Dial-A-Fantasy: Symphony in Black







Eleanor looked at her daughter across the breakfast table, and said “Got any plans for the weekend?”


“Not particularly,” Amanda said as she looked up, “Why?”


“Oh I don’t know – I want to do something exciting, but I’m not sure what…”  The forty year old woman shook her head as she stood up, and picked up her handbag.  “Well, I’m sure something will come to mind.  See you later.”


“Sure,” Amanda said as she watched her mother walk out of the door.  She may be forty, but she was still a good looking woman, with dark permed hair – it had been two years now since her father had left, but she never really seemed to have got over that shock.


“I wonder if there is something I could do,” she said to herself as she looked through the local paper – and that was when she saw the advertisement over half of an inside page.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasized of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!


You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


“What the…  Seriously?  There are people who will pay for that to happen to them?  It sounds preposterous!”  She put down the paper and carried the dirty crockery to the dishwasher, but as she loaded the machine, the thought just would not leave her head.


“Play out a fantasy for you…”  She started the machine, and then walked back over, picking up the paper and looking at it.  On an impulse, she dialed the number and waited.


“Good morning, you’re through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may I be of service to you?”


The voice was female, calm, measured as Amanda swallowed and said “I…  I saw the advert in the paper.  Do you really promise to fulfill any fantasy?”


“We do indeed Madame.  Are you interested in availing yourself of our services?”


“I don’t know…  This is going to sound awful…”


“Well, can I first confirm this is Amanda Cole, of…”


“How did you know that,” Amanda said as she looked round.


“Proprietary software.  Amanda, I assure you, we have heard and fulfilled a wide range of fantasies.  What in particular did you have in mind?”


“Oh my god,” Amanda whispered to herself, “this is a real number?”


“We are very real Amanda, and you are talking to us now.  If I may ask, why have you called?”


“Curiosity – I’m not actually calling for me, but my mother.  Our father left a couple of years ago, and it hit her hard.”


“As is the case far too often Amanda.  I take it she is feeling alone, and lacking – shall we say, excitement?”


Amanda somehow liked whoever this was speaking, as she said “yes – and I wondered if there is anything you can do to give her back a sense of excitement?”


“Well, we do offer a number of services.  For example, our Home Invader package has worked well in the past.”


“Home Invader?”


“Indeed – one or more of our agents will play the role of robbers, who will surprise and secure whoever is in the house.  It can be very realistic – and at the request of the client, we can tailor the event to include any possible action.


“Only with the permission of the person arranging the event, of course?”


“Oh of course,” Amanda laughed.  “So if I was to arrange this for my mother, what would happen?”


“Should you confirm you wish to make use of our services, Amanda, the arrangements will be made in complete confidence.  You will not be warned of when or where the event would take place, but we guarantee your mother would be left with the means to free herself at the time.  Payment would be taken at an appropriate time afterwards.”


Amanda nodded as she heard this, and then asked the killer question.


“How much?”


She nodded as she heard the quote, and then the woman said “Do we have your permission to make your fantasy come true, Amanda?”




“Excellent – thank you for calling Fantasy Fulfillment, Amanda – you will hear from us in due course…”








Looking at herself in the mirror in her bedroom, Amanda added some pale lip gloss, and then smiled.  She had persuaded her mother to come to the theatre and then to a bar with her, and to get her to dress up, in the hope she would come out of her shell a little more.


She was dressed in black – a tight black mini-dress in Lycra and cotton, with a deep scoop neckline and elbow length sleeves, a pair of tights that were designed to look like a lattice of black with clear panels, and over the knee black fabric boots with a three-inch heel.


“Mum – you ready yet?”


“I don’t know Amanda – this just looks so unlike me…”


Amanda shook her head as she went into her mother’s bedroom, finding Eleanor sitting on her bed.  She was wearing a sheer black dress with long sleeves, her modesty preserved from prying eyes by the black bra and panties underneath, her black stockings held up by a garter belt attached to the top, and knee length black leather boots that hugged her lower legs and feet.


“I’m not even sure I can walk in these,” she said as she looked at the three inch heels. 


“Hey – my clothes fit you, and they look good on you,” Amanda said as she hugged her mother.  “Come on – we’ll have a drink downstairs before we set off.  A bit of Dutch courage, eh?”


“Okay,” Eleanor said as she stood up, slowly walking out after her daughter as they walked along the hallway, down the stairs, into the front room – and then stopped dead as a male voice said “Ah – this is rather unfortunate.”


“who the hell are you,” Eleanor said as she looked at the man – six foot tall, broad shouldered, short fair hair, wearing a black leather jacket over a dark jumper, jeans and trainers.


“Me?  I’m the man,” he said as he reached into a bag with his leather gloved hand, and took out a very real looking pistol which he pointed at the two women, “am the man who is going to rob this house – and now, regretfully, the man who has to stop both of you from raising the alarm.  Please, both of you, raise your hands so that I can see them.”


“Oh shit,” Eleanor whispered as she looked at her daughter.  Amanda was just staring at the gun, as she slowly raised her hands and said “look, don’t hurt us…”


“I won’t hurt you, if you do as I say,” the man said quietly as Eleanor raised her hands as well.  “Anyone else in the house?”


“No,” Eleanor whispered as she shook her head from side to side.


“Good – the curtains are closed, so nobody can see us.  We need that privacy…”  Looking round, he said “both of you, very slowly, walk over and kneel in front of that couch, then put your head on the cushions, and your hands behind your head.”


“Do as he says, Amanda,” Eleanor whispered to her daughter, “I don’t want you to get hurt?”


“What’s he going to do,” Amanda said as they slowly knelt, the skirts of their cresses rising as they did so.  The man just smiled as he left the gun where Amanda could see it, and then gently crossed her wrists behind her back, doubling over a length of thin cord as he held them, and then using that cord to secure them tightly together, wrapping the rope around and between her arms in neat coils.


“There,” he said as he tied the rope off, out of reach of her fingers, and put his gloved hands on her shoulders.  He gave them a little squeeze, as he said “your sister’s turn now.”


“I’m her mother,” Eleanor said as she felt the rope pull on her own wrists.


“Really?  You do not look that old?”


“Flattery?  At this moment in time?”


“There is never a wrong time for a compliment,” the man said as Eleanor felt the bonds tighten.  It did not hurt, but it was tight…  She then gasped as he passed a much longer length of rope around her arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced into her sides. 


“What… What are you doing,” she said quietly as he wrapped the rope around her, framing her chest as it was forced up, the bands pressing on them as he ensured her arms were secured to her sides.


“Making sure you cannot get your arms free,” he said, Amanda watching with a mixture of fascination and fear as he pulled the bands tighter behind her back, tying the ropes off – and then he took the rope under one arm, pulling it up and bac as he passed it around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.  As she felt him tie that rope off again, she started to struggle – and then gasped as she felt the way the ropes were now rubbing on her.




“I’m…  I’m all right Mandy,” she gasped as the man went behind her daughter, and she suddenly felt her dress tighten as he used more rope to secure her arms together just below her elbows, her chest threatening to burst out as he passed the rope between her arms – and the he wrapped the rope round her body as well, framing her own chest as it went above and below.


“Look,” she gasped as he felt the rope rubbing on her bare flesh, “tell us what you want, and we’ll tell you where it is…”


“Oh I know you will – and you are as beautiful as your mother,” he whispered into her ear as he pulled the rope tighter, and then took it over one shoulder, wrapped it round the lower band of rope between her breasts, and then pulled it up, making her yelp as he breasts were lifted in a rope bra.


She looked at her mother as the ropes were tied off, and the man began to gently massage her shoulders.  She wasn’t sure what to do – what he was doing was nice and relaxing, but he had tied them both up…


Eleanor wriggled round, biting her lower lip to stop herself expressing what the ropes were making her feel.  She should not be feeling this good about it, but she was experiencing something she had long missed.


“I see you are wondering what is happening,” the masked man said as he looked over – and then he moved his hands down Amanda’s chest, and she find herself unable to stop the gasp as he started to gently knead her chest, his strong fingers massaging her breasts as she started to feel very strange indeed.


“Please…” she said quietly, “please…”


“You wish me to continue – very well then,” he said quietly as he pressed more strongly, Amanda shivering as she felt her breasts starting to firm up, and she closed her eyes…


“Leave my daughter alone,” Eleanor said quietly.


“Oh do not worry, dear lady,” the man said as he looked over, “I have not forgotten you.”  He stopped, Amanda watching as he moved back over and started to massage her mother’s chest as well.  She could see her mother’s eyes as they shot open, and then slowly closed as his hands pressed on her. 


Amanda was confused as to what was going on – and then she watched as he slowly pulled down the zip at her mother’s back, eased the dress down her shoulders to expose her bra, and then continued the massage, Eleanor moaning softly as he did so.


And what was worse, she wanted him to do that to her, as she wriggled round, feeling the ropes rubbing on her own chest, the dampness that had started to appear between her legs…


“Oh god, that feels so good,” Eleanor moaned as he slipped his hands into the cups of the bra, his gloved fingers running over her hard, sensitive nipples.  “Oh god…”


“Fair and fair about,” he whispered into her ear as he walked back to Amanda, and pulled her dress down off her shoulders and arms, the material stretching as he exposed her bare chest, and started to massage them as well.  She bit her lower lip as he squeezed her nipples, and then looked at both of them as the ropes rubbed on their chests.


“I need to secure your legs now,” he said as he stood up, and produced more rope, the two women looking over their shoulders and then at each other as he crossed and bound their ankles tightly together, and then secured their legs together below their knees.


“What are you going to do toooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuussssssssssss,” Amanda said as she felt his lips on her neck, and he resumed his massage of her chest, the dampness growing exponentially as he did so.  Eleanor could only watch as she groaned, and started to wriggle round.


“Your turn,” he said as he moved over, using a pair of scissors to cut away her bra, and then ding to her what he had done to Amanda, kissing her neck and shoulders as he teased on her nipples, and she groaned in response.


He continued this for a few minutes, moving from side to side before he made them both sit on the floor, and said “open your mouths.”




“Do you want to scream out loudly?”


They looked at each other, and then shook their heads as he repeated “open your mouths.”  As they did so, they felt the pressure on their tongues as he pushed a compressed sponge ball into their mouths, and then pressed strips of duct tape over their lips.


“Whhrrudnthhsss,” Eleanor mumbled – and then she gasped as he began to kiss her chest, his lips enclosing her nipples as his tongue brushed over them, and he began to suck gently.  She was aware of her moans – and then those of her daughter, as she looked over to see he had slipped his hand under the skirt of her dress, both women starting to groan and moan as he teased and aroused them.


Amanda looked over as she saw his covered head, and felt his fingers as they slipped under her panties, stroked her damp clit, teased her mound, and then slipped inside her, making her sing into the sponge and tape as she felt him in there…


Eleanor joined in as she felt the pressure and warmth inside her, each kiss, each suck, each tease taking her closer and closer to the edge…


Suddenly both women shook as they looked at each other, the muted high pitch screams as they both felt the orgasm, their dampness increased as they shook and felt the joy…


The man stopped and watched as they calmed down – and then started to kiss Amanda’s chest as he had her mother, his lips enclosing her nipples as he gently sucked, his tongue running over her hyper sensitive nipples as he slipped hid other hand into Eleanor’s panties, and began to tease at her.


The older woman started to sing as she felt his finger touching her, teasing her, slipping into her damp and pliant passage and teasing the most sensitive of spots in there.  She heard Amanda as she began to hum and sign as well, unable to stop herself as she felt another orgasm start to build…






When he stopped, both women looked at each other, both of them thinking the same thing.  They knew it was wrong, they knew it was against the law, but right then, right there…


“OH no – I fear I will not be doing that,” the man said as he licked his gloved fingers, “but I will leave you – entertained.”  They watched as he stood up and retrieved from his bag two white lozenges, as well as four more lengths of rope.


Kneeling next to Amanda, she groaned as he tied the rope round her waist, leaving the ends along the top of her legs – and then he slipped one of the lozenges inside her under her cum soaked panties, and she felt the waves starting again as the vibrator worked on her.


“Rullrht,” Eleanor moaned as the man made Amanda lie on her stomach, and pulled the rope up between her legs, tying the ends to her wrists.  He then pulled her ankles back and tied them to her elbows, before she rolled onto her side, the orgasm slowly building.


“Now, so long as you remain here,” the man said as he tied rope around Eleanor’s waist, and then heard her moan as he slipped the second vibrator inside her, “all will be well.”


“Whttdummnnnnnhmmmlrddddddddd,” Eleanor moaned as she was hogtied and crotch roped as well, and both women saw him place a box on the floor, a clock on the front.  Pressing a button on the top, they saw the clock start to countdown from two hours.


“Time for me to go ladies – enjoy your evening,” he said as he looked at them, Eleanor and Amanda watching as he picked up his bag, and walked out.


“Whthhlssgnnnn,” Eleanor said as she watched Amanda struggling, and then heard her moan as she shivered again – following on herself soon after as the clock on the box slowly counted down…




Amanda opened her eyes as the tenth orgasm began to ease, looking at the clock and then at her mother, the ropes rubbing on her, the buzzing carrying on, as the clock ticked down.












As the clock reached zero, the top of the box opened, and a nozzle appeared, spraying a mist over both women as they closed their eyes.  To their surprise, they suddenly felt the ropes slacken, as they dissolved, and they were able to sit up.


Peeling the tape away from her mouth, Amanda pushed the soaking wet sponge ball out of her mouth, looked at her mother, and then hugged her as she said “I’m sorry Mum, I’m sorry – I never imagined it would be like this…”




“Oh god – hang on,” Amanda said as she peeled the tape from her mother’s mouth, and then eased the sponge ball out.  “How are you?”


“I…  I don’t know…  But what are you talking about?”


Amanda looked at herself, and her mother, before she took out the vibrator and sighed.  “Let’s get cleaned up, and check everything is here,” she said, “and then we’ll open a bottle of wine and I’ll explain…”






“You are kidding me?”


“I’m not mum,” Angela said as she showed Eleanor the advert.  Both women were wearing dressing gowns, sipping white wine as she read.


“Well, everything is here, and…”




“I have to admit, Mandy,” Eleanor said with a smile, “I was petrified at first, but as he went on, I began to accept it – and it filled a need I’d almost forgotten about.”


“So you’re not mad at me?”


“No – I suspect you enjoyed it as well, right?”


Amanda slowly nodded as Eleanor said “well, I am sure they took their payment, so no harm done.  It was scary, and exciting, and…”  She closed her eyes as she remembered the orgasms, before she said “and I enjoyed it.”


“So did I – once I got over the initial shock,” Amanda said quietly.  “What do we do with the vibrators?”


“Keep them – never know when they may come in useful…”









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