Not A Robbery – Sister Sister







Edith stirred the casserole, nodding as she added more seasoning, and then covered it before she placed the dish back in the oven and closed the door.  It would be time for Ethel to return home soon, and then they had a quiet evening planned.


The two sisters had lived together all their live – not because they had never married as such, but because men found them – intimidating.  After all, the fact they ran the local Adult Entertainment store gave them a certain notoriety, but they also supported a lot of local charities.  No, they just had never met the right man.


Edith was sixty, but the way she was dressed reflected more her line of business than her age – and if anyone had ever challenged her over it, she would have said how you dress indicates how young you feel, not how old you are.  The crimson top had a V-neck and short sleeves, and was made from velvet with a faint rose pattern created by the darkening hues.  Her skirt was short and black, with a little split to allow her to walk, and dark stockings covered her legs.  Those legs were nestled in a pair of over the knee black leather boots, with an ornate buckle on the outside and a three inch heel.


“Anyway,” she said to herself as she walked into the front room, “Ethel should be back from the trade sh…”  Her thoughts were cut short as a latex gloved hand clamped down over her mouth, and she caught a glimpse of a blade out of the corner of her eye.


“No noise, no panic,” a softly spoken male voice whispered into her ear, “do as I say, you will be fine.  Nod if you understand.”


Edith thought for a moment, and then slowly nodded as the voice said “good – I am going to take my hand away, and I want you to draw the curtains over the window, without raising the alarm.  Nod again if you understand.”  As she nodded, the hand was removed, and she walked slowly forward, pulling the curtains across the window before she turned.


He was tall, thin, with light coloured hair, wearing an open necked shirt and light trousers – but he had latex gloves on, and a knife in one hand, a bag in the other.  “Very good,” he said quietly, “now, come back here, and turn round.”


“What do you want,” Edith asked as she walked over.


“For you to turn round,” was his reply, and as she did so he took her wrists and gently pulled them behind her back.  Edith tried to control her breathing as she felt him cross them, and then the feel of rope as he started to secure them together.  Whoever he was, he was calm, but he knew what he was doing, as she felt the rope around and between her arms.


In their business, they did sell – toys to help those who liked bondage, but this was the first time she had ever had her wrists tied, and she wasn’t sure what she was meant to feel.  So when he said “sit down” and guided her to a chair, she watched with detached interest as he knelt down and doubled a length of white cord, passed it round her ankles and took the ends through the loop, pulling it back as her legs were forced together.  He wound it round several times, then separated the ends and passed them between her legs, the band tightening before he secured the ends together.  She tried to move them, but the squeak of leather on leather was all she heard a strange, exciting sound.


“Don’t move,” the man said quietly as he left the room, and Edith tried to find the knot at her wrists – with no success, as he came quickly back in.


“Where did you go?”


“To turn the casserole off – it would be wrong to ruin your meal,” he said quietly as he knelt down again with another length of rope, a longer one, and started to tie her legs together below her knees.  As he did, she felt his fingers on the back of her upper legs, and shivered slightly.  Why she did not know, but as the band was tightened, she looked down.


“You are a very beautiful woman,” he said as he stood up, and lifted Edith’s chin with his gloved finger.  She shook her head and said “not really…  So what are you going to do, rob me?”




She looked at him again, and whispered “no…  No, please…”


“Hush,” he said as he looked at her, “you need to be quiet.  Open your mouth.”


She could now see the compressed red sponge ball in his hand, and thought for a moment about screaming.  Then she opened her mouth – but no sound came out as she felt him ease the ball in, felt it expanding inside, pressing her tongue down as she closed her lips over it, and he took from the bag a wide roll of white tape. 


IT made a strange, squelchy sound as he peeled a long strip off and tore it free, before he firmly pressed it down over her mouth, the material forming to the shape of her chin and holding firm as he did so.  It was pulling gently on her skin, but did not hurt – in fact, as she tried to speak and failed, it was almost – sensual.


Whttrruhdhnnn,” she said as he knelt down, and slowly stroked his hands over her legs.


“Do you like this?”


She looked at him, and then nodded slowly as he stood up, and said “good” before he walked behind her.  She wondered what he was going to do, and then she felt the rope around her arms, and her elbows as they were forced together.  As that happened, her shoulders were pulled back, and her chest forced out, the shading on the soft material changing as she looked down.


The she saw the rope as it went over her head, and was pulled under her chest, forcing her arms against her back as he wound t above and below her breasts, framing them, making them even more prominent as it was made tighter and tighter.  The material of her top stretched even more, she could even feel the rope through it.


Whhrufhndndthsss,” she moaned as he fed the rope under her left arm, his hand stroking her chest, surprising her with the way it felt – it felt…


It felt…


He pulled the rope through, and up, making her gasp as he took it round the back of her neck, and then over her right shoulder and under her arm again.  He tugged a few more times, and then said “how does that feel?”



“I said,” the man whispered as he slowly drew a gloved finger over her chest, Edith glancing down and her eyes widening, “how does it feel?”


Ghhthhlll,” she moaned, as his finger circled what she now realised was her nipple, prominent, and as it was traced over she shivered again.  What was happening to her…


“Better – allow me to relax you more,” he whispered as his hands stroked over her chest Edith twisting round as he did so, and then the palms of his hands rested over her nipples as he slowly started to massage her chest.  She was his captive, she could not move, but she did not want him to do this.


Squirming, she tried to move out of the way, but as she did so his palms rubbed on her nipples, and her eyes opened wide at the new sensations running through her – especially when he gently bean to increase the speed and pressure of the massage.  She did not want this to happen, she wanted him to stop, her brain screamed – but somehow, her body was saying something different, as she felt a pleasure she had not expected, even as her breasts started to feel firmer.


“See – you are enjoying this,” he whispered into her ear and then he gently kissed it as he squeezed, Edith surprised both to hear herself groaning and feel herself nodding.  This was wrong, this was so wrong – and yet it felt so good, as a strange warmth started to grow inside her, his hands gently squeezing and playing with her.


When he stopped, she wondered what was happening, and then she saw his hands reach down and pull her top up under the ropes, exposing the white bra as he eased the material under the ropes.  He then began the massage again, the sensations suddenly stronger as she felt his fingers probing, kneading, teasing.  Closing her eyes, she sat back as he continued, and then groaned louder as she felt his hands slip under the cups of the bra, the shock as he gently pinched her nipples, and then the cool air on her hard tips as he eased the bra up as well.


Walking round in front of her, she looked at him through misty eyes as he smiled, and then leaned forward, his lips pressed to her nipples as she shivered, and then her eyes opening wide as his lips enclosed her left nipple, his tongue running over the top as he gently sucked.


Hmmhhdhhrrghhdddd,” she groaned as he did this, and then moved to the other side, sucking and kissing as she squirmed in the chair.  He’d tied her up, gagged her, she should not be enjoying this sensation, losing herself in the desire wondering what he was going to do next…


She barely noticed the touch of his hand on the inside of her thigh as he gently stroked, and then moved it under her skirt, but she certainly felt it when he touched her panties.  She had not realised she was damp there, and she knew why, but that made her shiver even more as she whimpered “plssss…”


“Patience,” he whispered back as he stroked up her crotch, and then sucked hard on both nipples, distracting her as he reached round and sipped her skirt down, letting it drop to the floor as he eased her panties down as well, leaving her stockings attached to her garter belt as he did so.  She looked down to see her damp pussy as he gently stroked his hand over it, and instinctively tried to move her legs apart.


“Don’t worry,” he whispered back as he continued to play with her slit, making her shake even more as he kissed her bare firm breasts, then moved down, kissing her stomach as he did so, and slipping a finger gently into her as her petals parted, welcoming the touch as he stroked around the lips, and then…


The touch of his lips on her mound made her groan as she felt the fluids starting to flow, and he started to lick them up, his tongue teasing her as she felt a new sensation, a burning, a fire inside her.  She was aware of the sweat on her body, and the tight ropes on her chest as she wriggled round, but she was also aware of her carnal desires taking control ashes pushed her lips forward, feeling his lips on her own petals as she gently kissed them, his tongue as he licked, teased, and slipped quietly inside her…


Nothing had ever been there before, and she screamed into the sponge and tape at the way it felt.  Why had she never known, never suspected?  She groaned as he worked his tongue round, touching her in places that sent shocks through her, the fluids flowing more freely now as she panted and twisted.  He wanted this, she wanted this, and if he was to take her now, she did not know what she would…




Her body shook and convulsed as, for the first time in her life Edith experienced a full orgasm, the man still kissing and licking as she shook, feeling the juices flow freely now from her as he continued, feeling so special, and yet also…


Eventually, he stopped and stood up as she slid off the seat and onto the floor, gasping in pleasure as he rolled her over and pulled her ankles back, securing them to her chest ropes as he said “there, now…”


The sound of the door opening and closing made Edith slowly turn her head as he slipped behind the door and put a gloved finger to his lips…





“Something smells good Edith,” Ethel said as she slipped off her soft black leather jacket and put it on the coat rack.  The fifty eight year old had blonde hair with hints of grey at the tips held back by a black Alice band, and wore a scoop necked tight black top, a short jaguar print skirt, dark tights and over the knee black leather boots.


“Edith?  You in the main room?  I saw the curtains were drawn, and thought…”  Ethel stopped as she saw her sister on the floor, hogtied and tape gagged, her top and bra above her bare breasts framed in the bands of rope, her panties down and her crotch glistening wet.


Effflhlll, hmmssrree,” Edith mumbled as she looked up, watching as the man walked forward and put a gloved hand over Ethel’s mouth.  She could smell the latex, and something more, something sweet as she heard the man say “your sister is happy – would you like to be happy?”


Whhtddhddudtheurrr,” Ethel mumbled as the man said “I will show you, but first you need to be quiet.  When I take my hand away, open your mouth.”  She looked at the blue sponge ball which was compressed in the gloved hand, then at Edith, before she nodded and allowed him to push the sponge into her mouth.


She felt it expand, the strange taste on her tongue as she also heard a squelchy ripping sound, followed by the tape as it was pressed firmly over her lips and mouth, the tape hugging her skin as she wondered what was going to happen next.


Edith looked on, fascinated by the way her sister’s lips were visible under the tape, as the intruder took Ethel’s hands behind her back.  She twisted slightly as Ethel struggled, but the man was too strong, and soon her wrists were secured tightly together behind her back, as he reached round with his gloved hands and started to massage Ethel’s chest.


Dhnttudhrr!”  she called out as she struggled, but that only made him increase the pressure on her own chest, as she felt her breasts firming under the massage.  Looking at Edith, she wondered what he had done to her sister, but also wondered why it felt good when he was doing this…


“See?  Relax, enjoy the experience,” he whispered as his fingers danced over Ethel’s chest, making her groan and squirm as he pressed gently on her, and also how her nipples were firming up underneath.  Even Edith could see that, and she hoped her sister had not done what she sometimes did.


“I think they deserve special attention,” the man whispered into Ethel’s ear as he pulled her top up and over her head, Edith groaning as she saw her sister had gone commando again.  She looked down, and then groaned as he started to gently squeeze her nipples, squirming not in embarrassment – well, not totally, but also in pleasure as a strange sensation ran through her – one she had not felt for many years.


Whhyrrrruuuhhmmlhrdd,” she mumbled as his hands continued to massage her, and then stopped as she felt rope around her body, pulling her arms into her sides as he wound it round her above and below her chest.  The bands pressed on her bare flesh as he tightened it with each pass, and then passed the rope over one shoulder, down and round the lower band, and then back up, framing and forcing her breasts out even more as he tied it off.


She then got a look at him as he walked round, smiling at her as he said “comfy?”


Bhhttwhhh…”  Her question was cut off as he reached over and kissed each nipple in turn, making her shake as he did so, and then looked at her.


“Sit down,” he whispered as he gently made her sit on the floor, and then looked at Edith.  Picking up the roll of white tape, he tore off another strip and said quietly “close your eyes.”


Edith looked at her sister, and then nodded as her eyelids closed, and she felt the gentle pressure as he covered them with the fresh strip.  She then felt something else slip into her, and then her panties were pulled up as she felt the gentle buzzing inside her…


Ethel watched as the man slipped the vibrator into her blindfolded sister’s slit, and then turned round, kneeling down as he said “now, where were we…  Oh yes,” and then started to kiss her chest again, his tongue running over Ethel’s firm nipples as she found herself unable – or unwilling – to stop him as he teased, kissed, sucked and played with her, her legs spreading of their own accord…


She shuddered as she felt his hand between her legs, and heard him say “hmmm – it has been a long time for you, hasn’t it?”  As she nodded, she looked at him as he said “well, I am not going to do that, but you will enjoy what I do.”  He then started to suck on her left nipple, Ethel groaning as she felt him slip her skirt down and off, revealing her damp clit to the cool air, making her shiver as he eased her tights down.


He then bent her left leg, Ethel opening her eyes and watching as he tied her ankle to her thigh taking the roe around and between both parts of her leg, before he looked at her and moved round, kissing and sucking on her right breast as he repeated the manouvere on the other side.


Edith could hear her sister’s moans, and his gentle words in her world of darkness, but she had other concerns, as the vibrator worked its magic and she started to shiver and shake as well…


Ethel groaned as he spread her frog tied legs, and started to gently run his hand over her crotch as he continued to kiss her nipples and chest.  There was a burning inside her now, as she wondered what exactly it was he was planning to do, and what she could do to stop him.


If she wanted to stop him…


She was barely aware of him moving down as he kissed her belly, licked her belly button, and then…




The touch of his lips on her mound made her shake as she continued to feel him there, his lips gently pressing and teasing, and his tongue, stroking over her, licking the dampness she was even now only barely aware of, and then slipping inside her, hitting those spots she had long forgotten as she pushed her crotch up against him, wanting him to go on, to take her, to force himself on her, but that did not seem to be his intent.


Instead he used his tongue on her, easing it past her defences, finding those points that made her feel so good, so very special as he did so, and she started to shake, to feel a fire overwhelm her again as the long forgotten sensations washed over and enveloped her…


Eventually, she felt him stand up, and as she opened her eyes she saw him with a white lozenge in his hand, which he slipped inside her, the vibrations making her moan as he took some rope and tied it round her waist.  She offered no resistance as he rolled her onto her side and fed the rope up between her legs, pressing on her very sensitive sex as he tied it to her wrists as well, and then blindfolding her as she had Edith.


Both women were aware of the footsteps as they receded, and then nothing, except the quiet buzzing and the increasing desire in both of them…








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