Party Night




“No, please, I’ll do anything you ask, just please don’t putttmmph!”


The hard rubber plug filled her mouth as the smell of the black leather filled her nostrils.  The man pulled the leather straps behind her head, trapping her long light brown hair underneath as he did so, while she looked up at the smartly dressed man standing in front of her.  His suit was immaculate, his smile impressive, and the Uzi he cradled in his arms threatening.  Her wrists were chaffing from the white cords that had been sued to bind them together behind her back; the short white sleeves of her party top offered no protection as the rope had been wrapped around and between them.


It had only been what – half an hour since they had come in and forced them all to be quiet.  Joanne, their host, had been bound and gagged in front of them before she was taken away, and then one by one they had been escorted out of the room.  Well, Bea and Sally went off together – you could not separate those two, even with armed guards, but she was alone and kneeling on the floor now as the buckle was fastened behind her head.


“You would not answer the question,” the bearded man had said to her before forcing that gag into her mouth.  It was a ridiculous question, one she did not even understand, let alone know how to answer, but that had not helped.  Now here she was, kneeling on the floor and wondering what was to come next.


For her, what came next was been made to lie face down on the floor.  As she rolled over to face the stone wall, her white skirt started to ride up to expose the rather large pair of pink knickers she was wearing.  “I’m going to talk to the next girl,” the bearded man said to her guard.  He had not come in with the other men – six of them in all, all dressed in suit, shirt and tie and all with black stocking masks over their heads.  It was only when they were alone that he had come in, asked his stupid question, and then gagged her.


“Secure her legs, and then stay with her until you are called.  Remember – no hard stuff, we have our orders.”


“Orders?” she thought to herself as she rolled over onto her back, the front of her skirt riding up as she did so.  “What the hell is going on here?”  Her eyes widened as she watched the guard place his gun on the seat, retrieve a long length of cord and walk towards her, the cord taut in his gloved hands.  From the room next door, she could hear Alice sobbing “What are you talking about?” and then silence...




“They will all be attending a pyjama party that night – juvenile, I know, but it provides a reason for them all to be in the same place at the same time.  Team building can take so many unusual forms.  At any rate, that should make your job much easier.


“Do whatever needs to be done, but get the answer to the question and bring it back here – I need to know.”



Alice grunted as the ends of the white cloth were pulled together tightly at the back of her head and knotted.  The small rubber ball that had been rolled into the cloth filled her mouth, and her jaw ached around her teeth as they pressed down upon it, but the armed man watching over her from the other side of the bed stopped her from complaining.


“As if anyone can hear me,” she thought as she tried to stop herself crying.  The strange bearded man had come in, forced her to take off her nightdress, and made her sit on the bed in her pink bra and pants.  He had at least allowed her to keep her stockings and sandals on - although he had then tied a length of white rope around each of her ankles, leaving the ends trailing on the mattress before pulling her arms behind her back and passing more rope around her crossed wrists.  As the loops had tightened around them, the rope going around and between, he had leaned over and whispered a question into her ear.


“What?” Alice had said as she turned to look at him.  “I’ve no idea what you are talking about.”  The man had looked into her eyes, nodded and said “No, you don’t” before forcing the cloth and rubber gag into her mouth.


“All right, my dear Alice, I want you to lie down on your front and relax.  This will all be over soon.”  She looked at the two men, her eyes widening as she realised she had not told them her name, and wondering what was going on.


“Relax – we just need to make sure you cannot help your friends or raise the alarm,” the bearded man said as he took hold of her ankles and gently separated them, so that each foot was passing towards a corner of the mattress.  Taking a long length of rope, he tied one end to Alice’s left ankle, passing the rope through that already tied to her leg and pulling it tightly to the side.  Taking the end of the rope, he passed it under the mattress, the armed guard holding it up as he did so, and then secured the other end around her right ankle, pulling tighter all the time.  As he took the final length and fed it back to where he had started, Alice looked over her shoulder and realised she was not going anywhere for some considerable time.


“You must be stiff – allow me to free your arms for a moment,” the man said as he leaned over Alice, and to her surprise she felt the rope around her arms slacken.  As the binding gave way, she felt the man take hold of her wrist and again ask the same question as earlier.  “Are you sure?” he then said, but all Alice could do was shake her head in answer.  “Pity,” was the only response as he took her right wrist and pulled her arm gently up so that it pointed towards the headboard.




“You will need to separate the girls – although in the case of two of them that might not be possible.”


“They are partners?”


“Yes – and much as that separation may get what we need, I have no wish to cause any more upset than there already will be.”


“Are there any particular requests?”


“Yes, one – Alice.  Make sure she is as comfortable as you can get her – she’s had past experiences, and need not be frightened more than necessary.”



Alice looked over at the smartly dressed guard as he stood by the head of the bed.  The bearded man had indeed freed her arms for the moment – only to tie them to the headboard, spread apart so that her body formed an X on the mattress.  She pulled on the ropes and grunted into the gag, which was starting to feel heavy from the saliva soaking into the white cloth.


“Watch her,” was all she heard as the door closed.  Last time she had been left in what she later learnt was a hog tie, so at least this was a little more comfortable.  She let her head lie on the mattress and started to wonder how long she would be left like this, when there was a scream from the next room.


“Stupid girl – you should not have tried that,” the guard said to Katie as he pointed the gun at her.  As he covered her, the other man picked up a coil of white rope; the ends taped with black electrical tape, and walked over.


“I had heard you were a bit of a wild cat, Carol – it would appear that the warning was justified.  More fool you – we just need to make you – uncomfortable now.”  Carol looked over at him, her blue eyes flashing, and shouted “How the fuck do you know who I am, and what gives you and your ‘friends’ the right to do this to us.”


“We were paid to do something, and we were asked to do it with all of you.  Anything else?”  As he said this, the bearded man walked behind Carol and passed the doubled over rope around her arms and chest, passing the ends through the loop behind her back and pulling it tight just below her breasts so that her arms were held tightly to her side.  As the rope went around again, this time above her breasts, she asked again “Who paid you to do this?”


“If you can answer my question, then I will tell you,” the man said as the rope went round again and again, pulling her arms more tightly to her side and forcing her breasts to strain against the black lace bra she was wearing.  She grunted as the rope was passed over her shoulder, down between her breasts and passed through the lower band of rope before being returned over her other shoulder.  The last end was used to pull her wrist further up her back, the loose black ends dangling behind her as the last knot was tied.


“Hey, I’ll ask the questions.  What have you done with the others, and why are you doing this!”


“Inquisitive, aren’t you?  Well, I’m talking to each of you in turn – the young lovers are next, I think.  As to why – well, that’s why I’m talking to you.  Now, are you ready for the question?”


Carol looked at the man standing in front of her – medium height, slightly portly, with a greying brown beard and thinning hair.  You wouldn’t give him a second glance if you passed him in the street, but you could tell he was calm and confident.  The smartly dressed masked guards were as well, but even so this man was not worried that you would be able to describe him.


“Go on then – what do you want to ask me?”


The bearded man smiled.  “Just this – Is it safe?  Is it secret?”


Carol looked between the two men.  “All right – which for you is meant to be Larry Olivier?  I mean, I’ve seen Marathon Man – but if this is a joke on that, where’s the dentist chair?”


The bearded man just smiled, leant over and repeated “Is it safe?  Is it secret?”  In reply, Carol stared straight at him and said “I have no fucking idea what you are talking about.”


“Fair enough,” was his reply as he stood straight, walked over and picked up what looked like a length of black cloth.  As he came closer, Carol was shocked to see what looked like a large rubber teat attached to the centre of the cloth at one side.  “Open wide,” was the last thing she heard before the taste and volume of rubber filled her mouth and nostrils.







The champagne cork flew into the air as Joanne held the bottle tightly in her hands.  She had rented the house for the night – a place that was used for, shall we say, intimate parties were discretion was the watchword.  It had come to her attention in a discussion with other colleagues, and it offered the perfect opportunity for her team building/bonding evening.


Sitting in front of her were the support team she managed at the clearing house – Kate in her white top and short skirt, obviously the closest she was ever going to come to a pyjama party.  That private school education obviously did not include the shenanigans she had experienced at St Elegius.


Then there was Alice, in a pair of pink silk pyjamas.  Joanne had heard about the break-in at Alice’s house, and honestly had not been sure if she would come or not.  Now that she was here, she hoped the others would be respectful towards her, given she was still raw from that experience.


Carol, on the other hand, was sharing stories about her more colourful past.  She was the most recent addition to the team – a lively, outgoing girl with long straw coloured hair and sparkling clear blue eyes.  Her baby doll nightie barely covered her lace underwear, but Joanne was going to let that pass tonight.


Finally, there was Bea and Sally, giggling and looking at each other with glances that spoke far more than their words.  Bea was wearing an electric blue silk short top and skirt, the sleeves pulled up slightly and her hair done up in a bun, while Sally was wearing a dark purple satin top with stocking coloured legs underneath the matching short skirt.  They obviously only had eyes for each other, which made Joanne wonder if anything could separate them.


“Here we go girls,” she said as she walked round and filled up their champagne flutes.  “Thank you all for a successful quarter and here’s to the team.”


“THE TEAM!” all six shouted in unison as they raised and then drained their glasses.  It was then that there was a ring on the doorbell.


“Ah – the entertainment.  I won’t be a moment,” Joanne said as she put the magnum bottle down and walked out of the room.  Checking herself in the mirror, and adjusting the white puff sleeves of her own outfit, she smiled as she opened the door, saying “Thanks for com....”




“What do you think she’s organised?”


“No idea – but if it doesn’t involve naked well built men, it won’t be Joanne!”


The quintet burst out laughing at Carol’s comment, only for their laughter to turn to screams as Joanne came back into the room, followed by six very well built men, impeccably dressed and carrying machine guns in their hands.  “Nobody move – hands on your heads and sit down,” one of them barked as Joanne was forced to take a seat in front of them.


“What the hell’s going on here,” Carol shouted, only for a gun to be directed into her face as the man said “I told you to shut up and sit down – now.  You,” he said turning to Joanne, “Are you in charge here?”


“Yes,” she replied in a small voice.  “Good – stand up and come here,” the man said, and as Joanne came towards him he pulled a length of white cord from his jacket pocket.  Joanne looked up into his stocking covered face, the hazel eyes visible through the dark nylon.


“Hands in front of you, palms together,” he demanded, and the others watched as he quickly bound their boss’s wrists together.  “Get her out of here,” he demanded, and as one of the men took Joanne out of the room another man, casually dressed and not wearing a mask came in.  “Separate them,” the first man said, and one by one the girls were taken from the room.


“Please,” Sally said as she and Bea were forced up, “Let us be together.  We don’t want to be separated.”


The leader looked over at the bearded man, who nodded in response.  “Very well,” he said as he passed two lengths of cord to one of the armed men, “Make one of them tie the other’s wrists, and then take care of that one when you find a room.”


As they were led out, he turned to the bearded man.  “Where do you want to start?”


“With the one called Kate, I think – she looked the most frightened of them all, and may be the most responsive.  We will see.”




Carol grunted through the gag as she felt her right ankle been pulled to the side.  “I hope this teaches you the virtue of manners,” the bearded man said as he tied the rope around her ankle, securing it so that her legs were spread wide apart at the foot of the mattress.  She glanced down to see if there was any hope of escape, but with her own weight forcing the mattress down on the rope around her ankles there was little chance of that.


The bearded man walked out, taking one last look at Carol lying there, and closed the door as he did so.




“No luck so far - which makes me think we need to talk to the young lovers.  A pity they would not be separated, but still.”



“Well, this is exciting, isn’t it?”


Bea turned to look at her partner as they both sat on the mattress.  Sally had been forced to bind Bea’s wrists together in front of her, before her own were secured, and as she sat there with her legs tucked underneath her bottom she wondered what was going to happen next.


Both girls still had their strapped shoes on, white for Bea and black for Jenny, as the armed guard looked up to see who was coming into the room.


“Right, girls, I’m going to be quick about this,” the bearded man said as he walked in and deposited two objects and several lengths of rope on the table in the room.  “Which one of you is Bea?”


“I am,” Bea said as she raised her hands, “But won’t you tell me what this is about?”


“Well, if you can answer my question then I will be able to tell you.”


Bea looked over her shoulder at the man as he picked up one of the black objects and walked over behind her.  He dangled it in front of Bea, who noticed the puce coloured plastic cup attached to one side.


“Is it safe?  Is it secret?”


Jenny looked over at Bea.  “Do you have any idea what he is talking about?”  In answer, Bea just smiled as she looked up at the black object in front of her.  “No idea at all, but this looks like it might be fun.  Go on, I’m ready.”


“As you wish, Bea,” the bearded man said as he placed the plug in front of her mouth.  She opened her mouth wide to accept the plastic plug, closing her lips around it as the man pulled the straps behind her head and knotted them together.  “You just sit quietly for a minute and think nice thoughts,” he said as he moved to one side.  “I presume therefore that you are Sally?”


“I am,” the strawberry blonde girl said as she flicked her pigtail to the side, “but I have a secret to tell you.  May I whisper it to you?”


He looked at the armed guard, but there was no visible response beyond a twitch of the lips.  “Very well,” he said as he leaned over, “what do you want to tell me?”


Sally smiled as he leaned over and placed his ear to her lips.  “It is safe, and it is secret,” she whispered into his ear, “What do you want to know?”  The bearded man smiled as he turned and whispered in her ear “Lady C sends her compliments and says you will be contacted soon.  In the meantime, keep it safe and keep it secret.”


Standing up, he walked behind her and held the plastic cup in front of Sally’s mouth.  “Very nice, Sally, but I’m afraid you have to be treated exactly the same as your partner here.  Now, open wide and bite down.”


As he secured the ends together at the base of her head, Sally relaxed a little.  It was wrong that Bea had been treated this way, or indeed any of the others, but she had a job to do on behalf of her mistress, and nothing was going to stand in her way.  She looked up as the bearded man walked round and looked down on her.


“I’m going to take care of Bea, first, if you don’t mind,” he said as he walked to the side of the bed.  “Why don’t you shuffle over here, and then lie down on your side.”


Bea’s eyes were smiling as she shuffled on the mattress to the left side of the bed, before allowing herself to fall over onto her side, her legs stretching out below.  The bearded man smiled in return as he took her mound wrists and gently moved them above her head, helping her to roll over as he did so.  It only took a few minutes for him to secure them to the headboard with a length of cord, so that her arms were stretched out above her.  The man walked down, noting the way her skirt had ridden up as she had moved, before picking up a length of rope, doubling it over and passing it around her ankles.


“Just lie still now and I’ll make sure you are nice and safe, he said as he passed the rope around her ankles, taking the ends through the loop and tightening it so that they were held together.  A few more minutes passed until he knotted the rope below the footrest, leaving Bea secured.  While all this was going on, Sally was watching, taking note and realising this was what was going to happen to her next.




“Very well, it is important that this leak is stopped and stopped now.  I approve the operation, no matter what may happen.”


“As you wish – we will ensure total security is employed.”




“There we go – nice and cosy.”


Sally looked over at Bea as the bearded man tied off the rope that held her ankles together to the footboard.  He partner’s head was buried in the pillow, so she turned and looked at the two men as they looked down on their captives. 


Raising her head, Bea looked over and said “wht d th wnt, sle?”


“b clm, be, thy wnt hrt u.”


“hwd u knw?”


“Stay calm, ladies, I’m sure we will soon be done here,” the bearded man said as he left the guard to watch them.  As the door closed, Sally turned to look at Bea.


“U lk ht, b”


“O sht p”



Outside the room, the bearded man turned and looked at the leader of the gang.  “We’ve found what we were looking for – let’s pay one last visit and get this over with.”






The two men walked down the corridor, muffled cries coming from behind each door, and opened the final door on the left.  Joanne looked at them as they walked in, her arms aching from the way they had been secured to a beam above her.


She was still dressed in her harem outfit, a top that covered her breasts in pink material as the white billowing short sleeves were held at her elbows by the elastic cuffs.  A pair of pink panties underneath her white garter belt was the only covering there, as her stocking went down her shapely legs to the white sandals she was wearing.  Her heels barely touched the floor as she spun slowly round, calling out through the white cloth that held the rubber ball in her mouth.




“We have news for you, Joanne, but I suspect you may wish to have some relief first.  Would that be the case?”


Using the heels of her shoes, Joanne slowly spun herself back round so that she was facing the two new arrivals.  She watched as the gang leader reached up and removed the stocking that covered his head.


“D u hv th eansr?” she mumbled through her gag.


“Yes, we have found the leak – that, after all, is what you hired the Plumbers for, correct?”


Joanne nodded as she slowly spun back in the opposite direction, the long ends of the white scarf hanging down her brown hair. She had been aware of the leak for some time, and was concerned that if it reached her own managers, then she would be taking a one way trip at the next auction.  She had discussed it with Gina, who had suggested a call to The Plumbers.  This had been the result.


“As I said when we met, Joanne, we ensure total security and no blame to anyone until the suspicions are confirmed.  Let her down.”


She watched as the guard came over and untied the rope that ran from the overhead beam to a ring in the wall, lowering her wrists down in front of her.


“ho s t”


“Oh, forgive me,” the bearded man said as he quickly walked over and untied the scarf.  Joanne coughed as the ball was removed from her mouth, working her jaw to remove the stiffness.  “Dave, you’ve lost none of your skill.  Who was it?”




Joanne looked at the two men.  “Sally?  Pity – I had wondered if it was someone else.  Was I right about it been for Lady C?”


“You were right about that, at any rate.  So, what do you want to do?”


Joanne looked around the room.  “I’ll report it to George and let him deal with it.  In the meantime, what are you going to do?”


“We need to finish here, but we’ll make you a little more comfortable than before.  The fee?”


“Will be paid in the usual manner.  My thanks, gentlemen – and now, if you don’t mind, let’s get this over with.”








The police tip off in the early hours of the morning was anonymous – it merely stated that there had been a robbery at a secluded house, and when they got there they found six women in various states of dress, all bound and gagged.  Some personal items had been taken, as well as the safe emptied, but the women were safe and well despite their ordeal.


A few weeks later, Bea and Carol were sitting in a cafe, talking quietly.


“I don’t understand, Carol, why would Sally just leave like that?  We were fine that morning, then in the afternoon all her clothes had gone – and so had, so had...”


“I have no idea what happened, Bea, but I’m sure she’ll be in touch.  It might just be she had a sudden transfer – have you asked Joanne?”


“No, not yet – I think I’ll do that.  I’m sorry to trouble you like this, Carol.”


“It’s all right, Bea – after that night, we all seem to have bonded well.  I’ll see you later – once you’ve had that talk with Joanne?”


Bea nodded as she stood up and walked away, Carol watching all the time.  After a few minutes, she took out a cell phone and dialled a number.


“It’s me.  My cover has been preserved – it appears we were not the only ones attempting to infiltrate the organisation.  I will update at our next briefing.£