Saturday Night And Sunday Morning




“Inside – move it!”


Angie was unable to stop the two women pushing her into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.  She turned and watched as one of them tipped a bag of lengths of rope onto the floor.


“Sit down, shut up and hold your hands out in front of you.”


She looked again at the two women, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, one holding a gun at her while the other started to unwind a length of rope.  She could her mother and aunt downstairs, arguing with the other intruders, but her mind was focused fully on the women with her.


“I don’t understand – what do you want,” she said as she sat there.  “You’ll find out,” the armed woman said as the other one doubled over a length of rope, and passed it around Angie’s wrists.  She felt the rope biting into her skin as it was passed around again and again, her wrists been drawn together more tightly with each pass, before the ends were taken between her arms and used to tighten the bands still further.


They had forced her to take off her skirt, top and shoes when they had first burst in, leaving her in a pink cotton top with thin straps and a pair of aqua blue knickers.  Now here she was, literally on the crapper as she watched her ankles been tied together in the same way as her wrists.


“Why won’t you tell me what you want,” she pleaded again as her legs were tied together below her knees.  “Just shut up,” the armed girl said as she picked up a small flannel and ran it under the tap, “or I’ll make you.”




“You have got to be joking!”


“The Parker Girls never joke, missie,” the leader said as she looked at Angie’s mother.  “I can see your blonde roots, showing, by the way.”


She looked over at her sister, who was standing while her wrists were been secured behind her back, dressed only in a black lacy bra and knickers with her long waved brown hair looking damp from her sweat.  “Now, stand up and strip – it’s your turn.”




“u fcng bsrds – m gng t klu”


“Promises, promises,” the armed girl said as her partner pulled Angie’s wrists against her legs, pinning them down in place.  Her arms had already been drawn together in front of her, with ropes around her upper body at her elbows that went around her waist, legs and bottom, while more was on her upper body.  Somehow, her ankles had also been secured against the cistern, the rope going round the part where it sat on the floor and more between the front and her legs, so that they were held tightly in place.


The sodden cloth filled her mouth, as a thin white cloth had been used to keep it in place, Angie’s lips closed over the front of it.  As the two women stood back and laughed, she glared angrily at them.


“Oh, I think she’s upset,” her binder said as she knelt by her.  “Does this make it better,” she said as she ran her hands up Angie’s legs, stroking them gently.  “Gtstfd” she mumbled as she tried to shrink back.


“Manners,” was the only response as she blindfolded her with another long strip of white cloth.  “Come on – let’s go and see what they did with mummy and auntie.”




Angie’s mother was staring angrily back at the two women as they bound her ankles and legs together with tape.  She had been forced to strip down to her white bra and panties, before her wrists were tied together behind her back.  They had then gagged her with a towelling strip, before making her sit in the walk-in closet in the front hall.


As she watched, her sister was frog marched to the cupboard as well.  She didn’t even notice at first as one of the gang of intruders pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts, until she felt them been fondled and screamed out “NNDDNTTNTN”  “Time for fun later, girls,” the leader said as her sister was made to sit in front of her, facing her with strips of black tape covering the lower half of her face.


“Shut up and sit still,” the leader said as the sister was bound with rope around the ankles, which was then fed back and wrapped around her waist.  As her bra was pulled down, exposing her small breasts, Angie’s mother squealed as both women had their tits squeezed by the gang members.


“Just stay there and you’ll be fine,” the leader of the Parker Gang said as the door was slid shut on them. “How’s the little one?”


“Upstairs, out of trouble.  Can I play with her?”


“Maybe later – we have the plan to go over first.”


“Yeah – why are we here at 10 pm on a Saturday night?”


“Because, you idiot, at 7 am tomorrow morning we’re taking mummy there to her jewellery store to get all her stock.  The Boss wants this done quickly and quietly, so that no alarm is raised, so we’re staying here overnight.  I’ll take two of you with me tomorrow, the other two stay here with daughter and aunt.  Any questions?”


“Just one,” one of the gang said as she looked out of the window.  “What do you want to do about this one who’s driving up the pathway just now?”




“Should have been here hours ago,” Sally mumbled to herself as she climbed out of her car.  She had tried to get down to see her friend Angie earlier in the day, but this would be the moment her car had picked to have a cracked windscreen in the middle of nowhere.  She cursed the time she had lost as she walked up to the front door, a spare key in her hand.


“Good thing she gave me this to let myself in,” she said to herself as she opened the door.  She was the same age as Angie, in her early twenties, with long light brown hair.  Under her brown leather jacket she was wearing a yellow t-shirt, while her jeans were over the tops of her short leather boots.


“Angie, are you there?” she called out as the door swung shut behind her.  “Sorry I’m late, but you would not believe the trouble I had getting here!”  The lights were still on, but when she got no answer Sally just assumed her friend was in the front room.  “Come on girl – I need a drink,” she said as she walked in, only to be confronted by a group of four denim clad women, all looking at her with a menacing glint.


“What the f...” was all she managed to say before she felt something cold against her back, and a female voice saying “Don’t move a fucking muscle,” in her ear.  “Allll –all right, just please don’t hurt me,” she said as she slowly raised her hands.


“Jo, Kal – take this youngster upstairs and keep her out of the way.  That young tart’s room should be good enough.”  Two of the group came forward and grabbed Sally by the arms, forcing her back out of the room and up to where Angie should have been sleeping.


“Sit on the bed and shut the fuck up,” one of them said as they pushed Sally into the room and started searching through the wardrobe.  She sat there, wondering what was going on and what happened to Angie.


“Please – where’s Angie” she finally asked in a quiet voice.


“Trying not to take a dump,” was the snarled reply as one of them pulled a long, thin white scarf with light blue polka dots.  “Right – you sit over there, knees up, hands behind your head.”


“Wait a minute,” the other woman said as she looked at Sally.  “Take your jacket and shoes off first.”


“Why, so I can be more comfortable?”


“No – you’re my size, and I like them.  Now, get them off, sit as you were told to next to the wardrobe and stop complaining.”


Slowly, watching the two women the whole time, Sally removed her jacket and unzipped her boots, leaving them on the bed.  Standing up, she then got off the bed and walked to a space between the wardrobe and the wall, sitting herself down against the wooden door that was there.  “Legs up,” she was ordered, and as she drew her knees towards her chest she saw the intruder approaching with the scarf held taut between her hands.


Kneeling in front of her, she quickly wound the scarf around Sally’s legs and pulled them together above her knees, tying a quick knot above them.  “Hands down on top of them, sweetie,” were her next words, and as Sally laid her wrist on the material the ends were brought round and used to secure her wrists.  Sally balled her hands into fists as the scarf was pulled tight and the ends secured together on top of her arms.  As she tried to stretch her legs out, she found herself falling forwards, so decided to see what happened next.


“Use this,” the other denim clad woman said as she tossed a grey leather belt with a gold buckle over to her partner.  Sally watched as the belt was passed round her ankles, her jeans trapped underneath as the tongue was fed through the buckle and fastened as tightly as possible, before the loose material was passed round and between her ankles.


“That hurts,” she said as the last tug was made, and from behind her she heard a muffled yell for the first time.  “Oh Christ,” she said as she remembered what was on the other side of the door, “Who’s in there?”


“Your friend Angie,” the woman said with a smile, “I thought you might like to be close to her.”  In her hand was a yellow bandana with a black pattern, which she had rolled into a thick band and tied a knot in the middle of.  “Guess what’s coming next?”


“Dry mouth?”


“Correct,” was the final word as the cloth was pulled into Sally’s mouth and the ends tied behind her head, trapping her hair as she grimaced.  Looking up at her captors, she heard one say “Stay with her,” before walking out and closing the door on them.


“Well,” her guard said as she sat on the bed, “How do you think we should pass the time, hm?”






“She won’t be any trouble,” the leader heard as the gang member rejoined her.


“Good – we’ve got enough problems to be getting on with.  Mind you, an extra hostage never hurt.  Get some drinks, will you – it’s going to be a long night.”





It was two in the morning, and Rhona was woken from her sleep by the loud banging.  “What the hell is going on next door?” she said to her husband, but he just mumbled something about kids and went back to sleep.  “This is more than kids,” Rhona said as she slipped out of bed, “This is that girl next door and her rowdy friends.   I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.”


“Dnt b t lng,” he mumbled as Rhona slipped on a dressing gown and went down the stairs, taking a set of door keys with her.  As she stepped out of her house, she could see the lights on downstairs next door, and marched across the dividing lawn, past the car parked outside and went to bang on the door.


To her surprise, the door opened as she touched it, so she walked straight in and said “Do you know what time in the morning it is?”


“I do,” a strange female voice said as the door closed behind Rhona and a hand was clamped over her mouth.  “It’s the time for nosy little bitches like you to get what’s coming to them.  You made more noise than we did – and we heard you saying loud and clear you were coming over.  We can’t have people knowing we are here, so you’ll just have to stay.”  Rhona’s eyes widened as she saw two more denim clad girls standing behind the one who had spoken.


“Get her up to the main bedroom – make her nice and quiet,” she said as Rhona was forced to climb the stairs, dropping her keys as she went.


“What about these,” a blonde haired gang member said as she picked them up.


“Not today – too much at stake.  Just try not to make so much noise when you open doors next time, all right?”


“All right, boss.”




“In here,” Rhona heard as she was pushed into the main bedroom.  She knew something was wrong, but to walk into a robbery – this was something she had never experienced before.


“What are you going to do with me,” she said as the door closed and she turned round.  “Well, for starters you can take those slippers and dressing gown off.”


“Do I have to?”


“No – we can rip them off for you.  Just do it.”


Reluctantly, Rhona took off her pale blue dressing gown and stood there, totally naked with her short brown hair around her face.  “Nice body,” one of the two guards said as she walked over and felt hr small breasts, “Nice and slim.  Right – turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


Rhona did as she was asked, watching over her shoulder as a length of white washing line was doubled over and passed around them.  The fibres felt smooth against her skin as they were drawn together, and she knew she was in real trouble as within two minutes the ends were been tied out of the reach of her long fingers.


“Mmmmm” was the sound she was surprised to hear escape her lips as rope was passed around her arms and chest, below her breasts, and pulled tightly.  “You like this sort of thing,” her binder said, and Rhona quickly replied “Nnnn – no, I don’t like it.”


“Liar,” was the response as she passed the rope around and over her breasts and pulled tightly, compressing them and pushing her nipples inwards.  To her horror, Rhona heard herself sighing again as the rope was passed around several more times, each time more tightly binding her and pressing down on her chest.


“No, please,” she mumbled as the ropes were tied off, but she had to admit – scary as this situation was, the feeling the rope across and around her was different, new – exciting even.  “Hey, she’s getting into it,” her captors said as she was turned round and pushed down on to the grey counterpane on the bed, one of the women holding her legs while the other quickly tied her ankles together side by side.


As the rope went between her ankles, pulling the coils tightly around them, Rhona let out a moan of pleasure.  “I told you she was enjoying it,” the girl said as she repeated the process above her knees, pulling the rope tightly.  “Please,” Rhona gasped, “don’t do any more.  I don’t know what’s happening.”


“I do,” the other girl said as she sat by the captive woman.  “You’re discovering new pleasures, even if you are scared.”  She ran her hand down Rhona’s stomach, sending what felt like an electric shock through her.  “Don’t be afraid of it – let it envelope you.  Why should this not be pleasurable for you?”  As she ran her fingers round Rhona’s breasts, the young woman arched her back and said “no, please, I don’t want this to happen...”


“You don’t have a choice,” was the reply as she was rolled over and a thick strip of white towelling pulled into her mouth.  Rhona moaned again as she felt her breasts been massaged from behind, kicking her legs up and trying to move out of the way as she closed her eyes.  “Don’t try to fight it,” the girl whispered into her ear as she continued to play with Rhona, “Just let it all come out...”






“You’re joking!”


“Nope – I left her there exhausted, falling asleep and as happy as Larry.”


The team leader looked at her watch.  “All right everyone – it’s seven am.  One hour before we take out Mummy and go to visit her store.  Everyone do their final checks.”


This was the moment when the doorbell rang.  They had turned the lights out earlier, but the spring dawn was coming through the closed drapes.


“Who the fuck can that be,” she said to herself.  “Kal – whoever it is, get rid of them.”


Kal nodded as she walked towards the front door, tucking a pistol into the waistband of her jeans behind her as she did so.  Opening the door, she was confronted by a young, red haired woman standing in the porch way.  She was wearing a grey-blue sheer blouse over a darker vest top, a short dark skirt with small splits up the side that barely cam halfway down her upper legs, stockings and a pair of high heeled open toed pumps.  Over her shoulders was a large silk square, brown and gold with a coloured check pattern printed on it.


“Oh, hello,” she said as she saw Kal standing there.  “You must be Sally – Angie said you would be staying.  I’m here to meet my mother – her aunt.”


Kal looked at the slight girl, before saying “Oh yeah – Angie’s still asleep, as is everyone else.  Would you like to come in and wait?”


“That would be wonderful – thanks,” the new arrival said as she walked in.  “I’m Debbie – pleased to meet you.”


“Pleased to meet you as well, Debbie,” Kal said as she closed the door.  Debbie looked round, before asking “Where’s that banging coming from?”  There was a definite banging sound, as if someone was trying to hit a piece of wood very hard.


“Oh that – that’s your mother,” Kal said as he drew the pistol from behind her and pointed it at Debbie.    “Walk, very slowly, into the front room with your hands where I can see them.”


“OK,” Debbie said quietly as she slowly raised her hands and started walking towards the front room.  “What is this place, Waterloo Station,” was the comment from the obvious leader of the small group of women that were in the room as Debbie came in.


“I’ll take care of her, boss,” Kal said, “You lot go and get something to eat before we get her aunt out.  Right, Debbie – stop right there and put your hands behind your back.”


“What’s going on,” the frightened girl asked as she watched Kal shake loose a length of rope and double it over.  “Just some basic larceny,” she said as she came up behind Debbie and held her wrists together.  “you get to be the special surprise guest.  Now, shut up and stand still.”  Debbie gasped as she felt the rope going around her arms, drawing her elbows together and forcing her chest out as they were pulled together, before the same constraints were applied to her wrists.  The house was in silence, so she could now begin to hear moans from several different directions.


“That hurts,” she cried out as she felt the last knot been tied.  “it’s meant to,” was the reply as she saw a large loop of rope going over her head, down below her chest and then pulled tightly, forcing her arms against her back as it went round several more times, both below and above.  The see through fabric her blouse was made of stretched tightly over her breasts, with her nipples showing despite the vest top that was underneath.  Eventually, she felt the rope pulling up under her arms as it was passed round one more time, before the final knot was tied.


From the open doorway, she saw her aunt, Angie’s mother, been frogmarched towards the staircase, the white cloth in her mouth stained between her lisp with saliva and her arms red around the rope bands.  She looked in, saw her niece standing there, and shook her head as she was led off into the distance.


This had taken Debbie by surprise, so she had not noticed Kal taking the scarf off from around her shoulders and folding it into a neat band.  The first she knew of this was when she felt a pain in her nipple, opened her mouth to scream and found instead the knotted silk pulled between her teeth, muffling her complaints as the ends were pulled tightly over her hair and around her neck.


“Sit down,” Kal said as she pushed Debbie into the corner of a large cream leather sofa, and knelt in front of her.  Picking up her legs, she passed a length of rope around the captive’s ankles and started to tie them together, looking over at her white panties now visible where her short skirt had risen up.  The rope went around and between her ankles, before the process was repeated around her legs above her knees.


“Comfy?” she asked as she let Debbie’s legs drop down again.  “Wht d u fnk, u bsh,” Debbie mumbled, her teeth closing around the silk knot with each mumble.  She sat there throwing her legs up and down to try and loosen them, but the only result was her skirt rising up still further, exposing the tops of her stockings as she sat there.


“Oh, you’re a wildcat,” Kal said as she looked down on Debbie.  “And such lovely legs as well,” she said as she started to stroke them.  “You may be as much fun as the real Sally was – she’s upstairs as well, you know, only she’s a bit more – natural looking.”


“OMGDDNTDTSPLSLVMLNE” Debbie said as the gang leader came back in.  “Time to go,” she said as Kat blew a kiss towards Debbie.  “Pity – we could have had so much fun,” she said as she left the young woman sitting there, struggling to get free from the ropes that encircled her.


As she sat there, she heard the moaning coming from elsewhere in the house again, but despite her best efforts she was unable to get herself free in any way.  She sat back, resigning herself to a time on her own, when she saw a pair of bound ankles coming in the doorway, followed by a pair of legs and then a sweating, panting mother with the edges of the black tape coming away from her mouth.


“MMM!  R U UK?”


“ys – u?”


“nt rle – cm hr nd l tr trmv tp”


Debbie slipped herself onto the floor, watching as her mother slowly inched her way across the floor towards her, in the faint hope her fingers would provide relief from the night she had spent...




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