Sheila’s Surprise Night







“Of course I’m looking forward to seeing you Chloe – it’s been a while since we’ve had a chat.  I need to take care of a couple of things, but once that’s done I’ll be straight round.  I hope you have the coffee ready to go?”


Chloe laughed as she heard her cousin Sheila on the phone.  “I will have – just don’t be too late,” she said, “ciao for now.”  Putting the phone down, she looked at herself in the hall mirror, her long light brown hair falling over the shoulders of her sheer black top.  Her brown suede mini skirt came not too far down her thighs, and her knee length boots were also made from varying shades of brown suede and leather.


“Just so long as you don’t bring that special blend of yours, my cousin,” she said to herself as she made her way into the kitchen – and then stopped as a male voice said “hello – please, don’t shout or scream…”




Sheila put her grey and white leopard skin on and fastened it over the brown tartan pinafore dress and orange roll neck sweater she was wearing, then turned and looked at herself in the mirror.  Her black leggings were tucked into a pair of knee length black rain boots, completing her look.


“Perfect,” she said to herself as she picked up her handbag, and headed out of the door, locking it behind herself and then heading for the town centre…




“Who are you?  Why are you doing this to me?”


Chloe looked at the man who was standing in front of her, wearing a black leather jacket and jumper, dark jeans and shoes – as well as leather gloves on his hands.  His hair was grey and short – but it was his companion that took her attention as she felt her wrists being tied tightly together behind her back.


That wasn’t the first length of rope – that had gone round her arms at her elbows, making them touch as they had been secured, her shoulders pulled back and her chest already forced out so that the straps of her bra and the cups were clearly visible underneath.


“Oh you’ll find out – eventually,” the man said quietly, a smile playing on his lips.  As he looked over Chloe’s shoulder, he said quietly “Andrea?”


“Wrists secured,” a female voice said behind her as one more tug was made on the rope round her arms.


“Good – into the living room please,” the man said, waving with the gun in his gloved hand as he picked up a large holdall.  Chloe swallowed and walked slowly in front of them, then turned to look at the woman who had bound her arms.  She was in her early thirties, tall, thin but well built, dressed like the man in black.


“Look, if it’s money you wahhnnnttt,” Chloe started to speak, but she was cut off as the woman took her head in her gloved hands and kissed her, then smiled as she knelt in front of her and reached under her skirt.  The older woman had to stop herself from shaking as she felt Andrea’s hands on her body, and then pulled her panties down, removing them and then standing as she folded them into a pad.


“Oh no – oh god no, please don’t do that,” Chloe said as she clamped her mouth shut, but the woman in black just smiled and looked at her.  It was the sudden pressure on her chest as the man squeezed her breasts that made Chloe gasp and open her mouth, then taste herself as the panties were pushed into her mouth, pressing her tongue down before Andrea took a roll of white tape and tore a long strip off, pressing it firmly down onto Chloe’s mouth and chin.  When she stepped back, Chloe tried to talk – with little success, only muffled moans as the man started to massage her chest.




“She wants to know what we’re doing, Clive.”


“Well Andrea, I am sure she will find out eventually,” Clive said as he started to wrap some more rope around Chloe’s body, forcing her arms against her back as it went above and below her chest, framing her already prominent breasts as she struggled.  It was no use however – especially when he took the rope over one shoulder and handed it to Andrea, who took pleasure in feeding it round the lower band between her breasts, and then passed it back to him to secure behind her.


“I like this one,” she said with a smile, “can I…”


“Chloe, I was just wondering – oh my god…”




Sheila put the large white cup down and sighed – it was a truly excellent cup of coffee, but she knew her blend was better.  But it was a café, so you took what you could get.  In the bags at her feet were some of her purchases – and she could not wait to show Chloe what she had bought...





Chloe stared at her neighbour as she stood there, staring at the two intruders.  Sharon was slightly younger than her, the Japanese wife of a successful business man, and a frequent caller on her friend.  Today she was wearing a fawn coloured jumper with leopard spot prints on it, a short red skirt, and black over the knee leather boots – as well as a stunned expression as she looked at Chloe, the rope framing her chest, her arms pinned behind her, white tape over her mouth as the man behind her looked at her.


“No screaming,” the woman dressed in black said as she picked up the pistol and pointed it at her, “Do as we say or she gets hurt.”


“What do you…?”  Sharon watched as Clive grabbed Chloe’s chest from behind her, squeezing hard as she closed her eyes and called out.  She slowly nodded, and said “all right, just don’t hurt her…”


“Oh this won’t hurt her – in fact, she finds it quite enjoyable,” Clive said.  “But we are neglecting our manners – you are?”


“Sharon,” the new arrival whispered as she felt the woman’s breath on her neck.


“Andrea, my dear, ensure she is distracted.”


“I want you,” the woman whispered into her ear, “to remove your panties.  Now.”




“Phlssldhhttt,” Chloe moaned as Clive continued his massage on her chest – she was aware of hoe her breasts were firming up, how her nipples were beginning to become more prominent, and she feared this would happen to Sharon as well – but she did not want her neighbour to be hurt.


“Why are you making me do this,” Sharon whispered, but Andrea just smiled and waved the gun, as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off.


“That’s good – put them in your mouth.”


Sharon was about to complain, but then stayed quiet as she folded the blue silk panties, took a deep breath, and then put them in her mouth.  Andrea nodded and said “don’t spit them out” as she put the gun down, and then picked a length of rope out of the bag, walking over and pulling Sharon’s hands behind her back.


As she did this, Clive was pulling Chloe’s jumper up, exposing her white bra cups and then pushing his hands under them as she closed her eyes.  He must know what this is doing to her, but he was still going on…  She then felt him withdraw his hands as he tied more rope round her waist, letting the long lengths drop to the floor in front of her.


“Whthhrhuhhdhnn,” Sharon mumbled as she felt the rope forcing her wrists together, and then around her waist to lock them in place, before a longer length of rope was wrapped around her, pulling her arms into her sides and forcing her chest out as two bands were formed above and below her breasts.  She could only watch as Clive took a pair of scissors, and cut Chloe’s bra away, his gloved fingers gently squeezing her nipples as she groaned, her knees buckling as he lowered her onto the floor, and then reached between her legs, pulling the rope up and back, hiking her skirt up as he secured it to the rope round her elbows, then pulling on it as she twisted round.


She could feel the rope on her ankles as they were secured together, and then around her legs below her knees, before Clive came round and stood in front of her.


“Now, did you enjoy what I was doing?”


Chloe looked at him and nodded as he smiled, and said “so you are ready to give me something I want.”  He reached to his crotch, Chloe looking at him and then slowly nodding…



“As for you, Sharon, I want you to walk to that recliner, and lie down,” Andrea whispered into her captive’s ear, and as she walked over she saw the woman in black take more rope from the bag, as well as the roll of white tape.  She lay on the recliner, watching as Andrea tore a long strip of tape from the roll and pressed it down over her mouth, then bent her left leg, securing her ankle to her thigh as Sharon watched, her skirt slipping down, her crotch visible now.


She could hear Chloe mumbling as she knelt in front of Clive, and then moving forward as she felt the woman bending her right leg and securing it in the same way, and then running a finger up her slit – and the shiver when she touched her there…


“You’re excited by this, aren’t you?”


She looked at Andrea, unsure of what she meant, and then she felt the gloved hands on her chest, massaging, kneading, making her groan as she closed her eyes, and she wriggled round – and then she felt the sudden dampness between her legs, as Andrea slowly pulled her jumper up and started opt kiss her breasts…




“Hmhgghddd” Chloe mumbled as she felt the pressure increase on her tongue, the throbbing as the organ that was in her mouth instead of the panties and tape growing larger.  If this meant he left, she was willing to do it…



Sharon groaned as Andrea sucked on her nipples, the ropes rubbing on her bare flesh as she twisted round, and wondered why she was unable to stop her body responding – and then she watched Andrea as she quickly moved down, put her head between her legs – and she felt the kiss, the electric shocks, the shaking as she was played with…






Sheila got off the bus and smiled as she started to walk to Chloe’s house, wondering what she was going to do when she got in.  Hopefully a good cup of coffee – and maybe some fun afterwards.  But definitely, definitely the coffee.


As she knocked on the door, she could hear noises inside, so she opened the door and walked in, saying “I hope you’re not busy Chloe” as she walked into the front room, and stared at the scene.  Sharon was on the recliner, a rope running between her frog-tied legs, and something tied in the rope that was placed against her glistening, wet clit.


As for Chloe, she was lying on her stomach on the floor, her ankles on her bare bottom, another rope between her legs as she looked at Sheila through red eyes, and whispered “hmshreee” through the white tape that covered her mouth. 


There was also a woman, dressed in black, who was massaging Sharon’s bare chest as she looked over.


“Ah – Clive, it would appear the guest of honour has arrived,” she said as Sheila felt the presence behind her.


“Ah good – you must be Sheila.  Your friends were most anxious for your arrival, as were we.”


“Who…  Who…”


“No time for questions Sheila,” Clive said as he reached round and unfastened the coat, taking it off her and putting it to one side.  “Andrea, would you take a second to bring a chair from the dining room, please?  And as for you, Sheila, hands behind your back.”


“How do you know who I am,” Sheila whispered as she felt the rope around her wrists, binding them together as Clive took the rope around and between her arms, her fingers wriggling uselessly as they were tightly secured.  As he finished, Clive put his gloved hands on Sheila’s arm, and whispered “your friend has been a wonderful hostess, but you are the centre of our attentions now.”


“What do you – AH!”  Sheila’s question was cut short as Clive unfastened the shoulder buttons on her dress, letting it fall to the ground as Andrea put the chair where both women could watch.  Clive then passed a longer length of rope around Sheila’s arms and body, forcing them against her sides as he started to wind the rope around, taking it above and below her chest as her jumper was stretched over it.


As he did this, Andrea smiled as she knelt in front of Sheila, and then pulled her leggings down, Sheila shivering as she watched her take a pair of scissors and cut at the sides of her panties, then pulling them away.  She left her leggings down at her knees as Sheila watched her stand up, and fold her panties into a wad.


“Oh god no…”


“Sheila, your friends are already similarly silenced,” Clive said as he gave the ropes another tug, and then took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her head, and then under the other arm before he tied it off.  He then reached round and, without warning, grabbed Sheila’s breasts in his gloved hands, squeezing hard as she opened her mouth to scream.


A scream that was silenced as Andrea pushed the folded panties into her mouth, smiling as she quickly tore a strip of the white tape away and smoothed it over her mouth, and then indicated the tray.


“Walk with me,” Clive said as he forced Sheila to walk over, massaging her chest more with every step, smiling at her moans before he forced her to sit down, then tied the end of a length of rope to the point the chair back met the seat.  Andrea stood in front of her, and then continued the assault on her chest as Clive wound the rope around her upper body, forcing her back against the chair back, her wrists useless as her jumper was stretched even tighter over her chest.


“Whhhthrughdhnnn,” she moaned as he tied the ropes off, then smiled at Andrea, the woman in black kneeling down and putting Sheila’s left ankle against the chair leg before she used more rope to bind it into place.  She then moved her right ankle into place, before more ropes were used to secure her legs below the knees to the chair, her leggings stretched tight as she moaned.  What was going on?  What was he going to do?


She could hear the moans of her friends, and the soft buzzing, before they both screamed out, their bodies shaking as Sheila looked over – and realised just what was making that noise.  For now, however, her attention was taken by Andrea as she used the scissors opt cut her leggings away, leaving what her boots were covering.  The squeaking sound as Chloe and Sharon struggled, the ropes and their boots rubbing, was only added opt by the creak and squeak from her own booted legs – and her own moans as Clive moved her jumper up and the bra down, his gloved hands massaging and squeezing her firm breasts as she closed her eyes.


IT was useless to try and stop him, but there was something else, the way the woman was looking at her, a hunger in those eyes she had not seen before…


“I take it you are enjoying the experience, of our hands,” Clive whispered into Sheila’s ear as he pinched her nipples, the older woman squealing as he did so – and then opening her eyes wide as he said “Andrea, my dear, will you take a turn?”


“OF course,” the woman said as she walked behind Sheila, then began to massage her chest in her hands, her grip just as strong as she heard the other two start to moan again.  Clive walked round and lifted her head with his finger, before he knelt down and looked at her.


She wondered what it was he was going to do, and then she felt him stroke her legs, felt his lips on the inside, as he moved slowly forwards, kissing her as Andrea squeezed harder, harder.


The first shock came when his lips touched her clit, making her shake as she felt his tongue slowly lick up it, realising just how damp she had got without thinking about it – and how much damper she felt when he was finished.  That was only the beginning, however, as he kissed her there, his tongue stroking over as she felt the flow increase, the softness of his touch, of her touch…


She could feel her responding in spite of herself, as his tongue and lips worked on her, the gentle stroking, the gentle pressure – and then the feeling as he worked past the petals, his tongue probing in her passage, and she screamed into the gag, her voice muffled as she squirmed.  His tongue was finding those spots that were most responsive, making her sweat, hot, gleam, and want something else in there – if that was was what was going to happen…


But her continued, and she continued, her fingers moving over her chest as she kissed her neck, his tongue working her, drinking of her, making her heat increase as her body started to shake.  He was taking her to an edge she had not experienced for a long, long time – and she had to admit, it was an edge she was looking forward now to falling over, as he took his face away, and inserted his gloved finger, making her squeal with pleasure as he put his wet lips over her nipples and sucked, his tongue running over them now as Andrea moved to Chloe, pulling on the crotch rope as she screamed out again, Sharon following her.


When her body started to convulse and shake, Sheila knew she could hold back no longer. And she allowed herself to sink into the orgasm, screaming and shaking her head as she did so.  It was terrifying, it was majestic, and it was wonderful…


She finally opened her eyes, her vision misting over as Clive said “there – I hope that was good for you as well.”  He then walked to the bag and took out a long pink object, with a bulbous end, the noise reaching her ears as he worked the end into her, and she gratefully accepted it and the sensations it was causing in her.


“Well, we have had some fun,” Clive said quietly, “but we have other business in this house.  Andrea, ensure the ladies do not get free while I look around upstairs.”


All three of them looked at each other – why would they want to get free?  Indeed – how could they get free, even if they wanted to?  As the truth of that situation hit them, the buzzing and the vibrations started to work their magic on them again, as they accepted their predicament, and hoped someone would come to their aid.









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