Poker Night






“Hey, Pete, toss me one from the bucket will you?”


Dave reached his hand up and caught the beer bottle as it was thrown over to him, twisting the top off and placing it on the table next to the cards.  “So,” he said as Pete sat back down again, “What have you been up to this week?  You seem a bit flush tonight.”


“Oh, I had a good visit last Friday,” Pete said with a smile, “but I did have a little bit of trouble I wasn’t expecting to deal with?”


“Oh - what, the woman did not want to co-operate?”


“Nah - her kid came in unexpectedly....”







It was about nine o’clock when Bobbi found the stranger in her kitchen.  She had just gone in to make herself coffee when she saw him there, standing in her open doorway and looking at her.


“Who are you?” she said quietly, but instead of a verbal answer he simply stepped forward and grabbed her arm, spinning her round as he put his gloved hand over her mouth.  “Not a word, sweetie,” he said quietly, “and you won’t get hurt.  I just want your money and jewellery, all right?”


Bobbi nodded and mumbled “llldwhtusk” under the leather that was clamped over her lips.  Letting her go, the man allowed her to stand up as he looked at her.  She was about five seven, with long brown hair, and was wearing a fawn coloured cardigan that buttoned up the front and brown shorts over her bare legs.


“What are you going to do to me?” she said as she looked at the intruder.  By way of answer, he drew a large skein of white rope out of his pocket, took a knife from the worktop and said “Into your front room, now.”


The two walked in, and he noted with satisfaction the fact that the curtains were already closed.  “Lie down,” he said as he pointed to a brown couch in the middle of the room, “and put your hands behind your back.  I need to make sure you can’t get in the way.”


“Just don’t hurt me,” she whispered as she lay on her stomach, watching as he wound the rope out and used the knife to cut a length off.  Walking over, her moved her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists, the cord digging into her skin as he tightly bound them together. 


As Bobbi looked over her shoulder, she saw him crossing her ankles and tying them together with another cut length of rope, grimacing slightly as the cord bit into her skin.  “Look, I know you have to tie me up,” she said quietly, “but do you mind if I sit up?  IT’s a bit uncomfortable like this.”


The man pulled tightly before tying the last knot, and then said “Sure, why not?  Makes it easier for me as well.”  Bobbi rolled herself over and sat up, resting her feet on the opposite arm from her body as she watched him tying her legs together below her knees.


“Guess I’m not going anywhere,” she said as she lifted up her legs and looked at them.  “That’s the general idea,” the man said with a smile as he walked behind her and sat her up.  She saw a coil of rope pass over her head, and then gasped as her arms were pulled tightly into her side as he lashed the rope around and above her breasts, forcing her cardigan to stretch over them.


As he passed the rope under her arm and around the loops, Bobbi thought she could hear something on the stairs.  She glanced at the man tying her up, hoping he hadn’t heard, but he was too busy making her breasts stick out as her arms were tightened against her body.  Eventually, he stood up and walked round to look at her, her head to one side as he said ”Right - where do you keep your jewellery?”


“M mummy?”


He slowly turned round and saw a young girl standing in the doorway, her brown hair held back by a scrunchie, wearing a pair of light blur cotton pyjamas.


“Mummy, what’s going on?”


Bobbi looked at her daughter, then at the man, before saying “It’s all right, Jacqui - this man is playing a game with me.  What do you want, sweetheart?”


“Can I have a drink of water?”


Bobbi looked at the man, her head cocked to one side as it rested against the back of the couch.  “All right,” he said as she looked at the girl, “I’ll get you a drink of water.  You sit here and talk to your mum.”


He helped her to sit in the armchair, before going to the kitchen, shooting a warning glance over to Bobbi as he did so.  “It’s all right,” she said again as she watched him walk away, “we’re just playing a little game.”


“What game are you playing?”


“We call it Robbers - he’s pretending to rob me, and then I have to try and get out of these ropes.”


Jacqui looked at her mother as she sat there, trying to smile as she twisted against the tight ropes.  “That sounds like a fun game,” she said as the masked man came back in and gave her a glass of water, “Can I play with mummy as well?”


He looked over at Bobbi, then at the girl before saying “Of course you can, sweetheart - finish your drink and then I’ll make sure you and mummy are ready to play the escape part, all right?”  He looked over at Bobbi as he said this, who nodded - she did not want her daughter to be hurt either.


Jacqui drank the water and said “What do I have to do?”


“Well, the robber has to make sure you can’t help mummy to get free or raise the alarm.  Why don’t you put your hands together in front of you, palms together, and I’ll fix it so that you cannot move your wrists.”


Taking a shorter length of rope, he tied Jacqui’s wrists together, passing the rope round them in a figure of eight before tying it off and leaving two long ends hanging.  She watched as he knelt down and tied her ankles together, keeping the cords over the cuffs o her pyjama bottoms, then her legs above her knees, before tying her wrists down to the last band.  Finally, he passed a length of rope around her arms and body, forcing them into her side around her lower chest.


“Now,” he said as he stood up and looked at Bobbi, “As I was saying, where is your jewellery?”


“In my bedroom - chest of drawers, top one on the left.”  As he walked away, she looked at Jacqui and said “Are you all right darling?”


“I’m all right mummy - what happens now?”


“He’s going to pretend to steal my things, and then I think he may arrange so that we cannot talk for a while.  Once he’s gone, we start to try and get free, all right?”

Jacqui nodded as she shuffled back in the chair, looking at her bound legs as she did so.    After a few minutes, she looked up as the man came back in, putting a bag in his pocket as he held two scarves in his hand.


“I need to make sure you can’t call out now,” he said as he rolled a red silk square into a thick band.  Standing in front of Jacqui, he held it in both hands and said “Open your mouth wide, sweetheart, and then I’ll tie this in and you can bite down on it.”


As he pulled the scarf into Jacqui’s mouth, Bobbi watched her daughter, praying she would not realise how real this was.  As he stood up, she saw her daughter’s lips closed over the red band, as he rolled a black and white bandana into a second band, but this time tied a knot in the middle.


“Your turn,” he said as he pulled the knot into Bobbi’s mouth, tying the ends tightly behind her head as she grunted.  Looking at the mother and daughter, he said “bye now - good luck escaping” before closing the door on them.







“Lucky escape.”


“What was,” Paul said as he sat at the table.


“Pete last week on a job,” Dave said as he shuffled the cards.


“Hmm - I found something interesting this week as well.  Want to hear about it?”







I was on the outskirts of town - there was a house I had been casing for some weeks.  Very well to do family - mother in her late forties, always well dressed, always wearing expensive jewellery, while the dad liked to flash the cash.  They had two sons, both teenagers, and I was sure there was nobody home.  After all, I’d seen them both walk out of the house, and daddy had left hours before.


Parking at the back, I made my way over the fence, up the back garden and into the kitchen.  To my surprise, the alarm system had not been activated - on the other hand, they were teenage boys, so that should not have been too surprising.  The house was in silence, so I made my way along the hallway, up the stairs and into the bedroom.


Ten minutes later, I was heading down the stairs, my pockets jangling, but as I passed the cellar door I thought I could hear somebody calling out.  Well, I was just going to leave, but something about the sound made me stop and listen.  IT was earnest, it was angry - and it was muffled!


So I opened the door, and walked down the wooden staircase, and there at the bottom was the lady of the house.  She wasn’t dressed smartly - no, she was in a man’s white shirt and denim shorts, and screaming with her eyes closed something like “ukdsgtbckhrrtnw!!!!”


She had been taped to a support beam, her wrists taped together behind and around her waist holding her firmly to the wooden pole.  Her ankles were also taped tightly together, and several strips of white tape were smoothed over her mouth.


It was obvious what had happened - the boys had tricked her down there, and left her to take the car out.  When she opened her eyes at the sound of the wooden steps creaking, she must thought it was them returned to rescue her - not a complete stranger smiling as he brushed the hair away from her face.


Well, I just walked up the stairs and left her there, cursing and swearing...









Pete and Dave looked at each other, then at Paul before they curst out laughing.


“Oh, that’s good,” Pete said as he wiped his eyes, “that just puts my whole week in perspective.”


“Paul telling you about the tie-up game mummy,” Steve said as he took his jacket off and sat at the table.  “He told me on the phone last week.  So what happened to you, Pete?”


“I had to go and see the mother-in-law - she wanted a favour.”


“What sort of favour?”


“The kind that involves defrauding the insurance company...”









“You have got to be kidding me - you want me to do what?”


Sophie sat forward as she looked Pete in the eye.  “I want you to tie me up as if you had broken into my house when I get back from the club.”


Pete looked at Sophie sitting there - she was in her early fifties, but liked to dress as if she was in her twenties, and to be fair it was a little bit of an embarrassment. She was wearing a grey vest top, her flesh hanging slightly over the edge of the armholes, and a pair of denim cut off shorts with dark stockings on her legs.  A pair of tight over the knee black leather boots with five inch heels was over her lower legs, which she had crossed as she sat on the chair.


“It’s not as if you haven’t done it before,” she said with a smile on her rouged lips, her hand running through her shoulder length dyed hair.  “Of course, if you want Anne to find out about how you earn your big fat salary...”


“All right, all right,” Pete said as he stood up, “I’ll do it.   Got any rope in the house?”


“There’s some washing line in the kitchen,” Sophie said as she drained her glass, “why don’t you go and get a pair of scissors as well.”


Pete left, the room, shaking his head as Sophie adjusted her vest top again, looking at her arms as she did so.  Looking up, she saw her son in law walk back in with the rope cut into several lengths.  “Let’s do this,” he said, “Stand up and put your hands behind your back.”


“Like this,” Sophie said as she put her arms together, sighing as she felt Pete binding her wrists tightly together, wrapping it round three times before tying a square knot, and then passing the rope between her arms to tighten the coils.


“Hmmm - that’s tight,” she cooed as Pete took a long length of rope and passed it round her arms and chest, her breasts falling over the rope as he tightened it and the cords sinking into the flesh of her arms.  He passed the rope round again, then once around her upper arms, before passing it round her neck and through the band below her breasts, making a v-shape as he pulled the rope up and forced them to strain out against the grey of her top.  Her belly pushed the rest of the material out as he stood there and looked at her.


“I can see you’re good at this,” Sophie said as she looked over her shoulder, “but can you make it more - erotic for me?”


“Do you mean can I make it so you like it when you wriggle round?”


“Yes, that’s what I mean.”


“Don’t tell Anne I did this,” was all he said as he passed a length round her waist, forcing her wrists into her back before he took the rope up between her legs, pulling her shorts right into her crotch as he tied it round the rope and then passed it back between her legs.


“Oh yes, that’s good, “Sophie cooed as she tried moving her legs and arms round.  “I need you to kneel down,” Pete said as he helped Sophie onto her knees, before kneeling behind her and pushing her ankles together.


Mmmmmmm,” Sophie said, her eyes closed as she heard the leather squeaking as her boots rubbed up against each other, the rope tightening around her ankles as they were forced together.


Pete looked at her, her belly hanging over the waist rope as she rubbed her legs together and heard the squeak again.  Opening her eyes, she looked at Pete and said “Do you ever do this to Anne?”


“Never you mind,” Pete said as he looked at her.  “Now, what do you want me to take?”


“There’s some jewellery in the case over there, and some money - I’ll get it back from you later.”


Pete turned to pick up his coat, when he heard Sophie say “I think you forgot something.”


“OH, what?”


“I can still call for help you know.”


Pete sighed and picked up a pair of Sophie’s panties and a long winter scarf.  “Open wide,” he said as he stood there, and as Sophie opened her mouth he stuffed the panties into place.  She was able to take the whole wad in and close her mouth as Pete tied the scarf tightly over her mouth, the shape of her lips showing underneath.










“I mean, it’s one thing when you bind and gag a pretty young thing, but an old one like that - yuck!”


“Yeah, well - we’ve all had to do it at one time or another.  Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t”


“Oh yeah, Steve - and just when did you get that lucky?”


“A week or two back - a real stunner she was as well...”










I snuck quietly into the house, not really expecting anyone to be home.  Yeah, the light was on downstairs, but a lot of people do that nowadays - they think it acts as a deterrent to people like me.


Anyway, when I go into the living room I can see that the television is playing quietly, but slightly more important there’s someone in a chair watching it.  She was a small woman, not more than five four I reckoned, and she was dressed as if she was a schoolgirl.


No, really - white blouse, short checked skirt, dark pantyhose and black Mary Jane shoes on her feet.  She had short reddish brown hair, and was sitting quietly watching the film that was showing.


I must have made some sort of noise, for she turned and looked at me.  Quick as a flash, I was over at her, my hand over her mouth as I told her to shut up and say nothing.  I could feel her lips moving on my palm as she tried to say something, but there was no way I was going to allow her to call out and try to raise the alarm.


Eventually, she nodded to show she was going to be quiet, and I took my hand away.  “What do you want,” she whispered, but I said nothing, instead taking my backpack off and opening it to show her the coils of rope I had inside.


“Are you going to tie me up?” she said, and I could have sworn there was a slight hit of excitement in her voice.  “Yes - Yes I am,” I said quietly, as I took out a length of white rope and shook it out.  Putting her hands in front of her, palm to palm, I tied her wrists tightly, watching as she intertwined her fingers while the rope tightened over the cuffs of her blouse.


“Does it have to be so tight,” she said as she twisted her hands round and looked at me.  “Just keep quiet,” I said as I shook another length of rope out, “and you’ll be just fine.  Put your feet up on the seat for me.”


She swung herself round and put her feet up, watching as I passed the rope around her ankles and pulled them together, the rope going round a few times then between her legs.  As I tied the rope off and tucked the ends into the loops, she said “Please, don’t do any more.  I won’t call out I promise.”


“Yes,” I said with a smile as I picked a wad of cotton wool out of my bag, “I know you won’t.  Now, open your mouth.”


I swear, she offered no resistance as I pushed the pad into her mouth, and then pulled a thin length of white cotton between her lips to hold it in place.  She closed her eyes, saying “Mmmmmmplsdntdt” as she did so, but her tone was a mixture of fear and, to my surprise, enjoyment.


Anyway, I took some more rope and sat her up, wrapping it round her left arm above her elbow and then taking it round her back and around her other arm.  Passing it back again, I repeated the process to bind her arms together, and then passed it around her upper body, above her rather nice looking breasts as I did so to hold them more firmly in place.


Another length went around her legs, just above her knees, but as I passed the rope between her legs I brushed against her hose, and I distinctly heard her moan.  It would appear this little lead was getting rather more into the captive mode than I usually saw someone go, and an idea was forming in my mind as to what I could do next.


Well, would you do anything different?  I started to stroke her legs, watching as she smiled over her gag and said “mmsmssnnssss” as she did so.  She wriggled round, and I could not help noticing the way her breasts were sticking out, so I moved up and slowly started to unbutton her blouse.


Msssplskpgng,” she mumbled as I pulled the front of her blouse open, revealing a pale cream silk bra.  She had her eyes closed, and as I passed my hand over her skin she actually jolted and mumbled “Plstkm,” under her breath.


I massaged her breast for a while, watching her as she moaned and groaned under the feel of my hands, before I had an idea.  Leaving her for a moment, I went upstairs and found what I needed in the bathroom, then slipped down and started to knead her breasts again.


Whtrugngtdnw,” she mumbled as her eyes remained shut.  “This,” I said as I started the device off, and as she heard the bussing sound she went “hggdddeee.”  She then squealed as I slipped the electric toothbrush under her pantyhose, placing it where it could do the most good.  Seeing her smile and hearing her moan, I started to look for her things, knowing she was contented and happy.










“You lucky, lucky bastard.  You lucky, lucky, lucky bastard.”


“Hey, sometimes life gives you lemons, so you have to make lemonade.  What else would you have done?”


Steve looked up as Brian and Eric walked in.  “Started the game yet,” Brian asked as he slipped his jacket off.


“Nah - we were trading stories.  Did you hear about Pete’s?”


“The mother in law - yeah, I heard.  Nothing too tacky about that.”


“EH?  You can top that?”


“Listen and weep, listen and weep....”












She was a big woman, Rachel Black.  When I say big, I mean large, corpulent, fat - whatever you want to call it.  At any rate, in her white blouse she looked as if she would explode out of it at any minute, and her black skirt was so tight it almost became a mini skirt as she walked.


She was the boss, however, so the bank staff did as they were told, and kept their personal feelings to themselves.  When the three masked men came in, demanding money as they held them at gunpoint, they followed procedure.  When they grabbed Rachel and took her as a hostage, however, protocol be damned.  They waited the full hour, rather than the thirty minutes the gunmen demanded, before calling the police - and even then some of them were glad she had been taken.


Rachel wasn’t too happy, however.  She was in the back of a van, a black bag tied loosely over her head and her wrists tied tightly together with rope, the cords digging into her bare skin as she sat there.


“MOVE!” was all she heard as she was eventually hauled out of the van and pushed somewhere.  As the hood was pulled off her head, she saw she was in a sparsely furnished room, with two masked men watching her.


“What the hell are you going to do,” she swore as her long blonde hair fell untidily around her face.  “Shut it,” one of the men said as he showed her a black cotton scarf, rolled into a band and a knot tied in the middle.


“No fucking waAAAAA,” she screamed as her hair was pulled back, and a dirty rag stuffed into her mouth.  The taste made her want to retch, but she was unable to spit it out as the knotted scarf was pushed into her mouth and tied tightly around her face, the cloth digging into her cheeks as it was passed round.


Ltmmgggg,” Rachel mumbled as she felt a pair of hands coming round from behind her, but as they pulled her blouse open, the buttons popping to the sides, her face went red as her chest was exposed.  She hadn’t been able to find a clean bra that day, and her large breasts hung down like two large balloons.


“Hey, we’d better make sure they stay in place,” one of the men in front of her said, and she squealed “Fkngngshhhtttt” as she felt rope been pulled tightly over her bare breasts, forcing her nipples in as the white band sunk into her flesh while her arms were pulled tightly into her side.


As the rope went round her body below her chest, Rachel screamed into the black cloth, the noise muffled as she ached in her breasts and arms.  She was powerless to stop them forcing her to kneel, as her ankles were crossed and bound tightly with rope, the cords rubbing against her stocking as her skirt rode up her ass.


“She’s a beauty, isn’t she,” the man said with a cruel laugh as she was forced to sit down, and her legs lashed together just below her knees.  “Get on your knees,” the man said and as Rachel struggled against the couch she looked over her shoulder, blushing and grimacing as she saw the other men standing there and felt her skirt moving further up.


“Your staff said you could be a real bitch,” one of them said as he walked forward, “Let’s see if we can punish you for that.”


Rachel squealed as his large hand came down on her behind, feeling the stinging as tears started to roll down her cheeks.  The smacking continued, unabated as the men laughed, and laughed, and laughed....











“My hand still smarts from that, but it served the bitch right.  We let her go a couple of hours later, blindfolded and her hands tied in the local woods.”


“Some guys get all the luck,” Eric said as he sat down and Pete started to deal the cards out.  “Just once, I’d love to meet a nice juicy MILF and have a little fun when I break into a house.”


“Oh yeah - what about that mother/daughter combo you were telling me about from a month or so ago?”


“Oh, them - yeah I suppose that was kinda nice, even if I was on my own for that...”











“I told you to stop struggling.”


“What do you expect me to do - lie quietly here while you get away with our stuff?”


“Actually, you can sit up in a minute if you want, but yeah - I expect you to sit quietly.”


Cathy Beaufort snorted as she heard this, and then grimaced as she felt the tape sticking to her bare ankles and they were forced together.  She’d walked in on the man rummaging through her stuff, a stocking pulled over his head, but before she could call for help held grabbed her and held a knife to her throat to “persuade” her to co-operate.


Forcing her into the front room, he’d made her lie face down on the couch and pulled her hands behind her back, holding them in one hand as he took a roll of light blue tape from his pocket and tore the end loose with his other hand.  Cathy had shouted as she felt the tape pulling at her skin, but he had been too strong for her, and now she felt her wrists crossed and held together in the small of her back.


Her black shoes were on the wooden floor, as she lay there while her ankles were secured together.  A blue cardigan that buttoned up the front, and a short black skirt, formed the rest of her attire that day.


“You’re hurting me,” she screamed as she felt the tape been smoothed on her ankles, and then was rolled over so that she could stare up at the man.  She saw him smile as he ripped the tape loose again and bound her legs together above her knees, before reaching over and brushing her blonde hair away from her face as she stared at him.


“Purse your lips,” he said as he tore a strip off the roll.  “Do I have a choice,” Cathy said sarcastically, but she put her lips together and frowned as he smoothed the tape over her mouth.


More strips followed, until Cathy’s lower jaw was like a grey smooth band.  The intruder reached down and kissed her forehead through the stocking, but as he straightened up he heard a door opening and a woman say “Cathy, you in here?”


“MMMMM,” Cathy screamed as the masked man went and stood beside the door.  “You in here,” the voice called out as the door opened and a woman in her mid-forties walked in, wearing a short sleeved brown top with black trim, the front open over a brown dress with spaghetti straps over her shoulders, dark stockings and black mid heeled shoes.


“CATHY!” she screamed before the intruder grabbed her from behind, a gloved hand clamped over her mouth as he whispered “Don’t make a bloody sound, or your daughter there gets it.  Don’t deny it - I can see the resemblance.”


The woman looked at Cathy who said “plsmmmdshsas.”  Nodding, she stood forward as she was released and looked at the man standing there.


“Take one of those chairs,” he said as he pointed to the dining table, “and sit on it where I can see you, hands on your head.”


“All right,” she said as she moved a chair out and sat down, her sleeves falling as he placed her hands on her long black hair, “just please don’t hurt my baby.”


“She’ll be fine,” the man said as he walked behind her, putting a bag next toher and drawing out some rope as he did so.  “Put your hands behind your back and don’t move.”


Cathy sat herself up and watched as the intruder guided her mother’s hands down behind the chair and started to tie them together.  “I guess your name’s Dorothy,” he said as she grimaced at the tightness of the ropes.


“Yes, how did you know?”


“By the addresses on the letters outside,” he said as he stood up and unravelled a longer length of rope.  Passing it round her waist, he crossed it behind the central spar of the chair back and then around her lower arms, pulling Dorothy back into the seat and securing her arms to the chair at the same time.


“Well, Dorothy,” the man said as he pulled out yet another length of rope, “you can make things much easier by telling me the combination to the safe I found in your bedroom.  Do that, and I’ll take it easier on both of you.”


As she felt the rope going round her upper body, then down and around her shoulders, Dorothy could see her cardigan top been pulled back to reveal her dress, the skirt of which had ridden slightly up as she had sat down.  “I’ll tell you anything,” Dorothy said as she felt her arms been pulled further back, “just don’t hurt us.”


“Well then,” the intruder said as he knelt in front of her and pulled her ankles together to the side, “Start talking - what is the combination?”

Dorothy squealed again and again as her ankles and legs were secured, glaring at the man doing this to her the whole time.  “Well,” he eventually said as he stood up, looking over at Cathy, “I’m waiting.”


“Let me think,” Dorothy said, but she saw he wasn’t happy with this, as he turned and started walking over to her daughter.  Cathy screamed into her gag as she saw the look in his face, as Dorothy said “ALL RIGHT!!!!! All right - 36 24 38”


“Better - if a little out of date,” the man said as he walked back over to Dorothy.  “Now, close your mouth.”








I looked in before I left, and she was staring straight ahead.  I had to use white tape to close her mouth, criss crossing strips over her mouth, but she was saying nothing.  Neither was her little cute daughter - although she had managed to work a couple of buttons loose on that cardigan of hers.”


The assembled group laughed as Eric picked up his cards and looked at them.  “All right,” Pete said as he looked round the table, “Who’s in?”





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