Staff Trading







Northumberland Street was busy, with the usual Saturday crowds walking up and down looking in the shop windows.  As they looked in the shop windows, a number stopped and looked at the holidays currently on offer in the window of the well know travel agents, drawing the occasional glance from the four staff members inside.


Louise Crawford was the manager, dressed in the staff uniform of a crisp light blue blouse, knee length dark blue skirt with matching jacket, and dark tights.  There was also a dark blue silk scarf, but staff members had the freedom to wear that any way they so desired.  For Louise, that meant folding it diagonally in half and wearing it like a cravat, the large side tucked into her open collar and the ends tucked into the nape of her neck.  Her shoulder length brunette hair fell round her face in a pleasing way, as she dealt with a couple booking a week in Tenerife, crossing her legs behind the desk as she swung her three inch heels from front to back


Naomi James was the senior assistant - her long dark hair was held back by her scarf, tied in her hair like an Alice band, as she sat behind the glass shield of the Foreign Currency area.  She was wearing a pair of black suede shoes with two inch stiletto heels on her own feet - Louise had seen them at break earlier that day.


Behind one of the three desks sat Susan Coleridge, a young trainee who had joined a few weeks before.  A fresh faced twenty year old, she was ten years younger than Louise, and that showed in the way she wore her scarf tied round her neck, the ends hanging in front of the lapels of her blouse as she ran her fingers through her short auburn hair.  She was wearing a pair of black tight leather knee length boots.


Finally there was Samantha - Samantha Dean, who had joined them a few weeks ago from the Morpeth branch.  She was a tall, dark skinned girl with black Afro styled hair, and she wore her scarf as a thick band round her neck, the ends neatly plied at each side as she arranged the brochures on the shelf.  Her legs were encased in a pair of knee length fabric boots.


The four were pleasant, and smiling, but they were glad the day was coming to an end.  As Louise showed the couple out of the front door, she closed the door behind them and turned to her three colleagues.


“Ten minutes, girls, and then we can shut up shop,” she said with a smile.  “Naomi, you can start to cash up.  I don’t think anyone else will be coming in tonight.”


“Thank goodness,” Naomi said as she started to sort out some of the cash, “I’ve a big night planned for tonight.”


“Anyone we know?”


“No idea,” she said in response to Samantha’s comment.  “I’m going home, showering, changing and heading down to the Princess to meet some friends.”


“So what are you wearing tonight - the micro skirt or the shorts?”


“I thought it might be the mini dress,” Naomi said with a wicked smile.  “What about you, Louise?”


“Nah - a night in with a curry and a bottle of wine for me.  I have a trip tomorrow morning.”


As they were talking, the door opened and a tall, well built man walked in.  He was casually dressed, his leather jacket open to show the t-shirt underneath.  “We will be closing in a few minutes, sir” Samantha said, but all she got in response was a nod as he flicked through one of the brochures.


There was the sound of a doorbell at the rear of the shop.  “That will be the delivery we’ve been expecting,” Louise said as she headed for the back of the shop, leaving Naomi to open the safe and store the various money trays inside.


“What about you, Susan - any plans for tonight?”


“No - I’m still trying to find out something about the local area.  It thought I might just go to the cinema instead of...”  She broke off and stared at the doorway.


“Susan, what’s...  Samantha let her voice trail off as she saw the man closing and locking the door, before pulling the blind down.  He turned and smiled as he produced a gun from inside his jacket.


“Not a word from any of you,” he snarled as the door to the back opened and Julie was pushed in by two other men, one armed with a sawn off shotgun and the other carrying a large holdall.  “You,” he said as he pointed his gun at Naomi, “Hands on your head and don’t move.  You two lie face down on the floor.”


“Just do as they say, girls,” Louise said as she looked at her colleagues, “there’s no point in trying to fight them.”  Samantha and Susan nodded as they walked to the centre of the room and slowly lay down on the floor, putting their hands on their heads.


“Tie their hands,” the man at the door said, and the one who was carrying the bag dropped it on the floor, opening it to reveal coils of rough brown rope.  “Oh god,” Susan whispered as he grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, crossing them as he shook loose a length of rope and started to bind her wrists tightly together.  Even though he kept it over the cuffs of her blouse, she could feel it digging into her skin as he pulled it tightly, and had to bite her lip to stop herself from screaming out.


“Open the door,” the other man said to Naomi, “I know you have to open it from that side - and no reaching for alarms or anything like that.”  Slowly, Naomi walked over and opened the door, screaming as she was pulled out of the cubicle and forced against the wall.  “I told you no funny stuff,” the man with the shotgun said as he pulled her scarf off from her hair and roughly stuffed it into her mouth, filling it as the ends protruded from between her lips.  “Keep that in there,” he said as he forced her to turn round and pulled her wrists behind her back, while Louise was pushed into the cubicle.


“Fill the bag,” she was told as an old Fenwick carrier bag was thrown at her, “and then bring it out here.  Remember - we have your work colleagues here.” 


“I understand,” Louise said as she watched Samantha having her hands pulled behind her back and tied together as well, “Please don’t hurt them, and we’ll do as you say.”


“I know you will,” the man said as he watched Louise fill the sacks with pile after pile of foreign currency.  As she put a pile of dollars in, she heard Naomi squeal, and as she looked round she saw that she had been pressed against the wall, her back pressed in by the gloved hands that had been pressed hard into her chest by her binder.


“Hey,” the man with Louise called out, “Leave her alone.  We’ll have time for that later.  Just bind her arms to her side for now, then give him a hand with those two.”


MMGggggg,” Naomi said as she was turned back round again, and a long length of rope passed round her arms and chest, pulling them tightly into her sides and stretching the fabric of her blouse over her breasts as it was wound above and below them.


“Please, don’t do this,” Louise shouted out as she watched the man push Naomi to the floor then join his colleague, forcing both Susan and Samantha to their feet.  “Take them in the back,” the man with the shotgun said, “and make sure they are - distracted.  I’m keeping her here to persuade the volley lady here to do as I tell her.”


“What are you going to do with us,” Susan called out as the two girls were forced into the storeroom at the back of the store.  “Have fun,” he called out as he forced Naomi to stand up and pointed the gun at Louise.  “All right now - empty the other cash drawers into the bag, and then open the safe in your office.”


“All right,” Louise said as she heard the muffled screams from the back room, “but what are they doing to my colleagues?”


“Helping them to relax,” was all he said as he pushed Louise and Naomi into the office Louise used.  “Now, open the safe and put everything in the other bag.”


“You know you’re not going to get away with this,” Louise said as she typed in the combination, “we’ve seen your faces, and we’ll tell the police.”


“Oh, we’ll see about that,” he said as he made Naomi sit in a chair, and knelt behind her.  As Louise emptied the safe, she could hear her muffled moans, and as she looked round she could see his hands groping her breasts, Naomi’s eyes closing as she tried to squirm out of the way.


“Look, I’m doing what you asked me to do,” Louise said angrily, “Please don’t do that to her!”


“I don’t think you’re in a position to do anything about what I do and don’t do,” the man said quietly as Naomi opened her eyes and looked at her boss.  She knew this was wrong, she knew what was happening to her should not be happening to her, but she also knew the way he was kneading her breasts was making them firmer, she could feel the way her nipples were becoming more erect and standing out, and she could also feel the warmth between her legs as he groped her again and again and again.


Finally, Louise cleared the last items out of the safe, and she stood up.  “All right, you’ve got everything,” she said quietly, “Now what?”


The man said nothing, but made Naomi stand up with a tight grip on her arm, and motioned to Louise to walk out of the office.  As she left the room, he turned the light off, and they made their way through the darkened shop to the store room at the back.  As she walked in, Louise had to put her hands to her mouth to stop herself from screaming.


Susan and Samantha were sitting against the bare concrete wall, their eyes glazed over as they looked to the doorway.  Their scarves had been removed and used to gag both of them their teeth and lips closing over the blue band, and the fronts of their blouses had been ripped open and pulled under the bands of rope to reveal their bras.  Their captors were standing over them, laughing as one of them pulled Samantha’s skirt back down.


“You haven’t been sampling the goods, have you,” the man with Louise said as he pushed Naomi over to them.  “I hope not, he might not be very pleased.  Bind their legs while I take care of their boss here.”


“We’re not goods, we’re people,” Louise protested as she was turned round, and she felt her hands been held together behind her back.  “You’re whatever we say you are,” the man behind her said as he picked up a length of brown rope and started to bind Louise’s wrists together, crossing them in the small of her back as the rough rope dug into her skin.


“Please, you’re hurting me,” she screamed out as she felt more rope going round her arms and chest, forcing them against her back as it was wound quickly and tightly around her body, above and below her breasts, forcing them up and out as her blouse strained to stay closed.


“I know,” the man whispered into her ear as he pulled the ropes tighter, and then together behind her back, “and do you know something?  I enjoy doing it.  There’s something else I enjoy doing as well.”  With that, he quickly turned her round and pushed Louise against the wall, his hands sinking into her breasts as he smiled at her.


“AHHHH - please, don’t do that,” she screamed out as she felt his fingers groping her breasts, closing her eyes to block out the sight and the sensations.   “I will, and you won’t complain,” he said as he reached up and pulled the scarf off her neck, rolling it into a ball.  ON the far side of the room she could see Naomi, Susan and Samantha sitting down, their ankles and legs secured with rope as the two men walked out of the rear doors to the store.


“No, please NNNNNM?MMDDMMDSAMDMAMSDM,” Louise screamed as her assailant pushed the blue scarf into her mouth, forcing it past her teeth as it filled the space.  Realising the danger she was in, Louise tried to calm herself down, breathing through her nose as he once again started to roughly feel up her breasts, and also to kick her now bare and pale neck, sucking hard as he did so.


“MMGGDDDDD,” Louise screamed as she felt her skin under his lips, and her breasts under his probing fingers.  She wanted him to stop, for this nightmare to end - but also, she could feel her breasts and nipples firming as he continue dot grope them, to probe them, to feel her flesh under his firm grip.


“PLLSSTTPTPPPPP,” she heard Naomi call out, as one of the men walked in with a roll of packing tape in his hand.  “Shut up,” he said as he struck Naomi across the cheek, and then started to tear off strips of the tape and stick them over the mouths of the other three captives.


“You like this, don’t you,” the man with Louise said as she pulled the front of her blouse open, revealing the black lace bra she was wearing underneath.  Her eyes widened as his hands felt her breasts over the lace, and then pulled the cups down, exposing her breasts to the air as he knelt down and kissed her nipples sucking hard as he did so.


“MMGFDFFDDSMGMMMMMMM” she screamed out as she felt her body reacting to this, not wanting it to happen and yet at the same time not sure if she wanted it to stop either.  He looked up at her as his hands enclosed her breasts again and squeezed them hard, then doing them one at a time as his hand reached up under her skirt and stroked her panties between her legs.


“Hmmm - I would love to tease you further,” he whispered into Louise’s ear, “but we must move on.  Bring them in.”


Louise opened her eyes and watched as the other two men wheeled in four packing cases.  Leaving them on the floor, the opened the lid of the first one, and then picked up Susan, the leather of her boots squeaking as she twisted round in a vain attempt to get out of their grip as they carried her over to one of the crates and lowered her in. 


She watched as one of the men poured some liquid onto a cloth, and then held it inside the crate for a few minutes.  NNDNNDSDPSLSLALlsaLads” she pleaded as eventually he took the cloth out and the two men fastened the lid shut.  Opening the second crate, they picked up Samantha, who looked wide eyed at Louise as she was lowered in as Susan had been.


Whhffkkkrudng,” she grumbled as her captor picked up the roll of packing tape and tore a long strip off, the sound of Samantha in the case growing fainter as another cloth was held in.


“You’ll find out soon enough,” the man said as he stuck length after length of the brown tape over Louise’s mouth, silencing her still further as Naomi was lifted up.  She watched as her friend moaned softly when she was lowered into the crate, not noticing that the men had crossed he rankles and started to tie them together with more rope, the rough cords making her hose lighten as he pulled it around and between them.


As he tied her ankles together, Louise watched as the third crate lid was closed, and the two men walked towards her.  She tried to struggle, but it was no use as she was picked up and carried over towards the one remaining crate.


Looking in, she saw that it was lined with some sort of quilted material, and as she was gently lowered in she saw her captor soaking another cloth with liquid from the bottle.  She looked up as he leaned in and pressed it over her gagged mouth and nose, the sweet and cloying fumes enveloping her senses a her mind seemed to become clouded , less focused.


“Enjoy the trip,” she heard the man say as she slipped into a deep, deep sleep, wondering what was going to happen next.....






The first thing that hit Louise as the crate was opened was the blast of dry, hot, arid air.  The second was the scent of jasmine and incense as she was slowly lifted out, not by the men who had captured her and her colleagues, but by two large, burly Middle Eastern men in Arab dress. 


As her eyes slowly came into focus, she could see Naomi, Susan and Samantha sitting in old wooden chairs.  Their bodies were still tightly bound, as were their legs, but there were two other men standing behind them, their heads covered in Arab scarves and with large machine guns in their hands.


“So this is the leader of the quartet,” she heard a voice behind her say, and as she was stood up she saw a tall, olive skinned man with neat short dark hair and a beard looking at her.  He was dressed in a smart suit, with a silk shirt and tie underneath, and highly polished leather shoes.


“She had not been fully tested,” he said to one of the guards, who simply shook his head from side to side.  “Very well then,” he continued as he stood to one side, “secure her.”


Behind him Louise could see two large wooden X-shaped crosses, with leather straps at each extreme of the construct.  She struggled as the two men made her hop over, and then removed her ropes, only allowing her a moment before they pushed her against the cross and used the cuffs to secure her to it, her arms and legs spread wide as she stared at the man taking his jacket off.


“Her as well,” the man said, and Louise was forced to watch as the two men grabbed Naomi and carried her over, securing her in the same way.  The two women looked ta each other, then back to Susan and Samantha as they struggled in the chairs.


“You are a real beauty,” he said as he put his hand around Louise’s neck, bringing her head forward as his lips touched the tape over her mouth, “and I am sure I am going to get much enjoyment from you.”  Louise opened her eyes wide as she heard him saying this, shaking her head from side to side as his hands moved down her neck, towards her chest.  At some point her blouse had been re-buttoned, probably before she woke up, but the material was straining against her chest as the sleeves slipped down, and the bottom was pulled out from her skirt by her captor.


Louise looked over at the other two, as their blouses were ripped away from them and the men reached round, groping their breasts with their rough hands.  The cloth in her mouth was soaked and heavy, forcing her tongue down onto the floor of her mouth as she tried to speak, but no words came out, only a long, persistent moan as her own blouse was pulled open, the buttons flying as her tormentor pulled the material to the side and grabbed her chest.  Naomi gasped through her gag as she watched, unable to speak or help.


“MMFDDMSFMMMMMGGGGG,” Louise called out as his fingers kneaded into her soft flesh, making her ache as he pushed her against the firm hard wood and he poked, prodded, and teased her into a sense of despair.  This was not what she wanted, this was not what she planned to happen - and where the hell was she anywaaoooooooo.....


She felt her body start to move in time to his embrace, as his lips closed over her neck, kissing her with increased passion while his hands slipped under the cups of her bra.  She felt his fingers against her flesh, probing, digging, pinching her nipples as he pulled her bra down and round, unclasping it and pulling it away from under her so that she stood there, her breasts hanging in the air as her blouse fluttered to the side.


She opened her eyes and looked into his, his cruel smile as he leaned over her, kissing her neck and moving down her body as he embraced, kneaded, groped - excited her with his touch.  She could not believe what was happening, as his lips caressed the tops of her breasts, moving slowly down as he lifted and cupped them in his hands and his lips touched her nipples.


“MMDSNNNAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM,” was her response as she felt her nipples been drawn up and out, hardening as his lips sucked on them and his hands continued to grope deeply into her flesh.  She could not believe what was happening here, as he expanded his lips and drew more of each breast in, licking her nipple with his tongue as she felt herself starting to throb in places she did not want to throb.



She was aching now, as she felt her body been pressed back once again against the wood, her back starting to arch in spite of herself.  “Be quiet, little one,” the man said as he looked at her, “and learn that I am your master now, you are mine to do whatever I desire to.”  As he said this, he reached round and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor as he knelt in front of her and started to kiss her stomach, moving down until his lips covered her belly button,


As his tongue touched her there, Louise let out a sound, a mixture of screaming and moaning that the other three girls looked up at the sound of.   Louise had no idea where that had come from, only that the touch of his tongue on her was sending small electric shocks through her, shocks that were amplified each time his hands squeezed her chest, shocks that were growing in intensity as his hands slipped into the waistband of her hose and pulled it right down, followed closely by her knickers.


She looked down, unsure of what her tormentor was about to do, but her answer came as he moved between her legs and gently kissed the lips of her vagina.  This made her stiffen as if an electric bolt had run right through her, as her eyes grew wide in surprise and - yes, in enjoyment.  “MMDMSDMSGFFMGDFMGFGG,” she screamed out as she felt him gently kissing her down there, and then pushing his tongue into her clit, the tip licking her as she felt the juices  starting to flow in spite of herself.


She started to buck as his tongue explored still further, her hips thrusting forward against him in spite of herself.  She could hear the others screaming as well, and through the red mist that seemed to be descending over her eyes she could barely see them been forced onto the floor as the men sat astride them.


She sensed rather than saw the man stand up, and as she looked straight ahead, she saw him unfasten his own pants, the trousers dropping as he pulled his boxer shorts down.  She could see then how aroused he was, how much he had enjoyed what was happening so far, and with a sickening feeling she felt his lips on her nipples again, then on her neck, as she felt him coming into her, hard, strong and with no mercy.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” Louise screamed out as she felt him thrusting in, filling her passage with his organ, the throbbing sending her into a paroxysm of ecstasy as she  started to grip him tightly.  He kept pushing forward, the pain in her arms, legs and back nothing to the euphoria that was filling her between her legs.  The past pain was gone as she felt him building inside her, felt the throbbing and the pressure increase in intensity as she moved with him. 


As eh thrust deeper into her, the man tore the tape away from Louise’s mouth and pulled the soaking cloth from her mouth.  “OH god, what the fuck are you doing to me,” she screamed at his face as Naomi started crying, afraid of what was about to happen.


“Precisely,” was all the man said before he pressed his lisp over her mouth, forcing his tongue in and moving it around the inside of her mouth as he pressed in still further.  Louise gagged at this, but at the same time she could feel the pressure inside her intensifying, the longing increasing to a crescendo as he played with her and his tongue played with her throat.  She knew she would not be able to stand this for much longer as she screamed “MSMSMASMASMSMMMMMGMGMDDDDDDNNNNNNNNNNN!”


Closing her eyes, Louise let out a long, slow, deep moan of pleasure from her throat as she felt him explode between her legs, her body responding in kind as his seed flowed down and into her.  She could feel the sweat on her face and body, cooling her as he thrust even further forward, keeping her there until every lost drop had been drained from him as she held and squeezed for all she was worth.


Eventually, she felt him slip out, and opened her eyes, staring at him through bleary tears as he smiled at her.  “Please,” she moaned softly as he took a pair of scissors and cut her knickers away from her body, balling them up and pushing them into her mouth.  Taking a roll of black tape, he tore off strips and placed them firmly over her mouth, holding her gag in as she tried to control herself and looked over to Naomi.


She had seen all that happened, and in her deepest heart she knew that she was going to be next, as the man walked over to her and started to kiss her neck, pulling her blouse off as he did so.  Looking down, she could see that already he was getting more aroused, but then the touch of his hands digging into her own breasts made her forget what was happening between his legs. 


Naomi groaned as the fingers sank in, and her bra was pulled off to allow her large breasts to hang in the dry air.  As his lips touched her nipples, she started to buck as well, recognising too late how aroused she had become just by what she had seen.


As Louise watched Naomi close her eyes and start to respond to the kissing, the touching, the caressing, she realised that in some way, she too had enjoyed the attention, but as the adrenaline rush started to die down all she could do was start to cry, her muffled sobs contrasting with the screams that Naomi was making as the bearded man - their captor, their master even, made his way down her body and kissed her between her legs.  She could see his cock enlarging before her own eyes, and to her horror and surprise she found herself wishing it was her turn again.


Dimly, she saw Susan and Samantha been dragged out of the room, their bodies naked and sweat drenched, and she started to pray she would see them again soon.  The cry from Naomi of “NOOOOOOOOO” brought her back to reality.


Naomi felt him thrusting in as the gag was pulled away from her mouth, and her scream was not just one of protest - it was one of relief as well as she felt him thrusting against her hips, kissing her mouth and pushing his tongue in as he played with the back of her throat.  His kissing and groping had brought her to the gates of ecstasy, and more than anything she wanted release now.


As she felt him growing, throbbing, pushing, Naomi used her own tongue, entwining with his as she groaned “Mmmmmmmmmnnnndnddnddd,,,,,YSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” As she felt her hips been pressed between his body and the heavy wood, she screamed until finally she could stand it no more.  Louise could see her eyes opening wide as he exploded into her, then the way her body seemed to sag against him as he completed the task.


As he slowly moved out, the man Louise now knew was their master did to Naomi what he had done to her - cut her knickers away, pushed them into the exhausted woman’s mouth, and then covered her lips and lower jaw with white tape.  “They have made an excellent choice,” he said finally.  “Take these two to be cleaned and prepared.  I leave in six hours, and I wish for them to accompany me.”


“And the other two, sir?”


“Take them to the harem - have the eunuchs induct them into our ways.”  The man pulled up his trousers and looked at both Louise and Naomi, touching their cheeks as their heads hung down.  “Make sure Alayah meets them before I depart.”





“Welcome aboard, your Excellency - we will depart as soon as we have clearance.”


He nodded as the pilot saluted him and he sat himself in a leather upholstered seat, smiling as the plane started to taxi onto the runway.  As he looked round, he was joined by his companion.


“Is the luggage safely stored?”


The woman nodded as she sat down and fastened her seat belt, the leather of her tight knee length skirt creaking as she moved.  She was also wearing a black leather jacket, the zip down slightly to reveal the tops of a pair of tightly covered breasts, leather gloves and knee length leather boots that hugged her legs like a second skin.  Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which hung down her back.


As the plan began the take off, he smiled to himself.  It was a long flight to the West Coast, but he had plenty to keep him occupied during the journey.  Eventually, as the plane levelled off, the two unfastened their seat belts and went to a bar area, where a woman in a stewardess outfit handed them each a glass of champagne.


“So, Alayah, is the in-flight entertainment prepared?”


“It is, master - to your specifications.”  The two walked to a door halfway along the cabin, and as they opened it they saw Naomi and Louise staring back at them, dressed in their uniforms and tightly lashed to two wooden seats fixed to the floor.


“Excellent work as always, Alayah - thank you.  You may enjoy them later.”  The two women screamed, their gagged calls lost in the engine noise as he closed the door...








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