She's The One

“Well, Jay, looks like someone managed to track us down.”


Jay just nodded as she tied the last knot off.  We’d been up north of the 49th for some six months, always wondering who would come after us, but even we were surprised by this one.  I recognised her as I was leaving the clinic – she may have been wearing a nurse’s uniform, but I knew Detective Hardy when I saw her.


Well, given Jay and I had plans for the next few days, it was only right that we made sure the good detective could not interfere in them.  The two of us ducked into a side room, and as she walked past with her nose pressed to a clipboard Jay reached out and grabbed her.  The look of shock on her face quickly turned to one of recognition when she saw me standing in front of her, and then anger.


That look was still in her as she looked to the side.  Well, it was a hospital, so we used the medical tape on the trolley to secure her to an old wheelchair.  Jay had taped her wrist together behind the canvas back, and I had taped her ankles to the legs and her thighs to the arm rests.  With more tape holding her arms to her side, and several lengths over her rouged lips, Hardy could do nothing except mumble some choice and probably unrepeatable words.


I was searching through her handbag and found the key to a motel room.  “We’d better make sure she’s alone before we get started,” I said to Jay, who nodded in agreement as we locked the room door behind us.


You see, Jay and I had accepted a commission to take care of the CEO of a company that our client was bidding against, and we were in town to collect her sister, who worked at this hospital.  Now we had to make sure we weren’t rumbled before we executed the plan – and find out just who had put these cops onto us….


First things first, however – we had ascertained the target for today was working for the next few hours, so we had time to go to the motel.  Finding the room, we let ourselves in and closed the door as the sound of water running filled the room.  On the bed was another nurse’s uniform – it would appear Detective Hardy was not the only person in town for a costume party.


The water went off, and a six foot tall brunette in a strapless dress and strappy sandals walked in.  She looked at Jay and me, and said “Oh Fuck” before lunging for her bag – which I plucked out of her reach.  Pointing my own gun at her, I motioned to her to sit down and we had a nice little chat about how she and Hardy managed to get there.


Well, we learned a few new things in the next few hours – including the details of just who it was that had ratted us out.  As the cop finished talking, Jay tied off the rope between her ankles and she wiped her brow with her hands.  The fact they were bound together in front of her was a small impediment, but not much.


Checking my watch, I said “We need to get a move on” to Jay.  She stood up and went to an old chest that was in the room, filled with blankets.  As I tied a thick cloth around the cop’s mouth, Jay cleared the blankets out, picked up the cop and placed her in the chest, with her legs over one side, and pulled her wrists over her head and secured them to the handle on the other side.  Blowing her a kiss, we locked the motel room door behind us as we left.


Jay said she would go and have a word with the young lady that had told Hardy about us, while I went to get our guest.  It was walking distance for Jay, so she set off while I jumped into the car and made for the hospital.


Waiting in the car park, I saw the young lady come out of the main entrance and walk to her car.  She was in her early twenties, five eight with long brown hair, in a nurse’s dress and heels.  As she got closer to her car, she saw that someone had punctured her tyres – and that someone was me.


I got out of the van, walked up behind her and stuck my gun into the small of her back.  She slowly put her hands up and walked back with me to the van, offering no resistance as I pushed her into the back and handcuffed her to the sidebar in the rear before I went back behind the wheel and drove off.


Returning to the house Jay and I were renting, I uncuffed her and forced her into the basement.  Once there, I “invited” her to remove her uniform and place her wrists behind her back.  It only took a few minutes to secure them, then tie some more rope around her chest and hitch her bound wrists up to that.  I made sure her legs were tightly secured above and below her knees, and around her ankles, before forcing her to hop against the side of a shelf unit and tying her chest ropes to an eyelet secured in the beam above her.


The final touch was a long red woollen scarf that was on the floor.  I took a couple of hankies, forced her to open her mouth while I stuffed them in, and then tied the scarf around and over her mouth.  As I squeezed her breast under her white lingerie, the muffled squeak she le tout told me our guest would be fine for the couple of days we planned to have her with us.


That was when my cell phone rang.  Blowing her a kiss, I turned it on and saw that Jay wanted me to “pop over and have a chat with someone.”  Turning the lights off, I went back to the van and went to join her.



I drove up to a nice little house – even complete with white picket fence – and walked up to the front door.  Jay opened it and led me into the front room.


On the floor, lying face down, was a woman I recognised as an assistant at the realtor we had rented our house from.  She was stripped down to her underway, although her black bra had slipped a lot, and she was in a tight hogtie.  She screamed as I knelt down next to her, and very politely asked her why the hell she thought she could get away with the cops?


That was when it got interesting.  It turned out she was related to the girls we had paid a surprise visit on some months before after stealing those coins, and she remembered the description that her cousin had given her.  Realising who we were, after we left the office she called the authorities over the lake, and they were very interested in the whereabouts of the gang that had raided Sir Richard and caused so much inconvenience to so many.  They had sent Detective Hardy and the other girl up to find us, and so we had seen them.


Well, Jay and I looked at each other, before Jay jumped up and ran out, bringing back in a younger girl in a brown dress with light brown long hair.


“Your sister?” I asked the woman on the floor, who just nodded.  “Take her out to the van” I said to Jay, and then told the woman that if she alerted the police at any time, her sister would “Disappear.”  To prevent any further discussion, I pulled a long blue scarf that was on the floor into her mouth, knotted it behind her dark brown hair, and then pulled said hair to make sure she was fully silenced.


Back at the house, our guest looked up when the light went on to see Jay and I dragging the other girl down the stairs.  We didn’t waste any time or niceties in securing her, and ten minutes later she was standing in the centre of the cellar, her arms above her head and her secured wrists tied to an overhead light, with various lengths of rope around her body down to the toes she was standing on.  Many layers of duct tape were over her mouth to silence her, as we turned the lights back off.  We had business to take care of in the morning, and we needed out beauty sleep.






“Can I help you?”


The secretary looked up at Jay and I, in our jumpers and slacks and carrying our work bags.  She was wearing a purple blouse and a faded denim skirt, and her horn rimmed glasses and short cropped hair made her look formidable.


“Yes, you can,” I said as I took my gun out of the bag and pointed it at her.  “You can sit still while my friend here makes sure you can’t tell your boss we are here.”


Jay moved quickly round, taking a roll of duct tape out of the bag, and pulled the wrists of the secretary behind her back while I turned round, locked the office door and pulled the blinds down.  I could hear the rip of the tape behind me as Jay enjoyed herself, and when I looked round I could see that her arms were taped to her sides with several layers.


“Pity about your blouse,” I said when I saw one of the sleeves had come away at the shoulder.  “Still – silence her.”


“Pleas….” was all she said as Jay put the tape over her mouth, before sitting her on the floor.  More ripping followed as I made my way into the main office, to surprise the CEO and the woman she was talking to.


“Who the hell are you?” the taller woman said as she stood up.  She was wearing a white jacket and dress with a thin black vertical pinstripe, and a front split in her skirt that went rather high.  The other woman was wearing a pale blue jacket and skirt, with a white top underneath.


“Just sit still and do nothing, ladies,” I said as Jay walked in with the bag.  Through the door I could see the secretary lying on the floor, her legs bent and taped together.  “We need some records from your company, and you would be wise not to get in our way.  Why don’t you both sit on the desk and do as you’re told?”


Well, they did as I asked, and as Jay took the wrists of the two women and taped them together behind their backs, I looked through the filing cabinets.  This company represented the needs of various stars of the musical world, and our client wanted us to “Take out” one of their roster for a little while.


“By the way,” I said to the taller woman as Jay wrapped tape around her torso, “We have your sister as our guest, so if you mention this is anything more than a robbery she will pay the price.”


“All…. Al right,” she mumbled as Jay finished taping her colleague’s arms, and walking in front of them taped their ankles together.  After she had secured them both, she placed layer after layer of tape over each of their mouths to silence them while I cleared their safe out.


“Bye Ladies,” I called out as the tow of us left, the information we needed in hand.  We now had what we needed to get our next target, but first we had to take care of some business south of the border….




“Good evening, you honour.”


The old man turned on the bedside lamp and looked at me.


“YOU!!  I thought Detective Hardy was…”


“Detective Hardy is in no position to talk – well, she may be now, but she also knows we’re onto her and your scheme.  Judge, we need to talk.”


“You need to go to jail!”


“Maybe someday, but not today.  You call Detective Hardy off, or….”


“Or what?”


“Did you notice your wife is not in bed?”


He turned over and saw the empty space.


“Where is she?”


“Put on a robe again and come with me.”


We went down to the cellar, and he saw his wife standing there.  A friend of mine – not Jay, she had stayed behind to check something out – was standing next to her.  She screamed at her husband when she saw him, but the tape over her mouth stifled any meaning.  She was in a blue bra and panties, and lashed to a support pillar with rope.


“If you don’t call the detective off, my friend will come back and finish the job.  I suggest you have chat with the DA in the morning – later in the morning.  He may be a bit tied up until then.


“One warning, your honour – one warning,” I said as I pinched him on the shoulder, and he collapsed on the floor.  His wife screamed as he fell silently, and my friend and I walked off – we had another visit to pay.”




“Who the hell is this?”


“Good morning, Mister DA.  Do you recognise my voice?”


“You – I thought you were gone for good.”


“Yes – but your friend the judge made me return for a visit.  Check your e-mail – I’ll hold on.”


Putting on his gown, the DA switched on his computer and logged into his account.  A message titled “Open Me” appeared, and his heart sank when he saw the attachment.  His daughter was lying on a sheepskin rug, stripped to her skin and securely bound, with a thick white gag tied over her mouth.


“We had a deal, and you reneged on it.  This time we stripped and bound her – next time she disappears.  Talk to the Judge and see he does the right thing – but wait a while.  I’ve already visited him.


“Good night” I shouted as I hung up on the man, and stroked the dark hair of the squirming girl on the floor.  “I need to go and apologise to your friends now, just lie still and it will be over soon.”


Leaving her in her bedroom, I walked down to where my friend was standing over two girls.  They had been visiting the DA’s daughter and having a laugh when we dropped in, and were unfortunate participants in the events of that day.  They were sitting back to back, with each girl’s wrist bound the others and their chests held together with rope.  One was blonde haired, in a grey jumper and denim skirt, while the other had darker hair, a brown jumper and a faded skirt.  They both grunted at me as I knelt down and checked the ropes around their ankles – my friend had already gagged them with some red tape she had brought with her.


“I’m really sorry you had to be treated this way – have a word with your friend once you’re freed and she will explain why this happened.”  With that, the two of us walked out of the house.


“Thanks for your help,” I said to my friend as I climbed back into the rented car.


“No problem – say hi to Jay for me,” she said as she walked back in to rob the house.  I made my way back to the airport – I had an appointment to complete the job the next day.




Jay gave me a huge hug when I got back.  “What happened?” I asked – it was obvious there had been some sort of commotion, but Jay just signalled me to follow her to the bedroom.  I said “Not now, Jay, we’ve work to do….”  But when I saw what was on the bed, I nodded.


It was Detective Hardy – she must have got loose and come to arrest the two of us.  She failed – Jay is much stronger than she looks, and had forced the detective to strip to her top before chaining her wrists and ankles, and securing them with a pair of fixed handcuffs.  A bandage was holding a pair of panties in her mouth.


“Hardy, Hardy, what are we going to do with you?” I said as I patted her bottom.  “We’re going to leave you here now – have fun.”  Jay and I showered and changed, collected out stuff and headed off.


We made our way out to the ‘burbs, and parked outside a very large white walled house.  Quietly making our way to the back, we slipped in through the large rear glass entrance and surprised the quartet that were sitting there.


Our primary target was sat there, in a black pinstripe trouser suit and a large red tie.  Marcy was a chart topper, and her slim body and highlighted hair testified to the fact she was a beauty.


She was also a blackmailer, who had material about our client in her possession.  Thanks to her rep at the company, we had found where she lived.


Sitting with her were her backing band – three young women with blonde hair.  The first was wearing a camel sleeveless top, a brown snakeskin miniskirt and knee length tan suede boots.  The second was wearing a white spaghetti strap top, black leather skirt and white knee length PVC boots, and the third a blue ribbed vest top, white micro skirt and black leather boots.


“Ladies,” I said, “Please put your hands on your heads and sit still.”  As the three did so, I said to Marcy “We need to have a quiet word in your room.  Jay – Can you take care of these three.”


Nodding, Jay tipped a lot of rope onto the table.  Pointing at the girl in the white top, she indicated to her that she should join Jay.


“It’s all right, Jackie,” Marcy said, and as Jackie walked over Jay indicated the other two should stand up and turn round.  She handed Jackie a length of rope, took one herself and indicated Jackie should copy her.  As I took Marcy out of the room, I saw Jay pull the wrists of the brown top girl behind her back and start to tie them together, with Jackie tearfully doing the same to the third girl.


“What do you want?” Marcy said as I forced her into her bedroom.


“I want the material you have on my client – now where do you keep the blackmail items?”


“In there,” she said as I pointed the gun to her head and she pointed to a locked safe.  “Open it,” I said, and as she did so I could see a number of boxes inside.


“Take your jacket off,” I said, and as Marcy did so I saw she was wearing a cropped waistcoat underneath.  “Don’t worry,” I said as I made her stand facing a bedpost and cuffed her wrists together on the other side, “You can keep everything else – I just want the material for one person.”


“Thank you,” she sneered before I taped her mouth over with black tape.  Retrieving the information, I pulled her pants down and slapped her on her red knickered bottom before leaving her alone.


Back in the front room, I could see Jay had some fun.  The three girls were sat on the couch, their hands behind their back and rope around their arms and chest.  Brown Top had her breasts emphasised by the way the rope had been passed around her shoulders and between her breasts, while the other two simply had the rope around their shoulders and under their arms.  Jackie and Brown Top had a thick white scarf in their mouths as a gag, while the third had a black scarf.


“You didn’t secure their ankles,” I said to Jay, but as she sat there covering them with a gun she just shook her head – they were innocent dupes in this, after all, and we always liked to cut some slack when we could.


“Sit still for one hour,” I said as we left the room, returned to our van and drove off.  It took an hour or so, but we eventually pulled up at the house of our client.  Ringing the doorbell, and getting no reply, Jay and I looked at each other with concern.  We had had dealings with this woman before, and she was always punctual.  I could see the garage door was slightly ajar, and peeking under the reason for the lack of response was clear.


“Give me a hand,” I said to Jay, and as we opened the door we saw our client standing against the wall.  She was screaming through a cleave gag, and her wrists had been bound behind her in a strapped fashion, with the rope secured to a ceiling fixture.  Her ankles had also been bound together with rope.


It took us a few moments to cut her free and help her into the house, and as I fixed some drinks Jay removed the gag from her mouth.  She thanked Jay, took the drink and drained the glass in one, before taking the package I handed her.  After replenishing her drink, she told us that she had been ambushed by a friend of Marcy – it seems she managed to get free and wanted to get the material back from her, but we had been held up in traffic, so they had given it up as a bad job.


Well, now professional pride was at stake – we had already had to truss up five extra women who should have no part in these dealings, not to mention a trip south for me.  I told her Jay and I would get this fixed for free, and she smiled in gratitude.




Two hours later, and Jay and I are sitting in a very nice front room.  Marcy’s “friend” was actually another cop – what was it with us finding cops today – and we had dropped in to tell her how much we hated the way she had treated her client.


She grunted at that – the tape holding the cloth in her mouth meant that was all she could do.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pigtail, and the metal of her handcuffs rattled as she tried to free them.  Fat chance – particularly as we had placed her in a rope hogtie, her crossed ankles pulled back and secured to rope that went around her waists, over the sliver grey half-slip she was wearing, and over her shoulders.


On the other side of the room was an unexpected bonus – the next door neighbour of our client, who must have been the informant to the cop.  She was an older woman, with brown hair, wearing a cheeked jacket and skirt over a light brown camisole.  The jacket was pulled back now over her arms – when we realised what she had done, Jay took great care and pleasure in roping her tightly to a wooden chair, with several very long lengths of rope, and plastering her mouth with white tape.


“Tell Marcy if she ever approaches our client again, we will come back,” I said as Jay and I tipped the woman onto her side, making her hair fall on the carpet around her screaming face.  “We keep our promises – ask Marcy,” I said as we left the two of them to struggle to get free.




It had been a rough few days, but the job was done, so Jay and I decided to celebrate with a meal at home.  Later that night, I sat at the table and looked at Jay as she sat there, her blonde hair falling around her shoulders and her body in a lovely short black dress.


“You look wonderful,” I said as I checked the white ropes that were holding her in the chair, and her wrists together in front of her.  “You are truly beautiful, Jay Hardy.”


“Thank you,” she said as she smiled back.  Unlike her twin sister, the detective, Jay and I had all the time in the world for each other – all the time in the world….