Secured Again




Joe Mendez sat in his oak-panelled office, reading the brochure time and time again.  He had of this firm, and the reputation it had, but this was an unusual request and he was not sure if they would fill it.  His reverie was interrupted by the ringing telephone.




“Mister Mendez, this is All Secured Security Services.  You received our brochure?”


“I did – and your impressive resume.  You guarantee no harm will come to her?”


“None whatsoever.  As you have requested, this will be an exercise to make her aware of what might happen, nothing more.”


“What about the others?”


“I am sure you will – recompense them for their inconvenience.  Do we have an agreement?”


“Yes – when will you do the job?”


“We will let you know – good day, Mister Mendez.”






“Sometimes I don’t know why I do this job…..”


Carol was in the wardrobe of Miley’s house.  Actually, wardrobe was understating the case – it was a room in which Miley kept her clothes, and as her PA it was Carol’s job to make sure everything was perfect.  Somehow, that had become acting as Miley’s personal dresser as well, but the pay was more than sufficient to quell any bad feelings.  Sometimes, at any rate.


She started searching through the racks for, as Miley had put it, “the blue spangly leggy dress” for the television interview that afternoon.  Unlike her famous charge, Carol always dressed conservatively, in a dark jacket and skirt with a white camisole top.  Her one concession to the fashion world she moved in were the six inch heels on her black patent leather shoes.  She was so engrossed in the search she didn’t hear the door opening and closing behind her – that is, until she heard a man say “Please, put your hands up.”


Carol let go of the dress she was looking at, and slowly turned round.  Two men were standing behind her, casually dressed and carrying holdalls.  One was holding a sawn off shotgun and pointing at her, while the other smiled.


“Your roots are showing,” he said as Carol instinctively reached up and ran her fingers through her red dyed hair.  “Now, we’re actually here for Miley, but we need to keep you out of the way.”


“Wh… What are you going to do?”  Carol stammered.


“First, you’re going to take your jacket and skirt off.  Do it now or we’ll cut them off and ruin the line.”  As eh said this, the other man put down the bag he was carrying, opened it and drew out a large hunting knife.  Carol swallowed and started to unbutton her jacket, allowing it to fall to he ground with her skirt following soon afterwards.


“Very good, my dear.”  As he said this, both men looked up and down Carol as she crossed her arms in front of her.  Her top barely covered her bottom, but that was just an added pleasure for the intruders.  The man motioned with his finger for Carol to turn round, while the other intruder drew a length of white rope out of the bag and approached the woman.


She felt her wrists being placed together, and then the rough edge of the rope as it was passed around them and pulled tightly.  Three more passes were made around them, each time the rope being tightened, before she felt the ends being passed between her wrist and the rope tighten still further.  As she looked over her shoulder, she could see that they had been effectively fastened together, and she could find no give in the knots or wraps.


A hand was placed on her shoulder and a further length of rope passed around her ankles.  As she stared steadfastly forward, she heard the other man say “I’ll check on Bert,” and the door opening and closing.  That was the last thing she saw before a white scarf was tied over her eyes to blindfold her…..







“All right Chef, I’ve go her breakfast order.”


Katie backed into the kitchen and turned round.  She was wearing a peach coloured knee length waitress outfit, with white cuffs and collar, a white apron tied around her waist, and white high heels.  She looked up, and then backed against the door – this was not Chef.


He was a tall man – about six foot, and although he had a chef’s hat on there was a glint in his eye that suggested breakfast was not on his mind.  He looked Katie up and down.


“Where’s Chef?”  She asked in a frightened voice.


“He had to step out – I will be your chef…. Actually, no, I will be your captor for this morning.  You can call me Bert – now come here.”


“Oh shit…” Katie whispered, and then she turned and tried to run, calling out “CAROL!!” as she did so.  Bert, however, was too fast and he grabbed her around the waist, the two of them tumbling back into a chair.  Katie struggled and lashed out with her arms, but Bert just kept holding on to her until she finally stopped.


“Sensible girl,” he said as he pushed her down onto the floor and straddled her back.  “Now, are you going to give me any trouble?”


“What do you want you bastard” Katie called back.


“Well, I want you to shut up for starters, or so help me that cloth is going in your mouth right now.  Do I make myself perfectly clear?”


Katie looked at the large dirty dish cloth, and nodded.


“Good – now, our business is with your boss, not with you, so just do as you’re told.  Hands behind your back, wrists crossed.”


Taking a strip of cloth from the table, Bert quickly began to lash Katie’s wrists together as she looked over her shoulder, watching what he did.  “Stop worrying sweetcakes,” he said as he tied the knot off, “We just need to keep you out of the way while we talk to Mylie.  You’ll be inconvenienced for a while, but that’s all”.  The kitchen door opened, and the knife man came in.  “Grab a strip and do her feet,” Bert called over his shoulder.





He stood up and looked at Carol, lying on her side on the floor with her mouth stuffed and covered with another white scarf.  Closing the door behind him as he left the room, he walked down the corridor and joined Bert and the other intruder as they came out of the kitchen.


“All taken care of?”


“Yup – so what’s the plan.”


“Jake, you take care of the sister” he said to the knife man.  “Bert, you go and make sure we’re not disturbed by anyone else – I need to have a word with Miley.”




Jane was sitting on her bed, her back to the headboard.  Her attention was being held by the book she was reading, as she sat in her olive green blouse and black miniskirt.  The tops of her black stockings were showing as the skirt rode up her legs.  She was so engrossed that she didn’t hear the door opening and closing.


Jake gently placed his bag on the floor and watched the auburn haired woman, entranced by her simple beauty and her perfect peace.  It seemed a pity to interrupt, but he and his colleagues had a job to do, so he gently coughed.


Jane looked up and studied the young man in front of him.  Five ten, slim build, nice looking guy – the question of what he was actually doing in her room didn’t occur to her – not at first anyway.


“Oh, hello,” she said, “Are you a friend of Miley’s?”


“Well, not exactly,” he said as he walked round and sat down on the bed.  “My friend has some business with your sister, so I thought I would come and see you instead.”


“Really – well that’s nice of you.  Do you mind if I ask you a question?”


“Of course not.”


“What business do you have with my sister.”


“Oh, we’re going to kidnap her,” Jake said as he drew the knife from behind his back and flashed it in front of her.  “Now, you’re not going to try to stop us, are you Jane?”


Jane studied the knife, but to Jake’s surprise rather than fear a smile crept across her face.  “Good,” Jane said, “this might teach her a lesson.  Did Joe arrange this?”


“In a manner of speaking,” Jake replied as a scream came from the room next door.  “The question is, what are we going to do with you?”


In response, Jane held her wrists together in front of her.  “Well, I guess you’ll just have to tie me up.  Go on – this could be fun.”


Jake smiled, stood up and walked back to his bag, which he brought to the bed and tipped the contents onto the mattress.  Taking a length, he doubled it over and bound Jane’s crossed wrists together in front of her, making sure the rope was cinched between her wrists and leaving two lengths of rope after the knot was secured.


“Not bad,” Jane said as she looked at the rope.  “So, what are you going to tie the other ends to?”


In response, Jake took her by the hands and helped her to stand up and walk to the foot of the bed, where he sat her down against one of the legs.  Pulling her wrists above her head, he secured the loose ends of rope around the footboard.


“So what happens now,” Jane purred as Jake took another length of rope.





In the next room, the leader had pushed Miley onto the floor.  Her wrists had been crossed and bound together behind her back, and her elbows were now being lashed together, the fabric of her beige blouse straining against her breasts as the rope tightened.  Her screams had been stifled by the simple expedient of a pair of her pants stuffed into her mouth, and a knotted white bandana pulled tightly between her lips.  The man tied off the rope, then took a length of white cloth from his pocket and wrapped it around her eyes.




“I’m not going anywhere in a hurry.”


Jane was watching Jake as he bound her stocking clad ankles together.  He head already secured her upper body to the footboard, by wrapping rope around her upper chest under her arms and her waist.  The ropes were passed around both her body and the bed, and tightened by passing them between her and the wood.  Now her ankles were lashed together, and Jake had started to tie her legs together above her knees as her legs were stretched out in front of her.


Having tied off the last rope, Jake stood up and looked over his handiwork.  “No, you’re not going anywhere.  I’m not hurting you, am I”


“A little cramp, but it’s worth it for the look on my sister’s face.  She’s stopped screaming.”


“My boss will have taken care of her.  Let me just make you a little more comfortable.”


Jake selected a last length of rope, and passed it around her legs at the hem of her skirt.  Making sure her legs were secured together, he pulled Jane’s ankles round and secured the rope to that holding them together, before wrapping it round so that she was in a sitting hogtie.


“Very nice,” Jane said as she looked at the finished rope work.  “I know you’re going to gag me, but do me a favour.”




“My mobile is in the top drawer – put your number on my contacts, will you?”


“If you think…..”


“No, no – I won’t give it to the police.  Trust me – I want to see you again.”


“What for?”


“To play games,” Jane said with a smile on her face.  “I like what you do.”


With a bemused smile on his own face, Jake did as she asked and also collected something else from a drawer.  Coming back, he knelt down and kissed Jane fully and passionately, before stuffing a pair of her panties into her mouth and tying a white scarf tightly into her mouth and over her hair.  Kissing her again on the forehead, he waved goodbye as Jane watched him closing the door after he left her alone.




Walking into the next room, Jake could see his boss finishing the ropes around Miley.  Her ankles and legs were bound, and the leader was securing the ropes around her chest by passing them between her bound arms and back, tightening them so that the buttons on her blouse were threatening to pop.  Satisfied, he turned and looked at Jake.


“Everything secured?”


“Yup – you ready to call him now?”


The leader nodded, pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialled a number.  He held it to Miley’s ear so that she could hear the conversation.


“Hi Miley – this is Joe.  Now, don’t try to answer – I suspect you can’t anyway – but listen to what I have to say.”


“J?  Whts gng n!!”


“I said to be quite, Miley, you’ll only hurt yourself.  Now, I’ve hired this private security firm to teach you a lesson.


“You often said no-one would try to kidnap you or rob you.  Well, you’re wrong.  I suspect Carol, Kate and Jane are also secured somewhere around the building, but I’ll make it up to them.


“You’ll enjoy their company for a little while, and then I’ll come and get you.  Just sit back, relax, and take the time to think over how just stupid you’ve been.


“Talk to you soon, Miley – goodbye for now.”


Miley shook her head and tried to scream again as the leader dialled another number.


“Boss?  Yeah, we’re ready to move out here.  Where do you want the package taken?


“Really?  Well, if they’ve asked for the package, and they’re willing to pay more, than of course we’ll go there.  What about Mendez?”


Miley turned her heads to listen.  What had that jackass manager of hers done now?


“No problem boss – we’ll be there in thirty minutes.”


Switching off and pocketing the cell phone, the leader stood up and motioned to Jake.


“Give me a hand, will you?  Someone has made a better offer for this young lady – we’re to take her to Parker right away.”


Kicking for all she was worth, Miley was powerless to stop the two men carrying her to the van waiting outside…..