“Hey - another day at the coalface over with?”


Lesley Clark looked round and smiled as she saw her flatmate approaching her on the street.  The young teacher had a large bag slung over one shoulder, a long black coat covering her and keeping the early spring chill away, the black leather boots she was wearing the only thing visible.


“Yeah – the little darlings were especially fun today,” she said with a smile, “what about you Orlagh?”


“Oh, the office was its usual dull self,” the Irish lass said with a smile.  Her red-brown hair had blonde streaks, and she was wearing a tan leather bomber jacket over her top, her black leatherette leggings tucked into a pair of knee length tan leather boots.  “Got any plans for tonight?”


“Marking homework – another dull night,” Lesley said with a sigh.  “I presume you have something exciting planned?”


“Don’t I always?” Orlagh laughed, “come on – let’s get back and have a drink before you get started.”


The two girls lived in a terraced house on the outskirts of town, and had been friends at University before moving in together.  In personality, they were very different – Orlagh the brash Irish girl, Lesley the quiet, studious redhead, but they got on well together.


As Lesley unlocked the front door and turned the hall light on, she let her bag drop to the floor and then removed her coat, revealing a light taupe corduroy pinafore dress over a black roll neck sweater, and the black tights visible between the hem of her dress and the tops of her boots.  Her hair was swept back from hr forehead, and frizzed, while Orlagh’s feel over the shoulders of the white fern leaf patterned sheer blouse she was wearing, the asymmetric cut showing the strap of her back sports bra on her right side.


Lesley admired the way Orlagh dressed, and always seemed to have fun – in fact, she was a little jealous of her, but she hid her feelings as she said “some coffee?”


“Why not – black as the night and sweet as the sun please.”


Shaking her head, Lesley made her way to the kitchen, filling the kettle and plugging it in before she found two mugs, added instant coffee to both, the teaspoons of sugar to one and some milk to the other, and added the hot water, stirring all the time.  As she carried the mugs through, she noticed Orlagh looking at the menu for the local Chinese takeaway.



“Can’t be bothered cooking?”


“Can you?”  Lesley shook her head as Orlagh said “fine – we’ll phone through the order, and eat before I get ready to go out.  What do you want?”


“Sweet and sour pork and noodles.”


“You always have the same,” Orlagh said as she shook her head, “where’s your sense of adventure?”


“You have more than enough of a sense of adventure for both of us,” Lesley said with a smile, “so you place the order – I’ll be down in a minute.”  She left the room and walked up the stairs, as Orlagh picked up the phone.




“Order placed,” Lesley said as she came down.


“It is,” Orlagh said as she looked up – and then heard the sound of the doorbell.


“That’s fast,” Lesley said as she walked to the front door, holding her purse as she saw the two people through the frosted glass.  “Hmm – must be doubling up now,” she said as she opened the door, and said “good service – so whaaaatheeeehmygodddd….”


“Shut it sweetheart,” one of the two men who came in said as he pushed Lesley against the wall, her eyes wide behind her glasses.  The two men were big – very big, and very strong, and the gun in the man’s gloved hand was very large and very real.  He had short fair hair, while the second man had shoulder length brown hair.  Lesley watched as he closed the door, a large holdall in his hands.


“I’ll take that,” he said as he took Lesley’s purse, and then grabbed her arm, making her squeal as his grip tightened.


“Hey – Don’t tell me the Kung Po was…  Shit.”


“Hey gorgeous,” the dark-haired man said as he pointed a second gun at Orlagh, “do us both a favour – walk quietly back in there, sit down and keep your hands where we can see them.”


“What’s going on,” Lesley asked as she was forced to sit in one of the armchairs, Orlagh glaring at the two men as she sat herself down.


“I thought we told you both to be quiet,” the dark-haired man said.  “Disconnect the phone, then find their mobiles.”


“Got it,” his partner said as he walked out.


“Right – rules.  You will call me Tom, and my friend Jerry.  And you will do exactly what we tell you to do, without question – got it?”


“You’re the big men with the guns,” Orlagh said quietly.


“Yes we are,” Tom said as Jerry came back into the room, picking up their handbags and removing the batteries from their phones.  He then opened the bag he had left on the floor, both girls watching as he removed several lengths of rope.


“So who do I do first Tom?”


Looking between Orlagh and Lesley, the other man eventually said “her.  She’s trouble, and you’re not, are you sweetheart?”


Lesley looked at him and shook her head, watching as Jerry pulled her housemate’s arms behind her back, and started to bind her wrists together with the rope.  Orlagh called out as the rope rubbed on her bare wrists, but she was ignored – in fact, the rope was pulled tighter still as he took it around and between her arms.


“You expecting someone,” Tom said as he looked at Lesley.


“Our dinner…”


“What the hell do you bastards want,” Orlagh screamed out – only to fall silent as Tom produced a flick knife and held it to her throat.


“We want you to shut up,” he whispered quietly as the doorbell rang.  “You,” he said as he looked at Lesley, “go and get the food, pay for it, act normally – understand.”


“I understand – please, don’t hurt her,” Lesley said as she slowly stood and walked to the front door.  Opening it, she took the bag and paid the delivery driver, before closing the door and turning round to see Jerry standing there, a length of rope in his hand.


“Good – into the kitchen, put that on the table, and then out your hands behind your back.”


“Why are you doing this,” Tracey whispered as they walked in, and she put the bag on the kitchen table.


“Good food, good company, your valuables,” Jerry said as he yanked her arms behind her, and she felt the rope on her wrists as he wrapped it tightly around and between her limbs, forcing them together as she wriggled her fingers.  “And you are a pair of good looking ladies.”


“And you’re a pair of thieving bastards.”


“How true,” Jerrys aid as she watched him pas a doubled over, much longer length of rope around her body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides.  As she looked down, he passed it around her body, forming two bands above and below her chest – and she was fascinated not just by the way it was forcing her breasts up and out, or by the sensations the tight bands were creating in her as they ribbed.  IT wasn’t even the noise of the rope on her dress as the bands were pulled tighter and tighter, the strangely calming squeaking sound.


No, it was the fact that somehow, she was enjoying being made helpless – and she had no idea why.  As he made it even tighter, by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm, she wondered what was happening to Orlagh…


As he pulled the rope one last time, and tied it off, Lesley tried to move her arms – only to gasp as the ropes rubbed on her chest, mingling with the squeaks of the corduroy.


“OHmy sweet lord whaddufnkkurrdnnnn?”


“Shall we,” Jerry said as he took Lesley by the aim and walked her back into the front room.  Orlagh was standing in the centre of the room, her wrists, arms and upper body bound in the same way as Lesley – but there was an additional rope, one that was tied between her breasts in front of her, and pulled down and between her legs.  She also had a wide strip of white tape pressed over her mouth, and Lesley could see from the way her cheeks bulged something else was underneath.


The chest ropes though – they were pulled tight, Orlagh’s top pulled tight as well, the sheer material caressing her enlarged and forced out chest, her black sports top now clearly visible underneath, Lesley staring at her…


Orlagh in turn was looking at Lesley, her dress pulled tightly round her chest by the ropes, the fainter lines where the ropes hugged her jumper.  Her eyes were wide, pleading, inviting…


“What did they get to eat?”


“We’ll find out in a minute – I want them both sitting on the floor, and then we bind their legs.”


“Rullrrhttt,” Orlagh said as she was made to walk, and then she closed her eyes, moaning as she was forced to sit down.  Lesley slowly sat next to her, both of them watching as Tom and Jerry took more lengths of rope, crossed their ankles and wrapped the rope around them, pulling it tight as the leather squeaked for both of them.  The rope went around in several bands, before the two men tied a knot, separated the ends and then pulled them between the two women’s legs, making the bands even tighter before they were tied off.


Lesley gingerly tried to move her ankles apart – but as she did so, their two captors took more rope, and started to bind their legs together below their knees.  The rope sat on top of their boots, but as the rope went around and between her legs, Lesley knew she was not going anywhere.


And she was not sure if she wanted to anyway – somehow, she wanted to stay here, to explore what she was experiencing, because despite the fear, the uncertainty, something just felt good about this…


“Right – open your mouth.”


Lesley looked at Tom, and opened her mouth, trying not to gag as he pushed the compressed sponge in behind her teeth, the material expanding, pushing her cheeks out and filling the space as she closed her lips.  Tom tore a wide strip of white tape from a roll, before pressing it firmly over her own mouth, smoothing the edges down as she felt it pull at the skin around her lips.


She looked at Orlagh, who was looking at her as well, her eyes wide as she wriggled round.  The young Irish woman was just as confused as Lesley – the ropes rubbing on her body making her feel giddy and faint, but it was the extra rope, the one between her legs, which was secured to her wrists, which moved every time she moved, and was making her start to shake as it did so…


“Right – let’s eat, and then let’s look round.”


The two women watched as their captors left the room, Lesley struggling as the ropes and her dress and boots squeaked under her movement.  She was also starting to feel strange, as the ropes rubbed on her body, and she let out a low moan.




“Yssstsss,” Orlagh said as she started to gently move her hands up and down behind her back – and then stopped as she saw Tom and Jerry come in with their food on their plates, then sit down and start to eat their dinner!


The two women looked at each other as Tom and Jerry talked to themselves, Lesley twisting her legs from side to side as Orlagh tried to ignore the fire burning between her legs now, closing her eyes in a vain attempt to ignore it.


But she was not the only one feeling strange.  Lesley cast another furtive glance over, looking at Orlagh, her top slipping down to reveal her bare shoulders, her chest moving in a hypnotic way…


Eventually, the two men stood up and left, the dirty dishes on the floor as the girls watched them walk up the stairs, and then heard the sounds of drawers opening.


“Whrrweegnnedu?” Lesley said as she looked at Orlagh, her eyes wide as the Irish girl looked back.






“Dddu….  Duufndthsexstng?”


Lesley slowly nodded as she saw Orlagh blush.  “Mttt – whdduwnttddd?”  The young redhead thought for a moment, and then put her head on her housemate’s shoulder, rubbing her cheek gently on the smooth skin before she looked into her eyes.




Orlagh blushed as she leaned over, and gently pressed her taped lips on Lesley’s forehead.  “Suuuduuu,” she said, and then as she looked into Lesley’s eyes, the two came to a realization -a revelation, as they slowly pressed their taped lips against each other.


They looked at each other, before separating, as Lesley gently nuzzled Orlagh’s neck with her taped mouth.  The Irish girl had not expected this, but as she felt the gentle pressure she groaned, and started to move her hands up and down behind her back, making the rope rub on her already damp leggings.


“Nnnn lttmmmdsmfnnfrst,” Lesley said, Orlagh looking at her and nodding as they looked to the door, the sound of footsteps coming down and then the front door slamming shut telling them their unwanted guests had left.


“Swhttduwnttdd?” Orlagh said as she twisted round, her chest heaving as she did so, the ropes rubbing on them and making her even more excited.  Lesley looked at her, then said “cnnumffmglssff?”


Nodding, Orlagh turned herself round, looking over her shoulders as Lesley lowered her head, and then managing to hook her glasses off with one hand, before throwing them onto the couch behind both of them.  Lesley shook her head, and then shifted herself onto her knees, looking at Orlagh as she brought her head closer.


Orlagh nodded in response as the pressed their lips together again, this time moving together as they both started to moan, their bodies rubbing together even as the ropes rubbed on them.  Lesley then looked at Orlagh, her tape crinkling before she lowered her head, and began to gently kiss her neck and shoulders through the tape.


As she did this, her head rubbed on the bare skin on Orlagh’s chest, and she moaned in response, before Lesley moved her head down, and started to press her lips on her chest, hearing Orlagh’s soft moans as she did so, and feeling a warmth inside herself in response.  A warmth that seemed to increase as she rubbed her head to and fro, Orlagh pushing forward and enjoying even more how it made her feel.


She was breathing in short nasal gasps, moving the rope more to and fro as she wanted something to happen, something to scream out…  Lesley could sense this, as she looked upend said “llttttmmmuuhlpuuu?”


Orlagh nodded as she turned to her side, watching as Lesley did the same and reached over, feeling the rope that ran down from Orlagh’s wrists and then gently pulling it up as she heard the Irish woman moan even more.  She started to move in a slow, deliberate rhythm, feeling her friend move behind her as she squirmed and moaned, the leather of her boots squeaking as they rubbed together and the rope rubbed n them.  She knew what she was doing, and she knew she wanted to do it – and what was more, she knew Orlagh wanted her to do it as well.


“Hyyssss,….  Ysss…  kpdnnthttlseleee…   EwntuuttHMMGMDDDDD!!!”


She felt Orlagh shake behind her, and as she looked round she saw her with her head back, her eyes closed, as she screamed into her gag.  Turning herself, she gently gag kissed her neck and shoulders again, before Orlagh looked at her through misty eyes.




“Nfrddeee,” Lesley said softly as she tape kissed her again,




Lesley nodded as she lowered her head, feeling Orlagh’s slim fingers on her cheek and face before she managed to start to peel the tape away from Lesley’s mouth, and then pulled the sponge out.  Lesley looked at her friend, gasping as she said “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Orlagh put her head to her side as Lesley started to gently kiss her chest, her lips now working on her skin as Orlagh wriggled round, sweet little pecks that started the excitement in her friend again.




“Of course I can,” Lesley said as she turned, Orlagh lowering her head in turn before she removed the tape and pulled the cloth from her mouth.  She turned to look at the Irish woman as she caught her breath – then leaned over and kissed Lesley full on the lips, both of them opening their mouths and allowing their tongues to dance together.


“Oh god,” Lesley eventually said, “I feel so hot…”


“Do you?”


Lesley nodded as Orlagh slid herself down and onto her side, and then nudged the skirt of her dress up, Lesley wriggling and the material squeaking again.  That was joined by the sound of her own squealing as Orlagh moved her head under the skirt, between Lesley’s legs, as she gently kissed her crotch, and then moved her head in time to Lesley’s moving hips.


“Oh sweet god, that feels so good,” Lesley said as Orlagh took her head out.


“It could taste and feel better – if you want it to.”


“Oh yes,” Lesley said as she pushed down with her feet, trying to contain herself as Orlagh pulled her hose down with her teeth, then her panties – and then she shook as she felt the young woman’s lips kissing her mound and clit, her tongue stroking as Lesley groaned more and more.


Orlagh continued her gentle arousal, Lesley breathing with short and shorter gasps until finally she screamed out, and her orgasm came, strong and hot as her juices flowed over Orlagh’s mouth.


“Oh god,” she finally said as Orlagh moved her head back, resting it on Lesley’s thighs, “I never…  Never knew…”


“Neither did I,” Orlagh said with a smile.  “So – what do we do now?”


“Well, we could stay like this,” Lesley said with a smile, “but I want to know what they stole, and we need to call the police.  How do we get out of these ropes?”


“We could use the fork to loosen the knots,” Orlagh said as she looked over, and then sat herself up, Lesley watching as she shuffled across the floor.


“You doing that to get more excited?”


“It….  It certainly helps,” Orlagh gasped.


“Promise me you will show me how that feels another day?”


“Oh, I promise I will – we can learn together,” Orlagh said with a smile, Lesley nodding and smiling in return as she watched her new girlfriend pick up the fork, and start to worry the knot behind her back…







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