girls like this look,” she said as she patted her hair – freshly dyed red and styled that morning.  She was normally seen wearing jerseys and pants or jersey dresses, so this was a bold move for her.


She was looking so intently at the reflection she didn’t hear the door open and close, or notice that she was no longer alone in the room, until the gloved hand was clamped over her mouth and she felt the gun pressing against her back…


“Don’t say a word,” a male voice whispered behind her, “I want you to slowly, slowly, raise your skirt and pull your panties off, and I want you to do it now.  Understood?”  Chloe stood still for a moment, trying to process what was happening, and then she slowly bent her knees, the hand staying clamped over her mouth as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, then held them in her hand.


“Fold them – when I take my hand away, put them in your mouth, and then close your lips over it.  You’re going to take a little trip with me.”




“Just do as I say, lady – now.”


Chloe nodded slowly starting to cry as she felt the disc pressing on her back, and folded the black panties into a pad, before the hand was removed and she opened her move, trying not to choke as she pushed them in and closed her lips over them.  They tasted strange on her tongue, but the question of pushing them out was soon moot as she heard a soft squelchy ripping sound, and then felt the tape as it was pressed firmly over her mouth.


She then felt whoever it was pull her arms behind her back, and the soft rope as her elbows were pulled together behind her, the tightness clear as whoever was binding her worked on it.  She looked sown as well, noticing the way her chest was forced out, and then felt the same rope as her wrists were forced together.


“Whtyhshhtuhehnt,” she mumbled as she tried to look over her shoulder.


“You’re going to meet your friends – my other friend is going to one of them now,” the man said, and then she saw the white rope in front of her as it was passed round her body, forcing her arms against her back as the bands were formed above and below her chest.  Each time it went round, it pressed down and up on her breasts, as she tried not to think of how that was making her feel.


But when he passed the rope over her shoulder and stood in front of her, and he saw both how tall and broad shouldered he was, and the bulge in his pants, she closed her eyes, moaning slightly as his hands brushed over her breasts as the rope was fed under the lower band, and then pulled back up.


“Did you like that,” he whispered into her ear as he walked behind her, and pulled the rope back up.  Chloe found herself slowly nodding, and then gasping as the gloved hands came round and started to gently massage her chest, not denying the enjoyment she was beginning to feel.  How did he know this was her passion?


The massage continued as she felt her breasts firming up, and then the kiss on her neck as he whispered “shall I continue?”  As Chloe nodded, she was forced to her knees, watching as he slipped his hands under the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled them down, so that her breasts were exposed – and then his gloved fingers started to play with and pinch her nipples as she groaned. 


She pressed back against him, feeling the bulge throb slightly before he stopped the attention to her chest, and moved back, Chloe feeling the rope as her ankles were forced together, and then her legs below her knees.


He then groped her chest hard, as he whispered “I think you should be more relaxed before you join your friends,” and then made her lie on the floor as he unzipped his pants….





As this was happening, her friend Tiffany was struggling as she said “please, don’t make me do this…”


She had been surprised by the smartly dressed man when she opened the door, expecting to see Barb or Sheila, but instead he had forced his way in at gunpoint, smiling as he made her go back into the front room of her house.  She was wearing an electric blue dress with a wide black leather belt round her waist.  The skirt barely covered the top of her black stockings, and the black leather boots came up to just below her knees.


That skirt was now hiked up by the rope which had been pulled between her legs, rubbing on her clit as she knelt on the floor.   Her wrists were tightly secured together behind her back, and then her arms with the bands surrounding her chest, the blue material now tightly stretched over her very ample and prominent chest.  The man had also bound her ankles and legs tightly together, the leather squeaking as her legs rubbed together while she struggled – but that wasn’t the worst thing now.


The worst thing was how excited she was finding all this, been helpless – and that he had not silenced her, so that she had bit her tongue when he knelt in front of her and groped her chest, for fear others may try and come in…


But now the intruder was standing in front of her, smiling as he said “before I take you to join your friends, perhaps we can have a little fun…”  He slowly pulled his pants down, Tiffany looking at his cock as it hung long and hard, before she said “if I do as you say, what will you do?”


“Give you pleasure,” he said as he walked closer. Holding the large organ up in his hand, he said quietly, “kiss it,” Tiffany nodding as she shuffled slightly forward – as much as she could with her legs tied – and gently placed her lips on it.  Slowly, carefully, she moved up and down it, and then opened her mouth to receive the cock, feeling it throb on her tongue as he held her head in his gloved hands.  She knew she had no choice, but was silently grateful that this may be all he did, as she started to use her tongue, wrapping it round it and moving her head to and fro as it enlarged and filled her own mouth.


She could hear his groans, but was also aware of the fact that as she did this, she was moving the rope between her legs, feeling the dampness and heat in her own legs.  If he was going to force to do this, and he was certainly responding because she could feel the weight on her tongue as well as the throbbing, then she was damn well going to make herself happy in a way as well.


And as she felt the throbbing getting stronger, she felt the shivers in herself, and tried to make sure they would come together…






“Hmghddd – thffnhnnee!”


Sheila and Barb looked at the doors of the van as they opened, and Tiffany was carried in over the shoulder of their captor.  He placed her on the floor and pulled her ankles back, Tiffany grunted as she saw Chloe lying on her side as well, before she felt the rope securing them to her own.  He had wiped her chin with a cloth, and then stiffed it into her mouth before he taped it over, and lifted her up.


“One more to go,” he said quietly as the doors were closed again, the four women looking at each other…





Niamh walked down the stairs of her home, the dark haired colleen dressed like her friends were likely to be in black.  In her case, the dress had long sleeves split at the side, her black boots laced up the sides as they hugged her legs.


“Coming, coming,” she said out loud as she heard the knock on the door, and then stepped back as the two men walked in, one of them holding a gun in his hand as the other carried a bag.


“Thank you,” the first man said quietly as the door was closed, “now you’re not going to scream, are you?  After all, we already have your friends…”


“You have… you bastards, you’ve kidnapped the other four,” Niamh spat out.  She was meant to be meeting with Sheila, Barb, Tiffany and Chloe, but these men were claiming they had them!


“Yes, yes we have – so be a good girl, and do what we say,” the man whispered, Niamh holding herself as the second man opened the door, and a third appeared – carrying Tiffany over his shoulder as he made his way past.



“Hnnhnhttnhhmhh,” she moaned as she turned her head and looked at her friend, then disappeared into the front room before the third intruder returned, making three more trips with her friends, all of them tightly bound, gagged, ropes running between their legs – and a buzzing sound in her ear as each of them passed.


As Barb was taken by, the door was closed as the first man said “your turn – hands behind your back, lady.”


“Do I have a choice?”




The answer was simple and emphatic, Niamh shaking as her hands were pulled behind her back, and she felt the rope forcing them together, passing around and between her arms so that she could not move them apart.  She was shocked then as the zip on her dress was pulled down, the top half falling and resting on her wrists as the men looked at her bare chest.


“Very nice,” was the response, “bind her properly.”  Niamh bit her lower lip as she felt the rope on her skin, pulled tight under her chest as the rope forced her arms into her sides, and then pressing down on her chest as it was wound round her upper arms and body.


“What have you done to them,” she whispered as the ropes rubbed on her bare chest, and she heard all four moan in a muffled call.


“Made them happy – just as we’re going to make you happy,” the man said as the ropes were pulled even tighter, squeezing her breasts as the ropes were tied behind her, and then she heard the rope drop to the floor.  In front of her, her captor knelt down and smiled as he eased her hose down – and she felt the other man’s hands on her chest as he squeezed hard, making her open her mouth to complain – and then she felt the hard rubber ball as it was forced past her teeth, the leather straps fastened tightly round her head as she felt the lips going up and down her inner thigh.


The hands returned to their actions on her naked breasts, Niamh feeling them firm up as she struggled to try and stop him doing what he was doing – with little success, as she was distracted by the man in front of her, kissing her legs, and then putting his head under her skirt…


“Hdhrrghddd,” she called out as she felt his lips on her clit, felt his tongue as it stroked over that, and thanking the lord she had recently had a bikini wax down there.  But it had left her so sensitive to the touch there – as she had discovered herself – and now as his tongue played a tune with her there, she wanted to sing along, even shout along.


She was aware of the pressure on her nipples as well, and while it hurt, it was certainly doing something else to her, something pleasant despite the fear.  If she had hair on her body, she was sure it would be standing by now, especially as she could feel the sweat on her legs – at least she hoped it was sweat.


But even as she thought that, she knew it was not sweat, as the man’s tongue eased past her petals, licking her just inside as her body started to shake.  The pressure on her breasts was also increasing, and as she was pushed back she could feel the pressure on the second man as well.


And then he moved closer, his tongue pushing into her as she felt the heat suddenly intensifying, and she screamed into the gag, her body shaking in response as the orgasm came without warning, her fluids flowing – and still he kept going, and the second man seemed to be getting more and more excited as well.


It was as if she was in a dream as she was walked into the front room, her eyes barely registering the fact the four others were kneeling in front of her couch, their heads down – or that the third man was standing behind Tiffany, and it was obvious from her moans she was been taken from behind.  She was pushed down as well, aware dimly of the ropes that held her ankles together, her legs below her knees, the skirt of her dress lifted up, and then the sound of a zip opening behind her.


She slowly turned her head as the first man looked at Barb and Sheila, then groaned as she was entered from behind as he said “so who shall I have first…”








As Sheila slowly opened her eyes, she saw Barb looking at her, the tape still covering her mouth as they lay on the floor.  She was aware of the groans from the others – and of the vibrations inside her from the device they had put in before they left.  Her body ached, but she still could find no relief.


As she watched, Barb managed to peel the tape away from her mouth and pushed the soaking wet panties out, then said in a hoarse voice “how many times…”


“thmhnnnee – hllpmh…”


Barb nodded as she slowly came over, shivering as she did so, and started to use her lips to ungag her friend as the light started to stream in…







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