Sunday Lunch









She looked nervously through the lace curtain that hung over the bay windows of the front room of her house, and then back at the man sitting in the leather armchair.


“Do you really have to do this?”


“I do – and yes, I need you to help me with it.  Consider it – consider it a learning experience, for yourself and for them.”


He looked at the young Chinese woman as she glanced nervously out of the window again.  She was still wearing her black leather jacket, the dark scarf wrapped round her neck, dark jeans and knee length cream leather boots, the fur trim round the top.


“Remove your jacket and scarf,” he said quietly, “I do not want you to give the impression that anything is wrong.”


She nodded, brushing her long dark hair as she loosened the woollen scarf and pulled it off, and then slowly pulled down the zip on her jacket, revealing her cream v-necked sweater as she did so.


“Very co-ordinated,” the man said as he heard the doorbell.  “Go – and remember, not a word to them of what is going to happen.”


She nodded as she walked to the door, opening it as she heard a woman with an American accent say “Hello Amy – am I the first to arrive?  Something smells really good.”


“You are, Anita, - why don’t you come through to the front room?  There is someone I want you to meet.”


“Oh?  Don’t tell me you finally found yourself a man,” the American said, as they both walked in.  He looked at her – a little taller than Amy, with wavy dark hair, wearing a white wool jacket over a peach coloured bohemian top.  A thin brown belt held the cardigan closed as it sat around her waist, while a pair of opaque brown tights was visible on her legs, from the hem of her top to the top of the knee length brown suede boots.


“Amy?  Who is this man?”


“I’m sorry, Anita, but...”


“This is not the time for talking,” he said quietly, in a commanding voice, “Offer your guest a seat.”




“Please, Anita – just do as he says,” the young Chinese woman said as she pulled a chair away from her dining table, Anita looking at the man and beginning to understand the situation before she slowly sat herself down, saying “I see – you really don’t have a choice Amy.”


“No – and I’m so sorry,” Amy said as the man stood up, walking to a large bag that was sitting on the chair and opening it.


“Take this,” he said as he handed her a length of cord, and double it over.  As for you, Anita, can you please let your arms drop to the side of the chair.”


“Please, be gentle,” Anita whispered, Amy nodding as the man knelt behind the chair, crossing her wrists behind the chair back as he instructed Amy in how to sue the ropes to secure Anita’s wrists together.  Te young American girl bit down on her lip as she felt her friend securing them, and then under instruction tying her wrists to a spar in the chair back.


“Very good,” the man said as he walked back round, and selected another length of cord.  “Come and kneel in front of your friend, Amy.” 


As she walked over, the man handed her four lengths of rope, and said “tie her left ankle to the front leg of the chair – and make sure you take the rope around that joint, as well as between her leg and the chair leg.”


“What are you going to do?”


“this,” he said as he took another, much longer length of cord and stood behind Anita, watching Amy as she bound her friend’s ankles to the chair legs while he wrapped rope around Anita’s upper body, pinning her to the wooden chair back as the rope sat above and below her chest, the resultant pressure pulling her cardigan to the sides.


“Now her legs, below the knees, to the chair leg,” he said, Amy sobbing as she secured her friend’s legs there as well. 


“Don’t cry,” Anita said as she struggled in the chair, the ropes rubbing on her as she looked down, the cords sinking into the brown suede, “I know this isn’t your fault...”


“You don’t understand, he...”


“Spoilers,” the man said as he looked at Amy, “Sit down, and do nothing.”


Amy sat, nervously twisting her fingers together as the man took a cloth from his bag, and held it in front of Anita’s mouth.  She looked at it, and clamped her mouth shut – only to gasp as he pressed firmly down on her breasts, and then give a muffled yelp as he pushed the scarf into her open mouth.


He then peeled a length of tape from a roll and pressed it firmly down over her mouth, the shape of her lips visible to Amy as he made sure it stuck to the contours of her face.


“There,” the man said as he reached down and squeezed Anita’s breasts, making her squeal out as she tried to move away from his grasp, only to close her eyes as his fingers started o press gently into her firming flesh.


“Please,” Amy said quietly, “why are you...”


“Do this to her,” the man said.


Amy looked at the bound and gagged woman, wondering what she should do when there was another ring on the doorbell.


“It would appear you have another guest,” the man said quietly as he stood behind Anita, his hands on her shoulders, gripping her firmly.  “Once again, no hints, just show her in here.”


“Pllssdnthhrrmm,” Anita mumbled as Amy slowly walked to the front door, and opened it.


“Amy, mon ami – how are you?”


“Janette – please, come in,” Amy said as she stood on one side, and allowed the brunette to come in.  The French girl had her hair drawn back in a severe style, and was wearing a light black leather biker jacket over a black roll neck sweater, a knee length skirt made of white leather with black lace over the main part, and a slit at the left side, and knee length boots, made of fabric with leather tops and shoes.


“Am I the first here?”


“No – Anita is already here, why don’t you come into the front room?”


“Why not – so what is...  Mon dieu!”


“Good afternoon,” the man said quietly as Anita squirmed under his grip.  “No screams, no sudden movements, or Anita here may not like it.”


“Amy, what is happening?”


“I am sorry – he just came in,” Amy said, “I was cooking lunch and...”


“Enough talking,” the man said quietly as he looked at Janette.  “That couch over there – I want you to go and lie on it, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Please, Janette...”


The French girl took one look at him, and then walked over, lying down as she moved her hands into position.


“Very good – Amy, you will do to her what you did to Anita here, around her wrists and her ankles.  Make sure you cross them first.”


“You don’t have to do this, Amy,” Janette said as the young Chinese girl quietly took two lengths of rope from the man.


“I don’t have a choice,” Amy said quietly, “he made me help him tie Anita up, and now – I’m afraid it’s your turn.”


She stared back at him as he stood there, smiling, and then lays till as Amy crossed her wrists behind her back, and then started to tie them together.  The man watched as she passed the ends of the rope through the centre loop, pulled them tight and then wrapped the cords around and between her arms. Seeing him smile as she tied the ends securely off.


She then did the same to her ankles, Janette grunting as she felt the rope pull her ankles together, her feet squeaking as the leather shoes rubbed against each other while the fabric folded around the ropes.


“Ugg,” she said as Amy tied the ropes off, and then looked at the man.  He simply smiled as he handed her another length of rope, and said “her legs, below her knees.  Make sure it’s nice and tight.”


“Amy, what does he have over you,” Janette said as she felt the rope pressing against her legs, the band sitting above her boots.


“He had a gun – and now he has Anita.  I am so sorry, my friend, but what can I do?”


Janette nodded as the man looked at her, and said “very good – now hold this.”


He passed her a large sponge ball, Amy taking it as she said “what is this for?”


“I will show you, in a moment,” he said as he produced a long length of rope, and said “Help your friend to sit up.”


As Amy helped Janette to sit, the French girl barely had a chance to get her balance before he wrapped the rope around her body, and pulled it tight, forcing her chest out from her jacket as it rubbed on the leather, and then he took it above her chest, making several more passes above and below, the bands tightening with each pass.


“That’s...  Does it have to be so tight,” she gasped as she felt him drawing the bands together behind her back, Anita whimpering as she watched.


“Yes, it does – in fact it needs to be tighter, but first – push that sponge into her mouth.”


“Nffrkwww,” Janette said as she clamped her mouth shut – but then she saw Anita frantically shaking her head, and as she saw a hand approach her chest, she slowly opened her mouth, feeling the sponge as Amy pushed it in and it expanded to force her tongue down.  She managed to close her lips over it, before the man tore another long strip of the wide white tape off and smoothed it down over her mouth,


“Ndnwwwht,” she mumbled as she looked at the man – only to look to the door as the doorbell rang one more time.


“Invite her in,” he said to Amy as he put one hand on Anita’s shoulder, and the other’s on Janette’s.


“Well, I’m here,” Shona said as Amy opened the door, and she walked in.  The redhead wore a black fur sleeveless jerkin, fastened by a large belt and buckle, over a sheer black see through blouse with long sleeves.  Her legs were in black pantyhose, with a leather miniskirt and ankle boots.  “So how long before we e....”


“Some time, I fear,” the man said as she saw both Anita and Janette, both bound and gagged.  “Do not move, do not shout.  Amy, you know what you have to do?”


“I’m sorry, Shona,” the Chinese girl said as she took unbidden from the bag a length of rope, and guided the redhead’s wrists behind her back, “I have no choice.”


“What is he, a burglar,” Shona said as she felt the rope pull her wrists together, and then looked at the other two.  “Are you girls all right?”


“Mscrddd,” Anita said, Janette shaking her head as the man slipped his hand down their chests, and started to massage their chests.




“Oh dear,” he said as he walked round, and held Shona’s chin in his hand, “that red hair is matched by your temper I see.  But I told you not to dry out, and therefore I have to ensure you do not do so again.”


“You wouldn’t darednnffngngttmmm,” Shona said as he suddenly pushed a cloth from his pocket into her mouth, and then clamped his hand over it as Amy tied the rope off.  “Put your hand over her mouth,” he said as he looked at Amy, the smaller girl shaking as she out her small hand over Shona's lips, both watching as he tore a length of tape off the roll, and then pressed it down over Shona’s mouth as Amy moved her hand out of the way.


“Now then,” he said as he took another of the long lengths of rope, “while I take care of your final guest, you will help this young lady to kneel on the floor, and then secure her ankles to the chest ropes.  I will instruct you.”


Amy swallowed as she helped Janette to kneel on the floor, her friend moaning slightly as the ropes rubbed on her – or maybe it was the way the rope rubbed on her leather jacket.  At any rate, as she lowered her to the ground and then tied one end of a length of rope to her wrists, and the other end to her ankles, she could only watch as the man bound Shona’s arms to her side, and then made her kneel in front of Janette, securing her ankles and knees.


“Very good,” the man said as he took two more lengths of rope out, and then handed one to Amy, “tie this round her waist, the same way as I do.”


Amy nodded as she passed the rope round Janette’s waist, and then tied it at the front, letting the lengths drop to the floor as Shona looked at her.


“Hmgdd – hwldntt...”


“Remove her skirt.”




“Do it,” the man said quietly, Amy crying now as she unfastened and pulled Janette’s skirt down, the man removing Shona’s leather skirt, before he reached between her legs and pulled the rope back.


“You as well.”


Amy reached carefully between Janette’s legs and pulled the rope back, gently at first, and then as she saw his look pulling it up firmly.


“HHSHTTTT” Janette called out as the rope sank into her crotch, Shona’s eyes wide as she felt the pressure there, Amy securing the rope to Janette’s chest as she wondered what he would do next.


“Copy me.”


“Oh my god,” Amy whispered as she watched him cup Shona’s breasts in his hands, and then massage them, the redhead squirming and then gasping again as the ropes rubbed on her.  She saw him nod, and whispered “forgive me” into Jeanette’s ear as she did the same, Anita only able to watch as between them they made both the other women groan, under the assault on their chests and the rubbing between their legs.


As she did this, Amy could feel other feelings stirring within her, strange and new as she heard Janette’s moans.  Before she could process them, however, Janette started to shake, her eyes wide as she had an orgasm, and Shona followed suit.


“Now then,” the man said, “sit on your other friend’s lap, facing her.”


Amy nodded as she stood up and walked over, looking at Anita in a strange way as the man pulled her arms behind her back, and she felt the rope around her arms, pulling her elbows together and then her wrists.


“Did you...  Did you feel anything while you were watching,” Amy whispered, Anita nodding as the other two slumped onto their haunches.


“So did I,” Amy whispered as she felt the rope around her own arms, her jumper stretching over her body as they were locked into place, Anita watching the whole time.


“Shuffle forward,” he said quietly, Amy doing that as she heard Anita’s moan as well.  She watched as he took her ankle and tied it to the rear leg of the chair, one on each side, and then tied her legs to the back of the chair.


“There now – talk nicely,” he said as he helped the other two to lie down, and then released the ropes holding their ankles to their chest ropes – only to use them to secure the ankles to the other girl’s crotch rope.


Their moans started again as they tried to move, and then they heard the bussing – the two devices slipped under their crotch ropes as they looked at each other.


“Well,” he said as he looked at Amy, “time for you to be quiet.  Open wide.”


She nodded as she allowed him to push the sponge into her own mouth, and then felt the tape pulling over her own mouth as it was pressed into place forming to the contours of her face.


“Don’t move,” he said as he left them alone, Amy and Anita looking at each other as the other two moaned and twisted on the floor.




“Edntkknn – btccnwsksmfn?”


Amy nodded as Anita looked at her.




Amy slowly nodded as she pressed her gagged lips over those of Anita, the other two looking on as their eyes misted over.


“I am sure you’ll eat eventually,” the man said, “even if it is cold.”


They weren’t paying attention, Janette and Shona feeling another orgasm coming as Amy and Anita slowly made each other come to their own climax.


The man left them alone, slowly climbing the stairs as he went into the bedroom.


“Well, that should keep them all occupied,” he said as he closed the door.  “But next time, try and make sure you’re not expecting guests for Sunday Lunch, all right?”


“Sreee,” his girlfriend mumbled through her own tape gag.  She was wearing a white jersey and black over the knee suede boots, her arms stretched above her head and secured to the headboard, her legs spread as ropes held her ankles to the bottom of the bed.


“Now then,” he said as he knelt between her legs, “where were we...”








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