“Well, gentlemen and ladies, you have had the allotted period to carry out your tasks.  I asked each of you to visit one of four houses – now you can tell me what you found.”


“Team 1, you were asked to visit the home of Diana Spencer.  Report.”


“As you wish, M’am.  We gained access as you requested, and waited for Miss Spencer and her mother to return...”


“Diana, why don’t you go into the living room and turn the lights on.”


“All right, mother,” Carol heard her daughter call out as she locked the car doors.  She pulled the hem of her leopard skin coat down and walked purposefully into the house, pushing the large front door closed behind her.  She could see Diana’s leather blouson jacket hanging on the coat rack, so she slipped her own off and hung it beside the brown garment.  She had been at a works party, and was still wearing the long gold sheath dress with black heels.


She could hear some talking in the front room, so she walked in, saying “Is Helen still here, Di...”  She stopped short, stunned by a number of things.


The first was the tall, stocking masked man holding Diana, a gloved hand clamped firmly over her mouth as she stood there in her pink top and jeans.  The second was the other two armed men that were standing to the side of the room.  The third was Helen, her sister, staring up at her from her position on the floor of the room.


She had been stripped, her blouse and skirt thrown on a chair nearby, and was staring at her over a yellow ball that had been fixed into her mouth with a black strap running around her head.  Her arms were fixed behind her, ropes around her wrists and elbows holding them parallel to each other.  More ropes held her arms firmly to her side, running above and below her breasts which were barely covered by her black bra.  Thick bands were also passed around her neck and upper body, holding her upper arms firmly in place.


Finally, her ankles were lashed together and pulled back so that she could touch the heels of her feet with her fingers.  “Hlpm,” she mumbled as she looked at Carol, her eyes filled with tears.


“Forgive the intrusion,” the man holding Diana said, “but we’ve come to rob you.  No noises, no sudden moves, understand?”


“Yes,” Carol said quietly, “I understand, just please don’t hurt them.”


“Good” the man said as he let Diana go.  “Both of you stand still and put your hands behind your back.”


“Just do as they say, love,” Carol said as she hugged her daughter, before standing still facing her as they both felt their arms been firmly pulled behind their back.  “If we do as they say, I don’t think they’re going to harm us.”


“Esefruts,” Helen mumbled as she watched the other two intruders firmly lashing the wrists of her relatives together behind their backs.  “Now then,” the leader said as he took Carol by the arm and sat her on a chair, “You just stay there while we take care of your daughter, and then we can have a private little chat.”  Turning back to Diana, he nodded as one of his companions passed more rope up her arms and started to pull her elbows together behind her back, forcing her chest out and the bottom of her top up to reveal her navel.


“I’m scared, mum,” she said as she felt more rope going around her upper body, pulling her arms firmly into her side and forcing her breasts out.  As the bands went up and over, Carol watched the leader of the trio looking at her, and especially at her cleavage at the plunging neckline of her dress.


“What are you looking at,” she said as she watched the final bands going around Diana’s neck and under her shoulders, forcing her small chest as she squealed with pain.


“You’re coming upstairs with me,” he finally said as he took Carol by the arm, she watched as Diana was forced to sit down, and rope was passed around the bottoms of her jeans to secure her legs together, but as she went up the staircase she did not see the second man take a riding crop and stand over Diana, saying “We have a few questions for you,” as he stroked her cheek with the paddle.


“This will do,” the man said as he pushed Carol into her bedroom.  “Don’t move.”  She stood there, staring in front of her as she felt the zip at the back of her dress been pulled down, and then saw it drop to the floor, leaving her standing there in a gold and black basque, red panties, her black stocking and high heels.


“You can tell me where you keep your jewellery,” he whispered into her ear as he wound rope around her arms again, pulling them tightly into her side as she saw her breasts been forced out in front of her.


“I’ll tell you,” she said quietly as she felt the ropes constricting her upper body, “Just take what you want and leave us alone.”


“I’m not going to harm you,” he said as he tugged the ropes again, “just make sure you can’t raise the alarm.”  As he secured the ropes, he opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of blue panties.


“What are you going to do with them,” Carol said as she looked over her shoulder and watched him wad the thin material into a small pad.  “Can’t you guess,” he said with a grin as he walked back to her, pulling back on her short blonde hair.  “Open wide now...”




“Pls, vtlduvrtyhng.”


Diana looked up at the man as he held the end of the riding crop under her chin, her eyes filled with tears as she mumbled through the tape covering her mouth.  “I know you have,” he said as he watched his partner gathering up the silverware, “and I’m sorry you had to go through this.  We’ll be out of your way in a few minutes.”


She nodded, as she lay on her back, looking over to her aunt as the two men finished collecting their gains.





Carol screamed through the black tape covering her stuffed mouth as her binder pulled tightly on the ropes, fixing her bound ankles to her wrists as she lay on her side on the bed.  She glared at him as he picked up the sack of jewellery, blew her a kiss and left her to try and struggle free, joining his two friends at the bottom of the staircase as they left the house.




“As I said, M’am, a good haul but they were unable to help us with your question.”


“I agree – but it provided useful information.  What of the McKenzie household?”


“We surprised the daughter at first, and waited for her mother to return...”



Flora was sitting, relaxing in the chair after a particularly stressful day at work.  She had long changed out of her smart work clothes, and was lying on the couch in a light blue round necked top and polka dot shorts when she heard the door bell ring.


“Now who could that be,” she said to herself as she stood up, leaving her magazine on the couch as she went to the door to the apartment.  She opened it a crack, saying “Can I help...” as she did so, only for the door to be forced open and four men to come in, wearing balaclava masks that only showed their eyes and mouths.


“Don’t say a word,” one of them said as Flora was forced to lie face down on the floor, one of the men grabbing her wrists and pulling them behind her back while another held her ankles.  “Just do as we say, and you’ll come to no harm,” was the next thing she heard as she felt rope digging into her arms as her elbows were placed in the palms of her hands and her forearms tightly tied together.


“What the fuck is going on,” she screamed as she felt more rope been tied around her ankles.  “Just a home invasion,” the man said as Flora was turned over and forced to sit up.  “Now, you need to be quiet, so open wide.”


Fiona looked at him through her brown hair, and at the large wad of cloth in his hand, before saying “No freaking way, I’m AAAGGHH!!!”  The tug on her hair forced her to open her mouth to cry out, and she was then helpless to stop the man stuffing the cloth into her mouth, forcing it in before taking a roll of medical bandage and starting to wrap it tightly around her mouth and lower head.


“Just calm down and don’t struggle,” he said as more rope was used to secure Flora’s arms to her side, running her arms and upper body.   “We’re just going to keep you quiet and out of the way while we have a look round, and then we’ll leave you alone.”


“Tfcnghrts,” Flora mumbled as she felt the rope biting into her bare skin, especially as he passed more of the rope between her arms and back to tighten the coils.  “I need you to be quiet,” the masked man said as he lifted Flora’s ankles back, “so that you don’t raise the alarm.  Now stay still!”


She felt the rope going under her upper legs, but when she looked over her shoulder and saw it been used to fix her thighs to her calves Flora almost screamed in despair.  The ropes went quickly round, secured in place and then cinched both between her legs and between her ankles and legs, before she felt a pat on her head.  “Search the place – everything you can take,” the man said, and as the other three moved off he sat down to watch Flora.  “I hope your mother comes home soon,” he said with a smile, “You may get a bad cramp if she doesn’t.”


“Mymfr,” Flora mumbled, but her question was answered almost immediately as the front door was opened.  “I’m home, darling,” they heard a deep female voice call out, and as the intruder said “not a word,” he stood up and produced a pistol which he pointed directly at the trussed young woman on the floor.


Moira McKenzie walked into the room, taking off her mink stole as she came in.  She was wearing a long red dress, made of silk with a v-necked front that exposed much of her chest, and a skirt that came to about three inches above her knee, matching elbow length opera gloves and strapped sandals with two inch heels.


“Fiona, are you...” she said, before screaming as she saw her daughter lying face down on the floor and trussed like a chicken.  The sound was quickly muffled as the man standing over Flora walked over and pinned Moira to the wall, placing his hand over her mouth.  “Not a word,” he growled as he showed Moira the gun, “Just turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“What’s going on,” Moira called out as she turned to face the wall and felt the rough rope through her gloves as it encircled and brought together her wrists.


“Just a little robbery,” the man said as he yanked on the coils, making Moira call out again as her wrists were forced together.  “Just do as you’re told and we’ll make sure you don’t get hurt.”


“Fat chance – that hurts already,” she said as he felt more rope been passed around her arms and chest, forcing her elbows into her back as it was roughly pulled and then cinched behind her back.  More coils were passed over her upper arms and shoulders, pushing her breast up and out as the front of her dress opened slightly, revealing her black lace bra as the shoulder straps slipped off.


“Nice rack,” the man said as passed the rope over her shoulder, feeding it through the bottom band of rope between her breasts and then pulling it sharply back up again.  “What the hell are you doing this for,” Moira screamed as he tied the rope off behind her back, and then turned her round before staring into her dark brown eyes.


“I need to shut you up,” he said as he held a length of thick white cloth in his hand, “but before I do so, I need to ask you a few questions.  Are you going to answer me, or do I have to use your daughter to make you answer?”


“PLSMMMNSWRM” Fiona screamed through the bandages covering her mouth as she looked up at Moira, the sweat starting to come down from her carefully coiffure hairline.  “All right,” she said angrily as she stared back at the man, “I’ll tell you where our valuables are.”


“My friends are already finding them,” he said with a smile as Moira finally heard the sound of drawers been opened upstairs.  “No, I want to ask you about something else?”


“What else?”


“All in good time,” he said as he pulled Moira over to a large armchair, “Have a seat first.”





As the two men came back into the room, carrying a pair of pillow cases each, they were met by the third man coming out.


“Got what we need?” he said as he turned the light off and closed the door to the front room.


“Got enough,” his colleague said as he shook the pillow case.  “What about you?”


“She doesn’t know anything,” he said as they headed for the door, “Let’s just get going.”


In the room, Moira looked at her daughter, struggling to free her wrists as she sat in the chair.  The white cloth had been knotted in the middle, and the knot pulled between her teeth into her mouth.  Her rouged lips were closing around the thick material while the band had been passed around her head and secured at the back of her neck.


Her ankles and legs had also been secured with rope, as she sat twisting in the chair.  Fiona looked up at her mother, tears of anger and frustration in her own eyes.












“So, no joy there either.  Still, nothing tells us something.  What of the visit to the Young household?”


“We had a little resistance from her daughters, but we did find something useful as well?”


“Oh yes?  Do tell...”


“Whhvudn wfmthr?”


The dark haired girl looked up at the two armed women, who stared impassively back at her through the stockings that covered their heads and faces.  She was casually dressed, in a faded pair of jeans and a grey woollen crop top, with her long black hair falling behind her back down to her waist.


The mumbled nature of her speech was due to the white band of white cotton that covered her mouth, holding in place a large sponge that had been pushed between her teeth.  She was in no position to prevent the two from doing that, as her hands were held together above her head by a length of rope wrapped around and between them, before it had been passed around a coat hook fixed to the wall above her and tied in place.  She was sat on a bench, her legs lashed together below her knees and her ankles crossed and secured with yet more rope.


“Your mum is just fine,” one of the two girls said as she held up the frightened woman’s chin, “We just need to have a little chat with her about...”


“Kim, are you in there?”


“Not a word,” the woman said as they stood wither side of the doorway, waiting as the door opened and two more girls, both strikingly similar to each other and the girl already seated, came in.  One was wearing a blue sleeveless round necked top that glistened in the light, tight track suit bottoms and trainers, while the other was wearing a short sleeved blue crop top, cycling shorts and white socks.


“Kim, where are...”


“KHL, KRTNE – RN!!!!”


The two girls stared open mouthed at their sister, before they felt latex gloved hands been placed over their mouths and heard a female voice say “Khloe, Kourtney – how nice of you to come home.  Please, don’t struggle and don’t scream – otherwise we will have to hurt you.”


“Whru,” the taller of the tow girls mumbled, as she felt the cold gloved hand holding her around her bare waist.  “None of your business, Khloe,” the voice said as she was forced onto her knees, “You and your sister just need to lie down and put your hands behind your back, nice and quietly.”


“Kim are you all right,” Kourtney said as she lay down, looking at her sister as she felt leather straps been used to secure her wrists together.  “NNNN,” Kim called out as she watched the second woman cross Khloe’s wrists behind her back and lash them together with thin straps as well.


As the two captors turned round and crossed the ankles of the two new arrivals, Kourtney turned to her sister and said “Was mum with Kim?”


“Ysss...” they heard their bound sister say as she tried to pull her hands down, with no success.  “That’s enough talking out of you,” she heard the woman say, and Kourtney saw a large red sponge ball squashed up in a hand in front of her.


“Get this into your mouth and keep it there,” the assailant said, and as Kourtney opened her mouth she felt the soft material been pushed in.  Closing her lips as the ball went in, she turned to see a blue sponge been pushed into Khloe’s mouth, before both girls were turned over and dragged along the floor to sit against the wall.


“Use this,” one of the woman said as she threw a roll of wide black tap eat her colleague.  The two sisters watched as strips were torn off each roll, the black tape used to cover Khloe’s mouth while the silver went over Kimberley’s.  Standing up, the two women stepped back and watched as the three sisters looked at each other.


“Whstgngn, km?”


“dntkn – thtkmm pstrs.”








In the bathroom at the top of the stairs, Marian Young was sitting in front of one of the metal poles that ran from the floor to the ceiling of the large room.  Her bleached blonde hair was falling over her shoulders, as her leopard print micro skirt rode up her legs to reveal her panties.  She was wearing a pale cream silk blouse, buttoned at the neck, which stretched over her chest as the ropes held her firmly in place against the pole.  Her wrists were also crossed and bound behind the pole, while her legs were secured below her knees and at her ankles, the gold leather of her mid length boots squeaking as they rubbed together.


The man standing over her held her head up as he squatted in front of her and looked into her eyes, red from crying.


“I swear,” she sobbed, “I have no idea what happened at Pebbles.  It was before my time, and I never found anything there that was not meant to be there.  Please, you have to believe me...”


“I believe you, Marion,” the man said as he brushed a stray hair away from her eyes, “But we are still going to take everything you have.”


“What about my daughter?”


“Daughters, plural – I believe I heard the other two coming in a few minutes ago.  Such pretty triplets, Marion – and you don’t want them to come to any harm do you?”


“No – please, for god’s sake, just take what you want and get out of here...”


“Hush, Marion,” he said as he picked up a small wash cloth and folded it into a small pad.  “Open wide and I’ll leave you alone after that.”


“You promise?”


“I do – now open wide and let me gag you.”


“All right,” Marion said before she allowed him to push the cloth into her mouth, closing her lips over it as he tore several strips of grey tape off and smoothed them over her lower jaw.  Kissing her on the forehead he walked out of the bathroom, closing the door as he collected his bag and walked down the stairs...




“So, three of the four knew nothing.  What of Janet Alcock?”


“Sadly, she passed away a few months ago, leaving her house to her only daughter.  We searched the place, but found nothing of Pebbles.”


“How unfortunate – but it means we know who has what we seek.  For now, what happened when you visited the daughter?”


“we found her with her two housemates and showed them – a comfortable evening...”






“Come on, Mei – the film’s about to start!”


Mei Ling picked up the large bowl of popcorn and walked quickly into the room, sitting herself between Ruth and Susan on the long couch as the film started on the big screen.  She was half Asian, and was clear from her physique and skin tone.  Her chestnut brown hair was long and luxurious, a fact she used to her full advantage at the office the three girls worked at.


Susan was slightly taller, with lightly permed strawberry blonde hair that fell over the round neck of her t-shirt, while Ruth had long dark brown hair.  She looked over at her two housemates and smiled as the film started – and the power went out.


“What the hell,” she said as she stood up, “Has the fuse blown again?”


“No,” a deep male voice said, “It wasn’t the fuse.”  Ruth felt a leather gloved hand clamp itself over her mouth, and a strong arm pull her back, as the voice continued “Don’t move a muscle, any of you, or the little lady here gets it.”


The lights went back on, as Mei and Susan saw the room had two new occupants – big, well built men in boiler suits, one of them holding Ruth while the other levelled a shotgun at the other two girls.


“Like I said, not a word,” the man holding Ruth said as he pushed her back to the couch.  She sat down, watching the two men as Mei asked “What do you want?”


“A little conversation, a little food, and all your valuables,” he said through the mask that covered his face, “but first you little ladies need to do something for us.”


“What’s that,” Susan said as she stared straight ahead.


“Stand up and strip,” the man said in reply.  “We need to be sure you cannot raise the alarm, and this is the first step to doing that.”


“I won’t,” Mei said defiantly.  “Pity,” the man said as his partner pulled back the safety on his gun, “then you may not survive the night.  IS that a clear enough choice for you?”


“Fair... fair enough,” Mei said as she slowly stood up and started to unbutton the short sleeved black blouse she was wearing.  The other two stood up, Susan reaching down and pulling her t-shirt off while Ruth unzipped the front of her hooded jacket.  They allowed their garments to drop to the floor, and as Susan pulled her jeans down Mei allowed her skirt to fall down.  Only Ruth hesitated for a moment, before pulling down the long skirt she was wearing.


They stood there in their underwear.  Mei was wearing a black lace bra and briefs, a suspender belt and long silk stockings.  Susan has on a red bra and pants set with black lace trim, while Ruth had a plain white bra and briefs on.


“Very nice,” the masked man said as the safety was reset on the rifle.  “now, we need to keep you three ladies nice and quiet and still for a while – so, who wants to go first?”


“For what?”


In answer, the man put his rucksack on the table and opened it up, taking out several coiled lengths of rope.  “Shit,” Susan said as she hugged herself while Ruth stared mutely on.  Mei looked at the pile, and then at the armed man, before saying “I’ll go first.”  She turned round, holding her hands together behind her back as she continued “Just get this over with so that you bastards can get out of here.”


“As you wish,” the man said as he took a length of rope, shook it out and doubled it over before quickly securing Mei’s wrists together tightly behind her back.  The other two girls were amazed at the speed at which he worked, while Mei stared straight ahead and said nothing, even as the cords bit into the soft flesh of her wrists.  She continued to stand still as more rope was passed up her arms, pulling them together under her elbows and tightened by being passed between her arms before the loose ends were wound down her forearms and tied back to her wrists.


“Are you all right,” Ruth asked as she watched the man turning Mei round, before passing more rope around her arms and chest below her breasts, pulling it tightly to hold them in place before passing it around her neck and shoulders to further anchor them in place. 


“I have had worse,” she said as she looked at the other two women standing there, shivering both in fear and in the cold room.  “Try to relax as much as possible and you will be all right.”


“Sir down,” the man said, and As Mei sat in a chair he crossed her ankles and lashed them together, followed by her legs above her knees and at the top of her stockings.  With each band, he cinched the coils by passing the rope between her legs, so that when he was done she could hardly move them from side to side, let alone apart.


“Now then,” he said to his partner, “I’m going to take these two lovelies upstairs and make them safe up there.  You search down here – once you’ve silenced her.  One squeak, and you know what to do.”


The other man nodded as he put the rifle down and took a roll of black tape from his pocket.  “Will you be all right,” Susan said as she was pushed out of the door with Ruth.


“I will be fine,” Mei said with a concerned look as she watched them leave, “Remember, try to relax.”  As they left she heard the sound of the tape ripping off the roll, and closed her eyes, pursing her lips as she waited for the adhesive pull.



“This will do,” the masked man said as he pushed the tow girls into a bedroom.  There was a large bed against the wall, with a large black iron head board, which he propelled Ruth and Susan towards.


“You,” he said as he pointed at Susan, “Sit yourself on that bed with your back against the rest.  “as for you,” he said as he turned to look at Ruth, “Catch.”  He threw something at the young girl, which she caught and looked at for a few minutes.


It was a large roll of black tape, and as she looked back to their captor he just smiled and nodded.  “start with the wrists,” he said as he looked at Ruth, “Secure them to the headboard, nice and tightly.”


“It’s all right,” Susan said as she looked at her landlady, “I just want them to go and get this over with.”  She reached over and grabbed a part of the ironwork with each hand, as Ruth tore the tape free and started to secure her wrists to the headboard, one on each side., welding her wrists to the metal as best she could.


“Now her ankles,” the masked man said, and Ruth placed her friend’s ankles together, side by side, before taping them together, then her legs below her knees as Susan moved them up, and lastly around her thighs.


“I don’t understand,” Susan said as she looked at the masked man, “Why are you doing this?  We don’t have that much money or fancy jewellery, so why us?”


“None of your business,” was his short reply as Ruth turned to look at him.  “Tear a strip off and put it over your friend’s mouth.”  She turned to look at Susan, tearing off a long strip as she said “I’m sorry, Susan, I guess I’m going to be next.”


They could hear muffled calls from downstairs.  “Looks like Mei has already had some stuck on,” Sarah said as she looked at Ruth.  “Do it – just get it over with.”  She pursed her lips and stared ahead as Susan pressed the strip of black tape into place, followed by two more, before saying “Nnnng” as the masked man pinched her nipple.


“Good,” he said as he forced Ruth to stand up, turning her round as he took the roll of tape from her hands.  “Now it’s your turn.”  She stared straight ahead, listening to the sound of the tape coming away before feeling it as he stuck it to her left wrist, passing it around both of them to hold them firmly together.


“She’s right,” she said as he passed the rape around her bare waist to hold her hands in the small of her back, “We don’t have that much for you to steal.  What are you really after?”


“We wanted to talk to your mother, but she’s dead, right?”


“Three months ago – what about?”


“you used to live at Pebbles?”


“When I was a little girl – we bought it after the event that forced the previous family to move out.”  Ruth grunted as the tape was passed around her upper body, forcing her arms into her side as it went above and below her bra.  “Why – what is that to you?”


“Sit down,” the masked man said as he turned Ruth round and pushed her onto the mattress, forcing Sarah to move her legs out of the way as she fell with a bump.  Kneeling down, he started to tape he rankles together as he said “Did you ever find anything unusual there?”


“No – although...”


“Yes?” he said as he taped her legs together above her knees.


“The person who bought it from us – Burton, her name was – she was very keen to pay over the odds for it.”


“Burton – very interesting.  Thank you?”


“For what?”


“For not calling out.”  With that, he taped over her mouth, the three strips covering her lips and lower jaw.  She watched him as he left the two girls in the room, struggling to get free as he and his partner left the house.



“Burton – thank you, that is all I needed to know.  You may go now, gentlemen and ladies – your pay will be deposited in the usual manner.”


As the various groups left, she sat back and ran her hand through her greying blonde hair.  Burton – they must have been the ones to discover it then.  Soon, she would visit them personally, and then she would recover what she felt was hers.


She could still vividly remember the day, even twenty five years later.  She and her mother were at home at Pebbles, their house in the country, and her aunt Jessie was visiting.  They had sat for hours in the front room, talking about nothing in particular, when she had went to make some more tea.


She had been twenty at the time, wearing a white shirt dress with a thin brown leather belt around her waist and white heels.  Her mother was wearing a powder blue power suit – all big shoulders and tight fitting – with blue heels, while Jessie had on a red blouse and A-line skirt with red heels.


When she had got into the kitchen to put the kettle on, the first thing she noticed was the back door to the yard was open.  That was before she had been grabbed and frog marched back into the front room, the two older women standing and screaming as she was pushed in.


There were three of them – she learned later that they had robbed the local branch of Barclay’s Bank, but their getaway car had broken down and they had decided Pebbles was as good a place as any to hide out.  One of them, the one with a sawn off shot gun, made her mother and aunt Jessie stand up and strip down to their underwear.  Jessie, who had a ridiculously bouffant hair style at the time, was wearing under her red outfit a white lace basque, while her mother had a simpler white body garment.


One of the men had dragged in from the back yard an old wooden step ladder, and as he set it up in the middle of the room she had felt her hands been pulled behind her back and lashed together with what seemed like a mile of rope, the cords going round and between her arms as she stood there, too frightened to move or speak.


Her mother was forced to stand on one side of the ladder, and Aunt Jessie on the other, and both women were ordered to put their hands on the side at the top.  The other two gang members then bound their wrists to the wood, making sure the rope was passed between their bare arms and the steps, and then bound their waists to the ladder with long lengths that ensured they could not move away.


Their ankles were next, secured to the bottom of the ladder legs as the man with the gun forced them to say where she and her daughter kept their jewellery.  Aunt Jessie tried to complain as the rope bit into her legs, but stayed quiet after the gun was pointed in her face.


All this time she stood there, her wrists bound and her arms held together just above her elbows with a second length of rope.  She didn’t even protest when they used some wide strips of white tape to cover the mouths of the two older women, before leaving them and dragging her back to the kitchen, their muffled screams following them as they did so.


In the kitchen, they made her sit on the work surface by the window as they tightly bound her ankles and legs together with rope, and then gagged her with the same white tape.  Forcing her legs up so that they rested on the work surface, she turned her head and watched them as they drank beer and debated what to do next.


The sound of police sirens drew their attention, and in their panic they searched for a place to stash the money they had stolen.  Opening a door, they saw a hatch that led to the cellar, and within two minutes they had thrown the bags down and replaced the hatch, closing the door as the police had come in.


As the gang were dragged out, they didn’t notice her watching them, and the door, making a mental note of what had happened.  She was the only one who had seen where they had hidden the money – and she came to a decision in the minute it took a policeman to come and start to untie her.


“Did you see where they put the money,” he said as he peeled the tape away.  She looked at him, and for the first time in her life lied to the authorities.  “No,” she said, “I didn’t – I was too scared to look at them.  Please – my mother and aunt, you need to free them...”


Twenty five years ago – twenty five years in which she had built up a modest reputation as an organiser of crimes for gangs, as well as a small sideline in cat burglary herself.  They had left the house soon after, and Pebbles had only come back into her possession in the last year.


The gang had died in prison, so she thought she was the only one who knew where that money was.  That notion was dispelled when she went into the cellar area, and found only the empty bag.  Through the agent., she had traced the five owners between her first and second residence, and through her contacts four of them had now been visited.


That only left the fifth – the Burtons.  She had waited twenty five years – a few more days in preparation would not hurt, and she wanted to be sure she had the right person...




“Wendy – what do you think of this outfit?”


Wendy Burton looked at her girlfriend as she walked into the room, her hand in her dark hair as she posed in the doorway.  Her sheer black peasant top barely covered her bare breasts, the nipples showing through the thin material, while her hot pants barely covered her crotch and cheeks.  On her feet were a pair of high heeled sandals, the straps running up her lower legs.


“Very nice,” Wendy said as she stood up and walked over to the other woman, the green leather micro skirt she was wearing squeaking as she moved.  Her gold silk blouse was hanging loosely on her body, the cuffs of the sleeves pulled up to reveal her bare wrists, and her black strapped sandals sank into the rich carpet.


“Beautiful, Angie, simply beautiful,” she said as she put her arms round her partner’s neck and kissed her on the lips, the two embracing as they exchanged their passion.  “So,” she said as she pulled away, “When do you want to go?”


“When you’re ready,” Angie said, before she felt something in the small of her back.  “Angie, what’s wrong,” Wendy said, but as she looked over her partners shoulder she saw a tall, thin woman with greying blonde hair standing behind her.  She was wearing a black leather cat suit with knee length boots, and smiled as she looked over Angie's shoulder at the blonde haired girl.


“Good evening, Miss Burton,” she said quietly, “I have a Luger pressed into this young girl’s back, so you are going to do exactly what I tell you.  Understand?”


Wendy looked at Angie, who quietly nodded, the fear evident in her eyes.  “all right,” she said as she stepped back, “What do you want?”


“I want you,” the woman said as she handed Wendy a blue ball, “to put this in this lovely lady’s mouth.  Make sure it goes in – it will fit into her mouth.”


“I’m sorry, Angie,” Wendy said as her girlfriend opened her mouth, allowing her to push the rubber ball.  She watched as her lips closed over the material, before she caught a roll of duct tape that was thrown at her.  “Now, tape her mouth over,” the woman said, watching as Wendy tore a long strip off.  Standing in front of Angie, she kissed the frightened girl on the lips, before covering her mouth with several strips as she stood there.


“Turn round,” the woman said as she passed Wendy a length of rope, “and put your hands behind your back.  Your girlfriend here is going to tie you up, and I don’t want you to try to stop her.  You make sure it’s good and tight now.”


“What’s this all about,” Wendy said as she doubled over the rope and wrapped it around Angie’s wrists, pulling them together as she passed the rope around and between them.  “You’ll find out in good time,” the woman said as she watched the two women, handing Wendy a long length of rope.  “you need to tie her arms to her side now – pass it above and below.  I can see how much you love her body, so let’s make sure you can see her lovely breasts as clearly as possible.”


“Dntwrrwnde,” Angie mumbled as the rope bit into her arms, her breasts forced up and out as Wendy passed the rope between the two coils before fastening it off behind her.  “Very nice work,” the woman said as she looked at the dark haired beauty.  “Get down on the floor and lie on your side – I want your girlfriend here to secure your legs as well.”


It took Wendy about ten minutes to tie her ankles and legs, Angie lying there as she did so.  They had never played bondage games before, but as she was forced to be tied up she wondered if Wendy may be open to playing this sort of game under less – trying circumstances.


“All right,” the woman said as she looked at Angie on the floor.  “You stay nice and still now – I need to take this beauty away for a little chat.”  Angie watched as the intruder took Wendy to the other side of the room, lying still as they stopped by the couch.


“Hands behind your back, dear,” she said as she stood behind Wendy, a length of white rope in her hands.  “I don’t understand – why are you doing this,” Wendy said as she felt the cords tightening around her bare wrists, forcing them together behind her back.


“You’re a rich girl, Wendy Burton,” the woman said as she tugged on the ropes, making her yelp with pain before passing more rope up her arms and forcing her elbows together, “ever since you were ea young girl, yes?”


“Yes – if this is about money, you can take what I have, I don’t care.  Just leave me and Angie alone – OUCH!!”  even though it had gone over her blouse, the ropes still hurt as they bit tightly into her arms.


“It’s a bit about money,” the woman said as she forced kneel down, and passed several coils of rope around her upper body and arms, forcing them into her side as she pulled tighter each pass, “especially money that is not yours.  You used to live at a house called Pebbles, right?”


“Yeah – when I was a little girl.  Why?”


“And your good fortune started there?”


“Yemnnng – my mother inherited some money from a maiden aunt.”  As they were talking, Wendy had been forced to sit on the floor, and watch as her ankles were tied tightly together, and then her legs just above her knees.  “what has that got to do with this?”


“The money wasn’t your mother’s” the woman said as she pushed Wendy onto her side, rolling her onto her stomach and pulling her legs up, “It was mine.  Now don’t move.”  Within five minutes she had lashed Wendy’s ankles to the ropes around her arms, pulling her feet back as it went around her feet and the ankle bindings and held her tightly in place.


“Now, I’m going to send your mother a photo of you, and we’re going to have a nice chat.”


“You and me?”


“No – her and me.”  The woman pulled back on Wendy’s hair, pushing a second small red rubber ball into her mouth.  “this goes better with your skirt, I think,” she said as she took a roll of green tape and tore off several strips, smoothing them over Wendy’s mouth and jaw until she was effectively silenced.  Smiling, the intruder took a photo of Wendy as she looked at her from the floor, sending it to someone from her mobile phone.


She sat in the chair, watching both Wendy and Angie as they tried to struggle free, before the phone she had seen the photo from rang.  Putting it to her ear, she smiled as she said “Mrs Burton?  You got my message?


“No, they are safe for now – I merely want what is mine.  The money you found all those years ago.


“Now, don’t prevaricate – I am the only other person who knew where it was, and I want it back.  I am not unreasonable – I will accept what is left.


“That’s better, Mrs Burton – now, let us talk terms....”




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