Return to the Sorority House

6 am


“Please, take whatever you want, just don’t hurt me….”


The blonde haired woman struggled on the mattress, her wrists bound securely behind her back and rope around her upper chest securing her arms to her side.  She looked up at the masked men as they tied the rope around her ankles off.


“You know that pink bow on your bra?  Nice touch.”


“Yeah, but not as nice as the bow on her ass!”


Four masked men were looking at her struggling as she rolled over.  There was indeed a small pink bow on the back of her pants, which was half-covering a well designed hole at the back.


“Cut it out you guys, we’re on a schedule here!”


She looked up to see a woman, slightly smaller than herself but with blonde hair, that could almost pass for her.  She was wearing her clothes, and would certainly pass for her with the heels she was wearing.


“I don’t understand, don’t you have what you want from my house?”


“Oh we do sweetie,” the woman said, “but I’m afraid two of us are going to stay here for a while so that I can do something at your work.  Boys?”


The girl gasped as one of the masked men took what she thought at first was a belt, but as he brought it forward she saw it was an opaque ball with a thick leather strap through it.  She tried to resist, but the man forced the ball into her mouth before fastening the strap tightly at the back of her head.


Two of the men lifted her off the bed, and sat her against the wall in the corner of the room.


“Have fun, boys,” the girl said as she and two of the gang walked out, leaving the other two watching her as she pushed herself into the corner



9 am




The foyer of Tau Iota Epsilon house was filling with a combination of returning sisters and current students.  It was Homecoming Day, and the most exclusive house on campus was welcoming their alumni.


Jessie, the chair of the organising committee, was talking to the receptionist.


“I just need to nip into the basement to pick up a few things.”


“Oh, don’t worry, I can….”  Before the receptionist could stop her, Jessie was skipping off to the door, her sleeveless blue top riding up her midriff.  She followed her as she approached the door, then picked up her cell phone.


“You have company coming – I’ll cover for her up here.”


Closing the door behind her, Jessie walked down the staircase, and switched the light on.  She would have screamed at the sight she saw, had a gloved hand not clamped over her mouth.




“Where did Jessie go?”


Mary was standing at the reception desk with her mother.  Both were casually dressed in jeans and t-shirts – a black one in Mary’s case, a white one for her mother.


“Oh, she’s had to go to bed – a summer cold – she doesn’t want to be disturbed.”


“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that today of all days,” Mrs Holden said with sympathy in her voice.  “I hope she gets better soon.”


“I’m taking my mother to my room, please can you put that in the book?”


“Consider it done, Mary – Room A10 according to the records.”


“Yup,” Mary called over her shoulder as they walked off.  The receptionist smiled and picked up her phone again.




“You won’t be bothering us, will you?”


Jessie screamed, but the sound was muffled by the red rubber ball that had been pushed into her mouth and fastened with a thick leather strap.  Her wrists were pulled above her head and tied together with rope, making her top ride up and exposing her midriff almost as much as her short white skirt was exposing her bottom.  The rope was fastened to a hook embedded in the ceiling support.


In front of her were half a dozen armed men.  Four were masked, two were not, but all were large and muscled.


“Understood,” one of the unmasked men said as he ended a phone call.  “We’re going to room A10 to start work – you four fan out and start work in the other rooms.”


The four men nodded and walked off, turning the light off and leaving Jessie struggling in the darkness.





Mary turned to her mother, who nodded as she sat down in the chair.  Mary went back to the side panel and switched on the small kettle, as there was a knock on her door.


“I’ll get that,” Mary said as she walked over to the door, but before she got a chance to react two burly men pushed their way into the room.  As one of them grabbed Mary and hand gagged her, the other ran over and held her mother to the chair, his hand over her mouth.


“Not a word out of either of you or you end up like your friend Jessie – do you understand?”


Mary whimpered and nodded her head, as the man holding her released his hand.  Before she had a chance to scream, he pulled a white cloth from his pocket and stuffed it into her mouth, pulling the ends tightly back and tying them together at the base of her neck under her brown hair.


The other intruder removed his hand from Mrs Holden, who just said “Please, don’t hurt my baby, we’ll do whatever you ask.”


“I know you will” the blue shirted man said, “now open wide.”


A rolled up rag was stuffed into the older woman’s mouth, as she watched the other man pull Mary’s hands behind her back and tie them together with rope.  She hardly noticed as her own wrists were pulled behind the back of the chair she was sitting on and tied together.


“You ladies just sit tight while we make sure you can’t stop us robbing you,” the man binding Mrs Holden said as he passed rope around her upper legs and the seat of the chair.  Her ankles and calves had already been bound, as had Mary’s.  Her daughter watched as the man then took a roll of wide black tape, tear off several strips and use them to keep the rag in her mouth.


“MMMM!” Mary screamed, but the man holding her just laughed as he grabbed hold of her top and pulled up.  “We’re just making sure you don’t try to leave the room,” the second man said as he pulled the white t-shirt off Mrs Holden’s body, her arms held to her side with more rope.  She looked up as he realised she had no bra on, and ran his broad calloused hands over her bare breasts.


“Hey – just the money and jewellery.  No fun for us today,” his partner shouted as he pushed Mary to the floor and placed her in a hogtie.


“Yeah – pity,” was the reply as both women watched their bags been emptied.


10 am


“You really have a nice ass as well, don’t you?”


Betty looked over her shoulder at the two masked men.  She had been washing her face in the guest room when the two masked men had run into the room.  One of them was now searching through her luggage, while the other was securing her wrists together in front of her.  She was wearing a red top with a blue and purple floral pattern, and her feet were in high heeled open sandals, but she had not had time to don the blue skirt that lay on her bed.


“So what?” she replied sarcastically.


“So, it needs to be displayed more prominently.”  Saying this, the masked man pulled her arms over  the sink bowl and secured the rope around the water faucet, leaving her bending over the wash area.


“What on earth makes you think you’ll get away with this?” Betty asked.


“We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again,” was the reply as he pinched her nose.  As Betty opened her mouth, a large white ball was pushed in and her red rouged lips closed around it as the straps were fastened.  She watched as the two men emptied her valuables into a sack and walked out of the room.



At the back of the sorority house, Alicia Harkness was doing an inspection of the parked vehicles when she saw a blue transit van with the rear door open.  Her curiosity peaked, she walked over to where a burly man in jeans and a blue t-shirt was looking in the back.


“Excuse me,” she said, “Are you here with one of the sorority?”


“In a way,” he replied without coming out.


“May I see your invite then?”


“Yeah, here it is,” he said as he turned round and pointed a gun directly at Alicia.  “Get in the back here and shut up.”


10.30 am


The rear door opened, and a masked head peeked round the corner, checking the coast was clear before he and the other man stepped out and made their way quickly to the van.


“We drop this lot off, then move to the next target,” he said as he opened the door.  “Oh crap, couldn’t you control yourself for one stinking day?”


Alicia looked up at the two masked men, and screamed through the red ball gag that was fastened into her mouth.  Her black skirt had been pulled off and thrown to one side, revealing some sheer black stockings and a silk bodice with lace bra.  The bearded man had tied her with rope around her ankles, wrists and arms, and her legs and ankles were securely bound.  He was groping her, with one arm on an exposed breast and the other pinching her full bottom.


“Oh just one…”


“Leave her alone and get back in there – we’re on a schedule, and remember what she will do to us if we don’t keep to time.”


A look of fear passed briefly over his face, before he let Alicia drop to the floor and walked out of the van.


“Help me get her somewhere more discreet,” was the only other comment she heard before a black scarf was tied over her eyes and she felt herself being lifted somewhere.





11 am


“O fck – nt gn!!!”


Her red hair was falling across the mattress as Eileen looked up at the other masked men who had broken into her room.  She had been present two years previously, when a masked and well armed gang had captured every sister in the house and robbed them, and here it was happening again.


She had just come back from a session on the sun bed, and was dressed in a yellow and orange patterned bikini.  Now she was hogtied, her ankles pulled up behind her and secured to her bound wrists, while her lower jaw was covered in white tape.


She twisted round on her bed and looked at her roommate Cath, who was sat on the floor with one of the masked men behind her.  He had lashed her wrists, and was now passing rope above and below her ample breasts, pulling hard with each pass so that the white vest top she was wearing was being pulled up.  He then passed the rope under one arm, around the back of her neck and back under the other arm, pulling the chest ropes even tighter.


“tht hrts,” she mumbled through the white cloth tied over her mouth.  In itself it was not an effective gag, but the cotton wool that causing her cheeks to puff out was acting as an effective silencer as well.


“Hurry up and make sure she can’t walk out,” the robber called as he emptied the contents of Eileen’s jewellery box into the bag he was carrying.  His partner nodded, crossed Cath’s ankles and quickly lashed them together, followed by more rope around her legs, making sure everything was cinched between her legs.


Cath looked at the two men, her light brown hair trapped under the gag, as they gathered their stuff and walked out of the room towards their next target,




12 noon


The gymnasium was quiet as Suzie walked in, her red curly hair falling in long lengths over her face and shoulders.


“Jessie, are you in here?” she called out, but there was no answer.  “I wonder where that girl’s got to – she’s not in her room,” she mumbled as she looked around the empty hall, turned round and ran full pelt into two masked men.


“Well, well, well,” one of the men said as he pointed a gun at Suzie’s face, “Why don’t we just step inside, nice and quiet, and we’ll make sure you can’t raise the alarm.  Understand?”


“Yyyyy yes,” Suzie said as she was pushed back into the gymnasium and turned round.


“Stand nice and still,” the man said as he took a length of rope, doubled it and passed it around Suzie’s wrists while he held them together behind her back.  She grimaced as they were quickly and tightly bound together, turn after turn of rope going around and between them.


“That bloody hurt, and what the fuck do you think you’re doing to me,” Suzie called out as she was forced to lie face down on a bench against the wall.


“We’re raiding the house, and you’re just another statistic to us,” the man said as he bound her ankles together and then pulled them back to place Suzie in a hogtie.  Satisfied with his work, he began to pass more rope around her body and the bench, as she looked up at the silent partner watching her.


“And just what are you looking at, bastard – do you think this is a good thing to see?”


Even trough the nylon stocking that covered his face, Suzie could see that he was actually smiling at this.  She spat in disgust at the thought.


“That’s not very nice – let me see if I can cure you of that habit.”


“What the fck d u thnk ur dng….”


The thick white tape that was smoothed over Suzie’s lips ensured that only muttered curses were audible as the man stood up.


“Come on – let’s get a move on,” he said to his silent companion, but the door opened and their attention was taken by the two women who walked in.




12.30 pm


“Jennie, are you down here.”


Anna Morterson pulled closed the door to the cellar, switched on the light and walked down.  She had stopped by Jessie’s room, after the receptionist had said she had retired “with a cold”, but not finding her there she had started to search the house, coming into the cellar as a last resort.


She could hear noises coming from further into the cellar, so Anna pressed on, not noticing the sound of the door opening and closing behind her.


“Jessie?”  The sound was definitely getting louder the deeper into the cellar Anna went, but didn’t hear the footsteps behind her until eh walked into the large open area and saw Jessie standing there, screaming through her gag at her.


“Jessie!!  My god, who did this to you?”


“My boys,” a female voice said from behind.  “Please, put your hands on your head and turn around slowly.”


“What have you done to my daughter?” Anna said as Jessie let her head drop.


“She found out about our little plan.  Why don’t you take a seat,” she said indicating a white chair against the wall, “And I’ll explain all about today.


“You see,” she said as Anna sat down, the skirt of her black sleeveless dress riding up slightly as her hands stayed on her head, “A couple of years ago a gang raided this sorority and stole a lot of items.  I think you may have heard about it?  Oh, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Yes, I heard about that – and the events after when the boys of Gamma Alpha Gamma came acalling?”


“That was indeed a nice touch,” the receptionist said as she pulled Anna’s hands behind the back of the chair and started to tie them together.  “Anyway, when I heard about this reunion day, I got a few of my boys together and we decided it would be an idea to do the same sort of thing.  Even now, they are going from room to room, securing and robbing.  Talking of which, how does that feel?”


“Tight, but I guess I’ll live.  And?”


“Oh, excuse me if I work and talk.  Well,” she replied as she started to wrap rope around Anna’s upper arms, chest and the chair back, “I took the place of the house receptionist today – she’s been looked after by some of my boys – and let them in when I arrived.  Excuse me one moment.”


“Hmm,” Anna said as the woman came round and began to secure Anna’s ankles together, before tying the rope to one of the front legs of the chair.


“Anyway, we won’t be too much longer,” she continued as she tied Anna’s legs together, “so you can sit here with your daughter and just relax.”


“What if I decide to call for help?”


“Well, first of all the motion sensor I’ve attached to the bomb tied to the rear leg will cause an explosion,” the woman said.  “And secondly, there’s this.”


“Whmmph” Anna said as a hankie was pushed into her mouth, and a rolled up white scarf pulled between her lips to keep it in place.  Tying the ends together over her blonde hair, the receptionist blew a kiss at Anna as she tottered off, her heels clicking on the floor as the room was plunged into darkness again.



1 pm


“Well, if I’m going to be tied up, at least you’re doing it artistically.”


“Spoken like a true History major, dear.”


Esther looked over at Sarah, who nodded in reply.  The two bearded men were tying Sarah’s wrists together as she lay on her bed, her hands in a prayer position and raised on her chest.  Esther was sat in a chair, her wrists pulled together and tied with a length of lime green rope.


Her chestnut hair had been pulled back and held in place by a large clip, and Esther was wearing a cream coloured top and blue jeans.  The other man had finished tying her ankles together, and Sarah watched as he pulled the lasso of rope tightly around her thighs, feeding the rope around both her legs above her knees and then between them.


Taking a longer length, he then passed it around Esther’s arms, pulling tightly, before using the ends to secure her to the chair back and then ensuring her wrists were secured to the chest rope and then passing the last length around her neck.


Sarah was watching the other man pull her wrists above her head and over the end of the bed, securing it to the bar that ran at the back.  Her red silk dress was pulled up slightly, but the rope securing her ankles to the foot of the bed made sure she could not try to adjust it.  She wanted to scream for help, but the red tape over her mouth was proving most effective in preventing her from using her mouth.


“Search the room while I take care of the other one,” he said as he approached Esther, the roll of red tape in his hand.  To his amusement, he saw a smile grow on Esther’s face as he came closer.



1.30 pm


“What’s the hold up in the gymnasium?”


“Couple of unexpected guests, we’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”


Suzie  was screaming through her gag at the other two women who were on the other side of the gym.  Belinda was sat on a white chair and her mother was standing amongst a range of red exercise seats that were next to her.


“Mum, is it wrong to be excited by this?” Belinda said as she twisted her arms round.  She had been tied up with lengths of lime green rope, her wrists secured and tied down to the chair back.  One of the masked men had passed lengths of rope around her arms and chest, above and below her breasts, and the rope was starting to dig into her bare arms.  He had then passed the rope over one shoulder, through the ropes below her breasts, and then over the other shoulder so that her breasts were made to strain against the sheer material of her black velvet top.  More rope had been used to tie her ankles and legs together, the satin of her trousers creasing as she sat there.


“I don’t know, Belinda, but I cannot deny it does feel a bit – arousing,” her mother replied.  She had been bound in the same way as her daughter around the wrists, arms and chest, although in her case orange rope had been used.  She was wearing a black velvet dress with a yoke top, and the robber in her case had tied her ankles together and then her calves so that the cress skirt was gathered round and secured around her legs.


“Can you move at all?”


“No – I can’t even hop away because of these seats here.”


“Which is exactly why I left you there,” the stocking masked man said as he walked back over.  “So, you ladies having fun?”


“Apart from watching you empty our handbags into the sack – yeah, funnily enough we are.  I only wanted to show mum where I worked out, and now we get more excitement.”


“So, what are you going to do to us now?”


“We have a schedule to keep – and only two rooms left to hit.  You may have noticed it’s a little quieter now?”


Belinda’s mother turned her head.  “Yeah – what’s happened?”


“Everyone’s taking a quiet time – as do you two now.  Open wide.”


Belinda watched as an orange bandana was pulled into her mouth, filling it and effectively gagging her.  She giggled as her mother smiled at her.


“I’ve something else for you,” the man said as he dangled a large black ball in front of her, a leather strap through the middle.  Opening her mouth, she allowed the intruder to push the ball between her lips and teeth, before securing it with the strap around her neck.


“Bye bye ladies,” the two men said as they set off.  Belinda and her mother smiled at them as they left, while Suzie looked on in amazement at what she had seen and heard.




2 pm


All that could be heard in the corridors of Tau Iota Epsilon was lots and lots of moans and mumbling, as the two masked pairs approached the last two rooms.


“Good work boys – you deal with the last two, and I’ll have a word with the two apes,” the receptionist said as she walked off.  The men looked at each other, and split into pairs as they entered the rooms.


“Just a minute,” the red haired Amazon said as one pair walked into the room.  She was in the bathroom, her back to them as she stood there in her purple one piece swimsuit, but when she turned round and saw the two masked men standing there she dropped the towel she was holding and put her hands into the air.


“Take care of her while I grab her stuff,” the armed man said, and the other man walked towards the girl, several lengths of white rope in his hand.


In the room next door, the two masked men could hear a shower running.  Approaching the dividing door, they pulled it open and saw a tall bleached blonde woman standing there in a leopard print bikini.


“What the fuck,” was all she said before she was grabbed and dragged into the main bedroom, the shower still running behind her.




2.30 pm


“Where the hell is everyone?”


Amanda walked down the quiet corridors, a towel around her bare shoulders.  She had spent the morning and lunch hours sunbathing on the green on campus, and had only just returned to find the reception desk deserted, and no one else around.


She walked down the corridor, knocking on door after door.  Behind each one, the bound and gagged women screamed through their mouth filling and tight gags, but she was unable to hear them.  She eventually came to her own room, and opened the door.


“Did you grab lunch, Sally?” she called out, but stopped in her place when she saw Sally sat on a wooden chair.  Her wrists had been tied together behind her back, and her arms held to her sides with rope above and below her breasts.  Her ankles were tied together in front of her, and her mouth and jaw were covered with white tape.


“What the hell….” Amanda said as she stepped back, Sally calling out “HLP!! HLP M! MND” through the tape.   Running into the room next door, she heard calling from the shower room and looked in.


The woman was standing in the shower, bound and gagged with a black ball gag which her lips were closed round.  She stared at Amanda, then started struggling and screaming at her, the ropes around her arms and chest moving as she called out.


Amanda turned and ran down the corridor, pulling room doors open to reveal many more bound and gagged women.  The only thing that stopped her was when she ran into the receptionist.


“You’ve got to help me – someone’s tied up everyone and gagged them.  We need to call the police – now!”


“All right,” the receptionist said as she took Amanda by the hand.  “Come into the office and we’ll call from there….”




3 pm


Amanda stared up at the blonde haired woman as the two masked men deposited her on the bed next to Sally.  Her wrists and ankles had been tightly bound, and the white tape gag over her mouth was preventing any sound coming through,


You just lie there in your little tiger skin number, and we’ll make our getaway.  Have a nice day, both of you.”


As the gang prepared to leave, the receptionist had an idea.  “I’m just going to make a phone call – get the van warmed up,” she called as she picked up the phone.


“Hello – is that Gamma Alpha Gamma Fraternity?  Do you remember the events of two years ago?  Good – listen carefully……”