Robbery at Veronika’s








The home of Veronika Mueller

11 am


Olga was checking through her schedule for the rest of the day when she heard the front door bell ring.  As the housekeeper, it was her responsibility to ensure the house was ready for anything, and well maintained.  Miss Mueller trusted her with this task, and she enjoyed doing it.


The young blonde was wearing a short sleeved white blouse under a black tank top, a small Celtic cross hanging round her neck on a silver chain, and a grey skirt with a thin black leather belt that came to below her knees.  The hem covered the top of her soft leather boots – Miss Muller insisted on her staff wearing such footwear, but given she loved the feel of leather on her legs she had no problem with that.


She made her way across the hallway from her little office, wondering who was calling.  Perhaps a delivery for Miss Mueller, or perhaps something else?


Opening the door, she smiled and said “Good morning, how can I...”


“Inside,” the man said as he and the other two walked in.  They were smartly dressed, wearing tailored suits, crisply pressed white shirts and black ties, the polish on their black leather shoes putting the shine on Olga’s own black boots to shame.  That wasn’t what was engaging Olga’s mind however – what was the Mauser in the gloved hand of the man, as one of his friends closed the door behind them.


“Where is Miss Mueller?”


“She...  She is out at a meeting,” Olga said, “and will not be back for some time.”


“Who else is in residence?”


“Marta, the cook.”


“We’ll get to her in a few minutes,” the man said.  “B, please disable the alarm.  You will take C and me to the front room.”


“Of course, A” one of the other two men said as A waved the gun to the door, Olga nodding as they entered the drawing room of the house.  The room was tastefully furnished, with a long Ottoman taking pride of place.


“Hands behind your back.”


Olga knew to resist would cause more problems, so she put her hands behind her, trying not to show her anxiety as she felt the rope rubbing on her bare wrists, the man called C having taken it from a bag before winding it around and between her crossed wrists.


She then heard him draw something else from the bag, before a band of rope was passed over her head, and she felt C drawing her arms into her sides, the rope wound above and below her chest before it was taken under one arm, around the back of her neck and under the other arm.


She knew she would not be able to escape from this, as A said “Lie down on the Ottoman, make yourself comfortable – you’re going to be here for a little while.”


“I have your word you will not harm us?”


“You have my word,” A said as Olga lay on her side, watching as he crossed and secured her ankles together with more rope, and then lifted her skirt back before securing her legs below her knees, the rope sitting on top of her boots. 


Folding the skirt back, he smiled as he said “open your mouth please.”


Olga complied, feeling the sponge expand and press her tongue down as he pushed it into the space, and then the pull on her skin as he smoothed strips of medical tape over her closed lips.


“Alarms turned off,” B said as he came back in.


“Right – you two find the cook and make sure she stays where she is – I’ll wait with this lovely young lady until you get back.”


Olga watched them walk out, wondering what Miss Mueller would say when she got back...


11.20 am

Dr. Elaine Schmidt’s Office


Veronika Mueller was reclining on the couch, her eyes closed as Elaine Schmidt sat in the chair next to her.


“All right, Veronika,” she said as she looked at her pad, “where are we now?”


“The third time...  It would have been around 1983, and I was spending a weekend in the Bavarian Alps, trying to get away from work for a few days.”


“Okay – so start at the beginning.  What do you remember?”


“It would have been the evening – I was sitting in a booth in the hotel bar, wondering where I would eat that night.  I was smartly dressed for the time – a red silk blouse, with the sleeves rolled back, a camel skirt, dark tights, burgundy socks and knee length leather boots.  I also had a maroon hat on my blonde hair.”


“It amazes me that you remember details like this, but not what happened?”


“I know,” Veronika said as she smiled, “must be my training.”


“All right, breathe deeply, focus on that night.  You were thinking about what you were going to have for dinner?”


“Yes,” Veronika said, “and then this dark haired man came and sat opposite me.  We made small talk for a moment, and then he bought me a drink.”


“What happened after that?”


“That’s when it gets blurred...”


“All right Veronika – deep slow breaths, visualise in your mind what happened.”


As she nodded, Veronika said “He...  He drugged me, something in the drink.  I remember him walking me to a car, and laying me on the back seat.  He used rope to hold my wrists together, and my ankles, and then tied one scarf over my mouth and one over my eyes.  I remember the car moving off, but I was asleep for a while.”


“And when you woke up?”


“I was lying on a bed – he had stripped me, and put me into a pale blue nightdress, a very short one with no sleeves.   My arms were stretched apart above my head, and when I looked up I saw the white ropes around my wrists, and tied to the bedstead.”


“And your ankles?”


“My legs were also spread apart – tied to the foot of the bed.  I tried to speak, but there was some sort of tape over my mouth.  Then he came in – he sat on the bed, stroked my cheek, and told me I would be returned home soon.  Then...”


Elaine looked over as Veronika started to shake.  “You are safe, Veronika – but you need to remember what happened.  Nobody is going to harm you here.”


“He started to kiss me, to stroke his hands over my body – and I could not help myself.  I had to let him arouse me, make me feel so very special, and then...”


“All right Veronika – I want you to take a deep breath, and then open your eyes.”


Elaine watched as Veronika slowly opened her eyes, and then sat suddenly up.  “Oh god – I remember now.  He molested me, he...”


“How do you feel Veronika?”


The fashion editor looked at her doctor, and said “surprisingly relieved.  I know the man was arrested, and he died in prison, so he cannot harm me – and now I remember, he cannot hurt me again in that way either.”


“Good,” Elaine said with a smile.  “Take a rest, have some water – we are making excellent progress, and I think we can do one more session before we finish today.”


11.30 am

The home of Veronika Mueller


Marta finished chopping the celery and added it to the onion, carrot and seeds that were simmering in the large pan, smiling as she smelt the aroma before adding a large jug of chicken stock, and then the chicken pieces.


“We leave that to simmer now,” she said to herself as she put the lid on and turned the heat low.  She then washed and dried her hands, before looking out to the kitchen garden.


The young woman was wearing a white blouse with elbow length sleeves, a black leather skirt that came to above her knees, and knee length black leather boots with a three inch heel – in line with Miss Mueller’s dress code.


“Very nice.”


She turned quickly round to see the two smartly dressed men behind her, one of them optioning a lethal looking handgun in her direction.


“C, offer the lady a seat.”


One of the men pulled a wooden chair away from the table, as he said “have a seat – make yourself comfortable.”


“Do I have a choice?”


“No,” the other man said as he waved the gun, Marta nodding as she sat down and felt the man called C pull her arms around the chair back, before the rope rubbed on her bare wrists.


“Make sure the room is secured B?”


The man nodded as he put his gun away, and made sure the heat under the pot was turned very low, before he pulled the wire for the wall mounted telephone away.  He then located Marta’s bag, and emptied it out, finding her mobile phone and switching it off as C wound rope around Marta’s upper body and the chair back to secure her in place.


“Can you take care of her legs, B?”


Marta kept looking at him as he knelt down and held her ankles to the chair leg, taking rope from his jacket pocket and tying her ankle tightly against the wood, taking the rope between her leg and the chair leg.  Once her other leg was secured, his legs were then further secured with a band of rope around the chair leg below her knee.


“You’re very quiet,” C said as he stood beside her.


“So long as you’re not going to hurt me, I will not stop you,” she said quietly.


“Good – open your mouth.”


Marta felt the cloth as it was pushed behind her teeth, and then the tug on her skin as the white tape was smoothed over them, before the men looked at her.


“On three?”




She gulped as the two men lifted her in the chair, and carried her to the main rooms...



11.45 am

Dr Elaine Schmidt’s office


“It was a few months later,” Veronika said as she lay with her eyes closed, “Antonella and I...”


“You sister Antonella?”


Veronika nodded as she said “we were in London, and had been invited to a Holmes and Watson party.  Antonella wanted to be Holmes, so she wore a grey tweed overgarment with a matching jacket and plus fours, a pair of black suede boots reaching to her knees.  She also had the deerstalker on.”


“And you Veronika?”


“I remember I wore a brown checked over coat, which looked as if it had a cape over the shoulders, and a pair of short brown leather boots.  I don’t quite remember what I had on under the coat...”


“Do not worry about that – anything else Veronika?”


“I had a brown hat on, and we both wore kid leather gloves – both cream coloured I think.


“Anyway – part of the event was a visit to the Museum of London, and I remember Antonella and I were on a London tram, looking round it when a masked man appeared.”


“Was this a surprise to you?”


“It was – he said that as part of the event, two guests were going to be kidnapped, and we had been chosen.  Well, given the events of the dinner party, we decided to play along, so he motioned for he to follow him.


“Another man was waiting in the back, and we both had our arms pulled behind us, and then secured together with rope.  They then tied our arms tightly to our sides with more rope, before they used knotted scarves as gags on us.”


“So you were both secured and gagged – what happened next?”


Veronika lay still for a moment, before she said “I always thought we were kept away from the main group, and then released, but now...  We were taken into a back room, and made to sit back to back, before they crossed and tied our ankles together, and then our legs below our knees.”


“What happened after that?”


“They...  they took photos of us, and then they left.”


“Did they do anything to you or Antonella?”


“No – not like last time, but I remember Antonella and I trying to get free, and getting warmer and warmer – all over.”


“So you felt aroused by this?”


Veronika nodded, before she said “I guess that is a common theme – when I have been kidnapped, somehow I have ended up sexually aroused.”


“I need to ask Veronika – does that help you to cope?”


Elaine watched as Veronika slowly nodded, and then she said “I want you to wake up now Veronika, in 3... 2... 1.”


As Veronika opened her eyes, she sat up and said “Oh my god – I get pleasure from being secured.”


“In itself, that is not so unusual,” Elaine said, “but it seems it happens with you in those circumstances, and it is a coping mechanism for you.  I think you blanked them out because you weren’t ready to accept those truths – and now, as you have grown more mature, you are.”


Looking at her watch, Elaine said “but our time is up.  I will see you in two weeks time?”


“Of course – and thank you Dr Schmidt.”


Veronika stood up and walked to the coat stand, Elaine looking at her.  The older woman was wearing a sleeveless purple slip dress with a pattern of black bows on it, natural hose and knee length chocolate brown leather boots.


“Thank you again, Doctor,” the editor said as she slipped on her long black coat, and left the room, Elaine smiling as she made a note.





12.30 pm

The House of Veronika Mueller


As she walked in, Veronika removed her coat and gloves, before she noticed the silence.


“Olga?  Where are you?”


She walked across the hallway, the heels of her boots clicking on the marble, and went into the front room – only to stop and stare as she saw Olga and Marta, both tightly secured and tape gagged as they looked at their employer.


“Miss Mueller, I presume,” she heard a voice say behind her, and as she turned round she saw the three men standing there.


“Well, you have me at a disadvantage, gentlemen,” she said quietly, “may I know your names?”


“I am A – this is B and C,” the man in the middle said.  “Your staff are unharmed, if secured, but we require you to open your safe.”


“And if I do not?”


A looked to his side, as the two other men walked into the room.


“Ah – no, that will not be necessary.  If you will follow me?”


“Make sure they are both amused,” A said, Veronika hearing a buzzing noise and then moans from both Olga and Marta before she was escorted to her office.


“If you will?”


Veronika nodded as she opened her safe, and then said “so now what?”


“Shall we retire to your bedroom?”


She nodded as they walked up the stairs, Veronika looking at her bed as they went in.


“Your scarves, if you please.”


“In the wardrobe – why?”


“For a lady of taste, we will bind with taste.  Lie face down, and put your hands behind your back.”


As Veronika nodded, she saw the holdall on the floor, and sighed as he took out a length of rope, which he used to pull her elbows together behind her back, making them almost touch before he secured them together, and then bound her wrists together.   Looking back over her shoulder, she watched as he crossed and tied her leather covered ankles, and then secured her legs below her knees, each band taken around and between her limbs to make it that much tighter.


“I trust you are not uncomfortable?”


“No,” Veronika purred, “not uncomfortable.”  She allowed him to roll her over and sit her up, as she said “whatever you have done to my staff – do to me as well.  They must be treated as I am, and I as they are.”


“Very well,” he said as he looked at her, and then passed a length of rope around her waist, securing it under her belly before he said “lie on your stomach again.”


She nodded as she lay down, and then felt the rope as it pressed firmly against her hose, rubbing on her as he tied the ends round her elbows.  The words of Dr Schmidt came back to mind.


“In itself, that is not so unusual, but it seems it happens with you in those circumstances, and it is a coping mechanism for you.  I think you blanked them out because you weren’t ready to accept those truths – and now, as you have grown more mature, you are.”


“She’s right,” she whispered to herself as she tried to move her arms, and groaned as the ropes rubbed on her.


“Open your mouth.”


As Veronika lay there, she allowed this man, A, to push a folded scarf into her mouth, and then use white tape to cover her mouth and keep it in there.  She felt the tugging, the taste of the scented silk, and moaned as she started to use the rope to make herself...


“Allow me?”


She then groaned as she heard the buzzing, and felt the vibrator as it was slipped into her hose and under the rope.


“A way of thanking you for your cooperation.”


As she heard the screams of pleasure from downstairs, and felt her own passion building, Veronika could only nod – and pray rescue would come.












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