Sheila’s Bad Week








“It’s Monday morning, Bright and Clear,
Lovely flowers, decorate the market square…”


As Sheila Fell walked into the hairdressers, she smiled at the sound of the classic song playing on the radio.  The middle aged woman looked through the dark glasses as Helen looked over, and said “hey Sheila – give me a minute, will you?”


“Sure,” Shirley said as she sat down.  She had an orange scarf over her shoulders, covering the top of her grey jersey dress, and over the knee leather boots in the same shade as her shawl covering the legs of her grey leggings.


“Right then,” Helen said as she looked to the door, seeing two young women walk into the store.  “Sorry – I don’t have any appointments today girls.  I can make one for you tomorrow if you want…”  She then saw the knife in the hand of one of the girls, as she stood next to Sheila and held her by the arm while the other one closed and locked the door, moving the sign on the door to Closed.


“We’re not here for a cut and blow dry,” the other girl said as she walked over to Helen, “we want your takings.  Get the older bitch over here, Belle.”


“Hey – who are you calling older,” Sheila said as she was forced to walk to where Helen was standing.  The hairdresser was wearing a light blue blouse over a blue roll neck sweater, a blue skirt and black shoes.


“Both of you,” the girl with her said as she and Helen were forced into the back of the salon, Sheila watching as a roll of twine was grabbed off the shelf.  “Now be good and put your hands behind your backs.”


Sheila looked at Helen, and nodded as she moved her hands behind her back.  It wasn’t the first time she had bene tied up – not by a long chalk – so she knew better than to argue with someone holding a knife.  She felt the twine around her wrists as they were forced together, and then passed around and between her limbs before she was forced to kneel on the ground, waiting a moment before she felt the twine around her ankles.  Never had she bene so glad she was wearing boots – the twine was tight and hurt her wrists, so at least her ankles were more protected.


“Open the safe,” the second girl said to Helen as she was dragged to the other side of the office, forcing her to kneel down and open the safe as Sheila watched.  She knew her wrists and ankles were secured together now, and hoped they hadn’t noticed the one thing that would help them later.


“Tie the other bitch up,” she heard the girl with Helen say as her partner walked over, making a loop in the end of the ball of twine as he did so.  Helen was starting to cry as she was forced to kneel down, Sheila saying “just keep calm Helen – sooner they are out of here, sooner it will be over.”


“This isn’t yer first one, is it bitch,” the girl at the safe said as she looked at Sheila.


“Probably not,” Sheila said as she felt the twine running from her hands to her feet, seeing the way Helen was been bound before the girl cut the twine, and then grabbed a J-cloth, rolling it up and pushing it into Helen’s mouth before she gagged Sheila in the same way.


“I’m just grateful it’s clean – and these are not professionals,” she thought to herself as she saw the blue material sticking out from between her lips, the girls pulling the takings into a plastic carrier bag and then running off.


Helen looked over at Sheila, who wriggled round, the twine rubbing on the leather as she said “whrrrudhnnn?”






Sheila looked at Helen, and then used her tongue to push the cloth from her mouth before she said “sorry Helen – this is your salon, do you have any scissors in here?”


Helen nodded as she looked at a nearby table, Sheila slowly shuffling over on her knees.  You needed to know how to free yourself when you did what she did…





“Sheila!  I heard about yesterday – come away in!”


“Thanks Chloe,” Sheila said as she walked into her friend’s house, removing her white coat to show her black jersey dress, the skirt almost reaching the top of her over the knee crimson leather boots, a glimpse of her leatherette leggings visible between the two.  She came to Chloe’s every Tuesday for coffee, cake and chatter, and said “new outfit” as she looked at her old friend.


“Yeah – decided to splash out,” Chloe said as she twirled in her blue coat dress.  “By the way, my nephews are here today – they promised to keep out of the way.”


“Okay then,” Sheila said as they walked into the kitchen, Chloe pouring coffee into two mugs as they sat down.  “So where’s their mother?”


“Working – they called her in at very short notice.  Anyway…”


“Stick ‘em up ladies – this is a robbery!”


“Oh lord,” Chloe said as she rolled her eyes, Sheila looking at the two boys standing there.  They each had a scarf tied over the lower half of their faces, and one of them had their fingers pointed at the two woman like a gun.  “Boys, Auntie Sheila doesn’t want to play your games now…”


“Oh come on Chloe – boys, let us finish our coffee, and then we’ll play, all right?”


“Can’t we start now,” the older of the two boys said, “tie your legs and waist to the chair?”


“What do you think Chloe?”


Chloe looked at them, and then said “simple only boys, all right?”

“Thanks, aunt Chloe,” the boys said as the other one put a plastic bag on the floor, and took out some tights.




“I know – indulge them,” Chloe said as they put Sheila’s ankles against the front leg of the chair she was sitting on, and tied them in place, before wrapping a pair of tights around her waist and securing them round the chair back.  She watched as they secured Chloe in the same way, her friend picking up her mug as she said “so, what happened at the Salon yesterday?”


“Couple of girls decid3ed to rob it – tied me and Helen up, but I got us free fairly quickly.”


Chloe shook her head as she said “they had no idea who they were dealing with, did they?”


“Nope – so it was over within an hour,” Sheila said with a smile, “and I had a quiet evening at home.  Listen – you still coming round to the coffee shop on Friday?”


“Can do – be interesting to see who calls in this week,” Chloe said with a smile as she drank from her cup, the boys watching as they continued to talk and drink.  Eventually, however, Chloe put her mug down and said “I think we’re going to be tied up more now Sheila.”  As her arms were taken round the chair back, Sheila nodded as she allowed the younger of the two boys to take her arms around her chair back, and then felt the nylon on her wrists as they were tied together, and then tied to the chair back.


“What do you boys want?”


“Your valuables,” the older boy said, “where are they lady?”


“Up there,” she said as she nodded to the cookie jar, watching as her nephew took a stool over and carried the jar down.  “Thanks lady – make sure they can’t raise the alarm.”


“What – now uhkhnnthrhllsss,” Chloe said as Sheila watched the younger boy pull a scarf between her lips and around her head, shaking her head and laughing as she was gagged in the same way.  They could only watch as the youngsters helped themselves to the triple choc cookies…





“Me time tonight,” Sheila said as she stood in her bedroom, smoothing down the material of her white jersey dress.  He hair was slicked back, the wool hugging her body as the hem of the dress came halfway down her upper legs.  Smiling, she sat on the bed and pulled on the thigh high black leather boots, standing and turning herself round as she said “great – tapas, here I come.” 


Picking up her purse, she opened the bedroom door – and then walked backwards as the man came in.  He was classically dressed – black jumper and pants, as well as leather gloves, and a stocking pulled down over his head.  Looking Sheila up and down again, he said “well, I see you were on your way out – sorry, your plans for the evening are about to change.”


“If I had a penny for every time I have heard that,” Sheila said with a sigh.  “All right, what are you going to do with me?”


“What do you want me to do with you?”


Sheila looked at him, raising an eyebrow as she said “aren’t you the one robbing me?”


“True – so let’s begin,” he said as he turned her round quickly folded her arms behind her back so that her elbows were resting in the palms of her hands.  Sheila wondered what he was going to do – and then she heard the tape ripping from the roll as he wound it along her forearms, securing them together, wrist to wrist.



“Oh lovely – I hope this doesn’t ruin this dress,” Sheila said to herself as she saw the tape coming round her body.  She noticed, with no small relief, it was not duct tape – it was the special tape that did not damage cloth, and she realised this guy was a professional, especially as he wound the tape round her, forming bands above and below her chest as her arms were held tightly against her sides.


“Well, that should make a good start,” the man said with a smile as Sheila wriggled round, feeling the dress stretched over her breasts, “now, why don’t you tell me where your valuables are?”


“In the bank?”


“A common line…”


“Seriously, they are – I only have a few bits of costume jewellery over there.”


The man looked at Sheila, and nodded as he said “I believe you – but that means I need to do something else.  Open your mouth.”


“Can I say something?  Someone is waiting for me to join them for dinner – when I do not turn up, they may call, and if I cannot answer, they will call round.”


“then let us be quick,” the man said as he pushed a folded cloth into Sheila’s mouth, and then wrapped the tape round her head to make sure it stayed in place.  Sheila could not believe her luck – three time in three days?  And, more to the point, why was she excited by this?


She watched as he walked round behind her, and then reached round, her eyes closing as he started to caress her chest.  Again, not the first time that had happened to her – but she wished her body would not turn to jelly when somebody did that, as it was at this moment.


He then walked her to the bed and made her lied down, taping her ankles, her calves and her thighs, before he rolled her onto her back and started to massage her chest again.  “Does he know what this does to me,” she mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes, enjoying the attention in spite of her situation…


It was the telephone ringing that made him stop, and as she heard her date ask where she was, and then say he was on his way round, the man smiled and said “well, I hope he enjoys the surprise present I leave him” before he quickly left the room.  Sheila opened her eyes again and wriggled round, feeling the ropes move on her, and wondering what else could possibly happen that week…




“There you go,” Sheila said as she handed a mug of coffee over to her friend.  It had been a quiet Thursday, and now she was where she could be found every Friday – hosting a coffee shop in the church hall to raise money for charity.


She was casually dressed – a grey waistcoat over a long white blouse, the cuffs of the sleeves turned up, and jeans with the legs tucked into her long leather boots.  She had managed to clean all the residue off from Tuesday, and she felt they were needed with her outfit for the day.


The church was located in the centre of town, rather incongruously with a bookmaker next to the hall.  It had not always been that – when Sheila had first come here, it was a post office, but times and the high street had changed so much.


“Chloe, can you keep an eye on things for a while,” Sheila said as she turned to her friend, “I need to take a short break.”


“Sure, go ahead,” Chloe said as Sheila went into the kitchen, and then out into the back yard to get some fresh air – only to stop when she saw the two men climbing over the wall from the bookmaker.  One was carrying a large bag, and the other a sawn off shotgun.


“Shit,” the first man said as he saw Sheila there, “grab her – we’ll have to drop her somewhere.”


“Grab me?”  Before Sheila had a chance to say anything, she was grabbed by the armed man, the gun pressed into her side as he said “don’t say a word” and pulled her out of the church back yard and towards a waiting car.  “Get in,” he growled as he opened the back passenger door, forcing Sheila in before he climbed in beside her, and the first man got behind the driver’s wheel.


“Look,” Sheila said quietly, trying to remain calm, “I know you don’t want me to raise the alarm, but just drop me off somewhere where I cannot call – I left my phone in my purse…”


“Did I say you could talk?”  The armed man reached into his pocket and pulled out a rag, which he rolled up and then pushed into Sheila’s mouth.  “Keep that in there, capiche?”


Sheila nodded, not wanting to make him any angrier…



Eventually, the car pulled into the parking area of a country park, the armed man smiling as he said “we need to make sure she stays in the car.  Got any rope left in there?”


“More than enough,” his partner said as he threw a length of brown cord over, the man taking it as he said “turn round, lady, hands behind your back.”


“Here we go again,” Sheila thought to herself as she turned round, and felt the rope a sit was used to bind her wrists tightly together.  She was then forced to lie face down on the back seat, as she felt her ankles been forced together, the all too familiar squeak of the leather as her legs rubbed against each other.


Her legs were then further secured below her knees, before her ankles were pulled back and tied to her wrists.  It wasn’t very comfortable, but she knew it was going to do what they wanted it to do.


She rolled onto her side as the car doors closed, wondering how long it would take before someone found her…






“Three hours,” Sheila said as she spoke into her mobile phone, “I was ready for a drink by then, I can tell you!”


She was in her bedroom, having made herself ready to go on a shopping trip – a treat after all the events of the week.  Her new black and white faux fur jacket was over a grey sweater, with black leggings and over the knee grey suede boots.


“Yeah – I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” she said with a smile as she ended the call, and then looked at herself in the mirror.  “You look good, girl,” she said to herself, and then she looked again in the mirror.


“Well, why not?  Everyone else does it,” she said to herself as she looked at her reflection, picked up the phone, and took a selfie of herself.  It was only as she looked into the mirror that she saw the man behind her.


“Hi,” he said quietly, “thank you for taking your selfie.”


“Oh shit,” Sheila said quietly, “after everything this week, are you telling me you are the Selfie Snatcher?”


“My reputation precedes me.  Please, put the phone down on the bed, and then put your hands behind your back.”


“Listen – I live alone, who’s going to find this…”


As she felt her hands been secured together, the man said “oh, I can check your frequent contacts, let one of them know what is needed.  Any other questions?”


“Where are you going to take me?”


“You’ll see,” the man said as he turned her round, and stuck a wide strip of clear sticking tape over her mouth, making sure there were no creases or air bubbles.  Smiling, he picked up the telephone, looked at the screen for a few minutes, and then sent a message.


“Now,” he said as he took Sheila by the arm, “shall we?”




The Snatcher shook his head as he guided Sheila out of her room, down the stairs and out of the house, looking first to make sure nobody was coming before she was quickly guided to a waiting grey van.  The Snatcher helped her inside, and helped her to sit on a blanket as he wrapped more cord around her ankles and bound them tightly together, followed by her legs below her knees.


“”Now then,” he said with a smile as in one hand he compressed a sponge ball, and used the other to peel the tape from her mouth, “say ah.”


Sheila felt the sponge expanding in her mouth, pressing her tongue down as he picked up a wide roll of white tape, tore a strip off, and then pressed it over her mouth.  He then looked at his own phone, smiled, and said “right – next stop.”


Nxttwhtt,” she mumbled as he closed the van door and set off, Sheila wondering what the hell was going on and who was going to come to her rescue this time.  It was only when the van stopped a short while later that she realised something else might be about to happen – and when the side door finally opened, and he brought Chloe in, wearing a similar outfit and gagged with clear tape, she groaned and said “uhhhrncheedhts?”


Chloe just smiled and nodded as she was sat next to her friend…





Stepping out of the church, Sheila smiled to herself.  She had a lunch date, and hopefully no more surprises.  She was dressed for the occasion as well – a black jacket and skirt, camisole top, and knee length black boots.


Looking up and down the street, she smiled as she saw the black Daimler, and walked towards the tall man who was standing by the passenger door.  “How was your week, Kev,” she said with a smile as he kissed her on the cheek.


“Long – I hate these mandatory work conferences.  How was yours?”


“Believe me, you do not want to know,” she said as she got in, watching as he closed the door and walked round.  “So, where are we going?”


“It’s going to be a surprise,” he said with a smile.  “Close your eyes.”


Sheila did just that, wondering what he was going to do first – and then she heard the soft, squelchy sound, and felt the pressure on her eyelids.


“Did you just blindfold me with tape?”


“Hush,” she heard him say before he kissed her – and then pressed more tape over her mouth, before he taped her wrists together in front of her.  Under the tape, Sheila smiled – at least it was a good, pleasant end to her bad week…







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