Selfie Sleepover







Looking down at Amanda he whispered quietly “you stay here, and I’ll make sure the rest of your guests get here safely.”


She nodded and watched as he left the room, smiling before he closed the door, and she settled down to wait, anticipating the fun ahead…





Yvonne smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, turning from side to side as she did so.  She had bought the dress in John Lewis earlier that day, and she was pleased with the way it looked now as she stood in her bedroom.


It was made of yellow cotton, sleeveless with a wrap round design, a rose design at her waist and slightly to the right on front.  The effect was a layered and slightly pleated skirt, which came down to her knees as she stood in matching high heeled sandals.


“Perfect for the party,” she said to herself as she checked the style her brown hair was in was holding, and then she picked up her mobile phone.  “Just a quick one,” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror, and then took a selfie, the flash reflected in the mirror as she did so.


“Damn – I didn’t want that to happen – I’ll haffthhwhhtthhhlll.”


“Let’s keep it nice and quiet,” a male voice said as a gloved hand was pressed firmly over her mouth, “put your phone on the bed, and then open your mouth.”


Whtsghnnnnn,” Yvonne mumbled under the gloved hand.


“A party invitation – do as I say…”


Whoever he was, his grip was strong, as Yvonne tossed the phone onto the bed, and the gloved hand was taken away.  “Look, if this is jhhkk…”


Her words were cut off by the cloth which the man pushed into her mouth, and before she had a chance to use her tongue to push it out, a strip of some sort of tape was pressed firmly over her lips.  She could only watch as her arms were taken behind her back, and she felt the rope that was being used to force them together as it was wrapped tightly around and between her arms.


“There,” the man said as she was turned round, and she saw him smiling at her.  Picking up a coat, he threw it over her shoulders, covering her arms before he said “walk with me – your family is watching television, and we don’t want them to get involved, do we?”


Yvonne shook her head as she was walked out of the room, down the stairs and past the room, where she could see her parents and younger sister watching television, and then out of the front door and to a waiting van.  Opening the side door, the man set “get in” as he helped her up, and then sat her against the wall of the vehicle, the girl watching as he secured her ankles and legs together with rope.


“Now then – sit quietly, we have other guests to collect,” he said as he closed the door, Yvonne wondering what was going on as the van started to move off…



“And I’m feeling good…”


The sound of Dusty singing made Suzie happy as she slipped off her towelling robe, and picked up the blue sundress that was laid out on her bed.  Pulling it over her head, she watched as the soft pleats fell to below her knees, the straps holding the dress up as she sat and slipped on a pair of black heels.


“I look like a million quid,” she said to herself as she picked up the silver heart locket, and then picked up her phone, smiling as she held the skirt up, and took a selfie…




Dusty dropped her phone in shock as she saw the young man standing behind her.  “Not a word,” he said quietly, “put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you?”


“A friend who wishes to take you for a drive – now, put your hands behind your back…”


She looked at him, unsure of what to do, and then slowly moved her hands behind her back, hearing a ripping sound as she felt him hold her wrists together, and then something sticky wrapped tightly round them, holding them together.


“Why are you doing this,” she whispered as she was turned round and looked at the man.


“You’ll see – open your mouth.”


“What?  Why would I hmmmghddd…”  As Dusty spoke, he pushed a pair of her panties into her mouth, waiting as she closed her lips over it before he tore a strip of the clear tape off, and pressed it firmly over her mouth, making sure there were no air bubbles or creases.


“Come with me,” he said quietly as he put her phone on the bed, and then walked her down the stairs, along her garden path and to the side of a van.  Opening the side, he helped her in as her eyes opened wide.






“Sit next to her,” the man said as he helped Dusty to sit down next to her friend, before he secured her legs and ankles with more tape, hearing the crinkle as she wriggled round.


“One more stop,” he said with a smile, “and then we’ll be on our way.  Be calm, relax…”



“Nothing,” Soo said with a smile as she stood in her bathroom, “nothing beats a hot shower, and then a summer dress.”  The dark haired young woman was looking in the mirror, wearing a black strapless bra and a pair of panties, before she slipped a purple and pink sundress over her head, letting it drop as the spaghetti straps sat on her shoulders, and the pleated skirt fell to just below her knees.


“Oh yes,” she whispered as she twisted from side to side, the skirt twisting as she did so, “I am so going to rock it tonight.”  She picked up her phone in the black and white dog cover, and gave a thumbs up with her right hand as she took a selfie.


“I look Ama-ZING!”


“Yes you do.”


Soo’s eyes shot open as the gloved hand was pressed down over her mouth, something sticking to her face as it pressed down, as the male voice said “don’t struggle – I just pressed some sticking plaster over your mouth, and you don’t want to have problems breathing, do you?”


Soo looked in the mirror and shook her head form side to side as she saw the smiling man behind her.  “Good – hands behind your back please.”  As she complied, she felt his hands holding her wrists together, ad then the tape as her wrists were held firmly together.




“A little party – come with me,” he said as he made Soo walk in front of him, the heels of her sandals sinking into the carpet as she was made to walk out of her room, down the stairs, out of the front door and into the van.


Hmmghdduhhsswhlll sss?”


She nodded as she was made to sit next to the other two girls, as her ankles and legs were taped, and their captor smiled.


“Now then  - let’s go and meet your friend.”




The three of them just watched as he nodded and left them, before the van moved off….






“Well, here we are.”


The three girls struggled as he removed their leg bindings, and then helped them to stand up before they stepped out of the van.   They were in a warehouse, all three of them looking round as he marched them to a door, down a corridor and then into a room.




Ehmndhheee?  WHTHHLLLL!”


Amanda grinned over the knotted scarf that was keeping her quiet as she wriggled on the bed.  The brunette was wearing a long black sleeveless dress, her arms held to her sides with ropes, her hands behind her back, and a band of rope around her ankles and her legs, hugging the dress to them.


“As you requested, Amanda, your three friends are here – I will untie you, and then you can untie them and explain the plan.”  The Snatcher helped Amanda to sit up and untied her arms, the other three watching as she rubbed her wrists before removing her gag.


“Hey,” she said with a smile, “welcome to my special slumber party.”


Hmghnnhhhkhlluuu,” Yvonne said, Daisy and Soo nodding in agreement as Amanda untied her legs and stood up.


“Listen up – I called your parents to say a friend was coming to bring you to my place, so they don’t know the Selfie Snatcher got you.”




“The man who brought you here – I paid him to do that, so that you definitely did come.”  Peeling the tape from their mouths, she smiled as she said “come on, admit it – you all got a little excited, didn’t you?”


Soo blushed as she looked at the other two, and then nodded as Daisy said “even if we did – what are we going to do?”


“Slumber party – with a twist.  Our host will take us to another room in a minute – want to be untied?”





“There – all cosy?”


The four girls nodded as they rolled onto their sides on their beds.  All four were now wearing short nightdresses, their arms secured behind their backs at their wrists and elbows, the top of their clothing stretched tight over their dresses by the bands of rope above and below their chests.  Their legs were bound at the ankles and knees, and then their ankles drawn back and secured to one other rope, then ran between their legs.


Ysssfhnks,” Amanda mumbled through the white tap that covered her mouth, the Snatcher watching as her lips moved under it.  A sponge ball filled her mouth under the tape, the other three nodding as they started to move their legs, moaning as he closed and locked the door…







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