“Forty years?  Has it really been forty years since we were in the sixth from together?”


Myra smiled as she sat on her bed, a dressing gown wrapped round her and her hair in a towelling turban, as she spoke on the telephone.


“Well I can’t wait to meet all of you as well – and the idea of going in the clothes we were wearing when we were at the school is inspired.  I’m amazed I can still get into my ones, but I can.  Proves what exercise and having three kids can do for you.


“Right – I’ll see you there, and we can dance the night away.”  Putting the phone down, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror – she may be the wrong side of 55, but she was in great shape, with short cut light brown hair framing her face.  Taking off the gown, she slipped into a pair of white panties and a bra, and then pulled on a pair of tight pale blue pants, fastening them round her slim waist.


As she picked up the cowl necked sweater, the grey fabric shimmering, she smiled and pulled it over her head, looking at herself again in the mirror as the material hugged her chest.  “You are looking good girl,” she said to herself as she turned round, “I just hope walking in these again is not too hard.”


She looked again at the boots, which had sat in the back of her wardrobe all these years.  When she had married her husband, he had made it clear he did not like them, so she had put them away – but now that he had passed on, she was ready to feel that elation of her youthful rebellion once more.


They were made of a silver leather, designed to look like snakeskin, with a four-inch square heel and a two inch sole.  Sitting in the chair, she pulled them carefully up her legs, her feet slipping in as she pulled them up over her knees and tightened the laces at the back of her calves.


Slowly standing, Myra walked round, gaining confidence as she did so, and starting to sign to herself.


“Wig wam bam, gonna make you my man,
Wham bam Mam, gonna catch you if I can…”


So when she was grabbed from behind, a gloved hand clamping a damp and sweet smelling cloth over her mouth, Myra was taking completely by surprise.  As she opened her mouth to try to call for help, the fumes invaded her nose and mouth, and she was suddenly sleepy, her mind starting to cloud over as she wondered what was going on.


“Breath deep,” she heard a young man say, “don’t struggle…”


“Hrrruuuu,” she mumbled as she started to relax, but before she could fall asleep the man took the cloth away, lowering her gently to the floor and rolling her onto her stomach as he crossed her wrists behind her back.  Myra was dimly aware of the pressure on her wrists as he used thin cord to secure them together, the rope going around and between her arms.  She then felt him move her legs, and heard the squeak of leather as he used more cord to secure her ankles firmly together.


“I’m going to take you somewhere special,” he said quietly as he rolled her over, and she looked through foggy eyes at him – about six foot tall, casually dressed as far as she could tell, as she heard the sound of something been ripped – and then felt a tugging on the skin around her mouth as he pressed something over them.  Something that stopped her from being able to open her mouth. 


She heard the ripping sound again, and then the pressure on her eyes as he closed them, and pressed something over the top…


He looked at Myra, her wrists and ankles bound, tape over her mouth and eyes, and smiled as he took more ropes out of his bag.  Once he had her firmly secured, he would carry her down to the van – and then he had some more calls to make…



“Veronica, are you nearly ready?”


“Be down in a minute Betty,” the light brown haired woman said as she stood in front of the hallway mirror, adjusting the fit of the yellow leather jacket before she zipped it closed over her black leather pinafore dress.  She was also wearing a matching pair of thigh high leather boots with a two inch heel, the laces tied behind her legs.


“What Myra have to say anyway,” Veronica called down.


“That she was looking forward to seeing all of us,” Betty said in reply as she heard the knock on the front door, and turned to walk towards it.  “How can I help you,” she said as she opened the door – and then walked slowly backwards as the two men came in.  They were dressed in dark suits, shirts, ties and highly polished shoes – and also wore leather gloves and balaclava masks.


“No loud noises or calling,” one of them said quietly as he pointed a gun at Betty, “walk slowly into the front room, and sit down, hands were we can see them.”  He smiled as the older woman slowly nodded and complied, sitting and watching the door as they stood either side of it.


“So who was at the door,” Veronica said as she came in, adjusting her necklace.  The redhead was wearing a long sleeved grey top, a black leather mini skirt and thigh high tan leather wader boots.


“We were,” the second man said as he pressed his gun to Veronica’s head.  “Go and sit next to your wife – hands in front of you.”


As she sat down, Veronica looked at Betty and said “what’s going on?”


“I’ve no idea – they just walked in and…”


“Take one of these each.”


The two women looked up as one of the men took two lengths of cord from his jacket pocket, and handed one to each of them.


“What is this for,” Betty said as she took it.


“You are going to secure the legs of your partner together, below your knees – and make it sure it is tight, or we’ll do it.  And you may not like what is involved in that.”


“Let’s…  Let’s just do as they say,” Veronica said as she gently kissed Betty’s cheek, and then bound her legs together below her knees, drawing them together as the rope rubbed and squeaked on the mustard coloured leather.  She then sat back and watched as Betty bound her own legs together, taking the rope around and between Veronica’s legs.


“Good,” the masked man said, “now, I suggest you kiss each other.  A sign of affection if you will.”  The two women looked at him, and then at each other, before they gently kissed each other on the lips.


As they did so, the second armed man put his gun down, and removed from his jacket pocket two white cloths, waiting until they had stopped before he handed them over.


“And what are these for,” Veronica asked, already fearing the answer – one which was confirmed as the armed intruder said “stuff them into each other’s mouth.”  The two women looked at each other, and then slowly, slowly, Betty opened her mouth, trying no tot choke as her wife pushed the folded cloth into her mouth, before she did the same to Veronica.


As Veronica closed her lips over the cloth, she heard a strange, squelchy tearing sound, and she looked over to see the intruder tear a length of wide white medical tape from a roll.  “Take this,” the armed man said to her, “and press it firmly over her mouth.”


“Msreee,” Veronica said quietly as she pressed the tape firmly over Betty’s mouth, the shape of her lips visible underneath as she smoothed it into place – and then she felt the tugging at her own skin as Betty was forced to cover her mouth as well.


The two men then took two more lengths of cord from their jacket pockets, walking behind the two gagged women before they pulled their arms behind their backs, securing them with their palms pressed together, the bands going around and between their wrists with the knots out of reach of their fingers.


“Whrrudnnthsffrr,” Betty said as she looked at the two men.


“You’ll see,” the armed one said quietly, as the second one tore another strip of tape from the roll, “close your eyes.”  They were powerless to stop them using the tape to blindfold them both, before they were forced to stand and hobble out of the room.  From the sounds their heels were making on the ground, Veronica could tell they were being taken out of the house, and then made to sit down before whatever vehicle they were in moved off…



Myra grunted as she was dropped onto a mat of some form, and rolled onto her stomach, before her ankles were pulled back and she felt whoever was doing this secure them to the ropes around her chest.  The ropes holding her legs together at their ankles, knees and thighs were tight, and a little uncomfortable, but something about this situation was also exciting her as well.


“Well, I see you made it here.”


She recognised the voice – but said nothing as it continued “we’re just waiting on the others to arrive – and then we can begin.  But if you look over there…”


Myra felt the tape as it was pulled from her eyes, then turned her head slowly, stifling a cry as she recognised the woman lying on the floor next to her, her lips over her gag…







Although she was approaching seventy, Rhona liked to think she was still the trendsetter she had been in her teaching days – and although long retired, the invitation to the reunion had intrigued her beyond measure.


Especially when she had realised what the dress code was.  As she moved round her front room, the creak of the leather was filling her with pleasure.  In her case, it was a long tan leather skirt and matching thigh high boots, her outfit completed by a grey cardigan over a long sleeved white top, and a grey chiffon scarf.  Her grey hair was cut short, and she was wearing simple pearl studs.


Looking at her reflection through her glasses, Rhona smiled and said “I can still show those girls a thing or two, even now.”


“I do so agree.”


Rhona stood stock still for a second, and then turned as she said “you?”


“Me – please, no sudden moves or cries out.  I’m here to take you to this most special reunion.”


“Perhaps,” Rhona said, “but why do you need that gun?”


“Oh – I won’t need this in a little while, but first I need to make sure I will not need it.  And for that, I need to ask you to cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


“And why would – ah,” Rhona said as she saw the ropes.  “but why?”


“Oh I am sure you will figure it out in due course – you always were one of the brightest of the bunch.  But my time is limited – so please, cross your wrists.”


As Rhona felt the cords rub on her wrists, forcing them comfortably but firmly together, she said “surely this had nothing to do with…”


“Ah – you do remember.  Good.  Stand still now.”


Rhona stared straight ahead as more rope was passed around her waist, securing her wrists to the front of her body, and then more rope passed around her upper body and arms.  The effect as the ropes were pulled tighter was to force the cardigan to her sides, her arms pinioned to her sides, her chest framed by the bands as it was forced up and out.


“Oh my god,” she whispered quietly as she twisted round.


“Yes – quite an intoxicating feeling isn’t it.  I learned it that day – and I wanted to share it with all of you on this anniversary.”


“But I tried to stop them…”


“Yes you did, and that is why I am being more lenient with you.”  Rhona grunted as more rope was used to tighten the bands around her upper body together, between her arms and her body.


“So what now – are you taking me somewhere?”


There was no answer, only a folded cloth held in front of Rhona’s mouth, as she opened wide and tasted the cotton as it sat on her tongue.  She then had to watch as her scarf was removed, and used as a cleave gag, keeping the cloth behind her teeth.


“Now then – if you will come with me…”






“Hmlrddd – msseeifs?”


“Hllymre – srreeurhrrswl?”


Myra could only nod as she heard footsteps, and then two more captives were carried in, placed on mats next to her and then hogtied.  As the tape was removed from their eyes, Veronica and Betty looked round, and then at the other two.


“Hllrrdd – btthmnnss?”


Myra nodded at Veronica’s comment as all four struggled…






“I am what I am, and what I am, needs no excuses…”


Edna smiled as she fastened the last button on her short sleeved white blouse, and then walked over to the couch, slipping the left boot over her leg and slowly pulling the zip up as the material covered and hugged the leg of her skin tight jeans, pulling it further and further up as it went over her knee and half way up her thigh.  She smiled as she switched her leg, the supple burgundy leather caressing her limbs as she made sure it still fitted.


“Looking good girl,” she said as she out her right leg down, the three inch stiletto heel adding extra height and making her seem even slimmer.  Her light blonde hair was cut in a bob, as she looked round.


“Now, where did I put my purse,” she whispered to herself as she looked round, and then walked over to the table – before a leather gloved hand clamped itself over her mouth, taking her completely by surprise.


“Wjhtffkkk,” she mumbled as she reached up to try and pull the hand away – and then she felt the cold metal disc pressed against her head, as a voice said “no – I don’t want you to do that, and you don’t want to die I suspect, do you?”


Edna slowly shook her head as the voice said “good – kneel down, hands on your head, and don’t move unless you are told.  Do it now.”  As the hand was taken away, Edna slowly dropped to her knees, placing her hands palm down on top of her head.


“Do not look round.”  That was all she heard, before whoever was doing this crossed her ankles, and she heard the squeak as she felt them being secured together with rope.


“If it’s money you want,” she whispered, “I can give you all I have.  Just ask…”


“Oh I don’t want your money,” the voice continued as she felt her legs been drawn together below her knees, and then above, the rope squeaking and her boots adding to the sound as they rubbed together, and she felt hands pushing the rope between her legs.


“Then what do you want?”


“You’re going to a reunion, correct?”


Edna slowly nodded as she grunted, the ropes tighter than she had expected.


“Well, I’m here to make sure you get there,” the voice said as her arms were pulled behind her, and she felt her hands pressed together palm to palm, before her wrists were roped tightly together.  She then gasped as her elbows were pulled together, forcing her chest put and threatening to make the buttons on her blouse burst open as they were secured as well.


“What – trussed like this?”


“And silent as well,” the voice said – and then her eyes shot open as a length of duct tape was pressed firmly over her mouth, followed by three more.  She was unable to call out now as more rope was passed round her body, further securing her arms – and then she was lifted off the floor, dragged backwards as her heels left track marks in the carpet, scraped on the stone path outside her house, and then pressed on her bottom as she was lifted into the boot of a car, her legs pulled back and her ankles secured to the ropes round her chest.


The last thing she saw was a face, as she said “hmmggdd – uu?”


“Me.”  And then the lid of the trunk was slammed down, plunging her into darkness.







As she was carried into the cellar, Edna recognised the other women struggling on the floor, three of them hogtied, the fourth secured with bands of rope as she looked on through her glasses.  She said nothing as she was placed on the floor as well, looking on as the people who had brought her in left her there.




All four turned and looked at Rhona, who merely shook her head as they all heard the click of heels on the flagstones and tried to see who was coming. 


The woman was dressed in a crisp white blouse, a tight black leather pencil skirt that came down to her knees, and leg hugging straight black leather boots with a four inch stiletto sharp heel.  She wore a pair of short black leather gloves on her hands, and smiled as she stood back and looked at them.


“Hello girls – long time no see.”


The girls looked at her as she walked up and down.  “It really has been a long time, hasn’t it – but I always knew one day, I would meet all of you again, and let you know how much I appreciated what you did.”


Myra, Veronica, Betty and Edna looked at each other, before Rhona said “bthhhemm?”


“Ah – because you were the one who came to my rescues that day, and I wanted to show my appreciation at the same time.  Do you remember that last day of sixth form, girls…”?





“Myra – have you and your friends seen Jennifer anywhere?”


The four girls looked across from the common room of St Blasius’ Sixth Form at Rhona, their form teacher.  The young teacher was wearing a brown suede waistcoat and skirt with a floral print blouse, while the four girls were wearing round necked t-shirts, hot pants and knee length PVC boots.


“Sorry Miss Eaves,” Myra giggled, “I haven’t seen her since breakfast, have any of you?”


Veronica, Betty and Edna all shook their heads as Rhona looked at them.  “All right – if you see her, tell her that her uncle will be here to collect her at four tonight.”


As she left the form room, Rhona heard them talking – something did not seem right about this.  Jennifer was one of the quieter girls in the class, and had been picked on by some of the girls – those four in particular.  It was the end of their time at the private girls’ school, but surely they weren’t going to…


“Miss Eaves!”


Rhona looked up as one of the fourth form girls ran over.  “Miss Eaves, you need to come with me please – there’s something wrong on the Hockey pitch.”


“All right,” Rhona said as she walked quickly out with the young girl, and saw the crowd of girls at the edge of the pitch.  As she got closer, however, she could also hear the laughter – and then she was what they were looking at.


Jennifer was standing against the side of the goal, lashed to the wood with bands of rope around her arms, chest, legs and ankles.  A wide strip of brown sticking plaster was pressed over her mouth, a pair of lips drawn on it in red lipstick, and someone had been rather too generous with the blusher and eye shadow.   Worse, a band of rope had been pulled between her legs and against her crotch, as a damp patch could be seen on her jeans.


“RIGHT!”  Rhona turned to the crowd and said “back to your rooms and finish packing – and one of you get the headmistress out here.”  As the crowd dispersed, she walked quickly over and peeled the sticking plaster from her mouth.  “Are you all right,” she said quietly as she looked at the dark haired girl.


“Yes – they did this before dawn,” she croaked as Rhona untied her, and removed the extra rope.


“Come on,” she said quietly, “let’s get you to the school nurse…”



“I should really thank all four of you,” Jennifer said as she looked at them, “what you made rise in me was a fire that I have used to fuel my career, and give pleasure to man, over the last forty years.  But as I said, I always knew one day I would get the opportunity to thank you all properly. Boys?”


Myra recognised the two men who had kidnapped her, as they quickly tied a rope round her waist, and then pulled it tightly up between her legs, making her groan as she suddenly realised how damp she was there. As she looked over, the men added the extra rope to Veronica, Betty and Enda, hearing their squeals as the ropes rubbed on them.


“You see, I have built a career now as a dominatrix,” Jennifer said with a smile, “and I want you to enjoy all I enjoy.  I just need to add one thing.”


All four tried to stop the men as they slipped a vibrator under the crotch rope, but then groaned as it started to work on them, Jennifer walking over to Rhona.


“I offer you the choice, Miss Eaves.”


Rhona looked at the other four as they started to shake, and said “whtrrugntddd?”


“Have then delivered to the reunion as a special present in a little while – but not you.  So?”


As she heard their moans, Rhona nodded as Jennifer said “Good – boys, slip one in for our most special guest.”  She watched as one of the men handed Jennifer a vibrator, which she expertly slipped into Rhona’s knickers, the buzzing starting to work on her as she slowly lost herself…







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